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Not since JournoList, the forum of left-wing journalists who coordinated their messaging to support the Democrats, has there been such a pile of smoking guns proving that the left-wing, so-called mainstream media, are, in fact, the public relations arm of the Democrat Party. They are in cahoots with each other, as we’ve been pointing out for decades.

The Democratic National Convention was planned as an event to demonstrate party unity as Democrats from around the country come together to crown Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee. But undermining that unity was a series of leaked emails demonstrating that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had its thumb on the scale the whole time. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporters who complained about the party’s partiality toward Hillary Clinton now have their proof that the process was rigged. “The messages [from the DNC] showed members of the committee’s communications team musing about pushing the narrative that the Sanders campaign was inept and trying to raise questions publicly about whether he was an atheist,” reported The New York Times.

Sanders supporters in Philadelphia took to the street to call to “lock [Hillary] up,” wearing “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts to emphasize that point, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While the leaked DNC emails may have unleashed fresh anger from Sanders supporters who still feel cheated as the convention comes to an end, the mainstream media have done all they can to minimize the damaging content. Jeffrey Toobin, writing for The New Yorker magazine, suggests that this story is less than meets the eye. Nothing scandalous. And in a way, he is correct. The fact that the Democratic establishment had its thumb on the scale for Hillary was well understood by many to be the case. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the DNC, had not gone rogue. She was carrying out the agenda of Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, who appointed her to that position. But someone had to be sacrificed to appease the Bernie wing of the party, and it was her.

But other issues that were exposed had more significant implications. For one thing, the leaked emails revealed a strong vein of racism and bigotry within the party establishment that would have created a firestorm if it had come from the Republican National Committee.

For another, it showed how closely and collaboratively the DNC works with the establishment media. They are effectively on the same team. The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Politico and the rest of the liberal media act as the public relations arm of the DNC. Their goal is to defeat the Republicans and their candidate Donald Trump, and to smooth the way for a Hillary Clinton victory.

And perhaps most importantly, the leak revealed the likelihood that Mrs. Clinton’s reckless and grossly negligent handling of classified materials for the four years she was secretary of state almost certainly landed those emails in the hands of the Russians, the Chinese, and various other intelligence agencies around the world, making her subject to blackmail if she were to ever become president.

Regarding the racism and bigotry, the leaked DNC emails reveal one employee calling for more “taco bowl engagement,” and another saying “I love you too. No homo. Phew.” “Imagine if the National Finance Director of the RNC used ‘no homo’ in an email?” asks Twitchy. Yet another mocked the name of a black woman, in what has been acknowledged to have been a racist comment.

Yet there seems to be little backlash from the organized left over the DNC’s own demonstrable prejudices. Following former President Bill Clinton’s crowd-pleasing speech on Tuesday night that was designed to humanize Hillary, many in the media have moved on. Sanders was apparently sufficiently appeased by the firing of Wasserman Schultz, who had previously announced that she would resign after the convention as a result of the emails.

However, the other big story related to the leaked emails—the one that the media hope gains little traction—is how the DNC was blatantly coordinating media coverage with members of the press. It appears that members of the press are violating their own journalistic standards by coordinating with Democrats. You have to wonder, who is manipulating whom?

One of the Wikileaks emails indicates that Ken Vogel of Politico submitted his entire article to the Democrats for their comments before sending it on to his editors. “Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it,” wrote Mark Paustenbach, DNC national press secretary, on April 30. “Let me know if you see anything that’s missing and I’ll push back.” Politico later called this a “mistake” by Vogel. Their mistake was getting caught. Otherwise they were fine with it. The practice of collusion is far too common.

We have long maintained that MSNBC is an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party. The Wikileaks emails show that Wasserman Schultz spoke with MSNBC president Phil Griffin about the comments of Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, who called for Wasserman Schultz’s resignation because of the DNC’s blatant favoritism toward Hillary. Wasserman Schultz also reached out to Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, who questioned whether a call to Morning Joe would be a good idea.

It cannot be denied: the mainstream media’s double standard favors Democrats and liberals, and derides Republicans. While the complicit media spin stories to favor Hillary Clinton, they relish publishing stories about Republican disunity.

But this story about Democratic in-fighting and betrayal isn’t going away anytime soon.

Despite the positive press, Hillary recently complained on CBS’ 60 Minutes that she has been treated with a double standard, a higher standard than other candidates. “I often feel like there’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” she said. She’s right, but not in the way she means it. If anyone else had done what she did with classified material, they would have been indicted.

