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The disease known as political correctness has infected Fox News. First, anchor Bret Baier withdrew from a Catholic conference under pressure from his management and the homosexual lobby. Now, Fox News has bowed to pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood lobby, issuing an embarrassing “correction” that was not warranted for having reported factually on the existence of Muslim-dominated “no-go zones” in Europe.

These zones, which are better understood as Muslim-dominated enclaves or ghettos, were the scene of much-publicized violent riots in France in 2005.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) decided to target Fox News after several programs featured commentators who noted the existence of no-go Muslim-dominated areas where Islamic terror cells take root and find recruits.

In response to CAIR’s criticism, Fox News has apologized, even saying the coverage of the no-go zones was offensive. It is as if the forces of the global Jihad have acquired a veto over what appears on the air on the channel.

While CAIR’s pressure was certainly a factor in the capitulation to the Muslim Brotherhood lobby, another factor could well have been the influence of the Saudi billionaire, Alwaleed bin Talal, who controls an influential number of voting shares in the Fox News parent company. We noted that Alwaleed had prompted the Fox News Channel to dramatically alter its coverage of the Muslim riots in France after he admitted calling the channel to complain.

At that time, Fox News and other media outlets had noted that “Muslim riots” had erupted in the mostly Muslim suburbs of Paris and other French cities. These are some of the no-go zones. Acting offended, Alwaleed said he had called Rupert Murdoch to complain and that Fox News anchors changed the term “Muslim riots” to “civil riots.”

In the latest case, CAIR called on Fox News to stop using “Islamophobic commentators,” a smear term for critics of radical Islam, and focused on terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s description of Birmingham, England as “totally Muslim, where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” Emerson admitted he was wrong and had misquoted his sources.

Although Emerson exaggerated the problem, the fact is that Muslim groups and even gangs are known to be a problem in the city and a threat to some non-Muslims. In 2008, for example, two evangelists said they were threatened with arrest and warned by a police officer in Birmingham that they should not hand out Christian literature in a certain area of the city because they could get “beaten up” by mobs and charged with a hate crime.

At the time, a senior Church of England bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, had warned about “already separate communities” in Britain turning into no-go areas. During a 2009 visit to the United States, he was reported to have said that “Christians have been prevented from advertising church events in these parts of town and even police have been reluctant to enter these communities.”

So while Emerson made a mistake, his basic point about Muslim intimidation of outsiders remains valid.

Evidence of the problem has been available for years. In Belgium, for example, the district of Molenbeek was investigated in an undercover capacity by Moroccan-Belgian journalist Hind Fraihi, who wrote a 2006 book, Undercover in Klein-Marokko (Undercover in Little Morocco). She found the area to be an essentially ungovernable hotbed of extremism, anti-Semitism, and a breeding ground for jihad. The book “shocked” Belgium, one television news reporter noted. “Many police officers are afraid that the state no longer wields authority here, at least not the sole authority,” the reporter said. “They know that Islamists view Molenbeek as subject only to Muslim law.”

This is the same general area where Muslim riots are reported to have just taken place, following the anti-terror raid by police that left two terror suspects dead. The suspected leader of the terror cell, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is described as a 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan origin who once lived in Molenbeek.

The term “no-go zone” is certainly politically incorrect. For that reason, other more obscure terms have been put forward to refer to the Muslim-dominated areas. For example, the term “Territories of Identities in France” has emerged as one of the descriptions. One academic analyst traced their emergence in France to a French Socialist Party policy in 1981which allowed foreigners to create their own “voluntary associations,” based on a supposed “right to difference.”

Another more popular term is “exclusion areas.” Whatever they may be called, there can be no doubt they exist. And that was the main point of the Fox News coverage. There was nothing to correct except for Emerson’s inaccuracy about Birmingham. And he had already apologized for that.

Yet, anchor Julie Banderas said in her on-air correction and apology that the channel was sorry for being offensive.

