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For Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, the latest scandal is that employees of his California golf course say he wanted to fire women who weren’t pretty enough. That’s the big scoop from the Los Angeles Times. Trump is supposed to be on the defensive compared to a female candidate who helped orchestrate cover-ups of “bimbo eruptions” from her husband’s mistresses?

That such a story about Trump can be floated with such seriousness in the press is just more evidence of the double-standard that pervades the media. This corruption is also known as political correctness, a phenomenon driving more and more people to Trump.

Another scandal, courtesy of The Washington Post, is the story headlined, “Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money.” Is this all they’ve got?

Fortunately, there are two papers in the nation’s capital. Washington Times columnist Kelly Riddell noted, “If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States he’ll be more thoroughly vetted by the media than Barack Obama.”

While Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold has spent months looking into the esoteric financial workings of the Trump Foundation, the same paper was unwilling to write a single article on Obama’s relationship with suspected Soviet agent and black Communist Frank Marshall Davis back in 2008, during Obama’s first run for the White House.

This curious fact was mentioned by Riddell in her column, “A biased media in action,” as another indication of the growing recognition of the media double-standard.

By contrast, “with Donald Trump nothing remains too salacious, conspiratorial, or out-of-bounds for the press,” notes Riddell. Hence, hiring pretty women becomes a major scandal. It’s laughable.

The good news is that more and more people are laughing at the media. The liberal media monopoly has been systematically broken over the last several decades, since Reed Irvine’s Accuracy in Media was formed in 1969 and started questioning what the liberal media were feeding the news consumer. Conservative and Christian talk radio, papers like The Washington Times, plus alternative media and the Internet, have given the news consumers a choice.

As a result, Gallup finds that trust in the mass media, otherwise known as the “mainstream media,” has sunk to a new low. Meanwhile a new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that just 29 percent of all likely U.S. voters trust media fact-checking of the candidates’ comments.

People are very sophisticated these days, aware of media bias because they see it for themselves. They see the “Crooked Media” protecting “Crooked Hillary.”

For example, despite her own health problems, obvious to anyone who takes the time and trouble to search the Internet, Mrs. Clinton sees half of Trump’s “deplorable” supporters as having a mental illness. She says they are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic.

The name-calling won’t stop the Trump movement, which demonstrated its enthusiasm for the nominee with the Trump victories even in the mainstream media’s snap polls after the first presidential debate. Of course, the media were not happy with these results and immediately tried to discount them.

Whether the snap polls were scientifically valid or not, the Trump movement is a real one and it’s not going away. In fact as people see media bias becoming more and more blatant, they redouble their support for Trump in response.

In an article titled, “The Trump movement is the backlash to the left’s success,” an honest liberal journalist, Martin Longman of the Washington Monthly, writes about how the media are moving even further to the left. He says, “During the Obama presidency, there has been a steady growth of black, brown, gay and feminist voices who have moved from the media fringe or underground into the mainstream, as syndicated columnists, cable news anchors and regular guests, and (as it has aged) even as veterans of the administration. The growth of social media, especially Twitter, has also amplified voices of the cultural and ethnic left, pushing them into the conversation on every major news story.”

Longman signals his agreement with part of a column by Ross Douthat of The New York Times, who says that the Trump movement is a cultural shift to the right that “remains an advantage” for the Republican Party “and a liability for the Democratic Party” going forward. He writes that “the new cultural orthodoxy is sufficiently stifling to leave many Americans looking to the voting booth as a way to register dissent.”

Whether Trump can faithfully represent that shift is a matter still to be determined.

Then there’s political correctness in sports. Douthat notes that “…institutions that were seen as outside or sideways to political debate have been enlisted in the culture war. The tabloid industry gave us the apotheosis of Caitlyn Jenner, and ESPN gave her its Arthur Ashe Award. The N.B.A., N.C.A.A. and the A.C.C.—nobody’s idea of progressive forces, usually—are acting as enforcers on behalf of gay and transgender rights. Jock culture remains relatively reactionary, but even the N.F.L. is having its Black Lives Matters moment, thanks to Colin Kaepernick.”

