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The Washington Post is not sloppy; it is dishonest. Forget Kenya or Hawaii as Barack Obama’s birthplace. The issue is that he was mentored by a communist named Frank Marshall Davis, who taught him that blacks had a “reason to hate” and that Christianity was the white man’s religion. Davis essentially raised Obama in Hawaii for seven years of his young life, when he was smoking dope in the “Choom Gang” and learning how to be a revolutionary. That’s why Obama left Hawaii to admittedly hang out with “Marxist professors.” Davis had taught him well.

The rest is history, except that the Post and other liberal media have sanitized history in order to conceal the Marxist nature of Obama’s proposed “fundamental transformation” of America.

In Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father, Davis was “Frank,” a mysterious figure with only a first name who had served as his mentor. Later, the identity of “Frank” was shown to be Davis by Trevor Loudon and Accuracy in Media. Davis had a 600-page FBI file and had been on the FBI’s Security Index for 19 years. That was the smoking gun in Obama’s life story, not the place where he was born. His birthplace was always a secondary issue.

The “birther” issue is now being used by Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and their media allies to get black people riled up. It’s part of their get-out-the-vote drive. Not surprisingly, the Post and other media play right along with it. They realize Obama has done little for black people. So they have to demonize Trump.

The Post’s Jenna Johnson reported on Friday afternoon that Hillary Clinton “said Trump owes Obama an apology for promoting a false theory about his birthplace. She did not directly address the Trump assertion that her own 2008 campaign promoted the same theory, but her current campaign flatly rejected that claim.”

This appeared under the headline, “Trump admits Obama was born in U.S., but falsely blames Clinton for starting rumors.”

Do you remember Johnson? She was the co-author of a Post story asserting that Trump was sexist for talking about whether Hillary was physically fit to be president. That story appeared one day before Hillary collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

One day it’s sexism, another day it’s racism.

Actually, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle did admit that a Clinton staffer had spread the claim that Obama was born outside of the United States. Hillary did not personally apologize to Barack Obama for that. Yet now the cry is for Trump, who questioned the place of his birth, to personally apologize to Obama.

All of this is just racial politics. Hillary knows that most blacks are not as enthusiastic about her as they were for Obama. So she has to get them up in arms. On cue, the Congressional Black Caucus has called on Trump, not Hillary, to apologize. The group’s political action committee has already endorsed Hillary for president.

Obama should apologize to the American people for failing to tell us the truth, and nothing but the truth, about Frank Marshall Davis. First, he covered up the identity of “Frank.” Then, when the truth came out, his campaign said Davis was just a civil rights activist.

The Post still won’t tell the truth about the Obama-Davis relationship, eight years after we disclosed it, because the reporter they assigned to do the job was himself a red-diaper baby who had personal and family reasons to conceal the truth.

After Patti Solis Doyle admitted that a Clinton staffer had spread the claim that Obama was born outside of the United States, James Asher, the former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief, claimed that Clinton aide and ally Sidney Blumenthal had told him about it. He said Blumenthal raised the issue with him “face to face.”

This is very significant. Blumenthal had also raised the Frank Marshall Davis issue during the 2008 campaign. That was never retracted because it was true. The media ignored it for that very reason. They didn’t want to sink Obama’s campaign for the presidency. They still don’t want to bring it up.

The “birther” issue is getting more traction, even though it’s mostly beside the point, because Hillary thinks she can exploit it politically.

Hillary ignores “Frank” now, for obvious reasons, because she needs Obama’s help with the blacks to get elected in November. Blumenthal has to know how damaging the “Frank” connection is to Obama because he cited our work on the subject in 2008. Today, however, Hillary Clinton needs Obama. So Davis is a non-issue.

Coming to her aid is Michelle Obama, saying, “There were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years, up through this very day, whether my husband was even born in this country. Well, during his time in office, I think Barack has answered those questions with the example he set by going high when they go low.”

He hasn’t answered the questions about “Frank” because the press corps has never asked.

Tell us all about “Frank,” Mr. President. Tell us about the meaning of your poem to Davis titled, “Pop,” which included strange lines about stains and smells on shorts.

There are indeed very important questions remaining about “where” this president came from. The “where” is not the physical place, but the psychological and mental space in Barack Obama’s young mind that was once filled with communist notions by Frank Marshall Davis. Everything that he has done politically can be explained by the Davis influence.

