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The mainstream media appear eager to distract from the substantive issues raised by the email scandals continuing to plague Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One example is the media’s focus on the timeline surrounding a Select Committee on Benghazi subpoena for her emails, and when those emails were deleted. As I recently argued, the media wish that these stories about Mrs. Clinton were not true. Most reporters cannot fathom, or will not acknowledge, that she routinely lies to the public about her activities—and those of the Clinton Foundation—while stonewalling both the press and the public.

The repeated revelations that Mrs. Clinton has been lying are apparently affecting her standing in the polls. Politico is now reporting that in the past couple of months she has dropped from having the support of 60% of Democrats, to now having just 51%. And that is before Vice President Joe Biden enters the race, which many signs indicate may happen in the not-too-distant future.

Ron Fournier of The National Journal captured the sentiment of many journalists in his recent letter to Mrs. Clinton, which, he writes, is based on interviews with those who are close to her. “Which brings us to the matter of trust,” he writes in their voice. “Hillary, this makes us want to cry. We can’t figure out why you would compromise the most important commodity of leadership over such banalities.” Fournier continues on to discuss the Clinton Foundation’s inexcusable conflicts of interest and the email scandal.

But while, according to Fournier, some of Clinton’s supporters may have decided that Mrs. Clinton is her own main obstacle to gaining the presidency, the media continue to attempt to salvage her campaign by whatever means possible. Andy McCarthy, writing for National Review, said that “when Benghazi came up in a one-on-one media interview setting, CNN couldn’t bring itself to call Mrs. Clinton on an obvious lie.”

“Plus, it was [Brianna] Keilar who brought up the subject of the subpoena, so one has to assume she did a modicum of research—which is all it would have taken to be ready to challenge Clinton’s false assertion,” writes McCarthy. “Yet, in the context of being asked about her destruction of emails from her private server, Clinton was permitted to tell the public she had not been subpoenaed. …she was able to frame suspicions that she has willfully obstructed probes of the Benghazi Massacre as outlandish.”

The Washington Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler awarded Mrs. Clinton three Pinocchios for stating on CNN that “Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation.” However, like so many in the media, Kessler focused on minutiae, the technical details of whether government regulations permitted Mrs. Clinton to use private email exclusively.

The real implications of Clinton’s email scandal are not whether government regulations allowed her to use her own private email account, exclusively or otherwise. Rather, Mrs. Clinton’s actions demonstrate that she unilaterally flouted a transparency process designed to provide the public with the ability to hold her accountable for her work as Secretary of State. In the process, she jeopardized national security and may have hidden pay-for-play schemes involving the Clinton Foundation. Plus, in light of the recent revelations about the cyber-hacking of the government’s Office of Personnel Management, it is very likely that the Chinese or the Russians, or both, have possession of every one of Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

The UK Guardian writes that Cherie Blair’s emails to Mrs. Clinton show that Mrs. Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, “appears to be acting directly as a fixer for the Qatari ruling dynasty.”

“Three years after the successful lobbying effort a Qatari-government backed telecommunications [firm] donated an undisclosed amount to Mrs. Blair’s own charity for women,” reports Raf Sanchez for The UK Telegraph.

“Meanwhile, the Qatari government was also giving millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s global charity,” writes Sanchez. “Charity records show that Qatar gave between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation while the controversial committee behind Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid donated up to $500,000 further.”

Jennifer Rubin, writing for the Post, says that her emails expose Mrs. Clinton as “immersed in a web of cronies and hacks.”

“She solicits Sid Blumenthal for advice, and not just on Libya,” continued Rubin. An August 9, 2009 email from Blumenthal appears to pass along a suggestion for a Clinton Global Initiative forum by Shaun Woodward, UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Blumenthal writes that he has already gotten Bill Clinton’s approval, and asks Hillary to “let me know how to move this forward.”

Blumenthal received $10,000 a month from the Clinton Foundation starting that year.

A couple of months earlier Blumenthal writes regarding Woodward that “he told me things you would in my judgment want and need to hear because they will likely involve your personal role.”

