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On a campaign swing through the “Rust Belt” of Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton let the truth slip out, saying that the white working class had been “left out and left behind.”

Mrs. Clinton was appearing in Cambria County, which is more than 94 percent white.

Many cities in Pennsylvania are dying coal towns that are fast becoming what a local TV station calls “coal region ghost towns.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, has called for more coal miners to be thrown out of their jobs. “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” she said at a town hall in West Virginia in March.

When he ran for president, Barack Obama promised to bankrupt coal plants.

This is a promise that he has followed through on. In 2012, Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, said then-EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson used executive branch rules and regulations to destroy the coal industry. “The Navy SEALs shot Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington,” Roberts said.

We reported at the time that Jackson was an environmental zealot who advocates “eco-justice.” In 2010, she had received a copy of a “Green Bible” from the liberal National Council of Churches. Obama ordered her to wage war on the fossil fuel industry in order to build a “green economy.”

Mrs. Clinton promises to continue the transition to a “green economy” with no manufacturing jobs.

While jobs are not flowing into Cambria County, drugs are. Cambria County ranked first in the overdose death rate among all Pennsylvania counties from 2007 through 2011. Many were heroin-related opioid deaths.

With major industries having been destroyed by bad trade agreements, much of Pennsylvania is now facing a “heroin epidemic,” as documented by local TV station WJAC. The number of heroin related deaths in Cambria County tripled in a year, the station reported.

A multimillion-dollar heroin operation was just busted, resulting in 33 arrests, after a joint investigation by the FBI, the state, and county and city law enforcement. Authorities said 25 bricks of heroin were being distributed per day, primarily in the Johnstown area of Cambria County.

The implications, ignored by the media, are that President Obama, the first black president, has ignored the deteriorating condition of white America, while also turning a blind eye to the drug problem that has subsequently engulfed the region.

In stark contrast to Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, who appears at public events with thousands of people, Hillary Clinton spoke to “a private audience” of about 200 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania last Saturday.

Ignored by most of the national liberal media were local protesters carrying signs outside that said, “HILLARY THE SNAKE,” “LOCK HER UP!” and even “JAIL OBAMA.”

The Tribune-Democrat captured the image of a sign saying, “Killary Killed Coal & Steel. Vote Trump.”

But the complaints went beyond her indifference to the plight of workers. Local resident Sharon Nagle said, “She had a private server to do our business—our State Department, foreign affairs business—on, and mixed it with her emails and then decides that she has the right to pick which ones are which. No, they’re all ours. They’re ours—not hers—and I want them back. I want to know where our emails are, and I want to know why she had a secret server to keep her business from the people who she serves and works for.”

Another local resident, David Allison, said, “Hillary is a bad choice for president. She should be in jail right now, really. It looks like there’s two standards for citizens in this country. The rest of us and the elite. They have their own set of rules.”

The Daily-American said another local resident, Wes Lauffer, characterized Clinton as a “lying, anti-American, Muslim Brotherhood crony of Obama.”

USA Today said Republican Mitt Romney won 58 percent of the vote in Cambria County in 2012, “despite the fact that registered Democrats outnumber Republicans.” The economic problems have only gotten worse since then.

What’s happening in Cambria County is also the case in other parts of Pennsylvania. The depressed conditions of Mahanoy City in Schuylkill County have led members of Jesus the Divine Word Catholic Church in Huntingtown, Maryland, to make annual mission trips to the region to help local residents. Among other things, parishioners maintain and paint homes, visit shut-ins, and hold worship services at the local Catholic Church, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

On one trip, 48 homes were fixed by the visiting parishioners.

Mahanoy City is a former coal town. “Mahanoy’s population peaked more than a century ago at nearly 16,000 people, four times the number living there now,” the publication Keystone Crossroads reported. “It never recovered after the coal industry collapsed.”

The situation is so bad that Mahanoy City and others are being labeled “ghost towns,” as a result of people leaving. Local TV station WNEP reports that in Mahanoy City, 26.3 percent of the homes sit vacant. “Just a block from the main street a home is selling for less than a price of a used car,” the station said.

In Shamokin, a city in Northumberland County, there is also a vacancy rate of 26.3 percent. “Afternoon traffic rarely stops on downtown blocks that increasingly see buildings for rent or for sale,” the station reported.

The investigation unit of the station, known as Newswatch 16, looked at the vacancy rates for homes in communities with more than 2,000 people. It said the top 10 were:

  • Shenandoah 28.9%
  • Shamokin 26.3 %
  • Mahanoy City 26.3 %
  • Mount Carmel 22.7 %
  • Ashland 22.4%
  • Lansford 20.8 %
  • Plymouth 18%
  • McAdoo 17.2%
  • Coaldale 16.7%
  • Frackville 16.2%

Local realtor Erica Ramus told the station that she has a hard time selling property in Shenandoah. She said she shows people downtown properties and they reply, “Why would I want to move my business to a dying old coal town?”

