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To the left, the big takeaway from President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts is that the Boy Scouts look a lot like the Hitler Youth.

They have uniforms. They cheer the leader when he speaks. They are proud of their country and way of life. They think they are preserving something important for tomorrow – or even a thousand years of tomorrows.

To complete the scene, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, spoke about politics to the young people. And the crowd seemed to come down strongly on his side about preserving America’s way of life, responsibly exploring for energy and repealing Obamacare.

That was enough for many on the left to conclude this was no meeting of the Boy Scouts but rather one of the Hilter Youth. Jon Wolfsthal, formerly a White House national security aide under President Obama but now one of those people who spends his days trying to convince fellow lefties to clog the phone lines of senators ahead of big votes, went big.

“Is nothing safe?” he said in a tweet published on Fox News Insider. @realDonaldTrump turns @boyscouts event into Nazi Youth rally. Boy Scouts must repudiate such a disgraceful display.” By, one assumes, calling their senators.

Nancy Lee Grahn, a soap opera actress who also is becoming annoyed that the Russia scam investigation at times pre-empts her show, tweeted: “Tragically, #boyscouts in 2017 applaud Trump just like the all blonde blue eyed youth did for Hitler in the 30s.”

John Haltiwanger, who is not just a political writer but the senior political writer at Elite Daily, which bills itself as “the voice of Generation Y,” sounded a similar theme. “Trump has officially succeeded in making the Boy Scouts feel a bit like the Hitler Youth, which was made mandatory by the Nazis in 1936.”

In another tweet, he said, “Trump constantly speaks about loyalty. He did so tonight w/ the Boy Scouts. Hitler demanded a personal oath of loyalty from German military.”

So, if you speak about loyalty, you’re recruiting for Hitler Youth. If you wear a uniform, even one that says Boy Scouts of America on it, you already probably are a Hitler Youth. And if you give a speech to thousands of boys and their scoutmasters, and they’re all in uniforms, hey, that’s a Hitler rally, right?

It was enough for Calvin Stowell, another lefty who bills himself as “Annoying gay internet person” and “Chief Growth Officer at @dosomething,” who tweeted, “I really hate invoking Hitler because it is sensastional 99 % of the time, but god d— does he make this look like a Hitler Youth rally.”

Igorvolsky, who has a podcast on the Center for American Progress website, added, “Trump tells Boy Scouts he hopes GOP can kill Obamacare (stripping 22M+ of health coverage). Boy Scouts respond by cheering “USA USA USA.”

Newsweek said the president “broke 80 years of tradition with his political speech,” then added, “At first, Trump pledged not to talk about politics to the 40,000 beaver-boy scouts, but soon began to rally toward his own agenda.”

Beaver-boy scouts?

Boy Scouts of America, caught between a crowd that adored the president and his speech and press who were pushing for any possible negative take on this president, released a statement that said it is “wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy.”

And the Hitler comparisons, inappropriate as they might be, have lost their ability to shock in the age of leftist rage about a presidential election whose results they still can’t accept. Politics, mentioned by a politician? The outrage.

But the winner of the Twitter Outrage Derby, Boy Scouts episode, has to be Mark Harris, a liberal author from New York. “I don’t think I’ll forget that Boy Scouts speech,” he tweeted. “The President of the United States is indoctrinating children into hatred.”

Indoctrinating into hatred? Because he said he wants Obamacare repeal to pass (to thunderous applause that had to include more than the non-voting-age participants, by the way)?

It is somewhat rich the party that insists all its elected officials be for abortion on demand, against healthcare or entitlement reform of any kind and in favor of physically attacking those who hold political views different from theirs wants to compare the Boy Scouts to Hitler Youth.

But it is off-the-charts astounding for them to complain about indoctrination of youth.  Studies show 90 percent of college professors lean left and 96 percent of their political contributions go to leftist candidates. They are known to kick students out of class or mistreat them on grades for expressing conservative views.

The K-12 space seems almost equally politically saturated these days. The PTA’s national agenda is now indistinguishable from Democrat Party talking points. Girls Scouts, not part of the schools but a direct comparison to the Boy Scouts, continues to shed membership massively because of liberal indoctrination and its known ties to Planned Parenthood.

As a result, most leave fully indoctrinated into leftist thinking on health, environmental and fiscal policy and are outright hostile to other ideas.

What the left truly hated about Trump’s speech is that the Boy Scouts loved it. They cheered and howled and enjoyed themselves, just as the president seemed to. They booed when he brought up that President Obama had refused to come – Obama instead went to a guest appearance on ‘The View’ and sent a 90-second tape – and they cheered when he unambiguously and unapologetically talked about making America great again.

Regular Americans loved it, which meant the left had to hate it.

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  • FireAnt

    I’ve been a scout and scout leader for 70 years.

    All of my friends who are scout leaders support President Trump.

    The Boy Scout program is among the very best for developing future leaders.

