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Tom Perriello, former Democratic congressman and failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate, wrote in Thursday’s Washington Post that he interviewed some “armed protesters” who demonstrated their racism by calling President Obama “a national embarrassment” they needed to “cleanse.”

Perriello called for establishing Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Virginia. Here’s a truth for him: If you think calling President Obama a “national embarrassment” who needs to be cleansed is bad, you should see what President Trump goes through from political leaders and their mainstream media handmaidens.

The media tries to pretend there is some measure of equality here – Trump is not getting it any worse than Obama. But there is no comparison.

The day before Perriello’s piece appeared, Keith Olbermann called Trump a racist, a white nationalist, filth, pig, scum and the “worst elected leader in the history of all the western democracies” – all in one seven-minute rant on the GQ website. In June, Perriello called Trump a “narcissistic maniac” in a campaign ad.

Elsewhere in the Post, there was this:

“A president so lacking in basic decency, empathy, honesty and dedication to the task of governance seems to give Americans the sense that the country, not just Trump, has suffered a loss of character. Trump’s conviction that wealth is the measure of a person and his overt racism do represent a historic decline in the stature of the office he holds.”

That was Jennifer Rubin, the Post’s self-described conservative blogger, who calls Trump’s Republicans “the party of Charlottesville” and says it “deserves extinction.”

Charles Blow wrote a column in the New York Times Thursday that said Trump “was always a liar, bully, misogynist, opportunist and economic isolationist,” but now is both a “racist and a sadist.” Salon carried a piece on Trump’s followers that declared him “objectively unfit for office,” and “a psychopath at the podium” whose seven months in office have brought “lies, sleaze, impulsivity, laziness, vengeance, arrogance, ineptitude, ignorance, nepotism, self-love and Putin love.”

Don Lemon of CNN came close to outright calling Trump a racist.

“It’s so obvious,” Lemon said. “It’s not even a dog-whistle anymore. It’s just flat-out bias. Flat out discrimination that they’re touting from this White House.”

Take stock of the lists here. Liar, bully, misogynist, opportunist, economic isolationist, racist and sadist. Racist, white nationalist, filth, pig, scum. Lacking in basic decency, empathy, honesty and dedication.

The differences are significant. Perriello’s interviewees in Charlottesville are far from the only private citizens to call Obama a national embarrassment or worse. But the companies that pose as impartial purveyors of the news call Trump far worse. A level of respect for the office has disappeared, a level of decorum and perspective abandoned.

One would be hard put to find a news clipping in Obama’s eight years that referred to him as a psychopath or objectively unfit for office, even though there are plenty of people who thought as much and who found his policies as odious as Trump’s opponents find his.

But the quotes in this story all come from within the last week. This is every day for the Trump administration. Every day it is bombarded with long lists of epithets that have included death threats, the symbolic beheading of the president by a third-rate comedian, and brutal and unending contempt.

Every day, the ridicule of him, his wife’s shoes, his son’s shirts, his daughter’s clothes, his associates’ wealth before taking office intensifies. It was not just the Democratic Party that lost an election last November. It was not even just the political left.

The media lost an election last year. The candidate it had protected and nurtured and cast in the best light was defeated by the candidate it did everything it could to prevent from taking office.

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  • tkrepel

    Here’s AIM proudly highlighting Ben Carson calling Obama a psychopath:

    Nope, wasn’t that hard to find at all.

  • uh, ben carson wasn’t part of the media. nice try moron, but this about the MEDIA, media bias. get it??

  • edwin

    As usual , you are the moron and still don’t know what the hell you are talking about. If you make a quote for the media than you become a part of the media.

  • edwin

    Are you saying Fox News , Newsmax etc. are not media bias

  • Gz7

    What a stupid and untrue statement.

  • John Cunningham

    I remember when the Tea Party protested Congress on the Congressional steps and Nancy Pelosi arm and arm with members of the Black Caucus. They were putting tape recorders right up to the mouths of the Protesters hoping to hear a racial slur. They didn’t hear any then and now they accuse all white Americans as being racist. Time to turn off the poor me attitude and shape up or ship out. The freedom all Americans enjoy today came at the cost of nearly a million lives and trillions of dollars. Time to stop throwing money at a problem that will only get worse. People have to accept. Once that is done then we will live a lot better.

  • edwin

    If he participates in media propaganda and many times is a paid participant , than he or she becomes a part of the media. they all use the media to get their message across. Usually going on the network that favors their opinion and beliefs.

  • tkrepel

    AIM is part of the media, and it happily republished Carson’s smear. I just proved that one didn’t even have to leave the AIM website to find such things.


