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When Khizr M. Khan took to the stage at this year’s Democratic National Convention, he was a virtual unknown. But his message struck a chord with many people.

On stage Khan challenged Donald Trump’s knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and said that “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Khan’s comments struck a chord with anyone who ever had a son, daughter, husband or wife, or parent who ever served overseas in a war zone. He and his wife lost a son who died performing a heroic act to save his fellow soldiers in Iraq. Democrats opportunistically saw this as yet another cudgel to use against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, to undermine his influence among Americans, particularly the military. The media saw a great opportunity to finally bury the candidacy of Trump. But as with many of these stories, the Khans turned out to be more than initially meets the eye. In this case, much more.

Trump, ever supremely confident, stepped into the media minefield, and agreed to an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who, as we’ve previously pointed out, worked for the Clintons for years as one of their hit men. He was the communications director for Bill Clinton. And as the host of ABC’s This Week, Stephanopoulos failed to reveal an obvious conflict of interest—namely that he was a donor to the Clinton Foundation, and a featured speaker at their events. Despite these circumstances, Stephanopoulos attempted to discredit Peter Schweizer and his book, Clinton Cash, which documents many of the deals and pay-for-play that led to the Clintons raising about $3 billion. Yet the Clinton Foundation uses about 10 percent of its revenues for the causes they claim to be helping, or “direct charitable grants.”

Trump joined Stephanopoulos on his show, and was unprepared. “How would you answer that father? What sacrifice have you made for your country?” queried Stephanopoulos. As a result of his comments Trump is now accused of attacking Mrs. Ghazala Khan—but what he questioned was why she stood by silently. He actually called the Khans’ son a hero on Twitter, and said to Stephanopoulos that Khizr Khan looked like a “nice guy.” Trump’s criticisms were aimed at Islam, where women and gays are second class citizens—at best.

“Okay—so Trump’s remarks, which arguably were touching upon the whole Islamic submission of women angle, were terrible,” writes Matt Vespa for Townhall. “Yet, let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton also criticized a Gold Star mother. During the Democratic debate on March 9, Clinton pretty much called Patricia Smith, mother of slain U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, a liar….”

Here was that exchange during the March debate between moderator Jorge Ramos of Univision and Mrs. Clinton. But first a video clip was shown of Patricia Smith, the mother of information officer Sean Smith, who died along with Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the terrorist attacks at the Special Mission Compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:

PATRICIA SMITH: Hillary and Obama and Panetta and Biden and all of—and Susan Rice, all told me it was a video, when they knew it was not the video. And they said that they would call me and let me know what the outcome was.


RAMOS: Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them?

CLINTON: You know, look. I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi. And I certainly can’t even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son, but she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong.

Actually, three other family members of the Benghazi heroes remember Mrs. Clinton’s words similarly to Patricia Smith.

Mr. Khan went on CNN’s State of the Union and described Trump as having a “black soul,” and being unfit for the presidency. While Mr. Khan quickly became a cause célèbre for the Democrats and the liberal media, Patricia Smith says that she “was treated like dirt. I don’t think the Khan family was treated that way. But I was treated like dirt, I was called a liar.”

Information has now started coming out about Khan’s own background. Amid the heightened scrutiny, Mr. Khan took down his website, which showed that he specializes in “E2 Treaty Investors, EB5 Investments & Related Immigration Services.” He explained to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the website came down because “there is a risk that somebody will damage it, somebody may hack it. I asked them [the web host] what do you suggest. They said under such circumstances, we normally keep it offline when this madness will go away, we will bring it back. I asked them to do that.”

“The EB-5 is literally a ‘citizenship for sale’ program in which a visa for a whole family can be bought for as little $500,000,” Jessica Vaughan, policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Washington Examiner.

Khan’s website indicates that he used to work for the law firm Hogan & Hartson in Washington, DC from 1998 to 2007. Hogan & Hartson became Hogan Lovells in 2010. “That firm did Hillary Clinton’s taxes for years, starting when Khan still worked there involved in, according to his own website, matters ‘firm wide’—back in 2004,” writes Matthew Boyle for Breitbart. The law firm, “as Breitbart News has demonstrated is highly connected with the Clinton apparatus and with the Saudi government.”

New York Times reporter Nick Confessore accused Breitbart of conducting an “oppo dump,” or opposition research for one of its articles on Khan. New York magazine’s Annie Lowery also tweeted that the Breitbart research was an “oppo dump.”