    The National Eagle Scout Association lists a few Eagle Scouts

    Neil Armstrong First man on the moon

    Willie Banks Olympic athlete, former world-record holder in triple jump and long jump

    Michael Bloomberg Mayor of New York City

    Guion “Guy” S. Bluford Jr. Retired U.S. Air Force officer and space shuttle astronaut;first African American in space

    Bill Bradley Former professional basketball player, U.S. senator, and presidential candidate

    Stephen Breyer Associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

    Mike Crapo U.S. senator from Idaho

    William C. DeVries, M.D. Surgeon and educator; transplanted the first artificial heart

    Michael Dukakis Former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate

    Mike Enzi U.S. senator from Wyoming

    Thomas Foley Former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and ambassador to Japan

    Gerald R. Ford* 38th president of the United States

    Steve Fossett* World-record holder; first to circumnavigate Earth solo in a balloon and an airplane

    Chan Gailey College and professional football coach

    John Garamendi Lieutenant governor of California

    Bill Gates Sr. CEO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; father of Bill Gates

    Robert Gates U.S. secretary of defense and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency

    Michael Kahn Academy Award–winning film editor

    James A. Lovell Jr. Former U.S. Navy officer and Apollo 13 commander

    Gary Locke Former governor of Washington; first Chinese American governor in the United States

    Richard G. Lugar U.S. senator from Indiana

    J. Willard Marriott Jr. Chairman and CEO of Marriott International

    George Meyer Writer and producer of “The Simpsons”

    Ben Nelson U.S. senator from Nebraska

    H. Ross Perot Founder of EDS and Perot Systems; former presidential candidate

    Rick Perry Governor of Texas

    Beasley Reece Former NFL player and sportscaster

    Mike Rowe Host of “Dirty Jobs” television program

    Donald Rumsfeld Former U. S. secretary of defense

    Jefferson Sessions U.S. senator from Alabama

    William S. Sessions Former federal judge and director of the FBI

    John Tesh Recording artist and performer

    Togo West Former U.S. secretary of veterans affairs and secretary of the Army


    The party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder is just angry because it is President Trump is addressing the Boy Scouts rather than the pant-suited felon speaking to the Young Pioneers, the Komsomol or The Spies in Orwell’s Oceania. Had The Drunken Lesbian Witch been able to steal the electoral vote as well as the popular total with illegal votes from Oaxaca and Tegucigalpa, those of us not in re-education camps to change our religious and cultural beliefs would be hearing screechy orations before crowds of regime loyalists.

  • votedemout

    Who better to try and paint a patriotic President as a Nazi, then those who live and breath the principals of that ideology daily. They can pick out small items and try to turn them into something nefarious, because they embrace those principals and understand the media will not call them out, so using this propaganda is very simple. Goebbels was their professor, they studied hard and learned well.

  • TED

    To begin with, the content was totally inappropriate to the circumstances and, yes, it did come across as a propaganda speech at a Nazi Youth rally.

    The narcissistic Trump will say anything, true or false, to just about anybody, to get attention and affirmation. He and his crew are clearly running amok.

  • TED

    Apparently, however, Trump wasn’t an Eagle Scout?

  • hipposelect

    How stupid do these people have to be to not realize how much they are hurting their own causes by their continual whining and outrageous claims that border on the psychotic rantings of spoiled brats?

  • hap46

    I’m waiting for a reporter to really investigate and nitpik Trump’s wrong way of wiping his a++.

  • votedemout

    No, he was in military school learning the same lessons. I would also say that Captain of Cadets, which President Trump achieved, would rise to at least the same level as an Eagle Scout.

  • votedemout

    You obviously did not listen to the speech, but you did listen closely to the Dim-O-Rat talking points.

  • mioahu

    It is called projection…it is actually sad how stupid the leftists are, not to realize that they are the nazis and the thought police…Restricting freedom of speech by violent protests, that was exactly what the Hitler youth was doing…intimidating, beating and killing eventually people whoi disagreed with their way of thinking…and ironically that’s what the idiots at antifa are doing, since they can’t convince you they shut you down..that’s what the left always does when they can’t convince you, and that’s most times since their ideology is a failure around the world…but they keep on marching, the comrades, with help from the stupid liberals who don'[t realize their party was taken over by anti-american anti-western leftist thugs

  • MesaMark

    Media should honestly point out that the Hitler years cited were times when Democrats and some other Americans (like Ford and Sanger) supported Nazis! That was until he invaded Russia. But Trump is in cahoots with Putin! The media is tripping over their own feet yet again.

  • Osming

    It is almost always the case that it is the Left who are guilty of what they accuse others.

  • Aint So

    Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t the Hitler Youth teach kids that killing others who may be inconvenient to them is a virtue and that the free will of multitudes is entirely subservient to the corrupt desires of only a few even at the cost of personal devastation or even death of multitudes. That sounds a whole lot more like the liberal enemies of freedom in this country than any genuinely conservative declaration I am aware of. Of course the cognitive corruption to which children have been exposed for generations now by administrators, teachers, and mentors in our nation’s public schools and universities will cause many hapless graduates to conclude otherwise since now even many supreme court justices are without the needed life skill which enables defense against this nation’s enemies from within and without.

  • Austinniceguy

    That party of miscreants and derelicts cheated and colluded and still managed to lose to President Trump and they still haven’t figured out that God was the one who made that happen. Had old One Shoe won she would have anything American disbanded if it didn’t agree with their destructive agenda to hand deliver us to the NWO she and the elephant eared idiot worked so hard to create. We are going to have to keep fighting them to keep our country safe. If it were up to those animals we would already be well on our way to looking like Europe these days. Furthermore, if they want a real story, why not tell the one of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her corrupt IT people and what they did to this country?

  • Austinniceguy

    And for those who are unaware as to why BREXIT is so important to those people…

  • JeromefromLayton

    Remember all the Obama, mmm mmm mmm songs? That was so 1930s…German style. See the movie Cabaret for a sample.

  • FireAnt

    And Prescott Bush, father of President George H.W. Bush, grandfather of President George W. Bush managed Nazi assets until 1942.

  • samo war
  • Mark Midas

    Obama and Soros are managing ISIS and Sunni Muslim (Saudi Arabia) assets to this day. I think they dislike Jews, too, no?

  • J. Glenn

    The extremely uncivil and very dangerous behavior of the Democrats make Hitler look more like a Boy Scout In comparison!