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Except for the picture of the perpetrator, consumers of the media would have no way of knowing that the alleged killer of two white nuns in Mississippi is black. A picture tells a story. But isn’t it interesting that the racial composition of the victims and the perpetrator is not being emphasized in the actual stories of this black-on-white criminal assault?

Because the two murder victims were nuns, the crime made national news. But now that the alleged killer has been arrested and charged and shown to be black, you can bet the coverage will taper off.

Our media highlight white cops shooting black youth. But a black criminal killing two white elderly women is something to be toned down.

ABC news referred to the “the man,” Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, of Kosciusko, Mississippi, “who has been charged with two counts of capital murder” in the case. He allegedly stabbed the nuns—who were registered nurses and served the local community with free healthcare—to death.

The nuns were 68 and killed in their home.

At a time when liberals are complaining about mass incarceration and Obama is emptying the prisons through his pardon power, ABC reports that Sanders has a criminal record and was on probation. If he had been locked up, the nuns would still be alive.

His background includes:

  • Convicted of a felony DUI and sentenced on February 23, 2015
  • Convicted of armed robbery and served six years

Black CNN reporter Faith Karimi said, “A man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two nuns whose bodies were found in their home in rural Mississippi, authorities said.” Notice the omission of the racial characteristics of those involved.

“Rodney Sanders Charged With Murder in Killing of Mississippi Nuns” was the headline over an NBC News story. NPR ran this headline, “Mississippi Man Charged With Murder Of Two Nuns.”

What about, “Black Career Criminal Charged in Stabbing Deaths of White Nuns?”

If a white man had killed two black women, especially if the white man had been a cop, you can bet the race of the perpetrator would have been highlighted.

The national news coverage given to the nuns’ murder puts Hillary Clinton in a dilemma. She had apologized to the Black Lives Matter movement for once calling black career criminals “super predators.”

At the time, we noted two other cases of brutal black on white violence:

  • Jesse L. Matthew Jr., a black serial criminal predator, pled guilty to the murder of two white women—18-year-old Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia sophomore, and 20-year-old Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student.
  • Black criminal Quinton Verdell Tellis was charged with capital murder in the death of 19-year-old white woman Jessica Chambers. Tellis allegedly burned her alive.

In the latter case, Tellis’ criminal history included a home burglary and violating probation.

More than a year ago we published Jim Simpson’s masterful report, “Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt.” He examined the facts about black-on-white crime.

What’s more, Simpson singled out commentators like CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill, a racial agitator fired by Fox News for defending cop-killers, and spreading misleading statistics about police shootings.

Hill idolizes Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and member of the Black Liberation Army, who killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster by shooting him in the head. She escaped from prison with the help of the Weather Underground and now lives in Cuba.

Incredibly, in addition to getting paid by CNN, Hill is a Morehouse College Distinguished Professor of African-American Studies. His new book is titled Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond.

The “war on the vulnerable” implies that “the man,” aka the white power structure, is behind problems in the black community.

This is how blacks are advised to shift the blame for their own bad behavior to America.

During one of his many appearances on CNN, Hill claimed that black criminal predators were motivated to steal, rape and kill other people because of lead in paint and lead in gasoline. He got this information from Mother Jones magazine, which failed to show proof that excessive lead causes crime of any kind. Lead can cause headaches, memory problems, muscle and joint pain, abdominal pain, cramping and vomiting, but not crime.

CNN calls Hill “one of the leading intellectual voices in the country.” An online publication called the Afro goes further, saying he is “one of the most dynamic Black intellectuals of the 21st century.”

No wonder the black community is in trouble.

The major media outlets, which regularly censor news of black-on-white crime, faced a problem in the coverage of the black criminal killing the white nuns. They had to use the perpetrator’s photo. It was the only one they had. It was furnished by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Now the public knows.

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  • ONLY black, brown, Jew & sexual perverts lives matter to the enemy system

  • IronChefSandwiches

    OK. Once again, Kincaid has gone off to whatever fantasy land he resides in. One more time. I’ll speak slowly.


    Criminals committing murders don’t get the coverage because that’s what criminals do. COPS are supposed to protect us from getting murdered, not committing the deed themselves.

