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The main failure by top Republicans—and even many conservatives—is that they do not challenge President Obama as the Marxist he is, and they have no coherent alternative to his strategic plan of supporting America’s enemies.

Reflecting the current mindset—that Obama is just a misguided liberal—Republican strategist Karl Rove failed to anticipate or understand the nature of the growing anti-Obama movement, and the potential it holds. He had predicted the GOP would pick up only six seats in the House, when the Republicans picked up 14 seats. He had predicted that Republican would win the Senate with 51 seats, when the actual figure turned out to be 54.

Republicans like Rove do not understand the nature of the Democratic Party and how it has been taken over by Marxist forces. He had advised Republicans in 2008 and 2012 not to refer to Obama as a socialist. However, grassroots conservatives increasingly understand the dangers we are facing.

The 40th anniversary of the end of United States military involvement in Vietnam—and the 50th anniversary of the start of that U.S. military involvement—provide an opportunity to understand how the Democratic Party has changed. During that 10-year period, 1965-1975, more than 58,000 Americans sacrificed and died to save that country from communism.

Today, with the help of the Republican leadership, President Obama is trying to wrap up a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal that includes communist Vietnam, a dictatorship with the blood of those Americans on its hands, which has no respect for the human rights of its own people. Interestingly, Obama is trying to sell the agreement as a counter to China’s influence throughout the world. He wants us to believe that China and Vietnam somehow differ on their common objective of achieving world communism at the expense of America’s standing as the leader of what used to be the Free World.

Both countries would gladly welcome the U.S. to help pay to accelerate the growth of their socialist economies and expand their markets.

Vietnam would be free today except for a Democratic-controlled Congress that decided otherwise. Lewis Fanning’s excellent book, Betrayal in Vietnam, notes that “…it was not the Hanoi communists who won the war, but rather the American Congress that lost it.” Fanning writes, “It was not until after the United States elections in the fall of 1974 that North Vietnamese field commanders received the go-ahead in their plans to conquer South Vietnam. As a result of the Watergate scandals, the Democrats had gained forty-three seats in the House. This liberal victory meant that in the 94th Congress there would be 291 Democrats and only 144 Republicans. In the Senate, the Democrats had gained three seats and the lineup was now 61 Democrats to 39 Republicans. This leftward shift of both congressional chambers played a significant role in the North Vietnamese decision to unleash its army.”

Going through the provisions of various bills offered by Democrats in Congress, he presents the case that “A Democratic caucus of the Congress of the United States, aided and abetted by a few liberal Republicans, cast the South Vietnamese people into Communist slavery.”

That left-wing caucus, Members of Congress for Peace through Law, decided that American military involvement would end, and dramatically reduced aid to the government of South Vietnam. Republican President Gerald Ford, who took power after Richard Nixon’s resignation, understood that Congress would not provide enough assistance to keep the country free of communism. Hundreds of thousands of “boat people” tried to escape the Hanoi communists who took power in Saigon while the communist Khmer Rouge took power in neighboring Cambodia, eliminating almost two million people.

The Members of Congress for Peace through Law eventually grew to became the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest group of congressional members within the Democratic Party. This faction is the subject of Trevor Loudon’s book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress, which is now being made into a major film.

The only Senate member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus is Vermont’s “independent” Senator Bernie Sanders, who has just announced he is running for president. It is telling that Sanders, an open socialist who collaborated with the communists through the Soviet-run U.S. Peace Council, thinks he has sufficient stature and credibility within the party to rally the “progressives.”

Sanders worked closely with the communist fronts which were busy in the 1980s trying to undermine President Ronald Reagan’s peace-through-strength policies toward the Soviet Union.

As we have noted, the name of Bernie Sanders, then identified as former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, even showed up on a list of speakers at a 1989 U.S. Peace Council event to “end the Cold War” and “fund human needs.” Other speakers at the U.S. Peace Council event included Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan; Gunther Dreifahl of the East German “Peace Council;” Jesse Jackson aide Jack O’Dell; and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Zehdi Terzi.

