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Members of Congress concerned about America’s survival have shied away from impeaching President Obama on national security grounds. They either think impeachment would take too long or that the political process of impeaching the first black Democratic President would be too polarizing. There is an alternative: removing Obama from office because of cognitive impairment.

The issue of removing a president on medical grounds has been in the news lately. Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly charges in his book on Ronald Reagan that Reagan was so impaired by John Hinckley Jr.’s attempt on his life that it affected his ability to serve as president. A number of Reagan scholars say O’Reilly is guilty of restating “old claims and rumors, virtually all of which have been discredited by the historical record.”

Rather than accuse Obama of being a secret Muslim blinded by Marxist ideology, perhaps the way for Congress to save our nation is to invoke the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution dealing with presidential disabilities. This amendment allows Congress to review whether or not the president is able to discharge the powers and duties of his office. If it is determined that he is not, then he can be replaced. A case can be made that he is so affected by previous drug use that he is just not capable of comprehending reality. As a former member of the “Choom Gang” of heavy marijuana users, Obama seems indifferent to the facts on the ground concerning the Muslim terrorist threat.

The charge that Obama has been impaired by marijuana is not made lightly. Interestingly enough, however, a new study has just been released regarding the “psychosis-like effects” of marijuana. The authors examine how marijuana, or cannabis, “increases the noise in your brain,” as a press release puts it, and reduces the ability to think and act normally. What the authors have uncovered about the effects of marijuana should not only raise questions about those who use the drug on a regular basis, but it should also focus attention on the national drive encouraged by the Obama administration to make cannabis more legally and freely available. The study contains numerous charts and graphs concerning brain functions and complex mental processes.

Senior author Dr. Deepak Cyril D’Souza, a professor of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, says that a dose roughly equivalent to half or a single marijuana cigarette “produced psychosis-like effects and increased neural noise in humans.”

Coming in the wake of evidence that the Planned Parenthood shooter was a pothead who may have moved to Colorado for legal access to the weed, this study also puts a number of other violent episodes in perspective. Oregon columnist Dan Lucas has compiled a list of these cases linking marijuana to violence or terrorism, including the July 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater shootings and the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

On a global basis, the evidence of the acceleration of conflict is all around us. Yet, a few days before the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Obama told America there was no credible threat. He claimed the U.S. government was “taking every possible step” to keep the country safe and there was no known “specific and credible threat” to the U.S. “We are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe,” Obama said. He added that his team knew of “no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland and that is based on the latest information I just received in the Situation Room.”

It is possible he was misled by the intelligence community, which failed for some reason to notice the plot. Perhaps NSA defector Edward’s Snowden’s illegal disclosures helped the terrorists get away with both Paris and San Bernardino. Whatever the case, however, Obama talked during his Sunday White House address as if the terrorists in San Bernardino were not true Muslims. He said Muslim Americans “are our friends and our neighbors, our co-workers, our sports heroes—and, yes, they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country.” One of those “co-workers,” Syed Farook, was a member of the terrorist duo which carried out the attack that killed 14 Americans and wounded 21 others.

Rather than apologize to the American people for having misled the public about the nature and imminence of the threat, he spoke as if guns laws were the problem. He seems oblivious to the fact that ordinary Americans see self-defense as their only option, as long as the White House pretends the threat does not exist.

Obama referred to “interpretations of Islam that are incompatible with the values of religious tolerance, mutual respect and human dignity,” ignoring the fact that these interpretations are based on what is in the Koran.

Obama is, presumably, not smoking marijuana in the White House. But he talks and acts as if he is still under the influence. Indeed, the long-term impact of the weed on his intellectual processes is a subject of concern. David Maraniss, author of a book on Obama, notes that the word “choom,” taken from “Choom Gang,” means to smoke marijuana. He said Obama “started a few pot-smoking trends,” suggesting the future president understood ways to make the “high” from the drug even more powerful and lasting. One method they used was to smoke dope in a car and then inhale or suck in what was left of the smoke in the ceiling of the car.