Trump’s campaign has spoken about the population and employment losses in Pennsylvania, promising to bring back manufacturing jobs and stopping bad trade agreements.

Trump has said the nation’s growing heroin problem can be traced to the failure to keep the southern border secure. Heroin is “pouring across” the border, he notes.

In regard to the problem of high-potency marijuana that has been unleashed by Obama’s failure to enforce federal anti-marijuana statues, Trump has indicated that he will reverse course, order enforcement, and crack down on emerging marijuana businesses that profit by poisoning the minds of young people.

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  • Obama not only left white America but he destroyed black and Mexican employment but he gave them a lousy heath care system that was built on lies. Obama and Hillary have a problem they are serial liars, incompetent and clueless on how to fix anything


    White people are not just left out of Obama-Clinton America, they are being forced out and after one more election will be kicked out of the majority-minority Third World one-party presidential “republic” that the Obammunists are constructing. In the aftermath of the murder of Justice Scalia and the blackmail of Kennedy and Roberts, the Supreme Court has made discrimination against caucasians the law of the land. When not engaging in pogroms against whites, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and the Farrakhanites want to expropriate them for reparations. The b-tch and the bagman have nothing to offer older working class whites except welfare and eventual euthanasia by the VA or the coming single-payer health care scheme, while the plan for the young is free abortions, opioids and legal weed. Most of these people are Christians, and the regime has declared that churches are public accomodations and can be taxed and fined out of existence for failing to provide abortions, same-sex marriages and unisex bathrooms, while their standard-bearer is openly committed to using the police power of the state to change our culture and religion. She is committed too to replacing these people with a flood of non-Americans, un-Americans and anti-Americans who will never assimilate, and in whose souks, casbahs and barrios the forgotten Americans will beg. She says that it takes a village to raise children or do anything else, and unless she is stopped now, the village will start coming for us in 2017.

  • Obama forgot everyone except those radicals he prefers and of course the very rich. In a nutshell Clinton,Bush,Obama,Clinton will have destroyed what was a great country by 2020 !!

  • rebeccadewhirst

    He’s destroying this country town by town and allowing illegal drugs to run rampant throughout our once great country….all for the glory of his own sick religion

  • biilyjoe

    And after the threats made by obama’s criminal gangster insurrectionists made against the hillary delegates at the DNC 2008, do you think she’s going to cross her mullah and stop supporting the hatred and lies which the Devilcrat Party has perpetrated and spread against Whites , particularly white police officers, and against Christians ?? It will be at least 4 more years of the same diabolics — but only worse with the tens of millions of illegals already here in sanctuary cities hosted by complicit demoncrat mayors and open borders , as well as the Jihadis obama/hillary have already brought/and will continue to bring into The U S. –if hill-liar gets elected.

  • biilyjoe

    You are absolutely correct.

  • Cliff

    Obobo and his gang did not leave behind the white folks money!

  • Cliff

    Yup ! And He and Hillery screwed over Bernie! Boy? Did eh get suckers in unless he was a insider all along !

  • TPS12

    I guess the msm can’t find these stories funny how clinton made this statement “White Americans need to do a better job at listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers they face every day,” she said. “Practice humility rather than assume that our experience is everyone’s experiences.” does she think this applies to the coal miners and coal towns being destroyed by our politicians?

  • Austinniceguy

    She is nothing but a congenital liar EXCEPT when she’s talking about raising taxes and leaving AMERICANS unemployed. I find it infuriating that the lamestream media micro focuses on the most mundane things Trump says yet completely ignores the most bombastic things the gash spurts out. For instance the whole issue she created with the Khan family. As it turns out, that SHOULD be spelled CON since it has been discovered that the CON’S have ties to the corrupt Clinton Foundation!!! The lamestram media has done everything possible to cover that up while crucifying Trump for defending himself.

  • jsa


  • Maggietish

    Barack Obama along with Hillary Clinton have declared war on white people in America. Obama has bred nothing but racism, hatemongering and divisiveness in this country. Hillary Clinton has supported everything he has done and she is still supporting him. She forgets that we are all aware of the fact that she supported Bill Clinton’s crime bill and now she’s lying about it and that should be no surprise to anyone. Just a couple of weeks ago she said that white people should walk in black people’s shoes. Now because she’s losing in Pennsylvania when she does campaign trips there suddenly she’s trying to blame Obama for leaving white people behind when she has supported everything he does and says. Once again she’s lying. The only people who are being discriminated against in America are white people and Hillary Clinton is supporting that white discrimination. She treats white Americans like we’re stupid and just because she says something we’re going to believe her when we know we can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth because she is nothing but a habitual liar and a traitor to this country and the American people.