Even Blumenthal knew there was a story there. It is the cover-up that changed the course of American history and put the United States on the course to becoming a socialist state.

Obama’s foundation advises us that he has changed America, but that the work is not yet done. “As President Obama has said, the change we seek will take longer than one presidency,” the foundation tells us.

You ain’t seen nothing yet! Frank Marshall Davis lives on through Barack Hussein Obama.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Cliff Kincaid, morally bankrupt useful idiot. He tells you he knows more about Obama’s life than the people who were there. Everything Kincaid says is nonsense. Everything. But see…that’s the beauty of it. When you divorce yourself from reality…when truth means nothing to you…you can publish whatever BS pops into your head. Sigh.

  • Erudite Mavin

    While Republicans exposed the radical Left background of Obama during the 08 & 12 elections, the Alt Right crowd was too busy bashing McCain and Romney with the “they are not pure enough” This same Alt Right continued their propaganda carrying Trump to the finish line during the primaries not knowing or not want to know he is also connected at the hip to the Neo Left.

    Paul Manafort, Carter Page & more tied to Trump for years
    as well as Putin who has stated his admiration for Stalin.

    Trump’s new CEO of his campaign, Steve Bannon has stated he is a Leninist and wants to destroy the State.

  • Bruce

    What’s worse… a globalist sellout or a radical communist? In Obama’s case we have both. I’m sure he loves “sticking it to the man” every time he signs away a little more American Sovereignty– The only trouble is that “The Man” here… is YOU and ME.

  • Jack Parsons

    Soetoro told his publishing agent that he was born in Kenya. It probably suited his purposes at that time. It illustrates that Soetoro always plays loose with the facts. His word is no good. In all likelihood, Frank Marshall Davis is his father. Davis is an American, so if Soetoro had admitted that Davis is his father he would be considered a natural born American and that issue would come to an immediate end. The fact that Soetoro claims that Obama is the father, when he could choose anyone including Davis, speaks volumes. He would rather violate the Constitution instead of being associated with a known commie.

  • jug

    Not quite so!
    He really was born in Kenya and he was telling the truth at that time.

    Since Frank was already married and they needed a “fall guy”, they jumped on the senior obama. (Kept Frank out of jail for messing around with an underage white girl!)

    And grandma immediately posted the birth notice in the local HI paper. (My own mother did the same thing when all three of my kids were born, out of state ot out of town!)

  • Mike S.

    The article’s title says it all. Nice job!

    Obama is labeled “The first black president,” but only one of his parents was black — with Davis likely his biological father by statutory rape. But both of Obama’s parents were Marxists, so he is, more accurately, our first Marxist president — at least openly. I’d say FDR came close to that title and Carter much closer. Of course, with Obama we also get our first Muslim president. The voter ignorance is appalling and Democrats just keep fanning the flames.

  • jug

    Its you who are the “useful idiot”!

    Everything you post is a lie!
    BTW, what are you spending that Sorros money on?

  • jug

    Kincaid is virtually dead on here!
    Good job!
    Somebody that tells it like it really is!

  • Frank de Varona

    Another great article by Kincaid. I have explained the Frank Marshall Davis-Obama connection in my books, America in Decline and Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Radical Islam, both available in Amazon. Additionally, the strong physical resemblance of Davis and Obama have led many to say that Davis was his father and not the man from Kenya who does look like of Obama. Whoever his father was is not important since both of them were communists. Obama, like others in his administration is a red diaper baby. And yes, Sidney Blumenthal did spread the rumor of Obama being born in Kenya. So Trump was right in accusing Hillary. This would explained why Obama refused Hillary request of hiring Blumenthal in the Department of State. Frank de Varona

  • Steven Barrett

    Like I said in the other article published about pot and George Soros, one of Cliff’s other useful villains, I don’t smoke it, but Toby Keith’s song “I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again,” and this beaut featuring Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard ( )two American legends, Cliff, they’re safe now, really hits the spot when it comes to handling this and some of the pot shots (no pun intended) on my calls or greater R & D on how to make more pot available for medicinal use only.) It’s getting stranger n’ stranger ’round here Iron Chef. Before long Cliff will be pulling out a sheet and on it will be all the commies n’ potheads both Obama and President (Bill) Clinton were infallibly, undeniably and genuinely proven to have contact with … at least according to Cliff’s ever so accurate sources. (i.e. “friends of a friend of mine” kind of sources.)