What Maraniss leaves out of his book on Obama is the role played by Obama’s mentor, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, another dope smoker who probably gave the young Barry some tips on inhaling the drug for full effect. Davis, a pedophile, probably also taught young Barry about experimenting with sex.

It is worth recalling that when he ran for office, Obama refused to release his complete medical records. Instead, a sympathetic doctor merely released a 276-word “summary,” claiming he was in excellent health.

Considering Obama’s remarks on Sunday, when he lectured the nation on “discrimination” and insisted on bringing more foreign Muslims into the U.S., one has to entertain the possibility that Obama is so mentally impaired that he is isolated from reality and cannot comprehend the nature of the threats against ordinary Americans. He seems determined to make even more Americans into sitting duck targets for terrorists.

Interestingly, one of the San Bernardino victims was a Christian woman, Benneta Betbadal, who fled to the U.S. to “escape Islamic extremism and the persecution of Christians that followed the Iranian Revolution,” her family said in a statement. She worked with Farook at the San Bernardino County Health Department.

Rather than express sympathy for this Christian woman, Obama told the nation on Sunday that we have to accept more Muslims.

If Congress doesn’t want to find Obama guilty of having an ideology that explains his sympathy for radical Islam and disqualifies his continued service as President, the only alternative is to diagnose his medical condition with public hearings and conclude that he has lost touch with reality and is mentally ill. A Congressional Research Service study cites evidence that section four of the 25th amendment is designed for “a sick president who refuses or is unable to confront his disability,” or “a president who is disabled but unwilling to step aside.”

This section is complicated, but it explicitly allows for Congress to establish a committee or another body to review the president’s disability and recommend his removal from office. It refers to several ways the president can be removed, including through a body “as Congress may by law provide.” This would begin the process of congressional action.

The main objection will be that using Obama’s dope-smoking days against him is going back too far in his life to justify his removal from office. But many observers see that something is seriously wrong with this President’s approach to his job. Blaming his performance on the lingering effects of the heavy use of illegal drugs makes as much sense as any other explanation at this point.

Indeed, with impeachment on ideological grounds off the table, it is within the jurisdiction of Congress to decide that Obama has done enough damage to the nation and the world and that he must go. Since Obama seems to be AWOL in the War on Terror, dereliction of duty by Congress in this case would only increase the danger and risk to the nation.

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  • USDefender

    Save the citizens of the United States. Remove Obama, or that idiot will kill us all.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Read this (click “translate”):
    l knew it the minute it happened…the psychopath blew up the russian plane, then Paris, then San Bernardino. We have to unite and act, folks. Don’t just write and think…or we will all die at the hands of the psychopaths…Also, I highly recommend Jeff Nyquist’s article(s) “Psychopath Under the Bed” (going to call Jeff to see where he is…when you stop hearing a tramp of a giant – the world is in danger…). Also, support this film by Trevor Loudon:–2/x/12927953#/updates

  • IHC

    I have long thought about the ‘mental impairment’ regarding this president. Something is truly off with him – he is in denial of reality.
    He really is clueless – a dangerous clueless man who doesn’t think twice about inviting those bent on killing us ‘infidels’ in the US.
    It is also troublesome that 27 DHS employees are on the terror watch list. We know he appointed a number of muslim brotherhood members in high security related positions.
    Unfortunately – as a result of the unwillingness of congress – he will continue to bring harm to American citizens. He governs outside of the constitution. By what right is he still there?

  • jaimelmanzano

    To venture into the mental health of Obama based on past use of marijuana is indicative of congressional cowardice of leadership of both parties, and the paucity of political opinionating in the media. Obama has failed to protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic, that is, the oath of office taken by Presidents on assuming office. He should be impeached.

