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She endorsed him, and he paid respects at her funeral, but it appears that President Donald Trump hasn’t read Phyllis Schlafly’s book, The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It. Rather than simply Tweet his disgust with rulings against his immigration executive order, Trump and his advisers should read the book, especially Schlafly’s Chapter 15. It offers a series of measures, including impeachment, to stop tyrannical judges.

Originally published in 2004, the book is available as a free download at Schlafly’s Eagle Forum website.

It’s a mess, a complete mess, is what Trump might say of the rulings against his executive order. But as President, he can do something about it. Yet, he has simply issued a series of Tweets, one of the latest being that “dangerous” foreigners are being allowed into the U.S. because of the judicial rulings. But since when do judges decide the foreign or immigration policies of the United States? Where is that written in law or the Constitution?

Two conservative scholars, Dr. John C. Eastman and Hans von Spakovsky, have clearly explained how the judicial rulings against the order are not based on law or the Constitution. What is lacking is an effort by the administration and Congress to remove or restrict the power of tyrannical judges who present their own liberal personal opinions as expressions of the facts and the law.

In matters like this, the media are careful to outline the bounds of acceptable legal opinion. Hence, it is assumed in much of the coverage and commentary that Trump has no option other than to abide by the judicial rulings. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Schlafly’s book explains.

In his column, Eastman writes, “…the notion that a single federal trial court judge can take it upon himself to determine national security and immigration policy, in the face of explicit determinations made by the president with the full support of law actually adopted by Congress, is so far beyond the judicial role as to pose a serious threat, not just to our national security, but to the rule of law.”

Columnist J.B. Williams argues that Trump’s new head of the Department of Homeland Security, General John F. Kelly, appeared to be taking orders from unelected judges instead of the Commander-in-Chief when he issued a statement promising “compliance” with the court order. This constituted a “mutiny” against the President, Williams argued. Kelly knows “that the order issued by Trump was both legal and necessary to the security of the United States and that the Commander-in-Chief had the full authority to issue that directive,” he wrote.

Trump and his advisers should read Schlafly’s book to understand the damage that has already been done by these tyrannical judges.

A lawyer who wrote more than a dozen books, Schlafly listed many examples of how judges have rewritten the Constitution, noting how they have:

  • censored the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools;
  • removed the Ten Commandments from public schools, buildings, and parks;
  • changed the definition of marriage;
  • banned the acknowledgment of God in public schools, at graduations, and at football games;
  • imposed taxes and spending of taxpayers’ money;
  • rewritten laws of criminal procedures;
  • dismantled laws that protect internal security; and
  • upheld racial preferences and quotas in hiring and college admissions

Schlafly wrote, “The cancer of judicial supremacy will not go away until the American people rise up and repudiate it. It’s time for the American people to notify their elected representatives, federal and state, that it is their mission to restore the Constitution with its proper balance among the three branches of the federal government. We must save self government from the rule of judges. The whole future of America depends on it.”

The future is now. The American people don’t have to wait for Judge Neil Gorsuch or others to be confirmed to the high court for this problem to be rectified. The President and the Congress can, and should, take action right now.

Schlafly’s steps to terminate the rule of judges and restore constitutional self-government include:

  • Reforming Senate rules so liberals are not able to defeat constitutionalist nominees by preventing the Senate from voting them up or down;
  • Curbing the power of the judicial supremacists by legislating exceptions to court jurisdiction;
  • Prohibiting the spending of federal money to enforce obnoxious decisions handed down by judicial supremacists;
  • Congress should impeach federal judges who make outrageous rulings that have no basis in the Constitution; and
  • Congress should prohibit federal courts from relying on foreign laws, administrative rules, or court decisions.

Columnist J.B. Williams wonders if Trump is really up to this task. He asks if the President has the backbone to fight and defeat these anti-American activists in the courts in order to “drain this swamp?” He then asks, “Do his appointees, like General Kelly and Jeff Sessions, really have what it takes to put these illegal activists in their place and return this country to the rule of constitutional law?”

In his statement on her passing, Trump called Phyllis Schlafly “a conservative icon who led millions to action, reshaped the conservative movement, and fearlessly battled globalism and the ‘kingmakers’ on behalf of America’s workers and families.”

One of her best and most relevant books was The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It. Trump’s advisers should purchase or download copies of the book and provide them to members of the Cabinet and members of Congress. The book outlines how the president can go beyond Tweets in curbing the power of tyrannical judges.

If Trump and his Cabinet are serious about draining the swamp, writes J.B. Williams, the left must be stopped from using activist judges to thwart Trump’s attempts to secure the USA and enforce our laws. “Or else,” he writes, “the notion of draining this swamp is a joke!”

