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In a recent article, “Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges,” The Washington Post stumbled on the truth about one of the factors affecting the rising cost of college for American students. The percentage of foreign students enrolling in both public and private colleges and universities has skyrocketed. Their sponsors, Middle East governments and regimes like China, buy their way into American colleges and universities for their own students, forcing up costs for the dwindling number of Americans fortunate enough to gain admission.

It is estimated that over one million international students are enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. That figure has doubled in 15 years. The growing international enrollment is crowding out qualified U.S. students.

But the Post, staying true to the liberal/libertarian orientation of its owner, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, tried to play down the serious nature of the problem. “International growth has fostered an increasingly cosmopolitan culture on campuses across the country, with academic benefits for domestic and foreign students alike,” the Post claimed. “It gives colleges an additional path toward ethnic and racial diversity, opening doors to students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. But it also injects pressure into the admissions scramble that U.S. high school seniors are starting to experience this month as schools release early-admission decisions.”

With that final sentence, the paper alluded to how American high school students are losing slots to foreigners. The claims about a “cosmopolitan culture” and “diversity” sound attractive, but the benefits for the American students lucky enough to get into these colleges were not clearly defined.

“American citizens need to stand up for American schools for American students,” says Dr. Tina Trent, who studies and writes about academia. “As foreign students stand at the front of the line, too many American students stand outside the classroom doors, increasingly excluded from the very institutions their parents and grandparents built and subsidize with every paycheck.”

Trent, who contributes to a blog sponsored by the Capital Research Center and writes frequently on education, says that she found that at one university, a faculty member noted that one in 10 of the freshman seats was “going to the children of plutocrats from a repressive, communist state,” Communist China. “This is something that is going on at both public and private universities and colleges,” Trent told Accuracy in Media.

The foreign students are paying the full cost, since money is no problem for the regimes that sponsor them. Yet, their financial contributions do not reduce tuition for the American students lucky enough to get in, and the public dollars continue to flow.

“When these institutions give classroom chairs to foreign students, they are unilaterally choosing to transfer our tax dollars to foreigners,” she explained. “The excuses the schools have given over the years include the virtues of globalization and exposing Americans to ‘diverse’ foreign cultures. But in reality, administrators are mostly motivated by the fact that they can charge foreign students higher tuition.”

Trent said that in Florida, where she taught college classes as an adjunct professor, she watched friends struggle to get their own children into a university system they paid for with their own tax dollars. “Even when they get into schools, certain classes in the hard sciences are extremely hard to access. Yet these schools still manage to find room for rapidly increasing numbers of foreign students,” she added.

She said that with the extra tuition money provided by foreigners, on top of the public funds, administrators are sponsoring and promoting useless and politicized “studies” programs that justify bloated salaries for themselves. A concrete example of this trend is the proliferation of “diversity and inclusion” departments or offices on college campuses. Such departments or offices literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on speakers like communist Angela Davis and conferences devoted to feminist or radical black studies.

Trent said the students from totalitarian states, be they Islamic or Chinese, are pouring money into administrators’ pockets, but the anti-American attitudes these students often bring with them are not being corrected. “Nor are the administrators criticizing the regimes from which these students come,” she added. However, white male American students are immediately judged as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., and ordered into “diversity” training sessions.

“So you get this ironic situation where university administrators who find Klansmen under every rock when it comes to their American students, are running cover for plutocrats from China and slave-owners from the Middle East who violently oppress women,” Trent said. For example, “You won’t find many Women’s Studies professors criticizing their own school’s administrations for admitting students from countries that practice female genital mutilation, or forced abortion, or who murder rape victims.”

“As these totalitarian regimes gain footholds in American universities by making direct donations and purchasing larger and larger percentages of classroom seats, those regimes are gaining tremendous influence over the research done by these schools,” she said. “The increasing anti-Israel bent of Middle Eastern Studies programs is just the oldest example of such crudely cash-based ideological colonialization of American higher education.”

Foreign students put other burdens on schools. Trent says that colleges and universities usually use underpaid adjunct lecturers and instructors to teach freshman composition classes and tutor foreigners who don’t speak fluent English. “I know adjuncts, and also graduate students, who spend hours of essentially unpaid labor tutoring scores of such students who don’t speak enough English to be attending an American school in the first place,” she said.

The Wall Street Journal has reported on another problem—how cheating among international students is rampant. “Faculty and domestic students interviewed said it appears that substantial numbers of international students either don’t comprehend or don’t accept U.S. standards of academic integrity,” the paper said.