  • Mr. Drake is correct. To me, the only issue is whether the stupid, weak, & clueless Republicans will ignore a gold star just put in front of them. The circumstances of Clinton’s appearance in PA tells the entire story of the administration of the horribly vile Obama. The PA problem shows what a liar and fabricator Obama is; remember his recent speech how well the, economy is doing. His view on race relations is abysmal — it cannot be denied that his comments on Travon Martin, Ferguson, his atrocious lies before the U.N. General Assembly, and his comment that Americans’ DNA is racist, have deliberately inflamed racial tensions. His total inability to tell the truth is a matter of record. Obama, however, is in no way outdone by Hillary when it comes to lying. Witness her performance on Fox this past Sunday.

    The coal miner issue, which extends beyond PA and the 200 people who showed up is something the Republicans ought to exploit w/o mercy. The Obama lies and atrocities provide more unused ammunition that will clearly stir & motivate the voters. If only 200 people show up at a speech given by the Democratic nominee, the significance of this cannot be denied — — and the Republicans should flood the airways with it,, even if the media stooges choose to ignore it.

  • Yes, U R so right. But what will the Republicans replicate the absurdity of Clinton’s remarks.

  • RMThoughts


  • Steven Barrett

    Hell of a dog whistle article and follow up whistles by whiny whites. I’m white so don’t bother using the reverse racism canard. Don’t you see the Right Wing which never, ever gave two lumps of coal for the miners in all their history, except to use them for votes, is playing the old divide and conquer game. They’ll lie to you, say if you just vote with management your jobs will be safe and just stay the course. Really? And to where, down more unsafe mine shafts made even more unsafe thanks to Republican attempts to water down safety regulations all to save a buck. How much are your LIVES worth to you and your spouses and kids? No sooner than if by some twist of a very dark fate (no pun intended) Trump wins the election, you’ll start seeing more and more jobs leaving and at a quick clip, and what will you get for a reply when you raise your voices and shout, “Why have you betrayed us after telling Hillary kicked us in the teeth.”
    Get ready for the standard Trumpesque reply folks. It’ll go something like this, “Hold tight folks, in a few weeks, the incoming Trump administration will get you more and more jobs and create more opportunities for miners, it’ll be better than ever, just trust us, you ain’t seen anything yet.” Okay, but where’s the meat of specifics on these otherwise bare bones they’re offering?
    Trusting Republicans with job security and safety in the mining business is like trusting a hungry crocodile that you’re just not too sure he’s had his fill for the day. The GOP is the party of the Mine Bosses. Why trust them especially this blowhard from Manhattan who couldn’t tell the difference between a mine shaft and a rabbit hole.
    And while we’re awaiting to see how this mining for voters drive by the Trumpite wing of the GOP turns out, do us all the favor of leaving the racist BS dog whistle nonsense outside the shafts. After all, a serious, not cursory, review of the role of Black miners in the Appalachian coal fields, especially in the Matewan area should at least raise a more cautionary and circumspect approach towards handling the issue of coal miners’ job security.

  • Steven Barrett

    Just proved my case. Only now more of you have made me give more thought to the fact that you like being perpetually whiny losers. In a strange way, you’ve done wonders to make me think holding on to these “thoughts” gives you some “purpose” in life. Some “purpose,” some “lives.”

  • mioahu

    Why would you trust socialist democrats, like Obama and HELLary , who never created ONE job in their lives ? Why would they know how to create jobs and make the economy better ? Leftism is a cancer that eats your brain, and you become brain dead like Barett. Obama is the ONLY president in modern US history that didn’t have EVEN ONE YEAR where the economy grew more than 3% !!!! And HELLary will just continue his marvelous work, leading us all , with the help of the EPA, towards socialism and reliance on foreign oil. Fracking is safe, and they want to destroy it… Coal can be clean… there’s plenty of oil, America has probably the largest reserves in the world,,,,All the leftists in the world , who also never created a job, like Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Guevara, Chavez … to name just a few, they all thought they will create this perfect world with equality and prosperity,,,,and they all failed miserably, destroying their countries and killing millions of people in the process.
    Leftism killed more people than all the religions combined, yet they have the audacity to say that religions are bad. When you are a white collar worker (which I suppose Barrett is) , and somebody who created that job is paying you a salary (or the taxpayer when you are a public employee), you are just an armchair liberal, who has no idea about why the only system that ever succeeded in this world is CAPITALISM.

