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One of my favorite Andy Griffith episodes shows Goober growing a beard to try to look smart. Picking up an apple, he declares, “One time you was a seed.” Unfortunately, the extreme makeover didn’t work for Dana Milbank of The Washington Post during an appearance on the Clinton News Network (CNN). His new beard didn’t disguise the loony opinions that have become his hallmark.

The occasion was an appearance with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to confirm that Hillary was right in saying that half of Donald J. Trump’s supporters were deplorables. “Come back any time,” Baldwin concluded. The appearance wouldn’t be worth commenting on, except for the fact that Milbank tried to look and sound like an intellectual. It was really funny.

At a time when Mrs. Clinton has attacked half of all Trump supporters as “deplorable,” Milbank was brought on to somehow confirm this. He had no problem with the rise of black hate groups like Black Lives Matter or President Obama’s racially divisive rhetoric. Instead, he saw white people (of which he is one) as the problem.

“There’s been a huge jump in the amount of racial stereotypes expressed by white people in America, people who will say that black Americans are less intelligent or lazier than white Americans,” he declared. “And it’s really quite shocking, something like 62 percent of white voters have these sorts of sentiments, and by better than 2-1 they vote Republican.”

He added that since 2008, “there’s been sort of a 20 percentage point jump in the number of white Americans expressing these racist stereotypes and a lot of that has to do with backlash against the first African-American president.”

Assuming that there is rising racial tension in this country, is it not reasonable to conclude that spectacles like overpaid black athletes protesting the National Anthem have played a role? What about the role played by the media in promoting Black Lives Matter, a group that honors a black cop-killer named Assata Shakur, who killed a white New Jersey State Trooper?

Neither Baldwin nor Milbank mentioned that the nation’s first black president has endorsed not only the ugly protests in the NFL (which included socks depicting policemen as pigs), but the anti-white racism of Black Lives Matter.

Obama has also highlighted the killings of black people in a campaign carried forward by his own Department of Justice against local police forces. Yet, Heather McDonald of the Manhattan Institute notes that, as of July 9 of this year, whites were 54 percent of the 440 police shooting victims, compared to 28 percent of them black. Last year whites made up 50 percent of the 987 fatal police shootings, and blacks, 26 percent. And, she adds, “Blacks commit homicide at nearly eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.”

According to Milbank, rising racial hostility is absolutely not Obama’s fault. White people are to blame. He is a modern-day Goober.

Looking at the violence in places like Chicago, it may be the case that many white people are no longer willing to accept that they are to blame for black people killing themselves and others. Perhaps their opinions of black people have become more critical. They wonder why Obama doesn’t seem to care for his own people. They wonder why black politicians in the Democratic Party are so slow to condemn this violence and do something about it.

Consider the video of a 71-year-old man in Chicago who was recently shot while watering his lawn by a young black thug who wanted his money. Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass reports, “The shooters, these feral young men, aren’t an accident. They are the direct product of the Democratic welfare state that helped destroy families. The government became the father, the fathers became irrelevant or were driven off, and black families that had withstood decades of Jim Crow segregation began to collapse.”

Kass is white, but can anybody seriously doubt the truth of his observation? Where are the black “leaders” sounding the alarm?

CNN posted the video, with the description, “A 71-year-old man was shot and robbed by two men while watering his lawn in a southwest Chicago neighborhood.” The “two men” were black.

Yet talking and bearded heads like Milbank are worried about theoretical white racism, as reflected in surveys about stereotypes.

Milbank is a dishonest but familiar face, with or without a beard, to conservative media figures holding news conferences to announce the results of their investigative reporting about Obama and Hillary that Milbank and his colleagues refuse to do. He has showed up at various events to see what conservatives may have to say about various left-wing scandals. I have personally seen him at AIM conferences on Benghazi and my own conferences on Obama’s ties to the black racist communist Frank Marshall Davis. Usually, Milbank writes his stories during the events, when he thinks he has discovered something he can twist or distort, in order to try to make the conservatives look crazy or foolish.

In the Andy Griffith episode, Goober finally shaves off the beard, after people start fleeing from his pseudo-intellectual rhetoric. He realizes that he has been acting stupid when he has been trying to sound smart.

The Brooke Baldwin-Dana Milbank show is a modern version of that timeless classic. These people don’t realize how stupid they look and sound. They are modern-day Goobers who can only succeed in driving people away from CNN to alternative media.

Yes, we appreciate it, Mr. Milbank. Now, go shave off the beard.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Kincaid can’t even realistically aspire to the level of “goober”. When you are a national laughing stock running a third-rate alt-right propaganda site, you really shouldn’t call other people stupid.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Why don’t you vamoose! Little girly man.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd
  • Tom Sea

    What a grade A troll this is, name calling, calling this website such when it has been around forever.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Check it’s popularity versus the other moronic right wing sites.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Wow. Quite possibly the lamest thing I’ve ever read.

  • jug

    Your beard is showing, better go shave, troll!

    The description fits you to a tee, except it doesnt mention how you are being paid to whore yourself for Clinton/obutthole!