As President Trump grapples with such issues as the high cost of college and student debt, Trent says Congress and the states should be holding “America First” hearings “to determine the size of this new influx of foreign students and its specific effect on the ability of American students to gain access to higher education.”

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  • biilyjoe

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT IDEA–LONG OVERDUE. If it had been in effect in the 1980’s , we would never have had the Indonesian-raised, Saudi paid-for, race-quota’ed Traitor that we just got rid of out of the oval office.

  • TPS12

    “Faculty and domestic students interviewed said it appears that substantial numbers of international students either don’t comprehend or don’t accept U.S. standards of academic integrity,”

    Much like our msm lack of standards and integrity or they would be all over this story!

  • Ted

    Truly a white trash Republican, eh, Biily?

  • Ted

    Well, you bozos are constantly bu**sh*tting about the awesome virtues of “the free market” … and you’re just seeing it in action right here in River City!

    (Plus … with the constant decline in primary and secondary public education in this county … plus that fact that most American families are still at the level of 1973 family incomes (adjusted for inflation) and, therefore, just DON’T HAVE THE MONEY to send their kids to colleges with today’s exorbitant costs … it’s understandable that the numbers of better-prepared and wealthier kids from foreign countries attending American colleges and universities would be on the rise.)

  • biilyjoe

    The Welfare State est. circa LBJ/mlk/aclu/naacp 1964 is NO FREE MARKET.

  • biilyjoe

    You’re absolutely correct. The oil rich Middle Eastern brats who fled Iran brought their ‘islamic values’ with them. My sister was a university professor out in CA when they first started arriving– Their first impulse was to see her and ask her how much an ” A “would cost vs. a ” B” . Of course , she looked at them incredulously and asked them to leave her office.
    A prime example is the new Propaganda Minister of Comcast Cable (posing as their Chief Technology Officer) –advertising himself as an immigrant (like all of OUR ANCESTORS were not immigrants). He came from India and is using his position to tweet to encourage Comcast employees to go out on the streets and protest our President–and the Democratic Electoral Process that all of our own immigrant ancestors fought for and gave the best years of their lives to preserve. He should be removed.

  • biilyjoe

    No. But that’s still one step above the self-deprecating phony white-guilt/privilege unmugged white Jackarse-crats and the insatiable trayvonized/sharptonized black insurrectionist white haters whom they placate–LIKE YOURSELF.

  • John Cunningham

    No more free rides for illegal or legal aliens. If you want to attend our schools do as the rest of America does. Pay your own way.

  • Emily Rainge

    Poor Billy. Don’t let your own hatred kill you now?Bless your little heart.

  • biilyjoe

    QUACK !!


    They shouldn’t be allowed to collect government money AND collect money from foreign nationals if they are pushing our kids out and teaching them crap instead of real stuff they need to really get an education and a job. If private school want to only allow foreigners in their schools, that is their right to do so, if we are all paying for that school, no we get a say in who they hire, who they allow in and what they teach.

  • Ellen

    More than time America First For College Admissions. No more pushovers or being politically correct. Other countries should take care of their nationals and America to take care of their own.

  • Ellen

    Anyone with a brain on his head would say absolutely what billiejoe said. Ted, are you a die hard politically correct lunk or a great pushover?

  • Emily Rainge


  • biilyjoe

    Heil ! Mangey RAINGEy

  • joe

    I take a little offense at the Indonesian comment. I am a US citizen, my Mother born and raised Irish German from Pennsylvania. My parents were missionaries in Indonesia. My fiance, who is from Indonesia cannot get the same quality education in her country as in the US. She is a Christian, not a Muslim. She is paying from her own pocket to go to school here in the United States. I think that America First nationalist populist ideas should not be applied to education. Everyone gets a fair shot at education. If American students aren’t being accepted, it’s because they don’t deserve the higher education based on their academic records. I attended Kindergarten-highschool overseas and scored higher on all tests than 98% of HS students who studied in America. My entire graduating class did, in fact. Class GPA average of 4.5. If US based students had better HS education and got off their lazy bums to study instead of playing video games, then they would have a better acceptance rate into University.

  • frank

    I think billy has never left his home town. He doesn’t have any experience travelling abroad, so his view is very narrow and limited. It’s understandable. Maybe we should buy a ticket for him to experience what the world is like so that he can get out of his mother’s basement in his podunk town.

