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There is a new rule from our friends on the authoritarian left: If you’re going to support President Donald Trump, you better be careful where you do it.

Only in the comfort of your home, says the Black Entertainment Television website. “In light of recent events,” it intoned on Monday, “Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hats have become taboo to wear in public.”

The BET website was writing about an incident last Saturday in which two white teens from Pennsylvania who were in town for a field trip went into the Howard University cafeteria for lunch wearing pro-Trump paraphernalia. Both had MAGA hats they had bought the previous day at Pentagon City Mall in Virginia, and one was wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt.

Students at Howard, a historically black college in Washington, D.C., did not even wait for the girls to get their lunch before setting upon them. One student grabbed one of the girl’s hats; another said “F— y’all.” Others stared and made comments, according to the girls.

Finally, the scene grew so uncomfortable the chaperones on the trip decided to find lunch elsewhere. But the media was all too quick to blame the victims. “The teenagers who wore MAGA hats to Howard aren’t martyrs for free speech,” screeched a Washington Post headline. “These White Women Wore Trump Hats To Howard University And Tried To Play Victim After Getting Called Out,” said the BET website.

There is nothing for them to get “called out” for. The girls say neither they nor their chaperones realized Howard is a historically black college. One said that even if she had known, she has the right to publicly support the president.

And they didn’t “try to play the victim.” They were the victims of harassment from a supposedly open-minded college community that, it turns out, cannot countenance other ideas.

“You came to an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities), one of the few places Black people have historically been relatively safe from racism, and openly supported a racist,” tweeted someone who goes by BlackLorenaBobbitt. “What did you expect?”

“To get lunch without being harassed,” one of the teens tweeted back.

“You said, It’s unfortunate that Trump supporters have more fear when going places than others, tell me, how could this possibly be true?” tweeted another person. Perhaps because no one harasses Trump opponents in the lunch line.

Howard reacted with a series of tweets that did not provide much clarity, much less moral leadership. “Though this is an institution where freedom of thought, choice, and expression are ever-present, we will never compromise our values or allow others to convince us to do so.”

HU Dining, which operates the cafeteria, tried to insinuate that it had kicked the girls off campus, although the girls said they left voluntarily. “We will take any action necessary to ensure that HU students feel safe&comfortable in our dining spaces,” it tweeted. “The group is no longer on campus.”

But the chilling aspect of all this is the way the media leapt to the defense of the notion that it’s all right to harass anyone who supports the president and to declare some of the country off limits to those people.

Molly Roberts of The Washington Post summed it up thusly:

“As stifling to debate as the ‘safe space’ argument can be at schools across the country, Howard is one of the few examples of the term at its purest and most persuasive. ‘Safety’ as many students today use the word has little to do with physical harm and more to do with emotional discomfort. Safety at Howard, from its founding, has meant, well, safety.” She then goes on to recount Howard’s history – it was founded shortly after the Civil War as a seminary for African-American clergy. Then she says it was “a place for African Americans to study without fear not just of racist words, but of racist acts – of people stopping them from going to school at all, of people discriminating against them when they were there, and yes, of people trying to hurt them.

“Howard students did not simply disagree with the teens who appeared on their campus. The those-were-the-days Trumpian worldview the girls were advertising was anathema to everything Howard has always stood for. And the white supremacists Trump continues to court are exactly the people Howard was designed to protect its students from and equip them to counter.”

So either Molly Roberts thinks these two high school girls were about to start beating up a lot of Howard students, or she thinks they are incapable of handling any thoughts with which they don’t agree. The students at Howard did not encounter any racist words or acts from these girls. The girls were not trying to hurt anyone. They merely were doing something completely uncontroversial before last November – wearing clothes that supported the president.

And if the whole object is to “equip them to counter” other ideas, how can one countenance college students intimidating high school girls over what hats and shirts they wear? How does that counter the ideas? What does it teach the Howard students about resolving conflict and moving toward a less racist society? That the key is to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree? Or that debate is for sissies and real men or women snatch hats off of heads instead?

It is part of a larger trend by the mainstream media to not just excuse but justify, even champion, any behavior, no matter how violent or mean or irrational, so long as it opposes President Trump. This is not news gathering. It is an attempt to incite a mob. And it’s a disgrace to the country at what so many of its proud media organizations have allowed themselves to become.

“Our campus is a space for educational engagement to occur between both those who do and do not share our values,” Howard’s administration tweeted. “Thankfully, when visitors set foot on our campus they are met with some of the brightest and best students in our nation.”

We must hope as Americans the brightest and best of Howard’s students weren’t the ones representing the school in the cafeteria last Saturday.

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  • carl

    Obama stirred up allot of racial hate.

  • TED

    How stupid were those girls and their chaperones not knowing that Howard University is a predominantly black school? Nincompoops! Going into a black university’s lunchroom wearing Trump gear is, at the moment, not very different from going in there with white hoods on!