  • bob e

    a drug fried brain certainly .. however i think the gay black street pimp is solid muslim & is doing his taqiya best to nail our asses, just
    like every other murdering muslim psycho has sworn to do. they
    pray every day to kill us & 100 times on friday. the lords prayer in it’s
    breathtaking foundational wisdom is replaced by ‘kill the infidel wherever you find him.’ jihad is islam .. jihad is duty .. this is jihad from a sick weak
    little fruit cake that likes his friends in his backside. at least nero was
    a roman. this sick bitch, barry o’fraud ain’t even close ..

  • Wayright2

    The secret service is probably trying to think of a way of making it look like an accident.

  • RMThoughts

    The neocon pundits tell us there is a gigantic clash of civilizations with Islam and Obama is AWOL. It fits well into the propaganda efforts of the neocon inspired American NWO globalism. Al Qaeda and ISIS do exist. Claiming that they alone are responsible for the great “clash” is misleading.

    The US can’t be serious i in this clash of civilizations. That our NATO ally Turkey owns ISIS hardly convinces us that we desire to destroy ISIS. The United States is a loyal supporter of Saudi Arabia and their Wahhabi radicalism noted for its ruthless enforcement of Sharia law – this hardly suggests our political leaders intend war with Islam. Our foreign policy makers from both Republicans and Democrats are obsessed with regime change in a secular Muslim Syria. Current US and Western support for ISIS/ Al Nursra etc. for the overthrow of Assia in Syria that will make a stronger and more dangerous Al Qaeda and ISIS with their black flag over Damascus – it is not a great argument for the “war on Terror”.

    The neoconservative and their pundits, perpetrators of the clash of civilizations rhetoric and a war against Islam, aren’t advocating bombing Saudi Arabia even with evidence of their involvement in 9/11 and the recent shootings in California.

    Fear is the tool used to galvanize a people into supporting war while sacrificing liberty. Exaggerations and our own propping up of Jihadist groups who falsely claim to represent Muslims serves the interests of those in the West who want the clash of civilizations for their own selfish and evil purposes.

    We can’t effectively fight Islam until our criminal ruling class in both parties stop supporting it.

  • Elmer Fredrick

    CONGRESS is INCAPABLE of doing a thing, the DEMORATS are TOO STUPID & the RINOS are too busy WORRYING about their jobs.

  • docrt925

    and your research into and/or degree in clinical psychology is from…?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Aaaaand Kincaid’s long, slow slide into total idiocy and irrelevance is almost complete…

  • BPatMann

    Obama is a traitor. He should be dealt with as such.

  • John Cunningham

    If he is a lot of others are also. Many Liberals want to change this Nation. Barack Obama told us all that he was going to Transform America. He has done that and the World will never be the same. His greatest transformation was the complete split in Americans ideological self. More hatred of each other than anytime since the Civil War.

  • Gz7

    Excellent post. Nothing to do with pot. Kincaid has been on this crusade long enough to make himself look foolish. He is obsessed with marijuana being the root of all evil. Other than that, he usually makes sense.

  • marlene

    Being consumed with evil has already begun to infect the rest of him.

  • I.R. Wayright

    Thanks for the link to Trevor Louden. Very informative and lots more to see there.

  • Gz7

    They used to shoot traitors at sunrise.

  • Gz7

    I agree. Why would Accuracy in Media allow such sloppy use of facts and resources?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    LOLOLOL FACTS? Show me some facts that claim the president is “medically impaired”. Kincaid is a blithering moron, desperate for attention. You’re giving it to him.

  • Go for it! Please. Hurry.

  • ConservativeSenior

    Our worthless congress is complicit in his treason and crimes and have made a lot of money with it. They won’t remove their cash cow. THey’d rather let the rest of the country go straight to hell.

  • ConservativeSenior

    They’ve had 7 years and have done nothing.

  • Gemmo Boon

    The let’s revive that time honored tradition. Even if for purely nostalgic purposes. That’s one You.Tube I’d play…over & over & over again!

  • Gary McGrath

    I was taught that if you smoke pot, it will turn you into a hippy.

