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The phrase “follow the money” is supposed to help explain human behavior, especially in politics. So why has Donald Trump embraced Russian President Vladimir Putin? Why has he denied the evidence of Putin’s killing of Russian journalists and dissidents? A savvy businessman, Trump is certainly not dumb. There must be something else to it.

Reports dating back to 1987, during the time of the old Soviet Union, reveal that Trump has been seeking business in Russia and attempting to build a “Russian Trump Tower” in Moscow and perhaps other Russian cities.

At this particular time in history, with Putin’s cronies under financial sanctions because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin’s praise for Trump may signal another attempt to get the capitalists and their money back into Russia. Such a ploy depends on Trump and others rehabilitating Putin by claiming that he is fighting terrorism in Syria, not bolstering a long-time Soviet/Russian client state. Thanks to the effectiveness of the Russia Today (RT) channel, which saturates the U.S. media market, especially cable television, Putin is indeed looking like a statesman on the world stage.

Trump’s relationship with Russia goes far back. In 1987, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was meeting with Soviet officials and negotiating the building of “luxury hotels” in Moscow and Leningrad. A story at the time said Trump had met Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin, who mentioned how much his daughter had admired the “opulent” Trump Tower in New York City. This led to an invitation to Trump to visit the USSR. The story said Dubinin wrote a letter to Trump, who hosted a meeting with Soviet officials in New York.

The invitation to Moscow was issued by Intourist, the giant Soviet in-country travel organization which operated all the hotels for foreigners in the Soviet Union. Intourist was created in 1929 by Joseph Stalin and run by KGB officials. Intourist hotels were designed for wealthy foreigners, and virtually all the Intourist guides were KGB informers. In fact, one aspect of their jobs was the recruitment of foreigners.

However, Trump expressed concern about “Soviet regulations on joint ventures, which require that the Soviets hold a controlling 51 percent interest” in such projects. Trump wanted majority control.

The book, The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics, by Vladimir Kvint, said that as far back as 2008, the Trump Organization had registered its trademarks in Russia in the areas of real estate development and construction. Trump’s son, Donald Jr., said in an interview at the time that his father was looking at investing in Russia and China. These were considered top A-list countries. Donald Jr. is the executive vice president of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization.

Trump wasn’t the only businessman who thought the new Russia would prove hospitable to foreign investment. American businessman Bill Browder ran an investment fund in Russia called Hermitage Capital. Once a Putin fan, he thought private property rights were going to be protected. However, he was deported in 2005, his assets stolen, and his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was tortured and killed. Browder now says, “The Russian regime is a criminal regime. We’re dealing with a nuclear country run by a bunch of Mafia crooks. And we have to know that.”

Cases like that didn’t stop Congress in 2012 from voting for Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia. It passed the Senate by 92-4 and the House by 365-43. Despite the ominous trends, including Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2008, big business thought a lot of money could still be made in Russia. In 2013, Trump was himself back in Russia holding his “Miss Universe” pageant. “I have plans to start business in Russia,” Trump told the Russian media. “I am currently in talks with several Russian companies to build a skyscraper on the model of Trump Tower in New York.”

One of Trump’s contacts was Russian billionaire Araz Agalarov and his company Crocus Group. He owned Crocus City Hall, where the Miss Universe finals were being held. He confirmed that his company, Crocus Group, had been participating in real estate talks with Trump. Later that year Agalarov was given an outstanding citizen award by Vladimir Putin at a ceremony held in the Kremlin. He has been called “The Donald Trump of Russia.”

Rather than treat China and Russia as business opportunities, Trump said in his 2011 book, Time To Get Tough, that China is “not our friend” and is stealing our jobs, technology, and military capabilities. It appears that a business relationship with China had soured since the time Donald Jr. was considering investing there. Trump’s attacks on China have been a big hit on the campaign trail.

Analyst Nevin Gussack says of Trump, “While his trade and immigration policies would strengthen our strategic and economic posture, his naiveté and ignorance of Russia and even Cuba is very disconcerting.” It appears that Trump has flip-flopped on the question of whether he would invest in communist Cuba.

As far as Russia is concerned, there’s no talk in the 2011 book of doing business with Putin. But Trump said that he “often speaks highly” of Putin because of his “intelligence and no-nonsense way.” An intelligence operative, Putin was in the KGB and ran one of the KGB’s successor agencies, the FSB.