  • ItsJo

    Mr. Kincaid, thank you AGAIN, for this article on the REAL ISSUE, it is Not completely ‘birthplace’, but rather it is about Obama’s REAL Father, and the 8-10 years of Communism being the subject of his Mentor, by Frank Marshall Davis.
    For Years, I have “moved around your articles on this, and the pictures with the 3 side by side, that to me, clearly showed “Frank” resemblance to Obama over Obama Sr. The corrupt, liberal media ALL covered this up, as usual.
    To think back to 2007, 08, it was Hillary And her pal Blumenthal, along with her Other Lemmings, that pushed this story about O’s birth on the front burner, to try to get herself elected Over Obama. She is who put those pictures of Obama in a turban and in Kenyan costume, Out there, for the public to turn against him…..they didn’t, and the rest is history.
    Now, we see Hillary bringing up “Trump’s” birther issues, that he put to rest, as he KNOWS Hillary is shifting it off herself. She is “Pandering to blacks for one reason and one reason ONLY-their votes. Even Obama is pushing HIS Legacy agenda, as IF, to ‘blackmail them for voting for Her, as she will ‘continue HIS Marxist/Globalist Agenda”
    Good work AGAIN, Mr. Kincaid- I hope Drudge will pick up on this article, and expose Hillary/Blumenthal/Obama/Michelle, and show the people the REAL TRUTH, that You espoused years ago. Can you get today’s article onto Drudge? EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!!!!

  • RMThoughts

    Same with the neocons, its the radical Trotskyite globalism not the conservatism.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I don’t smoke it either, but the demonization of pot has cause MASSIVE damage to this country for the last 100 years. It’s time to stop, and we’re getting there, slowly. Once again, AIM idiots are on the wrong side of history. Nothing new there.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “with Davis likely his biological father by statutory rape.”

    When you’re this big of a conspiracy nut job….do you even realize it? Also, learn WTF Marxist means. Then shut up.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Dear Frank, you are nothing but a right wing hack, spreading misinformation for a living. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m curious what other jobs you have to do because you sure as hell can’t make a living selling that few books. Get a job, dude. Love, Iron Chef Sandwiches

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I love how you’re able to completely ignore the DECADE of right wing idiots pushing the false birther meme. You are sick in the head. Right wing propaganda has made you this way. Enjoy.

  • jug

    Good advice for youself, you leftwing hack!

    All you do is lie and take Sorros’s money to do so on here and other places!
    God, you have to be proud supporting criminal Hillary and living off of Sorros!

  • devan95

    The reason the media spends so much time on Trump is to divert attention away from the fact that Democrats have gone so far to the extreme left that they are running open Marxists for US president! In my lifetime, commie thugs with Sanders ideology vowed to bury us and the US Govt trained us to kill them and sent us overseas to do just that.
    While Reagan was waging a brilliant war to defeat the evil Soviet Union, Sanders took his bride there on their honeymoon! If you thought Howard Dean was crazy – and he is – then Bernie Sanders belongs in a padded cell….along with much of the rest of the Democrat Party! Instead of promising a chicken in every pot….Sanders promise is a fruitcake in every closet! And Hillary Clinton is so corrupt she makes John Edwards look ethical! One can only wonder if it isn’t a giant diversionary tactic. All these pundits waxing hysterical over the proposition that a free enterprise capitalist like Donald Trump may become President. Yes, a frantic diversionary effort to draw attention away from the fact that the Democrats have gone so far to the extreme left that they are running open Marxists for US President. Apparently Howard Dean wasn’t crazy enough because Bernie Sanders, who took his wife to the Soviet Union for their honeymoon, makes Dean look positively sane. And Hillary Clinton, whose lies, corruption and crimes could fill volumes, makes John Edwards look totally ethical. Yes, if I were a member of the “protect Democrats at all cost” journo-caucus, I’d be frantic too.