    Kincaid is a bottom-feeding scumbag and so is anyone who takes this ridiculous web site seriously.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You should leave then.

  • Lyntill

    Hmmm….I might not have judged you quite so harshly but since it’s the terms you chose to use, I will tell you that the only bottom feeding scumbag I see here is you, sandwich. You are a troll, in addition to the previous description.

    Only in the world of a liberal can a story about a criminal killing elderly nuns be morphed into cops killing unarmed people. Get a mental checkup, sandwich.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    He specifically compared the lower amount of coverage on the nuns’ murder to the coverage of unarmed black people being murdered by cops. Only in the world of a right wing idiot can you miss that.

  • Lyntill

    Kincaid is right. You are wrong.

  • If you insult those you are trying to persuade, you will never get far.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I have no illusions. I’m not going to persuade anyone dumb enough to come to “Accuracy” in Media for information. I comment to vent at the stupid people.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    No comment on how stupid your original comment was? Got it. And I wouldn’t believe Kincaid if he told me the names of his children.

  • Oddjob

    I spent five years at oberlin college in the 80’s and learned very early on that the reds just want to shout you down and shut you up. Now these people are running the govt. and using their basic command of the english language to do the same in the commentary sections. Probably from mommy and daddies basement with day old cheesepuffs dried around their twisted screwed up mouth(because they don’t want to work) and crusty depends wrapped around their obese belly, because you see, if they had to get up to use the toilet they might miss out on a chance to hurl some insults

  • TPS12

    msm never telling the truth if it goes against their agenda.

  • justmewhoelse12

    When the headline of the nuns being killed appeared, who here got it correct thinking to themselves of the race of the perp would be when (if?) caught? And were correct?

    Yup, no black crime problem in the US is all the MSM lie – I mean report. For decades.

  • John Cunningham

    I know the Democratic Base and Barack Obama knew they hadn’t done a bang up job running this Country so they injected race into the equation. Since that time any black killed by Police is dissected and immediately determined blacks were targeted. Well, those two Nuns were targeted also and, the woman walking her kids the other day in Chicago was targeted.

    Just the other day in New Port Richey Florida North of Tampa, a baby in a crib was shot in the arm while sleeping in her crib. Thirteen shots by a drive by shooter. The Mother of the little Girl was a known gang member with gang tats. Targeting? Lets target Gangs in America. What in the Hell are they doing in this Country anyway?

  • Maggietish

    Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democrats, liberal biased media don’t care and they never will. White people are expendable to them and if it’s a black person who slaughters a white person, like these two poor nuns who only wanted to help the poor, It’s almost like they celebrate it. Hillary Clinton recently said that white people should walk in black people shoes. She’s choosing to insult every white American and accuse us that we’ve had an easy life except most of us have worked all of our lives and in some cases two jobs just to survive. We don’t go on every government giveaway program like everybody else which is paid for by white working class tax dollars. The people who are now being discriminated against in the United States of America are white people. Hillary Clinton made it clear that she will not support any of us so why should we support her. President Obama is the most divisive president in the history of the United States and the most anti-American of any President ever. This country has reached a new low that they can dismiss the best of these two nuns like they didn’t count. I truly believe we’re heading toward a race war in this nation and there’s no wonder that more people are buying guns because we know that we have to defend ourselves because no one else will.