Is it opposition research to look into the background of those in the media spotlight? I thought that was called good reporting.

It also turns out that Mr. Khan supports Sharia law, which runs counter to the meaning of the U.S. Constitution.

“In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called ‘Human Rights In Islam’” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement,” reports Paul Sperry for Breitbart News.

“Khan speaks admiringly of Brohi’s interpretation of human rights, even though it included the right to kill and mutilate those who violate Islamic laws and even the right of men to ‘beat’ wives who act ‘unseemly,’” continues Sperry. “Of course, such cruel and unusual Sharia punishments, ranging from stonings and floggings to beheadings, would be a flagrant violation of the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

Mr. Khan aimed to lecture Trump about a Constitution which he himself apparently believes should yield to Islamic Sharia law. Khan’s 1983 paper, “Juristic Classification of Islamic Law,” states that “The invariable and basic rules of Islamic law are only those prescribed in the Shari’ah. …All other juridical works… must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah.”

In that same previously referenced CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Khan stated that “I do not stand for any Sharia Law because there is no such thing.”

“No one believes all Muslims represent an inherent threat to the safety and security of the American people. That would be foolish,” writes Joseph Farah for WorldNetDaily. “But to ignore the global pattern of violence and terrorism perpetrated on a daily basis by radical Islamic terrorists and state agents—not to mention oppressive tyranny of the most repulsive kind by many nation-states that deprive women, religious minorities and others of all their human rights—is simply the worst kind of disingenuousness.”

How did the folks at Breitbart discover these facts about Khan? Google. Apparently other media organizations didn’t take the time, or make an effort to find out who Khan is. Or maybe they did and just don’t care. I also want to recommend reading Allen West’s powerful message to Mr. Khan. Mr. West is a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and former U.S. congressman from Florida, as well as a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.

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    “The idea that Islam and secularism are mutually exclusive is false because the vast majority of Islamic history, (Muslim-majority lands) had secular states. …”
    I don’t know why people refuse to listen to Muslims when they reiterate that their faith instructs them to observe and respect the laws of the land (non-Muslim majority country or Muslim-majority land) they live in. When Muslims, pray, fast etc.–> they follow a coded formula, that is known as (gasp!) “Shariah.” How is that a threat to anyone?

  • Jack Parsons

    Kahn is a Clinton political operative who used the loss of his son to pull a publicity stunt. He is contemptible.

  • jug


  • jug

    Whether he is muslim, believes in sharia or not, makes no difference, he lies like a democrat!
    Hillary, Trump, Obuma, Kerry and Kahn, they all lie!

  • Maggietish

    I can certainly sympathize with the Kahn family over the loss of their son but it doesn’t make any sense of why he’s trying to demonize Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not responsible for Kahn’s son’s death. One would think that Kahn would at the very least confront Hillary Clinton because she voted for the war in which his son was killed. It’s more than obvious that Kahn is a political pawn being used by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. At the DNC convention Kahn pulled out a pocket Constitution and accused Donald Trump of never having read it. How would he know that? Did he do the same thing to Hillary Clinton because he certainly should have based on her record of she has broken a lot of the laws in the Constitution and ignores the freedoms that the American people are entitled to. Kahn has been going around to various news and talk programs to trash and demonize Donald Trump. It should be no surprise that the mainstream biased liberal media, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the far left support Kahn’s demonization and meaningless attacks against Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s disgraceful behavior, dismissive and disrespectful comments about Pat Smith and those other family members of those four slaughtered Americans in Benghazi saying that the reason they died was because of the video when Hillary knew from the very beginning according to her emails it was terrorist related hasn’t received any press coverage at all. Why is that? Hillary Clinton was not only complicit in these men’s death but she’s now literally disrespecting their family members and walking on their graves. Hillary not only lied to the families she lied to the American people for weeks saying it was a video again knowing from the beginning it was terrorist related as her emails prove. Hillary has no explaintion why she lied to the American people snd she now has the unmitigated gall of calling those family members of those fallen heroes in Benghazi liars. So are we to assume that they all made up the same story and poor little Hillary is the victim, seriously? Why had she never explained why she has not disclosed who gave the standdown order when the attack in Benghazi was taking place with 13 hours? Those men could have been saved so why did Hillary Clinton make the decision not to. Hillary Clinton has yet to explain why she put politics ahead of these Americans lives. America has always had the policy that we don’t leave anyone behind but Hillary Clinton certainly did. Why doesn’t Pat Smith and those other family members of those fallen heroes in Brnghazi gotten the same media exposure, credibility and respect that Kahn has received from the biased mainstream media and cable networks?

