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Responding to one of Anderson Cooper’s softball questions, socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told the CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night that he lives a frugal life and indicated that he doesn’t care about money or status. “I have a small Chevrolet,” he said. “It is one of the smallest Chevys that they make.” He said it was about five years old.

But James O’Brien, a political consultant and former publisher of Campaigns & Elections magazine, says the career politician, who has been a mayor, member of Congress and U.S. senator, has achieved the financial status of a millionaire.

O’Brien has analyzed the financial status of Sanders and his wife, including their financial disclosure report, and has concluded they have a net worth in the range of $1.2 to $1.5 million, not the $700,000 or less that is usually reported by the media.

Rather than “Feel the Bern,” the phrase associated with popular support for the self-declared “democratic socialist,” O’Brien says that Sanders is personally “Feelin’ the Wealth.”

Equally significant, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, left her position as president of Burlington College under controversial circumstances and is now being accused of federal bank fraud. She left her position at the college and was given a severance package known as a “golden parachute” that also benefited Senator Sanders’ personal wealth.

Brady C. Toensing, a partner with the law firm of diGenova & Toensing, has filed a legal complaint with federal authorities requesting an investigation into apparent federal bank fraud committed by Ms. Sanders. His complaint was sent to Eric S. Miller, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Vermont, and Fred W. Gibson, Jr., Acting Inspector General with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

A Sanders spokesman told the Burlington Free Press that the complaint was an effort to throw mud at the presidential candidate.

O’Brien says that Sanders’ financial disclosure forms are incomplete. “For someone who doesn’t care about money, he goes a long way to cover up his true net worth,” he says. “Bernie does not disclose the value of real estate holdings. He can. He is not required to, but he could if he chose. It is known that he and/or his wife own at least two homes—one with rental income in Vermont and one near Capitol Hill where the median home value is $722,000.”

O’Brien bases his conclusions about Sanders’ millionaire status on what is known and can be estimated about his salary, the income of his wife, joint income, investments, pension, and value of his real estate properties.

On top of this, O’Brien notes that Sanders benefits from a multi-million dollar U.S. Senate staff and a multi-million dollar U.S. presidential campaign staff.

In addition to the questions about his real net worth, Jane Sanders’ exit from Burlington College continues to generate controversy, even scandal. She was president of the college from 2004 until 2011.

Federal officials have acknowledged the complaint about Jane Sanders from attorney Brady C. Toensing, but they won’t say whether they are going forward with an investigation.

Although Senator Sanders frequently complains about the “corporate media” that are supposed to have a bias against his candidacy, the necessary task of digging into the finances of his wife has been left to the conservative media and some local Vermont news organizations.

At the very least—as noted by Bruce Parker, a Vermont reporter for—Senator Sanders should be asked to explain how his opposition to severance packages for corporation executives squares with his wife getting a cushy severance of $200,000.

In a story headlined, “Bernie Sanders’ Wife May Have Defrauded State Agency, Bank,” reporters Blake Neff and Peter Fricke of the conservative Daily Caller News Foundation reported the essential facts of the case, noting that she nearly bankrupted Burlington College when she took on $10 million in debt to finance the purchase of a new, far more expansive campus. “The move backfired massively, leading to Sanders’ departure from the college and the near-collapse of the institution,” Neff and Fricke report.

By any standard of fair and objective news reporting, a candidate who promises “free college” to America’s young people should be asked to address the issue of his wife’s financial shenanigans almost bankrupting an institution of higher learning. But it hasn’t been raised in the debates.

At one point it was reported that Burlington College was fighting for its very survival. “As a result of its financial woes, Burlington College is on academic probation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges,” reported, a statewide news website, in 2014.

VT Digger confirmed the nefarious role played by Jane Sanders, noting that she “overstated donation amounts in a bank application for a $6.7 million loan that was used by the college to purchase a prime 33-acre property on Lake Champlain in 2010.” Jane Sanders “resigned under pressure from the Burlington College board of trustees nearly a year after obtaining the multi-million dollar loan,” the site reported. “After both sides lawyered up, the board gave Sanders the title of president emeritus and a $200,000 severance package.”

A Republican activist named Skip Vallee produced a 60-second television advertisement entitled, “Bernie’s Golden Parachute,” describing the nature of the $200,000 severance package and making the point that while Sanders was planning a presidential run “on a theme of railing against golden parachutes and excesses” on Wall Street, he took “his own golden parachute” through his wife’s curious dealings with the cash-strapped college.

The ad features the “S” in Sanders in the shape of a dollar sign and shows Sanders saying the rich in America “manipulate a rigged system” and benefit from “golden parachutes.”

On top of this scandal, The Washington Free Beacon has reported that Senator Sanders used campaign money to benefit members of his family, and that Jane Sanders directed six-figure sums from Burlington College to her daughter and the son of a family friend.

“Getting money out of politics” is one of the planks in Sanders’ presidential campaign platform.


  • sandra-paquette-

    Well, well, well what do you know. And for one who is pushing for socialist he sure doesn’t live like one nor does his bank account appears to be one. He’d had the people live like in Cuba, and he himself would be like Castro with all the money and living like a hog. Goes to show you, there’s always another side. I hope Trump gets hold of this one.

  • LibertyChick

    Actually, he does live like a Socialist: those in charge have very charmed and lavish/protected lives. Everyone under those in charge live as paupers funding those lavish lives.

  • biilyjoe

    AND ‘He be po’ ” compared to Hill-liar-y/clintons and blackbezzlers like sharptongue, jesse jackson, kerry and also “street organizer” obongo and his commie soros connections. It’s a joke– THE DEVILCRAPS MOTTO: Do as I say , not as I do”. blackLIES, AlinskyLIES, TaqiyyahLIES anti-America HYPO-CRATS.

  • LibertyChick

    While this may not look so good for Sanders, it’s peanuts compared to the wealth amassed by the Clintons and the scandals associated with them.

    I don’t want to see him or Hillary as our President, but I think our country and our interests would be safer under him than Hillary. She not only needs to be stopped, she needs to be imprisoned.

  • biilyjoe

    Yeah– kind of like the hypo-crat Governor of Minnesota
    (Mr. filthy Target-Rich frozen white brains) : Mark Dayton.

  • sandra-paquette-

    Your right, when you put it that way. Thanks putting right.

  • Ted

    Sure, Chick, as soon as you nutcases agree to imprison Bush and Cheney for fraud committed against the American people (the ‘Big Lie’ involving Iraq) … and a war crime, e.g., unilateral invasion of a sovereign country without cause resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians … PLUS the biggest vote fraud ever perpetrated in this country … the Bush brothers fraud perpetrated in Florida during the 2000 election. Then … by all means … if you wish … put the Clintons in the same cell … and throw away the key.

    (And, instead of ‘LibertyChick’ … you might try ‘BlowhardBabe’ ?)

  • LibertyChick

    I would love to see them all imprisoned! I think they are equally bad! I’m not about turning a blind eye toward one party while bashing another. If you want to see the Bush’s and their chronys imprisoned than you should want the same for the Clintons and their chronys. THEY ARE ALL JUST AS BAD!!! THEY ALL BELONG TO THE CFR AND ARE DETERMINED TO DESTROY AMERICA FOR THEIR OWN GAIN OF POWER AND MONEY!

    So, why don’t you watch the name calling and nastiness. And realize/accept there is no Republican or Democrat party any more – that is just used as a tool to divide us. There is only socialism/marxism taking over America via both “parties”. And all you have will be gone in the end as you and I and the rest of us trying to just get by in life are made the serfs of America. The wealth of the wealthy will not be redistributed. Just the wealth and liberty and potential of the middle and lower classes will be destroyed.

    There will be no freedom for America or Americans as long as any of them are in office or in power. Most should be doing time in Levenworth for treason against America.

  • Ed

    Gotta agree with you on the Clintons and the Democrats. Bush has been pilloried for Iraq but don’t forget, he did it with the approval of Congress who controls the purse strings. Remember, “I was for the war before I was against it,” uttered by Hillary, Kerry and other of their ilk. Bush acted on the intelligence he was given, that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq. that turned out to be bum dope from his intelligence agencies. Politicians at that time also believed it and gave Bush approval. They all lied but Bush, at the top, along with Cheney, had to take the fall and will be forever remembered for it. We do not need or want anybody elected in November to be Democrat, Liberal or Progressive. These three titles are a disaster for America. They are all Socialists to some degree and will continue the destruction and immorality of America as has happened under the Obama administration.
    By the the way, Leavenworth is a military prison.

  • john robel

    Saddam DID HAVE WMD’S. Ask the Kurds where the SARIN GAS came from!! Isis now has the remainder of the chemicals. The media claims there is nothing to worry about. Bullshit.

  • Ed

    Sorry, forgot about the Sarin gas. We have a media that covers for the Liberals and liars by not printing the truth. You can see it today. All of Hillary’s crimes are being exposed, mostly on the internet and the MSM just ignores it and carries on just as if Hillary is the saint that she claims to be and there is a vast Right Wing conspiracy trying to do her in. Please, may they succeed. Her presidency would be only used to enrich herself and Bill to immeasurable wealth. She belongs in jail..

  • Kuni Leml

    Sanders and his wife, including their financial disclosure report, and has concluded they have a net worth in the range of $1.2 to $1.5 million

    Them and everyone else that has worked most of their lives and owns a house and who has not pissed away their money on Powerball tickets, religious snake oil salesmen, and excessive vices.

  • mitzymoon

    He never said he was poor. But he isn’t rich, either, unless we consider the rich anyone who isn’t poor.

  • sandra-paquette-

    Yes, read all about that “Financial Scandals Follows Socialist Millionaire Saunders” the other half he doesn’t tell about himself or his wife. Are these people stupid or what. They should know it’s all a matter of time the whole thing will come out. Hillary well, we all know about her and her lies.

