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The Party for Socialism and Liberation, one of many communist groups in the U.S., argues that “the long period of reaction that began in the late 1970s and greatly accelerated under Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Ronald Reagan in the United States is drawing to a close.” Leaving aside the Marxist rhetoric about “reaction,” one has to say there may be some validity to what the communists are saying. After all, Bernie Sanders seems to be leading the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Marxist Jeremy Corbyn has become head of the Labor Party in Britain, and the socialist New Democratic Party is poised to win national elections in Canada on October 19.

On the Republican side in the U.S., the leading candidate, Donald Trump, seems to have no ideology at all. While he has made illegal immigration into an issue, his statements on other issues demonstrate no coherent outlook on the nature or size of government. On foreign policy, his claim that he could negotiate with Russia’s Vladimir Putin seems to be a reflection of his “Art of the Deal” approach to business matters. But Putin means business, and the Russians can’t be trusted. It’s shocking that Trump thinks he can somehow negotiate a good deal with Putin, whose military position has been enhanced under the presidency of Barack Obama.

In order to understand the Sanders phenomenon, I covered the senator’s Monday night appearance in Manassas, Virginia, where he spoke to a mostly young white audience. The media exaggerated the number of people who turned out, with several reporters putting the size of the crowd at 10,000. But about 2,000 people did, in fact, show up, feeling the “Bern” as Sanders took it to the “billionaire class” and demanded freebies for the “kids,” as he called the students with college debt. He knows that free college has an appeal, like the general socialist notion that government can provide goods and services at little or no cost. It’s a fable that students who should be getting a good education are falling for in increasing numbers. They account for much of the Sanders movement.

Sanders made only one mention of Russia in his Manassas speech, saying that he hoped that the U.S. would join with Russia and other countries to tackle so-called climate change. He didn’t have one word of criticism for Putin over the invasion of Ukraine and threats against other nations, including the U.S.

Russia is a good place to start when analyzing both Sanders and Trump. It is a test of what they know and would do about foreign policy. Sanders, who honeymooned in the old USSR and worked with Communist Party fronts like the U.S. Peace Council, doesn’t want to talk about it. Let’s hope Trump gets pressed on this issue during Wednesday night’s debate on CNN.

On Tuesday, we received more ominous news about Russian military advances. Reuters  reported that General Frank Gorenc, commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, cited “alarming” moves by the Russian military since the invasion of Georgia in 2008 and its takeover of Crimea. He made the comments at the annual Air Force Association conference.

Air Force Times headlined his remarks, “USAFE commander: Russia catching up with Air Force.” This paper quoted Gorenc as saying, “The advantage that we had from the air, I can honestly say, is shrinking, not only with respect to the aircraft that they’re producing, but the more alarming thing is their ability to create anti-access area denied areas is a challenge that we’re all going to face up to and that we’re all going to have to train to.”

So how would Donald Trump negotiate with Putin over this? It seems the only response the Russians would understand would be for the U.S. to modernize its own military, in order to maintain an advantage.

It’s clear that Sanders and Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn would get along very well. Indeed, Sanders said he was delighted that Corbyn won the election as head of the British Labor Party. Corbyn is considered so far left that it is not unfair to call him a stooge of Putin and Russia.

The Sanders success and the Corbyn victory are two reasons why a communist outfit like the Party for Socialism and Liberation is so optimistic about the future, from the “progressive” perspective.

The Marxist group proclaims, using its familiar jargon, that “A new period of resistance to monopoly capitalism/imperialism is opening up, potentially leading to a revival of not only the trade unions but the revolutionary workers’ movement throughout the world. That this initial revival of anti-capitalism and socialism is being frequently, although not exclusively, expressed through the vehicle of electoral politics is to be expected in the first stage.”

It does indeed look like the socialists and their fellow-travelers are on the move. When you add to their forces a Marxist pope whose anti-capitalist rhetoric has been matched by dealings which enabled President Obama to recognize the communist government of Cuba, one has to acknowledge that the Thatcher and Reagan years are behind us and that their enemies have managed to come out on top.