Banderas said the channel had “made some regrettable errors on air, regarding the Muslim population in Europe, particularly with regard to England and France.” She explained, “Now this applies especially to discussions of so-called no-go zones, areas where non-Muslims allegedly aren’t allowed in, and police supposedly won’t go.”

But she went on to distort what the channel had actually put on the air. She said, “To be clear, there is no formal designation of these zones in either country, and no credible information to support the assertion that there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion. There ARE certainly areas of high crime in Europe, as there are in the United States and other countries, where police and visitors enter with caution. We deeply regret the errors, and apologize to any and all who may have taken offense, including the people of France and England.”

Of course, nobody claimed on the air that these enclaves are “formal” or “specific” areas in the sense that the national government has decided to recognize or categorize them as such. In addition, they don’t “exclude individuals based solely on their religion” in a government-recognized legal sense. Rather, these areas take the form of segregated neighborhoods or enclaves. That was the point made by several commentators.

The dramatic correction from Fox News is proof that the Muslim Brotherhood lobby, of which CAIR is a part, has demonstrated clout at the channel, perhaps through figures such as the Saudi billionaire Alwaleed, who also happens to be a financial contributor to CAIR.

There’s no reason for the channel to pander to radical Islam in this dramatic fashion. Clearly, the dramatic Fox News correction of its coverage of the no-go zones was overblown and unnecessary, since Emerson had already admitted his mistake. As a result of the Fox News “correction,” many media outlets are now saying that the concept of no-go zones in Europe for non-Muslims has been thoroughly “discredited.”

What is desperately needed is more, not less, coverage of the Islamization of Europe. Fox should have let Emerson’s correction speak for itself and moved on.

Several observers point to the 1980 book, Muslim Communities in Non-Muslim States, published by the Saudi-funded Islamic Council of Europe, as helping to develop this deliberate strategy of establishing Islamic enclaves in European countries that are marked by religious customs and rules. This is shariah—the supremacy of Islamic law.

Political figures can keep the debate going, even if the media now shy away from it. Bucking the tide of appeasement, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal framed the issue in specific and accurate terms in a January 15 speech in London, saying, “It is startling to think that any country would allow, even unofficially, for a so called ‘no-go zone.’ The idea that a free country would allow for specific areas of its country to operate in an autonomous way that is not free and is in direct opposition to its laws is hard to fathom.”

In a column, Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney praised Governor Jindal, saying that he said what has been “the unsayable about Islam’s supremacist ideology known as shariah and the holy war, or jihad, it demands all of its adherents to engage in or support.”

However, it appears that the “unsayable” may now be left unsaid on Fox, a channel many conservatives have come to rely on for information about jihad. It’s “highly unlikely” that Emerson will “ever be booked again” on Fox News, a spokesman for the channel said.

If true, this will be a great victory for CAIR and its collaborators, including what Gaffney calls in a new report “The Global Jihad Movement.” The report identifies a victory strategy, in part by identifying the components of this movement, including CAIR.

For his part, Emerson has been consistently correct about the development of the Islamic extremist networks that now threaten America and the world. His latest film, “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception,” describes how Muslim Brotherhood fronts, such as CAIR, have pursued a strategy described in secret documents as the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” of destroying Western civilization from within.

It is this kind of work that has made Emerson into a target.

As far back as 1994, Emerson had served as the executive producer and reporter for the public television documentary “Jihad in America.” The film included previously unknown videos of the clandestine activities of radical Islamic terrorist groups in the United States. Oliver Revell, former associate deputy director of the FBI, stated that Emerson’s program had discovered details about these terrorist networks that the FBI didn’t have.

Emerson testified before Congress on the subject of “Foreign Terrorists in America” in 1998. It was five years after the first World Trade Center attack and three years before 9/11.

Emerson has been proven correct again and again about the terrorist problem we face.

But to make matters worse, Fox media reporter Howard Kurtz made much of the fact that Emerson was only a “guest” on the January 10 edition of the “Justice with Judge Jeanine” show, and not a paid contributor. It was as if he was also trying to separate Emerson from the channel.

For being right about the threat over the course of decades, Emerson deserves our thanks. We need more journalism of this quality. He deserves better treatment from a channel that has now clearly shown it could use more and not less of his expertise.