Trump is now in a position to confront the “kingmakers” in the courts. But he must do more than Tweet his disapproval of them. In his words, they are so-called judges. But recognizing their authority by filing another set of appeals is not the answer. He must seek their removal from the bench.

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  • efred1

    I’ve been saying this for years: Impeach these radical justices; they are hurting America, and the Constitution requires Congress to make them ‘behave’.

  • John Cunningham

    I was just wondering about this very issue. It is established fact, Liberal Judges have turned their back on the rule of law and the Constitution. It is very important that Trump, while in Office appoint all the Federal Judges he can.

    Roe vs. Wade was only made law because the Supreme Court was packed with Liberals. We of the Traditional persuasion or, extreme as the left calls, want America back. Insanity has been going on ever since George W Bush won the 2000 election.

    The far left came out of the closet and since that time imposed their will on the rest of us.We sat back and let it happen. We are partly responsible. We let them over take our schools and even our Churches.

    Finally, People had enough and said so at the ballot box. Not enough, the left knows if Trump and his new Cabinet is successful it could spell death the Liberal Elitists who have ruined America. Trump so far is fighting this battle by himself. Time for a great big lift up.

  • Ted

    So, the suggestion here is ‘He who wishes to operate as a dictator should only allow and appoint judges who support him and his dictatorial policies and processes’?

    The very nature of Republicanism is that it is antithetical to true Democracy.

  • John Lock

    Impeach a few and they will discover the Constitutiona and Article III and Article I section 8 enumerated powers.

  • mlentz

    The United States is not and never has been a democracy. It is a constitutional republic and there is a big difference. Democracy is essentially the tyranny of majority rule where those in the minority have no rights. The first democracy, Greece, collapsed quickly because of this. Our republic will too if we don’t preserve it.

  • mlentz

    Insanity has been going on since long before GW Bush was elected President. It can be argued that it started in 1968 with the riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago. It could even be argued that it started with the Presidencies of Teddy Roosevelt and/or Woodrow Wilson.

  • Jim Delaney

    Madison, and Jefferson–and even super-nationalist Hamilton– warned us against an unregulated judiciary. What Schlafly didn’t recommend is Trump’s right to ignore lawless judicial “rulings”. We have forgotten that court rulings are NOT enforceable rulings or law. They are unenforceable OPINIONS, and nothing more. Their opinions don’t have the force of law, but of “moral authority”. In short, since officers in each branch of the federal government take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, by these officers’ permitting unconstitutional judicial opinions to be treated as law is VIOLATING their oaths of office. Trump should have the moral clarity to nullify/ignore judicial rulings/opinions which are, like the 9th circuit’s ruling, blatantly lawless usurptions of the Constitution and of Executive authority. People, read Art III of the Constitution. The supreme law of the land are NOT pronouncements of the federal judiciary, but the CONSTITUTION. Until we understand this, judicial tyranny will continue. As for me, I don’t want a gaggle of un-elected, entirely mortal, corruptible, black-robed unaccountable jurists to rule our country and our lives. The final arbiters of what is and what is not constitutional are We the People. If we continue to permit judicial tyranny we are agents of our republic’s self-destruction. Finally, it is well past time to launch an amendment to tighten up restrictions on the judiciary and returning it to the role intended by our founders. But, first, READ THE DAMN CONSTITUTION, not revisionist case law which has served only to subvert original intent and meaning. This republic is oh so dead.

  • Betty Clouse

    Bull crap if you appoint a true honest Judge he will make the right choices not a sleeze ball democrat appointee we know they are scum of the earth and liars!! A true good judge is a judge that will follow the Constitution only!!

  • Betty Clouse

    Actually the Democrat party should be dismantled and start a constitution party it would be better than what they have now!!

  • Mark

    Amen! I remember Gingrich also saying that the Ninth District Court of Appeals could easily be disbanded by Congress. So let’s do that and do it now, if, as writes J.B. Williams, “Trump and his Cabinet are serious about draining the swamp.”

  • John Cunningham

    I am talking about the rabid insanity. The push for Gay Marriage, and no border immigration and the dream Act. Once harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi became big, the real venum sprung up making way for Barack Obama.

  • John Cunningham

    Democrats wouldn’t know the first thing about the Constitution. There job is to go around it.

  • mioahu

    Hey LYING TED , look who is talking, the leftist who supported every nonconstitutional order issued by HUSSEIN, the appointment of leftist supreme court judges, the anticonstitutional passing of husseincare by rewriting the law by the activist leftist judges, redefinition of marriage by activist leftist judges without having the appropriate legislative branch pass laws..,.LYING TED does not know crap about democracy, these leftists are so stupid they can’t even see that they have become the embodiment of tyranny, blocking free speech, not respecting the constitution… but again they don’t even understand the constitution or the republic, so they talk about TRUE DEMOCRACY, what a bunch of sad idiots who were born in a great country and don’t deserve it

  • mlentz

    They just took things to the next level. The Dims were crazy even before Reagan’s time. And McCarthy was the first “New Left” presidential candidate. All the stuff you are talking about was actually being pushed long before Clinton.