Against this trend, here in America, we have the spectacle of a businessman leading the Republican race for the presidential nomination who has flip-flopped on every significant public policy issue, including his political party identification. Indeed, The Smoking Gun website cites documents indicating that Trump switched political party affiliations many different times. While Reagan left the Democratic Party and became a Republican, he did this for solid ideological reasons.

Reagan talked issues, while Trump talks about himself, especially his hair. Reagan had a good head of hair and an anti-communist brain to go along with it.

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  • reggie

    From what I’ve read about NY politics, allegiances are formed to get something done. Party change, allegiance change. I think Trump would be a good match for Putin instead of the lily livered gutless wonder in the wh now. Want to talk about flip-flops? Look at our castrated clowns in DC who call themselves republicans. If Trump did nothing but fix the illegal alien issue, he’d have a successful presidency. I’m sure he’d do a lot more than that.

  • Capnmikey

    We have seen what one hundred years of socialism, communism, and liberalism has done to our country since 1917, prior to that capitalism and free enterprise built our country to be the best place on Earth for providing goods and services to all including even illegal aliens! Trump tells us the bitter truth and does not need a teleprompter to do it!

  • hap46

    Is Cliff Kincaid a 100% Hillary Clinton supporter, like most of the liberal media in the U.S.? Unbelievable, this is a total biased, brainwashing article.

  • John Cunningham

    You would think so! I have been kicked off a few Conservative sites because I dared to criticize the Donald. I was just trying to start a dialogue and the next thing you know my email wouldn’t take. One even said Trump people are patriots.

    I like the idea he exposes but, he hasn’t said how. That scares me and, what happens when he gets bored with the job? We all seen how Barack Obama has been for his two terms. He only does what he wants. I expect Trump will put good People in place to run things and he would expect them to get it done.

    Considering what we’ve had, Trump might be the real deal. America needs to become Fortress America. Return to trying to make Star Wars and if anyone messes with us, oops!

  • maryloujb

    I’m so glad you are seeing the light of a Trump presidency! We need a strong financial manager to help us out of our deficit. He has so much experience to our benefit, including his bankruptcy experience. Hopefully, he will have the US go belly up on pur loans to China, as our current and past representatives have corrupted the tax system so badly that China has been collecting taxes for years on the money that US companies keep in their banks. If you believe China is our friend, please think again. I am very familiar with their hatred and jealousy, as I used to work with them.We can then use the finds to build our military back up and hopefully we can get the corrupt in the prison they belong in.

  • fredschnaubelt

    Bernie Sanders says he is
    a socialist, so do N. Korea and Cuba say they are Socialist.

  • marlene

    At the very least, Trump is more like Reagan than Reagan’s own son. What a disappointment he’d be to his father if Reagan were alive.

  • marlene

    Trump could seat in front of putin, iran or the pm of mexico and cut the deal – it’s what Trump has been doing successfully for most of his life.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Right on target

  • marlene

    Good for you, John. Let me give you some more reasons: Trump is not politically correct, he has a strong self-assurance, which his fool enemies in congress and the media call arrogance, but which is necessary to prevail in foreign policy, he has a record of business success which he said he’d use to improve the economy and bring back our jobs, his personal funds are big enough to remain insulated from the forces that have poisoned Washington and which is why they fear him because this exposes them for putting their own ambitions ahead of the people, he’s the only candidate that lets us know where he stands and he is consistent, and he is decisive and forceful leader and would never back down or apologize. Trump doesn’t owe anybody anything and is incorruptible because of this. I didn’t even begin to mention his policies – which are OUR policies. TRUMP 2016.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    “I like the idea he exposes but, he hasn’t said how.” is a talking point of both the domestic Left* , the RINOs, Republican establishment, and elitist-conservatives (e.g., Will, Gigot, Noonan, Krauthammer, Kristol, Kudlow, Barone, Batchelor, etc.)

