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Another gruesome black-on-white murder is coming to the public’s attention. The case involves a habitual offender by the name of Quinton Verdell Tellis, 27, who was charged with capital murder in the death of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers. She had been found along a road on December 6, 2014. Her vehicle had been set on fire and she had suffered burns over 98 percent of her body. Chambers died hours later at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

On the same day the arrest of this young black criminal was announced, Hillary Clinton was criticized by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester for using the term “super predators” to describe young black criminals. Mrs. Clinton treated the activist with great respect, since she is pandering for black votes—including from the criminal element—in the Democratic presidential campaign.

In his AIM special report, “Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter,” investigative journalist James Simpson notes that BLM has communist roots and appears to be “exercising considerable leverage over the Democratic Party, in part by pressuring and intimidating Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (VT) into embracing their cause.”

The cause is so-called “criminal justice reform,” which means releasing drug traffickers and violent criminals from prison. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is leading the opposition to the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S. 2123), which would release thousands of criminals back on the streets during a period of rising crime rates.

Jesse L. Matthew Jr., however, is one black serial criminal predator who is going to prison. He is pleading guilty to the murder of two white women—18-year-old Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia sophomore, and 20-year-old Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student. He was also convicted in a 2005 sex assault case in Fairfax, Virginia. Prosecutors said Matthew abducted a woman on a path near her Fairfax apartment on September 24, 2005. In that case, “Court documents allege Matthew choked her and sexually assaulted her with his hand,” a local TV station reported.

Matthew is pleading guilty to avoid the death penalty. Perhaps he will now become another example of the BLM focus on “mass incarceration.”

In the dramatic and horrifying Tellis case, the local paper, the Jackson, Mississippi, Clarion-Ledger, reports the following about this alleged member of the Insane Vice Lords street gang:

  • He is linked to the stabbing death of Meing-Chen Hsiao, 34, of Taiwan.
  • A search at his house turned up a quarter pound of marijuana packaged for sale.
  • He had received three years to serve and five years probation for residential burglary, and subsequently absconded supervision in August 2015.
  • While incarcerated, he was accused of various violations, including refusing to work and making threatening statements.

If you haven’t heard about the case, consider that the far-left group Media Matters just held an event on “How Media Criminalize Youth of Color,” by depicting criminals as criminals. One reason for doing so was to intimidate the media into not reporting factually about blacks and other minorities committing crimes, especially crimes against whites. Another was to publicize any allegations of racism made by members of minority groups.

Clinton was criticized for a 1996 speech that included the words, “They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

A Black Lives Matter activist by the name of Ashley Williams confronted Mrs. Clinton at a fundraiser last week, saying, “I’m not a ‘super-predator,’ Hillary Clinton,” adding, “Can you apologize to black people for mass incarceration?”

“Looking back, I shouldn’t have used those words, and I wouldn’t use them today,” Clinton has since said in a statement. Simpson’s prediction of how Clinton would pander to BLM has come to pass.

But the pandering to the criminal element doesn’t end there.

When three black students at the State University of New York at Albany, also known as the University at Albany, claimed to have been assaulted “for being black” by white people on a bus on the University at Albany campus, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus.” She linked to a USA Today story about the alleged incident.

Headlined, “Hundreds rally to protest attack on three black women at U. of Albany,” USA Today said that hundreds had gathered for a rally to protest the “attack on a city bus of three black female students at the State University of New York in Albany.” One of the students who said she was attacked spoke at a rally through tears.

USA Today said that one of the “victims” had said, “We are black women, and no amount of hate will change that.”

The attackers were said to be white people who shouted racial slurs.

University President Robert Jones, who is black, released a statement accepting the allegations at face value. He declared that “…three of our students were harassed and assaulted while riding on a CDTA [Capital District Transportation Authority] bus on Western Ave. in Albany. The students, who are Black women, stated that racial slurs were used by the perpetrators, whom they described as a group of 10 to 12 white males and females…I call upon all members of the University at Albany to unite. We must show the world that we stand for inclusiveness and stand against bias, violence and hatred.”

Police have since announced that the black students who claimed to be the victims were in fact the perpetrators. The black students have been charged with assault and making up the whole story. Video evidence disproved their claims of a white racist attack.

In a press release, the University at Albany announced that “The charges [against the black students] are supported by evidence gathered during a three-week investigation that included interviewing 35 passengers on the bus, reviewing videotape from 12 security camera videos on the bus, reviewing four videos taken by passengers on their mobile phones, reviewing videotape from the university’s surveillance system, examining UAlbany building access records, and reviewing audio recordings.”

It went on to say:

The video and audio evidence and the statement of every witness demonstrate that no male struck the three women. The evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them.

Investigators also found no evidence to support the initial allegations that these three women were targeted in any manner due to their race, and no evidence that racial slurs were directed toward them. All of the audio recordings examined by police were enhanced by the New York State Police crime lab to assist in hearing what was said on the bus.

Mrs. Clinton said in her original statement that super predators had “no conscience, no empathy.” The statement was true then, and is true now. But she doesn’t have the political courage to stand by her comments. Instead, she stands with those who perpetrated a hate crime hoax.