  • Steven Barrett

    Righties hate like hell when called on for name calling. They just can’t get outside of their comfort zone that’s built on social clumsiness when it comes to deciding how best to describe a situation they don’t like w/o digging into the pig slop first. Well, there’s one moment they clean up their SNAFU mode of handling things when it comes to displaying any class, grace or decorum. That’s when they instinctively sit up or stand up straight the moment they’re being called out for name calling (“goober,” which is one of the cleanest, pot-shots, I’ll admit to Cliff’s credit) and sputter “Who us? Why we’d never.”
    They’d be a lot more refreshingly enjoyable to put up with during the usual rough n’ tumble part of any close campaign if they borrowed a touch of class from Maggie Smith’s classical role of the Dowager Lady Grantham. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly say ‘deplorable,’ when there are more descriptive words, such as despicable, to describe many of Trump’s most physical and vocal supporters. … But Madame Secretary did make a valid point.”

  • LABigDave

    Hey dumb*ss, Goober is a character, not a perjorative. Reading comprehension not your forte, eh!

  • Steven Barrett

    Just how bad are the schools in LA as in Louisiana, not LA? (And with the gator in the pic, I guess I can safely surmise you rarely make it out of the bayou, as well.) A character’s name can become a perjorative, even if the name belongs to a real person. You have heard of Judas, or Benedict Arnold, right? Not everybody from the Bayou State seems to be nearly as educationally deprived as you’ve revealed yourself to be. There is Jim Carville, one of the smartest men to ever come out of Louisiana.

  • JustMe

    Cliff Kincade = genius writer. I’ve enjoyed reading your articles for many years.

  • In truth, Milbank reminds me of a dirty diaper that can’t be put into the garbage, because of the fear that it will spread disease into the other refuse. To even insinuate the he is any type of writer is simple idiocy. This Baldwin is just another Clinton-Obama stooge.

  • missieb2000

    Milbank should heed my father’s best advice: you can’t polish a turd.

  • BakkenBill

    This type of nonsensical rhetoric is another confirmation for my agreance with Michael Savage in that, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Libs and media, along with most of our nation, are in fact ‘Lying SOBs’ when they claim no bias without admitting prejudice.
    Every damn one of us walking the planet are prejudicial to some degree. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, young, old, straight, gay, transgender, short, tall, thin, fat, rich or poor, somebody say it out loud for Christ’s sake! The truth will set you free!
    This global plan of homogenization and blending is ‘Kumbaya’ BS.
    Our cultures, likes, dislikes, aspirations and dreams, education and skills, wants and needs are all DIFFERENT.
    I admire and respect many people from different backgrounds and races. That doesn’t mean I expect to have what they have, no more than I want to be them. No two of any living thing are the same.
    Each of us has different gifts, talents, weaknesses, and struggles.
    Some time eventually that needs to be realized. If we can not meet a certain standard, we may not make the team.
    Not every kid is a ball player, no more than every musician is an athlete.
    So let’s stop pretending and just be honest about reality. Not like a TV show, but real life reality.


  • RMThoughts

    For a person who thinks Putin poisoned Hillary and is going to kill Snowden, Kincaid shouldn’t be talking about hiding stupidity

  • IronChefSandwiches

    THIS man is making fun of another man about his beard. There is literally no limit to how low and stupid Kincaid will go.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    A bigot who ties himself up in knots with rhetorical BS in a feeble attempt to justify his bigotry…is still just a bigot.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Are you really that dumb? Do you really not see that Goober is, in fact, a perjorative? Really?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You DO realize that you’re bitching that I’m a name-caller when the HEADLINE OF THIS “ARTICLE” calls someone a name, right?

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, got a shot of Melania in a Cruella get up? I’ve heard of the two Trumper boyos referred to by the names of Saddam’s equally “bold” sons. You need a shot of his adopted NoKoNeph, the chubby but very dangerous schmuck in his modified Kim-something gray Maoist version of a “leisure suit” polyester straight-jacket the Chinese only wear for “historical reasons.” Even Putin deserves some benefit of the doubt to leave out of this bunch.

  • 2011RedSox

    You sure as heck should be trying to hide yours, poser… but then again ‘twould be an impossibility.

  • 2011RedSox

    Perhaps the stupidest move is offering a rusty brained Sandwich Chef a forum….

  • 2011RedSox

    That would be ‘pig slop’ originally created by progressives, no matter how under control they seek to keep the smell from being noticed by flowery layer of artistic language…

  • 2011RedSox

    … and likely one of the most calculating evil.

  • 2011RedSox

    Hey, the guy’s gotta get Soros bucks to keep himself adorned in pink pyjamas

  • 2011RedSox

    OMIGOSH… run for your “safety zone” Stevie, there’s language present that offends your delicate sensitivities….

  • 2011RedSox

    Having read your totally crippled postings that presumes a lot.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL Sox fan, it’s not the language that gets me, it’s the foreign accent one hears east of I-495 and especially inside the nation’s first notorious beltway, Rte 128 that I find thoroughly deplorable, despicable and diabolical. A whole Fenway Pahhhk basketcase of the craziest of crazies. Yankee fans have their “moments,” I’ll admit that much. But at least you can understand what they’re saying, no matter how sauced they happen to be.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Hightail it. Capiche?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Awe, what’s a matter leetle girly man, did the light go out in your Easy Bake oven?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • IronChefSandwiches


  • Steven Barrett

    “agreance” … clever.

  • Steven Barrett

    Something tells me you’re trying to be like Donald Duckster, Jr. with your oven joke. You really need to take some pointers on political satire. The only person you’re succeeding to get people to laugh at is yourself with dumb remarks like the one above.