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One of the advantages of having a smart TV is that you can bypass the dumb cable channels, particularly CNN. A smart TV gives you direct access to YouTube channels like Right Side Broadcasting, which covers the Donald J. Trump rallies without commercial interference and endless commentary from liberal talking heads. The crowd at the rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Monday night broke into cries of “CNN Sucks” when the candidate referred to the channel’s disgraceful coverage of the campaign.

Mediaite highlighted the reaction of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who said, in regard to Trump’s criticism of CNN, “…I think this is very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy [Trump] has done.” What Trump did was blast the channel for failing to report on the size of the Trump rallies. “I wish those cameras would show this crowd, because if they would, people would be amazed,” Trump said. “They never show the crowd.”

There’s a reason for that. The media don’t want to validate the fact that vast numbers of people show up to Trump rallies, and that paid staffers and Democratic Party machine operatives turn out for Hillary. Reporters, of course, “swell” the ranks of these events, giving the impression there are more ordinary people in attendance than there really are.

Speaking directly to the reporters and their camera crews in the back of the arena, Trump said, “Show the crowd. They don’t want to turn around. Look at the cameras—they face straight…They don’t want us to win and they don’t show these crowds. But you look at these crowds. Bernie Sanders never came close.” However, Right Side Broadcasting did show the crowd (at about 34:12 in the video of the Wilkes-Barre rally).

For very good reasons, Trump supporters are in the vast majority of Americans who do not have trust and confidence in the mass media. As noted by the Gallup poll, the percentage of people who trust the news media to report “fully, accurately and fairly” has “dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history.”

“They are so dishonest,” Trump said about the media, as the crowd broke into chants of “CNN Sucks” (at 35:25 in the rally video).

Trump added, “If Crooked Hillary Clinton were up here and had this kind of crowd, the cameras would be showing the crowd all day long.”

As the make-up of this rally suggests, the real story of this campaign is how the Democrats have abandoned the working class to Trump. On a campaign swing through the “Rust Belt” of Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton had said that the white working class had been “left out and left behind.” That was before she called Trump’s supporters “deplorable.”

My old home town of Toledo, Ohio, where I graduated from college, used to be known as the glass capital of the world. Now it imports glass from China.

Many towns in the “Rust Belt” are dying coal and steel towns that are fast becoming what a local TV station called “ghost towns.” But the heroin problem is growing from coast to coast.

Trump says the nation’s heroin problem can be traced to the failure to keep the southern border secure. He says heroin is “pouring across” the border and calls it poison. If the media would bother to fact-check this assertion, they would find it was true. A border wall would put a major crimp in the heroin trafficking into the U.S.

For her part, however, in a secret speech to the Brazilian bank Banco Itau, Clinton said that “her dream” is a “hemispheric common market” with “open trade and open borders.” Her press operatives insist that she was talking about energy moving across borders. But that’s not what the speech says. She does mention that at “some time in the future” there will be “energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” But the promise of “open trade and open borders” is mentioned as a precondition for such trade in energy.

How does Mrs. Clinton propose to let energy in and keep heroin out? The candidate has a fancy “Initiative to Combat America’s Deadly Epidemic of Drug and Alcohol Addiction” that ignores the border. The policy declares that “Clinton believes that naloxone, a rescue drug that stops opioid overdoses from becoming fatal, must be in the basic toolkit for every first responder.” This is important, but way behind what is now being practiced in cities and towns around America. Even in my local area of Calvert County, Maryland, just outside of D.C., the problem is so bad that ordinary citizens, not just first responders, are being trained in how to treat heroin overdoses with naloxone. I went through such training, after listening to parents talk about losing their kids to drugs. One mother wanted the training just so she could be equipped to deal with the prospect of finding her son overdosing on drugs in her own home. The heroin is coming across the border so easily, and so fast, that it is cheaper than prescription pills. The drug overdose mortality rate is on the rise in my area and nationally.