  • Steven Barrett

    Do yourself a favor and read up on the job reports. We’ve had more than seventy months where more jobs have been increased than we lost … and all this took place during the Obama Administration after the president was able to turn the economy around by saving GM. Hey, I’ll admit the actual number of jobs isn’t what we’d all like, including the president … but compare his record to Bush’s and then see who’s the actual job creator and who isn’t. And did it ever dawn on you that sometimes it takes government intervention to help reboost the private sector so that it can rebound? Take a look at FDR’s first 100 days and tell me if that was welfare and socialism; two things FDR worked hard to prevent from over taking our nation’s economy. Any guys who got CCC jobs and other gov’t paid construction jobs working for their state and even private companies that were subsidized by the gov’t had to demonstrate they were booze free and sending money back to their families. Do you get social security in any form or shape, i.e. regular earned retirement pension or earned disability pension, plus the Medicare people on SSA have to take? Hey, I’ll bet you don’t mind not having to risk going to the poorhouse because of stupid stubborn pride and ideology.

  • mioahu

    i have no problem with liberalism. What you mention is good old liberalism, but you seem to live in the past, and are slowly getting boiled like the frog, without noticing until it’s too late….Leftism has slowly infiltrated this great society, disguised under many names, . The sad part is, if you play a speech from FDR or JFK today, and not mention who is speaking, most people will think it’s a staunch republican ….The problem is that today’s liberal party has been taken over by leftist crazies like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Obama the ideolog community organizer, the IRS which targets republicans, Black Lives Matter that gets to sit down with the president when they should be in jail for terroristic threats, the lying leftie media from the New York Times to CNN, the leftist indoctrination of our children in schools, conservative talk and free speech being suppressed in universities and pretty much everywhere, political corectness getting people fired for conservative views, state rights attacked by activist leftist judges (who MAKE law from the bench effectively taking that power from congress), all the regulatory agencies who effectively make laws bypassing congress and choking the economy. Electing Hillary will make sure the supreme court will be leftist for the next 30-40 years, and they will continue their destruction of the american society. They work hard to destroy everything that made this country great. So Trump is by no means perfect, but something has to stop the communist train…it’s not all about money,but the right ideas generate wealth also, and leftist ideas never have, they have all failed all the time. So if history is not a good guide for what works and what doesn’t, i am not sure what is…But wait, right, that’s why they don’t teach history anymore, all they teach is how bad america was, slavery, and not how many good things America has done for the world. I asked a 17 year old who studies at a very good school what the cold war was, and she thought it was a war fought during winter , shame on the department of education which should be abolished, and on the activist teachers who rewrite history.

  • Bob Knight

    This is old news that hasn’t been covered, or rather that has been covered up since 2009. Robert Reich, obamanation advisor, publicly announced in 2009 “I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers” and “One thing that you can depend on, you don’t have to be worried about what the middle class is going to do. Things are so bad, they have to put food on their tables, get clothes for their kids, get them in school”.

    The progressives started the race war as soon as obamanation was elected and hit the ground running, they haven’t stopped since.

  • Steven Barrett

    You bring up a lot of valid points, but seriously, given the way Trump is behaving lately and his mindset, do you honestly believe a guy who depends on television news is the kind of leader we should entrust with the future of our country? None of the candidates are perfect but only one of them goes out of his way to think he can fool the public into buying the notion that he’s as close to perfect as they come and he’s going to accomplish this and that … all by himself. I don’t know who’d want to work for another Douglas MacArthur. One was dangerously ego-driven and irresponsible enough. But at least Mac was serving at the pleasure of the president and he made the big mistake of displeasing Harry Truman who gave him the comeuppance he deserved.
    WIth Trump in the Oval Office, God help us all.

  • mioahu

    Democrats should not talk about candidates that try to fool the public. You have elected barack twice. A community organizer (read radical leftie revolutionary) who was friends with the american communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, a man who sat in a black liberation church for decades, chanting God damn America, lead by his beloved “pastor” Jeremiah Wright who married him and baptized his children and who is a racist hate monger, a man who studied marxism and fell in love with it, who was taught that America is an unfair colonial country by his fathers, who’s closest mentor was the communist Frank Marshal Davis, a man who’s privileged wife Michelle Obama said that the first time she was EVER proud of her country was when they elected Barack, a man who ignores the constitution, who thinks the crusades are the moral equivalent to jihad and islamism, and that the inquisition was worst than islamic barbarism throughout the world, who defends Palestine who think killers of women and children are heroes and morally justified, and that Palestinian murderers are freedom fighters, a man who strongly believed in marriage just to “change” his view few years later, who is helping corrupt regimes like Cuba and Venezuela to survive and torture their people for another century, who “hates” guns but runs guns to mexico, you want me to go on ? A man who wanted to fundamentally transform America…WHY, if he loves America? If you fundamentally transform something, almost nothing is left of the old one,,,Obama conned you into believing he is a America Loving God Fearing Christian.
    At least Trump is not a lying closet communist, you know exactly where he stands 🙂