“I think you should step in and ask him to tell you directly,” Blumenthal continues.

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email,” Mrs. Clinton told the press this spring.

To the contrary, at least 25 of the emails that Mrs. Clinton did not delete have been upgraded to classified status by the State Department.

While technically that may not constitute having sent or received classified information through the personal email server located at her home in Chappaqua, New York, it does reveal that she certainly trafficked in sensitive information. We also learned recently that she had edited some of the emails that were handed over to the State Department, long past due. And she hadn’t handed over other emails that were clearly State Department-related business, though she had claimed that she had. That was discovered through the additional emails Blumenthal provided to the Select Committee on Benghazi when he testified before the Committee last month.

In addition, Mrs. Clinton has publicly acknowledged having self-selected and deleted approximately 30,000 emails that she deemed personal, and had the server wiped clean so that it could not be independently verified that they all were, in fact, personal. Who wouldn’t trust Hillary?

It’s impossible to know what information has been withheld by the State Department. However, here are just a couple of topics discussed in those emails containing now-classified information:

  • Background for a call to America’s international allies discussing the May 24, 2009 North Korean nuclear test;
  • Discussions with family members of journalists detained in North Korea; and
  • A readout from a call with Tony Blair while he was still representing the Quartet, which mediates the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Mrs. Clinton’s ongoing efforts at deception have become so commonplace that perhaps reporters don’t believe that her lies and conflicts of interest deserve regular front-page treatment. Instead they write articles about how the GOP is trying to “vilify” her using her own falsehoods. The drive-by media may be disappointed in their attempts to save Hillary because the slow drip, drip release of her emails will repeatedly force them to confront these real issues, like it or not.

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  • agwscam

    .Her lies will never catch up with her. We have approximately 47% of the
    population that would vote for Charles Manson if the Democrats nominated
    him. Democrat voters have absolutely no standards of conduct, decency
    or honesty for their representatives, to them it’s like a football game.
    Democrats are their ‘team’ no matter what happens. Nobody needs any
    knowledge whatsoever about the game, players or opponents it’s just go
    team Democrat and hate team Republican.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    She’s been in office since before J Q Adams – It’s a wonder if she can even open her mouth – But some where off in the distance I can hear Nixon chuckling – lol

  • extractr

    Well said, but unless Charles has appeared on mtv or espn, I doubt they know who he is.

  • hap46

    The media has no problem covering the Bill Cosby scandal but they won’t touch Bill Clinton and site the number of women that accused him of rape, fondling, groping and sexual harassment since his college days to the present., If anything, get on YouTube

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    They are just doing what communists do.

  • Clumpner_Archives

    Along with Mao, Stalin, Marx, Engel, Blavatsky, Manly Hall, & Quigley

  • Richard Hellstrom

    That’s the way may state is ! If the White Declared It Was Going To Erect A Big Giant Penis And Demand It Be Worshiped 9 Hours A Day By Every American Citizen and That They Were Going To Hire Pedophiles To Chase Children To Make Gay Right More Pronounced , Our Entire State Legislator Would Be On Board To Enact The Policy By Midnight ! lol ( KENTUCKY )

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP MEMBERS you might
    hear some news over the next few days about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    Because you are an
    important part of this team, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk through
    the facts — we need your help to make sure they get out there.

    There’s a lot of
    misinformation, so bear with us; the truth matters on this.

    FBI is only investigating –

    The handling of classified documents.

    Which were found on Hillary Clinton’s work emails.

    Which arose from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

    Which was set up by Hillary Clinton’s staff.

    And which were handled by Hillary Clinton.

    than that, she’s hardly involved.




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  • believe

    Question was, Will She finally have to pay for her part in the Benghazi murders?? every body is beating around the bush about what they know already.The AMERICAN people DON’T TRUST ANY THING COMING FROM OUR SO CALLED TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT , THEY HAVE FOLLOWED THE LIAR IN CHIEF.AND WERE FED UP. NEXT MOVE ?OURS.