  • Sandydog

    “stoner president” “accuracy in Media” Too Funny. Maybe you should look up the work ‘accuracy’.

  • Gz7

    You are right. I stand corrected.

  • Sandydog

    “By what right is he still there?” Over half the country voted for him, that’s what gives him the ‘right’. It’s soon to be over (hallelujah).


    There is no doubt obama is a muslim marxist who hates America and his only plan in life if to destroy our country. Yes, he is a stoner. In college he admitted to using marijuana and other drugs. It does have an effect on people who use them for long period of time (which he stated he had). The fact that he is a muslim and he has filled his administration with muslim brotherhood (a terror group) and is protecting and actually sending our taxpayer money to terror groups is not what the President of the United States should be doing. It is a matter of treason when these deeds are done as obama is doing. Plus the fact that now he wants to bring in thousands and thousand of these muslim “refugees”. ISIS has already stated they are infiltrating the “refugees” and will be arriving here the first of the year and obama is planning on taking in thousands and thousands of them. When that happens, every American MUST BE ARMED in order to protect our families and our homes because they will be here to kill everyone who is not a muslim and believes as they believe. Paris will be nothing in comparison to what they have planned here and all over the world. BE AWARE, VIGILANT AND PREPARED.
    Trump is exactly right in saying we should NOT accept any muslims until we can verify completely that they are not radical and that is almost impossible as they are very adept at being secretive and having false backgrounds set up so i completely agree with Trump from a safety standpoint for our country. To be completely safe we need to get obama out of the White House. He is our worst enemy and I would say he is a traitor but he is an illegal alien and not even an American citizen.

  • Gen11American

    Perhaps Dr. Ben Carson, as an imminent brain surgeon, can answer the question: Can a president who snorted cocain for years, and regularly smoked marijuana, possess a fully functioning brain, or can we blame Obama’s continual treason on his Marxist/Muslim upbringing and NWO puppet-masters?

  • franklygross

    why do you assume bringing America to her knees is not his goal? with that premise, what he is doing makes perfect sense.

  • Gen11American

    It’s obvious that Obama wants to see the ISIS flag flying over the White House before he leaves office in January of 2017! He would probably demand that one be put up in place of the U.S. flag, if he thought he could get away with it. He must be laughing his head off to see Republican Congressional leaders launching scathing verbal attacks against Trump for daring to recommend that all Muslim immigration should be halted until those idiots figure out what’s going on. They never will. They just need to be voted out of office by the electorate! If they can’t recognize the threat of Islam after 9/11, they never will! They just need to be replaced with a true patriot like Allen West!

  • Gen11American

    We’ve experienced three straight generations of stoned Americans too stupid to vote in pro-American, patriotic leaders. Over 50% of the electorate were so incredibly stupid, they voted in Obama twice! That should tell us all we need to know about the long-term effects of POT!

  • robert prir

    i don’t care how congress removes Obama he just needs to be gone….. Obama should be impeached…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  • Stan47

    If we apply that process to Obama, we’d best be prepared to apply it to Biden, who is next in line of succession and has been clearly impaired since his 1998 brain surgeries.

  • ItsJo

    Excellent article by Mr.Kincaid. I would add that Obama ALSO did Cocaine and he talks about this and his ‘being in a haze’ himself. I would say that he IS mentally impaired, as he does NOT make sense when he is in TOTAL DENIAL REGARDING AMERICANS’ SAFETY AGAINST MUSLIM TERRORISTS WHO STILL WANT TO KILL AMERICANS-
    What Obama did in his speech, was ‘reprimand Americans about Knowing that ‘good Muslims’ exist, but he does NOT stop Lecturing us- as IF we are at fault over these Muslim Terrorists.

  • CatinTx

    Not a medical professional are you? Not a doctor? Just some guy on the internet with a website and a boatload of hate making a medical diagnosis. Pitiful human.

  • Mr_Furley

    The writer of this piece of claptrap is clearly mentally ill.

