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Kristen Welker informed viewers of the NBC Nightly News that an “undocumented worker” was at fault in a terrible bus crash in Louisiana on August 28 that killed two people and injured 41 others. It is typical of the media to use that phrase when referring to illegal aliens. It is how the media try to condition people to accept their presence in the United States. After all, if these people are “workers,” they can’t be such terrible people. On the other hand, the word “alien” implies something foreign to the United States.

The Breitbart website, under fire from the liberal media and Hillary Clinton, was accurate, noting that “illegal alien” Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez drove the private rental bus that crashed into a fire truck, two other vehicles and three firefighters.

By using the phrase “undocumented workers” over and over again, the media think that people will gradually change their views about the invasion of the United States through our southern border and become more accepting of the foreigners on American soil. This is how liberal brainwashing is designed to work over time.

The problem for the media is that, in this case, the terrible crash involved the deaths of two people and injuries to 41 others. Even using the sanitized term “undocumented worker” can’t paper over the serious nature of what happened.

A statement from the Louisiana State Police explained that emergency vehicles were attending to one crash when they were hit by the bus driven by the illegal alien. Victims included first responders. It said, “For reasons under investigation, the bus struck the left side of the fire truck that was angled in the right lane. The bus then struck the rear of a 2012 Toyota Camry, and the Camry was pushed into the rear of a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and flatbed trailer. After striking the rear of the Camry, the bus veered into the right lane between the Trooper unit and the Titan. It struck the three firefighters who were standing near the guardrail. The firefighters were thrown over the edge of the elevated interstate into the water below, approximately 30-40 feet. The Fire Chief, Spencer Chauvin, was transported to River Parishes Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.”

There is much more to the story, in terms of those who were injured, but what’s also critical is that the official police statement goes on to say that “The driver of the bus has been identified as 37 year old Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez. Rodriguez is an illegal alien from Honduras and does not have a driver’s license.”

So the police, at least, still have enough integrity and honesty to use accurate terminology.

Rodriguez was charged with two counts of negligent homicide, reckless operation, negligent injuring and no driver’s license, and “additional criminal charges are forthcoming.”

Don’t look for any in-depth news reports on this illegal alien killing and injuring people in Louisiana. That might help the Trump campaign.

Many news media outlets, including CNN, used the phrase “undocumented immigrant” to describe the illegal alien.

ABC News called him an “unlicensed bus driver.” The Washington Post called him an “unlicensed party bus driver.”

The New Orleans Advocate reported that he had been pulled over by State Police on August 5 and cited for driving without a license. Yet he was on the road again, speeding down a highway.

A New York Daily News headline glossed over all of this saying, “Bus full of Louisiana flood workers crashes, killing 2, including fire chief, over 30 injured.” The number of injuries has since risen to 41.

The bus was full of flood workers, many of them also illegal aliens.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Oh for crying out loud, Kincaid. Lots of people use the term “undocumented worker” because that is ALSO what they are. I love when right wing nutjobs, like you, think that they know the motives of anyone that isn’t as idiotically right wing as you are. You’re a pathetic boob of a human being. But hey. Thanks for helping get Drumpf nominated, thereby guaranteeing the GOP will go on to lose six of the last seven presidential elections (popular vote). Keep up the good work!

  • Robert F

    Oh for crying out loud, IronChefSandwiches. Do you use the term “unallowed bank robbers”? Just as ridiculous as your trivial rant.

  • missieb2000

    I hope the bus company goes bankrupt.

  • missieb2000

    I guess that means PeeWee Herman blew up his career for being an undocumented sperm donor.

  • Wayright2

    How about “unauthorized withdrawal specialist?”

  • bobs33hotrod

    You see, That’s why we need Donald Trump to stop all Illegal Aliens from entering the USA. Please vote “TRUMP” to stop this, NOV.2016.
    Bobby ~!~

  • Media Scrutiny

    Yet another perfect example of how we need stronger enforcement of Immigration Law.
    You hear the “stronger enforcement” mantra from Liberals when yet another Gang related Shooting is reported in Chicago, yet they turn their heads at something like the above story.
    If eVerify was Mandatory, and “sanctuary” policies were made illegal, Illegal Aliens would actually “self deport”. Funny how Mitt Romney’s theory of “self deportation” that all of the Liberals guffawed at if Laws were enforced doesn’t seem so unreasonable now, does it?

  • jug

    ICS, you just described yourself perfectly, in one word yet!
    No, actually two words, “pathetic boob”!