That all of this politically correct, unpatriotic, and divisive nonsense is forced down our throats even on weekends, when people want to relax and watch football games, is another factor driving voters to Trump. It’s why media bias and phony fact-checking are having less and less effect. The American people don’t like what the liberals have done to their nation and they see Trump as a way out of the madness.

The real illness, notes filmmaker Joel Gilbert, is Ameriphobia, described and illustrated in a new video showing Hillary Clinton being treated at the Donald Trump medical clinic. One cause of this terrible mental condition is prolonged exposure to liberal media bias.

The video asks, “Do you know someone Ameriphobic?” The Donald Trump Clinic for Ameriphobia is ready for them.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Trump is supposed to be on the defensive compared to a female candidate who helped orchestrate cover-ups of “bimbo eruptions” from her husband’s mistresses?

    Big difference, Cliff. The Trump story is verified and true. The Clinton story is over two decades old and wasn’t ever anything but right wing fantasy BS. Other than that, great story.

  • Sharon Tuten

    You are indeed a liberal clinton TROLL. The only BS is what sprews out of your mouth. How often in a day do you make yourself a crow sandwich? You are indeed a piece of work, you must spend your entire day trolling web sites to elevate killery and her lefist agenda to destroy America, while regurgitating “leftists fact checking lies.” You are indeed an oxygen thief.

  • Mary

    You are suffering from liberalism. Bill Clinton is a predator and his wife is a “deplorable”. You are drinking the kool aid. Hillary vilifies all of the women that Bill, molested, rapes and seduced but that is okay, cause she is for woman. She supports abortion, so she is for woman. She is foul mouthed, disrespectful to military people, male and female, not to mention she is a liar and responsible for getting a rapist of a 12 year old a lesser sentence of which she is very proud of. She is responsible for the death of 4 people in Benghazi, but “what difference does it make”. Bet if one of those dead in Benghazi was your relative, it would make a difference. Also, let me mention that Bill Clinton did little after the many attacks on America during his administration, hence 911. Look at the rise of terrorism in the world since O became president and she, SOS. The appointment to Secretary of State was a pay off for backing out so Obama could become president. She has destroyed evidence (the verified email scandal) and lied about it over and over. (all this is verified and true). But, you go an cast your vote for this a-moral woman and be proud of your vote. I am sick to death of people who refuse to acknowledge truth and facts – on all sides. I will pray that you become enlightened and do your research before you cast your vote – it is not enough to simply vote, you have an obligation to all of the American people to vote INFORMED, really informed.

  • jug

    Keep up your George Sorros propagana there ICS, no one in their right mind pays any attention to your paid for blatherings!

    Everyone knows that you are as full of shjt as a Christmas goose!
    And almost as smart.

  • JES

    I agree with the idea of backlash from all of the nonsensical “political correctness”, which is totally offensive and frequently unAmerican, to say the least. As a matter of fact, I told my husband the other night that I wanted to create a “Deplorable Me” T-Shirt, instead of a “despicable me”, like the movie. Well, too late for that! A heck of a lot of other people thought the same thing, so I just last night bought a “Deplorable Me” T-Shirt from Amazon and intend to wear it from tomorrow until at least the end of the elections. Boy, oh boy, there had better not be any “phony voting” happening on election day, either!! To tell the truth, at first I was not particularly for Trump, but now, I would take ALMOST ANYONE besides the totally unscrupulous, traitorous, lying Hillary and her sex-a-maniac hubby. Why are they both not in a penitentiary, anyway? They both have committed more than sufficient crimes to be in prison for life; but I guess it’s their money that lets them walk free. What a broken system we have!!!

  • RMThoughts

    The criminals that infest Washington have nullified our Constitution and abolished the rule of law and mock legitimate governance. We are government by lawless fascists by any standard dominating both parties.

    The principles of the American Constitution were surrendered by fighting Neocon global foreign wars in subservience to foreign lobbies and global corporations in quest for global hegemony; by adopting a soviet model as a substitute for a genuine republic, the government of the United States has become the evil empire.

    Who would have guessed that “One nation under God”, recited as children in school, might ever end up anything like “Babylon the Great”?

  • Mundi

    We are the cause of Ameriphobia worldwide.