Putin certainly has a “no-nonsense” approach to his perceived political enemies. Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was poisoned, miraculously survived, but was then later shot dead on October 7, 2006, which happened to be Putin’s birthday. She had been warning about the KGB’s return to power and was investigating the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and murder of hundreds in the Beslan school massacre in southern Russia in 2004. This event, like the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings, was blamed on Islamists and gave Putin the opportunity, or pretext, to further consolidate his power over the military, the intelligence agencies, and the economy. He assumed virtual dictatorial powers.

The poisoning of Politkovskaya was a hallmark of the KGB’s “no-nonsense” way of doing business. Later that same year, dissident former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko was murdered by poisoning in London, to which he had fled. He wrote the book, Blowing Up Moscow: The Secret Plot to Bring Back KGB Terror, about the FSB’s role in those 1999 Moscow apartment bombings. He had also named al-Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, as having been trained by the KGB.

While Trump’s 2011 book denounced “Obama’s pandering to the Russians” in areas like sabotaging missile defense for our allies, he said Putin had a “grand vision,” the creation of a “Eurasian Union” to replace the USSR. He said Putin wanted to control oil supplies to all of Europe. This was an important insight into how Putin’s regime is not defensive, nor reacting to the U.S. and NATO, but is instead aggressive in foreign affairs and trying to dominate its neighbors. However, rather than explain what the Russians were up to with this “grand vision,” Trump went on to say “Hats off to the Russians” in getting their way with Obama.

One can fully understand taking Obama to task for giving in to the Russians. But praising the Russians for taking advantage of Obama reflects a trait that is all too common with many conservatives. Their disgust with Obama has blinded them to the nature of our enemies, who exploit his foreign policy to their advantage. They somehow think Putin is acting in America’s interests when Obama is not. That’s ludicrous.

In his latest book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, Trump notes that Putin is “outmaneuvering” Obama in the Middle East. Trump calls Putin a leader, in contrast to Obama. But what is Putin leading? Trump refers to Iran as “Russia’s best friend,” without explaining the significance of its alliance with Russia. Trump also says in his book that he doesn’t understand “why Germany and other countries watched impassively as Putin marched into Ukraine.”

After the invasion of Ukraine and the shoot-down of the Malaysian plane by Russian-backed terrorists, Trump claimed, “I think I became much richer because I can understand people and read people and Putin is not finished. Putin has got a long way to go.”

Again, we are left thinking that Trump understands the aggressive intentions of Vladimir Putin.

Yet, when Trump was asked about the nuclear balance with Russia during the most recent Republican presidential debate, he displayed ignorance of the decaying nature of the U.S. nuclear triad, which constitutes our ability to deter and survive a Russian nuclear first strike.

Meanwhile, Putin has just presided over a ceremony honoring the KGB’s successor agencies, and the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel has announced the grand opening of a “cultural center” dedicated to mass murderer Joseph Stalin.

It looks like Putin has outmaneuvered Obama and Trump. It is an opening for Trump’s opponents, especially Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). But do they have the courage to “follow the money” and hold Trump accountable for doing business with a criminal regime that threatens the survival of the United States? At the end of this money trail they may find an explanation of why Trump is so reluctant to hold Putin responsible for his crimes.

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  • taptoudt

    Give us one example of Trump’s criminal or even illegal behaviour.
    This is a typical Liberal piece of garbage.

  • Åssholes

    The Kyiv Post is owned and published by Mohammad Zahoor…? You people are complete dipshíts…

    I already blocked you on G+, my page has 100 times as many views as yours.

  • CommiesH8Trump

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
    3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
    4. Mike Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
    5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.
    6. Sheldon Adelson bankrolls “open borders Rubio.”
    7. George Soros is public enemy #1 in Russia.
    8. CFR globalist Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs.

  • Kim Bruce

    Cliff, this is not too revealing, but one question I have is why you refer to the Russians as Soviets. Soviet means council (during and after revolution) and is made up of manual laborers. As far as I know the USSR died with the Reagan administration. Today we face an orthodox Christian Russia that is in fact fighting Islamic terrorism, particularly from Georgia and Ukraine.
    I am not trying to bolster Putin’s image but I think it unfair that all Russians be classified as being a part of the Soviet. I think the politically correct would be post-Soviet or, as I prefer, Russian.

  • LyingScums

    When the Iron curtain came down, the Bolsheviks all fled to the other side because they knew what the Russians would do to them after 100 years of communism. The US State Dept. is infested with communists and they tried to steal the Russian elections for Hillary and their comrades in the Russian Communist Party with 501(c)3 tax exempt corporations, just like at home in the USA.