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  • tompro97

    Time to start a “TELL THE TRUTH, FOX!!!” campaign to stop this. Cliff, you could do this with a few links to the appropriate FOX executives.

  • John Cunningham

    To take up for Fox News, they are under a microscope and any and everything they say is highly scrutinized. George Soros developed a Political group that is a tax free haven just to monitor every word that goes out of that TV station.

    Lets face it, they are an Island in a Stream of Piranhas and must keep their feet out of that stream or will be eaten alive. Has it been that log since Sarah Palin and her entire family was filleted chopped and diced and eaten to the bone.

    Why even her Father and new born baby was attacked. Where is the moral outrage? People on the Right complain but are to afraid they will be Palined. If anything Sarah Palin came through it all with out a scratch and in my book makes her Superman.

    Who the Hell else is anyway close to her in Grit? Nobody, not even close Until the Right grows a pair and fights back we will be Palined, Romneyed, and McCained, in 2016 and beyond. Oops! back up, if any of these happen in 2016, there won’t be a beyond.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The threat and fear of having your own opinion bleeds deep from News Agencies to people who live in poverty fearing that any comment they make , public statement or personal opinion they have will be used to dictate their social value. This coming from a government that uses all sorts of immoral and perverted personalities and anti American sentiment to dictate the social order and destroy free speech. In America it’s all about being a parrot if you want to belong ! You have to like and dislike the same people and conjure to the same political public and social agendas against your own neighbors and your own friends – The same dictatorship lives today as when I was growing up in the 60’s
    – The constant public attacks against the veterans , the state and federal government using every business in America to dictate their social agendas and the business community and secret societies using private memberships and associations to deny people their constitutional right to live in America. Communism Lives – At least it’s the same pattern –

  • carlcasino

    I am a [partial] Fox listener/viewer. Bret Baier, O’Reilly, Kelly are in my top 10%. The rest are either middle of the Roaders or just readers of Script. I hate to see the last bastion for News become just another light on the tube. I still follow
    Glen Beck but he has become mushy for other reasons.

  • Quiet_Righty

    “…another factor could well have been the influence of the Saudi billionaire, Alwaleed bin Talal, who controls an influential number of voting shares in the Fox News parent company. ”
    So what happens next? Will Alwaleed try to get Hannity fired?

  • carlcasino

    Keep in mind that the degeneration we are seeing in America started before any of us were born. Progressive ideology finally reared its ugly head when being a Liberal fell out of grace as being too extreme. Because our Educational ( aka Indoctrination Centers ) started to adopt the Progressive Idea as , new and exciting and with O’hare’s success in the Supreme Court, ( Roe V. Wade ).The rewriting of History and dropping courses such as Civics, Social Studies , Current Affairs and Local HIstory, and substituting K-6 Sex education. The things that CAUSED America to become great have been pushed to the curb in favor of Socialism aka Progressiveism. Until America can even think of being “Under the Grace of God” again the educational system must be removed from the hands of all manner of Liberals, Socialist, Progressives and Communist. 1st Amendment enforcement of free press should embrace at a minimum the 10 Commandments. I don’t care to hear the Separation of Church and State argument until you can show me the section of the Constitution where it resides. Read the Commandments and consider this—If We , as a people, only adhered to say 50% of them, How much better this country would be.

  • stringman

    You gotta be kidding. The Blaze Radio is the best! Doc Thompson, Jay Severin…. Have you heard these guys? Nobody goes after the leftists and the Muzzies the way the Blaze does. Plus Glen cranks out books and puts on live events like nobody else. He is a one man dynamo.

  • stringman

    I’d like to see the Radical-in-Chief and some of his ‘fellow travellers’ try walking through those no-go areas. Hey Mr President, don’t you hear the call to prayer. Which news outlets would cover that story? Anybody want an exclusive? Hey Charlie Hebdo!