While she maintains that the Hillary standard for Republicans is “unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth,” the reality is that Hillary Clinton has benefitted from widespread favoritism from both the DNC and the liberal media, which are both intent on ensuring that she reaches the White House. By supporting the DNC’s efforts to elect Hillary, the media have placed their own hand on the scale in favor of a particular candidate.

While these revelations are reminders of how complicit and incestuous the mainstream media have been, that behavior is likely to continue. They have a political agenda that is more important to them than accurate and unbiased reporting. They are doing a disservice to their profession, and to this country.

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  • yep

    i believe that sanders was a plant in this convention, yep he sure raise many people’s awareness , but people, they are just words, nothing else, the real BS, is that clinton paid bernie off, and you gave millions and millions to bernies convention, too bad, BERNIE GOT BOUGHT OFF, and you can thank the cklintons, and oh yea, THERE NO DEMOCRACY IN THE USA, it the rich aganist the poor, time to start thinking in another direction, and this will not be pretty, period

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders


    Clinton dealing in uranium acquired in BLM land grabs

    wait til the entire country learns what is really happening

    this BLM group which includes harry reid and clinton have come up with a very complex scam.

    it uses the fbi and nevada city council and county commissioners
    who racketeer together in order to take land from people to sell to foreign investors by making it look like the ranch owners have broken the law
    when they have not.
    harry reid has a land grab partner named richard bryan who was a Nevada senator. richard bryan ran a lawfirm in nevada called lionel sawyer collins.
    richard bryan sold bundy’s land to the chinese.
    bryan took millions of dollars from Chinese solar clients who
    secretly purchased bundy’s land before the land grab attempt.
    reid and bryan sold the land because the Chinese needed it for minerals to make solar panels .
    BUT….the land grab backfired .. it did not go as reid and bryan planned.
    reid and bryan had local county commissioners de-value bundy’s land at only $3.4 million when bundy ranch is worth around $50 million .

    so…… through reid orchestrated federal mumbo jumbo and his internal govt agency trickery.
    reid tried to take the bundy land after reid and bryan pocketed the Chinese

    but blm was not abe to evict bundy…….


    because reid and bryan were unable to deliver on the bundy land sold to chinese.
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    cover up .
    bryan allowed the Lionel sawyer Collins law firm to file for bankruptcy
    and ruchard bryan relocated quietly to another lawfirm
    eventually the oregon land grab will reveal reid and bryan handle mineral deals for hilary clinton’s daughter’s husband……………
    chelsea’s husband who has Russian clients who deal in buying BLM acquired land plentiful in earth minerals.

    BLM’s bundy ranch land grab
    was attempted because reid and senator richard bryan failed to acquire bundy land for chinese solar investors .
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    back the retainer to the Chinese solar clients who did not get bundy land .
    the bundy land grab scam organized by reid and his mormons
    has not even been fully exposed yet.


    selling the presidential election on a grand scale.
    while making it appear as though nevada is hosting the democrat and republican conventions or debates
    in reality simply selling/rigging the election out the back door. to highest bidders
    would harry reid be part of a scam. ?
    harry reid could run this out of a payday loan business’ in nevada to launder money.
    a hard to trace bribe scam,
    rawle’s pay day loan business
    is where harry reid laundered his previous million dollar bribe through.
    who would ever find out ?

    emails surface exposing reid accepting bribes.
    reid bribe was initially $2 million dollars.
    Swallow wanted $2 million to enlist Harry Reid’s help to block online gaming investigation .
    .copies of emails show Swallow worked to arrange meetings between Johnson and top Utah officeholders.
    Then, with the FTC investigation continuing, Johnson said Swallow
    suggested Harry Reid could make all the problems with regulators go away — for a
    “I said, ‘OK, what do I need to do?’
    He’s like,………. ‘OK, it costs money,’
    ” Johnson said, Swallow was adamant he make a deal.
    “he told me, he has a connection with Harry Reid,’ ” Johnson said.
    He said Swallow wanted $2 million to enlist Reid’s help.
    But he did not have the money, Johnson
    said, so they eventually agreed on $300,000 upfront and $300,000 later.
    Swallow put Johnson in contact with Rawle, whose company has
    operations in Nevada. Rawle had given generously to Swallow’s failed
    congressional bids and hired Swallow as Check City’s lobbyist and
    in-house legal counsel, a position Swallow held until he became chief
    deputy attorney general in December 2009.
    Rawle, died of cancer before federal investigators could question him
    On Sept. 29, 2010, Swallow sent an email to Johnson with the subject line “Mtg. with Harry Reid’s .”
    ” Traveling to LV tomorrow and will be able to meet with Reid’s contact,
    who he has a very good relationship with. He needs a
    brief narrative of what is going on and what you want to happen….I don’t know the cost, but it probably won’t be cheap.”…

    eric holder blocked the american people from learning harry reid took a million bribe.FBI
    agents working alongside Utah state prosecutors in a wide-ranging
    bribery corruption investigation have uncovered wrongdoing by two
    of the U.S. Senate’s most prominent Mormon figures — Majority Leader
    Harry Reid and rising Republican Sen. Mike Lee — but Eric Holder and the Justice
    Department has thwarted their bid to launch a full federal

