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Los Angeles Times columnist Virginia Heffernan said that Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury,” despite widespread denouncements and the author himself calling it “rushed,” does not need to be fact-checked.

Wolff “has been faulted for making stuff up,” Heffernan wrote, but she wants to believe the whole book — “because, for now, this stuff is too good not to.”

Heffernan writes:

It takes a thief to catch a thief, and Michael Wolff, with his new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” is the ideal hustler to capture President Trump, whom Wolff describes as having a “twinkle in his eye, larceny in his soul.” Wolff, if memory serves, is similar, minus the twinkle. Gimlet eyes don’t twinkle.

Say what you will about Wolff: Unless the book is wholesale invention, something in his I’m-with-the-band swagger in the West Wing attracted awesomely sordid material from Trump’s scurvy syndicate. In John Sterling at Macmillan, the book has a masterful editor, and three fact-checkers reviewed it. So I’m betting “Fire and Fury” will withstand whatever charges of journalistic impropriety come at it.

And you’re a better woman than I am if you can look away.

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  • rac647

    More confirmation that stupid people will do and say anything to get the attention they crave no matter the cost. There will be a lot of people that go down this rabbit hole and will end up being very sorry when they come out, if they are able to, which I doubt.

  • Mary

    No better than looking at porn.

  • Mac

    Is stupid now a prerequisite for employment at the Times?

  • Alberta Ed

    Tabloid ‘journalism’…welcome to the LA Times. (Fits with Hollywood, tho’…)

  • Richard Schmidt

    Read the book’s Introduction. You’ll return it to the shelf immediately. (Unless you are a gossip monger)

  • John_209

    Many of the people being quoted for saying all these nasty things about Trump have the same comment when interviewed by anybody but Wolff, “I didn’t say that.” If Mr. Wolff is claiming the book is to present the case for enacting the 25th Amendment to replace/remove Trump, you might think he would have interviewed or talked with at least some members of the Cabinet or the Vice President – the ones who transmit their written declaration for action to remove/replace the President to the President pro tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the House. He did not.

  • Deb Anderson

    Oh, bull. Such a nothing, totally biased article. What ever happened to journalism?

  • Deb Anderson

    Of course he didn’t. That would require character. Wolff is a sleezeball. That is well known. His book is calculated trash.

  • Deb Anderson

    According to Wolff, a sleezeball gossip hack?

  • TED

    There’s clearly as much reason to believe everything in the book as there is to believe whatever Donald Trump and his minions are peddling on any given day.

    Besides, the book has duly energized the opposition!

  • Vote Loud

    Journalism is the second easiest college degree…

    And it SHOWS!

  • Vote Loud

    Holt is publishing a book about DJT, that the author and his targets ADMIT contains lies.

    WHY will any same American buy any books intended for our youth “Books for Young Readers” from ANY publisher that prints admitted LIES?


  • Chip

    There is no such thing as “journalism” these days. It’s all nothing but fake news and their version of news stories that are not even worth reading! Really sad because many years ago, you could trust the media and believe in what they said. Not so anymore!

  • Anne Saunders

    I prefer to comment on an article based on its merits. But this article has no merits. So I have to bluntly call it what it is; stupid. That book is just trash that is not worth the cost to print it.

  • locogolfer

    Fake news, not surprised media is embracing it.