  • KC


  • TPS12

    Kahn is a puppet for the clintons the gop should look into his business dealings instead of attacking Trump.

  • Lee Berry

    My sympathies go out ALL families of loved ones lost in wars and terrorism throughout history. But using only one family affected by the Iraq invasion is in poor taste. It leads one to belief that he was the ONLY casualty of that war, a very misleading campaign tactic. He should not be given the honor that belongs solely to his son.
    Due to Khan’s shady ‘business,’ I believe that he owes Trump a public apology for his actions and attitudes. He also owes us an apology for lying about his connection and belief of and to Sharia Law being supreme. Granted, Islamists are allowed to lie in order to fool the non-believers… however, not everyone is as gullible as he or Clinton have hoped. If anything, this man should lose his citizenship and be deported to his beloved homeland where he can live like the little people (cease selling citizenships in our country). He is a disgraceful representation of a human being.

  • R D

    Montage Khoumeni and Kahn without a caption. Why would any non-Muslim American and many Muslim Americans like Dr. Jassar would not feel revulsion, deep concern, and outrage at this Khoumeni-like “I tell you what to do and think” petty tyrant? This monster works round the clock to bring more of his ilk into the country. He waves a Constitution in our faces and tells us that it authorizes the establishment of a system of theocratic tyranny that will commit genocide on all other faiths. And no one is allowed to say, “Boo!” Frankly, the guy reminds me of Count Dracula.

  • RMThoughts

    The feminized GOPe, the Hillary Neocons, and the MSM are “concerned” and “divided”.
    Trump is correct, the cult of death known as Islam is famous for not allowing women to speak. Or drive cars. Or get educations. Or vote. Or live. So Trump was only stating what is a fact! A fact that embarrasses the Republicans among us.
    Trump is where he is because he states what we believe.

    This spat over a dead soldier who the Clinton campaign (ab)used for her campaign gets way overblown. The GOPe, Neocons, and MSM all owe Donald Trump an apology. He nailed it….Hero son, subversive father / Sharia compliant mother..

  • Ron

    The DNC and Hillary used Khan as a con artist. It should make anyone sick that this traitor would use his hero son for political purposes. Where are you press? Down in the cesspool of Hillary’s DNC?

  • efred1

    That’s because he’s a Muslim; they are not only allowed, but encouraged to lie and deceive non-believers to get your way. It’s in the Koran. Democrat’s also lie not only to conservatives, but to everyone to get their way. That’s why Islam and Democrats get along so well.

    For now.

  • Steven Barrett

    No class, all bile, all contempt .. all of you. That any of you would join in an ideological piling on the Khans does little to promote conservatism. In fact the lot of you are promoting contempt for it and the Republican cause. What a sorry pitiless bunch of bums.

  • Ted

    Khan is a Muslim dumping on Trump for what he considers Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. Nothing new there. Just politics as usual. But, in this case … Kahn one-upped Trump … by having a Muslim son, a Captain in the Army, in U.S. military service … who was killed attempting to save others in a combat situation. That just blows all of Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric to hell.

    Nothing new here.


  • Ted

    Or … we could look into Trump’s business dealings … especially those in foreign countries … and maybe into his tax returns, too.

  • All set up by the Democratic Corrupt Government and Media.


    I have totally lost respect for the media after their unfair attack on Trump about Khan. He is not as important as families born and raised here whose ancestors helped to make this country what it is. I am black and not a Trump supporter but this unfair attack on him is familiar to what have happened to blacks in this country. I sure won’t vote for Hillary, Ryan, or Kasich.

  • mioahu

    Steven, when will you and your leftie fellows stop just calling people names , and have a real conversation ? When will you actually stand up and debate and defend your great leftist values ? The only thing you guys do is insult people, because your ideology is empty , your leftist ideas don’t work and have never worked, have failed around the world from Venezuela to USSR , and you have nothing to offer other than tax the rich and throw more money to the system! That’s the only idea that ever comes out of any leftist democrat. Kahn shamefully used his son’s death to attack Trump, and to say disgraceful things about him in front of the entire country, so because his son died nobody has the right to say anything against him ? A defender of sharia, and the jihad is giving us lessons about the constitution ? This has nothing to do with being partisan, but with being fair …You know and the media knows that Trump didn’t attack Ms. Khan, if you ask a man “why does your wife have a black eye” , are you attacking her, or him and his bad behavior ? same here, Trump was attacking islam and the lack of rights for women, in his awkward way, the media knows it but chooses to twist in their shameful partisan lying way. What have you sacrificed , Steven ? How do you answer that unfair question, no matter how good you think you are ? That was a very unfair question ….What has Clinton sacrificed ? Some lives in Benghazi , and in many other places !!!!! When a grieving mother spoke against Hillary at the RNC, the media called it a pathetic show…Clinton called her a liar… and now the same corrupt leftist media, an arm of the democratic party, and a partisan hack job Stefanopolis pretend to be offended by Trump’s remarks ? How hypocritical …You are so biased and blind at your own bias that you can’t even admit that the media is doing everything they can to discredit Trump and the republicans

