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An admitted CIA mouthpiece writing for The Washington Post receives classified information and publishes it. He remains in good standing at the paper. Yet the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News offers his informed opinion that the British helped conduct surveillance on President Trump and is suspended for several days from on-air appearances.

This action by Fox News reflects disrespect for someone who has worked for the channel since 1998. It sends a message that the intelligence community, here and abroad, cannot be investigated.

Since the British NSA, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had issued a denial of what Napolitano had said, the feeling of most of the media (and the management of Fox News Channel) was apparently that this was the Gospel and must not be challenged.

The scalp of Judge Napolitano will forever be nailed to the wall of Fox News, setting an example of what happens when the establishment narrative about Russia and Trump is undermined. Napolitano was made into an example of what happens when the intelligence agencies are embarrassed.

We understand that journalists use intelligence officials as anonymous sources and therefore accommodate them. But when a commentator like Napolitano breaks the mold with information that embarrasses the intelligence community, he must be supported, not punished with a suspension. Otherwise, the notion of a free and independent press is a joke.

Meanwhile, an anchor for Fox News, gay activist Shepard Smith, makes a mockery of conservative values on a regular basis and continues to enjoy the blessings of the channel’s owners. This is what happens when a conservative channel takes its conservative base for granted and moves to the left in order to appear more acceptable to the rest of the media. Smith was actually designated to declare on the air that Napolitano’s report was incorrect. No details were offered on what investigations were done, if any, to question the sources behind his claims. One source came forward to validate what the judge had said.

His “return” was instructive and quite uncomfortable. Host Bill Hemmer offered a lame joke that Napolitano “had a few quiet days” and “likely needed them.” Napolitano said he stood by his report that the British played a role in the surveillance, “and the sources stand by it.”

Meanwhile, over at The Washington Post, CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius is still on the payroll of Jeff Bezos, the Amazon billionaire owner of the paper with CIA and NSA connections. Little is said or reported about this curious arrangement.

The Post is an example of the corporate marriage between the media and intelligence establishments. It has become a weapon in the arsenal of the Democratic Party and the Obama officials still ensconced in the intelligence agencies.

As we should all know by now, Ignatius received an illegal leak of classified information about conversations involving Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, and reported them in the paper. Both the leak and the publication of the information constitute potential felonies under the law.

Ignatius continues to write from the viewpoint of those who want to use anonymous sources to destroy the Trump presidency. His latest column is a blast at the courageous head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), for continuing to probe the issues of illegal leaks and illegal surveillance of the Trump team. Ignatius knows the trail leads to his desk and then to a high-ranking Obama official in the CIA, NSA or FBI.

His obvious conflict of interest is cause for concern among anyone with a remote sense of journalistic ethics.

But the Post, whose owner Jeff Bezos does business with the CIA and NSA, looks the other way.

Incredibly, Ignatius tried to turn the tables on Nunes, saying, “He needs to demonstrate that he’s the chairman of a bipartisan oversight panel trusted with the nation’s secrets, rather than a conduit for information from the Trump White House.”

For the record, nobody knows the identity of the source that provided evidence to Nunes of improper or illegal surveillance of the Trump team. It is completely absurd, however, for Ignatius to posture as someone concerned about the protection of “the nation’s secrets.”

Our column, “Investigate and Prosecute the Press,” remains as valid today as when we published it.

In a promotional advertisement trying to drum up subscriptions, the Post declares, “Democracy needs great journalism. Great journalism needs you.”

Bezos ought to be indicted for false advertising and consumer fraud. He ought to be invited to testify after Nunes is done with Ignatius.

Indeed, Ignatius ought to be hauled in front of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and grilled on his relationship with the anonymous sources who provided him with classified information.

Nunes just might have the guts to do this. But it’s clear that the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr (NC), is in over his head, and is letting the ranking minority member, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), virtually run the hearings on the Senate side.

In their “Statement on Inquiry into Russian Intelligence Activities,” Burr and Warner didn’t indicate any effort would be undertaken to discover the source of the illegal leaks and whether surveillance of the Trump team had taken place.

No wonder the Post wants to destroy Nunes. He is standing in the way of the establishment reasserting the primacy of their narrative on the Russians and Trump. They got Napolitano’s scalp; now they want to get that of Nunes.

  • Call 202- 225-4121 and support Rep. Nunes, urging him to hold the media and the intelligence community accountable for illegal leaks of classified information.

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  • Daniel Tan

    the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News offers his informed opinion? The whole nation of UK came right out to smack him down and you called it informed opinion? You are just blowing hot air out of your mouth. Idio*.

  • missieb2000

    Simply waiting on an alternative to FNC. For now I pay for a news feed and sort out what I need.

  • jaimelmanzano

    At least in part, this sorry state of affairs lies at the stoop, steps,
    and door, of the “unelected” media that has grown arrogant, perhaps insolent, with
    its freewheeling, constitutionally protected, advocacy of whatever
    supports their views, or imaginings, even if it means catering to base fears, given credibility through the media”s largely anarchic,
    self-serving, conceit of their superior knowledge.

  • kW

    Shep is disgusting- he should be OUT!!!