    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States,
    shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for,
    Conviction of,
    or other high Crimes
    Article II, Section 4
    who got the biggest kickback ?
    Harry Reid personally bypassed DHS terrorism laws on behalf of son’s casino project
    Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid took an intense interest in
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    Vegas casino represented by his son, Rory Reid, documents and reports
    The investors, who were flagged under terrorists guidelines for “suspicious financial
    activity,” had initially been denied visas by the Department of Homeland
    Security in a process that does not allow for appeals.
    In a Dec. 5, 2012 email to officials at the Department of Homeland
    Security obtained by The Washington Times, U.S. Citizenship and
    Immigration Services (USCIS) Legislative Affairs official Miguel
    Rodriguez wrote, “This one is going to be a major headache for us
    all because Sen. Reid’s office/staff is pushing hard and I just had a
    long yelling match on the phone.”
    The investors were renovating the SLS Hotel — which was
    once the Sahara. SLS is represented by Sen. Reid’s son, Rory Reid, who
    at the law firm Lionel, Sawyer & Collins. In their 2012 “Year in
    Review,” the Nevada firm hyped “Lionel Sawyer & Collins” benefits
    from working with Harry Reid .
    “Rory Reid’s previous experience as chairman of the Clark County
    Commission is put to good use assisting with general legal advice for
    the law firm and helps circumvent the maze of regulations
    required to access economic incentives offered on the state and local
    levels,” the article, called “Redeveloping a Classic Strip Property,” continued.
    questioned on Sen. Reid’s intervention on behalf of SLS investors, Sen.
    Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman told Ralston Reports —
    where Rory’s connection was first reported — that “The SLS project
    is none of your business”
    “That is the calculus in Sen. Reid’s support of the project,” Orthman continued.
    “We have a long-standing office policy that strictly bars any member of
    the staff’s family or the Senator’s family from lobbying our office on
    behalf of their clients. That policy applies in this case.”
    Initial attempts by Sen. Reid’s office to expedite the visa requests
    were denied on Dec. 17, 2012, prompting the majority leader to
    personally call Obama who contacted USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas.
    “Within a few short weeks of Mr. Reid’s personal DHS intervention, the
    decision not to issue the visas was reversed, allowing the hotel to
    major funding from JP Morgan Chase,” the Times reports.Sen. Reid “has
    supported Lionel Sawyer & Collins a spokeswoman for the senator told
    the media

    October , 2010
    Reid terrorist ties cover up
    “An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
    repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted
    false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover
    up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the
    subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation.”
    what is odd is that no criminal terrorist charges are brought against
    rory for his SLS clients or the long history of the lionel sawyer
    collins lawfirm facing the same terrorist charges.

    for some convenient reason LAST MONTH the law firm was allowed to skate
    around the feds and quietly just vanish out of sight and relocate to
    while harry reid (taxpayers stuck funding it ) handled the DHS terrorist
    scandal fall out & cover up here in nevada.
    October , 2010
    Reid terrorist ties cover up
    “An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
    repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted
    false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover
    up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the
    subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation.”


    eventually the public will learn harry reid used the FBI to block investigations into his well organized multi billion dollar corruption schemes which took place within the country known as deseret.
    harry reid used his ties to the blm as well as his long time friend and previous nevada senator richard bryan who both have now gone into the business of selling land they do not own to Chinese corporations who need raw materials to build solar and electric car batteries.
    harry reid and richard bryan don’t realize the public is not as dumb as they think.
    and the tax exempt corporation known as the mormons who operate the legal system within deseret will also be exposed .
    your govt reminds you……..when you see something say something..



  • yep

    Bernie Sanders threatened with loss of Senate committee position if he didn’t endorse Hillary……

    by Dr. Eowyn

    Watching Sen. Bernie Sanders hoarsely shouting his praises of Hillary
    Clinton at the Democratic National Convention — and knowing that the hacked emails
    of the corrupt Democratic National Committee (DNC) reveal its
    machinations to undermine Bernie’s campaign — did you wonder as I did
    why Bernie would be so servile? The Yiddish words schmuck and schlemiel come to mind.