In 1981, the Soviet-front U.S. Peace Council held its second national conference. Endorsers included Democratic Rep. Danny K. Davis, one of Obama’s associates in Chicago, and David Cortright of a group known as SANE, for the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy.

Rep. Davis got an award from the Communist Party in 2012 and the major media ignored it. Jeremy Segal recorded video of the Democratic Representative getting the communist award—and still the media ignored it

Today Cortright is the Associate Director of Programs and Policy Studies of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, which offers a Ph.D in “Peace Studies.” He is in charge of a conference this week in Washington, D.C. titled, “The Vietnam War Then and Now: Assessing the Critical Lessons.”

The Kroc Institute is named after Joan Kroc, the widow of McDonald’s Corp. founder Ray Kroc. She contributed $69.1 million to establish and support the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

The final conference panel, “The Anti-War Movement: What were the impacts of the anti-war movement?,” includes Cora Weiss and Tom Hayden, supporters of the communist enemy, and Cortright himself, an agent of influence or dupe.

Hayden is probably the best known of the “anti-war” activists, having become “Mr. Jane Fonda” when he married the actress after she posed with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down and kill American pilots over Vietnam. Hayden had personally written a June 4, 1968, “Dear Col. Lao” letter to a North Vietnamese official that ended, “Good fortune! Victory!”

Not surprisingly, Hayden, a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) during the 1960s, would later join “Progressives for Obama.”

The Democrats in Congress at that time were working with what became known as the “Hanoi Lobby,” a collection of communist and socialist groups that played a key role in America’s defeat. The remnants of the Hanoi Lobby are active today in such areas as backing Obama’s normalization of relations with and recognition of communist Cuba.

Then, like now, their plan is to work on behalf of enemies of the United States. Although they usually call themselves “anti-war” peace activists, they don’t seem to be concerned about wars started by anti-American regimes and movements which undermine U.S. interests. The Sanders candidacy will help smoke them out.

Ironically, Sanders is opposing Obama’s Asia trade agreement, largely because Big Labor is against it, while top Republicans in the House and Senate are trying to round up enough votes to approve fast track trade promotion authority for Obama and then pass the agreement itself. These are the same Republicans who have been complaining that Obama has assumed too much executive authority.

It seems as if the Republicans never learn. Or else they don’t want to.

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  • Not a hypocrite

    The absurdity that people actually promote peace. Yes, we all need to be warmongers. The author knows nothing about Vietnam and face lets face it, ti was an immoral war – just like Iraq. My the warmongers rot in hell. The real patriots promote peace.
    Yes, the soldiers died in vain and many were responsible for the deaths of thousands, if not hundred of thousands, innocent civilians. Denying that does not mean you are a better American. It just means you are ignorant.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    “ that they do not challenge President Obama as the Marxist he is…”

    That’s it right there.

  • mikeb95

    Cliff, AND the main KGB Willing Accomplice

  • Ranger Joe

    John Heinz Kerry collaborated with the North Vietnamese delegation at the Paris Peace Talks after publicly comparing American troops to Ghengis Khan before Congress. The boy certainly has come far. Bless his heart…

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Immoral”? You, consummate deceiver!!!

    “Immoral” to struggle to fight by the arms the most not immoral, let alone amoral, but anti-moral Sino-Soviet Expansionism in South-East Asia?

    “Immoral” to attempt to prevent by the arms the carnage that the armed Leninist style of country takeover inherently produces on the target country’s own population, as it happened in Russia, then in the entire Soviet Union, then in Eastern Europe, then in China, then in North Korea, then in Cuba, and then in Grenada?

    Fighting Soviet Expansionism on all fronts, one of them being the armed front, was the most moral thing a nation –such the America the Founders instituted and constituted– had the most moral duty to do. That is, the America hated in varied degrees by the hardcore-Left, i.e., f1)- socialists such as for example fascism, social-“democracy”, and “democratic”-socialism; 2)- communists, such as for example, Marxism, Leninism, and their several derivatives; and 3)- communistic-anarchism.