  • Copyleft

    Wow, this is some desperation-level crazy right here. “Since I disagree with Obama’s policies, obviously he’s drugged or insane!” Good luck with that one.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Obamao might be just an incompetent stoner, but please consider what he might do differently if he was actually trying to demoralize the people, scuttle the economy, and reduce this great nation to a third-world backwater.

  • reggie

    Yup, Soros is the puppeteer, he’s also killery’s mentor. My guess is that she wants to take down countries just like he has done, what fun to see how many lives you can destroy.

  • reggie

    I don’t believe that. George Soros was given the contract by obozo to count votes in Spain. Melowese Richardson voted 6 times, dead people voted, illegals voted.

  • reggie

    That’s cause they’re all drunk. I’d be drunk too, if I had that job.

  • reggie

    He’d be doing exactly what he’s doing. He told us he was going to do it, we didn’t listen. Only time he actually told the truth.

  • reggie

    All of the above.

  • reggie

    Rigged election, votes counted by Soros in Spain. Melowese Richardson voted 6 times, on and on

  • reggie

    And they’ll go along with hillary as long as the gravy train runs.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Absolutely! Americans are steadily decreasing in quality. Most of Americans living today are outright IDIOTS. Deranged lunatics. Comfort junkies. Reason? Comfort. Comfort KILLS SPIRIT, and without spirit you are walking dead.

  • Gen11American

    The evil which fills his soul, and his frustration over his inability to fulfill the demands of his puppet masters, including George Soros, to disarm the American people, shows more and more in his photographs. He needs to be crushed before he crushes us!

  • sanford943

    Anybody who is agrees with this loon must be smoking something. No wonder this country is in the shape it is in with idiots following an idiot.

  • marlene

    So true.

  • Robert Feldman

    you’re no american and an awful person to boot.

  • Robert Feldman

    really? and bush “kept us safe”….you really are insane.

  • Robert Feldman

    hunker down with your prepper crap, feed the right wing money machine and please…please…go away.

  • Robert Feldman

    delusional psychosis…

  • RubyTwoThree

    I don’t believe it’s pot, I believe he is simply mentally ill, and those that surround him, the ones really running the country, use his illness to their advantage to bring America down, and grease their own pockets.

  • Sandydog

    If you’re going to make such claims please post at least one citation.

  • reggie

    You can google the voting/Soros, you can google Melowese

  • ljm4

    Well don’t blame it on cannabis. Blame it on his bio daddy FMD and his influence. Blame it on a wacko mom who left him with grandparents often and then hauled him off to a muslim step father and upbringing. Blame it on the continuing influence of the likes of Bill Ayers and the patchy formal education he may have received. You actually have to have your butt in the seat in a class to say you ‘attended’ a university wouldn’t you say?
    Lots of blame to go around but cannabis didn’t build that SOB.

  • Co-Reigner

    O’Bammer is definitely mentally impaired. He’s also spiritually impaired; after all, he is mooslimic which qualifies as impairment.

  • Marshall Goodman

    Charge Obama with domestic violence (most such charges are false reports, so who needs evidence); the police storm the White House, arrest the bastard and a judge will issue a restraining order. It would be both poetic and social justice. He should appreciate that.

    Wasn’t Marshall his actual birth father, that is, Obama is the bastard child of a pornographer, Communist dopehead, and by statutory rape, as his mother, Ann Sutton, who was used as a pornographic portrait subject, was only 14-years-old at the time? I thought the Cold Case Posse dug this up and Andrew Briebart was killed to prevent him from releasing it just prior to the 2012 election?

    Anyway, our Congress isn’t going to do anything except cower in the same space where our military is hiding. They should be relieved of their duties as well.

  • Mesa Mike

    We’d be a reprisal of the Wiemar Republic. Oh, wait a minute, we are exactly that. Your comment (and the article in part) could also apply to Hollywood and the moronic, demonic media-entertainment complex.

  • Sandydog

    No citation.

  • IHC

    He was ‘selected’ – he was not ‘elected’.