  • Steven Barrett

    Worth noting that the Clinton camp, which stoops at nothing to destroy anybody they consider a threat (i.e. in plain English, anybody having the [gall] to challenge them for anything–hasn’t pushed this. Could it be, as I’m suspecting, little more than a hatchet job produced by a Koch sponsored “conservative watchdog” outfit purporting to representing Vermont taxpayers “interests”? ‘Tis fun to watch both sides play this game, but the right is the most ham-handed when it comes to even attempting to write a basic lead and keep its “facts” in order.

  • sg

    Compare his financial worth with anyone else in congress. Also, for someone his age, getting a congressional salary, 1.5m is very low.

  • nana41

    Personally I see this as slander.. The Cinton’s launder their money via the Clinton Foundation so let he who is without sin cast that first stone.. All of these political writers hide behind the first amendment & take writer liberties with their words while they stoke the flames.. True or untrue doesn’t matter to them as long as you click on the headline & they get their PPC that’s why most times the headline doesn’t match the article.. Sad world whatever happened to true reporting or journalism

  • Henry Plantagenet

    Stop quoting the Free Beacon. It’s a GOP attack site.

  • Henry Plantagenet

    Sigh. Another day, another troll. Whitewater, two different independent counsels subpoenaed her records. Found nothing.

    Then another investigation as to where the Whitewater records had gone. Found nothing.

    Subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. Found nothing.

    Several more independent counsel investigations. Found nothing.

    White House travel office, independent counsel investigation. Found nothing.

    Cattle futures. Nothing.

    Documents pertaining to Vince Foster, independent counsel investigation found nothing.

    Obsessed independent counsel insisted on passing Vince Foster to another independent counsel anyway, found nothing.

    FBI files, independent counsel investigation, found nothing.

    Clinton Foundation, several media investigations, government oversight, found nothing.

    Benghazi, nine investigations, found nothing. And that jihad was waged by the same Republicans who ignored 12 similar attacks that got 60 people killed on Bush’s watch, because Republicans don’t like to pay for embassy security.

    Email server data, more depositions about the emails, Inspector General probe of the emails, lawsuit to prove Hillary was evading FOIA requests with the emails, found nothing. And that holy war was waged by the same Republicans who ignored Bush deliberately destroying thousands of emails because they would have proved his criminal behavior.

    Dozens of lawsuits by rightwing attack groups like Judicial Watch, subpoenas, depositions, found nothing.

    Hundreds of demands for documents under the Freedom of Information Act, mountains of paperwork, found nothing.

    A whole lot of yelling and screaming about Hillary’s “secret speeches” – which are already online for everyone to see. Found nothing.

    We have several years of her tax returns too, detailing the millions she’s given to charity. Searched for dirt, found nothing.

    In the last twenty years has Hillary touched any piece of paper that was bigger than a cocktail napkin, that hasn’t been subpoenaed? And found nothing.

    Fifty million dollars worth of investigations by people who desperately wanted to nail her hide to the wall. Hillary is the most investigated woman in the history of this planet. She’s the most honest person in Washington politics, and the Republicans spent two decades and millions of your tax dollars proving it.

    You want to know why she gets pissed off when people ask to see her emails and speech transcripts? THAT is why. This has been her life for two decades. If you had to face that level of relentless, sadistic abuse and legal attacks, you’d have collapsed long ago.

    You want to know why Hillary hit the speech circuit after leaving office? She was attacked so many times in court that she and Bill had millions of dollars to pay off, just in legal fees. It took years to pay off the bills. All to prove their own innocence.

    Oh, and by the way, eight years as first lady, eight years in the Senate, four years at State – show me a single time she pushed a “corporate” or “bank” bill in Congress. If the banks “bought” Hillary, they sure didn’t get their money’s worth. In fact she fought the banks, and is now proposing tighter bank regulations than Sanders is. Almost all her donors are $250 or less, and less than 4 percent comes from the Wall Street types.

  • Blondmyk

    Those of you screaming about Hillary are totally missing the point. This article is about Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton. Clinton has her own demons to wrestle with. I found this article personally kind of upsetting…hypocritical of Sanders, really.

  • Karen Littleton

    Bullshit. Take your women hating opinions to a shrink. Libelchick.

  • Karen Littleton

    Where are they? Why didn’t Bush produce evidence? You have cognative dissonance–you simply refuse to believe Bush and Dick were liars and war criminals.

  • Karen Littleton

    The story is about Bernie and his wife’s shady deals–so these lemmings go-to move is to ignore the topic and open fire on Clinton, vomiting up old lies that were proven to be lies decades ago. The non-stop witch hunt against Hillary started even before Bill was elected Governor of Arkansas. Fact is, weak men are threatened by strong women like her, and Stepford wives always agree with the men because they surrendered their brains to men long ago. It’s easier than having to earn a living and pay their own bills. These other types of women like LibertyChick love to make broad sweeping generalizations like “both parties are exactly alike.” Yeah, except for a woman;’s right to choose, Planned Parenthood, GLBT rights, gun control, race relations, foreign policy, war, and ignoring the Geneva Conventions and allowing POW torture. Get a clue, then comment.

  • popgrand

    I would agree with you only if you added that George W Bush’s whole administrative staff should also be imprisoned too, for the $2.1 trillion bill they placed on the American tax payer,plus all the lives that was lost,also all the lives which has been maimed for the rest of their lives, so I guess these crime are not as bad as those of Sanders & Hillary huh!

  • popgrand

    It’s real funny how we laugh it off when a lie is told, but jump to the ceiling when a truth is told, is it that we believe in the lie more than we do truth? or are we just that damn stupid to believe any lie told without personal investigations of our own, if we did more personal investigations of our own then we would not have a front runner like [imp trump] so I guess that sense we go to great lengths to believe a lie, then it’s ok to believe a Nazi when he says he’s not a Nazi! but I like the [Nazi flag colors he wears] you know [the red tie, which is still made in China by the way/the white shirt/and the black or dark blue suit/go look if you don’t believe me!!

  • LibertyChick

    They are all domestic terrorists and should be imprisoned, if not executed, for treason: the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and most people serving in the House, Senate and Congress – any of them with a voting record less than 70% aligned with the Constitution.

  • LibertyChick

    I think it depends on who’s looking at what, and who’s ignoring what.

  • LibertyChick

    I’m game for them all being held accountable for their actions, including going to prison, if not being executed for treason against America. I don’t see any one side as being all great or another as being all bad. I think there are some good folks and some bad folks on both sides. What I hate is the lack of accountability that is going with political service. So definitely, imprisons Bush and Cheney, but do likewise with Obama and Biden. And if you aren’t willing to look at the bull shit of both sides, don’t look at the bullshit of just one side.

  • CSG

    Thank you.

  • karretop


  • sandra-paquette-

    You are living in a dream world wake up dummy stop lying to your self and to the one’s around you.

  • The dude


  • CSG

    O’Brien says that Sanders is personally “Feelin’ the Wealth.” We are demanding that the Sanders release at least 5 years of tax returns that are unedited. So far only 2014 and it’s partial. We want joint returns. Assets are in Jane Sanders name. What’s he hiding? #VettingBernie

  • Jean Regenwether

    So does this mean he just does not invest his money wisely. He has the opportunity to do so with his earnings.

  • Jean Regenwether

    Agreed, but they will keep pushing to find anything or something.

  • VD65

    This is one article and I wonder who this writer knows? If it was true, and not exaggerated it would have been all over the net by now. It’s just more propaganda. It is well known he doesn’t live the life of a millionaire. He has been poor most of his life but it is common sense he is not penniless. He didn’t say that. Just more propaganda like all the rest. Trump is an idiot so don’t bring him up. I feel sorry for people who “just” have to write articles like this about a good man and something that didn’t happen to him or happened if at all a long time ago. It’s not like his wife posed for nude photos. People get accused of all sorts of thing but indicted is something else. Remember people are considered innocent in this country until proven otherwise.

  • Greg Cravens

    This is utter BS! He is not worth that much at all!

  • Pam

    This is crap!!! HRC IS SO CROOKED this is just a smear campaign, to get eyes off her. If she keeps this up I hope Bernie runs as a INDEPENDENT if he doesn’t get enough delegates. The DNC has done everything they can to help her win. Me and many other’s will vote INDEPENDENT.

  • Giselle Marie Chacon

    Impossible to take the article seriously when it includes so much inflammatory fluff- listing Sanders’ staff for example. Considering he’s about the cleanest politician in DC this is specious propaganda.

  • Natacha Lamarr

    Starting this article by calling Bernie a “socialist” rather than a “democratic socialist” already sets the tone for what the rest of article is gonna be about.

  • JodeBlampette

    No he just doesn’t use Insider information to enrich himself like the other Congress people, he’s not for sale, he donates a lot of money. He lives simply. He has always lived pretty simply.

    This article is silly, for example, it’s trying to make it out like he’s corrupt because he has the same stuff the rest of Congress does. Should he not use the staff? LOL.

  • JodeBlampette

    Pretty fluffy.


    .Masquerading as a media watchdog, Cliff Kincaid
    is actually an unrepentant propagandist for extremist right-wing causes
    who knows few boundaries in his attempts to smear liberal foes. Junk writing,this dude has been debunked
    too many times to count. Don’t waste your time.

  • Carl Nota

    So what I read is Bernie Sanders has some money. What a revelation! EVERY member of congress has money and a lot more of it than Sanders. And he’s a member of congress and- gasp!- has a paid staff! What a load of crap.
    Is there any interest in Cruz’s wife and her Wall Street loans and what he promised to do in order to obtain them? Or Trump’s corporate bankruptcies that cost his investors- not him- millions? Didn’t think so!