  • mioahu

    Republicans are not the ones who if they can’t pass a law, rely on the activist court system to push their agenda…Obama Care was not constitutional, Supreme court bowed to pressure and CHANGED the law to make it seem a tax…Racial Quotas are not constitutional, but the activist judges decide against those who challenge these, Murder is not constitutional, you have the right to life, but activist judges on supreme court ruled murder of unborn babies is ok, while capital punishment is not … .every time whiny democrats can’t pass a law, they rely on judges who legistlate from the bench..Transgender right are total crap, there is no constitutional right to pretend you are the opposite biological sex, yet activist judges rule against the right to privacy of the other 99.99% of the country, climate change is not proven, ask the HEAD of meteorology department at MIT who disagrees, and all other main stream scientist who got marginalized or fired because they stood up to the lie, but Al Gore and a bunch of other obscure “scientists” who lie and falsify data to prove their point know better and now you have a COALITION of District Attorneys who want to PROSECUTE CLIENT DENIERS ????? WTF, is this America anymore, don’t you see what the left is doing to this country, with your help ? Bakers who don’t want to participate at gay weddings get their business destroyed in lawsuits, black lives matter who wants to kill policemen get invited to the white house… Obama who whined every chance he had after losing the house and the senate, how the bad republicans are stalling his communist agenda…. of course they were, after he completely dismissed them, passed everything through executive action, made political appointments during recess, jammed Obama Care down our throats without ONE republican vote, invoked the nuclear option in senate disrespecting the minority ….dishonest elitist selfrighteous dangerous people, who think they know better what is good for us, like all other dictators who claimed tens of millions of lives during their “fundamental transformations” of their countries …don’t talk to us about whining … the people you support are traitors of the american values and of the forefathers … they gave us a democracy IF WE CAN KEEP IT !!!!

  • Steven Barrett

    Obama and his family regularly attend Eucharist in the Episcopal Church located on Jackson Sq. across the street from the WH. That enough for you on the religious question? Or are you going to next say Episcipalians or Anglicans or mainline Christians of any denominations, much less Catholics and the Orthodox aren’t “Christian enough” for you, next. Try running the Catholic part by Cliff. Secondly while I agree that Trump isn’t a “lying closet communist,” … ahhhh, well, could you please tidy up that part about knowing “exactly where he stands”? He’s changed his positions and answers to questions about past and even present positions faster than weather changes in New England.

  • ken jones

    Trumps truthfulness is seen by all, including me who will vote for him, as shocking.
    Sadly, it is like stepping out into the sun. Or, having them let us loose after 8 years in OBAMALAND into the REAL WORLD.
    I try to understand people who do not agree with me. The election looks like it will be close.

  • mioahu

    Well, he attended church 18 times in 5 years, didn’t go to church on Christmas, didn’t attend Scalia’s and Nancy Reagan funerals (although that’s mostly him being a moron , not because he’s not religious) and is remembered by his friends as not being religious. He campaigned as being opposed to gay marriage, just to become the “first gay president”… I don’t care either way, just saying that he is lying, and did put on a show just to get elected, ends justifies the means like it usually is for leftists. Is that the best you have , that he went to church few times , given all the lies I have enumerated, and i didn’t even get started ?

  • Steven Barrett

    I’ll be damned. Ain’t you a nosey Phillistine! And have you forgotten something Jesus said about judging others? Just a small detail, right? Jesus didn’t think so. But no thanks to the righty tighties of His time, He was falsely accused and found guilty of having the nerve to prove and demonstrate on a point by point basis in the Sanhedrin’s version of a kangaroo court of His Divine qualities. So they did the brave thing for their time by handing him over to the Feds of their time who also had no use for trouble mak foers. In fact, they had even less, especially one that got the local nipickers all worked up in a lather during the most potentially dangerous week of the year. Rome did not like losing its sons for foolish religious dispute that were needlessly whipped up by the most judgemental jerks that could be found in the entire Roman Empire from Morocco to Kuwait, Germany to the southernmost sands of Egypt. Lotta land, lotta potential for trouble. But only the Sanhedrin and the local rads of their time who didn’t seem to pay much heed to what Jesus was really saying about justice, mercy and not being so quick to judge others and if need be, set them up on the flimsiest of pretexts for judgment, and passing them off for Caesar’s goons to do the dirty work, and did they.
    Now I’ll admit to you Obama’s far from divine, and his theological views don’t always mesh with mine (moderately conservative and traditional Anglo Catholic, if you need to know), but the idea of keeping tabs on how often the man and his family attends Church is so un-American that it behooves me to just stop right here and advise you to do so as well. It’s not for me to judge if you’re more or less a Christian than I or anybody else, but I hope you’ll keep in mind what Jesus said about judging others, unless you’re willing to stand in the same box and raise your hand when St. Peter asks you to promise that you’ll tell the truth, the whole truth …