  • DrFinch

    Fox News’s business model to be fair and balanced includes equal time to the inane, insane and unbalanced. It’s getting old hearing their Left Wing contributors justify anything just to be contrary and supportive of clearly un-American ideals. Just read the news on Newsmax or Drudge- that’s all they do.

  • 11BRAVO3V

    Funny how FOX gets called on this and apologizes, yet every other outlet can put out any measure of vile lies and they are accepted as gospel. The reality is just as Emerson portrayed it. There are Muslim “ghettos” all over Europe that are controlled by the inhabitants and the imams that oversee them. Sweden has a huge problem. Recently a Swedish activist complained that the Muslim-dominated areas in Uppsala were “full
    of fundamentalists who are out of control, even the Swedish police fear going there because many Arab and Muslim youth will attack them with rocks. Even providers of Swedish state services are afraid to operate in the Muslim and Arab areas in Uppsala.”

    In Holland, the court ordered the government to release to the public a politically incorrect list of 40 “no-go” zones in the Netherlands.

    This has been going on in Europe forever, as reported here;

    So is Emerson correct?… I think so, and the evidence backs him up. The 2005 Muslim riots in France were a perfect example of what happens when the authorities come into a muslim dominated area and try
    to exert their lawful authority. The muslims turn the place in to a mini-Gaza
    or West Bank. Next thing you know you have a two week long bonfire. They don’t immigrate to a country, assimilate into the culture and become a benefit to the society. They would rather demand we adapt to their culture and preferably join it. Then when we resist we are branded racist, islamophobic, or just plain infidels. Any perceived insult is immediately exaggerated and an apology is demanded… often under threat of violence. The thin skin of the “true believers” is matched only by the lack of outrage by the so-called “moderate” muslims.

  • Burt

    Perfect !, none, come close to her grit, character, honesty or accomplishments !

  • John Cunningham

    No and, She would have been an excellent president maybe, best ever.

  • beckncall

    You are kidding me, right? Come on FOX what happened? Has FAIR and balanced become CAIR and balanced?

  • Jason Holmes

    France can piss up a rope they have Muslim problems and can’t deal with them here’s a thought send them back to the sand box where they belong and enjoy your peaceful towns again . These people start that bs in the states they will have the people to deal with we already know nwo puppet masters are to blame for this whole deal and we will uncover the truth behind all the terrorist acts inside our own government and out the truth will be set out and those who undermine the will of the people will fall to the feet of the people. We do out number you a hundred to 1 if not more

  • Teresa

    Go to hell Fox. You were all we had left in TV

  • terry1956

    Thanks for the above link.
    Some friends and coworkers during lunch got into a discussion over the past couple of weeks about Islam and another about Hospices and death panels in the US.
    We have a couple of Moslems that works at our factory of around 200 employees but none of them were in on the discussion because neither is working first shift now and I don’t know what they think about political Islam.
    I like the way the lead person with this group below makes the clear difference between the serious dangers of political Islam and often not dangerous religious Moslems.
    He is a professor from Tennessee and has given talks at Tea Party events.
    The Moslem Brotherhood wing is not the only serious danger coming from political Islam, there are other competitive political Islamic groups seeking world domination and world submission to Islam.
    As far as the Hospices two of the employees have relatives that works as nurses at a hospice and one of the other employees not knowing that said hospices were murderers but the employee never apologist when the other two said their relatives worked at a hospice, said they would be offended and that they cared for and loved their patients.
    He had also said before that all Moslems should be deported from the US and I pointed out that it would be a serious wrong and injustice to deport all.
    I did say that I also thought he was wrong about all hospices in the US but I was not sure.
    Doing research I did find that some still follow the path of pro life dame Saunders but others follow the culture of death and likely often end the life early of many of their patients without real consent through dehydration, starvation and a overdose of drugs, the first two being a very cruel and savage way to murder a person.