    Standard operating procedure of liberals when they have no point, call names!

  • The Dutchman

    He’s a wacko, and like all dumbocraps has the blood of these victims on his hands for supporting these crimes.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    No, you blithering idiot. Unallowed bank robbers” is redundant. Undocumented workers are workers who are undocumented. It’s really pretty simple. Apparently it’s too complicated for you to follow, though.

  • Steven Barrett

    How ’bout stopping for a moment here guys and remember that however you want to describe person most responsible for causing this horrible life-taking accident . . . lives were lost and while it makes for great sport and you can gain a lof of “I/we told you so”(s) . . . there’s quite a few empty holes in their loved ones hearts. I wouldn’t want anybody doing an ideological tarantella dance on my loved one’s grave. It’s easy enough to shout “J’accuse” over and over at our usual favorite suspects. Then what after the trials, sentences handed down, civil litigation gets going, etc. Who’s going to be with the families at their time of greatest need then.

  • M J

    A LICENSED AMERICAN LEGAL CITIZEN bus driver could have prevented all this! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  • unbelievable…

    Oh, the irony of complaining about the use of the term “undocumented worker” instead of “illegal alien” because you feel the latter is more appropriate, within an article that coins the word “massacre” for a tragic accident. People in glass houses and all that…

  • Mark Midas

    Let them eat tacos!

  • Mesa Mike

    So you are saying we are somehow perpetrators of a wrong-doing because we are get upset by this event? Should we ignore it and somehow that will make the aggrieved families feel better? Your intent seems to be subversion. Also I think “je les accuse” is the more appropriate way to say it, not by use of the title of a hackneyed speech; the latter is often misused.

  • Steven Barrett

    No, I was just suggesting a cooling down of the heated rhetoric. My apologies if I gave you the opposite impression.

  • SonofLiberty7

    His choice to continue driving after the police officer undoubtedly told him to park it and call his boss, was a choice that led to those deaths. Therefore, it was not completely an accident. He was not qualified to drive the bus, and probably not even trained. That bus requires a CDL license.

  • SonofLiberty7

    Whoever hired him to drive, or leased that bus to him, should be prosecuted. That bus requires a type of CDL license.

  • David Martin

    An American’s chances of being killed by an illegal alien drunk driver are infinitely greater than his being killed by a terrorist. It is a very serious problem. For documentation, see my article “Trump Half Right on Immigration, Hispanic Crime.”

  • Steven Barrett

    I wouldn’t go that far, but your point is well taken that somebody who shouldn’t have been here and gamed the system in some way to put himself in the position where he was (horribly and mistakenly) trusted to drive should never be overlooked.

  • Steven Barrett

    “Not completely an accident,” … excellent point well taken! Kudos!

  • Ellen

    They call ILLEGAL ALIENS, undocumented workers to be politically correct. Unfortunately our country will go down with being politically correct. VOTE TRUMP. NOT, politically correct, pantsuit, lying Killary.

  • Ellen

    Yes, let them eat tacos, in MEXICO, not in our country.

  • Ellen

    Not the ILLEGAL ALIENS for sure. They just want what they want and to the dickens with others. VOTE TRUMP, deport all ILLEGALS and build that wall. It could not be soon enough.

  • Ellen

    And may not even know how to speak ENGLISH. You can blame Obama for this too. With his NIGHTMARE illegal people.

  • Ellen

    No. It makes very good sense. No freebies, no anchor babies, very few will break their necks to go over the fence. And do you know that ILLEGALS here send money to relatives in their country so these relatives can pay the cayote to smuggle them across the border, come here ILLEGALLY TOO? Where will it end? Nowhere till some good politicians put a stop to it. VOTE TRUMP.

  • Ellen

    Undocumented to work? Or the precise term for it is, ILLEGAL ALIENS, because they are not here only to work but to partake of the freebies allowed by crooked politicians.. No papers, ILLEGALS. Undocumented is diminishing the ILLEGALITY of these fence jumpers.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You are a misinformed idiot. If ignorance is bless, you should be extremely happy.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hey there sweetie, which is it you belong to, a revamped lodge of Know-Nothings or the Klan? Sound just like ’em. And, btw, if you’re a Catholic and go along with the Know-Nothings or actually belong to a local Klavern, or whatever those bums refer to their local “affiliates,” shame on you. Point I’m trying to make here, Ellen … is that whether or not you and people taking the same position, you’re sounding very much like the most retrograde knuckledraggers we’ve been “blessed” with in our history. Some achievement, eh?