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Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s call for a congressional “inquiry” into Al Jazeera’s purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV gives hope that the controversial transaction benefiting the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood can still be derailed.

At a Breitbart News-sponsored forum during last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Mukasey said, in response to a question from this writer, “I think if an American medium is controlled by a political force from abroad, that’s a proper subject for inquiry.”

That political force is the Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Its financial backer, which owns Al Jazeera, is the undemocratic and authoritarian government of Qatar. Mukasey’s speech to the Breitbart event was about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S.

At the same time, U.S. military veterans are speaking out. Larry Bailey, co-founder of a group of veterans and supporters of the Special Operations communities of the Armed Forces, tells Accuracy in Media that Congress should examine the “penetration” of the U.S. media market by Al Jazeera because the pro-Jihadist television channel only spells “more trouble within our society.”

Bailey, a retired U.S. Navy veteran, founded Special Operations Speaks (SOS).

Fox News commentator Lisa Daftari has suggested that the new “Al Jazeera America” channel could inspire violence and terrorism by stirring up Muslims in cities such as heavily-Arab Detroit, Michigan, where one of its bureaus is scheduled to open.

The Obama Administration, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with foreign aid and weapons shipments, has refused to subject the Al Jazeera deal to any official scrutiny.

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski asking what, if any, agency review procedures and oversight processes came into play regarding the transaction. But Genachowski is stonewalling and has not responded. Murphy holds a senior position on the House Energy and Commerce Committee as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Murphy’s office told AIM, “We’re not surprised the FCC has not even acknowledged, let alone responded to, Chairman Murphy’s inquiry. But he is not deterred and will keep pursuing this deal even if he goes it alone.”

Although stories in the U.S. are appearing about hundreds of students and journalists flooding “Al Jazeera America” with job applications, there are reports coming in from abroad about journalists leaving the channel in disgust and outrage.

The German magazine Der Spiegel ran an article titled, “After the Arab Spring: Al-Jazeera Losing Battle for Independence,” on how the channel’s slanted coverage is sparking resignations by news personnel and complaints of editorial interference from the Jihadist-supporting Arab regime paying the bills.

In a column titled, “The collapse of Al-Jazeera’s credibility,” Ghaffar Hussain, a writer and commentator on Middle Eastern issues, expands on some of the evidence in Der Spiegel, noting that Al Jazeera is known for airing “propaganda for the Muslim Brotherhood” and its sponsors in Qatar.

Explaining the nature of the “Arab Spring” and the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, which were supported by the Obama Administration, he wrote, “The only reason Al Jazeera supported political dissidents pre-Arab Spring was because the Qatari royal family opposed secular dictators such as Mubarak and Gaddafi. Not because they were dictators but because they were largely secular and despised the clout Qatar sought to wield. Support for dissidents in this context was not about love for freedom and openness, but motivated by a desire to undermine regimes the Qatari state viewed unfavorably.”

He adds, “Since the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power in Egypt, Al Jazeera has done all in its power to portray the group in a favorable light. Protests against the Brotherhood-dominated regime are presented as being led by violent thugs with no political grievances, while [Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed] Morsi’s poorly constructed and shallow speeches are given positive coverage.”

My question to Mukasey was as follows:

“General: [You spoke of] the assault [by] the Muslim Brotherhood—civilizational Jihad. Al Jazeera just paid Al Gore and his comrades $500 million to get into the U.S. media market, 40-50 million homes. Shouldn’t the House Homeland Security Committee hold hearings into this and examine Al Jazeera’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups?”

After urging the inquiry, Mukasey noted the “delicious irony” in The Wall Street Journal report about Al Jazeera “looking for space in the former New York Times building.” He added, “They should feel right at home.”

Indeed, the Times in an editorial had called the channel “an important news source,” and urged cable and satellite providers to carry it.

Another problem, as we noted in our column, Gore’s Al Jazeera Deal Now a Major Scandal, is that the former Democratic vice president has been sued for $5 million. In effect, Gore is accused of stealing the idea to sell his channel to the Qatar government. The media broker, John Terenzio, says his specialty is getting access for foreign channels in the U.S. media market and that he was not compensated for his work on the deal.

If the suit goes forward, more embarrassing details about the transaction could come out.

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  • Soulphoenix

    DHS leaders aren’t capable of understanding that foreign jihadist propaganda like Al Jazeera – or Al Gorezeera – is a clear and present danger to the country – they’re too busy frisking former Marines with no legs through the dysfunctional TSA.

  • GovSlacker

    Al Jazeera is not an anti-American media outlet. It is state controlled – but no more so than the US media is. It is pro-Muslim and Arab. That is not a contradiction to the previous sentence. Americans are very myopic. There really are other countries out there that don’t share our world view. Al Jazeera does reflect the sentiment of the Middle East. However the Emmire is pro-Western and an ally. Having watched it for three years I found it to be more honest and sympathetic to the US, much more so than CNN International and the BBC. (the BBC does only global warming stories. They are a shadow of their former selves) I was not the only American who preferred watching Al Jazeera to other news outlets. Another good news out let was One from Russia. America has a phoney news media that is more showbiz than news. It has embarrassingly stupid journalists like Chuck Todd. It can’t compare to the direct honest media outlets you can find around the world. I am afraid Al Jazeera- US will be no more than a foreign version of PBS. If it is, I won’t watch it.

  • eingriff

    Mukasey is way behind the learning curve. Installation of Al-Jazeera in the U.S. is just a small part of the picture.
    Official investigation of Obama, head of the Obama cabal, by Congress and grand juries, will immediately uncover evidence that Obama’s negritude is a hoax, that he lost American citizenship when he came of age by evading the draft in 1979 and re-entering the U.S. on his Indonesian passport with an American student visa in 1981, and serving as a Comintern mole for his adult life to date.
    As an enemy agent in the service of the international communist conspiracy, Obama implements, among other subversive strategies, the use of Islam to destroy Western Civilization and the United States, its last bastion. Infiltration of Al-Jazeera into the U.S., while important, is but a small part of that strategy.
    Mukasey, like perhaps hundreds of millions of hyper-naive Americans, has a mental and emotional block against the realization that a communist coup could happen here. It is happening here. Mukasey should wise up, get in gear, lobby the fools in Congress and those able to apply for grand juries to uncover the evidence and take appropriate action. Such action would include impeachment and indictment for crimes, including posing as a federal officer and conspiring with The Muslim Brotherhood to attack Americans and American interests on 9/11/2012.
    Kincaid, you know who I am. Put Mukasey in touch with me. No blind calls, please. I’ll brief him on the situation, which he has clearly not thought through, and the implications thereof, of which he seems blissfully unaware.