  • mioahu

    what the hell are you talking about ? you just prove my point of being a total idiot . Sounding intellectual does not help, does not make up for moral idiocy.You supposedly read lots of books, but the wrong ones 🙂 like the so called intellectual university professors .,…I just said I don’t care, I am not religious, My point is that he is a liar, and you rant about Jesus, OMG, what is wrong with you ? WAKE UP, you are a brain dead democrat drone, are you able to have a conversation ? looks like you just post random stuff…i am debating a damn democrat robot, what a waste of time

  • terry1956

    I watched an interview of Charles Murray on best I remember ” Uncommon Knowledge” where he compared white men in their 30s and 40s without a college degree in the 60s and today.
    Compared to then it does not look good for those young men and it is even worse for black men.
    For example the percentage of those young white men in the labor force then was 96% thus only 4 out of 100 were not but today the percentage is not even 80% thus more than 1 out of 5 is not in the labor force.
    Now these are men in their prime and it is worse for those in their 20s.
    Ross Perot called it right about the giant sucking sound of jobs going south but it is worse because far more also went to our second largest enemy China who is also losing jobs just like we are to another enemy of the US-Vietnam ( still run by the communist party who killed tens of thousands of American men and far more anticommunist South Vietnamese men, women and children).
    Of course with no ethics legal culture gutter searching globalist economy jobs in Vietnam will likely soon be going to Cuba and the fiefdoms( official or unofficial which either way violates the 13th amendment to the US Constitution) in Pakistan,India, Iran,Bagledish, then to various dicatorships of Africa( you know those in bed with the Clinton Foundation and the Chinese Communist Party) where the per capita GDP is less than 4 dollars a day.
    Now Trump does not get it and the platform shows he does not get it anywhere near like Darrel Castle and the Constitution Party Platform on foreign trade and federal taxes.

  • Steven Barrett

    You have my mea culpas for trying to carry on an intelligent discussion. You’re right, I must be a complete idiot for thinking it was possible. Well, live and learn.