  • biilyjoe

    You are worse than the Snowflakes we have here. I TAKE OFFENSE that YOU take offense at something I never said—FALSE READ. And if you are an example of the superiority of non-US based students over US based ones, then you are a poor example. Yes, American education has been in trouble for 60 years because college admissions and job hirings have been based on race quotas and ‘affirmative’ (affirmative for whom?) action RATHER THAN MERIT . Obama and his wife were race quota’ed into their colleges based on race. Why do you think obama’s academic records have all been hidden/classified?? He was a Poli Sci major at Columbia–in the 1980’s the Poli Sci dep’t at Columbia was small–not one single person who would’ve been in his Poli Sci classes there ever remember seeing him in class–he didn’t even attend class ! AS FAR AS “AMERICA FIRST” , IT IS AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY THAT IS BEING FORKED OVER TO THESE SO-CALLED ‘universities ‘— if American Taxpayers’ want it used on American students then that is their RIGHT as Americans and its their money. I don’t give a crap how smart your non-US scores were , your foreign friends have no right coming here and using any AMERICAN TAXPAYERS FUNDS–I DON’T CARE WHAT RELIGION YOUR FIANCE IS—SHE SHOULD BE PAYING HER OWN WAY LIKE THE REST OF US DID—OTHERWISE IT IS STEALING. YOU SOUND LIKE A CUCKOO AND A THIEF WRAPPED IN ONE. TAKE YOUR GREED AND SHOVE IT.

  • biilyjoe


  • biilyjoe


  • Joe

    I wonder what you got on your SAT score. You seem two brains shy of a monkey. I got 2100 and graduated summa cum laude from my university because I studied hard and didn’t focus on sports and video games. It’s not the education system in America that’s entirely the problem. It’s the culture and the parents. I am a strong fiscal and social conservative despite my growing up abroad. I just have a more intelligent view of the wider world around me. I believe homosexuality is wrong. I believe that abortion is murder. I believe that illegal immigrants should be deported. I believe that evolution is just a theory. I stand by every conservative principle. But people who obtain legal entry into the United States, especially education are not an issue. They earned their right. Couch potato fat Americans need to get off their behinds and start studying instead of watching football and drink beer every afternoon. I’m extremely proud to be an American and an proud of our great history and the founding fathers. I have more knowledge on US history studying abroad then 90% of Americans studying in this country. Why? Because I took the time and initiative to read outside of class. ALSO, MY FIANCE DOESN’T USE TAX PAYER FUNDS. SHE PAYS HER EDUCATION FROM HER POCKET WITH NO SCHOLARSHIP. SHE WORKED MANY YEARS SAVING TO PAY FOR THE ENTIRETY OF HER EDUCATION.

  • Joe

    SHE EVEN PAYS HER OWN ROOM AND BOARD. So you can shove it with your uniformed, uneducated, unresearched tax payer comments. And I can say this, because I’m a CPA.

  • frank

    I have met trump 2x in person. He’s quite sociable and very engaging. He’s not the same man you see on television. I like Trump. But you sir billyjoe are a flat out racist biggot.

  • frank

    If you consider yourself a right wing religious kind of guy take a cue from Jesus and have ab it of humility: “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. “For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? “If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:43-48

  • frank

    I wouldn’t call him a white trash republican. He doesn’t even know what the party stands for or means. Well neither do even some of the republican politicians. But I’d call billyjoe an alt right nationalist populist racist biggot, not a republican.

  • Henry

    So did the KKK pay for your college tuition?

  • billyjoeoncrack

    Did you know that an elephant has a brain the size of a peanut. I’m not calling you fat. Just saying…

  • Raj Kumar

    The reason I came to study in the United States was because of the lack of academic integrity in my country. I appreciate and value the education, integrity, and professionalism I learned while studying in the United States at Liberty University. I have taken what I learned and brought it back to my country of India to help reform the education system. I do agree most middle easterners, especially saudis who study in the US do so for the wrong reasons. Their family’s are rich and they treat their education in the US like spoiled brats. But my friends from developing countries like thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, and similar countries take their education here very seriously and deeply value the integrity present in US universities. It’s a quality of education they would never be able to have in their own countries. And using that knowledge all of my friends have gone back to help improve the integrity of their societies. 95% of students from developing countries in Asia do accept the US standards of academic integrity. It’s the rich spoiled brats from the middle east who do not. With the Chinese it’s 50/50.