    I thought that Hillary probably bought Bernie off with promises of
    some plum assignment in her administration. But I should know better
    because the Clintons are nasty pieces of work who wouldn’t use the
    carrot when the stick is so much cheaper and more effective.

    Reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says Bernie
    Sanders was threatened with the loss of his ranking position on the
    Senate Veterans Affairs Committee if he did not endorse Hillary with

    Hillary’s hatchet-man cum errand-boy to deliver the threat was
    Senator Charles “Chucky” Schumer (D-NY), uncle of the insufferable
    “comedienne” Amy Schumer. As the incoming Senate Minority Leader, Chucky
    Schumer will determine committee chairs and assignments if the
    Demonrats win back control of the Senate in the November election.

    Hey, Bernie supporters! How do you like them rotten apples?

    Are you still gonna BOHICA, just like your man, Bernie?

    here is one example, need i say more, BERNIE WAS BOUGHT OFF,

  • John

    “…the left-wing, so-called mainstream media, are, in fact, the public relations arm of the Democrat Party…”

    Here’s a 2009 presentation from the Rockefeller/CFR discussing the role of their “trusted” propagandists, including the late Walter Cronkite of CBS and his predecessor, Edward R. Murrow:

    “The fact that we will not reestablish Walter Cronkite, because of technology… does not mean we can’t have people who are trusted. Brian Williams is sitting here, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric…”

    The event was sponsored by the Ford Foundation and Time Warner Inc (CFR member Jeffrey Bewkes, chairman).
    Participants included CFR members Christiane Amanpour (CNN), Margaret Warner (PBS), Jonathan Klein (CNN president), Stephen Capus (NBC president), and David Westin (ABC president).

    Some other notable CFR members include Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Sidney Blumenthal, Strobe Talbott, Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and David Rockefeller.

  • maryloujb

    Thanks for sharing, more people need to read and know this is the truth. I always support the cowboys, not the politicians!

  • Null Static Void

    Please cite proof that Bernie was bought off. While it does appear that he ceded his support too easily. What ‘seems like’ and what ‘is’ are not always the same thing.

  • LudicrousSextus

    The movie ‘Clinton Cash’ is up on Youtube. I’d encourage everyone to take a look at the top of the nation’s criminal food chain…

  • Gz7

    Why else would he turn his back on his supporters. What’s really odd is that Bernie’s supporters still don’t seem to know that he used them for his own gains. He could care less about his supporters and they don’t seem to care.

  • Null Static Void

    ” Bernie’s supporters still don’t seem to know that he used them for his own gains.”
    Which gains? I still would like to know what Bernie ‘got’ besides a modification of the party platform on a few issues.

  • Null Static Void

    “Gains?” What did Bernie Sanders gain? Do you have actual proof, such as a wire transfer or leaked email detailing a large Mansion in Florida being put in his name for $1?
    Oh it just seems like that might be a thing. That is your proof.

  • Gz7

    He is a traitor to his own supporters. Let’s put in a context that you can understand. He turned his back on them. The Green Party is already to continue the cause because Bernie dumped them. If your a Bernie supporter and haven’t figured this out, then there is no help for you.

  • Null Static Void

    So Bernie getting very major changes to Hillary’s platform and the Dem party platform was ‘dumping them’. I suppose you think he should have what? Started a 3rd party? He ran, he lost, I’m not happy about it, but I am a grown man. I understand that no matter how much you want it, sometimes your guy does not prevail.
    You are painting an election loss as a personal choice by Bernie to shaft his supporters.
    Unless you have specific evidence (hacked emails?) that Bernie betrayed his supporters for some Judas silver, why not shut the fudge up.

  • Gz7

    The evidence was on television. You didn’t see it?

  • Null Static Void

    you are evading. What evidence that he betrayed his supporters.
    He did not win the nomination. So he gave his support to Clinton.
    He could have done so a long time ago. And even at the convention, he delayed giving his endorsement to Clinton until after all the states and territories were given the chance to voice their vote to the convention.
    Again, WHAT did Bernie Sanders gain? Did he win an all expenses paid trip to Bermuda? A new car? A condo in Palm Springs? You keep evading specifics because you are a low information troll.

  • Gz7

    Sorry, I don’t debate with name callers. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Null Static Void

    you mean you don’t have any facts to back up your specious assertion.
    If you are going to cite Madsen’s reporting, that man is well known as an unreliable conspiracy theorist with a specific anti-semite slant to most of his ‘work’.