    *– The domestic Left in America = The Democrat Party, whose ideological nucleus is the full embodiment of the domestic hardcore-Left. All those numerically minnows, such as the PCUSA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Democratic Socialists of America, the Socialist Party USA, etc. are mere decoys to distract attention from the fact that the real hardcore-Left is but the Democrat Party’s ideological nucleus.

    The other candidates do not even mention anything similar to what Trump heralds he will bring upon America; they sound like conventional politicians, or, at best, aspirants to conventional politicians.

    Trump must expressing his intentions and must also keep firing back in kind and more to anyone who attacks him. By the latter, he is demonstrating that he won’t take abuse from the “media”, the Left, the RINOs, the establishment Republicans and other scum, once in the presidency. He must show, from now, his spine.

    But in ADDITION to all of that, he MUST continually vow to deliver utmost SERVANTSHIP** and utmost STATESMANSHIP*** to us, We the People…leaving HIS delivery of leadership to where it belongs: 1- at the table of nations, 2- to the executive branch of the federal government (which the president is hired to administer), and 3- to OUR (We the People’s) Armed Forces.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    “…lily livered gutless wonder in the wh now…”???

    It rather IS: “…communist-red livered malevolent miscreant fixated on the destruction of America in the wh now”

    And any of Hillary, Sanders, Kerry, Gore, O’Malley, or any other prominent Democrat would be worse than Obama; any of them would finish up America, completing the utter destruction Obama is engaged in.

    Now, we MUST NOT tell Trump LOUDLY that we DO NOT see him as a caudillo, but as our future PUBLIC SERVANT, and that We the People, would be his indisputable bosses, if we elect (i.e., hire) him as the next president.

    And one of the best guarantee that Trump would not become just a “strongman” in the White House is that true patriots step forward and start working on the creation –starting the very day AFTER the 2016 elections– of the Grassroots-Conservative Party of America. On the one hand, the Republican Party has degenerated into almost a carbon copy of the Democrat Party. On the other hand, the currently existing conservative-parties content themselves with just being an annoyance to the RNC, and no more; they are not serious at leading conservatives to taking the helm of the nation. All they do, is yip and yap at –and nibble the ankles of– the Republican Party.

  • John Cunningham

    Love to see him go after Congress. Both sides of the aisle and, call them out individually when they aren’t doing their jobs.

  • John Cunningham

    It will be very important who he picks as his Vice president. Also his Cabinet. As a CEO he knows how to pick the People who will obey.

  • Steven Barrett

    How strange that AIM, Cliff Kincaid and damn near all the rest of you below who believe Trump’s more like Reagan than even both of his own sons would ever stoop to believing. Both of ’em Marlene. Do you, Cliff and others have some super special crystal ball nobody else has been blessed to get their hands on? Ronald Reagan was no damn demagogue like this charlatan Trump, the Pied Piper of Manhattan. Wake up everybody, wake up.

  • RMThoughts

    Russia is a good place to see where a candidate stands, with the NWO or with America. The reality that Kincaid ignores is that Putin is probably the best thing that has happened to Russia in a hundred years. He is the equivalent of what Ronald Reagan was to the United States. Reagan took
    America out of a deep depression and economic stagnation and Vladimir Putin did the same thing.

    On the 90s when Soviet Union started to fall apart, Vladimir Putin took the side of Russians and his country when the US and Western financial institutions were actively trying to “part out” , scuttle and destroy Russia.

    Now they despise Russia and Putin now is because it is a conservative God-fearing, family-loving country which the American people are as well.

  • reggie

    Excellent points.