    Like a serial killer, the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred is stoking its rage and building up to the revolutionary outburst that we have all known was coming since last November. It appears that the communist and black militant storm troopers that Soros has hired and the Virginia democrats have turned loose in our street have their rising planned for the first anniversary of their stunning defeat. Every free citizen who wants to live in the North American republic and not in the Central African Republic had better be ready to put them down on or after November 4. The only good leftist is a dead leftist.

  • JoeSchmedlapp

    You, and most of your repliers are missing the main point of the referenced AIM’s Cliff Kincaid’s 2015 article: Kincaid was illustrating the so-called “mainstream” (which is almost always synonymous with “leftist ideologue”) media’s predictable bias against conservatives, especially black conservatives because they are strayers from the leftist plantation. Hit the link and read Kincaid’s article.

  • Askjrsk

    Are you saying Ben Carson is not a Christian? However, in your opinion you are?

  • tkrepel

    But Kincaid (who has mysteriously disappeared from AIM) approvingly cited Carson’s depiction of Obama as a psychopath. It’s false to pretend this was not a significant theme in the right-wing media (and the right-wing media is “media”).

  • JoeSchmedlapp

    I looked at my reply as posted and I see that the bold formatting didn’t transfer; still, it’s obvious where my excerpt of Kincaid’s column starts and stops (after “verbatim” and before “Kincaid is hardly…”).

  • gwedem5995

    What amazes me the most is that Obama was the worse president in my lifetime and I had been a live long Democrat, only because my mother was so I thought I should be too. However, I never voted along party lines. I voted for Kennedy, not that I knew anything about him, but he was charismatic and good looking. I liked Jimmy Carter but never did agree with any of his stances. Biut Donald Trump did not have to run, he was great at making money and had a great life style
    and turned out kids who seemed to have some values and ethics. I am sick of the bashing he has gotten. It would be different if he was making bad decisions (as most in the take news media and fake politicians would have you believe.)
    I grew up in a generation where you were given what you earned and worked for, not just given handouts rights and left.
    I think this generation is a bunch of spoiled brats. I was divorced with 2 girls at the time of divorce being 5 and 7.
    I did get a modest child support but I never even took a hand out from my parents or anyone else. I even was able to save a little bit of money. I remember too, I would take my kids to the fair and an amusement park and that would be our only vacations most of the time. I saved up my sick leave just in case and most of my vacation time if I needed to be off work for some major happening. You young kids and people who always wants handouts better wake up because maybe not in my lifetime, but somewhere down the road, there will be no money left t give. Doesn’t going on 20 trillion in debt scare you. It does me.

  • mk

    of course President Trump gets far worse from the Media than Obama, President Trump is a threat to Democrats, President Trump is doing Damage control and cleaning up the horrible mess that Obama left behind and President Trump is cleaning the swamp. President Trump is doing the job a Leader is supposed to do.

  • Jeremiaah

    The election of Donald Trump to the highest office of the land did not create the left’s hate.

    It REVEALED it!

  • Marilynn Reeves

    100% right. Media needs to get over it and support OUR PRESIDENT

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Good job. I totally agree

  • backtofront

    Obama got NO criticism from the MSM. On the contrary, they were silent on constant blunders or blamed them on Bush.

  • backtofront

    Never happen. They are what they are.

  • backtofront

    You are absolutely right! The Democratic party has turned to Socialism. NOT the same party that your Mother supported. She would be disgusted at what they are up to these days. People support the party for exactly what you say. Handouts. Handouts are not because the Dems. care, they are buying votes. Sickening. They have turned a generation into whiney victims with entitlement attitudes, no ethics or self respect. THAT is the most shameful thing of all. This is the model for the next generations.

  • backtofront

    In a nutshell, spot on.

  • chuck

    why does libtardlike personal attacks have to be a part of any serious discussion?


    Let them all join the unemployment line when their WAPO goes bankrupt because of this BS they are spewing.

  • auminer

    You are right on backtofront. We are scratching our heads, while attempting to think of even one time, when Obama had even one tiny iota, of negative comments about anything he did or didn’t do, published in any major U.S. media publication. This especially includes the TV news media. Fox news had a few comments that were near being critical but they were so watered down, it wasn’t even funny. This ridiculous, news media rhetoric, went on for 8 plus years and is still continuing today. Does anyone believe that any human being is that perfect? It’s totally impossible, yet these stooge baits expected and still expect us to believe it. Talk about Communist inspired Pravda type dogmatic news propaganda and brainwashing. Thank God that 60 some plus million voting Americans, could and can still see through the garbage. Let’s continue to Pray that President Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” and “Make America Great Again” programs flourish and prosper. These prevaricating, masters of the “Big Lie”, are going down where they belong,in the pits of hell.

