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Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday he is considering appointing a second special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton, Uranium One and other matters — and mainstream media is not having it.

“I don’t want to be a Chicken Little,” CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin said. “But, you know what, this is what happens in authoritarian countries like Turkey and Russia … that when a party takes power, they start criminally investigating their opponents. I mean, that’s what this is, if it happens.”

Toobin then alleged that Fox News is pulling the strings.

“Now, it hasn’t happened, as you pointed out, Chris [Cuomo]. But we’re talking about the Clinton Foundation back in the ‘90s and the early part of this decade. We’re talking about Uranium One, who’s already been investigated. I mean this is a question about whether Fox News runs the Justice Department or whether the career prosecutors run the Justice Department. And that’s the issue here.”

Slate highlighted Sessions’ statement in its Impeach-O-Meter feature – its “daily estimate of the likelihood that Donald Trump leaves office before his term ends, whether by being impeached (and convicted) or by resigning under threat of same.”

Congressional Republicans’ “beef with Clinton involves the server … but also extends to most of the rest of the events that have ever taken place in the universe,” Slate reported.

“The long and short of this conspiracizing is that Clinton has been let off the hook for the email thing – but also for the majestically overhyped Uranium One ‘scandal’ and for her involvement with the uncorroborated ‘Steele dossier’ which is misleading being presented by right-wing figures as the basis of the Trump-Russia investigation. – because the entire Obama Justice Department was in the bag for her.”

It’s not just Clinton — it’s also former FBI Director Jim Comey.

“In reality-world, Comey is considered a credible figure by nonpartisan observers and the general public,” Slate writes. “He’s a respected federal law enforcement lifer who moreover was himself a registered Republican until very recently.”

Comey’s political party is irrelevant given that he leaked a letter to the New York Times to force the appointment of a special counsel. Slate did not always consider Comey credible — especially on Oct. 27, 2016, when Comey announced he was considering reopening his investigation of Clinton’s email problems.

A Washington Post story by Matt Zapotosky said that although administrations provide policy guidance to the Justice Department, it does not typically weigh in on criminal probes. Besides, these have “long been conservative talking points” and had little investigative value.

“Unmasking is a routine part of intelligence officials’ job,” the Post said. “Officials have said there is no evidence to support Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped, and while conservatives have sought to cast the Uranium One deal as an example of Clinton taking Russian money to influence U.S. policy, there is no evidence that Clinton participated in any discussions regarding the sale.”

So she got $150 million but did nothing regarding the sale to Uranium One, there is no evidence Trump was wiretapped although wiretapped conversations seem to find their way into the news every day, and unmasking – which before the Obama administration, happened fewer than five times a year – is now “routine.”

And they wonder why Congress wants to continue to investigate.

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  • Mark Midas

    Authoritarian states have multi-tier legal systems (none dare call it a justice system). If we allow Communist party loyalists to commit myriad crimes, especially blatant treason, and to do so flagrantly, then we would be as corrupt as they are. Also, there are very few examples of this in the opposite number within
    our political system because it was founded to prevent such subversion, not abet it.

    But most media toe the party line because they are socialist party loyalists, which is why they have their jobs. That in itself could be grounds for legal charges because the media are impeding justice from being served, in particular, regarding the high profile and powerful criminals, Obama and the Clintons.

  • ItsJo

    Well said Mark, and IF these ‘so called Reporters/Journalists were NOT IN THE TANK for the Socialists/Liberals/Democrat Corruptables, then THEY would be reporting ALL the facts on the “Clinton Crime Family”, and NOT allowing it to keep rolling on for years and years, without Honest Reporting.

    The Liberal Media, is unfortunately of the SAME ILK as they are merely “Another Arm of the Democrat Party”, of which Evil George Soros, is their benefactor, who is the REAL CRIMINAL WHO PAYS FOR THE ‘THUG RIOTERS, CIVIL UNREST, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, AND PAYS/HIRES THUGS TO ATTACK OTHER AMERICANS, AND TO FURTHER DIVIDE THE NATION WITH THEIR “SOROS PAID RIOTING.”

    Soros is the Enemy of America, that he’s tried to bring down for OVER 40 years, and sees himself, as ‘One of the Globalist/Elistists of we, the serfs, and these are our ‘Rulers’ of their Agenda of a “ONE WORLD ORDER”

    Soros had his “puppet, Obama doing his bidding and now they are doing everything to try to Remove a Sitting POTUS, Trump, as Hillary was ‘supposed to continue with the agenda after Obama, as the “Next Soros Puppet”

    Note also, that it was Obama who wanted to make our Republic “Answerable to the Crooked U.N. and International Law” as he weakened America, Our Military, Our Constitution that “Guarantees it’s citizens of Freedom and individuality, along with Independence, as he gave BILLIONS of Our tax dollars to Other Nations-EVEN Iran who chanted: “DEATH TO AMERICA” in their quest to further their Nuclear Weapons Against this Republic.

    Obama IS A TRAITOR, ALONG WITH SOROS, AND OBAMA’S CORRUPT REGIME, as he is now “Setting Up his “SHADOW GOV’T.” to Keep the Power, Control, and Money Coming In, as Obama actually DOES HATE AMERICA, per his
    being mentored for 10 years by “Communist, Frank Marshall Davis of Hawaii/Chicago-whom many say “IS HIS REAL FATHER”…pictures don’t Lie, and it is available on the internet w/side by side photos of Obama, Sr., Obama Jr & Davis.



  • missieb2000

    And in other news, the msm continues their psychological spiral downward.

  • sox83cubs84

    That’s what I would expect from a fake news outlet.

  • Austinniceguy

    Those are the very idiots who “reported” that Hillarious Rotten Clowntwat was going to win in a landslide then took to crying on the air when they had to show that useless old sack of sweaty ones deliver her best speech ever, her L-O-S-E-R-S speech. What else should we expect from those idiots?

  • john robel


  • john robel


  • AltVoice

    Really something to hear their side cry authoritarian and so on when they defend such behavior by their masters, if not turn a blind eye completely.

  • Gz7

    The Beast is feeling the heat and projecting all over the place.

  • TED

    Again, poorly-written article with no point.

    And – the FBI should open an investigation on Sessions … who is not all that far removed from Roy Moore … and on the complaints of sexual harassment and abuse made against Donald Trump by some 8 or 12 women!

  • MesaMark

    Once again the mainstream media is denying our country freedom of speech. They print only what follows the party line. Most of them are Communist, Marxist, or socialist in general. They are traitors. What they write and do is treason. It is not free speech.

  • davekoffer

    WRONG, MORON….This was a great article & you know it…you’re just another pathetic left-wing hack extremist who can’t admit the truth…the clintons are ABSOLUTEY A CRIME FAMILY & THEY BELONG IN JAIL, PERIOD!! PERIOD!! Bill raped those women & shrillary bullied & threatened those women who had the guts & courage to come forward & share their incredible stories, u lying liberal jerk!!!!