  • Steven Barrett

    Who did the Republicans listen to in ’84 after their ever so beloved (and held up to be damn near infallible) Ronnie’s administration ineptly sacrificed nearly two hundred times more Americans in Beirut the year before? In politics there’s always going to some creative, but not totally classless and crude adjectives tossed around and you have to take the good with the bad behavior of all sides and expect some sharp elbows now and then. I don’t see this more mature attitude, or even a shred of realistic thinking on the part of Trump’s most ardent supporters. It’s as if they want to live in a make believe land where their guy’s still ahead of the curve and his arguments are beating back everybody else’s on topics like economics all the way from national security to handling with respect the parents, relatives and close friends of those who served in combat and were badly wounded, or like our fallen hero, Army Captain Khan, and product of our ROTC program who forestalled going to law school … the ultimate sacrifice.
    I don’t know how on earth you can continue to back any candidate (I’d drop any support for any Democrat if she or he treated the Khans and Purple Heart Recipients the way Trump did last week) who talks so much about how much he “loves veterans” and treats them like trash. Is he so blind to believe that all the people proclaiming to be homeless veterans begging for change outside the entrance to the Trump Tower are really vets? Oh, he loves to talk big and take checks from dubious sources at staged hoorah events on battleships, but when it came time for him to put a lock on his mouth and ego, he couldn’t do it. Yeah, the same guy who attended a military prep school for wealthy boys and tell the world he gained some military experience from it all, as compared to any kid who was drafted during the same years and sent to fight in a dank SE Asian jungle, give us all a break, you me and everybody else. Don’t allow this con man to insult your intelligence and those you care for, esp. those who served this nation.
    I, too, had a single deferment for both h.s. and college. Even high school because if the local draft board discovered I had graduated a half semester early, who knows? During my sophmore year in college, I commuted three days some forty miles round trip from my alma mater (then Biscayne College) way up in north Dade Co. to the Univ. of Miami to participate in Army ROTC. My grades weren’t that great as it was but I took the chance and marched and marched and marched when I wasn’t in class for the month or so I attended (against both my parents wishes, and one of them was a retired Air Force officer.) They told me I was “in the clear” and didn’t need to worry, but I wasn’t aware of that since I had a draft number of 88 and unlike Trump, I had no “bone spurs” to fall back on for a medical excuse, however temporary that excuse often was for everybody. Well, not everybody if they had lots of money and political clout, which evidently Mr. Trump and especially his father then must’ve had and used. It was an unpopular war and I just wished he would be more open to say so. And there are damn few John Kerrys on both sides of the aisle who signed up and served quite bravely with distinction. Get angry at Kerry if you wish for tossing his medals in the drink during a DC protest . . . but unlike Trump, he never asked for them or expressed any (almost mocking) “desire” to have a Purple Heart. Kerry got his medals for bravely taking on the Viet Cong and shooting the hell out of them in a point blank encounter. What did Donald Trump do to even feel he had any business touching, much less taking, the Purple Heart that was offered to him by a very sadly smitten Vet fan of his. He should’ve humbly said, thanks but no thanks, and emphasized that the veteran earned it the hard way. What he did to the Khans reflected poor political judgment, very poor and for a candidate for the highest office, that’s bad enough. What he did with the veteran’s Purple Heart demonstrated a complete lack of moral judgment and no shred of class or dignity when it came to respecting the honor and pain those who earned the Purple heart have to live with every day of their lives.
    Even if I agreed with the man on everything, the contemptuous disrespect he showed towards both those who gave their lives and the permanently scarred and maimed veterans who came back to rebuild their lives in peace after having putting their lives on the line seared into my heart a permanent dislike and disgust to the point where I wouldn’t vote for him to win the proverbial dog catcher’s campaign. Dogs deserve better.