  • Vixpix1

    This article consists of a number of unsubstantiated allegations presented as if they were facts. My mother, who was an underpaid school principle, was worth over a million dollars when she died, largely because she bought a house in L.A. for under a hundred a hundred thousand dollars, but the property value soared to over eight hundred thousand dollars when the California real estate boom went crazy. Of course, she could have sold the house and lived in a tent, and grubby Republican analysts could have claimed she was a millionaire. As to the golden parachute issue, someone who was a university president for seven years, got into a arguement with the board of regents, and accepted a two hundred thousand severance package, does not constitute someone who should be accused of receiving a “golden parachute”. That amount is chicken feed. The Republicans had a presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, who was CEO of a big company for a few years, ran it into the ground and cut its stock value in half, and received a buyout of tens of millions of dollars, and nobody in the party made any accusations about that. Republicans are shocked at the success that Bernie Sander’s has had in energizing tens of millions of voters, so they ignore the gold plated motorcycle their leading candidate has, and come out with a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations to smear someone who has a very modest lifestyle, thereby proving Forrest Gump’s statement that stupid is as stupid does.

  • Issac Abrams

    Sen Sanders is a liar, user, fraud and hypocrite. He said he dont but he has super pacs & gets donations from the oil.gasidustry. His taxes, home, IRa acct are ingis wifes; name but they’re have funds/invest in WallSt, oil companies, banks, the very he rails against. He’s a pathetic liar. Trump will crush on his lies.

  • Issac Abrams

    Liar.It’s in his wifes name to stay under the radar. He’s a fraud

  • Issac Abrams

    When you’re running your campaign on honest and railing against Wall St, greed and big companies, pretending to a humble, lowly poor senator….this is a shame. This has nay to do with Hillary. Besides Sanders was never punished for allowing those vets to die waiting for treatment. He was chairman of Veterans Affairs, he ignored complaints for 4 yrs, blaming the republicans, until the exposed him. He nor anybody else were held accountable.

  • carolo6000

    Too busy making up stuff about Hillary to properly vet Sanders.

  • “Donates a lot of money”? On his ONLY tax return, made public over the past 20 years, he donated 1% to charity.

  • kootzie
  • kootzie
  • kootzie
  • baruchzed

    OK I can help here. I am from Vermont, I have met and followed the careers of Bernie and Jane. They are not perfect. I think the money stuff in this article is a bit foolish…they are a married couple, they share assets, whatever. They are clearly not oligarchs, or multimillionaires benefiting from Wall Street chicanery. The only thing in this article that is accurate is the stuff about Jane. She has a history of working with colleges and frankly doing a terrible job, first Goddard and then Burlington College. Both places survived her time there by the skin of their teeth. Other than that this article is clearly spun to make Sanders look bad.

  • Earlene Hammond

    I don’t see any links for actual proof of these assertions. Just because somebody wants to throw mud, it doesn’t mean you have to catch it or make it stick! None of this seems to be verifiable, just nasty gossip. You are probably a Hillary supporter who wants to believe anything bad about Bernie.

  • Earlene Hammond

    He is a democratic socialist which is quite different than what you described. It is amazing how easily all of you are willing to believe all these lies without at least checking the facts. In no way is Bernie a millionaire! If you continue to purposely be uninformed and misinformed, you don’t deserve the right to vote. And FYI, Clinton really is corrupt and has been for years. How do you think she accumulated a net worth of $159 million? You people are mindless.

  • katerant

    Wow. The misinformation in this article is stunning, especially coming from a ‘’ website. There is no bank fraud trial. They did not raise the funds they thought they had. And here is how an actual trustee involved in the whole thing characterizes it:

    ‘Leopold never saw the actual signed pledge agreements, but he believes “the representations that were made at the time were made in good faith.”

    “In hindsight a problem like this is an orphan, and there a lots of people who want to lay it at the feet of a specific person,” Leopold said.

    The reporting in this article is abysmal.

  • katerant

    Two hundred thousand dollars is not exactly a ‘golden parachute.’ Look at the REAL golden parachutes provided to corporate bigwigs after they trash their businesses into failure resulting in loss of jobs to thousands. And there is no bank fraud trial. Those words were included in the article to inflame, and for no other reason. Certainly not based on fact.

  • katerant

    Here are some other topics of Mr. Kincaid:
    -Global warming is a scam perpetrated by the “religious left.”
    -President Obama is a socialist Muslim.
    -Marxist elements have hijacked the Roman Catholic Church in order to facilitate a “foreign invasion of the U.S.” by Latinos.
    -Gays and lesbians are destroying the media, the military, the government, and the American way of life.

    That’s pretty far out there.

  • dazed_cat

    having a million is nothing to be ashamed of at their age, I just don’t understand not finding their tax forms since she admitted using ‘turbo tax’, it is available with a click on line according to turbo tax

  • Tim Johnson, a good and very experience reporter with the Burlington Free Press has reported on this stuff. The Sanders family, to date, has never made their tax info public, and Sanders earned 4 Pinocchios for telling Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union on April 3 that he had. That made 10 Pinocchios in 5 days for Sen. Sanders, who also lied on The View last week when he told the women on that show that Pope Francis had invited him to the Vatican, and when he vastly overstated the number of Palestinian casualties in the 2014 Gaza War besides the Pinocchio-garnering lies. They are serious and credible allegations, and the continued lame excuses of both Jane and Bernie for not revealing their tax returns, and the way they try to get everyone to “take their word for it,” is troubling. The dark side of Bernie Sanders requires a shovel, as in the title of this well-sourced piece:

  • He’s worth at least 8 times what Marco Rubio is worth.

  • Julia Sugarbaker

    This is actually FACT and MOST people can research it if they know how to research and discover that on their own. UNLESS of course, you are a Bernie FAN and you just cannot see the forest for the trees. He IS in fact, a millionaire. He puts nothing in his name to avoid the appearance of having money but he IS wealthy. IF he was not so afraid of you knowing that, his tax returns would have already been shown as all other candidates have been shown, except for Bernie and Trump. Hmmmm……lovely that he can be connected in some way to Trump, of all people! ……He is an arrogant man who is accustomed to having his own way and it will all surface eventually. (I say that because of the finger pointing and waving of that finger. THAT is a true sign of a man who is accustomed to having his own way. It’s a really potent gesture of power, a symbolic weapon. When you make a fist
    and thrust your finger, you are symbolically shooting someone. Certain ego types
    DO use it. I see it used by powerful MEN who are used to getting their way AND
    have lied successfully in the past. They use a finger pointing gesture when they
    are cornered (unsure of a response or caught in a lie) to defend themselves by
    using it as a counterattack. Watch him closely next time when you see that finger
    point. He ALWAYS uses it when asked anything OTHER THAN the 1%. Also, it’s
    typically NOT WOMEN who do this, as there is a gender component as well! ) Just remember this, much Like Ronald Reagan, his followers are trying to pretend this man has been given saint hood. He has not he is lying about a lot of things and if you really wanted to know the truth, you would know it. He did not go to work till age 39 or 40. Now I have to wonder, was that because he dodged Vietnam and amnesty was granted to dodgers when he was 37? Maybe, maybe not, but it IS possible. I believe he did not work to stay under the radar. Even though he claimed to be a pacifist, that was not a legitimate reason to ignore orders to report for duty and he did not report for training at all. NOW, part 2, He had an illegitimate son when he was about 26, while married and the child was not with his wife. Does it matter? Not unless you consider him a saint and if you do, I am afraid that alone would disqualify him. I personally do not care how many affairs he has or kids he produces as long as he takes care of the. My guess is, SINCE he did not go to work till he was in his late 30s, he also did not take care of his kid. Do not assume he did because there are no work records to support that assumption but look for yourself. I searched. I did find that he was a teacher in Israel in that time period, nothing that would support a child in the US so did the tax payers feed and clothe his kid? I have to wonder? Part 3—TAX RETURNS AND CHARITY WORK–What charities does he support? Anyone know of any? I do not. I saw his tax returns in VA once and I saw none but why won’t he produce his tax returns so we can see. It IS a requirement and we have asked it of each one of them so WHERE are the tax returns Bernie? You talk about income disparity and YOU certainly enjoy a hefty income range so WHAT are you hiding? Why are you hiding it? WHERE are you hiding it? Do not turn this into something about Hillary either because SHE produced twelve years of returns and Bernie fans have already ripped her to shreds so lets try putting THIS saints puzzle together. LET US GIVE IT A TRY. First, we need income tax returns!!! Apparently we will need the recordings of his own words as to what he has said regarding all of this because he has denied much of it but recordings are easy. TAX RETURNS BERNIE! We will accept even five years but we want tax returns dude!