    Of course, adherents –like you– to any of those three major sectors of the hardcore-Left and their derivatives will cunningly resort to absolutely anything they can convert into a tool to protect, support and advocate their ideologies and praxes. And…there they go, making tools of “pro-peace”, “anti-war”, “anti-poverty”, “anti-racism”, “anti-homosexualism” (not homosexuality but homosexualism, the manufactured political operation of the Left, artfully using homosexuality as their pawn), “anti-misogyny”, and so many other stances they abduct, hijack and most outrageously abuse to harm –and even destroy– the America the Founders instituted and constituted.

  • joshuasweet

    far to many in this Republic denying citizens their rights and freedoms to fatten their wallets on the premise of spreading the wealth.

  • stringman

    Do tell us, how does one make peace with the expansionist ideologies that are forever seeking to enslave the entire world, as they have, their own people. The atheist Russian communists murdered over 20 Million of their own countrymen, and the atheist Maoists over 50 million, and the atheist Nazis over 7 million, and Pol Pot over a million. North Vietnam murdered about a million in South Vietnam. And let’s don’t forget the ‘religion’ of rape, pilliage, and plunder Mohammedans that murdered around 100 million starting in the 7th century. Which of these would you choose to ‘make peace’ with? Perhaps Hitler? And you have the nerve to talk about ignorance.

  • Erudite Mavin


  • Erudite Mavin

    The real failure are those who want a 100% pure Conservative Republican candidate and the nominee may be 90 to 95% so as the All or Nothing crowd
    sits at home election day or votes third party.
    This happened in 2008 and 2012 and many brag about it on Conservative sites and said they will do it again in 16.
    It is these adolescent All or Nothing Pures who enabled Obama Presidency.

  • Not a hypocrite

    Do you actually read what you write. As an American I am ashamed of people like your who cannot critically analyze history.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    All the wars since the founding of the UN, have worked to establish a communist world government. The left is winning.

  • AndRebecca

    Are you talking about Al Gore or John Kerry?

  • AndRebecca

    Exactly. The Leftists took over the Democratic Party by working inside of it for all candidates at first, until they could get to the point of working against conservatives in the Democratic Party. Communists were openly running for local offices in CA as Dems as early as the 1970s.

  • AndRebecca

    He was just a grunt and happened to get an audience before congress for no reason whatsoever. His political career just happened by chance.

  • AndRebecca

    You must have read Engels, V. I. Lenin and Marx. Engels’ “Origins” outlines the pure hatred toward Capitalism and the underpinnings of it – Christianity and the traditional family.

  • joshuasweet

    both fit

  • Erudite Mavin

    Long before that.

  • Ranger Joe

    He had political ambitions all along. He carefully planned out his career. He emulated JFK to the point of commanding a Navy patrol boat. He even imitated his speech patterns. He was by no means a simple grunt. ‘His Vietnam Vets Against the War’ was a political organization that had clout with the left wing counterculture. He joined forces with the SDS and hung out with Jane Fonda and Hunter Thompson. He was as radical as Bill Ayers. His mediocrity speaks for itself.

  • AndRebecca

    Anyway, the Republican leaners have to get a grip and vote.

  • AndRebecca

    I know… An attempt on my part at being witty. The media has done a great job covering for these people.

  • lbrown1006

    Why is it that so many Republican politicians are so afraid to call both sides of he aisle Marxists along with the President? I may go so far that many Republicans may not be Marxists but they are Progressives, wanting the same government that Obama and Marxist Democrats want. McConnell along with the speaker of the house have shown that protecting their position, not working for America is most important to them. Lets impose term limits that would have gotten McConnell out of the running damning tea party members and giving the store to Obama their first month in possession of the congress and the senate.

  • Isandbeans


  • stringman

    If only I could believe that it was just luck and, not by design.

  • AndRebecca

    There are real conspiracies going on all the time. Kerry and company love doing a number on the American people, very Machiavellian. The Left plans out what they intend to do years ahead of time and they cover all the angles.

  • AndRebecca

    What particular history book do you recommend?

  • stringman

    Just look at the ACA (Obamacare) for example. 11,000 pages of regulations didn’t get written over night. It was ready long before the Democrats started shoving it down our throats.