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On Saturday, The Washington Post ran a story saying Donald J. Trump was a sexist for questioning whether Hillary Clinton looked healthy and fit. One day later, its email service known as “The Post Most” carried the news by Chris Cillizza, “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign,” after she almost collapsed when leaving a 9/11 memorial service.

But it gets better than that. Just a few days earlier Cillizza, who is also an MSNBC political analyst, had written a story, “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?

Phrases like “eating crow” and “egg on their faces” easily come to mind. But this particular controversy is more instructive than an “I told you so” from those questioning Mrs. Clinton’s physical and mental fitness for office.

Obviously, the critics were right and the Post was wrong. But don’t look for any apologies from the paper that brought down Republican Richard Nixon and covered up for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008.

Anybody paying attention knows that the Post is a liberal paper. But the cover-up of Mrs. Clinton’s health problems, and the attacks on Trump and other critics for raising this as an issue, demonstrate how utterly dishonest the paper has been about this issue. The public’s right-to-know was served by the video of the “overheated” Mrs. Clinton in a state of near-collapse. Even The New York Times was forced to post the video on their website. She was propped up and had to be helped into a car.

Citing FBI documents released in the Clinton email investigation, which noted her concussion, light work schedule and memory loss, we previously urged Post columnist Ruth Marcus to look into the matter, saying, “As a staunch Democrat, Marcus should be leading the calls for her to withdraw from the presidential race, for Mrs. Clinton’s own sake and the sake of the party.”

But Marcus was more interested in trying to discredit Trump’s new deputy campaign manager, David Bossie.

Citing evidence of liberal media bias, we called attention to the cancellation of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on CNN’s sister network HLN after he questioned Mrs. Clinton’s health.

The Washington Post has a stable of reporters who could have investigated Hillary’s health problems. But rather than do that, it ran the first Cillizza piece and then a story by Matea Gold and Jenna Johnson that was titled, “Republicans warn that Trump’s critique of Clinton’s ‘look’ fuels accusations of sexism.”

In their 1,500-word article, the reporters said that “some of Trump’s surrogates have gone even further than him, promoting unsubstantiated or debunked theories about Clinton’s health.”

Unsubstantiated or debunked? Really?

These are two “national political reporters” for the paper who used dubious sources to defend Mrs. Clinton from alleged “sexism” when they should have been digging into the story. It took a Clinton stumble and virtual collapse to finally get the facts into the paper.

What we are witnessing here is something that goes beyond knee-jerk partisan bias. Instead, the controversy involves marshalling the resources of a major newspaper to attack those who are raising the questions that the paper itself won’t tackle. This was a cover-up that didn’t stem from incompetence or laziness. Rather, it was a deliberate effort to intimidate those doing the research and the work that the press should have been doing.

The first explanation was that Mrs. Clinton was overheated, even though the temperature was around 80 degrees with low humidity. Then we were told by her doctor that her “cough related to allergies” has been complicated by “pneumonia,” which she was supposedly diagnosed with on Friday, and that she will rest and be back to normal soon.

Why should this latest explanation be believed?

What we do know with certainty is that the critics and the skeptics were correct, and that the liberal media defenders of Mrs. Clinton were wrong.

Those who refused to investigate Mrs. Clinton’s health problems have no credibility.

Another big loser in the controversy is the website, which purports to debunk falsehoods and insists that the claim made in a popular video by retired Dr. Ted Noel that the former First Lady may have Parkinson’s disease is false.

Strangely, Snopes declared, “We have not tried to make the case that Hillary Clinton does not have Parkinson’s disease (in point of fact, we don’t think that case even needs making).” It claimed Dr. Noel had exaggerated her “perfectly ordinary and explicable” health problems into Parkinson’s and that his motivation “was purely political.”

The trouble with this declaration, issued on September 9, is that the events of 9/11 have raised even more questions, and that those who were questioning her health have been proven correct. Simply put, Mrs. Clinton and her associates cannot be believed.

Political motivation or not, the issues raised in the Noel video are worth taking seriously, if the notion of “professional” journalist means anything.

Snopes admits the existence of an email to Hillary Clinton from a top aide about a drug called Provigil, which can be used to treat excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. But the Snopes response includes the curious statement, “Are there Wikileaks e-mails indicating that Clinton specifically asked staffers to research Parkinson’s drugs? No (check for yourself).”