  • Julia Sugarbaker

    This is actually FACT and MOST people can research it if they know how to research and discover that on their own. UNLESS of course, you are a Bernie FAN and you just cannot see the forest for the trees. He IS in fact, a millionaire. He puts nothing in his name to avoid the appearance of having money but he IS wealthy. IF he was not so afraid of you knowing that, his tax returns would have already been shown as all other candidates have been shown, except for Bernie and Trump. Hmmmm……lovely that he can be connected in some way to Trump, of all people!
    He is an arrogant man who is accustomed to having his own way and it will all surface eventually. (I say that because of the finger pointing and waving of that finger. THAT is a true sign of a man who is accustomed to having his own way. It’s a really potent gesture of power, a symbolic weapon. When you make a fist and thrust your finger, you are symbolically shooting someone. Certain ego types DO use it. I see it used by powerful MEN who are used to getting their way AND have lied successfully in the past. They use a finger pointing gesture when they are cornered (unsure of a response or caught in a lie) to defend themselves by using it as a counterattack. Watch him closely next time when you see that finger point. He ALWAYS uses it when asked anything OTHER THAN the 1%. Also, it’s typically NOT WOMEN who do this, as there is a gender component as well! )
    Just remember this, much Like Ronald Reagan, his followers are trying to pretend this man has been given saint hood. He has not he is lying about a lot of things and if you really wanted to know the truth, you would know it. He did not go to work till age 39 or 40. Now I have to wonder, was that because he dodged Vietnam and amnesty was granted to dodgers when he was 37? Maybe, maybe not, but it IS possible. I believe he did not work to stay under the radar. Even though he claimed to be a pacifist, that was not a legitimate reason to ignore orders to report for duty and he did not report for training at all.
    NOW, part 2, He had an illegitimate son when he was about 26, while married and the child was not with his wife. Does it matter? Not unless you consider him a saint and if you do, I am afraid that alone would disqualify him. I personally do not care how many affairs he has or kids he produces as long as he takes care of the. My guess is, SINCE he did not go to work till he was in his late 30s, he also did not take care of his kid. Do not assume he did because there are no work records to support that assumption but look for yourself. I searched. I did find that he was a teacher in Israel in that time period, nothing that would support a child in the US so did the tax payers feed and clothe his kid? I have to wonder?
    Part 3—TAX RETURNS AND CHARITY WORK–What charities does he support? Anyone know of any? I do not. I saw his tax returns in VA once and I saw none but why won’t he produce his tax returns so we can see. It IS a requirement and we have asked it of each one of them so WHERE are the tax returns Bernie? You talk about income disparity and YOU certainly enjoy a hefty income range so WHAT are you hiding? Why are you hiding it? WHERE are you hiding it?
    Do not turn this into something about Hillary either because SHE produced twelve years of returns and Bernie fans have already ripped her to shreds so lets try putting THIS saints puzzle together. LET US GIVE IT A TRY. First, we need income tax returns!!! Apparently we will need the recordings of his own words as to what he has said regarding all of this because he has denied much of it but recordings are easy. TAX RETURNS BERNIE! We will accept even five years but we want tax returns dude!

    see more 0

  • RC Rust-Laskey
  • RC Rust-Laskey
  • karen

    This is what I am also saying. If someone gets the same pay as another senator or congress man and chooses to drive an old fashion cheap car, he should not blame another for choosing to drive and expensive and fashionable car. I am a bit uncomfortable with how Bernie thinks. A golden parachute is a golden parachute. Maybe $200,000 may look small to someone who is guranteed $20,000,000 but to the poor supporters who don’t even earn $20,000 per year….it is a golden parachute. Probably he wants a Cuban style system where you can work harder or do a job of greater value but still have to live like a peasant while Castro enjoys life with not limits. Just because no one wants Sanders to give speeches that does not mean that he should have problems with people who give speeches.

  • karen

    Wow! Well said! And Bernie is wondering why the superdelegates are now rushing to him…..duh! They are smart and are certainly aware of everything you have just stated. They are not going to allow Bernie to become the nominee and then be vetted by the REPUBS in the general. They know it will cost the DEMS the general election. What bothers me most is that he is allowed to attack HC on the debate stage and she has to hold back because she is aware of how nasty his teenie boppers can be. They maintain that they will not vote for her but I hope they will rethink before November or live the next four years in deep regret!

  • PapaRonn

    It’s the hypocrisy ,not the money.

  • demetri

    Bernie is going to win

  • Penny Lane

    There’s no substance here, alas, just vague innuendos.

  • aa aaa

    Bunsen Bernie should show his tax records……… he should also give up 90% of his wealth just to show us how it’s done. A dirtnap would be OK as well.

  • aa aaa

    Not sure which is worse, spelling or horrible writing skills. Ghetto schools in your past?

  • cherry_girl

    What I don’t understand about hardcore Bernie supports is the fact that they demonize EVERYONE who has money. Why? It doesn’t take a poor person to understand the needs of poor people. That’s like saying that unless you’ve had a brain tumor, you can’t treat them. Hilary Clinton is a self-made woman. She was not born into a wealthy, elitist family. She’s worked hard for everything she has and I think that’s admirable. Having said this, I DO agree that people born into extreme wealth ( Trump, Bush et al) are seriously disconnected from the needs of the poor AND the middle class, which is a huge problem. But I just don’t understand the contempt for Hillary because she brings in “big money”. She is a politician and as such, she accepts money for her campaign. So what???? She hasn’t broken any laws in doing so.

  • LilyMunster6

    He shames everyone else for suspected corruption, even without evidence.

  • LilyMunster6
  • LilyMunster6

    Burnie Scandal has a net-worth of just under $1.5 million. Phony! And shaming everyone else for dishonesty and immoral behavior. HE IS DISGUSTING, yelling at Hillary after he voted SIX TIMES for the NRA GUN LOBBY>>>>>

  • Stanley77

    And what will Mr Rubio when he ends his working life? That is really the question. $1.2M-$1.5M is not that much in net worth for retired management professionals in America.
    Now for the real question, you say 8Xs more? $1.5M/8=$189,000? Marco Rubio is really worth less than $200,000? Steve, Steve, Steve, don’t feed us this pap please.

  • jm33b

    Bernie released his tax returns for this year . Hillary made more in one speech than Bernie did all year . Bernie is not a multi millionaire or even a millionaire . His total wealth is a little less than a half million dollars , mostly wrapped up in their home . This site should live up to its name and quit spreading lies and BS about Bernie ! What a freaking joke this is !

  • Matt Knight

    This article is horseshit,and your entire ridiculous , righty tighty pandering, retarded , ignorant effing website is horseshit. Kiss my ass.

  • washingtonmink

    People always believe just what they want to believe. They don’t want to believe their candidate (in this case) may not be as forthcoming as purported to be. It’s understandable.

  • aa aaa

    after he voted SIX TIMES for the NRA GUN LOBBY>……. if so that’s the ONLY decent thing he ever did!

  • Former Educator

    As a Lawyer, married to a Lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, married to the Governor, FLOTUS married to POTUS, 2-term Senator from New York, Secretary of State for the United States, an in demand Public Speaker, AND the Most Admired Woman in the World 20 times!!
    It’s really telling & amazing….you won’t accept TRUTH about Bernie Sanders…but, have seemingly no trouble believing LIES about Hillary Clinton.

  • Cary Grace

    Looking for fact check on hillary anonymous news video. Have you seen any? Are all her scandals verifiable corruptiion? Hillary supporters haven’t debunked them that I have discovered.

  • Cary Grace

    Where did you get the idea that he stands for people living in poverty. In case you haven’t heard, one illness can wipe out a family financially. The redistribution of our taxes to help raise everyone out of poverty, healthcare as right, and tuition-free college is quite a different matter. Other countries do it without taking vows of poverty. Are the smarter than us or less greedy?

  • Cary Grace

    Please tell me the truth about her then, will you? Denials do not expose the scandals as lies. Reminds me how Republicans have avoided career-ending scandals.

    Maybe their is no way to prove Vince Foster’s death was suicide and those reappearing records weren’t hidden, but what of the foundation acceptance of these huge donations and their links to her? If they’re false, why aren’t they dispelling the rumors? A presidential candidate has at least as much duty as a judge to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

    I was for her when she stood for Hillarycare. I was to believe she’s squeaky clean. I want to vote for a progressive woman president. I’m tired of Democrats moving too far to the right so that compromise means our tax dollars still funnel up instead of lifting the 98 per cent up to a decent standard of living.

  • Cary Grace

    I still think debunking is always necessary and communication is the key to holding everyone up to the light to choose the next leader of our nation. I’d also really like to know it’s not the Koch brothers.


    At the same time, Hillary herself makes 100 times more than Bernie.

  • Rufus McBoofus

    LOL… Yes, it is. Stop spinning.

  • 2jm1

    Amen, thanks for saying what most sane Democrats are thinking.

  • Former Educator

    and, your vote will be wasted. So, go ahead. You will then succeed in getting a GOP candidate elected. That w/b the same thing as biting your nose off, to spite your face, sort of like a petulant child.
    Interesting how….Bernie is running as a Democrat, not an Independent because he knew/knows, as an Independent he would have NO CHANCE at winning. So, n reality, he is running on a false ticket if, because he’s NOT winning he decides to throw the election, in favor of Trump or Cruz. Because one of them will win the GOP nomination.
    You truly believe, as a Democrat or even an Independent, that THAT w/b preferable?? Seriously?? And, as a Dem or Ind, you’d rather do that then cast your historical vote for Hillary??
    Then I will conclude, you must, in reality, be Republican.

  • Former Educator

    No VD65….as evidenced by the vitriol towards Hillary, of which….a multitude of “investigations”, millions of taxpayer dollars spent, every freaking thing either one of them does facing intense scrutiny, & nothing ever being found…& yet, a lot of people believe the crap, repeat the crap, eat the crap up!!
    So, no…sounds nice, fair, even CONSTITUTIONAL!!….& yet, it’s untrue.

  • S.L

    ITs about damn time we Hillary supporters have been saying foul, why isn’t anyone bringing up is FEC millions with unknown address, $27 my foot look it up…this story has been out there and no one says anything, many have looked at his financial report and yes he is a millionaire that put out taxes of only his senate earnings he did not put out his wifes earnings, their is an antique business they own, houses, where is the rental income he receive. Is there a double standard…of course there is, research is a healthy thing, get to know your candidate, everything isn’t as it always appears. Under the FEC filings people will see Karl Roves name. He works with the Republicans!

  • Joseph Tupa

    I am sorely mistaken for believing our voting populace has intelligence. A man comes forth with radical ideas, such as corporate accountability, spending money on our educational needs instead of wars in the name of oil profits, and ensuring health care for all. Yet a great many would rather see the candidates bicker like spoiled children or believe a woman that takes money from big business will be ethical in her decisions. We, the people endowed with common sense, realize that it is time to take the power back.
    We will by whatever means necessary.

  • stinogle

    Ummm his net worth has NEVER been near a millionaire. Are they fucking stupid or what!!!