  • RMThoughts

    Did you ever consider the similarities between Cliff Kincaids Russo-phobic rants and George Soros NWO propaganda? A lot of Kincaid’s stuff could have been written by Soros’s pundits. NeoCon publication like AIM, the Zionist smear advances against anyone who might defy or resist the New World Order

  • Steven Barrett

    Hmmm, down there in the swamp of Clintonphobes I read where Ironchefsandwiches was referred to as an “oxygen thief.” I just have to bow to Cliff for his ability to bring out the worst from the best examples of what Hillary Clinton referred to as The Donald’s “deplorables.” And I can’t help but admire Kincaid’s genius at finding ways to wrap a column around one of the most ridiculous and campy anti-Clinton videos I’ve yet to come across.
    “Ameriphobes.” Is that in the DSM, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”? I don’t think so any more than “Clintonphobes.” The word deplorables is in Webster’s as well it should be, along with words like disreputables, cranks, whiners, losers, taunters, cheapskates, bigots … shall I add more. Trust me, it’s not an impossible task.
    Truth is, there’s lots and lots of people who genuinely suffer from varying forms and degrees of one mental illness or another that happen to be listed in the DSM. In other words, they’re legitimate forms of illnesses. Some of you might be wondering if I missed the joke and taken both Cliff and this Gilbert guy too seriously. Well in this instance I’m trying not too hard to. And I can’t help to trying to keep my chuckling down while typing this. And why? I’ve actually come across people who seriously believe that to be what others might perceive as routinely and consistently “anti-American,” never mind that the people they’re dissing by allowing what used to be the old generic all purpose McCarthyite smear slap, has now become equally suitable to label as some kind of “mental illness.” That’s a whopper of a double whammy if you ask me. Not only are the so n’ so’s suspicious for not being as gung ho USA! USA! USA! mouthpieces for the Righties and their new standard bearer, Donald (“Amerika Erwache”) Trump … now they can say anybody who doesn’t “love” America the same way they do has to be nuts.
    Looks like this means we’ve come to the moment in our history when a major party’s nominee for the highest office in the land, a man who gets up at three in the morning to shame somebody on Tweeter, assault his opponent’s marriage record, even though she’s only been married to the same man for almost a half century, all the while the Twitter/tweeter, what-ever-er has been married thrice and known for his fondling of women in public, taking a role in a soft porn film … readers fill the rest with what you’ve heard SO FAR … well, hell’s bells, in Cliff’s and producer Gilbert’s world, he’s the sane one.
    Folks, if you have somebody in your family that you love dearly who is suffering from a proven (i.e., it’s in the DSM) mental illness or condition, fights off the horrible effects of bipolar depression, the terrible distractiveness of adult ADHD, a child with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, take a stand against the Kincaid/Gilbert double whammy of trivialization of mental illness and let both of them know it in no uncertain terms. And yes, tell them you love your country just as much as they purport to. Real Americans don’t look down upon their fellow citizens by trivializing their mental health and use it for political sport.

  • Steven Barrett

    It behooves any Veteran to explain his support for Donald Trump in the wake of his talk with a group of veterans this morning in Virginia. When asked about what he plans to do for PTSD sufferers, Trump offered the usual too many exaggerations of how much he’ll do for them. But in a short sentence he let his real inner Donald out of the bag: They see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” he says in the video above.”
    What a disgraceful performance. But this is what we’ve come to expect from a guy who has repackaged love of country and respect for the military in much the same self-serving way he’s falsely managed to portray himself as a Christian gentleman worthy of the evangelicals’ support. Worry less about Ameriphobia and pay attention to what this guy Trump is really all about. You’ll develop a good case of well-justified Trumpophobia, esp. if you’re a Veteran or the spouse, adult child and sibling on one or more.

  • jug

    Are you high on something or what?

  • Pete

    Mr. Barrett, the obvious point of the article was to expose the obtuse, self-important hypocrisy dominating our media. Verbose jibberish does not justify dubious ethics nor lack of moral compass. We real Americans will be here for you, also American, and only seek to help you with your delusions and grandiose thinking.

  • Steven Barrett

    Whom do you consider “real Americans” and who the hell do you think you are to use the “royal we” to describe citizens of a free and independent republic? And who the hell are you to judge somebody else’s views as “delusions and grandiose thinking”? Care to list your medical credentials?