  • Steven Barrett

    Capnmikey, I suppose you never served in the military or know of anybody who did and complained about the level of socialized medical care, housing allowances, etc. Sure, our armed forces earn it and we as a nation shouldn’t ever complain or taint these benefits as signs of “socialism,” but no thanks to blowhards like you who don’t know that all socialist arrangements are not Bolshevik inspired schemes, more and more people are left confused and perhaps feel just intimidated enough from the kind of undue influence folks like yourself want to exert through the media in order to get them to avoid making use of an “ism” that might just be the very thing that helps them and their families maintain a decent standard of living. Why the hell is it that so many fiscal conservatives in the nation today seem willing to forget where the hell they might’ve come from, or worse, cut the damn rungs out of any ladders, however already left rickety by continual budget cuts engineered by the likes of the Paul Ryans of the world who was able to benefit from SocSec orphans survivors benefits? Watching you guys in action is like watching or reading a complete upside down re-write of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” where Javert comes out on top and the regime gets to screw everybody over who’s not wealthy, connected or as shrewd, selfish, and memory challenged as he; or perphaps a complete upside down rewrite of the Catholic Church’s teachings on Social Economic Justice. I just can’t wait for all the fiscally conservative cafeteria catholics to start their anvil choir against Pope Francis when he arrives next week and speaks in the House Chamber. Ohhhh, there’s some “so-cial-ism” in the Pope’s and his Church’s teachings, can’t have any of that … not “American enough.”
    Well buddy, when the hell was going hungry “American enough” for you? And that’s for starters. Conservatism was about conserving the best we could come to believe about humanity and promoting those values. Nowadays it just seems to be finding more ways to scheme, plot and justify screwing others out to conserve as much lucre for our selfish purposes more than anything else. Shit, look at what the sequesters have done for the military which is that “socialist” part of our government responsible for preserving our rights; all of ’em, including the ones to be completely and seflishly wrong. And where do i come from to be so damn emboldened to put this to you: My father was an Air Force officer (42-66) and I was a dependent from 51-74. Not once did he ever teach us that selfishness was a civic virtue or that socialism was completely wrong. He knew it wasn’t. He, like all of us and most Americans, and Bernie Sanders today, know there’s a hell of a huge difference in the boogieman propaganda created by the Right to wrongly influence the majority of Americans to vote against their best interests just often enough to enable the Right to ever so carefully and deftly pull off one more scam after another in ways that most of us haven’t found out about until it was too late. Thankfully it didn’t happen with W’s plan to outsource privatize Social Security that would’ve happened just before the economy tanked due to the gross and unregulated selfishness of a few the Bushites were too damned lazy or unburdened of enough integrity to do anything about in time to prevent the looting and tanking in ’08.
    BTW Capn, did any of your kids go off to college armed with student loans, subsidized by the gov’t. Nothing to be ashamed of. Or have you just all of a sudden had a sudden change of heart? Or worse, have you felt just as contemptuous of the government while signing off on those loans. Kinda reminds me of a self-styled staunch fiscal conservative who was able to attend an expensive private university in DC with gov’t subsidized student loan bucks … after dropping out of a service academy, only to come right out and tell me to my face he didn’t believe the governmment should be subsidizing college education. It didn’t stop this hypocrite from his involvement in the conservative movement, nor prevent him from accepting a high job within the Reagan administration later on and giving me on the phone the standard bullshit line used by the pro-private sector plants in government that were excusing all sorts of bullshit put out to defend acid rain that was killing forests in the northeast.
    When’s the socialization of this bullshit going to stop? Got an easy quick Trump-like “solution” for stopping this? And when is the GOP going to demonstrate enough spine to police it’s own bullshitters and toss ’em out on the streets with provisos written in law not allowing them to lobby any part of the governement. Not even to “promote tax savings,” because you and I know that never happens. Never, with the same ideological bunch who’ve managed to socialize the living hell out of the economy for the defense industry … because they never believe in making sure we have enough defense we need; Hell no, not when excess does so much to line the pockets of so many damned Gucci-wearing lobbyist to take care of. Where’s your bitch about socializing the wealthy or worse, already wealthy like the tax cuts GOPers are always honking for and conning enough of their voters back home to keep ’em going back to DC (also thanks to ALEC’engineered districts) to vote for more welfare for the wealthy because they’ll share that welfare to “create jobs.” Hell, the last laugh’s on you CapnMikey if i need an operation for a hernia received from laughing too hard, an operation which you’ll be paying a few pennies for since I’m on Medicare. Thanks for the laughs anyway. But keep your jaundiced and completely out of focused views about socialism to yourself. People who benefit from the benefit of having the greatest military power to protect those freedoms should be very careful about bellyaching and bitching about socialism. It works quite well and serves the military’s needs for maintaining efficiency, for all our service men and women in uniform. Or would you prefer beggaring our uniformed service members like fiscal conservatives have long proposed doing to military retirees through ever stealthfullly placed budget cuts or “re-allotments” and “shifts in benefit services,” or educational breaks for themselves and their kids … breaks which they have earned and even sacrificed a hell of a lot more than some bleeping Wall Street hedge-funder or other member of the “less than one percent club” bagging most of the wealth generated in the past five to ten years. Talk about socialism. Hah!