  • stinogle

    STFU! ! !

  • Steven Barrett

    Compared to the rest of his Senate colleagues, Sanders is one of the least well off, if not THE. Even if he wasn’t running for the presidency, Bernie Sanders is one hell of a bargain if you want to get into the guessing game for who gives the most bang for the taxpayers’ buck. Vermont may not appear to many as a large state for a small three-man Congressional delegation to provide adequate service to his constituents, but it is. There are limited numbers of interstates and the smaller back roads of the state have to traverse many hills that make up the much larger north-to-south Green Mountain main ridge of higher mountains which act as a major barrier for logistical purposes alone.
    I don’t share much in common with the far more conservative delegations representing Alaska and Wyoming, but they, too, present their fair share of geographical/geological obstacles which make the tasks of all three respective states’ Senators and Congressional Representatives tasks all the more challenging and that alone ought to be taken into context before passing judgment on any of these people. It’s easy to look at all their available staff, ability to hop on Amtrak or a plane to get back to spend time with their constituents, but they are also expected to put in beaucoup hours well above and beyond the amount most folks are expected to put into their jobs or even privately owned businesses. In many respects, they have to treat their seats in much the same way any travelling businessperson would in order to provide the service their constituents expect.
    Blondmyk, I strongly suggest you do a lot more bio-homework on the early days of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. There’s no way you can compare the two politician’s pay, pension benefits, or perks. Hell, Senator Sanders hasn’t even retired yet. And what’s Clinton working off of? LOL, you and I will never learn the true story of that boodle in our lifetime. Chelsea’s already got that under lock n’ key, and it’ll stay there unless she gets the family bug to run for public office. Hopefully by then, she’ll have to really earn the damn position, whatever it is, and all the talk about being “transparent and accountable” will be more than cheap talk. I know where you’re coming from and I’ve felt this frustration, too. But the kinds of offices these 535 legislators run for and privileged to serve us are unlike 99/100 other “jobs.” They aren’t “jobs,” they’re callings, however corny and outdated the term “calling” might appear nowadays. Look, they don’t have to give up tenured college jobs, successful “scratch-built” businesses or other lucrative careers. We often forget this. For all our Members of Congress and Senators do, not to mention the much lower-paid and in some cases, embarrassingly “compensated” state legislators are expected to do and actually accomplish . . . they are a bargain and we should be damn thankful instead of petty and resentful. I’ll admit, some people do go into public service to do good and wind up doing quite well for their bank accounts while their personal reputation suffered for their less noble choices. And there are others who take seriously the term “public servant” for all it means … and doesn’t mean. If Hillary Clinton has a hard time figuring this distinction out (and likewise the rest of her immediate family and close associates who treat the public’s trust as a “given,” you can be assured Bernie Sanders and men and women like him still exist and don’t have the same arrogant attitude towards public service.

  • Rufus McBoofus

    What a smart, and well-argued comeback. ROFL Make me, bitch.

  • Fran Joseph

    This is baiting. And absurd. Bernie is a comfortable middle class with assets congruent with a well paying job as senator. He does live modestly, considering, which allowed him to acquire some assets, like real estate. Since his salary is no secret, is your gripe that he has saved money rather than indulge in credit card debt? He saved and now has reasonable assets congruent with the salary he receives as senator. Throwing mud at Bernie is a distraction. Yeah, Bernie’s assets are the problem. Don’t look over there where the Clinton Foundation has laundered money from all kinds of arms and drug deals. Never mind the millions made in speeches pandering to the multinationals that now own her. Please.

  • Fran Joseph

    I agree with you except I don’t believe that people should lose the right to vote due to ignorance. It is a function of a sick and owned society that the people do not have easy access to high quality news and information. The answer is not to deny the vote to the people kept ignorant. The answer is to work for freedom of the press. Vote for Bernie.

  • Norman Hall

    Wow, all based on estimates. If this is the best you got then you ought to start worrying. Hillary is a festering sea of corruption, you are inviting us to look more closely at her never-ending stream of greed.

  • Jeff Grotke


  • delighted_curmudgeon

    If you are naive enough to believe this nonsense then I have just the presidential candidate you should vote for – one who appreciates this kind of absolutely dazzling level of gullibility. And I suspect that you are just that bright bulb that can even guess her name without me saying it.

  • Howie Sandak

    Would you take $200,000…..

  • Scott Mack

    Steve, you are so full of shit, you are not even worth responding too.
    1) Sanders was invited to the Vatican, the email signed by Sorondo has been publicized AROUND THE WORLD!
    2) Sanders has publically displayed his tax return.
    3) Sanders repeated national news stats about Palestinian casualties.
    The only Pinocchio here is YOU and my it brake your neck from trying to hold it up! MORON!

  • Peggy Scarborough

    Google it, very easy to find, the Catholic Board of the Catholic College has request a Bank Fraud investigation, I read about it weeks ago!!

  • Me Me

    Anyone who knows anything academic and corporate severance knows this is piddly shit, and knows this neocon douche nozzle is trying to make something out of nothing. Concentrate on what Jane Sanders allegedly did, if you must — as a Burlington College alumnus, I’d like to know. But this sort of nonsense isn’t serving anyone; it’s laughable BS.

  • Drew Hunter

    Correct, I don’t look at 200K as any kind of parachute?

  • One incomplete return; 1/8 of what Sec. Clinton posted on her site, and plus, hers go back 30 years that she’s made public. The Vatican ruse was signed by Sorondo over the objection of Margaret Archer, the president who was dissed when BS walked right past her to shake the hand of the Marxist Moreno. BS lied about the Palestinian casualties, like he lies about everything else. He needs to concede.

  • Jerry Engelbach

    AIM is a Rightwing organization that promotes anti-liberal values.

    Of course it misrepresents and lies.

    I followed a link here while looking for more information about the Jane Sanders investigation.

    The obvious half-truths and outright falsifications in the article show me that there is probably nothing to the charges that she committed bank fraud.

    If there were a real case, a yahoo like Kincaid would not have to resort to such distortions in order to make it.

    Bernie Sanders is a good person striving to accomplish what he believes will be best for the American working class.

    He’s a social democrat, not a “democratic socialist” or any other kind of socialist, despite what he calls himself.

    But of course, anyone actually fighting for social justice and progress is going to be vilified by the Right, and called “extreme” by the fake Left, AKA the DNC.

  • Rufus McBoofus

    LOL… Okay there, Daddy Warbucks, whatever you say… but here in the real world, where people work for a living, 200k is DEFINITELY a golden parachute. But hey, if you think it’s “piddly shit”, then why don’t you hand over that amount to me, for free, no questions asked? LOL

  • Rufus McBoofus

    Well not literally… unless it was written on like a really big silk check… but here in the working world a $200k severance would certainly change my life for the better…

  • GMan

    Why is he hiding his tax returns. If they are very simple he should be able to do that in a day.
    Something smell about his tax returns. They need to come clean.

  • GMan

    The reason Bernie doesn’t have any paid speeches is simple. A sitting Congressman or Senator cannot give paid speeches. He must be a private citizen.

  • Me Me

    Hey, dumbshit. Do the fucking math: They bought her out of her contract by paying her less than three years of her salary. Nobody but a moron calls that a golden parachute.

  • Me Me

    How does Mrs. Sanders’ severance pay in any way reflect hypocritically on her husband?

  • Me Me

    ahh, yes. You prefer smart, well-reasoned arguments like “LOL. Yes, it is. Stop spinning.”

    So exactly which middle-school debating team was it that you learned that from, anyway? The “I know you are, but what am I” Neocon Master(de)bators team?

  • Me Me

    First, you need to have a job. You do understand that severance generally requires that, right?

  • Me Me

    That’s a fallacious argument. Let’s see if you can follow why that’s true; it goes something like this: Colleges do not hire people like you as presidents, because you are not qualified. See, these days, just about any tenured professor must have a doctorate. (That’s a degree that requires a lot of time and expense to acquire, just FYI.) So…they generally want their presidents to have one, plus a lot of experience as an administrator, a fundraiser, etc; that means anyone they hire is lured away from another well-paying job, which they had to have to pay (or start paying) off the college debts that it took to get that BA/BS, MA/MS and Ph.D.
    So. When they can that person, they have to buy them out. $200,000? That might a lot of money to you, because you didn’t work your ass off and go into debt to get qualified. To someone at her level, it might be a year’s salary plus the cap on the college debt, if she’s lucky. No one but a person without a clue considers that excessive or even a lot of money under the circumstances. It is quite frankly a small amount for the situation, and the fact that you seem not to know that means you are either being disingenuous, or you are deeply ignorant.

  • Me Me

    Do you ever get tired of parroting the same nonsense? Any chance you’ll try to actually think for yourself in this lifetime?

  • Rufus McBoofus

    Actually I learned to debate from your mom. ROFL SUCKKKK ITTT!!!!

  • Rufus McBoofus

    I have a job. I’m your momma’s pimp. Bitch better have my money! SUCKKKK ITTTT!!!! ROFL

  • Rufus McBoofus

    Hmm… so does that mean you’re gonna give me that $200k, or am I gonna have to beat it out of your ho mama’s ass? SUCKKKK ITTTTT!!!!! ROFL

  • Me Me

    so, which one of these pays $159 million?

  • Me Me

    This jerkoff is a journalist like Fox News is journalism.

  • Former Educator

    Interesting how you’ll defend Jane Sanders & her $200,000.00 severance pay, with valid argument that she’s highly educated, I will assume published, which most Professors must do to continue employment, etc….but, you won’t believe that same defense for Hillary.
    She’s also highly educated…as an Attorney, not a Social Worker. Huge difference on the pay scale. She’s published multiple books. And, please also remember, when your a Cngressman or a Senator, you get paid that salary for life, regardless if you served 2 yrs, or 25.
    That’s Hillary’s.
    However, you don’t seem to be taking in to account the fact that she’s married to Bill Clinton. All former POTUS’s are highly sought after speakers, board members, consultants, etc.
    Then, there’s HIS MULTIPLE published books, for which he’s been paid millions, just like her, but much more.

