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Keith Olbermann is out of a job again, but this time he hasn’t been fired.

Olbermann announced Monday he will end his political commentary series at GQ because Donald Trump’s presidency will be over soon, and his “work here is done.”

Trump’s demise is so close at hand, Olbermann said, that “I think even this dim-witted world of American political TV reporting, which is still calculating how to get Trump’s idiot supporters to watch their networks and still waiting for Trump to pivot, even it can carry this the rest of the way. So I am retiring from political commentary in all media venues.”

“I’m confident now, even more so than I have been throughout the last year, that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries.”

Olbermann said there are seven routes in front of Trump, and each ends in his impeachment or resignation.

Michael Flynn, his national security adviser for all of 11 days, made a “Thanksgiving deal with” special counsel Robert Mueller. And, as John Dean told Olbermann, “Mueller is not shooting down. He is shooting up. He does not make a deal with Flynn to get Paul Manafort or Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr. Mueller makes a deal with Flynn to get Donald Trump … period.”

No evidence exists of such a deal other than Flynn’s lawyers have cut off contact with Trump’s lawyers.

The second way, Olbermann said, is that Mueller pursues obstruction of justice. There is so much evidence of this, he said, that “it’s hard to pick out a person in Trump’s inner circle who could not be” somehow implicated. Olbermann points to the firing of James Comey, whom Trump dismissed not because he was investigating Trump – Comey said on numerous occasions he wasn’t – but because Comey refused to look into wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.

Third, Olbermann said, Republicans could turn on Trump to protect their 2018 electoral chances. The president has become “an albatross to Republicans and a rallying cry to Democrats,” and off-year elections in decidedly blue parts of the country, including Virginia and New Jersey, somehow confirm this.

Fourth, Nixon resigned because Republicans went to the White House and said he was bringing them all down with him. Trump could see the same conditions and respond in the same way, Olbermann said. 

Fifth, Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence could “convince their majorities” Trump is mentally unfit for office and remove him under the 25th Amendment.

Sixth, Democrats could retake Congress and impeach the president without Republican help.

And seventh, Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct could bring him down. Such conduct is “wiping out all the sleazebags and empowering the victims,” and “it’s hard to believe some victim somewhere doesn’t have tangible evidence against Trump … “ so much so that Trump soon will find himself “envying Harvey Weinstein.”

Olbermann’s proof is that, according to unnamed sources, Trump has twice recently told people the Access Hollywood tape was a fake. He is “working the refs of public opinion in advance for whatever is coming next.”

But that won’t be enough. We will be “relieved of [Trump’s] prodigious evil. But in its place, it will have Trump as a living martyr. That prodigious evil and rank hypocrisy and immorality of his supporters – perhaps a third of us – will not vanish with him. And I’m not sure the democracy hasn’t already been damaged too much to deal with their lawless, unprincipled rebellion. I don’t see this country’s politics healing for 30 or 40 years.

“Have fun storming the castle. My work here is done. Matter of fact, so is Trump’s. Resist. Remove. Peace.”

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  • mioahu

    AHAHAHHAHAHHAH, GOOD BYE !!!! You will not be missed !

  • PoliticalBrew

    There goes the swamp.

  • missieb2000

    Don’t they have specific devices so that a person doesn’t forget to take their meds? Olbey needs one asap.

  • Deert

    I never knew he was in politics.

  • jg collins

    “My work here is dung.” –Keith Olbermann
    “Mueller is not shooting down. He is shooting up.”
    I’ve suspected that for a long time.

  • Johnny Dames Rio

    He is quitting again.. Ive should have known. Unfortunately Trump isn’t going anywhere. He should know better to think he is.

  • Media Scrutiny

    ESPN? Fired. MSNBC? Fired. Fox Sports? Fired. GQ? You get the picture…
    The only other individual who has suffered more for their petulant political stupidity and arrogance more than Olbermann is Kathy Griffin…

  • carl

    President Donald Trump is doing great.He is getting the economy cooking and many people are getting rich on wall street. So the Democrats want to elect a socialist who thinks everything should be free. That’s sure to tank the economy and and put millions out of work. Trump will be President for two full terms and by that time he might be able to turn the Federal courts to a more Constitutional judiciary. The next step is to get rid of the Rhino’s. Steve Bannon is working on that. With a more supportive Congress in 2018 Trump will start getting his agenda pushed forward.

  • samo war
  • Tbear
  • Colorado Conservative

    Liberalism truly is a mental illness, Olberman is exhibit A.

  • Colorado Conservative

    I would venture to say you could put Colin Krapernick up there with Olberman and Griffin.

  • Gz7

    Who does this clown think he’s fooling?

  • TED




  • steadyeddy

    I did not know that he was still on the Air! If anyone could use some Obamacare, it would be Keith Olbermann. He is obviously suffering from delusional episodes and on the verge of a mental breakdown. I have never had so much fun watching these Libtards trying to convince themselves that President Trump is about to get Impeach or Resign! They still have not realize that he is a New Yorker, you hit him, he will hit back harder! Hang on everyone, the next 8 years will be a hell of a ride making America Great Again!

  • Alton_Gayle

    Thank God about damn time. Good Riddance!!!!

  • Alton_Gayle

    Somebody kick him in the rear to get him started on his way out!!! Pronto!!!