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As we once again face the specter of illegal alien amnesty, and the permanent Democratic majority it will guarantee, it is critical to understand how the Left plays. They are unethical to the core, but we are so frequently deluded by their tactical use of language and emotion, that we are unequipped to deal with them effectively. The result: they win. This cannot happen again, unless we are all willing to start calling Obama “President for Life,” and Democrats, the “Commissars.”


Changes in public perception happen gradually. This is a natural human survival strategy that mistrusts the unfamiliar. A campaign of public education is necessary to help convince a wary public to accept new ideas or policies that might otherwise take too much time. But there is a difference between education and propaganda.

Our society relies for its security, stability and prosperity, indeed, its survival, on the rule of law. So the idea of giving special privileges to individuals whose very presence is prima facie evidence of lawbreaking, is instinctively rejected. It cannot be otherwise. To grant special privileges to criminals upends and subverts the rule of law on which we depend.

Our nation’s laws constitute a contract that every citizen implicitly agrees to respect. Those who violate it face sanctions of corresponding severity. If certain individuals can avoid sanction and gain special privilege through political power—despite their blatant violations—then the rule of law becomes meaningless, and is replaced by a society based on political power alone. That is called dictatorship. Yet this is what the illegal immigration lobby wants us to accept.

When individuals or organizations attempt to introduce ideas that are self-evidently destructive, like Nazism or communism, for example, a campaign based on propaganda is necessary. Unlike factual information, propaganda manipulates, using fear and instinct in combination with known psychological reactions. It is evident that the illegal alien lobby uses these methods.

Re-setting Definitions

Maryland’s illegal alien advocacy group CASA de Maryland inadvertently provides a good starting point for this discussion. CASA’s resource page references a study by the Equal Rights Center titled “10 Harmful Misconceptions About Immigration.” It is an artful weave of straw man arguments, half-truths and outright lies. Every single “misconception about immigration” is not really a misconception at all. But they are able to argue it as such by revising or re-setting definitions.

Definition of Immigrant

First we have Immigrants:

Any foreign-born individual, including naturalized U.S. citizens, documented immigrants, and undocumented immigrants.

Then we have “Undocumented” Immigrants:

Foreign-born individuals who (1) entered the country illegally, (2) overstayed their visas, or (3) work without authorization

Illegal aliens, in other words. But using their terminology, all of these categories come under the neutral heading “immigrant.” So now they can conflate the two categories without discriminating between legal and illegal immigrants and ascribe the positive characteristics of the one to negative characteristics of the other. Thus we have:

Foreign born scholars, scientists and engineers make this country more prosperous and more secure.

How many illegal aliens are “scholars, scientists and engineers?” Here’s another screecher:

One of every four engineering and technology companies started in the United States between 1995 and 2005 had immigrant founders.

Surely these were all illegals, too?

Overall, the fiscal impact of immigration on public-sector budgets is small and likely to be positive in the long run.

Once again, a large number of highly-trained legal immigrants are taking advantage of the high demand for jobs in technology. They do make a significant positive contribution, as legal immigrants always have.

But illegals are almost entirely low-skilled. The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector estimates that federal, state and local governments spend three dollars in welfare benefits for every dollar received from low-skilled immigrants. It will get even worse if amnesty is granted to these people because they will have access to even more benefits, but will likely not improve their earning capabilities commensurately.

Rector claims that retirement costs for illegals granted amnesty could run to $2.5 trillion. Providing amnesty for illegals would result in chain migration of as many as 100 million people, he argues. The vast majority of those would have the same profile as illegals currently here with the result of added budgetary, legal and cultural strains.

Regardless, according to the Associated Press and USA Today, among others, illegal aliens must now be referred to as “undocumented immigrants.” Calling them anything else can lead to charges of racism, or worse. Logic and truth are out the window.

Definition of Hispanic

The term “Hispanic” represents a category of people who do not exist in the real world. It became official with congressional enactment of Public Law 94-311 in 1976. As explained in Social Contract:

…the word “Hispanic” is devoid of meaning and legitimacy. It does not denote a racial, ethnic, linguistic, or cultural group. It is an artificial term created to maximize political power for extremist elements within the Spanish-speaking minority.