    Miss neo-kabbalah lesbian Madonna, now rumored to be a Muslim convert, was flown in to agitate while Hillary was on a world-wide gay pride tour… and what of the John Podesta and the Podesta Group? No wonder Russia and Egypt clamped down on NGO non-profit provocateurs.

    The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil, but Muammar Gadaffi decided he wanted gold instead of worthless fiat currency from the EU… What was the first thing NATO did when Gaddafi was deposed besides stealing all of Libya’s gold? Form a new government? NOPE, they formed a new Libyan national bank. Now, why would they do that? Because even if Muammar was deposed, he and his heirs would still be the sole proprietors.

    Like with the nonsense in Syria, the U.S. State Department armed terrorist rebels to get rid of Gadaffi, the same ones that killed Ambassador Stevens and stole weapons from that secret armory in the basement… It was easy to dispose of the hated Muammar Gaddafi, but Bashar al Assad has friends…

    The best thing about Russia getting Crimea back… Catherine the Great took it from the Turks… What happened right after Russia retook Crimea? The Russian FSB searched all the Turks living there… Why? Because NATO sponsors Islamist terrorism when it suits them.

    Syria and Ukraine are the same scenario as Serbia… NATO bombed Serbia so the IMF could make loans for rebuilding and get control of Serbian iridium assets… North Atlantic Terrorist Organization? Who bombed Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    The question was, “Give us one example of Trump’s criminal or even illegal behaviour.” You gave eight examples of other men’s conduct NOT connected to Trump. Like the article, your answer is unfortunately disingenuous, as that was an important question few look into.

    So why couldn’t you answer the question?. It’s an important one. Trump has had business dealings worldwide. It just doesn’t include the Russians, but likely the Communist Chinese, our “reliable ally” the Saudis, and other assorted regimes we’re not on the best of relations with. Has Trump done anything you believe is illegal or even highly improper from a national security point of view. I haven’t see anybody really talk about that.

    I don’t favor Trump because I believe he’s a loose cannon on deck, although he’d be better than our next president, Hillary. Instead I favor either Cruz or Carson. It’s too bad we haven’t people like NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Herman Cain, Artur Davis, SC Gov. Nikki Haley, Alan Keyes, NM Gov. Susana MartinezColin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, JC Watts, or Allen West running.

  • Carl Timothy Smith

    So Trump was offered a deal to build a Hotel in Moscow that he turned down because he didn’t like the deal. Somehow Cliff turns this into Trump showing weakness.

    If you want to find weakness Cliff, write your stupid column about the Iran Deal!

  • RMThoughts

    Puitn has dominated and now owns Kincaid’s fevered necon mind.

  • terry1956

    At least Allen West ,JC Watts, Herman Cain, Maybe Susana Martinez or Nikki Haley but no way Powell or Rice should be president unless they were the only alternative to a democrat or Bush.
    I suspect Ayotte is not worthy either and if Davis is the guy at the American Enterprise Institute neither is he because the guy I’m thinking about says federal involvement in a safety net is a must which is not true at all.
    The person I think would make the best president in US history is Walter Williams but he does not want the job.
    Although I disagree with Dr. Williams on Foreign Trade( I’m for it but imports including imported labor should be taxed 20% or more, reduce internal federal taxes and get internal federal revenue from state governments) I pretty much agree with him on everything else.
    Since none of the above are running if the election was held today I would vote for Carson although I agree more with Cruz but I suspect Carson is the most trustworthy of any of them running in large part because he is a Seventh Day Adventist and on average I’ve found SDA members to be more honest.
    Cruz would be my second choice, Carly my third, Rand Paul fourth.

  • terry1956

    Why would a federal government spend about the same on defense from 2006 to 2025 but increase over all federal spending from around 2.7 trillion dollars to over 6.5 trillion giving the fact that the CBO says inflation was and is projected to be around 1.5% to 2% annually average?
    rounding for 2004 defense spending 455 billion,2005 495 b,2006 521 b,2007 551,2008 616,2009 661,2010 693,2011 705, 2012 677, 2013 633,2014 606,2015 586,2016 589,2017 603,,2018 617,2019 632,2020 647,2021 663,2022 676,2023 696, 2024 713,2025 730 billion or only 25 billion or less than 3.6% more than in 2011 14 years before.
    Also take in to account that the CBO calls the above future defense figures “Authorized” but projects less.