  • Steven Barrett

    jug . . . Soros’ name is correctly spelled just the way I opened this sentence. S O R O S. See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

  • D. G. Williams

    You are nothing but a silly troll. I used to read your comments until I discovered that you had nothing to say.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Awwww. I’m hurt! Moron.

  • Steven Barrett

    I really enjoy your comments. Want to come over and put things up my butt? I’ve been wanting you to do this for a LONG time, and I hope you’re as long as my time if you know what I mean.

  • Webuppp

    First, why is calling Obama out on his place of birth racist? Once again the progressive Marxist play the race card. Obama is biracial, how does that make this also a race issue? He’s half of each race, hence the term biracial. Also cliff, obamas disqualifications lays in the fact his father was never naturalized as a United States citizen, obamas presumed father, was born and died a Kenyan national. This was laid out in the bill of rights. The framers knew the enemy of American would come from within, this is reason for being naturalized policy and oath to be American and assemilate into our American Society. Now, if frank Marshall David was obamas father, don’t you think had that been known he still would have won 2 terms? This is exactly why they media didn’t vette Obama. His 2nd term was also protected by the media in the Benghazi case. Although Clinton was sec of state, it was the Marxist Obama that was the president

  • Webuppp

    The iron chef is a progressive drone asshole frank, pay her no attention, as she like trolling our pages, anytime you like to meet for a chat iron, I’m down. Idiot

  • Webuppp

    The only way a boy living in Indonesia can attend school there is the father and son must proclaim their alligance to Satan, I mean allah/samething. Since Obama acknowledged he went to school in Jakarta, his father Obama sr, never claimed American citizenship, the father proclaimed himself Muslim, so must have Obama that he went to school their. Get your fact straight idiot, your progressive drone moral high ground won’t work here, too many educated non drones here …..idiot

  • Webuppp

    ISNT it rape and incest you PROGRESSIVE clowns clambered for? Since Obamacare family was full of totalitarain forces, why wasn’t he aborted? DIDNT PLAN PARENTHOOD MAKE ITS WAY TO HAWAII? Margaret Sanger stopped on the waters edge? You maybe the worst promoter of progressiveness I’ve seen yet, just a silly drone with nasty sandwiches.

  • Webuppp

    Yeah, let’s take 2 Marxists propaganda papers, and believe them. Those 2 publications are the most corrupted, George soros who owns the Daileybest consorted with the german ss during ww2 and sent hundreds and hundreds of Hebrews to the gas chambers, his own people he sent off to death to save his own ass, and the favors that came with his evil treason. And you support he and his paper? DROP DEAD CLOWN

  • Webuppp

    SILLY MAN STEVE, your post was so incoherent, you must be smoking some shit idiot

  • Webuppp

    Not everyone idiot, 90 percent of all pharmaceutical @ the turn of the century was cannibus. It was the GLOBALISTS you both support that pushed to make it illegal. Cannibus is one of the most perfect medicine on earth, its also the most versatile plant on earth. Henry ford made an entire car from hemp. Once he accomplished this, the GLOBALISTS saw their own industries potentially being destroyed. Rubber, metal, textiles. If everyone was allowed to grow( which was law in America for quite some time) these industries would have went belly up. Hence its outlawing. You two are the idiots that support globalisum and are the ones on the wrong side of history.

  • Webuppp

    I forgot to add pig, your obviously not married, what woman would have a pig like you

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Do you know when you’ve hit bottom? Do you know when you have become as pathetic as you can be? It’s when you impersonate other people in comment sections to make feeble, grade-school-level, gay panic jokes.

  • John Hammersmith

    In obammas books he writes about attending Muslim schools so when did he actually renounce the Muslim religion?
    He never has!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    It looks like you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Most here know that you’re a progressive left-wing agent provocateur and partisan demagogue.

    It seems you can’t refute what Frank wrote so you resort to an ad hominem attack. How puerile.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Just how old was Obama when he went to Indonesia and was adopted by Lolo Soetero? Did he have a choice? So that’s not his fault. By the way, Obama also attended a Catholic school while in Indonesia. In addition, the government school he attended while predominantly Muslim was also attended by other children of Westerners, including diplomatic and academic personnel.

    Both of Obama’s father’s were Muslims, but more importantly, both were socialists, as was his mother. His pedophile bisexual tutor, Frank Marshal Davis, was a card caring communist, something IronChef and other agent provocateurs here won’t admit to.

