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A feminist professor of communications at the University of Michigan has become a laughingstock for a poorly-sourced column in a socialist newspaper about the academic basis for hating Republicans. In the article, Susan J. Douglas began with the statement, “I hate Republicans” and declares that “marrying a Republican is unimaginable to me…”

A specialist on “Gender and the Media,” she is reportedly married with a daughter.

I’ve got something that beats that. Curtis J. MacDougall, the author of a journalism textbook that I used in college, was a Marxist with a 319-page FBI file, who wrote favorably about Fidel Castro and feared Joe McCarthy. MacDougall was an activist in the communist-dominated Progressive Party.

As a young journalism student, I studied from MacDougall’s textbook, Interpretative Reporting, which encouraged a form of advocacy journalism, and “learned” that Walter Duranty of The New York Times was one of the great figures in the media. I later discovered that Duranty was a stooge of Stalin and one of the greatest liars in the history of journalism. In fact, he helped Stalin cover up the deaths of 7- to 10-million Ukrainians in a forced famine.

A modern-day MacDougall, Professor Douglas tries to sound like an intellectual and apparently wants to be taken seriously. She insists in the article that a “series of studies has found that political conservatives tend toward certain psychological characteristics,” such as “Dogmatism, rigidity and intolerance of ambiguity; a need to avoid uncertainty; support for authoritarianism; a heightened sense of threat from others; and a personal need for structure.”

She cites unnamed “researchers” as proving that “the two core dimensions of conservative thought are resistance to change and support for inequality.”

Douglas, who graduated from Elmira College in New York and received a master’s degree and a doctorate from Brown University, is not only a professor but the head of the University of Michigan communications studies department.

Since MacDougall’s textbook, Interpretative Reporting, was instrumental in training a generation of journalists, perhaps he influenced Douglas.

Now, she is trying to influence her students. But her self-declared “hate” for Republicans has backfired. She has exposed the real purpose of her “educational” pursuits.

The Detroit News reports that Andrea Fischer Newman, a member of the UM Board of Regents, said she found Douglas’s column “extremely troubling and offensive,” and that it condoned “hatred toward an entire segment of individuals in our society based solely on their political views…”

Grant Strobl, head of Young Americans for Freedom at the school, called the Douglas piece “ugly and full of hatred.”

While the article has to be taken seriously, its dependence on clearly dubious “studies” and “research” make it practically ridiculous.

Douglas ought to be laughed out of academia.

In an earlier piece for In These Times, she also gave us a precious insight into her own ideology. She hailed Stuart Hall, the founding editor of New Left Review, as a “towering Marxist public intellectual” who had “influenced multiple generations of professors and their students…” It’s apparent she is one of them.

Indeed, she appears to thank Hall for helping establish “communication studies” as “one of the most popular majors in the United States…” She wrote, “We owe him a monumental debt.”

She notes that Hall was a follower of Antonio Gramsci, but doesn’t point out that Gramsci was an Italian communist whose writings were introduced to the United States in the mid-1950s by Carl Marzani, a publisher and Soviet KGB agent whose publishing house was subsidized by the KGB. (Interestingly, Curtis A. MacDougall’s history of the Progressive Party, Gideon’s Army, was published by Marzani as well.)

Gramsci popularized the idea of destroying Western society through infiltration rather than armed revolution. It helps explain why Weather Underground terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn became college professors after giving up on a communist armed revolution inside the United States.

Robert Chandler, in his book Shadow World, noted that Gramsci’s Marxist theory of cultural revolution “stressed that dominance over the existing order in the West, including religion, was rooted in education, the media, law, and a mass culture of beliefs, values, and traditions.” In order to overturn the existing order and “Marxize the inner man,” Gramsci taught that “one must create a subversive program of ‘counter-hegemony’ against its supporting culture,” in order to “negate the established modes of thought and ways of doing things.”

That appears to be Susan Douglas’s mission in academia and journalism.

Douglas’ Curriculum Vitae identifies her participation in a “Rethinking Marxism” conference in 1992, delivering a talk on “Pop Culture, Kitsch and Social Change in the 1960s: Hegemony, Subjectivity and the Rise of Feminism.”

The editors of the journal, Rethinking Marxism, also sponsor “Marxism and the World Stage” conferences, described as “celebrations of the Marxian tradition.”

Douglas’s “academic credentials” include numerous articles for such publications as The Nation, The Progressive, and In These Times.