This law, which was endorsed by several “Hispanic” organizations including the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and La Raza, contained two significant elements: (1) the subject: “Americans of Spanish origin or descent,” and (2) the legal status: “American citizens.” Both qualifiers were soon dropped in an effort to maximize political influence by maximizing numeric size.

In 1977, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) adopted the shorter title of “Hispanic”… Since then, “Hispanic” is defined as “A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.” The new definition sought to further inflate the numerical size of the “Hispanic” community.

According to Mark Lopez of the Pew Hispanic Center:

[A]bout two-thirds of Hispanic-Americans identify themselves not as belonging to the general Latino culture, but to their specific country of origin or their parents’ homeland.

“The notion of a pan-ethnic identity is actually an American concept,” said Lopez, an American citizen whose grandparents emigrated from Mexico. “If I go to El Salvador and I say I’m Hispanic, they’re going to think I’m from Spain, or they’re not going to know what that means. They don’t see a pan-ethnic identity. They see themselves as Salvadoran.”

Activists can’t even decide if they should use the world “Hispanic” or “Latino.” A study called “Latino or Hispanic Panic” said 75 percent of activists don’t like either term. Of those that do:

In Texas, a Pew Hispanic Center poll found that 45% of Latinos prefer the term Hispanic and 8% prefer Latino. Note this leaves 47% of Latinos in Texas who prefer neither term. In the other four most populous Latino states—California, New Jersey, Florida and New York—the Pew poll found that people are more likely to prefer “Latino.”

Finally, not every Hispanic is a Hispanic! At a Swarthmore College lecture titled, “Is Antonio Banderas Latino?,” Professor Rodolfo Francisco Acuña asserted that being “Latino” is a function of “life experience,” meaning that one had to experience racial or class discrimination to earn the title “Latino.” “No matter what people may think of Banderas as a person, he is European and not part of a class that has historically suffered discrimination.”

So, in other words, you are only a Hispanic/Latino if you are the “right kind;” one who will ascribe to the ideological goals of the Left. What does this mean for all those “economic migrants?”

CASA, however, sees it for the political advantage:

Casa of Maryland, which advocates for immigrant rights, views the Hispanic community as a single bloc “because together they have greater power as a community to address issues that are affecting one particular nationality or all,” advocacy specialist Helen Melton said in an email.

So does one of CASA’s biggest political supporters, Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez: “Everybody is feeling the need to come together because it’s only larger political forces that are going to be able to change the negative climate we’re facing.”

Smear Tactics

Next comes intimidation. CASA and the other open borders advocates subscribe to the all-too-familiar tactic of painting their opponents as racists. However, these groups have all demonstrated themselves to be distinctly racist in their adamant demands for illegals. They also frequently resort to intimidating hate speech. In their own words:

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) founder Mario Obledo said: “California is going to be a Hispanic state, and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.” “Eventually,” he said the following month, “we [Hispanics] will take over all the political institutions of California.”

Former NCLR [National Council of La Raza] President (1974-2004) Raul Yzaguirre called proponents of California proposition 187, which would have denied budget-busting social services to illegals, “racists” and “xenophobes.” Prop 187 won but was blocked by a judge. They got their way and California is now bankrupt.

He also said, “US English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks.” Hillary Clinton appointed Yzaguirre to co-chair her presidential campaign.

When Minutemen volunteers declared they would monitor CASA’s day labor centers for illegals, CASA president Gustavo Torres said: “We are going to target them in a specific way. Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work…”

Left’s Application of the Dialectic

The illegal alien lobby, like most well-trained leftist movements, follows a multi-tiered offensive strategy. This includes in-your-face agitation, public demonstrations, vilification of opponents, direct threats, aggressive legal tactics (i.e., suing and threats of suits) and massive, coordinated legislative assaults. These in turn all reflect their application of the Dialectic:

Thesis—For the illegal alien lobby, the “thesis” is the deliberately provocative proposition that illegals are only “undocumented,” or of a certain “perceived immigration status,” or, using Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s terminology, merely “New Americans.” As such, they should be granted all the privileges of citizenship and more.

Antithesis—The “Antithesis” is our collective outrage at such an overtly fraudulent notion. It is the natural and anticipated backlash—in Lenin’s words, the “forces of reaction” which set us up for more outrages, as the Marxists respond even more forcefully to our “injustice,” our “racism.” Such “reaction” is only to be expected of “Imperialists.”