  • Steven Barrett

    What century does Cliff Kincaid think we’re living in? I thought we left this kind of lurid dog-whistle shit way behind us. Some trollers for lurid news can’t drop their scuppers low enough to suit their ideological tastes. Hence, here’s our new Willie Horton. Wow folks, take a look at that post by the one calling himself “Discriminator.” If you guys think Mrs. Clinton’s so radioactive, why do you give her more reasons to come back at you or your favored “alt-right” outfits.
    What shocks me is that Cliff Kincaid, who’s been around DC long enough to have acquainted himself with such notables as Russell Kirk, Wm. F Buckley, Jr., M. Stanton Evans, and other respectable/responsible writers whose standards for reportage were much higher, has allowed nonsense like the Discriminator’s disgusting post to remain on the boards.
    Such is the age of Trumpism and anything goes so long as the liberals get trashed and truth has no place in the minds of those set only on shocking the most viewers possible. Real conservatives used to have more pride, i.e, the good kind of pride, not the kind based on how many “hits,” “clicks” and sets of eyes they can startle.
    Just out of curiosity, I “hit” the video above. What a gross distortion of anthropology if that’s what “Discriminator” is trying to use in order to justify whatever’s floating in his head. When it’s used like this, supposedly to “prove” or “demonstrate” the backwardness of Africans, in order to further tarbrush African Americans, I can’t help wondering if the inmates aren’t running the asylum in the bowels of AIM’s moderator’s desk. Hello, anybody there?
    And if they watched the whole film, or skipped through to the end to see what “credits” I’d find, lo and behold whose name was on this gem? None other than Adolf Hitler’s fav female director and propagandress of all time, Leni Reifenstahl. That name speaks volumes about Discriminator’s very odd kind of discrimination regarding cinematic pleasures; it also gives more reason to believe that the so-called “alt right” might as well refer to another meaning of the word “alt” … referring back to the Third Reich.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Yes. Kincaid’s been around a long time. But he couldn’t make it as a legitimate journalist so now he does….this. Pathetic.

  • mioahu

    so do we, you idiot

  • mioahu

    The point is, media is biased, and they only report on what suits their agenda. Too sad you people don’t see that, until it will be too late, and your freedoms will be curtailed, like they are trying to do now with conservatives, shut down talk radio, use the IRS to silence conservative movements, use the DA’s to prosecute “climate deniers”, shut down free speech on campuses shouting down every conservative speaker invited… it is so sad that you don’t realize that this will apply to you and your children one day, when the leftist government has too much power, and that will be the end of america as we know it… people like you seem smart, but unfortunately only know some facts and fail to see the bigger picture and learn from sad to have escaped a communist regime just to come here and see people like you helping destroy your country

  • mioahu

    And you, you should be ashamed of yourself and the country you will leave to your children (although I doubt you are mature enough to have some… but what the hell, the society you promote is ok with fatherless children) …. “progressive” my ass, the only thing you are progressing towards is a totalitarian regime where only what’s politically correct is ok, and the rest will be fired, prosecuted and jailed… even now you see conservatives fired because they as much as donated to anti gay marriage organizations…you “liberals” are tolerant only with people who share your ideas, otherwise you hate everybody, you bash conservative women while saying conservatives hate women, you call black conservatives uncle toms, you call conservatives gays traitors, you are the most hateful people, and dare to call yourselves inclusive and tolerant, you call religious people retarded, you kill unborn children and pardon criminals, most empty disgusting stupid self-destructing ideology i have ever seen

  • Bertharina Rina

    EDOMS THORN says:
    December 7, 2014 at 7:25 pm
    Christianity has become a JEW worshiping Cult! Their leaders are Hagee, Van Impy, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey and many others.
    And just how Jew Worship/Zionism and the “rapture” became excepted by Christians began with EDOMITE Jesuit Crypto JEWS!

    HERE is some of my research on this. It is all in “DISPENSATIONALISM”.


    EDOM Created the Catholic Church Jesuits was created by EDOMITE Crypto JEWS, Ribera, lacunza, Darby, Chafer, Ryrie, Irving, Scofield/ to the Inflitration of the Seminaries by the Illumunati/EDOM
    Claims that Ribera’s writings influenced Lacunza, Lacunza influenced Irving, Irving influenced Darby, Darby influenced Scofield, Scofield and Darby influenced D. L. Moody, and Moody influenced the Pentecostal Movement have also been the topic of much discussion. Because the writings of these men did not always agree on specifics, and because individual commentators have had their own beliefs, the actual history of dispensationalism and its many streams continues to be a controversial subject.

    [They] …force the Zionist model of theocratic and ethnocentric nationalism on the Middle East… [rejecting]… the movement of Christian unity and inter-religious understanding which is promoted by the churches in the region. The Christian Zionist programme, with its elevation of modern political Zionism, provides the Christian with a world view where the gospel is identified with the ideology of success and militarism. It places its emphasis on events leading up to the end of history rather than living Christ’s love and justice today.