  • Bruce

    The crooked Media, as Trump calls them, are finally being exposed as the self-serving, lying, shills that they are. They’ll trade integrity for celebrity every time. Broadway stage actors couldn’t do a better job of synchronized, script reading. And Madison Avenue PR and Ad agencies couldn’t do a better job of spin doctoring the truth. Hillary & MSM will finally “get theirs” on judgement day.

  • Pete

    I stand with millions of other Americans against the divisive tactics posing the real threat to our freedom and democratic process which the media and yourself seem to so desperately cling to in what I would generically call mass delusion. Furthermore, I don’t sense much support for any more of your C- ranting reports from Psych 101. Your candidate’s wild mass diagnosis of many millions of Americans with traditional values is the deplorable source of this madness. Have fun if you must in your phony land of spin and safe space. I suppose it is also American, but a little less REALity based. I have no need for any more credentials to my opinion, than you do to be in a contest with Clinton for “most arrogant.”

  • Steven Barrett

    Pete, I’d love to see you or more like you to show some real guts andtake your same tough guy stance and tone with you and have a sit down discussion with Mrs. Stephanie Keegan of Somers, NY, mother of Daniel Keegan, deceased Veteran and member of the 82nd Airborne with two tours of Aghanistan to his eternal credit and our need to be thankful for. Maybe Mrs. Keegan won’t be available for you, but wherever you live, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a family or more sharing the same grief as Mrs. Keegan’s for her unnecessarily lost son.
    ( )
    Oh, I’m sure you’ll be ready to blame the Obama Administration’s VA solely for the delays that she believes played a considerable part in the pain from untreated PTSD that eventually took his life. Oh, are you going to take Trump’s stand and say that the young man wasn’t “as strong” as others, thus unable to perhaps, “tough it out” or “man up” as well as the others. Trump didn’t use the last two common buzz phrases, but he left no doubt as to what he was trying to say, albeit in an atypical manner for Trump. Yes, he tried to come across as sober and dignified; but his words betrayed his inner Trump and the same kind of inner Trump that lies in the bosom of so many macho guys like him who love to quote from Patton as they plan out their business “battle strategies” etc. … no matter whether or not they even bothered to serve beyond Trump’s prep school toy soldier level of “military service.” Remember Pete, Trump is the same guy who after he disgraced himself with his remarks about the Khans, the Gold Star parents of an Army Captain who sacrificed his life in Iraq on behalf of his unit, and this is the same guy who said he actually “wanted a Purple Heart,” not showing any shred of understanding or sensitivity to the simple fact that nobody in uniform ever wants to receive a medal for being wounded in combat. Wow, isn’t that something to learn, nobody in their right mind wants to get shot at willy nilly. But upon a sober analysis of a combat situation they find themselves in, they’re willing to engage in fierce combat or accept the sacrifice of their lives so that others can survive to live another day in order to eventually win the war by defeating their foes and make it back home. It’s that simple Pete. No glory, just guts. And just because there are fellow citizens among us, myself included, who may have come from a military background (my father, two brothers and nephew, and my daughter’s future brother in law) who don’t care for all our wars being plotted by armchair neocons in think tanks, it doesn’t mean we’re phobic about our country or can’t bring ourselves to support and honor past, present and future veterans. We’re not afflicted by this disgraceful “Ameriphobe” bullshit foisted off as some false equal to real psychological disabilities, such as PTSD.
    For all his bombast, all his packaged neo Pattonesque showmanship (like Patton himself) and all his promises to “Make America great again” Trump forgets that America is great already. America is far greater than he has the slightest clue about to fully appreciate her deepest emotional strengths that far braver men like Daniel Keegan demonstrated through his unrequitted service no thanks to a very poorly run agency when it came to handling mental health issues. But America doesn’t need a bloviating chest-beating demagogic fire-breather like Trump to make her great “again,” or take the steps necessary to change a very large and ponderous agency around. Many presidents have tried to “make quick changes” only to find out like Eisenhower years ago who complained that changing some habits and agencies in DC is like trying to make a wet string of spaghetti straight by pushing it. Ike, who knew how to handle Patton, didn’t foolishly believe he could apply an uncharacteristic (for Ike at least) blast of hot air. Trump, I pray, will never get the chance, except at his Trump Tower, to learn this.
    Yet, Trump, veteran of the prep school toy soldier brigade, had the nerve to question the inner mental and character strength of combat veterans who probably watched one after another of their comrades have their legs, arms and yes, even heads, blown completely off by IEDs or shot while attempting to rescue these brave soldiers suddenly finding butchered by a cowardly device planted in sandy paths. Trump never witnessed men his age suffer from the traps set by Vietnamese soldiers who’d suddenly spring up from tunnels, or witness their entire companies blown to pieces by claymore mines. But Trump, well, he’s the great leader who’ll “Make America great again,” he’s now trying to be our veterans psychologist in chief, discerning who’s truly brave or so-so in that category and who the “weaker” ones are. Just like he passed judgment on John McCain and all other captured heroes of the Vietnam War.
    Pete, people who are not so prone to falling for all the theatrics of Trump’s style of faux “patriotic” lore, etc. are hardly “Ameriphobic” but we sure have many reasons for our justified fears of such tin horns and blowhards.
    I hope people won’t just blithely dismiss this poignant song from Arlo Guthrie, “When a soldier comes home.” Listen please, and maybe you’ll realize why I’m so adamant against this phony “classification” called “Ameriphobic.” ( )