    This is not a person we can trust. He’s advocated building a wall of emnity between us and our most populous neighbor, Mexico, a nation we’ve not always had the friendliest relations with, and sometimes for damn good reasons. Yet he and his plagiarist wife cannot even come up with a decent explanation for how she was able to enter our nation and make a very lucrative living.
    Ever notice how much of Trump’s life and empire consists of what others have made overseas for him instead of here in the US, even if you want to include two of his three wives to measure his word against what he’s actually done? If he wishes to marry women of eastern European origin, fine and dandy; we have lots of women of Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Serbian, Bosnian, Hungarian, Romanian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Croatian, Lithuanian, Belorussian ancestry living in the good ol’ U.S. of A. that he wants to make greater.
    Don’t you and your friends see that he’s using you to fulfill his narcissistic dreams? I worked for a guy who was just like Trump in lots of ways, full of hot air, bombast and contempt for anybody who made the slightest mistake, some of which he was responsible for not having properly or fully trained them for the tasks they were expected to fulfill, (most often when they were already over-stretched due to his wild expectations. That was almost forty years ago and I still recall those awful staff meetings watching very educated people cringing withing with fear and incensed almost to the point of grabbing the guy by the neck for the ritualistic abuse he loved to dish out for all to see. To this day, I have contempt for the word “incompetent” no matter how more properly it can and has been used. Today the popular buzz phrase that’s a close cousin is “holding or making people accountable.” Wow, doesn’t that have a rather judgmental finality to it bordering on overkill. But this is the way a lot of people today on all sides think and react sometimes with zeal no less so as to make them the prosecutor, jury and finally the sentencing judge in their own heads and sadly, hardened hearts.
    When I hear Trump talk like the almost impeached but resigned Pres. Nixon talk about being the new “law and order” candidate/sheriff on the block, and watch his fans cheer him wildly, I wonder, just wonder, how many of them ever worked in law enforcement. And if they did, was it in police work where they have to deal with so many of our societal and economic problems on a first-hand basis; did they work as an investigator for a large public defender’s office; did they work in corrections as a counselor or as a probation/parole office as I did for a while. While I’ll never admit to being the best ever prob/parole officer, the exposure the experience gave me was far superior to anything I might’ve received in lots of my Public Admin/Crim. Justice classes. That’s not a dig at my college profs, even they’d be the first to admit it and encourage nothing but real day to day experience, not the kind of Hollywood’s cop show genre or “reality show” experience we see on the tube.
    I’ll bet Trump never saw what used to go into the preparation for any pre-sentence or post-sentence forms used to help both the judge or office having to deal with the returning inmate reintegrating into society. He’d get a real dose of reality the very moment he reached where it required cross checking family ties and criminal histories. Lots and lots of “interplay” here. Huuuge problems, as Trump might want to put it. Oh, but he’s got instant solutions and if those people who toil in in the land of actual realities don’t buy into his “quick or else” outlook, naturally they’ll be fired, or abused first. Psychological bullies like Trump are like cats who never lose pleasure from endlessly toying with even a play mouse before they finally decide to maul it.
    I’m pleading from the heart as to why this guy is so damn dangerous. I’ve seen guys like him come and go, worked for several and witnessed what they did to others as well as myself on occasion. They’re slippery as eels and damn hard to nail down because they’ve always secured some kind of “out” and do they ever pounce on anybody who dares to question them with a rapid barrage of demeaning and cowardly insults spewn from afar. What else can explain this man’s addition to abusing his Twitter account, besides his oft-enabled and over-stuffed ego?
    This is a man who desperately needs psychological attention; not election to the most powerful office on the planet or universe. Y’know, at least Nixon was able to see the end of his machinations during Watergate; yet, how far are we willing to let Donald Trump take his worst moments to their most illogical conclusions before we allow him to take us all down in a flaming conflagration?