  • Bethesdagal

    One America News Network is an alternative. It’s a small station and can be found at if you can’t find it on your tv lineup.

  • bcliff

    I just watched Perino give a totally one sided report on a Nunes recusal. The other Networks are doing their jobs, FOX no longer does!

  • Gumpington

    You are disgusting — you should be re-admitted!

  • johnnyzero

    Andrew Napolitano is a “judge” like Colonel Sanders is a military officer.
    Also, he needs to shave his forehead.

  • Mike S.

    What an asinine, juvenile remark! When the Marxist-Muslim axis comes for the useful idiots, there will be no one left to speak up — except to say to people like you, “Welcome to the gulag, asshole.”

  • Mark M.

    I think people like you and most of the media are old free love hippies now in the third stage of syphilis — insanity. Of course, you wouldn’t know any better because of your mental impairment, so people with common sense and tolerance just grin and move on.

  • johnnyzero

    Okay. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • John Ziraldo

    I would have guessed that The Judge got in trouble with Fox for crossing the line between ‘reporter’ and ‘commentator’. He said “Fox reported”… but he is a commentator. I’m glad to see him back and hope his full story will come out soon.

  • JoeMyGod


  • Reddy Martin

    The media’s main objective has been to sell audience/readership, etc. They rely on the outrageous & most devisive stories to create doubt/fear, which causes people to buy stuff (read this in Media Sexploitation). But now it has gotten to the point of being Liberal agenda-driven.

  • Reddy Martin

    Recommend CRTV (Mark Levin)!

  • Stephen Dedalus

    I think there’s a difference between “anonymous sources” and “made-up sources.” Once the Judge understands the difference, he’ll be fine.

  • maccamcfc

    Being from the UK the story is utter nonsense, do you know how many laws this breaks in my country, nevermind America.

  • maccamcfc

    Are they like FEMA camps?

  • maccamcfc

    Why is he disgusting? He is talented respected journalist, just because you think it’s 1920 doesn’t effect his work.

  • johnnyzero

    “Marxist-Muslim Axis”

    Let me guess: you watched that whackjob documentary called “Enemies Within”, and it rocked your world. Right?

  • Sam

    The “Press” doesn’t include television, just written, printed words, not pictures on a fluorescent type. TV is NOT the press and neither is the new York times or Washington post.

  • katherine cassell harvey

    When you are clearly breaking the law and revealing conversation of Americans just to destroy that person or party you shoul not be allowed to hind behind annomenity any more. It is illegal and they are just spying on there political advasary

  • katherine cassell harvey

    But the lying piece of crap Fargass who came right out and said we and i guess she meant Clinton because that is who she was working for must get this intel out before Teump finds out who is leaking the imformation. Just like Clinton they never stop lying. If i was her i would be looking for a witness protection from i would say the fbi but they are corrupt also

  • Bruce

    We want Judge Napolitano to serve on the 9th Circuit Federal Court, and throw out those deviant commie bastards who are in there now.

  • soljerblue

    “His obvious conflict of interest is cause for concern among anyone with a remote sense of journalistic ethics.”

    It would have been easier to find ten righteous men in Sodom

  • soljerblue

    Yes, but as long as Fox needs a poster boy for diversity he’ll remain right where he is.

  • MrCharles

    Either the Judge was 100% right or be “proven” 100% wrong. I think his explanation is plausable. Glad to see him back.

  • john robel

    He is out, out of the closet that is. I turn the channel when he comes on. His obvious bias is disgusting.

  • john robel

    YUP !

  • john robel

    Yup, heavy on the ZERO.

  • Gumpington

    You sure seem to know a lot about syphilis. How long have you been infected?

  • steve porter

    russian interference is a falicy. the corrupt obama administrtion spied on trump as they have done many times to others. obama, hillary, susan rice, ben rhodes, james clapper, and john brennan are documented liars. i believe chiorboy james comey is a liar too. the msm is biased and incompetent. i believe napolitano.

  • The Northwesterner

    You assume a lot and do a lot of wishful thinking, don’t you? You realize that wishful thinking is the kind of thing only liberals and children do?

  • Gumpington

    Sorry to see that you are in the tertiary phase of your infection. Maybe its not too late; seek help now!

  • The Northwesterner

    Thanks for proving me right about liberals like you and wishful thinking. Just because you want it to be so does not make it so.

  • Gumpington

    Is that you or your tertiary-syphilis-riddled brain speaking?

  • The Northwesterner

    Is that you or your tertiary-syphilis-riddled brain speaking?

    Project much, kid?

  • Richard Frick

    The rotten liberal press is licking its ass which President Trump handed to them instead of providing them with the cash incentives used by killery to keep them covering her lying fat ass. It is all about being on the take and the takers didn’t get a Trump payoff.

  • Gumpington

    You must still be a terrible embarrassment to your family. But I ‘m told that your mom just keeps you locked up in the basement with you “pet” sheep.

  • The Northwesterner

    You must still be a terrible embarrassment to your family. But I ‘m told
    that your mom just keeps you locked up in the basement with you “pet”

    Still projecting your own traits and attitudes onto others and accusing them of what you’re guilty of yourself, I see. Do your parents know you’re using their computer without their permission or supervision?