Synthesis— “Synthesis” is the marriage of compromises wherein “cooler heads prevail.” This standard Marxist tactic relies on the natural human tendency to compromise in the face of conflict.

Under normal circumstances, this might be described as a simple way to model the give-and-take of the usual negotiation process, but there is nothing usual about it when dealing with Marxists. The compromise always comes from our side, because the Marxists start from the preposterous position that people who deliberately, flagrantly violate our laws should not be singled out for any kind of consideration other than jail or extradition. Exceptions are already provided in law for those refugees or asylum seekers who come to America under genuine duress, but even these programs have been horribly abused by the open-borders lobby.

Yet even in the case of radical ideas like amnesty or in-state tuition for illegals, over time, common ground between the opponents is found, as the radicals repeatedly pound away at elected officials with the same proposals while their street operation gets ever more strident, threatening and demanding. Meanwhile, those less scrupulous politicians who see gain in supporting such groups are emboldened, especially if the media put a compassionate spin on the group in question. Eventually, politicians give in, finding some pretext like requiring military service, or paying fines or back taxes.

Using this method, the Marxists usually get more than they bargained for, despite the fact that their demands have no legitimacy whatever. Furthermore, it never stops. Once one “right” has been established, new ones are dreamed up until there is nothing left to give. Recall the quote from MALDEF’s Obledo: “Eventually we will take over all the political institutions of California.” He means it. When dealing with Marxists, the “moderates” compromise away our rights, our livelihoods and our country to people and agendas that are inherently destructive to our society.

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose. As Congress goes with amnesty, so goes the nation.

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  • Of course, James Simpson will never admit to using his own propaganda on the issue, including but not limited to inaccurately describing any attempt at immigration reform as “amnesty.”

  • For the left there is no other end they are interested in than amnesty. They say as much, OUT LOUD. Go troll somewhere else Mr. Astroturf.

  • But “amnesty” is typically defined as a forgiveness of offense with nothing asked in return. The “path to citizenship” proposals that are floating around have numerous conditions attached to them — by definition, not “amnesty.” Describing any possible reform is not just dishonest and inaccurate, it’s the same kind of propaganda you are supposedly against.

  • skepticalist

    Who else gains with Amnesty? Politicians let themsleves off the hook for doing NOTHING for 35 years. That’s both sides of the aisle.

  • GSR

    The American people, native born Americans that is, are literally being replaced by the constant importation of tens of millions of poor, grade-school educated peasants, who are tailor made for the social programs that politicians love to think up in order to win votes and thus win office.
    The American public is constantly being told “we’re all immigrants” or “we’re a nation of immigrants”, when in fact, those states are either factually incorrect or half-truths at best.
    But it’s too late. Literally too late. The elites of government and business want a “borderless-world” of global government. We are well on the way.

  • Terry the long and short of it is that your Democrat friends are obsessed with granting illegals in the US legal status so they can increase their voter base. All else is secondary for them. This has been an ongoing effort for decades. Illegals have been encouraged to come here by the open border crowd for that reason, with the implicit promise that, like in 1986, they will be granted citizenship. It is a disgraceful record of blatant violation of politicians’ oath of office as well as an encouragement for others to commit crime. It undermines the rule of law, has stretched government budgets nationwide and turned California into a bankrupt state. You just can’t sugar that turd any way you look at it. There is no propaganda here. It is all on your side. Even your logo “con web watch” is implicitly threatening, suggesting a big brother “we are watching you”. Who paid to set that up, George Soros? Simply amazing.

  • Folks, this is a teachable moment. The person above is what we call a “Troll.” They never provide facts or figures that can be rebutted, only smear tactics. Even their website proudly boasts this. I quote:

    “The Anonymity Sluts At WorldNetDaily WND will give it up (anonymity, that is) to just about anybody — as long as they’re forwarding WND’s far-right anti-Obama agenda. Goodbye, Les Kinsolving
    WorldNetDaily’s biased, whine-prone White House reporter hangs it up. But don’t worry — we’ll still be treated to his homophobic rants in his WND column. Accuracy In Media Honors Inaccuracy In Media AIM’s Reed Irvine Awards have an unfortunate tendency to be given to right-wing activists known more for their mendacity than for telling the truth. All The MRC’s Hacks Bob Woodward’s claim that a White House official intimidated him
    was discredited, but the Media Research Center keeps pretending it
    remains undisputed fact.”