But what does that prove? Why would a staffer send an email of this nature to Clinton in the first place? Was there another email requesting the information that was destroyed? Will it be released by WikiLeaks in the future? We just don’t know.

Whether the drug is specifically for Parkinson’s or not, the official website for Provigil says it is a prescription medicine “used to improve wakefulness in adults who are very sleepy due to one of the following diagnosed sleep disorders: narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or shift work disorder (SWD).”

In addition, research shows an association between Parkinson’s disease and narcolepsy.

“Clinicians who treat people with early-stage Parkinson’s disease should be on the lookout for symptoms of narcolepsy as many such patients are likely to develop excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) as their illness worsens,” says a website known as the Psychiatry Advisor.

These are from simple Internet searches, designed to show that the questions in the Noel video are not beyond the realm of possibility.

The diagnosis that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease cannot be easily dismissed. It seems she does have symptoms of the disease, or something associated with it.

There are several weeks remaining in the campaign, providing an opportunity for the media to try to be objective in their news reporting and finally do their jobs.

Or will they double-down on defending Hillary and attacking Trump?

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  • They always have Kaine,they just have to win

  • Clinton has serious health issues just like her serious Benghazi scandal, her serious pay to play deal with Clinton Foundation, her serious DNC sidelining of Bernie Sanders, etc.

  • UnalienableRight

    Her real mental issues are those of Hitler, Obama and other despots – images of self-grandeur.

  • J. Glenn

    If she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen. Or maybe the Obamacare death panels need to review her case?

  • Mark A Rusin

    The first debate should be wonderful entertainment!

  • jg collins

    “The Washington Post has a stable of reporters who could have investigated Hillary’s health problems.”

    The WaPoo doesn’t have a stable, it IS a stable and it smells just like one. The NYT has the same partisan stench. There are almost no MSM reporters left. There are mostly MSM Leftist propaganda regurgitaters.

  • jg collins

    The danger is that her handlers will stuff her full of drugs of various sorts and she’ll collapse from the drugs. She should have to walk thru a metal detector before she goes onstage.

  • jg collins

    Kaine who?

  • Steven Barrett

    Looks like the press has a case of OCD when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia. Give it a rest folks. It hits people over 65 quite often and when they get the coughs, it’s not easy to shake, especially if you are running for high office, be it governor, representative, senator or president and have to shake a lot of hands and engage in conversation with lots and lots of people, many of whom, if not most, never bothered to get themselves checked out before going into the public for any reason, be it a trip to their local churches, and libraries (wouldn’t that be an improvement!) or grocery shopping never mind a fund raiser where they get to meet the candidate and spread their germs. It goes both ways. This is a woman who’d been keeping a breakneck pace last week on a jet that was no way as posh and possibly “bug-free” as The Donald’s flying penthouse. Go ahead righties, get out the crepe for Hillary (er, crap, toss it in heaps and piles at her) and don’t bother to pay any attention that your tin horn candidate was checked out by a very poor man’s WIllie Nelson impersonator with a M.D. I don’t doubt the doc’s credentials, but what the hell could he say about his 70 year old client no thanks to a Hiya doin’ in n’ outer “exam”?
    Why aren’t the conservatives more interested in Trump’s plans for replacing Obamacare? It’s because Hillary’s right in her insistence that he has no plans other than to let it wither when its legislative/fiscal time clock runs out and he has no plans to lift a finger and just let the good ol’ boys in BIG INSURA and BIG PHARMA take over with no regulatory oversight stopping them from really gouging the public before enough sturm und drang over people dying in their sixties and seventies from pneumonia for instance, all because they were faced between the choices of getting that taken care of, eating, heating their homes, or hell, just making the rent or mortgage payments.
    And all the righties and some centrist and lefty scribblers, pundits and talking heads can do is ooooh, aaaaa, urghhhhh, mmmmm the whole thing about Mrs. Clinton’s feint spell at a time when she least wanted to have to leave a Memorial that no doubt meant an awful lot to her given her role in helping NYC and the region make its first steps towards recovery. Some video cowboy takes a shot to give him or her that “moment of fame” when the shot caught Mrs. Clinton stiffening up before getting in the vehicle, perhaps because she might’ve felt a possible rushing upwards of vomit and didn’t want to have that kind of moment before entering the van. I’ve been there with this and it was both uncertain for the kind of moments with all the coughing, (hacking actually, and I don’t smoke) and yes, possible throwing up. Accord the woman some dignity or at least recognize her reaction was what any person in such circumstances would take. When it comes to health issues, even beating common bugs like pneumonia, there are no super humans that can just rise above it all with no sweat drops breaking out, esp. if they’re public figures worried that misperceptions that can be just as viral as bugs, get out of hand.
    What happened to Hillary Clinton at Ground Zero yesterday was real reality television. And it’ll be The Donald who gets the “you’re not even hired” in November as he rightly should if he pursues a fake “issue” any further. There was a time when gentlemen wouldn’t even dare try to capitalize on a situation like this, even though Mrs. Clinton is a public figure like himself.
    If we haven’t caught on by now, we damn well better and not a moment too soon: Donald Trump is gentleman and all his money can’t whitewash this simple glaring deplorable fact of life.

