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As my colleague Roger Aronoff reports, the media are livid that President Donald Trump is dismantling former President Barack Obama’s “climate change” legacy of deindustrialization and federal government control of energy resources. Meanwhile, factions of the U.S. Catholic Church and some Protestants are brainwashing church members into accepting the non-Christian idea that religious faith involves a belief in an Earth Spirit.

A so-called “Little White Book” was handed out in a number of American Catholic churches on April 16, supposedly to offer reflections based on the Resurrection narrative of the Gospel of Mark. Instead, the book included a number of Marxist sermonettes, such as that the “seven social sins” include “polluting the environment; contributing to widening the divide between rich and poor; excessive wealth; and creating poverty.”

Inside the booklet, Catholics were also told to celebrate “Earth Day” on April 22, practice the “Small is Beautiful” philosophy, and take their cues from Native Americans who “believe in the Great Spirit.”

The “Little White Book,” a publication of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, is one in a series of booklets, with three million currently in circulation.

The Catholic Diocese of Saginaw created the original “Little Black Book” on the Lenten season, followed by the “Little White Book.” The series is the brainchild of notorious liberal and “gay-friendly” Bishop Kenneth E. Untener.

Exact figures were not available on how many “Little White Books” were distributed in Catholic churches on April 16. But it appears that the church is moving toward the idea of an “Environmental Sabbath,” long popularized by the United Nations. A brochure about the project encouraged children to hold hands around a tree and meditate.

The “Little White Book” highlights the importance of the environmental encyclical “Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home,” released by the Vatican under the name of Pope Francis and demanding that “technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels—especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas—needs to be progressively replaced without delay.”

The “Little White Book” also promotes the work of Fr. Thomas Berry, a New Age figure described as “a major figure in the environmental movement.”

Berry called himself a “geologian,” rather than theologian, and was president of the American Teilhard Association, named after the mystical Jesuit philosopher Teilhard de Chardin. Berry’s books included Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community, and he is buried at Green Mountain Monastery in Greensboro, Vermont.

Another group, the Catholic Climate Covenant, has denounced President Trump’s “Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.” It claims 16 national Catholic partners:

  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Migration and Refugee Services
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Catholic Health Association of the United States
  • Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach
  • Conference of Major Superiors of Men
  • Carmelite NGO
  • Catholic Rural Life
  • Franciscan Action Network
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement
  • Holy Name Province, OFM
  • National Council of Catholic Women
  • Leadership Conference of Women Religious
  • Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

But Catholics are not alone in being targeted for action in favor of “climate justice.”

A group called Young Evangelicals for Climate Action has accused President Trump of issuing an executive order that reflects concern for the interests of “energy elites over vulnerable people.” The group even advocates a “climate prayer” for those “being impacted by climate disruption,” whatever that means.

At a background briefing on Trump’s executive order, a senior official explained that “This policy is in keeping with President Trump’s desire to make the United States energy independent.  He believes that we can serve the twin goals of protecting the environment and providing clean air and clean water, getting the EPA back to its core mission, while at the same time, again, moving forward on energy production in the United States. The United States is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. We have plenty deposits of coal. We want to look at nuclear, renewables, all of it.  And again, we can do both to serve the environment and increase energy at the same time.”

The Heartland Institute cautions that environmentalists and global warming alarmists will use the upcoming Earth Day to further their agenda by promoting “unsubstantiated claims about looming climate disasters—which the mainstream media promotes as absolute truth without researching and examining the mounds of data that prove otherwise.”

In honor of Earth Day, the group is offering some of its environment and energy publications in a special “Earth Day Bundle” at 22 percent off list price.

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  • Concerned parent

    Where can I get more info on this?

  • Greg Galpin

    One would think a (supposedly) Christian church would be more concerned with Jesus’ agenda. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes on judgement day, answering for what they did with the talents God gave them.

  • justfeddup

    It’s really too bad that the “Little White Book” had no mention of really “saving the planet” and “stopping pollution” by stopping a bullet with their teeth. Adam and Eve were the first polluters.

  • These claim to be Catholic, but they are not. They are heretics, especially their leader Bergoglio, aka ‘pope’ Francis. There are many proofs, but one is here whether they are advocating Eucharist to REmarried people (contrary to Christ and Church teaching) or giving homage to the “Earth Spirit” and “Mother Earth” (also contrary to Christ and Church teaching and the first commandment) these wolves must not be trusted. Renounce them.

  • Paul Anderson

    The religious liberal continues to use the term Christian. Their terminology is tied to the ancient Roman Emperor Constantine, and not Christ and his followers. Acts Cp 2 is the correct rendering of Christian.

  • Ben Vincent

    There is a reason Churches are losing so many long time members.
    They have gone nutty twisting things in attempts to get younger people to walk through the door.
    I walked away from my Church after a member was allowed to give a ‘sermon’ (which was nothing but green propaganda) during the pastors absence.

  • climatescam
  • AndRebecca

    The liberal churches have been reading Marx and not Mark for at least a century now. There are some souls still in the Leftist churches who are Trinitarians and not Unitarians. Some of the non-Christian churches:

  • FreemenRtrue

    Pope Goofy the First has a climatology that is as defective as his theology. Many, many devout pro-life Catholics think this man is a monster who is wrecking the magisterium(teaching) of the Church which has endured for 2000 ears. He is intellectually challenged, hides behind heretical German bishops, and is a vicious autocrat despite his feigned humility. As Pope Paul VI belatedly realized tearfully ‘the smoke of Satan has entered the Church’. Now that cloud of smoke has a face.

  • RMF007

    Mikhail Lysenkomann

    4/19/2016, 9:21 pm

    April 22 is Vladimir Lenin’s birthday Earth Day!

    was a part of this movement on the first Earth Day in 1970. I was a
    recent convert to the Radical underground at the time, and the
    significance of 22 April 1970 was not lost on us young Communists: it
    was Vladimir Lenin’s 100th birthday — a day that would be celebrated by
    Communists worldwide.

    We were well aware of the goals of the
    environmentalist movement: it had nothing to do with the environment.
    Our end goal then remains the same today among all of the various
    environmental causes: the destruction of Capitalism, with the United
    States ruled under Communism.

    And the best way to destroy an economic system is to deny it the use of its own energy, and its own resources.

    is what the anti-nuclear movement, which began during my time as a
    Radical, was about. It is what the spotted owl controversy in the
    Pacific Northwest was about. It is what the so-called “ozone hole” issue
    was about.

    And it is what Global Warming “Climate Change” is all
    about. And it’s the only thing it’s about. It’s the only thing it’s
    ever been about.

    So, this Earth Day, raise a glass of beet vodka
    to Comrade Lenin and celebrate the Glorious World of Next Tuesday that
    is coming, as soon as we can get rid of all those nasty Kapitalists
    [spit, spit] that are oppressing us all!

  • You can find more details in here:

  • rogersanderson

    I have 2 mild disagreements regarding your April 18th article about “liberal” Christians. There are no “liberal” Christians in America or anywhere else in the world. “Real” Christians are opposed to abortion, there is no in between position. Go down the list of 30 questions that a demographer might ask someone to determine their religious beliefs, there is only one right answer. “Is JESUS the SON OF GOD”? YES. “Did JESUS rise from his death on the cross”? YES. “Is JESUS coming back to judge”? YES. “Will there be a 1000 year millennium on earth with JESUS on his throne in Jerusalem”? YES. “Is it possible for someone to pray to Mary”? No, that is both heresy and blasphemy. There is only right answer for a follower of JESUS regarding a lot of questions about faith and belief. If it is in the WORD OF GOD, then it is correct. The BIBLE is infallible.

    According to many demographers there are about 235 million Christians out of the 345 million people living in America. (yes there are at least 345 million, i.e. 1 million foreign students and illegals have lots of kids) According to a number of committed “Christian” authors and demographers who know a whole lot more about it than I do, there are about 25 million true believing, “born-again”, evangelical followers of JESUS living in America. The other 210 million are “pretenders (including the so-called “liberals”). The largest component of the 210 million are the “chinos” Christian in name only. i.e. catholics, presbyterians, methodists, lutherans, episcopalians, etc.etc.etc. Obviously there are some “true believing” followers of JESUS in each of these main-stream religions, but not very many.

    The other description that I disagreed with was “young evangelicals for climate action”. Give me a break, how could you write that with a straight face? That is like saying satan is the brother of JESUS. None of these folks is an evangelical.