Her hate for Republicans is making news, but don’t think students in her classes haven’t been aware of the agenda she’s been pushing. Some of the comments from students who have taken her classes include:

  • She openly states that she hates certain members of the student body based on their political opinions. Avoid this closed minded intolerant person….
  • Boring and disorganized. Talks to students like they are children. I think she rates herself to get good scores.
  • Condones hatred and intolerance towards differing viewpoints.
  • Socialist feminist nut.

This controversy will serve a purpose if it renews a focus on the corruption in journalism education and why left-wing and even pro-Marxist bias in the media is getting worse.

Her book on decoding “enlightened sexism” was the subject of a talk she gave that was video recorded. An elitist who knows better than everyone else, she claims to be an expert on uncovering “subtle” forms of sexism in the media.

Her courses include:

  • Media, Culture, and Society
  • Media Theory and Criticism—introductory and advanced levels
  • Qualitative Methods in Media Studies
  • Gender and the Media
  • History of Broadcasting
  • Origins of Mass Culture: 1870-1930
  • Images of Women in Popular Culture: 1945-present
  • Analysis of Television News
  • Motherhood and the Mass Media
  • The Social History of Radio in America
  • History of Communications Technologies
  • Introduction to Mass Communications

In a University of Michigan profile of Douglas, she was asked, “What inspires you?,” and she replied, “My students inspire me. I love teaching undergraduates: their energy, their optimism, their openness to new ideas.”

But this “love” seems to have undergone a transformation into a closed mind of hate toward opposing views. She has made explicit what we know and understand to be their usually hidden biases.

Thank you Ms. Douglas for telling us openly what we always suspected to be the case. Thank you for alerting us to the Marxist revolutionaries in positions of power in journalism and academia.

Now, please tell us why you deserve to be in a position of trust and authority over students who desire a good education and want to make something of their lives.

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    It’s not “hate” when they do it to us.

  • cateye

    People like this professor, rot from the inside out. They are miserable creatures, full of hate and anger.

  • terry1956

    One more reason to end government subsidy of education.
    support separation of school and state, even better get the federal government out of education except federal employee and US Troop OJT.
    Instead of GI benefits give the Vets and current Troops cash and let them spend it the way they see fit.
    Of Course it goes without saying we must get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.
    Look the federal government spends 50 billion a year on foreign aid and billions on the UN.
    Instead give that money to the Troops, many who are on food stamps.
    That 50 billion would give every full time troop from E-1 to top General over an extra 30,000 dollars a year.
    What we give to the UN could be used to raise the incomes of part time National Guard and Reserves.
    Turn over ownership of the UN Complexes in NYC over to US disabled war Vets.

  • farrightwing

    I am a Boston University alumnus, class of ’69. B.U. was ground zero for the student movement in the ’60’s while I was a student; I was not a participant. The BU News made news when the lefty editors called for the impeachment of LBJ in 1967. The B U Alumni Magazine more recently published an article by a Professor which made the case that Conservatives are almost without exception happier people than liberals, a hypothesis I have found to be true in my life and business.

  • John Cunningham

    She just had the guts to say what WE The People already knew. Isn’t it comical the Liberals that put their big mouth’s out there, are homely. Do you think that has something to do with it?

    This is what our education system in America has become. While WE were sleeping Liberals took over education, Churches or, Religion, especially, and even now, our military complex.

    Does anyone think a Jeb Bush would be a good Candidate for President considering what lay’s before him? We need a George Patton or Ronald Reagan unfortunately, both are dead.

    Sarah Palin would have been a good president but, WE let the Media and the Liberal Gestapo destroy her and Family. Yes I know many think she wasn’t qualified but, she would have worked her backside off learning and would have surrounded herself with People who do know.

    There is none out their who will have what it takes to rebuild America. Just hope someone, maybe one we haven’t looked at yet, will come forward. Maybe they are waiting, knowing the Liberal press will tear them apart? A Nation that allows scumbags like Al Sharpton to run things, is in deep trouble.

  • Lisa Smith

    This woman exemplifies the reason I don’t trust the mainstream media. She is filled with hate and bigotry, and doesn’t let a little thing like Truth get in the way of her views. I wouldn’t spend one penny paying for my child to take a class from her, and neither should anyone else. Boycott Susan J. Davis and others like her!

  • Bob

    The academic world thinks it is cute to be Marxist and universities like
    Michigan encourage this anti American philosophy. The university of Michigan
    has just lost all creditability in the eyes of patriots.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Excellent points. Having experienced the Obamao administration, it seems the foremost qualification for president is love of country.