  • Steven Barrett

    Maggie, the Democrats aren’t saying Trump is responsible for Captain Khan’s death. They’re pointing out that there are many loyal Muslim American citizens who love this nation for the opportunities it has provided them as it has for all the other religious and ethnic groups that have arrived on our shores. And Trump is going around with his tar bucket which he uses shamelessly not just against Muslims, but against a lot of Catholics and other Christians from Mexico and other nations in Latin America. When he started off with his first campaign remarks tarring Mexicans as rapists, etc, he opened the door to everybody else to take a shot back at him for his despicable charges. It’s a campaign opener like no other in our history for the presidency at least.
    I’ve lived as a military dependent in Morocco during the mid fifties when my dad was stationed outside Casablanca. For a while we lived off base in a house formerly owned by a French officer who had to leave it during Morocco’s successful revolution. As part of our rental agreement, my parents were (quite gladly) responsible for paying for the services of an elderly Berber couple who provided many services in addition to keeping a protective eye out for my two older brothers and myself. I was just 3-5 or so ears old then. An African American Air Force officer was mistaken ID’d for a French officer and shot thus forcing us to live on the base, and I’ll tell you, it was not an “improvement.” But not once were our lives in any danger. Not once. Maybe it’s because back then people had a greater respect for what so many intellectuals nowadays love to call “civitas” but the fact remains … people used better judgment and were less susceptible to getting riled up by the likes of the Donald Trumps among us. After all, it was just ten years after we defeated a nation that produced quite a few loud-mouthed demagogues who spewed a lot of racial hatred along with their standard fare of anti-Jewish bile. Hmmm, I wonder what today’s Muslims living in America today must be wondering as they witness America turning on herself and away from what Lincoln, the first Republican President, called the “better angels of our nature.
    Just like Hitler, nobody took him seriously till it was too late and they were running from the Russians while he was hiding out in the bunker. What will it take for us to learn? Today it’ll be the Mexicans and Muslims. Who’s next? Remember what Lutheran minister Martin Niemoller rued when he got the knock on the door. He had looked the other way hoping his day wouldn’t come, though he as an open dissenter. But when it came, there was nobody to back him up and off to Dachau he went. I wouldn’t put it past any man who can get elected promising to build a bigger walled off border system than we already have with Mexico, deporting Musims or just banning them outright and ripping out the protections of the First Amendment for religious reasons and freedom of the press to publish freely sans retaliatory lawsuits … from ordering up the construction of new concentration camps, er reeducation camps, out in the deserts. Unlike FDR, Trump wouldn’t discontinue them once the dangers passed. He’d invent new “dangers.”
    And what would have Captain Khan and all other brave American Muslim heroes who gave their all or came back badly wounded from fighting for their country in our past wars have died for if Trump gets his way. What will your relatives and your fellow Americans who gave so much to make this nation the greatest on the planet have died or sacrificed so much for if Trump succeeds?
    This is the deeper message of Mr. Khan’s point behind waving the Constitution booklet to get his attention. And did he. Too bad Trump had to act out like a spoiled brat who who when caught doing something wrong, threw all the blame back on his accuser and anybody else who could see what was going on except little Donald Trump and his enabling spoilers who’ll never let this guy grow up.
    Come to think about it, is this dispute between Trump and the Khans really about Islam, religious freedom, the rights to move freely and military sacrifice? Sure, but there’s something else the Right almost in knee-jerk’d fashion refuses to acknowledge:respect for decency and the rights of all Americans to live freely thanks to all the freedoms outlined in the Constitution. Is that too much to ask … for any of us?

  • mioahu

    You didn’t even read what i wrote. And as I said before, you live in the past. keep talking about FDR and 1984 …Those times are gone and your buddies are commies now. Did you ever vote for a republican ??? My point ! If republicans would nominate Jesus the libs commies would trash him ! They trashed decent people like Romney and Ryan ! The lib media doesn’t care, and you don’t care either, so stop being falsely offended. If your son dies , you are not immune from criticism, you can’t just go on stage and say the most egregious things , and think there will be no repercussions. And again, Trump didn’t offend the mother, he attacked the religionn that makes her second class citizen. As with the purple heart veterans, that was perfectly fine, and they had a laugh, your political corectness is ridiculous, and people are sick of it, but the media spins everything coming from his mouth. I don’t know why I waste my time talking to you.

  • Steven Barrett

    Anytime you want to write as if you’re not wanting to shout me or anybody down, (much in the same way lots of Trump’s loudest rally attendees are wont to do to anybody who disagrees with their fuhrer, fine. I don’t expect you to read every word nor would I write back in such a demanding tone as you just did. Just take the gist of what I or others have said in these forums and do the best with them to keep the conversation proceeding at a civil pace. But I won’t knuckle into a post like the one you just posted. Lay off the junior high school overuse of the caps. We’re not children.