  • mioahu

    It is “mea culpa” btw LOL re intelligent conversations

  • Joseph TOUBI


    Obviously OBAMA has been not one of the worst but the ultimate worst president that America has ever had.
    Doubt about it? Let us consider one fact which will completely convince thee.
    You have surely understood that we are talking about this foolish “Affordable Care Act” nicknamed “Obama care”.
    Since many centuries, strategists and economists know that you never apply tactical solutions to structural strategic problems. The best example: just open thy Bible and thou will discover therein that GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has designed a plan spanning over millenaries and universe to solve a single problem named Lucifer which is Satan. This is why Men and Women of GOD systematically work within visions spanning over centuries and space.
    So what is the structural problem in America? Everybody knows it: the country is built upon Indian Americans’ blood (genocide) and upon African Americans’ blood (centuries of slavery and genocide). The Bible says that human blood shed illegally cries for revenge through millenaries, meaning that every country or nation built upon human blood is cursed and doomed to final destruction. This is what president Donald TRUMP who claims to have been offered a Bible by his mom must know and acknowledge.
    So how to solve this America’s structural problem? Here again, economists have the answer since a century. If you have a human group which is lagging behind, the best way to foster and push its emergence is education.
    Given the genocide and the slavery heritage, Indian Americans and African Americans have been lagging behind for centuries now. If you want to have them emerge and bring an authentic spiritual reconciliation in the country then you educate for free an entire generation of them. So you do not implement this foolishness of “Affordable Care Act” but you set up a “Redemptive Education Fund”. Redemptive for who? For thy country whose foundations are cursed because despite the “prayers” and “blessings” from false masonic and rosicrusian “pastors” the human blood upon which thy country is built is cursing the very foundations of thy country.
    Then you set up a management committee made of Indian Americans and African Americans specialists who will manage under government control this “Redemptive Education Fund” (REF) and use its financial resources to finance the education of an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans.
    Is not it obvious that a poor lagging behind since centuries will still go back to health care insurance the next week because he will still have some sickness? Is not it obvious that a well educated person will become a valuable asset in the society and will even have means to care about the next generations without the Federal or local State having to intervene? And guess what? Dozens of prisons will be emptied for lack of pensioners, crime frequency will collapse, VAT payers will increase, all this rebalancing the Federal budget in the long term. Why was it so difficult for the Hollywood style African American to understand this? What do people learn in Harvard? Intensive Bible studies are needed now in Harvard university.
    Do you need an example of redemptive action? Just ask the Germans. Modern Germany has paid after World War II a quite heavy redemptive price (yes material and financial redemptive price) to Jews for the Nazi’s crimes against the Jews but may be the constitutional law professor from Harvard has never studied this to understand the move of the world. The man is just spiritless. Can the spiritless African American cure his country during eight years by doing for Indian Americans and African Americans exactly what Germany did for the Jews after World War II? No he can’t, no he can’t. When he dances singing “hope”, “yes we can” he is just executing folk dances which African Africans use to refer at as “culture”. True culture which is one’s specific vision of the world coming from one’s ontological nature is unknown to African Africans, African Americans, African Asians and so forth because they have not concentrated on reviving their own spirit.
    At this juncture, you may be crying that it would have been quite difficult to find funding for such Redemptive Education Fund.
    Contrary to what you think, there are many funding solutions for such a Fund and as a matter of example we are going to share few solutions with thee.
    The FED is not « owned » by anyone as it is clearly written by FED in its web site.
    Is not this a very bright example of transparency and total democracy which should be spread and shared all over the world? So the Constitutional law professor from Harvard spent eight years in the White House with a FED which is not owned by anyone.
    Let us continue to read in the interesting FED’s web site.
    “In fact, the Reserve Banks are required by law to transfer net earnings to the US Treasury, after providing for all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks, legally required dividends payments, and maintaining a limited balance in a surplus fund”
    Read for thyself and get it: Guys transferring net income to US Treasury, but after withholding for themselves “necessary expenses” and “legally required dividends payments”
    What is the level of this “legally required dividend”? The FED’s web site is silent on this but may be it is our fault because we did not search very well all the hidden rooms of this FED’s web site. We will check this again very well and even seize this opportunity to verify were has gone the revenue generated by the massive Quantitative Easing (Q.E).
    In the web site we have found information according to which private banks holds 100% of FED’s shares and are entitled to a guaranteed 6% annual dividend on their shares. But we have not been able to find any official confirmation of this information and we will just consider this as a hypothesis for the “legally required dividend”.
    So to conclude on how to Fund thy Redemptive Education Fund (REF), you just act as a sound constitutional law professor from Harvard. You push for a law pouring into thy REF every year, 6% of all the interest generated to FED by the public debt held by FED. Let us see what thy Redemptive Education Fund would have received during eight years spent by the African American in the White House. The current level (January 2017) of US total public debt is 19 573 billions USD. Out of this total, an amount of 2 460 billions USD is held by the FED (which belongs to nobody as you remember). The average interest rate yielded by US total public debt was 2.232% by December 2016 and 2.331 % by December 2015. Let us assume that all trough the eight years spent by the spiritless African American in the White House, the public debt generated annually a mere 2% per year. This means that during those eight years the public debt held by FED has yielded for FED’s pockets roughly 393.6 billions USD interests.
    So if the spiritless African American had pushed for a law assigning 6% of 393.6 billion USD to a Redemptive Education Fund, Indian Americans and African Americans would have received for free 23.6 billion USD dedicated to an entire generation’s education. This would have been a true way for an entire nation built upon two races’ blood to say “We apologize”. Seeing such act of repentance GOD the Lord JESUS CHRIST would have reconsidered his Holy Position towards the United States ( In the Bible, trusting in GOD as written on US bank notes means acting in a godly manner and not writing empty statements on banks notes).
    Yes you will surely complain that the principal amount of public debt actually held by FED was not stable during the past eight years and we agree on this. Figures for precise computation are available but let us just do some rough estimates and even accept that if he had acted intelligently the African American would have gathered some pretty 17 billion USD to finance free education of an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans.


    During the year 2016 alone, 1 473 700 blocks of transactions were traded on the New York stock exchange for a total of 2 731 billions USD; meaning that the average amount of each block was 1 853 000 USD.
    So you just apply a laughable flat tax of 1 000 USD on each block (representing less than 0.055 % of the value of a block) and just for the year 2016 you collect 1.47 billions USD to fund thy Redemptive Education Fund. If the African American had so done during eight years, he would have gathered an additional amount of roughly 11.8 billions USD to fund the Redemptive Education Fund for Indian Americans and African Americans.
    Of course you may say that the number of blocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange varies from a year to another and you will be right saying so. But we are just making here rough estimates to give thee an idea of what the spiritless African American would have done to cure his own nation, had he had some spirit and vision within himself.