  • terry1956

    The Founder’s intent was for a very limited federal government and at best the CBO projections for up to 2025 for general Founder’s intent federal spending is around 900 billion dollars at most which over a 10 year period from fiscal year 2016 to 2025 would be no more than a total of 9 trillion dollars likely less.
    On the other hand the Congressional Budget Office projects total federal spending from that same period to be over 48.58 trillion dollars which means they plan on almost 40 trillion in federal spending that should not happen.
    In 2025 over 6.5 trillion in total federal spending but less than 900 billion on founder’s intent meaning that over 5.6 trillion not founder’s intent in just that 1 year.
    Now yes a big percentage of the projected federal spending is either valid federal spending ( such as payment on the debt and cash payment to those who paid the federal social security tax) or the money in cash would be valid but federal operations is wrong ( cash to those who paid the federal Medicare tax would be a valid federal cost but the federal Medicare program is invalid and wrong).
    Since Founder’s intent federal spending has not increased the federal debt since 1948 thus the debt should have been paid off by 1978 thus while payment on the current debt is valid it clearly is not founder’s intent federal spending.
    All valid federal cost that is not founder’s intent should be moved to the states where they never should have left to begin with.
    With a federal budget of only 900 billion in 2014 that would have been only 5% of gross national income and if it is still only 900 billion in 2025 then that will be at least less than 4% of gross national income but likely 3% or less since likely real growth will increase much more with a limited federal government so even if we are spending as much as 1.5 trillion on the US federal military and 300 billion on other founder’s intent federal spending by 2025 for a total of 1.8 trillion or double 900 billion that is likely to only be 6% or less of GNI.
    Even in 2017 1.8 trillion likely would be less than 10% of GNI giving even ” official” projections for GNI.
    On the other hand if we allow the federal government to spend the projected 4.044 trillion that will put over a 5th of the gross national income in the hands of a perverted federal government which is going out of its way to weaken the security of the US and reduce the sovereignty of the US.
    Also the scope over our life passes senselessly up to the federal government to where we have very little to say but worse its passing to a centralized multinational goverence where we have no say.
    Socialist,Fascist ,Sharia, Corporate or even Democratic Global government is a very stupid idea which of course will fall apart if it does come about.
    Americans giving up so much power over their life I think for most has to do with Ignorance.
    The power grab started big time under Wilson over 100 years ago and the number of Americans alive now who were not only alive then but be old enough to understand might be a few hundred people out of 320 million.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Thanks for the analysis. I included Powell because as a retired office I trust his judgment, although he’s a little too liberal for me. Rice is quite smart but carries a lot of Bush baggage. Carson and Cruz are my choices, but I wonder if they can defeat the already chosen next president, Hillary.

    I don’t see an alternative to federal involvement to a safety net at this time in history other than either mass starvation, mass extermination, or revolution. However, we must get all welfare programs on a sound financial footing, meaning ending welfare fraud and tightening requirements. Then we can work to get most programs to be handled at the State level. But keep in mind, some States Would be unable to afford such programs. that’s why the burden is shared nationwide.

  • terry1956

    Here in Tennessee in my small rural low income county( about half of the national per capita average) we don’t need either federal, state, county or local government safety net, government welfare, food stamps,Wic,Tencare or government schools and I suspect no state, county or local does in the US but that should be up to each state, county and local jurisdiction and not a federal driven policy..
    Of Course a federal safety net is not a need in the least bit although obligations to those who paid federal payroll taxes, served in the military, retired civilian federal employees should be honored but its best that state government and where possible county or local government do the honoring and payment.
    Private Charity and better yet Private Mutual Aid will serve best as a safety net with far less cost.
    Of course with economic growth, vast reduction in unemployment, switching federal funding via income tax to import taxes over time will vastly reduce the need of a safety net.
    Based on 2014 stat for gross national income per capita of around 56,000 dollars at a modest average annual real gain of 7.2% then the per capita would double an average of every 10 years to 112,000 then 224,000, then 448,000, then over 1 million dollars in 2014 dollars by 2057 .
    Looking back at the stats going back to 1790 at
    We see that usually the real per capita income and the average compensation to production workers has been about the same.
    With an average household income of a million dollars a year that would vastly reduce the need for a safety net, so would even 112,000 dollars a year but likely most even with a million dollar a year income would join a mutual aid group as a insurance for their family and friends and support private charity for the tiny percent who really had a need.