  • RMThoughts

    I’ll bet Putin is responsible.

  • Steven Barrett

    Speaking of un-gentlemanly behavior, let’s take a look at this beaut from Cliff:
    “The diagnosis that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease cannot be easily dismissed. It seems she does have symptoms of the disease, or something associated with it.”
    Where’s the actual proof that Mrs. Clinton has “Parkinson’s Disease” Cliff? What’s above is nothing more than a glorified “I heard from a friend of a friend …” mishmash string of BS that would be laughed out of any respectable freshman level class in basic reporting skills. I have a palsy in my right hand, and it manifests itself most often during the morning. OMG, I’d better check this out. Right? Well I did, and I was reassured to learn this happens quite often for people in their sixties. Perhaps more so if a person has survived two TIA strokes in the past three years. Thankfully, unlike some journalistic experts in political medicine, whatever mother nature packed in those TIAs never affected my overall thinking capacities, esp. my political cognitive skills. How ’bout you, Cliff?

  • Ted

    The older he gets … and the more he keeps at this … the more off-the-wall partisan and the more irrelevant Cliff Kincaid’s articles here become.

    Trump is 70 and Clinton is 68 … so both are bound to have some problems related to ageing … and women have the longer life expectancy. The ‘system’ is built to handle it.

  • D. G. Williams

    I know absolutely nothing about Mrs. Clinton’s health. I do know that she was prescribed the medication Coumadin (warfarin) which is an anti-coagulant. I do know about the medication. I would ask why she is taking this medication. It is usually (notice I said usually) for advanced heart disease or for a history of strokes. The patient has to be very careful to not fall and hit their head or incur any injury that might lead to bleeding. Coumadin is a blood thinner and interferes with normal blood clotting. The patient is warned that, if they fall or incur an injury, they should be evaluated at the ER. Many patients using Coumadin wear emergency bracelets to let people know that they use the drug if they are found unconscious.

  • Timothy McCue

    They have a longer life span because they drive us to an early grave

  • IronChefSandwiches

    It “finally” became news because it finally was true, you blithering idiot. She has pneumonia. That’s newsworthy, kinda. The last few weeks have been a cesspool of BS from the right wing, desperately trying to salvage the presidential election that you morons lost several months ago when you nominated an orange, racist narcissist. To somehow suggest that her getting a URI is proof that you weren’t lying buffoons for the last few weeks is pathetic.