  • AARGH63

    Federal judges makes their decisions knowing they will never be held accountable for same. The 9th Circus laughs at the reversal rate. They get their say! Impeachment hits them where it hurts. Time to use the tools given us by the founders.


    They have to do all this the right way, so he is going to re-write the order to some thing that no one can complain about, then go after these morons tooth and nail. He knows whats at stake, he isn’t stupid.

  • brtw

    We have a Constitution party, it’s called the Republicans!!!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Considering how much of the GOP resisted the TEA Party movement I haver my doubts. But there is a party called the Constitution Party that favors an exegetical approach to interpreting the Constitution.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    For all intents and purposes the Democrat Party has been dismantled and it’s now the Socialist Democrat Party.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    In addition of impeaching and removing the judges, Congress could also disband the 9th Circuit Court and give its duties to other Circuit Courts. Also, we should have an amendment for term limits not only for Congress but also all federal judges.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Ted, I see you don’t believe in the Constitution. Fortunately our Framers had a healthy skepticism of democracy and how it could devolve into a mobacracy.

  • John Cunningham

    If you want to go way back we could go back to a group of men questioning God in Government. That was back in the 1880’s. Or the Suffragette movement that morphed into Liberalism. Marx started it at least the Liberalism we are dealing with today. When Gore vs Bush was adjudicated in the Supreme Court, ultra Liberals went on the warpath, and the war is just ramping up.

  • JST

    With the exception of Supreme Court Justices (Life time), are all other Federal Judges life time appointments as well?

    Why can’t President Trump simply Un-Appoint them! I know it would probably take an act of God to do it!

    I read somewhere, that there are approximately 330 judgeships that President Trump could appoint!

  • mlentz

    No argument. I was only observing that this is not a new phenomenon. I personally ran headlong into it in the 1960’s. Lefties are nothing more than spoiled rotten little kids who have simply refused to grow up. Bernie Sanders is a good case in point.

  • mlentz

    I think the Democratic Pary should be declared a terrorist organization for their use of mob violence and the big four (ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN) should have their broadcast licenses pulled for the disinformation they regularly foist on the public. The grounds for which is failing to meet their obligation to the public.

  • John Cunningham

    Agreed! My fear is that there is no going back. If People on the Right don’t fight for what is right, the Left will be back stronger than ever with new lies and propaganda. At this point, they have nothing to loose.

  • Moonpup

    If one of the people that are allowed into the US (who would otherwise have been blocked by President Trump’s ban) commits a murder, U.S. District Judge James Robart should be charged as an accomplice. The President is trying to protect the citizens of this country. If you think that a strict immigration policy is “unChristian”, I heard someone say that Heaven has walls, gates and a very strict admissions policy also.


    Two of the liberal moron’s of the liberal party.How can someone vote for pelosi she is a total idiot and for 28 years she has been voted in by the lazy liberals.
    harry reid is just plain power hungrey to the max, also not exactly a mental giant. You can add to that list maxine waters,Lee, and this one is not even an elected official the little monkey who owes millions in back taxes is too stupid to keep his mouth shut. I want him arrested, all he owns attached by the government and sold the remain debt he pays in cash and he serves 5 years in a federal prison, not a country club prison..not a martha stewart or jim and tammy faye baker prison. the blm are a home grown terriorst group and are label as such. Jesse walks a tight rope one wrong move and he and the monkey are roommates.


    who gives a dam about democracy we are a Constitutional Republic, A democracy is socialism.

  • john shuey

    I appreciate that there are people out there who are wedded to the patriarchy, who reject an America featuring first class citizenship and equal rights, people who are rigidly reactionary. As I understand it, AIM has rejected global warming (and accepted donations from at least eight oil companies), promoted the bizarre Foster murder idea, defended the Reagan Administration for its association with a murderous junta and ranted against the UN. That they now rise to Trump’s defense – at a time when members of both parties are looking for a means to remove the man from office – is to be expected.

  • LeSellers

    If there is to be a mass impeachment of judges, it will Congress, not Trump, who undertakes it. That’s the way of our system. Put the pressure on those whose power it is to make it happen.

  • Patriot47

    Go for it. Reign in activist judges, PERIOD.

  • heathkits

    The end justifies the means to liberals. In their zeal to right the perceived wrongs of society, they do not perceive the rights of others and will force their agenda on everyone. When liberals wind up in judgment of the rest of us, they simply exercise their superior right to exclude our rights. .