    I don’t believe the Sanders were capable of earning that kind of $$$ prior to his run for President. But, how much you want to bet that after these primaries, things will be much different & I highly doubt they won’t both ca$h in.

  • Former Educator

    I’m not going to do your research for you, Cary.
    What I will say is that these “scandaless lies” have been said about both the Clinton’s since the ’80’s. They have both been extensively scrutinized & investigated by numerous right wing entities, lots of headlines…but, when it comes down to it, nothing comes of it.
    If Ken Starr couldn’t find that perverbial smoking gun, means there wasn’t one.
    Foundations, by the very nature of their existence, relies on donations to stay in business. The Clinton Foundation does amazing work all over the world. It’s a non-profit. You do understand what a non-profit is, right?? And again, believe, EVERYTHING they do is highly, HIGHLY scruitinized.
    As for “HillaryCare” & all other areas of our economy that needs some progressive rethinking to keep it all viable, Hillary is not out to destroy businesses. She & many progressive Democrats just like her, wants to help companies whose “products” or “services” need to change for the times. We know fossil fuel is killing our planet. Rather than to just shut coal, or natural gas, or whatever down…she tries, thru communication & hard work to offer viable alternatives. On fracking, she has a plan. Fracking is already taking place all over the world & US. There are companies that rely solely on fracking for their viability.
    On big banks, Wall Street, etc…she has concrete plans, not just ideas & visions.
    In comparison to ANY other candidate….she has solid plans that make sense. Unless you buy in to all the rhetoric…& allow a false narrative to form your opinion.

  • Cary Grace

    Former Educator. So, you’re burnout & not up to it? I remember some scandals that rang true & some that did not. Seems instead of a general response, get campaign could be addressing them to win over the Democrats with democratic values that wasn’t big money out of politics.

  • Former Educator

    A burnout?? I answered you. You, apparently are dissatisfied with my response. I believe that’s your problem, not mine.

  • Cary Grace

    It’s not my research. I’m a Bernie supporter. If HRC can’t dispel the rumors by just saying they are lies, then that’s on her, not me. I say burnout in reference to your pseudonym. You have the opportunity to school us Berners but choose not to & that is on you.

  • Former Educator

    Hillary has been debunking all the slander for years. I suspect, especially since you are a Sanders supporter, that you haven’t been as knowledgable about the Clinton’s, until recently. Otherwise, you would know that.
    As for burnout…I’m a former Educator because I’m semi-retired. I taught for 30+ years, & I’ve EARNED my semi-retirement.

    If you are so inclined, this article does debunk multiple scandals

  • Me Me

    And that, poor English and all, is nothing but a smokescreen for the fact that none of those things pays $159 million in a year, nor should anything.

  • Me Me

    Her plans all involve kissing up, selling out, and cashing in. She’s long since sold her soul, and she’s no longer a progressive in any sense, but a neoliberal. (Look it up. Not a compliment.)

  • Me Me

    I shudder to think what education you might have been dispensing, considering your pitifully poor grasp of English grammar and punctuation, bordering on illiteracy.

  • And he blows way more than Hillary ever got for a speech on a boondoggle to Italy for 10 members of his family, in a pitiful attempt to pander to the voters of New York, who are too savvy to buy his BS. Thank you, Pope Francis, for showing what a joke Bernocchio is! Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same “Give us our white America back” coin.

  • That’s the biggest lie of all. He has zero chance of being the nominee, let alone POTUS.

  • Cary Grace

    I support hillary, until she turned into a corporate-owned candidate.

  • demetri

    Not a lie, he is rising while shillary is lowering. They are tied nationally now but will lead soon. Plus States she won is turning into a win for Bernie instead. After voter fraud was discovered in Nevada, he now won that state. Investigations are still pending in NY, il, az, and he will win those too.

  • reeblite

    they live a life style far from extravagence. this article is bunk. nice try though, insinuating that because they have one rental property , they’re billionaires. i don’t find this hypocritical of sanders in the least. this is a far cry from any billionaire hoarding pig. they’re good people with a decent income who care about the people of this country and want constructive change, which we desperately need. cliff kincaid is right winged with an agenda. i’ll mark this website as biased media, like fox news. not accuracy in media. who’s your candidate cliff? ted cruz?

  • woodymcbreairty

    The Sanders” Disastrous lifetime public leaches

  • JoAnn VARGAS

    How can anyone pretend to be surprised about any of this “news”. He has been a senator for years, a mayor, she has a PHD and ran a college. I think at the age of 74 a truly successful and honest person should be worth right around 1.5 million. This is exactly the kind of person who is obviously successful enough to get to this worth in an honest way. Hillary is worth hundreds of millions and has four mansions one is worth $11,000,000. Lets not even start talking about Trumps bailouts, bankruptcies, and billions. Bill and Donald enjoy playing golf together, their daughters are best friends. When will people WAKE UP!!!!

  • Julie Smalley

    Sanders and clinton are liars when it comes to their so called presidential plans for america free stuff and more free stuff its sad people actually believe their BS. BS or HC cant seem give a real explanation of who will pay for this BS scam of their’s, taking trillions from the so called rich isn’t a long term solution cause once you bleed them dry and businesses shut down in droves, where will the money come from, the government will no longer have money. These two will bankrupt this country without a doubt.

  • bandit va

    Yeah Bernie is so HONEST.

  • bandit va

    KNow you know why Bernie want release anymore Taxes. 2014 was year Jane didn’t work from
    bankrupting that College. They don’t you know exactly how much they are making.

  • Marty

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. What a desperate pile of $hit.

  • Marty

    You’re a delusional idiot if you think GOPers are going to do anything for you.

  • Dennis Taylor

    that’s just a little kess than 2 of hillary speac’s to wall street and no one knows how much she skim’s off the foundation??????????

  • John Doe

    It’s a fact that she was let go and given a severance pay, is it not? So something obviously happened.

  • John Doe

    Yeah way to try and marginalize it. They could have turned ugly on her and gave her nothing.

  • Snickers

    Except that Bernie says he doesn’t believe in them. You can’t campaign on on image of purity and then expect others to ignore your hypocrisy. The bottom line is that Jane Sanders falsified legal documents and the college failed to repay a loan. Within months of her resignation, Burlington College closed and the Catholic church ate the loss.

    Did you miss the part about sending college funds to their buddies in Central America for an alleged course for the Burlington College?

    Are you aware that Jane is being paid as Bernie’s head campaign advisor? Candidates are not supposed to profit from campaign funds. He will benefit. She has worked on his other campaigns for the Senate to the tune of $90,000. He has also paid his stepdaughter for working on his campaigns. The media seems to be giving him a pass on this one. For someone who is supposed to be ethically pure, his halo is slipping. And the media hasn’t even talked about his short career as a writer of pornography.

  • Me Me

    It’s a fact that she was in charge when the college purchased a large expensive piece of property, which was rather controversial and possibly ill-advised, and that when they began to have problems with that plan, she was forced out. Those are the only facts I am aware of, and as an alumni of the college, I have endeavored to find the facts. There are none to be found on this site, which isn’t interested in facts, but merely in throwing as much mud as possible at a good man to further the aims of its right-wing owners.

  • Me Me

    Hey, dumbass, Burlington College is not closed, has never been. As for the bit about pornography, that’s really too stupid and desperate to dignify with a reply.

  • katerant

    I see you go to non-factual sources to get your news.

  • katerant

    So was Carly Fiorina. So were a lot of people every day of the week. Donald declared bankruptcy four times…the equivalent of laying yourself off.
    So…What’s your point?


    its all bullcrap and “estimates” with “conservative” sources and innuendo. Nice try you corrupt Hillaryites. We look at Bernies voting records. and how the p[eople of his state adore him. so take your malicious false deceitful repulsican and DNC propaganda elsewhere, we are smarter than that. and than you.


    Hillaryites and the IQ-challenged will not understand the truth nor the logic. But I know exactly what you are saying. we will not be so gullible.


    Hillaryites and the IQ-challenged will not understand the truth nor the logic. But I know exactly what you are saying. we will not be so gullible.


    look up the definition of golden parachute. the typical one is waaaay over one lousy MILLION. not $200,000.


    so the media is FOR Bernie Sanders? wow I want some of whatever the f*ck it is YOU are smokin or drinkin… on second thought no I don’t. Id rather stay in the real world.


    except everything you just said is UNTRUE. and everything Bernie said has been proven to be the truth. the pope did invite Bernie. He did file his taxes. etc etc. you are lying tub of repulsican toxic lard. propaganda. so you are probably a Hillary fan. talk aboput colleges? how bout Hillary the college student being the head of her snotty colleges REPULSICAN student party?


    take your toxic repulsican/Hillary propaganda bullcrap to the dumbass Hillary sheeple. WE THE INTELLIGENT AND PATRIOTIC ARENT BUYING IT.



  • sortafly

    gold·en par·a·chute


    a large payment or other financial compensation guaranteed to a company executive should the executive be dismissed as a result of a merger or takeover.

    I see nothing about “typical” amounts. Last time I checked $200k was still a “large amount”.

    Nice try.


    TRUMP HAs already come out and called it bullcrap. and says Hillary and the DNC are corruptly rigging the election against Bernie sanders.


    no that would be the ultraconservative repulsican megalomaniac Biblethumping multimillionaire TV evangelists….pseudoXChristians who follow NONE of Christs teachings or example…


    of course they are–they are either repulsicans outright or pseudodemocratic Hillaryites….


    you scumball psychopath–you want him dead? f*ck you assh*le.your name says it all…..haven’t even learned the ALPHABET YET. GOT STUCK ON THE VERY FIRST LETTER, YOU MINDLESS VICIOUS ILLOGICAL VIOLENT IMBECILE.