Drug cases increasingly fill the pages of my local paper. Here are just a few:

  • Mary’s County [Maryland] Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives responded Aug. 31 to a 911 call for a possible overdose at a location in California [Maryland].
  • An Owings [Maryland] man posted a $50,000 bond Oct. 2 after he was pulled over by a deputy and allegedly found to be in possession of marijuana, used hypodermic syringes and heroin in his car.
  • A Prince George’s County man and an Owings woman are incarcerated on various drug possession charges for a Sept. 15 incident in which they were allegedly found with PCP, cocaine and marijuana in amounts indicating intent to distribute.

But some conservatives have lost sight of the real problems facing the country. Writing in The Weekly Standard, William Kristol wonders, “Is Trump a Sufferable Evil?” He has a problem with how Trump has talked privately about women, calling such talk “disgusting.” His recommendation is that the Republican Party dump the candidate. Trump has flaws, but it is Trump—and Trump alone—who is talking openly about the evils of drug trafficking into the United States. He is the only candidate who recommends a border wall that could stop the flow of this poison.

Perhaps Kristol, like other elites, lives in a gated community and believes he can protect his family members from the drug scourge. But most of America is witnessing the growing drug problem in their local communities. They want help. They’re not concerned about sex talk.

“The two groups with the most to lose with a Donald Trump victory on Nov. 8 would be the Mexican drug cartels and their Chinese suppliers,” writes William C. Triplett II, the former chief Republican counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “The reason is pretty simple: Mr. Trump has made securing the border his principal campaign theme. If the border is secured by a wall or some combination of means against the flood of illegal aliens and potential terrorists, then it automatically puts a major hit on the flow of narcotics across the border. If they can’t get the illegals in, they can’t get the dope in, either.”

“Absent the threat of a Trump victory in November, the Mexican drug cartels and their Chinese suppliers must have a bounce in their step these days,” Triplett continues. “To begin with, even if we didn’t have open borders as de-facto administration policy, the reality that heroin and other illegal drugs from Mexico are widely available and cheap would confirm that the doors are open. There is more than enough supply available on street corners from coast to coast.”

On the other hand, he notes that “…the cartels will look forward optimistically to a Hillary Clinton presidency…Nothing in her record as a U.S. senator or secretary of state suggests that blocking the illegal importation of narcotics would be on her radar screen.”

The Triplett column appeared before we learned that the Democratic candidate was secretly promising foreigners that the U.S. border would remain open.

How disgusting is that, Mr. Kristol?

CNN sucks. And so do the commentators who turn a blind eye to the drugs ravaging our communities and killing our people.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    As always, Cliff Kincaid remains in the right wing bubble. The major networks do, in fact, talk about the size of Trump’s rallies and they do, in fact, show video of the crowd sizes. So, when your very first argument is an obvious freaking lie, why would anyone continue reading? Oh yeah, because Cliff is blathering on again about drugs and how it’s all Democrats fault or some such BS. Just think, Cliff. All the work you’ve done for the last decade and your about to get trounced in your third consecutive presidential election. Maybe it’s you, dummy.

  • youngcanoli

    Stop the drug war with objective of shutting down the black market. The drug war has failed. The drug war is driving the problems, not fixing them. Decriminalization/legalization is necessary, it needs to be backed up with public health announcements explaining exactly why it is needed. Its not in any way condoning the abuse of addictors, it is done bc the alternative, the drug war, has made things infinitely worse on almost every level, to include making drugs abundantly available to any & all that wants them.
    We need to pull LE out of the drug biz – that will free up a lot of resources currently chasing their collective tails. When the laws create more harm and cause more damage than they prevent, its time to change the laws. The $1 TRILLION so-called war on drugs is a massive big government failure – on nearly every single level. Its way past time to put the cartels & black market drug dealers out of business. Mass incarceration has failed. We cant even keep drugs out of a contained & controlled environment like prison.
    We need the science of addiction causation to guide prevention, treatment, recovery & public policies. Otherwise, things will inexorably just continue to worsen & no progress will be made. Addiction causation research has continued to show that some people (suffering with addiction) have a “hypo-active endogenous opioid/reward system.” This is the (real) brain disease, making addiction a symptom, not a disease itself. One disease, one pathology. Policy must be made reflecting addiction(s) as a health issue.
    The war on drugs is an apotheosis of the largest & longest war failure in history. It actually exposes our children to more harm & risk and does not protect them whatsoever. In all actuality, the war on drugs is nothing more than an international projection of a domestic psychosis. It is not the “great child protection act,” its actually the complete opposite.
    The lesson is clear: Drug laws do not stop people from harming themselves, but they do cause addicts to commit crimes and harm others. We need a new approach that decriminalizes the disease. We must protect society from the collateral damage of addiction and stop waging war on ourselves. We need common sense harm reduction approaches desperately. MAT (medication assisted treatment) and HAT (heroin assisted treatment) must be available options. Of course, MJ should not be a sched drug at all.
    Every human being is precious, worthy of love and belonging, and deserves opportunities to fulfill his or her potential regardless of past trauma, mental and emotional anguish, addictive behaviors or mistakes made.