  • terry1956

    Well the ones dealing with humans relations with other humans is a supporting element in proper English- American legal culture which is a superior legal culture to all other human legal culture including superior to Continental Europe and superior to English legal culture both modern and historical.
    Of course by its nature that proper English- American or Anglo/American legal culture forbids a government religion including both a Christian and a Atheist faith.
    About 1% of Christians actually keeps the 4th commandment of keeping the Sabbath day since that is not Sunday but Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, they are the Seventh Day Adventist about 10 million world wide, Seventh Day Baptist, Seventh Day Church of God, the Armstrong Groups, the Branch Davidians and others , with of course Conservative and Orthodox Jews also keeping the Sabbath day.
    Polytheist and Pagans also have a right not to be forced by the government to keep the first and second commandment.
    Mohamend went after the Pagans with mass murder as he did with the Christians and Jews.
    Political Islam also went after Buddhist and Hindui with the murder of Hinduis maybe being the largest number murdered.
    All together the Jihidist murdered over 200 million people which actually may be more than murdered under the Atheist Socialist although the Socialist/Marxist did their democide over around a 100 year period, it took the Islamic Jihidist over 1000 years but give either enough power or for that matter the multinational technocrat and or multinational corporate fascist enough power and they will murder billions in a decade or less.
    As far as schools go the alliance for separation of school and state has the right idea here
    but the main thing is to keep the federal government and globalist out of education which of course means also not having anything to do with common core.
    Common Core has even seeped into some private and church schools when parents and good teachers let down their guard.
    The Common Core pushers are even trying to sneak it in home school lessons

  • 11BRAVO3V

    I appreciate the link you posted as well, Thank You.

    If you want to read a great book about the rise of islam, find an old copy of “Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries” by Paul Fergosi. He wrote the book in the late 90’s and passed away prior to Sept. 11, so there is not post – 9/11 discussion, but he is very thorough in his research and the book is very enlightening. Used versions are available online. Well worth the read.

  • memory

    so what if its friday, saturday, or sunday sabbath? its about worship, loving God, loving, helping others, forgiveness, believing in miracles, living a moral life. Stuff we should do everyday. doesnt matter what day we meet at church building. A Loving God would appreciate our acknowledging HIM everyday

  • Will Seay

    Shameful Fox… Shameful.

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history.

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history…

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history….

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history…..

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history……

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history…..

  • ikihi

    cnn and msnbc never apologized for “hands up dont shoot” the biggest lie in history………

  • John Cunningham

    Islam is not the enemy. They are an annoyance The real enemy is Liberalism and it’s propaganda wing the Mainstream Media. If we could defeat Liberalism we would be able to spank Islam and send them to bed without their supper.

    Ever since Karl Marx wrote his book Liberalism has metastasized into the Monster it is now. Can you comprehend how many People perished to grow Liberalism? It is staggering.

  • Teresa

    I am so sick of conservatives caving in to the leftist agenda.

  • Dale Morrison

    Now you see the reason a lot of us quit watching Faux news..These clowns thanks to that worthless Murdock..I used to admire Murdock and his son until they pulled that dumbass stunt in England with his newspaper he owns..Seems they are all turning into a jaun Williams and Geraldo Rivera a bunch of left wing loons…they used to NEVER back down with the truth…the only news I watch now is the Blaze radio network and Newmax. …I get honest reporting and I don’t have to worry about beck backing down from ANYBODY…..And we seen Faux News going south in the debates and reporting….if they would have did their fuking jobs Ted Cruz would be our nominee a true conservative NOT a Democrat in republican clothes..but we have to move forward and have no choice but to support Trump..gag..but I hope he surrounds himself with wise women and men that know what their doing and Trump actually LISTENS to them…let’s all pray he turns out to the Republican/conservative he claims to be…so here we go getting ready for November and let’s all gel together and put Trump in the Oval office…..South Carolina is backing you Trump and Faux News you need to start being FOX News again so we can start watching again..

  • Dale A. Morrison

    John we and them cannot afford to keep our feet out of the water…us conservatives HAVE to take to them which is soros and his friends..I remember what they did to Palin and that’s why I say this..we can’t afford to be wimps and cowards because of that son of a bytch Soros….I hope Murdock can grow a new set and I hope they are hardened…we’re losing everything because nobody wants to speak the truth anymore…