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  • alex

    super predator means a ‘generation of guilt & compassion free sociopaths’. which is very accurate to describe young people of ANY color who are repeat violent offenders with no remorse & no compulsion to better themselves. i think some black people take offense because they think most of these offenders are black & therefore its a color issue…is it??!! i dont know that stats. maybe that guy who confronted hillary knows…


    pic of Flag is rep: “”””””GOD and COUNTRY IN DIRE DISTRESS”””! Can you say thank you “”””””HITLERLY and HER NEGRO HUSBAND”””””” as stipulated by “””””TIMES”””!!!! And this thing in the ‘house being an “”””””HOMO ZEBRA””””!! Quote: Black guy on SNL””” are out to DESTROY this now! Please go to FB Page and look up “””William bill and get the real info that the “””””OUT HOUSE””” does not control!!! Remember they have major support from these presently Elected Thugs, and I as they do, have the EVIDENCE that they support!!! SENTATOR JOHN McCain, of AZ, Congress PETE OLSON, TX Sugar Land,281-494-2690 and their Local Supporter, STATE TAX INCRESE REP PHIL STEVENSON of Richmond TX, 281-232-7900!! I’ll be your “”””HUCKLEBERRY”””! DEBATE! DEBATE?! No? Well that why they call them “”””””THEM THERE COWARDS”””””! DEBATE!!!!

  • robert h siddell, jr

    A dozen Black BLM protesters disrupted Trump’s speech and he had them thrown out. Obviously Trump is a racist. A White KKK protester disrupted a Trump speech and Trump had him thrown out. No problem except this time the MSM demanded Trump denounce the organization which Trump failed to do at first. Obviously then Trump is a racist. Doesn’t the Freedom of Speech, action, thought etc apply to all or has that changed to just Liberal thought, action, speech etc? You can’t win when the Communist MSM hates you.

  • biilyjoe

    The Black Panthers endorsed obama twice– he never denounced these anti-white racist , murder -endorsing criminals at all . Not only that, his DOJ under white-hater racist Holder helped create and back the blackLIESmanuer movement ( whose members encourage the shooting of all whites and especially white police officers), paid for them to go to Florida to riot, backed criminal trayvon and tried to overturn the findings of The Grand Jury there; then along with Soros (who gives all these domestic terrorists checks to burn and loot our cities) backed the rioters in Ferguson and the murder of innocent Bosnian whites who lived nearby , and along with de blasio/sharpton in New York City encouraged the riots there that led to attacks on Police Officers and the murders of Police officers as well.

  • biilyjoe

    And that’s with whites doing everything they can (including uprooting themselves and moving at high cost) to get away from blacks– ie White Flight past 65 years.

  • She is lower than her husband and a bigger threat

  • Mike

    Here is the full graphic.

  • Mike

    All the numbers.

  • If you support Bernie Sanders and you won’t support Hillary Clinton then let the DNC know that by signing and sharing the petition below. This petition doesn’t necessarily mean you will not to vote for Hillary if she is the eventual nominee, but that she will not have your personal support in a general election, such as donations and personal advocacy. Hillary is universally unpopular amongst voters 18-29 and independents, two demographics democrats need to win a general election, in addition she has an over 50% disapproval rating. Also Hillary is only winning in states that are not going to matter much in a general election while losing in those that are, by wide margins. Meanwhile Republicans are have broken records for participation in all of the first nominating contests. If Hillary and Trump win their perspective nominations then Trump could not only become our next president but he could also obtain super majorities in the house and the senate.

  • Anthony Duhe

    Not to mention supporting the advancement of blacks ahead of themselves via Affirmative Action which I believe is unconstitutional.

    These last 7-8 years I must admit I was completely surprised by the level of hatred many blacks hold for whites. I had no idea it had reached such heights and was shared by so many blacks. The communist movement, and that is the movement that has fomented the hate, has expanded beyond imagination.

  • biilyjoe

    It is totally unconstitutional. It is worse than paying “reparations” to these scheming criminal blackLIES LIARS with LBJ’s vote-buying payoff of 1966 “entitlements” to them /via mlk the seditionist to pacify the sedition among their communist infiltrated orgs which led the 1964 riots and non-stop other looting , murdering, rioting in Balltimore, Ferguson, NYC and everywhere else we see today encouraged by TRAITOR OBAMA , sharpton, soros, and the totally seditious DOJ under obama, holder, low-retta Lynchmob– all white-hating terrorist racist blacks– who have been handed everything including sec 8 housing money– and they’re still not satisfied. Most of them are not capable of living in a law and order , organized, civilized society– which is exactly what Abraham Lincoln ( a northerner no less !!!) said about them in 1863 !!!

  • Wiley Coyote Jr.

    She’s Karla Marx.

  • letsgobucs

    In other words you fucking hypocrite, sign here that you are going to vote for Hillary even though you don’t like, believe, or agree with her. Only because your communist jackass of a candidate is out of the picture.

  • Actually it says you won’t support Hillary in a general election.

  • Only cowards talk like that, little baby cowards talking trash from their safe comfy little homes.

  • Truth

    Just Hillary whoring for votes wherever she can get them. What better way to get the votes of criminals than to sympathize with them?