  • heathkits

    What is wrong with the voters, that they tolerate these judges.

  • Todd

    I would love to see Trump use obozo’s pen and phone to executive order Social Security back into an untouchable account to be used only for its intended purpose and a repayment plan to put back what was wrongfully taken thanks to Johnson and every president since then. I dont’ believe anyone in congress would be dumb enough to try to attack and stop it, and by using executive order this would keep liberal dem or even republican from attach other stupid money sucking bills to it. Would love to see how the liberal lamestream media would twist this into an attack on America and Americans.

  • Old Man

    I agree! The “left” is nothing short of full-fledged Communism! Our nation, freedoms, and way-of-life is in extreme danger and those of us who understand what Communism really is MUST support this Trump Administration and help guide them as they endeavor to return us to the rule of law and the Constitution! Save our country from Communists posing as liberals, progressives, and DEMOCRATS!!!

  • rick meek

    Hmmm – after being in these courts with these imbeciles —- these outlines seem pretty damn good….time for them to be judged….

  • LeSellers

    All federal judges are appointed for life

    It is a protection against tyrrany. See the Declaration of Independence for a list of George’s abuses of power.

    We do not want to establish a tyrrant nor the precedent a future tyrrant could point to to enslave our children and grandchildren.

  • John Cunningham

    …..or, use another instance to justify the other. I was just watching Tucker on Fox News. He was trying to talk to a Liberal Lady who had been Ambassador of Sweden. The subject had been how crime has risen since the advent of Immigrants. She argued that is America doing the complaining and not fair to include Sweden. Huh! Actually you can’t argue with a Liberal, just walk away or punch them in the eye.

  • Ron

    It’s about time President Trump put his foot down on the heads of radical leftist Facist judges who incompetent in interpeting our beloved Constitution. Root out the source of our National problems.,.moronic federal judges…impeach them!

  • Raymond Levy

    they should start with the judge/asshole in Oregon 1st, then the rest of the 9th, all of the liberals judges, that bend or even try to rewrite the laws on the books, and another thing, where are the assholes in the bar association? and why are the judges not disbarred??????????

  • somelight

    This is gnosticism- the judge has become the ‘higher mind’. The same religion propelled the EU: persons of special enlightenment to govern. This is the anti-thesis of Republican government and of God’s Kingdom, where righteous souls form a community. The fear of moving against rogue judges lies in the false (but unspoken) sense that they are above the other two branches. They are not. They are a product of Congress and can be redefined by Congress. As it is at present, they are like the renegade and traitorous pseudo-media: all agents of the globalist, criminal conspiracy to rule the world.

  • My country

    The problem Trump has right now is the democrats are deliberately not putting his nominees in to keep the chaos going ! The media is getting paid ! Traitor Americans are getting paid and cCongress is still setting on their hands ! It’s time we get some real men in Congress ! As long as they have enough lies spread on the media the young and dumb UN- informed are useable! When they wake up if ever there will be an entire country standing to fight our enemies inside our borders !

  • Gary Von Neida

    She is “spot on”, these anti-American Judges need to be gone.

  • Lawrence Pemberton

    Please Drain the swamp! We are sick of elitists judges making laws that sometimes don’t even make sense.

  • rjm2238

    Exactly the right course to follow. When a judge knowingly rules against a proper action and/or voids legal orders he or she is guilty of a crime and should be removed from the bench. The House must impeach and the Senate must convict and while both of those bodies are in Republican hands these steps should be immediately undertaken. The clock is ticking and part and parcel of “draining the swamp” is getting these activist liberal judges off of the bench and replace them with judges who will follow the law and who are aware of the bounds the Constitution places on their authority. The democrats will not do this nor even go along with it because they put party above country, ideology above legality.
    Time is wasting and every day that passes is potentially one day less before the left, democrats, may regain control of either the House or the Senate and destroy any attempts to clean out the un-American faction that the left has embedded in many levels of government over the last sixty years. The time to act and act swiftly and repeatedly is now. We must see decisive action taken against these judges as they have no business remaining in power when they do not have the best interests of the country in their heart and illegal orders and unjustified stays on their minds. They have allowed their politics to warp their judgement and their ideology to drive their decision making far beyond the limits imposed by the Constitution and by doing so have flagrantly violated and abused the authority of their office. By doing so they have made their removal mandatory and it is now incumbent upon the Congress to fulfill its own duties and impeach all of these rouge activists at once.
    The Constitution not only allows for their removal, it demands it so let’s get with it, now, today, we may brook no further delay as the danger presented to the very existence of our nation by these judges is extreme and immediate.
    Rich in New Mexico.