  • Pete

    Look, I have too much respect for vets and common sense than to be baited into a serious discussion about mental illness, or should I say mental wellness to put that to rest.  
    You may enjoy being manipulated, but I for one think it ABSOLUTELY BIZARRE to find forum upon the basis of Secretary Clinton’s use of the -phobia suffix (with all the tact of diarrhea) as a lead in for parading victims of trauma not induced by the words of my candidate but by the sins of yours.
    Most politicians are frankly too corrupt to be trusted with vulnerable constituents- greed turns the vulnerable into a handy profit of pharmaceutical kickbacks and other enslavement to the almighty party.   Let’s talk turkey about this and some other important topics CLEARLY skewed by corrupt media.

    Find out what Mena, Arkansas means to Clintonphobes.
    Find out what Whitewater…
    Find out what Travelgate…
    Find out what Benghazi…
    …Clinton Foundation in Haiti…
    …Clinton body count (over 100 suspicious American deaths including witnesses and other political enemies)

    Frankly I’m too DISGUSTED to go on…
    You can be among the other millions of hits on these and their related links.

    Free speech and information are not friends to Hillary Clinton and YOU, my fine filibustering friend should be careful with whom you play in this most important election…

    Donald Trump is not bought and sold, nor will he compromise the sovereignty of our great nation nor squander the innocent blood of many.  I am really sad to say those are the two modi operandi I see as pattern pathology on the Dem’s ticket.

    Let’s face truth:  it sucks to be enslaved to lies and manipulation and this election may serve this fact with some refreshing results.  In other words- think for yourself- don’t let Hollywood trickery and cheap sales slogans determine what your heart (and especially your God-given BRAIN) knows is true.

    BYE.  If you want compassion or sympathy, please keep it off a serious discussion on massive corruption.  You can see me on appropriate sites having appropriate discourse in that forum.  In fact, on those grounds, I’ll happily flag your off topic rants as literally inappropriate.

  • Michelle

    It’s true. Vets are humans first. Some see more horrors than others. Some receive more injuries than others. My grandfather served on the ground in Italy during WWII. He never talked about his service. Finally my Mom, as a teenager, asked him if he’d ever killed anyone. He just replied, “it was kill or be killed.” Granddad became an alcoholic after his service. And not a goofy one, but a harsh, angry, mean one. So of COURSE he had PTSD and could have used some help. Obviously, man though he was, even HE “couldn’t handle it.” That is NO SHAME to him and ANY other veteran. Who says a vet is supposed to handle post-war acclamation by himself or herself? Our vets actually have hearts. They aren’t terrorists, trained from infancy to hate and kill with no emotion. If my Grandfather King had had help, it may have saved him from a painful death by cirrhosis at 50, and my Mom, her Mom and my Mom’s siblings from living in that abusive environment. Just my 2 cents.