  • terry1956

    Out of the 2014 total government ( federal, state, county and local) of over 6 trillion dollars only around 1.5 trillion was spent on what is called public goods that being military, law enforcement, courts, prisons, fire protection, Rescue , EMT, roads and the figures at the below website even included public transportation.
    I add together Defense, Protection, Transportation minus federal transportation( because federal transportation spending is not a public good) and general government.
    Add in debt payment and obligations for another 2.5 trillion and valid total government spending for fiscal year 2014 was 4 trillion dollars which means 2 trillion was invalid.
    Also from the above private website check out the owner’s sister site Road to the Middle Class and his info on Mutual Aid.
    Also check out
    which is a great website although wrong about the benefits of globalism.
    Also check out the work of the Alliance For Separation of School and State here
    At the US government spending website we see that total government spending in the US on education not counting obligations to Vets is over 800 billion a year.
    On average around 5 million babies are born per year in the US and if the 800 billion was divided equally into a trust fund for each of the new born that would be 160,000 dollars a year.
    Since 1870 the stock market has averaged around 9% when dividends are reinvested so even with management fees that should be an average of 8% which means the initial principle would double an average of every 9 years.
    160,000 by age 30 would become over 1.5 million dollars or 3 million per couple.
    Even at age 18 the trust fund would have a value of 640,000 dollars or 1.2 million per couple.
    Starting with half of what the government spends on education would make the trust fund 80,000 dollars at birth and 320,000 dollars at age 18 or 640,000 dollars per couple.
    Even less than a third or 50,000 put in the birth trust fund would produce a trust fund for the young man and wife at 18 of 400,000 dollars which they could put in a even more conservative investment with an average return of 4% a year and draw out 16,000 a year without touching the principle.
    16,000 a year is below the poverty level on average in the US for a family of 4 but it would keep them from going hungry and pay the rent if need be.
    With a 1.2 million dollar trust fund and a average of 4% after 18 the couple could draw out 48,000 dollars a year.
    I’m not saying the government should start such a trustfund just showing how wasteful the government safety net is just on government education alone, not counting every thing else.
    If the 2 trillion above public goods, debts and obligations spending per year was place in the new born trust fund that would be 400,000 dollars in each babies trust fund and by 18 it would be worth 1.6 million or 3.2 million per couple and at 4% return on the 3.2 million per year that would be 128,000 dollars per year for the couple.

  • terry1956

    By the way the federal government spends over 50 billion dollars a year on Foreign aid which if divided between each new born in the US instead would give the baby a 10,000 dollar trust fund and an average return of 9% annual return after management fees would make the trust fund worth 1.28 million dollars before age 57 or 2.56 million per couple.
    Four percent return on the 2.56 million afterwards would produce a income of 102,400 dollars for the couple without touching the principle which they could pass on to their heirs.
    If the couple has two children that would be 1.28 million going to each which added to the 1.28 million trust fund of the child after age 56 would make 2.56 million dollars or 5.12 million per couple.
    Four percent of 5.12 million is 204,800 dollars a year without touching the 5.12 million dollar principle.
    A better idea is to give the 50 billion a year to our troops in increase wages which would increase by over 30,000 a year across the board from E-1 to top General or we could double the wages instead.
    With doing so there would be no need for military pensions for new recruits since they could self fund retirement over a 30 year or 20 year or less period.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Originally the Founders expected most aid to come from family, friends, and the church. Sadly, the government has co-opted that. I’d like to see that change but it’ll take time. But your claim that no government aid is needed in the US simply isn’t true.

    Furthermore, I don’t see where you come up with an average income per household of 1 million per year becoming a reality. In any event, keep in mind the cost of living would likewise rise, and if recent history is any indication, it would do so at a faster rate than wages. Besides, your figure of $56,000 as an average gross income is badly skewed when you consider that a relatively few people control the vast amount of money in the US.

    That said, I don’t favor taking the wealth of the rich through confiscatory taxation. I favor broadening the effective wealth of all. The economy isn’t a zero sum game as the Left would have us believe.

    So, the only real answer is your comment about the need to dramatically increase real productivity and thereby significantly reduce unemployment. But sadly, that’s not on the agenda of either political party.

  • Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh

    Cliff – Hillary’s Uranium deal takes the cake. A Trump hotel in Russia is a good thing. Selling 51% of the $610 million sale of Uranium One to a unit of Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear agency, now that’s a real story.