  • mioahu

    Who are the people creating chaos and violence at all rallies ? the leftists ! It’s the anti Trump people who violently interrupted rallies . Who always has violent protests ? It’s the left ! From anti globalism to occupy wall street to all the occupy movements to BLM to anti trump to anti police! Same around the world, from Greece to Albania and France ….Do not recall any major violent conservative rallies and marches …. the left is totalitarian and wants to shut down everything it disagrees with. The leftist revolutions claimed more lives around the world than all the wars (except second world war) And voting democrat today is supporting the destructive leftist agenda.But you don’t want to discuss any policy, just call people names and blame Bush (that’s why i replied to your post in the first place). You always say I make good points, but it does not seem to matter, no point I make will make you rethink what you are actually supporting, because the liberal ideology is driven by hatred of people that disagree with them, by class warfare and social justice not on any positive idea

  • mioahu

    Nice try ! Being secular has nothing to do with building roads and having post offices and having a faucet !… of course you can’t have a country build only on mosques, what on earth are you talking about ? Is that your best argument that muslim countries are secular , that they actually have cities ? cause that’s pretty weak.
    Is that your argument also for the statement that most muslim countries were secular during history ? That they build roads and had cities ? Well, actually they occupied most of the cities, the biggest muslim cities were built by non-muslims, and they used the roads build by the Romans, but that’s another discussion.
    When your code of law comes from your religion, when every aspect of your daily life is controlled by religion, when all the societal norms are dictated by your religion, that’s not secular. Egypt tries hard to be somehow secular, by putting all the islamist crazies in prison and killing them, and the only way they can do that is by having a military regime ! Turkey tried hard, and the military was the guarantee that they will stay secular…good bye secularism now…why do you thing thousands of judges and teachers were fired after the coup ? Because they are secular, and in the way of the islamist revolution Erdogan is preparing.

  • mioahu

    How ironic ! You are talking about the rights of Americans to live freely thanks to the freedoms outlined in the constitution , and about decency ? The most vile attacks are against conservatives, made by lefties. The only violent marches and rallies are leftists ones, from anti globalisation to environment activists to occupy movements to BLM to anti trump…always leftists….You would trash Jesus if he would be conservative.. Actually you are, given the constant attacks by the left against christians.
    Who is trying to take freedoms away ? Who is constantly attacking the first amendment with concepts such as political correctness, hate speech (codeword for conservative ideas) , safe zones, microagressions,banning conservatives from campuses, who wants to shut down conservative radio, eliminates western history from curricullum, fire people for their ideology (see CEO if Firewox) , boycott business for their owners religious beliefs, boycott states for trying to protect the first amendment, uses the power of government to attack people for their ideology (IRS targeting conservatives) , forcing people to go against their religious beliefs and participate in abortions and same sex marriage, tries to put people on trial for their ideas ?( see coalition of DA’s to go after climate deniers). Why can’t you see all this ? Trump deos not matter ….Who constantly attacks the second amendment , and would take all your guns tomorrow if they could ? It’s always the left who takes rights away, not the conservatives. The countries with the least freedom in the world are communist countries. What exactly rights are conservatives trying to take away ????? And please no strawmen like Trump is trying to ban all muslims. Let’s try to stay intellectually honest.

  • Jeep1967

    You are quick to jump on the bandwagon and criticize Trump for saying anything about Captain Kahn’s parents, but conveniently overlook when Hillary called Pat Smith, and all the other parents of the people killed in the Benghazi attacks liars. You also overlook the fact that the biased media condemned the Republicans for having Pat Smith speak saying things like “a shameful exploitation of a mother’s grief”, yet they praised the Democrats for doing the same thing by having Kahn speak.

  • Lisbeth

    This is what amazes me about liberals. They claim to be smart and then they do stupid things like trot up some sharia loving muzzle thinking that nobody will ever find out.

  • Lisbeth

    What would you do with his tax returns Ted? No pictures. No 140 character limit. You wouldn’t have a clue what’s in them.

  • Lisbeth

    Rights of all Americans? You mean like the right to not bake a cake for a gay couple if it goes against your religious beliefs? No need to respond until you grow up. Those rights are long gone.