  • Michelle

    Besides, there is a report that the Khans were paid a whopping sum of $$ (6 figures) to appear at the DNC and they were the 3rd ones to be asked.
    There is a slimy backstory to everything Hillary does. And since she doesn’t care AT ALL about innocent life in the womb, she will NOT care or respect the rights of anyone already here. She is a divider, just like Obama. She couldn’t stand him, until he could be used for her own purposes. She is quite the little actress…but her real self is leaking out.

  • Michelle

    Hillary did something WORSE than Edward Snowden, yet he is in exile and she is running for prez. No justice there. I do know 58,000,000 people who are definitely NOT for Hillary…but they will never get to vote. They are the little girls and boys slaughtered because of abortion…and Hillary said she is “in awe” of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder and a donor to HRC, I believe, and to whom HRC wants public dollars increased. Sound like a conflict of interest? Shoot yeah! 🙁

  • IronChefSandwiches

    LOLOLOL Idiot right wing nutjob says idiot right wing nutjob things. LOL

  • Michelle

    Make assumptions much? There ARE pro-life Democrats in existence out there… And also, aren’t you grateful you have life and breath and the ability to type your responses? That’s because you were ALLOWED to live. You were not aborted. Your arms and legs were not ripped from your tiny, body. Or you—nearly full-term— were not mostly pulled from your mother’s womb, only to have a pair of surgical scissors jabbed into your skull and your brain matter oozing out as the attending then crushes your skull. Yeah. Or how about some who were chemically burned or by “accident” actually born but allowed no care or sent to a hospital and allowed to die while abortion staff watched? How were the rights of these precious American children protected? And how about the maternal deaths too? Lots of them. Abortion is NEVER safe. It is just a money-making murder-for-hire. Lives will continue to be lost if Hillary is elected, as she receives donations from Planned (Profithood) Parenthood and so of COURSE she wants more public $$ to go to them. More $$in HER pocket from Black, Latino, and other race deaths. How can especially Black and Latino women support her, when Planned Parenthood’s main aim has always been to “cull the herd” of those races?

  • Pete

    Well said, Michelle…and you didn’t call anyone presumptuous insults while chuckling all the way down the page (Steve)…veterans deserve our very best care and I really feel as though Trump has an excellent feel for addressing the inadequacies of the VA. My father, humble war veteran that he is may not need to travel to a neighboring state for his cancer meds if Trump’s logic prevails. Why NOT choose your own doctor, location, etc…we may see a sharp increase in the quality of life, care, etc…no offense to the good doctors and many people of the VA, though they are operating under bizarre, antiquated, and apparently corrupt constraints which really hinder the ability of the strongest among us to keep healthy and strong.
    Again, in support of the article how has the mass media completely obfuscated the whole issue

  • Pete

    I can’t count the ways…BTW, has anyone been watching the rather crooked, or at least lopsided debate moderating?
    (sorry I keep having technical issues and needed to reply twice). Thanks for helping Michelle…it’s not easy going up against all these real Americans…haha another divisive trap to navigate…exhausting…

  • Pete

    There you have it Sanger conspires to eliminate blacks. Wake up you, poor, poor defenseless shithead. Great choice of heroes HRC. Your laughter is objectively defensive and weak. Get some real values, asshole.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Jesus Christ. It’s been DECADES and you idiots are still misquoting Sanger to make your idiotic points. If you’d bother to learn something, you’d see that Sanger cared about the health of black women. It’s plainly obvious. But that’s too much for you twits. Better to take things completely out of context and cry for 75 years. Pathetic.

  • Pete

    Washington post? Commentary by a woman? Get real. If you hadn’t noticed, the KKK (pathetic as it is ) still exists, planned parenthood, exists, blacks, exist. Learn to read or get some help for that neo-nazi streak you seem to be developing…

  • Pete

    You know, let’s nail this coffin tight. If you can’t or refuse to read, watch as St. Margaret Sanger reveals her milk of human kindness and compassion for the poor…

    Then reflect deeply upon why you just asked Jesus in His abundant Mercy to help your lost cause. If I can’t help you He surely will, you poor, poor victim of your own defiance.