    As for citizenship, if Obama was born in HA, then he’s an NBC according to USD law at the time. If born in Kenya, which I believe he was, then according to the law despite his mother being an NBC, he was born a British citizen. If his father was Davis or some other radical US black as some have speculated then he’s an NBC.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Once again you’re unable to address the issue so you resort to an ad hominem attack like a caitiff.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Would you admit to at least socialist/progressive of progressive/communist rather than marxist?

    Also, don’t you believe in free speech?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Still, according to US laws, if Davis was Obama’s father, not matter where Obama was born he’s an NBC – period. BUT, it Obama Sr. was his father and he was born in Kenya, then he was born a British citizen and later received US NATIVE born, NOT NATURAL born citizenship.

    As for keeping Davis out of jail for having sex with a white woman, HA was much more progressive that the rest of the US at the time. Interracial relationships weren’t that uncommon in HA.

  • Webuppp

    Mr Benitez, the point isn’t how old Obama was, of course it wasn’t his fault his mothers liaisons, he is an adult now (petulant) but still an adult capable of making his own decisions. And frank marshall davis was a communist/Marxist. The entire progressive movement is one in the same. Hope this finds you well, glad to see your name herein this forum

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I agree. My comment meant that a young child wouldn’t understand the significance of proclaiming allegiance to Allah. By the way, I agree with you as to who Allah is and I believe the only hope is converting Muslims to Jesus as I don’t see Islam as capable of being reformed considering its founder Mohammed.

    The rest was to flesh out Obama’s background as many, even among conservatives, aren’t well aware of it. It’s quite convoluted and his sealing his records can only mean he has something to hide. That’s why I believe we need a better means of vetting candidates for the top office in the land.


  • Webuppp

    Well mr Benitez, you and I have went around a few times, may I say I never questioned you intellect, your a man of integrity.iron chief is a coward, your wasting your breath on her

  • Webuppp

    Nice post mike, Woodrow Wilson was the first Marxist president, iron idiot drone has no clue that under the umbrella of totalitarian governments are several categories. Communism, socialism, fascism dictatorships, all with the same agenda, enslaving its citizens. What would a sandwich maker know about any of this( iron idiot drone) all these roads of totalitarianism as mentioned are enslavement. The progressive doesn’t deal with thruth or reality, just the idiology of self gratification, and secular huminisum. As for the birthed, what disqualified oasshole was the fact his father was never a United States citizen, Obama Sr. died as a Kenyan national. Either both parents are born citizens, or naturalized citizens, Obama Sr. was neither. Ever since the garden of Eden, the enemy has been conspiring iron, so it’s not a Therom douche, these things are reality, and one day after the 2nd coming, it will be revealed . The look on the faces of asshole like you iron, will start the process of your teeth clacking, as the Good book says.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    She?? 😉

  • ItsJo

    Aw, old IronHead Trolling Again…do they pay you much?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Do you have something to add or are you just going to continue being an idiot?

  • yumadlh

    Frank Marshall Davis was also the best known homosexual in the 60s on the Univ. of Hawaii campus.

  • yumadlh

    Also check his college student card.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I agree. If Trump becomes president, something I doubt will happen, he should order all of Obama’s records opened and checked. If they’re falsified, he should order appropriate action taken

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    How was Obama’s inception incest? Neither Obama Sr., or any of the other alleged fathers were related to his mother Stanley.

    Also, what does totalitarianism have to do with abortion? The Nazis were quite concerned about producing more children (cannon fodder) for the Reich.

    I think Obama’s socialist mother was trying to prove her street creds by marrying and having children by non-white men. I don’t find interracial marriage wrong, but I question her motives. I met a few young liberal white girls in high school with the same attitude, although they changed their minds when they were brutally beaten and raped by black men.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Well put. To the liberal MSM and Democrats any criticism of Mr. (intentional) Obama is racist.

    By the way, the Natural Born clause is found in Article 1 Section 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights doesn’t convey any rights to citizens as they’re already held; it prevents the government from interfering with those rights without due process.

    Guess who officially was responsible for vetting the eligibility of the Democrat Party candidates in 2007? It was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. It’s strange that she sent out two different letters on eligibility of Obama to the States.