  • ferebetv

    Sure drugs will increase – controlled by the Bush/Clinton drug cartel. They need to keep the public dumbed down to satisfy the Jesuit Order’s agenda.

  • jug

    You are as bad as Hillary!
    All either of you do is lie!

  • Maggietish

    The truth about Hillary Clinton is being revealed every day. She is a habitual liar and according to her email dump buy Wikileaks she clears her conversations to the audience that she’s facing. Clearly the only thing she’s concerned about is herself regardless of how detrimental and disastrous her lawlessness and the atrocities against the United States and the American people are. According to her emails, written proof, she wants to open the border up to millions more illegal immigrants; she dislikes the majority of the American people and literally looks down upon us; she is against catholics and evangelicals and their beliefs; she knows Saudi Arabia and another Arab country is supporting Isis but she takes millions of dollars from them for the Clinton foundation; she claims to stand up for women’s rights but she’s never denounced the brutality and discrimination against women in the middle east because those countries give tons of money to the Clinton foundation; she has the support of whatever lawless actually commit from President Obama, the Justice Department and the biased liberal news media. She proved that when she refused to help the four Americans that were slaughtered in Benghazi even though Ambassador Stevens sent her 600 emails asking for help. She clearly put politics ahead of those men’s lives with no conscience at all about it. The Justice Department who is supposed to a pole the laws of this land have been in collusion with Hillary Clinton’s attorneys and the White House while she was under investigation so the fix was obviously in. There have been numerous news media channels and reporters, according to her emails, who have given Hillary Clinton advanced notice of the questions that are asked in the debates so that she is prepared and her opponent is not. It’s interesting that Cuomo on CNN immediately jumps at trying to demonize Donald Trump when he criticized CNN for not reporting the truth. Everybody who watches CNN, and has lately been changing the channel because of their bias, knows that what Trump is saying is absolutely true. CNN has edited videos and tapes to avoiding d a he truth. By their twisting The truth they are actually break an FCC regulations. They have actually cut the Mics of guests who disagree or have differing opinions with them. They are absolutely that biased and disrespectful to the American people because we are not dumb and realize what they’re doing. The fact that Cuomo is dismissing Trump’s and other Americans comments and giving them no relativity at all in his opinion only proves how ridiculously biased he is and how disrespectful he is to the American viewers. Cuomo goes into attack mode anytime anybody says anything detrimental or questions anything Hillary Clinton does regardless of how lawless it is and the atrocities that she’s committed against the United States in the American people.. Cuomo is clearly in her pocket. CNN used to be respected network but the reality of who they really are has become glaringly relevant to everyone that they are a far left biased media organization and are against anything and anyone who doesn’t support their overall biased agenda and opinions. That’s why their ratings are in the toilet right now which they deserve.