    Fools! (Including those that would defend them!)

  • Paul Anderson

    Not much has changed since the 60’s, when the communist Saul Alynski, and the Weather Underground, roamed the college campus. One of Saul’s darlings, just happen to be Hillary Clinton.
    Socialist Democrats will continue to promote Marx and the Communist Manifesto, on the college campus, and the fool will continue to follow the leader.
    Personally, I am thankful that we now have a president, that promotes the Godly principles, of the founding fathers.

  • john robel


  • Kyle

    The only fool I see here is you, Ted. In America, we have something called freedom. I can walk on any campus and wear whatever I want. Thank goodness in Texas, we can carry on campus. If you don’t agree with other peoples’ view, you still don’t have the right to put your hands on them. Put your hands on me, in a threatening manner, you will die.

  • James

    Exactly! When I read the line, “The girls say neither they nor their chaperones realized Howard is a historically black college,” the word that popped into my head is “morons.” And they were even bigger morons to fail to realize that wearing those hats and t-shirts at Howard University was, at the very least, insensitive and inappropriate. Nincompoops, indeed!

  • samo war

    where are whhitte poower patrios ?

  • AltVoice

    No. 44 gave his successor the political environment in which to thrive and ultimately win the presidency. The term ‘racist’ has just about lost its very meaning today, and Snoopy must be shaking his head.

  • oat21

    Trump supporters don’t have any fear when going any place.

  • mioahu

    The idiotic lying TED has raised his dumb head again. So basically you and your fascist left have given up freedom of speech and think it should be censured. HE IS THE F***NG PRESIDENT you dumb moron ! So you can’t wear a hat supporting your president now ? Those thug morons who harassed them should be disciplined. Don’t worry idiotic TED, when they come for you, and they will, they won’t care you are a softy self hating lib ! You morons keep saying that hes a nazi, but the only thugs who intimidate, riot, beat up people are you , the leftists.

  • mioahu

    so wearing a hat honoring your president is now inappropriate ? What exactly has this president done to disparage black people ? And please don’t say he didn’t condemn the KKK and the nazis, his daughter, son in law and grandchildren are jewish, in case you didn’t know .. and most likely you don’t , cause leftists are uninformed and have pretty foggy and incoherent thinking, otherwise they would be on the right…

  • blbc

    It might be that the lowest of the students were harassing these girls, but any that are above it will be afraid to say so.

  • MonadnockMan

    So it is no longer the United States of America, a Republic form of governing, is that correct? Seems as though the liberal side of the fence has determine there is only one rule and it is theirs. Well if history serves me, that is not a solid path to retain this Republic called the United State of America?

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The problem with the Black Voice In America is that’s it’s smarter and makes more sense than the voice that leads them. As the Democratic Party and it’s Lobby continues it’s polices of Anti-competitive practices by creating monopolies in the area’s of the News Media , In Our Colleges and Entertainment Industry and other near monopolies , their seems to be a vast need to demand the federal government investigate and pursue trust and insure our antitrust laws are being followed. For Example ( In business, a trust is used to combine several large businesses in order to exert complete control over a market ) { Quote – Sherman Act Wikipedia The specific sense from 19th-century America used in the law refers to a type of trust which combines several large businesses for monopolistic purposes – to exert complete control over a market – though the law addresses monopolistic practices even if they have nothing to do with this specific legal arrangement.} From people being black listed out of the entertainment industry for opposing the Democratic Party and it’s lobby , to most all of the colleges being controlled by the Democratic Lobby who are publicly bulling people for not supporting the Democratic Party or having an opposing opinion to almost having a singular news media or media sources that are singular to oppressing every one who doesn’t support the Democratic Party and their Lobby and have a notable reputation for lying and spreading false propaganda for political and financial gain.. These monopolistic practices have a vast effect on the market and it’s control and is a direct attempt to create a singular government and has created the largest united monopoly that’s ever existed in America that is distinct to the efforts of complete political control and a one party system.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I don’t understand why the black community would advocate a party that believes in an open border process that would eliminate their job quotas and social , welfare and health programs. Other than the 24 hour brain washing media on TV , I don’t see that the Neo Nazi Democratic Party is offering them anything except billions of more dark skinned immigrants to compete against. Then when you look at the immigrants the Democratic Party likes and doesn’t like it’s based on competition. They hate the Jews and won’t let the Asians in their Ivy League Schools because they can’t compete against them and they like the immigrants that have elementary level of education. Don’t the black people already live under that program of apartheid.

  • 2011RedSox

    HEY — all you people NOT wearing “George Soros pays for my pajamas while I blog” tee-shirts…


  • FireAnt

    Does anyone know what per cent of Howard University’s full time faculty teaching STEM courses are Black?

    If they are mostly Asian, one might ponder why?

  • Nicknjax

    What would happen if the situation was reversed and the black students wore Obama caps on a conservative campus??