    Also, thanks for pointing out that Obama was just as responsible for Benghazi as Clinton. I’d also add Sec.Panetta, and Valerie Jarrett. What they did constituted TREASON as defined in Article 3, Section 3, Clause1 of the Constitution.

  • Webuppp

    Mr benitez, sometimes I believe you read more into my comments sir. I never suggested obamas inception was incest, nor would i be the one to repeat it. Theirs plenty of other material available then to go there. Progressives have no problem going there. Frank marshall davis. Was a communist, so was obamas grandparents the Dunham. Whatever did or didnt happen, barrack was surrounded by totalitarian thinking people. Ive stated this before, the”isums” dont much matter in the long run, all inslave the people, it is called tyranny, period. All forms of isums are under the umbrella of totalitarian regimes. The GOP is full of them, pray mr benitez, only CHRIST himself can save us if hilbilly gets in.

  • Webuppp

    Jug, is what you are suggesting factual? If so, then it show further how clouded the judgement of the progressive Marxist is. It would also show how dedicated they are to win @ all costs. For all i know, maybe the mother loved frank. I the idea that the guy was a card carrying community/marxist sinks his ship, again, dont need more dirt then that. Trump gave us a wonderful lesson of that last debate. He elected not to, the progressive drones seem to like liars, silly arguments the libturds makes. With all the serious issues america has, trump has charactor issues? He likes woman? What american man doesnt? Trumps never had allegations levied on his person, the clintons? Well, it’s all a conspiracy. Spoken by the conspiratorist. Why is trump being excoriated for being viral? Total smoke and mirror progaganda. Trump is from the greatest generation mold. The progressive asshole doesnt like those great american patriot. Thats what trump is, and i what i am.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I’m with you that Jesus is the answer. We as a church need to heed 1 Chronicles 7:14, if the people called by My name repent and turn back I’ll heal their land.

  • Webuppp

    Your as smart as they come mr benitez, nancy pelosi accepted the Margaret sanger award. So did hildabitch, we all know the effects of planned parenthood,which sanger founded. What seems unknown to the masses, and in particular is from the beginning the idea of planned parenthood was the control, and subtle extermination of the black race. All Planned Parenthood’s are either in urban areas, or just outside those parameters. Of the 65 million abortions it is believed 39 million came from the black race . Margaret Sanger believe the black race were the undesirables sort of like how the Nazis did the Hebrew and we know what they did . How is that Hillary Clinton excepts the Margaret Sanger award and there’s no speaking about it. She, and the progressive Marxist Democratic Party are the true racists, the progressives have systematically tried to exterminate the black race. Where are the reverend al and jesse? well, they are the supporters of the black communities down fall.

  • Webuppp

    How do you earn i living making sandwiches? Your a loser. @ least your smart enough to know not to mix it up with meprogressive idiot drone

  • Webuppp

    The further right a person is, the closer to what the framers invisoned America to be. This is what the libturds doesn’t seem to understand. The further left you assholes go, is closer to anarchy the country becomes. There is no more middle ground, the asshole progressive has taken that away, as their is no compromise with the Marxist left. All one need do is look @ the abortion issue, rape and incest, and turned 65 million dead, under the banner and Montra of that slogan. Stem cells have went from Petrie dishes, the flat out selling of baby parts. Give the progessive assholes an inch, they take a mile.

  • Webuppp

    I was gonna use the same kettle/back comment Robby, until I read your spot on analogy. Great minds. The chief is a classic libturd. They use the Saul alinski tactic of deflection and insults. They never make an arugument that has any merit. Just insults, as they have no truths to speak on. How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history, and life iron? How can you escape lakes fire, and the judgement?. You’ll be singing a different tune. Only a will be their as a witness to corroborate the Most HIGHS, judgement when he Levies his judgement on your unscrupulous deeds

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You’re quite correct. Margaret Sanger founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood as a means to weed out the undesirables in society, especially blacks.

    The reason we don’t hear about it in the MSM is that they’re part and parcel of the socialist movement that wants to control all aspects of society.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    We need to pray for those who oppose God’s plan for mankind. I believe that 1 Chronicles 7:14 is essential to the survival of the Republic.

    By the way, Robby? That’s what I call my grandson who’s the Fourth. But it makes me feel young. 😉 Thanks.