  • backtofront

    Right! And they are getting desperate, repeating the lies that Shumer and Pelosi are spreading about the Pres. agreeing to no wall. These people are even pretending to be outraged Republicans believing these lies. It is a massive effort to discourage the President’s base, but it won’t work. They have exposed the fact that they are lying fakes and I for one, will never believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

  • auminer

    You got it. We heard the latest moronic, made up, left wing drivel, concerning President Trump and the supposed “Agreement” about “The Wall”, on the radio while driving home today. Chucky Schumer’s silky smooth, f*g sounding voice, almost made us throw up. Ever notice Chucky’s sneaky, shifty eyes, whenever he’s speaking in public? He’s definitely a well trained, snake-in the-grass product, of the prince of darkness and someone who exudes an incredibly attractive and magnetic personality, one that reeks of credibility….Not! Fools like Chucky, forget one important aspect about lying. The Light always exposes it as the evil it really is and the Light always wins. All one has to do to prove that statement is check the history books. In every single instance where deception and non-truth is involved all liars fail miserably. Somebody oughta tell Chucky and the fake news media that undeniable fact before their mouths get any bigger from sticking their feet in it.

  • JoeSchmedlapp

    (Note: my last comment doesn’t make any sense; I was referring to a reply I had posted a few minutes earlier, but that reply for some reason didn’t stay posted. I’ll try again….)

    What’s false is the way you continue to misrepresent Kincaid’s 2015 AIM column to which you gave the link in your original comment. Did you read the column? Here, verbatim, is the beginning of Kincaid’s column (excerpt is bracketed by me):

    [Black conservative Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is everything Barack Obama is not. That’s why he has to be destroyed. In a desperate move, The Washington Post ran a more than 2,500-word article on Sunday warning Carson to stop criticizing Obama. What were Carson’s crimes?

    ——He offered “a conservative critique of U.S. health-care and spending policies, while standing a few feet from President Obama.”

    ——“In the ensuing months and years, Carson’s attacks grew sharper—deriding Obama’s signature health-care law as the ‘worst thing to have happened in this nation since slavery’ and, in the pages of GQ, likening Obama to a ‘psychopath.’ Carson’s 2014 book, ‘One Nation,’ assails a decline of moral values in America and its government.”]

    That’s hardly “proudly highlighting Ben Carson calling Obama a psychopath.” Kincaid was quoting from a Washington Post article–was the WaPo “highlighting” it too? Kincaid doesn’t directly comment on or discuss the “psychopath” subject; it wasn’t the point of his column. As I said in my original reply to your comment, Kincaid’s goal in that column was to illustrate the leftist “mainstream” media’s bias against conservatives, especially black ones.
    Further, it’s false for YOU to pretend that calling Obama a psychopath was a significant theme in the “right wing” media. It was not–at most it was a passing comment. The problem we conservatives (both in and outside the media) had with Obama was his Marxist agenda on the home front and his spectacularly inept moves in the foreign policy arena.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Who is surprised at that, the media id 99% liberal, Obama was 100% liberal, Trump is only about 20/30% liberal, so how would/could we expect any difference!! Most of them would risk their job to take a crack against Trump!!

  • Richard Deakin

    Trump Get’s It’s Worse By Far! That’s Because He’s A Male Shoovie Douche’ Bag Pig Of An Asshole lol…Tick Tick Tick….Waiting For The Impeachment….

  • The Texan

    Obama was given a complete pass by the media. They ignored or downplayed all his unconstitutional actions and any threat of a scandal.
    On the other hand they attack Trump continually even without credible sources.

  • margaret werner

    Save your propaganda for someone that believes your bull shit

  • NiteOwl984

    I challenge you to prove anything you said. On the other hand I CAN prove Obama is a Muslim scum who was born in Kenya and has done everything he could do to ruin the country. Trump is a saint compared to Obama even though Trump is far from perfect.

  • mark

    All of ovomits traitor in chiefs illegal acts were ignored

  • Richard Deakin

    Look how many people got booted in this guys Cabinet? I mean Come on! This guy Sooo Does’nt know what he’s doing or who he’s putting in there? Look at that Scaramooch guy lol Waiting for the 1st N.K. bomb to plaster Alaska! Buy those globes now people, you know the one without Guam in it lol.

  • Diane B. Kowalczyk

    Simply because trump earns it and provides it.

  • Richard Deakin

    He used to be a Democrat don’t forget when Bill Clinton was in charge…go figure…Mr. Kiss Ass lol!!!! Now he’s kissin’ and polishin’ Democrat azzes cuz he can’t get a single bill passed lol. Irony huh!

  • Richard Deakin

    Is That wall built yet to keep the evil Mexicans out?