  • Steven Barrett

    Jeezus, you must be a hell of a person to have an actual discussion with. Your tone of unbridled arrogance speaks louder than anything else. I gave you a “no” vote, but that’s all because despite what I think of your argument and points, it’s beneath me to flag off your comments as “liberally inappropriate.” I’d expect such in Putin’s Russia, which Trump has much respect for, especially when it comes to dealing with people who don’t fawn at every move he’s made and are willing to take a stand against them. But you can stand by him if you wish, see about getting me “flagged off” if that pleases you. But trying to boot me out along with your arrogant and bullying tone that’ll boomerang in your direction. Your choice.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    The F does that even mean, dude? Pointing out that Sanger was misquoted and that she was all about helping black women, not killing black babies makes me a neo-nazi? And I’M the one that needs to learn how to read? Sheesh, you’re dense.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Oh, Christ. The Washington Times? Seriously? You’re pathetic. Enjoy four more years of saying President Clinton, dickless.

  • Pete

    I said “litterally.”   You can’t stand me, then get lost.  I haven’t stooped to calling you a “whiner, loser” whatever.  You made your bed you LIE in it.  Your smarmy tact is nauseating.  I’m not afraid to stand up to someone who thinks he’s smart.  I haven’t flagged you, because this is really fun outsmarting you and your crafty regurgitation of holier than thou bullshit with no basis.  YOU don’t play nice, and ERGO we are not yet friends.
    Ok more you want?
    Look up podiumgate.
    Clinton greenscreen.
    Ask Colin Powell what he thinks about Clinton hubris.
    Ask Comey what he thinks about Clinton’s emails- the WHOLE statement.

    This is not funny haha stuff, this is criminal if not treasonous shit.

    Good luck with your candidate who owes more alliegience to arms dealers and drug runners than she does to average Americans.

    Blab away if you must but you strike me as some ORWELLIAN MERCENARY, rather than the jolly chuckler you purport to be.  You can’t tame the Internet the way youve strangled American Journalism.

    Look up Putin Clinton.  She sucks at diplomacy.  SUCKS!

    Her career is a rap sheet at best.

    MILLIONS of Americans, and mind you, people everywhere know this.

    TRY, TRY to obfuscate the truth.  You’d be better off just stealing the general election the way the nomination was stolen.   

    This is not haha funny shit.  Go suck an egg.
    And the vote the compassionate candidate-
    Donald J. Trump!

  • Pete


  • Pete


  • Pete


  • Pete

    Big league…

  • Pete

    categorically disrespectful to make this family a political pawn. And therefore WRONG!

  • Pete

    WRONGGGG. big league.

  • Pete

    WRONG! (deplorables?)
    Touched a nerve, sweetheart?

  • Pete

    Good one…yeah you must be right…

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Do your posts ever make any sense at all? Learn to write.

  • Steven Barrett

    “ORWELLIAN MERCENARY” … that’s a new one. Keep writing about politics long enough and you’ll go from being called a “warmonger” by peace at any cost academics in a college town to an “Orwellian Mercenary” on AIM’s comments section. Ask yourself Pete, is this election worth risking a stroke, even a mild TIA, over it? Inasmuch as I loath the very idea of a Trump presidency, I’m not going to let him and his supporters get the final laugh by getting me so worked up that I wind up in an ER. This whole damn thread isn’t worth it.

  • You know who

    Truce accepted. I’m actually not like this and appreciate the olive branch…I assume we both learned something from the way fellow Americans should and should not interact. In a most sincere way, God’s love to you and your family.
    If you care to at a later date, most likely after the election, let’s find a way to DEescalate and work together for all the good we really need in this country, and in the world.
    Please don’t prove me naive by this comment, and please don’t take this on so PERSONALLY. If indeed we are mere constituents, let’s use our Godgiven gifts for good. God knows the world needs it now more than ever.
    Feel free to respond, I’m not actually looking for vengeance nor the last laugh. Just be REAL. It’s not good for your heart to uphold a pretense. I’m not saying it’s YOU, either…it’s just that injustice and untruth really piss me off and think of what the Almighty thinks about false pretense next time you feel that little skip of a beat…

  • I am a sandwich

    I am a sandwich. I believe everything I hear on TV. I have flexible values that require periodic updates. I think everyone else is an idiot. I troll sites preventing free speech. I don’t find myself very predictable. I’m not a moron, because I said it first.

  • Steven Barrett

    I was and remain real on this. Truce gladly accepted. I’m lousy at holding grudges.