    JUST DO THE MATH, “EDUCATOR”—THERE IS a big difference between $200,00 or even one million, and $160 million. you think HillaRY EARNED THAT? WHAT A FREAKING MORON you ARE. Just the illogic of your asinine argument leads me to shout out–Physician heal thyself….some supposed “educator” you are.


    oh really, solid plans to benefit WHOM? why wont she release any of those wall street secret speeches she is hiding?


    you didn’t answer anything with truth or substance. and THAT is a problem.


    not debunking, stonewalling aND HUSH MONEY.

  • John Doe

    I was commenting to someone elses post about Mrs. Sanders what does Trump have to do with that?

  • katerant

    The topic seems to be ‘bad decisions in business’ and Mrs. Sanders is certainly not a big player on that field. Donald is. Carly is. Their bad decisions came with much more pain to many more people.

  • John Doe

    Trying to marginalize it doesn’t take away from the facts. Sheesh!

  • katerant

    The facts are that you are going after a little guppy when the Big Sharks are a’swimmin’ and a’swimmin’ amongst us and eating all the resources and then renting them back to us at a huge profit.

  • Me Me

    They seem to be rather the same these days, don’t they? Or if not precisely the same, then not separated by as much as they should be.

  • aa aaa

    Now you hurt my feelings, I’m too upset to let Bobo’s pet pig Moochelle to drink my DNA again tonight.

  • aa aaa

    Best relax nutso, you’re getting neurotic! Medicine time, medicine time!!!!

  • c_dynes

    I also in my research have found incongruities in Sanders private and public record..people are so gullible.. If I ever considered him as a candidate , he will not get my vote based on my findings..(see also #Feel the Bern Sierra Blanca Siglodelucha/ Journal of Chicano Liberation). Outlier? More like LIAR. Also Jane Sanders was appointed to the Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission as commissioner, courtesy of hubby Bernie’s connections when he cosponsored and pushed a a nuclear waste dumping bill back in 1998, , and Jane was still drawing a salary from that based on their joint 2014 tax returns( see also http://www.daily koss “Sander’s still Profiting From Sierra Blanca per their 2014 tax return” April 16,2016). They have also obfuscated their true worth ..I have researched form the Left to the Right of the political spectrum, and found that real Socialists are very wary and skeptical of Bernie. There’s numerous articles that can be referenced and vetted ( see also Socialist ” The Unfortunate Truth About Bernie Sanders: A socialist in the Senate?” Nov 17,2006. )

  • c_dynes

    You might want to vet him further by investigating LEFT WING MEDIA SITES And SOURCES. Obviously you are not as fully informed as you think. http://www.Socialist worker.0rg,, http://www.dissident, the standard Huffington Post, The Nation, Mother Jones,etc.. look up his voting record, as well, google Sierra Blanca and Bernie Sanders…not such a “good man” regarding Sierra Blanca..

  • c_dynes

    Hmmm…Bernie voted for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act /HR 4541, which deregulated Wall St and helped crash the economy. That gave Enron permission to raid their employees retirement accounts, price gouge the public utilities, and massive home foreclosures increased. Essentially triggered an economic meltdown. gee thanks Bernie. I’m proud to say that Peter DeFazio my home state OR DEM rep voted no, as did REP Ron Paul. you may scrutinize this at 106th Congress votes. If you scroll down to Vermont you will see the lone Independent Sanders voting YES. He gave Income inequality a big push with that vote. So much for Mr. Populist..also see the Huffington Post Mar 20,2016, “Commodity Futures Modernization Act “. Bernie has backtracked rationalizing his vote as part of an omnibus appropriations bill, which doesn’t wash, since Sen DeFazio, looked further into that omnibus and found that act attached.. the Act had two versions, the final version was inserted on the 2nd vote, Bernie voted yes both times, considering this was discussed prior to voting, his backtracking excuse that he didn’t know is dishonest and disingenuous..

  • c_dynes

    Absolutely agree. I researched that as well. The mainstream media has been treating Bernie and Jane with kid gloves.. If one is running as a candidate beyond reproach , then everything in your background should be consistent . The incongruities are disturbing..

  • Me Me

    See, there’s a prime display of that neocon disconnect between brain and fingers. Somehow you seem to miss the fact that I’m talking about Jane Sanders and her time at Burlington College, which in no way involved her husband’s voting record or his public service career in general. Because, you see, for an intelligent reader, capitalizing arbitrarily in no way distracts from the logic that’s missing in your post.

  • c_dynes

    The mainstream media with the exception of CNN has not been fully vetting Bernie. He is not being treated with the same scrutiny as HR Clinton. That’s not very fair. You may want to look at alternate sources, such as Left leaning press. They have more info on Sanders inconsistencies.. also look at his voting record which is incongruent with DEM Socialist Principles., http://www.socialsit worker .org,”The Myth of Bernie Sanders”..Theres so many sources available to those willing to really educate themselves..,

  • Mesa Mike

    I laugh whenever I hear Bern-out Sanders supporters complain about the Democrats’ crooked election/selection process because Sanders and his asshole buddy Leahy are in Congress only because of a horribly crooked primary system in Vermont. The Republican primary candidate is usually left of Lenin and then drops out so Sanders could win the election. Why, oh, why didn’t the Republicans abolish the Democratic party after the Civil War along with slavery?!?!?

  • aa aaa

    You’re getting neurotic! Medicine time, medicine time!

  • Selendrile

    The Average Vermont citizen isn’t a Senator… and he’s one of the lowest paid Senators. Also, Average means just that…. AVERAGE so there could be citizens making 5mil but is cancelled out by the majority making 12k. This “article” is disgusting and leans just to make an untrue point.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Phah. Is this the best you can do? Most of that so called wealth is his home value. Compared to any other candidate. He looks like a pauper. Most of that is probably what he saved over a lifetime for retirement.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Wrong he released his tax return

  • midwest57

    Hillary knows that the disastrous legislation, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA), had nothing to do with Sanders and everything to do with then-President Bill Clinton, who devoted his presidency to sucking up to Wall Street. Clinton signed this bill into law as a lame-duck president, ensuring his wife would have massive Wall Street contributions for her Senate run.
    Sanders, like the rest of Congress, was blackmailed into voting for the bill because it was tucked into omnibus legislation needed to keep the government operating.

  • Jack

    O’brien this is what happens with the older generation that has the first nickel they made and took a bus rather than a taxi. They didn’t as Mrs Clinton would have you believe go from being broke to $100+ million in a very short period of time or never investing in futures and your friend from the Chicken business shows you how with $1000 that turns $100,000. Yes, Mr. O’brien I may not vote for either one but when it comes to honesty and viewing the plausible after being in the business Bernie is the Diamond.

  • maeholmes

    The Bernout will not admit that he is an fake and fraud. That is why he is hiding his tax information. They refuse to believe anything that they hear or see sad…my eye opener came when he took money for dropping toxic waste on a poor Hispanic community in Texas and no one follow-up on it…this is not throwing mud this is stating the facts..

  • maeholmes

    Don’t try and educate a Bernout they are beyond help!!

  • Imani Burrell

    Proven… very funny. Here are what the fact checkers have to say, about it. So, if you feel Bernie is trustworthy… great… I kinda like ’em, too… but, you’ll have to admit that Hillary is even more trustworthy than he is. What was that… did I just hear your head explode…?

  • mike schwarzer

    You must live in a bubble world.

  • Norma Larro

    Bernie people are just like Trump people, beyond redemption. Suffice it to say they’ll be the first to scream blue murder when they realize they’ve been rolled. Bernie and Trump have escaped media vetting thus far, we’ll see what happen if and when the media catches up to their shenanigans and hold their feet to the fire, same as they do to Hillary Clinton.

  • Dennis Taylor


  • Johnny Houston

    Feel the Bern. Check for those STDs folks.

  • Jason Peterson

    Really?? A whole shitload of nasty speculation about a 74 year old man worth a few hundred grand all to prop up an opponent who made $150Million in ‘philanthropy’?? Shameful. Hillary’s grandbaby is worth more. And also for sale, btw.

  • yabbed

    $anders is such a blooming fraud.

  • yabbed

    It certainly qualifies as extravagant to charter a 747 jet with campaign funds to fly 10 family members to Rome to a Vatican conference he invited himself to and to which the Pope did not attend. Imagine the carbon footprint for 10 people to travel in a plane that holds over 400 people. He is being investigated for campaign finance fraud as we speak.

  • yabbed

    That, and no one wants to pay to hear Bernie scream platitudes at them. 🙂

  • Qantum Ice Breaker

    My dear liberal friends , whatever you do, please DO NOT be offensive to our openents. It’s not worth it, and feeds the hateful and currupt demeanor of the tickets they represent.

  • Granny

    She used her husbands position to get the loan from the bank.

  • BobSeaWa

    The campaign isn’t even over and you sound like a sore loser. Sanders was invited to attend a conference at the Vatican. That’s miles away from getting an invitation from the Pope.

    Your blood pressure must be theough the roof.

  • Me Me

    Horseshit. There would have been no reason for them to give a loan based on that, and you can’t point to a goddamn thing that says they did. You pulled that straight out of your ass.

  • marytg

    Just wait it will be in the news soon Your Hero who was never a democrat will be exposed

  • marytg

    Ha Ha your hero will be exposed as a liar

  • sfsunst

    Wow, and here I thought Bernie was just making it paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us. No wonder he won’t release his tax returns. Kinda hard to cry wolf when you are the wolf.

  • AkosM

    Let me put a couple of things here in perspective.