  • Austinniceguy

    What they haven’t showed but I’m pretty sure is on the horizon is the fact that Sh!tlery doesn’t just want free trade and open borders, she wants to deliver us to the NWO she and Obozo have been working so hard to create. I believe the plan is that once he leaves office he will go run the U.N. and she will take over for him here. We already know she plans on dropping our borders as well as bringing in as many savage animals under the guise of “refugees” as she can. With the fact that the next POTUS will be responsible for nominating as many as 3 new judges to the SCOTUS it will be quite easy for her to do as she pleases and NO ONE will be able to stop her. We’ve already seen what the RINO’s have done to help Obozo forward his agenda and Sh!tlery has already said that anything that congress doesn’t agree with her on she will simply use Executive Order and ram it through. We won’t have a second opportunity to get this right.

  • Steven Barrett

    I suppose none of the previous posters who have taken Pres. Obama to task have spent a day working within the Criminal Justice System, much less working in any capacity within our respective states’ institutions and probation/parole systems. I have. I have experience working within the Federal Courts as a Deputy Clerk, and two separate states’ corrections and prob/parole depts. respectively. I also earned a BA in Public Administration/Criminal Justice from Biscayne College, now St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens, FL.
    Take it from somebody who’s familiar with corrections, criminal justice and yes, social and economic INjustice, locking up more and more people for relatively minor offenses will serve nobody’s interests except those responsible for building these large warehouses, some of the local contractors they hire (and oh boy, if these concrete warehouses and prison plantations are in so-called “right to work states” they won’t be built using union labor. Does the taxpayer really benefit? Ha! We know who benefits, the contractors who have already lined themselves up some rather nice future contracts no thanks to their respective states’ version of crony capitalism today’s conservatives love to carp n’ harp on. And of course, unlike northern state pens and systems, so too are the people who work within the system to monitor and serve the ever growing prison populations … non-union. Meaning, if it’s their unfortunate “luck” to draw some very power hungry and abusive bosses, without a union, their lives will become absolute hells without having some form of representation to keep their jobs from becoming sentences. Oh, sure, they can quit, but what if they moved to where the jail or prison’s located, buy a house and have invested years in their careers, only to find out their boss in an effort to boost his or her chances of rising up in the system, has demoted or flat out left them out to dry by “laying them off” or finding some specious “cause” to fire them … without any union lawyer to represent them, everything goes, pensions, health care, unused vacation and sick time, poof, and they can lose it just moments before they hand in their papers if the boss man is just mean enough to pull this. No union, no luck.
    The prison system cannot be “reformed” in quick easy “solutions” because there are none to be found, any more than there are quick and easy “solutions” to breaking the grip of our worst addictions from booze to drugs to porno to gambling.
    I liked “Youngcanoli’s” approach … it’s not rosy and he is bringing up lots of points that far too many lock-em-up fiscal conservatives who really aren’t very fiscally conservative when it comes to one of contemporary conservatism’s unstated favored “big government” projects and programs. Hell, they’d get on the bandwagon of forcing judges to levy more realistic sentences for starters if right to work laws were outlawed overnight because a hell of a lot of prison/correction employees would join a union in a heartbeat and we know what fiscally conservative pols, esp. throughout the RTW Sunbelt states would do then. Pull out their budgetary meat cleavers … also in a heartbeat.

  • billybonney

    The drug war is over! Drugs won! Thank you Obama/Hillary…………

  • Steven Barrett

    Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder why some people are so gung ho on keeping this so-called “war on drugs” going on and on and on and has little to show for “victories” on a large scale unless one wants to point to all the rapidly beefed up police forces across the landscape, made all the ready to put down any “trouble” that might arise. Here’s another thing to ask the biggest blowhards for shoveling more and more tax dollars into this loser of a war that’s doing more to line the pockets of a few. If you think I’m on to the travesty of “privatized prisons” … you’re spot on. They’re a relic of the past, going the way back to the debtors gaols used by the merchants, bankers, pols and lawyers just prior to Shays’ Rebellion that helped spur the Founders to create a National Constitution which also gave us our Bill of Rights.
    Let’s have a war on drugs alright, a war on the legal, but no less insidiously addictive powers of dark money so many politicians are hooked on to.