  • Taoiseach na Caisel

    Cheer up. She probably knows as much about Karl Marx’ writings as she does about “journalism” qua profession. She is a sad symbol that many so-called universities – well removed from Padua, Bologna, Vienna, Paris, Oxbridge, etc. – are populated with ill-educated folk called faculty looking for causes in which to be popular. How well I remember encounters with self-anointed “Marxists” who react in very different but always incoherent ways if asked to discuss, e.g., his trinity of values.

  • John Cunningham

    Thank you and, love of Country is a must.

  • Mackie

    Funny, and she accuses conservatives of being intolerant,rigid, and dogmatic in the way they look at things. Apparently she is unable to wrap her Marxist mind around other opposing opinions and values as well. Her hostility towards Republicans and conservatives certainly reflects an open ended hypocrisy on her part.

  • stringman

    Yeah, that would be an excellent part of a candidate’s resume….. If only the voters had a clue. Which voters thought Obama had any love for this great nation? Were we that easily fooled? Does that come under the heading ‘All of the people, some of the time..’…..Twice? (2008 and 2012). Will the voters now pick Hillary or Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, to prove we’re not a sexist nation?

    I think I’m gonna be sick now.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Isn’t it amazing how the stark hypocrisy of “hating ‘bigots'” is completely lost on Leftists? Either they can’t grasp the concept, or they refuse to acknowledge the conflict. That’s what having no principles gets you.

  • Mackie

    Looks like scruples may lose her pupils given the comments by students that have taken he classes or class.

  • Marshall Goodman

    I don’t know this woman, I’m glad to say, other than through this article but her “enlightened sexism” recalled for me H.G. Wells’ comment encouraging Oxford Young Liberals in the 1930s to become “enlightened Nazis.” (My source for this is Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism,” the title for which comes from another such comment by Wells.) The nutty professor’s comment sets off an alarm for me and dismay that she was not fired immediately.

    Soon, with Obamacare as the vehicle, anyone who disagrees with people like this sociopath will become prime candidates for elimination through selective breeding and New Age death camps that will be arranged for “the greater good” of society. H.G. Wells also, by the way, had an illicit affair with the queen of racial purification, Margaret Sanger.

  • Tbear

    No wonder we are becoming a nation of morons!!!!

  • Hambone

    She is a standard communist. No different from the leadership of the Democrat Party, NEA, most unions, church hierarchies, upper Howlywood, pubic skoolz, and on and on.
    Communists are good at a few things. Taking over organizations. Spreading propaganda. Secret police. Prison camps. Projecting onto others their own pathologies.
    See the Obamas and Clintons for the most obvious-to-a-child details.
    But as we can see from our IslamoCommunist POTUS and his claque of academia know-nothings and federal careerist hate-mongering communists, that can’t run anything but their hate organizations worth a damn.
    BTW, IMHO the Democrat Party was compromised by CPUSA in the 60s at the latest, and has been controlled by them ever since.
    The Clintonistas are communists and 0 is obviously an islamo-communist mole raised to the mission, which the media has fostered.
    The media are guilty of high treason for not investigating or revealing any of this take-over.

  • Hambone

    Jethro Bush is just another neo-con, which is nothing more or less than a wannabe Democrat. His idiot brother fouled the nest and destabilized the Mideast, initiating Vietnam II and Vietnam III.
    If the 2008 R ticket had been Palin-McCain they would have won.
    The genuinness of Sarah, when first on stage with two careerist political hacks and one narcissistic dimwitted mole, was refreshing and obvious to anyone with a brain.

    Sarah had a far deeper resume than Barry–who had none–and she has a far deeper appreciation for and understanding of America and what makes her work.

    AND she is a patriot, not a mole who takes his orders from Iranian V. Jarrett who probably takes her orders from G. Soros or someone very much like him.

  • John Cunningham

    That is why the Liberals hated her so much. She was more Woman than any in the Liberal Organization and more Man than any Man in the same. She would have turned politics on it’s ear and become the blueprint for future politicians. In other words, she was great.

  • devan95

    And she is why there is nothing main stream about the media. They are the left stream media….at best!

  • wyatt81

    An intolerant hypocrite and hate filled nut that the left seems to churn out daily. They get into positions of influence so they can poison the culture and young minds, all in line with their manifesto calling . No wonder our country and culture are in the toilet. They destroy everything in their path, calling it all good.

  • Bertharina Rina


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  • Bertharina Rina

    BLUE COLLAR JOBS ARE Disappearing
    Blogged from LIBERTY LOBBY.

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    It takes a complete fool in not comprehending that commies do control our USA ! Appointed cronies within the state dept. concludes this assertion.