    1. 2014 Gaza war, His point was that Israel had an “unproportional response”
    If 2500 was killed and 10,000 injured as a response for rocket attacks which killed about 10 people, than I don’t see how one can argue with that. He said I think after pressuring he might have just not known the exact figures, but that does not change that his point is correct.

    2. Yes, I think it was inappropriate for Jane Sanders to tak 200,000 severance package. It was a one time thing after 8 years. Now Hillary gets more 200,000 like 8 times in one year, for many years. Plus it was not sanders it was his wife, she is not running. Sanders was major of Burlington for many years. How many “shady” transactions as he involved in? Was he involved in corruption?

  • camille_h

    Burlington College is now closed literally due to crushing weight of ill-advised Sanders loan

  • Julia, I’m sure you also noticed the recent reports that the college Mrs. Sanders ruthlessly screwed over in Burlington has now, unfortunately, been destroyed by her greedy wheeling and dealing, and is closing its doors this month. His worshipers also think she is a saint, and she’s not either. “Bernie” is the worst excuse for a Democratic presidential candidate since Strom Thurmond altered it to “States Rights Democratic Party” in 1948.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    great data collection proving and citing that fact check.

    Oh look there’s his tax return.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    very cool CITED data collection proving and citing that fact check.

    Oh look there’s his tax return.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    there aren’t any details to why the loan was given, etc. just mudslinging.
    A seat on a college board is literally 100k+ a year.

    To get 2 years and change and be removed SUCKS. You don’t just get hired as another college board head overnight.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    Call it what you like, there aren’t any details to why the loan was given, etc. just mudslinging.

    A seat on a college board is literally 100k+ a year.

    To get 2 years and change and be removed SUCKS. You don’t just get hired as another college board head overnight. Golden parachute or not, it still leaves her much lower on income overall.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    What a smart, and well-argued comeback. ROFL Make me, bitch.

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    President Jane Sanders doesn’t simply make a decision law. That board agrees collectively to decisions.

    Like corporate failures, the president usually resigns due to major failures by a group.

    The article doesn’t blame Sanders at all. Do you even read the articles you link?

    “But in a statement Monday morning, the college blamed debt from the land deal as a primary reason for the school’s closure.”

  • WaterTempleShitlord

    Washington post released 16 articles in a single day praising clinton and defaming sanders.

    But tell me more about educating myself about how HE’s THE MEDIA’S CHOICE.

  • Truth Hz

    I stopped reading at the misleading headline that claims Sanders is a millionaire, when even liberal estimates bring his net worth under even ONE mil.

    “accuracy in media” my left testicle.

  • tntmc
  • tntmc

    Bernie and Jane Sanders steered campaign and nonprofit money to family and friends

  • tntmc

    When Bernie Sanders’ wife was in charge of small, private Burlington College in Vermont, it sank into debt.

  • tntmc

    Jane O’Meara Sanders was a tyrant when president of Burlington College.

  • Scott Mack

    I’m just happy to know that there is no way the criminal $chilliary will ever be POTUS. How does it feel knowing that even a Racist, Misogynist, 3rd grade level educated idiot would beat her?

  • BobSeaWa

    Ouch! That really stung, Scott. I guess you got me.

    By the way, your mother says hello. She says she’ll be heading home after as she puts her clothes back on. She’s a real screamer, isn’t she?

  • Scott Mack

    I knew you were sick, but raping the dead just proves it! But hey I know that’s the only way you can get some when you’re a sick FUCK!

  • BobSeaWa

    Thank you, Scott. We’re just jerking your chain for giggles. Your near foaming at the mouth responses have kept us in stitches this afternoon. You really should just chill, man. Don’t let people get under your skin. It’ll put you in an early grave and we don’t want that, do we?

  • Scott Mack

    Bob, No need to admit you are a JERK OFF or a DOUCHEBAG! Everyone already knows that you enjoy attempting to inflict pain on others, what you don’t realize in your feeble attempt to do so you are just showing your INCREDIBLE JUVENILE STUPIDITY which I find amusing that you expose this in public ! The only one foaming at the mouth is you as you rape the dead like the zombie you are! Jerkoffs like you are a penny a dozen! You don’t bother real people like me, BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS NEVER DO, SO FUCK OFF and go annoy someone with your own IQ and matching personality which are both…..ZERO!

  • BobSeaWa

    Chill out, man. Your blood pressure must be off the charts. We don’t want you to have a stroke or a heart attack over nothing. You started this dialog by ranting and insulting me. You made this personal, not me.
    Your hilarious, profanity filled responses were so funny that we couldn’t stop jerking your chain. I apiologize that we used you, it really was unkind. But, you have to admit, you asked for it. As far as raping anyone, that was your assumption. I made a vague statement and you lept to rape.

    Go ahead and support Sanders, you have a Constitutional right to do so. Just remember you have a responsibility to your candidate and your country to act like a responsible adult.

    We, on the other hand, have the right to jerk your chain when you ride the crazy train.

    Let it go, Scott. We used you for an afternoon’s entertainment. That’s all. Good night.

  • Scott Mack

    Bobby the bonehead, I realize that your pathological lying mentality is too stupid to scroll back on this thread to see who took this to a personal level first but that is obvious to those of us here that have been laughing at your dumbass all day! No need to apologize for being a Juvenile, Brain Dead, Douchebag we have come to expect and accept that from $chilliary supporters! Your pathetic, disgusting personality shines through when you make a statement that you are having sex with a dead person and it could be anything other than rape, so that fits right in with your Clinton mentality, but hey welcome to Bobby fantasy world! Where Bobby drives the crazy train! Let it go dipshit!

  • Justice for Caylee-Dets

    She is def. guilty about the colledge mess and she is a freakin mess.Bernie lives in La La Land and crazy as a mad hatter.H e needs to close up the circus and go home with his tail between his legs.GO #TRUMP!!!!

  • BobSeaWa

    Admit it, without hesitation you took the bait and gave me the power to twist your panties into a knot.
    I apologize for jerking your chain to amuse my barbecue guests. It makes no difference to me whether you accept my apology or not. I’m going to enjoy my weekend anyway and I hope you enjoy yours.

  • Scott Mack

    I didn’t give you the power for anything you stupid f***. How old are you like 12?

  • Katrina

    This is all true. He’s a Scumbag and so is his wife. Do your research on Lying Bernie and his Idiot Wife.

  • BobSeaWa

    Thank you. You just proved my point. I do twist your panties in a knot. Nasty, bitter supporters cost Sanders the nomination and probably any chance to significantly influence the party platform. Bernie deserves better.

  • Scott Mack

    Sorry that reality is so nasty for you Bobby. It doesn’t change the fact that you are a presumptuous moron! I’m so thankful to be part of a movement that will no longer tolerate people like you! Goodbye and good riddance. Bernie is better and honest and why he is going to be POTUS!

  • BobSeaWa

    Don’t be disapointed when Bernie loses the nomination and gets few if any concessions from the Democratic party. After all, he’s only running as a Democrat because he can’t win as an Independent or a Socialist.

    In the beginning, I liked and admired Bernie. I liked his ideas and his vision and I planned to support him but over the last few months, he’s gone from being the happy warrior I admired to being a bitter, angry, intolerant old man, much like you.

    Your movement’s intolerance (“I’m thankful to be part of a movement that will no longer tolerate people like you!”) and it’s inability to get along with others will keep it out of the winner’s circle.

    I’ve enjoyed our exchanges and I wish you all the best in the future. Try not to get your panties in a twist every time you meet someone with a different opinion. Life’s too short to be angry all the time. You’ll end up dying with too many regrets.

  • Scott Mack

    Bobby I won’t be disappointed when Bernie wins the nomination and POTUS so if ever some day you actually grow up and become a man get back to me. Then and only then will you discovered the difference bitter And someone communicating reality to you. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings when I took your panties off for the first time. And yes our intolerance of corruption, criminals, and two faced pieces of s*** like you will put us exactly where we belong in the Winner’s Circle. I’m not afraid to die Bobby I’m not a pussy like you.

  • BobSeaWa

    I’ve tried to be nice you miserable little prick. It must be difficult going through life knowing your mother died of shame that her pussy shit out such an ugly little troll and that she gladly quit breathing just to get the fuck away from you.

    Now go away you little pussy turd. Bernie needs his shriveled old cock sucked and his withered old balls licked and you’re just the pussy boy to do it. Take some lube with you. I understand he really likes it when you finger his wrinkled old ass at the same time.

    Bwahahahaha. I’m done with you.

  • Scott Mack

    Calm down Bobby Boy, I don’t want your heart to
    burst before I’m done playing with you. I do want to thank you for your last comment, you see we’ve been having this house party all weekend, and the $1,000 bet is to see who can find the most immature, egotistical and biggest douchebag $chilliary troll and then use their own s*** against them so they will explode in a better fit of rage and anger! ( just like all of $chilliary’s ignorant dumbfuck supporters), so thanks to your last comment I am now unanimously in the lead, don’t worry though all the money is being donated to Bernie’s campaign! Sounds like you know a lot about sucking cock Bobby Boy, and it seems like you like shriveled old man balls too are you talking about your daddy again? Man that must have sucked getting molested by your own dad, hey Bobby boy? But I guess that’s why you fit right in with the sexually perverted Kiddy porn Clinton family! Sorry you found your panties in such a knot, please just put them back on and leave!

  • IndyJames

    “KIND OF” Upsetting????

  • Michael Parks

    Sounds like there might actually be something to all this. That’s too bad, but if it’s true, it does show poor judgement on her part. I wonder where she thought the money was going to come from, if not from nailed down commitments?

  • Andrew V Bingnear

    You claim being a patriot? You own a DD-214 to back that claim up?

  • congressive

    “Accuracy In Media” my eye. The Catholics liked the deal they got, and are NOT calling for “investigations” or alleging fraud. Read it yourself: