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Top Vatican adviser Jeffrey Sachs says that when Pope Francis visits the United States in September, he will directly challenge the “American idea” of God-given rights embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

Sachs, a special advisor to the United Nations and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is a media superstar who can always be counted on to pontificate endlessly on such topics as income inequality and global health. This time, writing in a Catholic publication, he may have gone off his rocker, revealing the real global game plan.

The United States, Sachs writes in the Jesuit publication, America, is “a society in thrall” to the idea of unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the “urgent core of Francis’ message” will be to challenge this “American idea” by “proclaiming that the path to happiness lies not solely or mainly through the defense of rights but through the exercise of virtues, most notably justice and charity.”

In these extraordinary comments, which constitute a frontal assault on the American idea of freedom and national sovereignty, Sachs has made it clear that he hopes to enlist the Vatican in a global campaign to increase the power of global or foreign-dominated organizations and movements.

Sachs takes aim at the phrase, which comes from America’s founding document, the United States Declaration of Independence, that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These rights sound good, Sachs writes, but they’re not enough to guarantee the outcome the global elites have devised for us. Global government, he suggests, must make us live our lives according to international standards of development.

“In the United States,” Sachs writes, “we learn that the route to happiness lies in the rights of the individual. By throwing off the yoke of King George III, by unleashing the individual pursuit of happiness, early Americans believed they would achieve that happiness. Most important, they believed that they would find happiness as individuals, each endowed by the creator with individual rights.”

While he says there is some “grandeur in this idea,” such rights “are only part of the story, only one facet of our humanity.”

The Sachs view is that global organizations such as the U.N. must dictate the course of nations and individual rights must be sacrificed for the greater good. One aspect of this unfolding plan, as outlined in the Sachs book, The End of Poverty, involves extracting billions of dollars from the American people through global taxes.

“We will need, in the end, to put real resources in support of our hopes,” he wrote. “A global tax on carbon-emitting fossil fuels might be the way to begin. Even a very small tax, less than that which is needed to correct humanity’s climate-deforming overuse of fossil fuels, would finance a greatly enhanced supply of global public goods.” Sachs has estimated the price tag for the U.S. at $845 billion.

In preparation for this direct assault on our rights, the American nation-state, and our founding document, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon told a Catholic Caritas International conference in Rome on May 12 that climate change is “the defining challenge of our time,” and that the solution lies in recognizing that “ humankind is part of nature, not separate or above.”

The pope’s expected encyclical on climate change is supposed to help mobilize the governments of the world in this crusade.

But a prestigious group of scholars, churchmen, scientists, economists and policy experts has issued a detailed rebuttal, entitled, “An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change,” pointing out that the Bible tells man to have dominion over the earth.

“Good climate policy must recognize human exceptionalism, the God-given call for human persons to ‘have dominion’ in the natural world (Genesis 1:28), and the need to protect the poor from harm, including actions that hinder their ascent out of poverty,” the letter to Pope Francis states.

Released by a group called the Cornwall Alliance, the letter urges the Vatican to consider the evidence that climate change is largely natural, that the human contribution is comparatively small and not dangerous, and that attempting to mitigate the human contribution by reducing CO2 emissions “would cause more harm than good, especially to the world’s poor.”

The Heartland Institute held a news conference on April 27 at the Hotel Columbus in Rome, to warn the Vatican against embracing the globalist agenda of the climate change movement. The group is hosting the 10th International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, D.C. on June 11-12.

However, it appears as if the Vatican has been captured by the globalist forces associated with Sachs and the United Nations.

Voice of the Family, a group representing pro-life and pro-family Catholic organizations from around the world, has taken issue not only with the Vatican’s involvement with Sachs but with Ban Ki Moon, describing the two as “noted advocates of abortion who operate at the highest levels of the United Nations.” Sachs has been described as “arguably the world’s foremost proponent of population control,” including abortion.

Voice of the Family charges that environmental issues such as climate change have become “an umbrella to cover a wide spectrum of attacks on human life and the family.”

Although Sachs likes to claim he was an adviser to Pope John Paul II, the noted anti-communist and pro-life pontiff, Sachs simply served as a member of a group of economists invited to confer with the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace in advance of the release of a papal document.

In fact, Pope John Paul II had worked closely with the Reagan administration in opposition to communism and the global population control movement. He once complained that a U.N. conference on population issues was designed to “destroy the family” and was the “snare of the devil.”

Pope Francis, however, seems to have embraced the very movements opposed by John Paul II.

Sachs, who has emerged as a very influential Vatican adviser, recently tweeted that he was “thrilled” to be at the Vatican “discussing moral dimensions of climate change and sustainable development.” The occasion was a Vatican workshop on global warming on April 28, 2015, sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Roman Catholic Church. Sachs was a featured speaker.

The plan going forward involves the launching of what are called “Sustainable Development Goals,” as envisioned by a Sustainable Development Solutions Network run by none other than Jeffrey Sachs.

“The Network has proposed draft Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which contain provisions that are radically antagonistic to the right to life from conception to natural death, to the rights and dignity of the family and to the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children,” states the group Voice of the Family.

In July, a Financing for Development conference will be held, in order to develop various global tax proposals, followed by a conference in Paris in December to complete a new climate change agreement.

Before that December conference, however, Sachs says the pope will call on the world at the United Nations to join the crusade for a New World Order.

Sachs says, “Pope Francis will come to the United States and the United Nations in New York on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, and at the moment when the world’s 193 governments are resolved to take a step in solidarity toward a better world. On Sept. 25, Pope Francis will speak to the world leaders—most likely the largest number of assembled heads of state and government in history—as these leaders deliberate to adopt new Sustainable Development Goals for the coming generation. These goals will be a new worldwide commitment to build a world that aims to harmonize the pursuit of economic prosperity with the commitments to social inclusion and environmental sustainability.”

Rather than emphasize the absolute need for safeguarding individual rights in the face of government overreach and power, Sachs writes that the Gospel teachings of humility, love and justice, “like the teachings of Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius,” can take us on a “path to happiness through compassion” and “become our guideposts back to safety.”

Writing elsewhere in the new issue of America, Christiana Z. Peppard, an assistant professor of theology, science and ethics at Fordham University, writes about the “planetary pope,” saying, “What is really at stake in the collective response to the pope’s encyclical is not, ultimately, whether our treasured notions of theology, science, reality or development can accommodate moral imperatives. The real question is whether we are brave enough and willing to try.”

The plan is quite simple: world government through global taxes, with a religious face to bring it about.


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  • stlouisix

    Memo to Bergoglio: It is not praiseworthy for a Catholic to have on his resume that the antichrist in the WH is one of his biggest fans!

    Memo to Sachs: You can take your liberal tripe which is Communism 101 and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    For the record the Jesuit rag America Magazine is major organ of dissent from the invariant Catholic teaching on faith and morals, i.e., it masquerades as Catholic within the Church with its modus operandi being to defend the indefensible, the writers of which are no more Catholic than a cockroach!

  • John Cunningham

    Guess what? The Pope is a Marxist. He came from Argentina and Argentina has been a Marxist Country since before Hitler was terrorizing the World. The Constitution isn’t outmoded, Liberalism, Progressive movement is.

    Liberalism has spawned Communism, Marxism, and Fascism which in turn brought on Nazism. over 150 million people have been killed ever since Liberalism has gotten a foot in the door.

    Europe is in tatters and slavery is still as pervasive as it was for the last 4,000 years at least. As long as Liberalism and it’s offshoots are allowed to continue, the World will be in turmoil.

  • Tom Paine

    Two Points.

    First, if it is outmoded in any way (I don’t agree), the Constitution must be changed by a vote of the representatives of the states, not a low-life sod like the one in the White House now.

    Second, the liberal academic has his head up his @$$.

  • jaimelmanzano

    Sachs, in my judgement, is mistaken. It seems clear to me that individuals have the natural tendency to choose. While the constitution does attribute inalienable rights given to mankind by God, it is has actually been in Mankind’s nature. Biblically, when Adam bit the apple, he was exercising that “God-given” capacity.

    Culture and society develop ways of existing cooperatively. Law is the use of power to impose these expectations, some almost universally accepted, but others imperfect, if not mistaken. Christ admonished his followers to separate what is in their nature, i.e., their individual consciences, and nature, when he advised them to “…render to God, that which is God.s and to Caesar, that is which is Caesars.” The advice recognized that the choice was “individual” and not a “collective” right to choose, to impose, or dictate, decision.

    Pope Francis is clearly motivated by concern over the suffering of humanity. His words suggest that individuals, and humanity, should follow the example of the “Good Samaritan” individually, andnot by collective force (law). I would suggest that Pope Francis listen, and consider, the advice of Jesus, as well as the example of his namesake, St. Francis, by building his Church with volunteers, and exhibit the love and tolerance of Nature and its frail, but evolving creation, i.e., mankind, and society, before treading, or by implication, using, the doctrine of infallibility attributed to the Church and its followers, fostering the use of political and governmental power, in pursuit of presumed truth. History suggests that the Church was, and is, mistaken when it chooses to be like Caesar.

  • Ted

    Anybody who would hold that a society based on the exercise of virtue and formulated on the goals of justice and charity is somehow a “wrong” society is just a total nincompoop … and to insist that virtue, justice and charity are not components of “The American Ideal” would make that nincompoop a double-dipped nincompoop. And, of course, living a virtuous and compassionate life while contributing to the well-being of all others (i.e., being charitable) is an essential in ALL serious religions of the world.

    So, once again, Kincaid exhibits his anti-Catholic bias and prejudice.

  • Ted

    Anybody who would hold that a society based on the exercise of virtue and formulated on the goals of justice and charity is somehow a “wrong” society is just a total nincompoop … and to insist that virtue, justice and charity are not components of “The American Ideal” would make that nincompoop a double-dipped nincompoop. And, of course, living a virtuous and compassionate life while contributing to the well-being of all others (i.e., being charitable) is an essential in ALL serious religions of the world.

    So, once again, Kincaid exhibits his anti-Catholic bias and prejudice.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I wonder if he could address the problem here in the U.S., in the state of Kentucky between the Inbred Jewish Scottish Shriners and their Inbred Jewish Scottish Nazi Children who want the Jews to die. They contend they want the hate to stop and we contend that the Pope should step up and stop the confusion ! Maybe he could warm up with a few College Jokes !

  • AndRebecca


  • AndRebecca

    This country was founded by Protestants, people who fled the Inquisition. The Protestant exodus from Europe was called the Great Migration. Stats show we were 98.5% Protestant when this country was founded. We were fighting the Inquisition in those days here and in Europe. There was no religious freedom in the Spanish colonies in the New World, including Texas…We had just fought the French and Indian War, which was run by the Jesuits in Quebec. George Washington wrote about the Jesuits running that war. Huguenots were massacred in Florida in colonial days and Oliver Cromwell set up British Guiana in South America mainly as a refuge for persecuted Jews. The Jesuit pope is just doing what the Catholics do best, persecuting the truly religious Bible believing people. He sees his chance to get the Protestants once and for all and the Jews along with them.

  • Seeking_Truth

    The book of Revelation in the Bible revealed before our very eyes. There is nothing we can do to stop it.
    The Beast is coming. Most of his government is already in place. Little by little it is being revealed.
    I used to think that the government of the Beast was going to be the UN, or NATO, or the EU. I was wrong. It’s not one of them, it’s all of them combine. It will be every government subservient to the Beast. The Beast will control the whole world. There isn’t anywhere on Earth to hide. Be afraid; be very, very afraid.
    Pray that you are counted worthy to escape the tribulation.

  • freedomringsforall

    I had no idea the pope and his advisers were such morons.

    NO, not Mormons! 🙂

    MORONS! 🙂

    One simple sentence proves what idiots they are!

    HOW can you ever exercise any virtues, let alone justice and charity, two of the most complex and difficult, if you do not have and/or recognize some basic rights and freedoms from God alone!

    I suggest their pompousnesses need to invest in a couple of Bibles.

    Praise God!
    Long Live the Republic!

    Oh yeah maybe as a follow up for more food for thought i should add that possibly the proof is in the pudding on this one.

    Our system of justice in the U.S. since the writing of the Declaration of Independence may stink but it stinks far less than any system of justice ever in all of history.

    The charity the U.S. has extended since the writing of the Declaration of Independence may stink but we stink so much less than any country in all of history that we are the envy of the world and everyone, even our worst enemies, call out our name when in need!

    So, the proof IS in the pudding you trash talking POPE and POPE “adviser”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Rosa Luxemburg couldn’t have said it better. And as we all know, you’ve never met a poor radical Marxist because they don’t exist whereas academia is rich with rich faux Marxists telling the middle class to give to the poor.

  • jaimelmanzano

    I detect symptoms of paranoia.

  • AndRebecca

    The truth is paranoia? I detect symptoms of atheism. The pope is motivated by power. He wants to lead the new world order church. Same old, same old.

  • NostraThomas

    Dear Pope Topo Gigio, go fuck yourself.

  • jaimelmanzano

    My mistake. It is a disease, and not a symptom.

  • AndRebecca

    What a deep thinker.

  • Murlimews

    It is impossible to create a society that values charity and justice without respecting individual rights. Without individual rights, you end up settling for good intentions instead of knowing what results are, all for the greater good. No thanks.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    World government truly has a foothold, once they get the funding going.

  • Alice Cheshire

    Most people without any real rebuttal detect symptoms of paranoia in others. They hope it detracts from their inability to actually form a cogent argument.

  • jaimelmanzano

    All align left, and dosey doe your partner.

  • simplynotred

    I believe that is the low life academic has swallowed the wrong shiite, and has his head up his @$$. Of course the shiite is Obama, who is full of crap.

  • Panchito

    Contrary to most of his critics, the crazy Pope is not a commie. Actually he is a tool of the communo-fascist globalists who are trying to bring about their New Gay World Order. The visible heads of these globalists are the Council on Foreign Relations (of which Mr. Sachs is a proud member), the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberger Group and similar organizations, as well as the United Nations Organization.
    The New Gay World Order they envision will bring the worst elements of both fascism and communism. So, be prepared.

  • Bill Goode

    Here we have an adviser from a 1700 year old institution saying that our 226
    year old document is outmoded? This comes from an institution that has
    engaged in pedophilia and used torture to force others to adhere to
    it’s own doctrine.

    So Jeffrey Sachs, just what is it that’s outmoded?

  • NoCoincidences

    “Global government, he suggests, must make us live our lives according to international standards of development.” Those ‘standards’ as inferred are anything but, especially in placing them above the authority of our CREATOR: GOD.
    If the fool wants to show charity through taxes, then, by all means mr suchs, let it begin with YOUR “fair share” and put YOUR money where your mouth is. We ALL know THAT will never happen, will it bastard? And don’t forget your butt monkey- Bang-Dang-Sum and the bald-headed fat chick in the white dress, too.. SHOW US, superstars!

  • NoCoincidences

    In other words, the demonrat maninfestedo…

  • NoCoincidences

    Didn’t they already make a movie about the Three Stooges? Or, are these three idiots making the sequel? At least this sequel is diversified justice… (of what, no one knows..)

  • Daniel Liechty

    In a viable culture there is a pendulum swing between individual rights and the commonweal. The ideal is “maximum individuality WITHIN maximum community,” as Ernest Becker phrased it. But this is a dynamic description. We have times when the pendulum swings so far toward the commonweal side that individuality is squelched. In such times, the “progressive” will advocate for individual freedom. We also have times when the ethos is so strongly toward individual rights (the community be damned) that the “progressive” will advocate for a more communal vision based on human solidarity and mutuality. It is not difficult to discern that in America today, the pendulum has swung almost completely to the side of individuality; we extol those who take what they want, when they want it, and with increasing disregard for how they get it, all to the extreme destruction of the “communal” virtues of caring, justice, mutuality and abiding respect for others. It is not a question of the founding documents being “outmoded,” but rather that our ruling hermeneutic for interpreting those documents has become destructively one-sided. In the 50s and 60s, it was the liberals who argued for individual rights and the conservatives who advocated the priority of the commonweal virtues. Now the pendulum has fully swung and those positions have reversed themselves. That shows we still have a body politic with dynamism. My advice is, if you don’t like it, wait another 40 or 50 years and it will come back around your way again!

  • Kelsonus

    If so…
    Stay home