  • ImWithReagan

    You sir biilyjoe are not a conservative but a disgraceful nationalist. Get educated on true conservatism:

  • biilyjoe

    I got 2175 and graduated Magna Cum Laude in the early 1960’s when American universities were not yet
    race quota’ed marxist training camps for one-track minded marxists.

  • biilyjoe


  • biilyjoe

    And to you I say what Jesus said to the pharisees — ” Let he who is without sin , cast the first stone” , you are as hypocritical as a Pharisee. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED.

  • biilyjoe

    Did the Black Panthers pay for yours ?? or was it Saudi Arabia that footed the bill like it did for your Mullah–Obama ??

  • biilyjoe

    YOU’RE A GUEST ??? I’d say you’re more of a TROLL !

  • biilyjoe


  • biilyjoe

    Are you the moderator on this site—why is your screen name constantly changing ?? TROLL NOT ??

  • Frank

    I love how you type in all caps. What a rage filled ingrate. And it was a typo. You seem to be a Nazi in every sense, even grammar.

  • Elisa

    Oh my. The scoring system in the 1960s on SATs was completely different. Joe’s score is actually far higher than yours. And what a racist. Proud of graduating from a school promoting segregation.

  • Olaf

    The funny thing with this racist twat is that he’s an old man acting like a 12 year old. What an immature cretin who can’t handle his anger. Bahahahaha…

  • billyjoeangerissues

    I make 300k a year. I don’t need financial help. But since you still live in a trailer, maybe I could put up a donation to help you :). I have a great idea! I’ll pay for a house for you. We’ll build it next to a landfill. After all, white trash doesn’t need to be recycled.

  • biilyjoehasdaddyissues

    You must be a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. That’y probably why you have all this pent up anger biilyjoe. You should go get some counseling. There’s probably a good reason your wife divorced you.

  • biilyjoe

    OFF YOUR MEDS ??? !!!!

  • biilyjoe

    WRONG AGAIN OBAMAPHYLE–we had blacks in our university but they were not placed there and pushed through based on their race, SIMPLETON. And by the way , I know the conversion factor for 60’s SAT scoring to today’s scoring because I’ve compared it to my kids scores and the 2175 is a legit conversion. BUT IF YOU WANT TO KISS JOE’S ARSE –GO RIGHT AHEAD–MAYBE HE HAS SOME OTHER NEEDS YOU CAN FULFILL FOR HIM, ——MONICA.

  • biilyjoe

    I make 2 million –but that’s a moot point. Shouldn’t you be out at Berkeley waiting for your next riot/ loot/burn gig ?

  • biilyjoe

    Shouldn’t you be out selling baby body parts from PP for the DNC ?

  • biilyjoe

    How appropriate that you are talking to yourself. Off your meds ??

  • biilyjoe

    You can’t even spell bigot–let alone recognize one: Let me give you a tip —LOOK IN YOUR MIRROR.

  • Frank

    Wow. You totally went out of context with ” Let he who is without sin , cast the first stone”. “Judge not let you be judged.” “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” speaks for itself and is a biblical mandate. You really should take some theology classes. Have to use verses in context.

  • George Eusterman

    How about fair and balanced hiring of professors? A civil rights effort for balanced education? The last figures I have was a survey amount public university professors that 93% voted for Clinton.

  • AndRebecca

    Don’t you know the SATs have been dumbed down over the years, along with the schools in general? Students are getting less than a 1950s era 8th grade education when they complete 4 years of college today. And, people of color get into college easier than whites, and the truth isn’t racist. Common, you aren’t that uninformed, are you?

  • Colleen Lawler

    Sad to see a discussion has turned into name calling. That said, this is a complex situation. My family literally did help build a college. Taxes from generations of family have helped build our schools. Many students work really hard to have high grades to get in college. Families make sacrifices and kids work jobs to go to college. Then they can’t get in the classes they want because they are full. They get in a class and the instructor uses broken english, and the study group with a grad student is conducted entirely in Chinese. Students get their BA’s to PhD’s and can not write a proper sentence in english, they probably couldn’t graduate from an American high school. Then to add insult to injury we’re told in the lawsuit against the Executive Order temp. travel ban that the state of Washington and big business are financially hurt because they can’t get people from seven countries that must have a better education than our kids? By the way, Germany says most of the refugees are illiterate. What is really going on here?