    This is what passes for reasoned argument among the Left. No effort to make a case, no examples, no citations, no facts, not even good English – on their homepage no less! Just insults, like “Anonymity Sluts” or “whine-prone” or “homophobic rants.” It is amazing that they aren’t embarrassed by this stuff. Can you imagine if a conservative wrote such crap?

    They put themselves out as “keepers of the truth” when in fact their real purpose is to discredit as much as possible and intimidate when they can get away with it.” The rationale comes from Herbert Marcuse’s “Partisan Tolerance” i.e. complete intolerance to the point of suppression, of any information that does not parrot leftist ideology. It is doubtful that Mr. Krepel knows this, but that is where the concept comes from just the same. Saul Alinksy further developed it in his Rules for Radicals. The little icon is designed to make them look like they come from some legitimate, organized group, but this stuff is simple to set up if you are willing to present yourself as something you are not – a behavior the left excels at. And that is about all they excel at, unless you consider wrecking our country to be a proud accomplishment.

    Keep these things in mind when you see posts like this and pray for these individuals, for they really are blind to what they are doing.

  • Doubling down on the personal attacks, I see. For your information, ConWebWatch is my personal site, funded and directed only by me. If I had Soros money (which I don’t), it would look a lot better than it does. And really, do you think every website with “watch” in its name — like, say, Judicial Watch — is implicitly threatening? And even if you do, so what? Shouldn’t such operations be monitored for accuracy and bias?

  • Yes, this is a teachable moment — we see how James Simpson can’t take criticism. All I did is criticize a single aspect of his article, and he has responded with thin-skinned tirades.

    Since Mr. Simpson is attacking my work, I must respond. Notice that he provides only headlines of articles I’ve written, then complains that I’ve provided “no examples, no citations, no facts.” If Mr. Simpson had bothered to actually read the articles to which those headlines are attached, he would have seen that I provide examples and citations in the form of numerous links. And by the end of those articles, I will have proven through those examples that WND recklessly hands out anonymity, that Les Kinsolving is a whine-prone homophobe, and that AIM gives its Accuracy in Media Award to people who are not known for their accuracy.

    Also note that he makes no effort to disprove anything I’ve written. If I’m as wrong as Mr. Simpson claims, it would be incredibly easy to do, right? Instead, he is using the same Alinsky tactics he accuses me of using in order to dismiss me as nothing but a leftist crank.

    In fact, I am merely applying the same standards to conservative media that conservative media use to attack “liberal media.” One doesn’t have to be a “leftist” to agree that, for example, news organizations should grant anonymity to a source only on rare occasions. Does pointing out that WND loves to throw around anonymity make me a “leftist”? No. Unlike Mr. Simpson, I worked in journalism for 17 years and know how it’s supposed to work.

    Mr. Simpson just wants to put forward propaganda to advance his agenda, and for pointing that out, he’s attacking me, calling me a “troll” and making false accusations about me.

    It seems that Mr. Simpson may need prayers more than I do, because he gets mean and dishonest when he gets mad.

  • 8z0kts6

    The United States is on course to be replaced by the “North American Economic Zone”. Of course this is likely to be after a nasty civil war with large numbers of dead.

    No matter, replacements from Mexico, Central, and South America are readily available.

    Hang on, the ride gets MUCH worse from here on out.

  • Shane

    Unless the illegals are forced to pay a substantial fine before becoming legalized, then it is a mass amnesty. The fine for entering the USA illegally is $5,000; let them all pay it.

  • Tina Trent

    Thank you, Jim. Marco Rubio is in deep with these groups. Too bad the rest of the conservative media was so busy spit-polishing his “clean, articulate” shoes that they didn’t do their jobs.

  • Oh hell, just call them what they are……UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.

  • stevor


  • liliq

    You should include the Catholic Church’s central organizing structure that has spear headed the movement to transport parishoners from overflowingly attended churches in Mexico to churches on the verge of closing, first in California then throughout the US on the premise of ‘immigration reform’ and track the specific benefits the Catholic Church has realized beginning with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, its central tenets to deny further illegal immigration and the resulting federal refusal to implement its sanctions. This is a well funded effort that has been well rewarded.