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Sanders doesn’t believe in any marriage laws – They believe they should be able to get married and start enjoying those benefits by acting in adultery and polygama , he doesn’t believe their should be any drug laws and he wants pot dens and open pharmaceutical sales on each corner , he doesn’t want any sex laws so that any and all sexual conduct would be accommodating and he wants to turn America into some kind of all male version of Pattaya , but I do believe he has a strong moral conviction against tobacco and Kentucky farmers and I look forward to the Kentucky Dominated Party showing him their support !

    Comparing Bernie Sanders To Donald Trump is like comparing a guy sitting down some where and having a dog climb up his leg in some sort of free assertion that he has the right to impose his public deviance on you because your simply there. The more this campaign continues the more Donald Trump should assert the command – GET OF MY LEG YOU DUMB MUTT !

  • Let’s not reflect on Obama’s 2 terms and then compare to Trump. Barry hasn’t had any part in capitalism in his life – taken from others his entire life. The reason Trump will be successful is because of his strong proven record in regards to capitalism. You shouldn’t be confused over who the man is….it’s too early to “nail” down specifics – plenty of time for that…right now it’s “get to know”people and campaign.

  • This idea “Our work here is done” creates a lot of anxiety for me. It is criminal that we have to leave this man in office with his “wrecking ball” scheme on our people/country

  • John Cunningham

    To compare Obama to anybody, you would have to go to Germany or Russia. Eventually Trump is going to have to tell the people how. I already know the why, known that for quite sometime.

  • Pumpkin King

    Trump kicks old ladies out of their houses so he can build his casinos. Moron!

  • terry1956

    Kicked is a fact but Kicks I’m not sure. I’m not trying to play the ” they did it too” game but GW did encourage eminet domain and a tax increase to build his ball team a new stadium in Texas and Slick Willy encouraged taking in Little Rock to build his presidential library.
    GW did the acts before he was prez, Slick did them afterwards.
    Anyway all three did Un American evil acts but people can change for the better including Trump.

  • terry1956

    Of Course the US president legally has a veto but it is Congress who should control foreign policy.
    There is exceptions such as the US being under attack or eminet danger of being attack.
    The last time when Congress declared war in December 1941 was one of those few times when constitutionally the president did not need it and may have been a mistake in asking for it.
    Of course it was even a bigger mistake for the Bush’s to run to the UN about Iraq or GWs delay to go into Afghanistan.
    Regan going after the leader of Libya was the right thing to do and he did not need the ok of congress or the UN but it was the wrong thing to do by Obama since the attack by Libya happen decades before.
    Obama, GW,Slick Willy and Bush senior should have been impeached and run out of office running to the UN, so should Truman on Korea.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Thank you Cliff for stating the facts of Trump and his no concepts of knowledge on the war declared on America and what is actually going on around the world.
    Trump’s saying he can do business with Putin is the most stark example of
    lack of knowledge of history and what is going on this minute.
    All Trump can thinks about is doing the Deal. No Donald, this is the real world and millions have been killed and displaced and it continues this minute.
    There are no Deals Donald, stop your continued life long proving yourself
    as a big boy. As you have stated, you are more comfortable with Democrat views and we have a better economy under Democrats. Go back to your own party Donald, the Democrats.