    During 2015, US airlines and foreign airlines serving the US (both domestic and international) carried an all-time high 895.5 millions passengers.
    So you tax each passenger just 1 (one) USD and that is it: 895.5 millions USD collected per year to fund thy Redemptive Education Fund making a total of 6.3 billions USD for the eight years spent by the spiritless African American in the White House.
    Again you may argue that the number of passengers varies from year to year and we do agree. We are just making rough estimates to enlighten what the African American could have done to cure his nation by solving the structural problem of Indian Americans and African Americans.

    Remember that Barack OBAMA himself is said to have received a lot of gifts made by millions of Americans of all races (and mainly the Whites) through crowd funding during his first presidential campaign. If you explain to the American citizens that thy nation is built upon Indian and African blood and tell them that thy country must apologize buy actually educating for free a whole generation of these minorities and if you tell them that this will spiritually cure and reconcile thy nation, then millions of American citizens will freely and joyfully make gifts to thy Redemptive Education Funds.
    The amount you may gather under this chapter will not be far from what Barak OBAMA received as gifts from ordinary American citizens during his first presidential campaign.
    As a matter of fact, remember that even the American State itself use to receive gifts from citizens willing to lower the level of public debt. If you doubt this then put the question to the US State Treasury.

    In conclusion, you see that without a lot of home work and without digging really we have provided thee with four solutions which would have brought more than 41.7 billions USD to fund the Redemptive Education Fund and used to educate for free an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans; curing once for all by so doing America from its cursed bloody foundations. Be assured that had we really searched that we would have easily come up with some pretty 200 billions USD funding. But the spiritless African American was there to play a kind of Hollywood movie and not to revolutionize his nation. Suck lack of spirit is common to African Africans and to all African Diasporas across the world. Where does this lack of spirit come from? Kindly download for free from daily motion and youtube, audio programs entitled “Where is the African spirit?” and “Black Africa’s Destiny”. You will get a clear and detailed answer in these audio programs.
    So Barack OBAMA has been useful for one single thing: showing to African Americans, African Africans and African Asians that they must now put to themselves the only relevant question which may help them to revive: where has gone our own spirit coming from our ontological nature?
    To help the fellow from Harvard, let us say that now that he is where he ought to have been since eight years that is out of the White House, he can learn to acquire an authentic spirit coming from his ontological African nature by doing two good things:
    Studying his Bible and praying to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who said this in Psalm chapter 68 verse 31
    Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto GOD.
    After reading his Bible and praying to the Lord JESUS CHRIST, he can then concentrate on working with foolish African heads of States to implement thousands of crow funding platforms all through the African continent, open visa free possibilities all over Africa for all African Americans so that they easily travel across the continent, multiply African cultural centers in America, Brazil, Jamaica and so forth.
    Well, he can also set up a committee with foolish African head of States to pilot at the African Union the implementation of digital banking solutions which will enable each African State to annually transfer funds to individual African Americans, African Brazilians, African Haitians, African Asians, African Europeans, all of which will just have to register online in African cultural centers based in their countries. Of course you don’t make folk dances or advertisement when you implement such solutions. You just do it silently. You can also channel a portion of the money directly to selected African primary schools, high schools and universities were thy African Americans, African Brazilians, African Asians collected from the streets and poor quarters of their countries will come and study for free. Here again funding solutions are too abundant and let us not waist time giving details on simple things (mobile telecommunication companies earning insulting income because of their monopoly situation which weak and corrupted governments cannot control, oil, gas and mines exportations, Africans travelling on airplanes and who will not even feel a small two USD tax on each air trip, billions of bottles of beers drank in Africa per year and which can be taxed a cent per bottle, African dictators funds confiscated by Western banks…).
    What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
    In addition to all this we hope that the spiritless African American has now understood the ultimate iniquity of these massive Quantitative Easing (Q.E) through which the FED gave billions upon billions USD to global systemic banks, insurance companies and pension funds while millions of poor African Americans, European Americans and Indian Americans were abandoned to their own poverty. All this happened when the playing Hollywood star was in the White House. Is not this the right definition of treason? Is not this a great shame for Africa? So may be OBAMA will now quickly seize the leadership of a global “Quantitative Easing for People” movement.

    Very good occupations and challenges proposed to the Harvard fellow, hoping that he is able to resurrect and become something more than a spiritless Hollywood star. Can we hope so? Yes we can.

    Shalom to all the nations of the earth.
    Reverend Apostle Joseph TOUBI.