  • William

    Hillary never proposed ‘open borders’, whatever that means. In reality, she supports the current policy, and will probably boost border enforcement and the deportations even more.

  • John1861

    Actually she did in several of her Wall Street speaches.
    Wrong again, you lying bigot!

  • William

    Actually I am right. She’s referred to open trade between countries, aka ‘free trade’. But not allowing people to waltz in without any kind of screening.

  • billybonney

    How do you screen young kids? They just cross the border. Obama could care less and Hillary said she will continue the same. More Democratic voters.

  • Bill the Cat

    The War on Drugs has been an abject failure… and its main goal appears to be the creation of a source of unregulated cash with which to buy off politicians and an enormous invasion of privacy on the part of LE.

  • I don’t understand how ANYONE can vote for THIS WOMAN. In one hand she supports children’s needs and missions, on the other hand she wants ‘OPEN BORDERS’ more illegal aliens , drugs, gangstas, & murder. Its called ‘Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.’ Honey, for my money my right hand will be voting ‘Republican’ & TRUMP.

  • I suppose I.S.I.S. won’t want her as her football has a great ‘bang’ when thrown. I couldn’t resist saying this.

  • Steven Barrett

    I’ll let all the chest thumpin Trumpers n’ Trumpettes do all their bloviating on behalf of ol’ Thunderlips who’s grown so fond of castigatin’ all them furriners with browner skin, (“Lawdy, that’ll end White Amerika” they wanna keep it with White folks still in charge even though we’ve been governed quite well by our first Black President for the past 7.5 years.) Oh no, it’s those Frenchy Quebecois Canucks who haul on down to their American version of France’s Riviera along our southwestern most beaches of Maine, and that other “Northern” state Mike Barnicle rightly described as “Arkansas without snow” i.e. the land of the Manchester Union Leader.
    Ever try walking Wells Beach on “Canada Day” weekend? Hell, just like Yankees driving through South Carolina, (that still-happy huntin’ grounds for 10th Amender Nuts and other treasonous secesh “thinkers”), who stock up on all sorts of self-maiming instruments of terror sold quite legally at “South of the Border” on 1-95, the Yankee Autobahn to FL, our Canadian neighbors, either Anglais or Frencois-speakin’ kind, jes can’t wait to stock up on all sorts of similar permanent hand-removing devices that come with all sorts of noises and other flesh searing marvels, plus the colors and assorted screamin’ noises that come with the thrills, and of course, they have to visit Seabrook, NH first before heading back to ME to terrorize Americans who just want to celebrate a much more significant Holiday on the Fourth. After all, who told Westminster to pack it first? We’re more sensible and trust our explosive expressions of liberty to the hands of experts who know how to pack a lot more bang into their celebrations without losing their hands. Oh, but thanks to the libertarians and other assorted fruitcakes up in Arkansas North and other fertile grounds for Trumpism and breeding grounds for more dimwitted supperts of Thunderlips, no matter what he’s capable of doing to their daughters ten years upwards, who knows what’ll happen, save for this one thing. Even if Hillary does get elected, (besides not tossing Thunderlips in the kooler), she won’t be building any walls to keep our Canadian neighbors out. After all, if she’s going to be making corrections in her predecessor and former boss’s namesake Obamacare health system, she might as well have an open border so as to not bar their more intelligent planners when it comes to developing a single payer system for all of us which … and I know this will sound completely counter-intuitive … be one of the biggest boons to the private sector. It’ll free the private sector from all the gobbledygook Bubba rightly complained about.
    Ah, but this could mean it’ll make it more affordable for more people to stock up on and carelessly use all sorts of hand removing, face-changing and life-altering private fireworks. On the other hand, plastic surgeons, experts in fitting artificial limbs, therapist and lawyers should be overjoyed at the prospect of more customers heading their way thanks to more pocket money to burn and bang right in their direction.
    Ever try and walk the beach during a combined American/Canadian Independence weekend in ME. You do a quick listening, duckin’ or sideways jumpin’ or divin’ and to be sure, prayin’..

  • John1861

    YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!