  • Steven Barrett

    Well, if you want to talk and rant about how bad the lefties are, always the lefties I guess, give it a break, put your feet up and watch an film noir classic starring Richard Widmark in “Kiss of Death. While you’re watching this snippet I personally selected for your viewing pleasure, just think of why people who’ve had to deal with the real realities left behind by the likes of the reality show fantasy land candidate … love to hate these creeps who are nothing but grotesque thieves in fancy (foreign made) suits. Don’t tell me you don’t remember Tommy Udo and how he “handled” people he rendered inconvenient. Yeah, just like The Donald, Tommy wouldn’t give his victims “the skin off a grape,” but at least The Donald gets rid of people he has no use for in ways more legal than this:
    On the other hand, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact he’s called for a return of waterboarding, and even asked an expert on foreign policy/defense matters why we couldn’t just resort to using nukes in some situation, or using nukes in Europe and allowing Japan to develop its own nuclear arsenal. Oh, what could possibly go wrong in a nation where prayers are still said for the dead in hopes of reviving its oh so glorious military past? Okay fans of The Donald, you tell me? Like Tommy Udo, so long as the ends justify the means, so what if a few heads get a little too wet, bones are broken and people left out on the street. I’m just waiting for the moment when Paul Manafort will have enough of it and finally stand up to the much spoiled thug. I’ve watched his former manager Corey Lewandowski on the tube since his firing and I can’t help wondering if the only thing The Donald had on him to make it worth firing the man was that Lewandowski was willing to demonstrate some manly (but necessary) insubordination to his former boss. It’s about time Manafort did as well, lest he, too, is willing to go so far as to get tagged as the Donald’s new tough guy. If Trump really wants to demonstrate his toughness, let him sit down with Mr. and Mrs. Khan, shut up and “take it” from them and quietly walk out to lick his wounds. After all, whatever wounds the Khans could lay on him would be far less physically demanding and potetially fatal as those endured by all Purple Heart Awardees and men like the Khan’s son, Captain Humayan Khan, (US Army, dec’d. in the line of combat.)
    Well, maybe you’d prefer taking your political lessons from Tommy Udo instead. Hope you learn something, before it’s too late. Sure it’s fictional, and maybe the Donald couldn’t tell the difference, but I trust that you can.

  • mioahu

    you are a moral idiot. I tried to be polite, but with patronizing idiots like you that doesn’t work. And in your usual idiotic manner, you miss the point of my comment and go on a stupid rant, disregarding everything I said, cause its inconvenient and you have no counterarguments… I have lived in a communist country, and this is all deja vu. I have seen people like you , so called “intellectuals” help elect the communists, with their promise of “equality” and “social justice”, just to be executed after the commies election, because once they saw what they did they revolted….too late, moral idiots. That’s what we call useful moral idiots, and you sir are magnificent. You keep ranting about Donald Trump, even though i am not talking about him, I am talking about the leftists in your party that are hijacking it, and that’s the real threat to America.That is all you can do,rant about Donald, because you have nothing else to justify why you vote democrat. I hope YOU learn something from history, before it’s too late, you patronizing know nothing, movie buff ….not from a stupid movie !!! You have no clue, you who are a armchair leftist, grew up in a free country that brave people died to create for you, you who are suggesting stupid movies and think you are so smart, I have lived it, you watched a stupid movie …

  • just a thought

    “let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton also criticized a Gold Star mother.” – Matt Vespa (Townhall)

    Let’s not forget Benghazi, and how Clinton was instrumental in the deaths of the Ambassador and the heroes who tried to save him, and that Clinton called the families of those heroes “liars.”

    Don’t pull you punches, AIM.

  • Thomas Sharpe

    The Democratic party is even more the contemptible one here, they deliberately misled the American people, and used this man’s death as a stunt.

  • Bruce

    No the DNC and Hillary are contemptible using this lying fraud to tell an untrue story Khan never even had the little book until one of the DNC staff bought it and gave it to him, another democrat Packers of lies

  • Bruce

    Khan has never read the pocket Constitution he only got just before he went on stage given to him by a DNC staffer who ran out and bought it

  • J. Glenn Hanson

    A blue-eye blonde and Ku Klux Kahn — and a majority of blacks will vote for Democrats?!

  • Kevj1

    Tax returns show earnings, not wealth.

    ….libs, jeeze

  • Kevj1

    Barack Hussein Obama along with his clueless confused sec. of state Hillary R Clinton, had Five Muslim Bans in Obama’s first term. Did Khan call them Bigots and wave our Constitution in their faces or call them un American?
    Kahn and Clinton were and still are under investigation. Both are crooked and can burn in he!!.

  • Fuck off

    “Democrats opportunistically saw this as yet another cudgel to use against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, to undermine his influence among Americans, particularly the military. The media saw a great opportunity to finally bury the candidacy of Trump.”

    Biased Partisan Hack

  • Marilyn Brodiemeyers

    mrs khan hadnt spoken to her son since 2004 on mothers day.