    Whether intentionally or otherwise, dispensationalism is being used today to give theological justification to what the United Nations regards as racism and the denial of basic human rights; supporting the ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians from their historic lands; endorsing the building of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories; inciting religious fanaticism by supporting the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah; dismissing moderate Jewish opinion willing to negotiate land for peace; and advocating an apocalyptic eschatology likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    It is therefore not surprising that among the indigenous Christians of the Holy Land especially, dispensationalism is regarded as a dangerous heresy, an unwelcome and alien intrusion, advocating an exclusive Jewish political agenda and undermining the genuine ministry of justice, peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

  • AIM does a good job highlighting the pretense and hypocrisy underlying most of mainline reporting today. This is not stupidity, but a public service. It’s disappointing you don’t see it that way.

    As for the present article, the self-censorship AIM describes is true, despite your ostrich retort. We’re bombarded by the message #BlackLivesMatter except when they don’t to the BlackLivesMatter folk, whether they’re victims on Chicago’s streets, or when a black man kills two saints, and there are no street protests, no burning businesses, no rage as a result.

    That’s where real stupidity lies: in such behavior, the reluctance to report it accurately with the attendant consequences, and on people Ike you trying – and often succeeding – to change the subject.

  • Steven Barrett

    Oh, I get it, trolls are those brave souls who think the First Amendment applies across the board unless stated otherwise. There is no such restriction that I could tell on this website, i.e., “Liberal Trolls Need Not Bother,” or “No Liberals, People Who Take Offense At Kid Glove Treatment of Racist Posters of Clearly Offensive Videos,” etc.
    And to think I thought Trolls belonged in Tolkein’s Middle Earth. Looks like Mordor’s come back with a vengeance and a new Sauron has given the green light for posting films produced by a film maker for one of history’s biggest examples of trolls in action: Nazi Germany in as many formerly conservative, now alt-right sites as “humanly possible.”
    There is no moral relativity issue here. What happened to the nuns was uniquely horrific: Period. What most opponents of Black Lives Matter seem to object the most to is the mere fact that the preponderance of white officers killing blacks, either on purpose or by accident seems to keep happening and they are more upset by the inconvenient fact that reporters have to report the details of these shootings. Would they prefer it the other way around just so they could say “See see see, it’s not just us.” No it isn’t. But I’ll put several hundreds of years and the preponderance of African Americans killed by white officers viz a viz the other way around to provide anybody reading this thread who still doesn’t get the bigger picture as to why Black Americans have reasons to believe the criminal justice system and some conservative journalists still refuse to get it when it comes to discussing interracial crimes, horrific or otherwise.

  • Steven Barrett

    Anybody up for considering that race baiting by the media is just another form of “tainting the jury pool”?

  • Steven Barrett

    I met Cliff when I interned at the National Journalism Center 33 years ago, and found him to be a nice interesting guy who was clearly interested in promoting solid younger conservative prospects who took substantive fair reporting seriously enough to make it a calling. I’m not willing to say he’s not as dedicated now as he was then. Clearly his position as head of AIM indicates he still maintains this zeal. It’s the views he’s taken lately, views that just seem more radicalized and biting; not exactly what one would expect from a fellow NJC intern or student of M. Stanton Evans who founded the Center. Times have indeed changed and there’s much more of an appetite for an edgier style of presenting views critical of liberals and their positions that border on or outright cross the line into just hurling high n’ inside brushback ad hominem pitches. Not exactly fair or balanced. I used to be a bit edgier, too. And I’m not saying this to boast; but maybe the years have managed to finally round out some of those more ragged edges that served nobody or the calling of political journalism nobly at all. Something’s changed in DC, and I’m glad as hell I took my wife’s hints years ago to bail out of chasing that “dream.”

  • Kevin Cleveland

    His name wasn’t DeQuan ,DeAndre, DeMichael or LeBron so this story could get reported with that critical information on race omitted.

  • TSM

    In my little world as a tv/appliance repairman. Early nineties, I have twice had a gun in my face and in my side. Multiple times, had to run away for being white in the very neighborhoods where I was called upon. Sad. A 5 year old answered the door one time time and said”give me money mf’r. I could go on, but I won’t.

  • Mac

    Back to the soft room.

  • Mac

    Turns out they’re not unarmed. Pay attention. This is the cops protecting you.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    The vast majority of them were unarmed. Pull your head out.

  • Anthony Duhe

    DARPA ALERT again