  • dextermassolettisr

    Thank you sir.
    Too bad those that had taken over public office to exchanged our government and Constitution for a used suppository will have to learn at our expense the true nature of the master-slave relationship: they themselves will have no freedom when ours have gone under their heels.
    If they cannot be stopped any other way, there will be blood I’m afraid.

  • Paulina Lerma

    GSR, you might want to recheck your facts. I am now a resident but was once what someone like you would call an “illegal alien” and have fought to educate myself with the help of my mother at an Ivy league institution unlike most of the students who I went to high school with who were in fact U.S. citizens. Don’t conflate your ignorant experiences with a few undocumented immigrants with the entire Mexican populace in the United States. If everyone in this country, which I do consider my own, had the work ethic of the majority of Mexican immigrants coming into the U.S. we would be better off as a nation.

  • Joe Public

    Drop Hispanic. Spanish language and culture is not a race just Like English and French is spoken by people of European, African, Asians and other indigenous ancestry. Spanish is Haispanic and Latino means from Rome. The Spanish speaking people in the Americas can be of any ethnic background and most likely a mix because the European colonies were there for far longer than the English ones. Culturaly Spanish / Portuguese America is Hispano (Hispania/Iberia was Roman area that included what is now Portugual. This does not mean the people are lying but the USA has pushed a faulty concept that people overseas has adapted due to the media and the simplicity of the truth is lost.
    Latin Americans are people who have a strong Latin cultural heritage (language, religion, lifestyle) to Latin Europe. Yes Montreal/Quebec is a Latin American area even do the people may look different than a person from Ecuador but remember Haiti is a Latin American country because of the strong French culture. As far a the concept of race. There is no such thing but if we are talking about pheno types Uruguay and Argentina are populated by a majority of European decent.
    Let’s drop the racism and accept that some people made some mistakes and created false concepts of race and ethnicity due to old prejudices not based on rational thinking and proper definition. The French were the first to coin the term Latin America. And if you never been to Latin America, French Canada, Latin Europe please don’t spread false ideas because you don’t agree we the facts because you have a feeling of superiority over other people without first hand experience.

  • Joe Public

    I sure the indigenous (First Nations felt the same way when the Europeans came. The Irony is the so call Hispanics coming to the USA from Mexico and other countries south of the USA border (Yes Mexico is in North America) who really happen to be native Americans that speak Spanish because of previous colonization are not welcomed in a country that took 55% of Mexico in 1846.

    This fact because Mexico has millions of people of European ancestry that if we use the racist (USA) American terminology, would be defined as white. They happen to be the ruling class and the poor, who are the ones immigrating, are the darker skinned indeginous (native Americans) and African Mexicans (yes Mexico has people of African ancestry due to colonialism by the European Spanish). These are the people not wanted in the USA. Ironic, Native Americans and mix people of indigenous and African heritage not wanted. We have pleanty of illegal Canadians in the USA but they are not even mentioned on the media. Again we are not kicking the Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estabez, Carmen Diaz, or Christina Aguilera’s out of the country. The status quo wants the Spanish speaking native Americans, Haitians and the Pariah away from the country. We all know that many Native American (First Nations) in Canada speak French, many people are called Metis, in Spanish speaking America is the same thing and the mix ones called Mestizos. Hope this enlightened some people. I am sure some racist person will disagree for the sake of spreading their hate.

  • Joe Public

    Yes don’t let the racist keep dogging the Hispanophones because they have a racist agenda. Most Mexicans I met are hard working, family oriented people. The US media paints Spanish speaking people as an invading force when the Spanish were the first Europeans to settle in the Americas but we know that really who they don’t like is not really the Spanish but the Dark skin native Americans or the mix decedants of the Spanish and native Americans called mestizos.
    The media only shows examples of stereotypes never the real contributions of Hispanophones to US culture.
    The whole south west was mexico and what is considered cowboy culture was all the mix or Spanish European and south western native american culture. The Guitar, Rode, Laso (rope), Chili are Spanish in origin. The Spanish brought horses and cows(beef and steak) to the Americas. The tortilla are native american cuisine. Everything from country music to nachos are of Spanish American cultural heritage. People of Mexican or any other Spanophone background have nothing to be ashamed off.