  • Steven Barrett

    We’d all better hope n’ pray that if Trump wins (well, that’s enough for praying, against, and enduring with for four years) he doesn’t listen to his pal over in Moscow. Putin might well be sturdy enough for years to go out hunting boars, riding bareback and barechested on tigers, whatever … but his fellow countrymen and women aren’t doing so well. It’s not a matter of single payer versus our mishmashed system screwed up by United Health Care and AARP at the last minute before passage of Obamacare over single payer; but let’s look at Russian culture. They smoke like stacks and drink vodka like fish. They drive like crazy and road rage is part of daily life in Russian cities. God knows the whole place could be calmed down a few notches before we get a real true measure. But let’s face it, Russia, however “socialized” some of her services remain, i.e. health care, public transportation, etc., is very much a dog-eat-dog capitalistic nation that’s still fleshing out the limits of this diabolical “system” that does no justice to what capitalism is really supposed to be all about. Neither a plutocracy for Ayn Randists or a crazy quilt system of local open air market places. You will pay for the kind of life you live or have been conditioned to live for and with for many years. Free marketers may whine all they want, but they’re able to do so in large part to our federal and state government(s) successful campaigns to eliminate a great deal of smoking, thus reducing the blood pressures alone for millions of people, esp. our kids and elderly. God help us if the GOP wins and does it in “yuuuuge” numbers because all the great strides in reducing so many of the cost gouging and budget busting diseases gov’t programs have done wonders to drastically reduce or eliminate could come back with a vengeance. Then what? Yuuuuuge gains for funeral directors.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL brother, don’t let ’em give you high BP. Their “arguments” aren’t worth risking even a mild TIA. They don’t become so mild after a while. My brother warned me to pay attention to those sucker lest I was willing to risk having my wife and kids wiping my rear for at least a year or two if not the rest of my life if I pushed my luck. And letting these “experts” on Hillary’s or Trump’s health care, whose-ever’s health care ain’t worth a single notch in your BP. Besides, we want to make it to election day to celebrate. And if we don’t celebrate it this year, just think of the fun we’ll have busting some yuuuuge chops for four years till we get to really celebrate. The country won’t put up with the Siberian Candidate’s antics too long.

  • Steven Barrett

    Sigh, why do I get the impression I’m reading a sick bookie’s tout sheet for sad sacks wanting to bet on Mrs. Clinton’s early demise or at least withdrawal from the race? These (sexist) Republican (oligarch wannabe) bookies are all heart.

  • rebeccadewhirst

    Hillary is like Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

  • Steven Barrett

    Been a long day and the right wing humor machine that never fails to take its views with the utmost seriousness never fails to amuse me and I’m sure a lot of other more sensible conservatives, moderates and liberals. Putin would rather have his FSV spooks with their eyes and ears wide open, not to mention his hackers get all we’re careless enough to pass his way. Loose keyboards sink campaigns, and I’m not worried about Hillary’s when I say this.

  • You do like to hear yourself talk, don’t you?

  • (Sigh) Tell me , Steve old boy, does ever get cold up there on the moral high ground?

  • Um, Steve, what you need is a nice neighborhood bar stocked with superior, moralistic liberals such as yourself. Windbags taking up so much space on an internet chat room are really out of place.

  • Well said, sir.

  • Steven Barrett

    Beats breathing what the GOP would let the rest of us who don’t live in gated communities set safely beyond the intended reaches of the big petrochemical companies, etc. or whatever the princes of unprincipled profit deem fit for the rest of us whom they’d never hesitate to keep in a more deplorable living condition. Good heavens, giving middle income folks a break even when it comes to living healthfully without going to the poorhouse in order to enjoy a clean breath of fresh air or gulp of clean safe and unleaded water.
    If you want to live in a second class world Charles, that’s your choice. But why let the fat cats with all their lobbying power do what they can and will do to keep you where you are with so many others when all you need to do is wake up and smell and taste the foul air and crap they believe we’re only fit to consume. It’s our “place in society” and “we’d damn well better adjust ourselves to this grinding reality.”
    Deplorable and a few other adjectives I could pull out for this kind of thinking that’s hell bent on making many more people sick and telling them to learn to lump n’ like it. Sounds more like China and pre-Yeltsin Russia.

  • My, my, my! Poor Steve who is forced to live under the iron thumb of the eeeevil republicans. Better you should go live in one of the democrat/liberal success stories. Baltimore? Chicago? East St. Louis? New York? Detroit? Knock off the long-winded pontificating and get your feet on the ground.

  • Steven Barrett

    What was the last grade you completed? C’mon, you know what I mean. Not the welfarist “social promotion” scam even PWT kids get pushed up and over to the next level for other teachers and brass to put up with.

  • And your liberal success stories are…?

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, I’m retired, not into writing resumes any more, esp. at 12:30 a.m.!

  • You’re of retirement age and STILL a loony liberal?