  • AndRebecca Do you think an Anglo like Trump, might think twice about helping Russia? Read this.

  • votedemout

    What a bunch of communist tripe.

  • AndRebecca

    No kidding! Pro-Russian Communist tripe. You think Trump knows about it?

  • David

    Artur Davis is a former Congressman (Democrat) from Alabama. He was elected from Alabama’s 7th District (the “Safe Democrat” district in the state as it is gerrymandered to ensure a Black is elected to serve the district). He chose not to run for re-election in 2010 opting to run for Governor of Alabama as a Democrat. He lost in the primaries and did not even take his old Congressional District in the Democrat Primary.

    He decided to stay in Virginia after his loss and even joined the Virginia Republican Party. A couple of years later and he was back in Montgomery running for Mayor (Alabama Municipal elections are always non-partisan) and lost in a 5-person race (The incumbent won in a landslide without a runoff). Most recently Artur Davis (who claimed his family was so poor they could not afford to include an “h” in Arthur) was engaged in a fight with the Alabama Democrat Party because they would not allow him to certify as a Democrat in the upcoming primaries (I believe he was trying to run for a seat on the Montgomery County Commission).

    All of this to say from someone who was “represented” by Artur Davis for 8 years and have watched him flail around ever since that the man is Harvard educated (he was supposedly Obama’s roommate for a time there) but that he is by no means qualified to be on a list of potential candidates for ANY office! He does not belong on the same list as such Conservative stalwarts as JC Watts, Allen West or Herman Cain. The only things he has in common with them is a y-chromosome and the same skin pigment.

  • Kirby

    Yippee, another “trust” fund for the gov’t pollutocrats to loot to death as they did Social Security. Pretty funny – “trust fund”. What a joke.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Thank you for the information on Artur Davis. It’s important to know in considering a candidate. I will have to cross him off my list of possibilities.

    I don’t mind a candidate having an epiphany and changing parties like Reagan did, but if it’s primarily for opportunistic reasons then I don’t think they should be considered.

  • Mark Stebbins

    his wife is a soviet spy .

  • Mark Stebbins

    his wife is a soviet spy

  • Lah Moore
  • A Osborne

    When almost 25% of Tennessean children are food-insecure, the state needs WIC. It may not be something openly-discussed in your community as poverty is an uncomfortable subject. Families may be reluctant to admit they benefit from WIC out of pride or misplaced shame.

  • Debra Mulgrew

    how about the working people that have too pay all these taxes for others to live off the system and no cares about their families that struggle to pay bills and support their families create jobs get people working give hand ups stop these hand outs plain and simple

  • Sandra Roberts George

    It is all a matter of public record, suits, cease and desist, legal dealings

  • taptoudt

    As I thought, you are unable to give any examples.

  • Luca Montana

    Trump’s going to get impeached…his entire whopping 25 days “…Is a disaster….” as he likes to generalize. Karma is such a bitch…

  • VegasLiz

    LOL lots of examples & proof will be aired on Impeachment proceedings

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I see you haven’t the cojones or the eruditeness to answer taptoudt’s question. Are you like CommiesH8Trump a far left progressive partisan demagogue?

    According to the Constitution the Democrats will have to take over the House to bring impeachment charges against Pres. Trump. Or perhaps like Mr. Obama, you believe the Constitution is merely an impediment.

    Also, while I favored Dr. Carson, Sen. Cruz, and Sen. Rubio over Mr. Trump during the primaries, at least Mr. Trump hadn’t committed treason as defined in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1 of the Constitution as Sec. Clinton had. Nor has he committed sedition as Mr. Obama and Sec, Clinton have.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I guess because the egregious slander that she was a former prostitutes didn’t take you want, or need, to start the rumor she’s a SOVIET spy even though there’s no USSR. How progressive of you.

  • VegasLiz

    Obviously I tend to ignore ignoramuses pretending to know everything, & then launch personal attacks on people who they know nothing about at all, like yourself.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I never intimated I knew it all, but like a typical aliterate progressive you think you do, so you resort to an ad hominem attack. Like a typical progressive, perhaps an antifa supporter even, you can’t brook a reply that doesn’t conform to your worldview. You think saying someone is a far left progressive partisan demagogue because of the contents of their post, but you resort to calling a person an ignoramus. How typically caitiff of you.

  • VegasLiz

    Still assuming I see. Antithesis ad hominem