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In what we have described as a “shock and awe” campaign, the media want us to believe there’s a right and wrong regarding Donald Trump and women—but not a right and wrong when it comes to what the Clintons, the Kennedys and the Democratic Party elites do and say. On November 8, says Michelle Obama, “…let’s elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who share our values and can be role models for our children.”

So let’s consider Al Gore, the former vice president who recently hit the campaign trail for Hillary.

There’s a 73-page police report detailing how Al Gore made unwanted sexual advances during an encounter with a massage therapist back in 2006. “She gave police a very detailed description of her encounter with Gore at the Hotel Lucia [in Portland, Oregon],” said the Nashville City Paper. The 73-page file includes transcripts of the interview in which the masseuse “described being fondled, groped and tongue kissed.” Gore denied the charges and the police dropped the case, saying they couldn’t prove it. Gore later separated from his wife and they eventually got a divorce. In any case, the “allegation” doesn’t get media play and isn’t used to discredit Gore or his candidate, Hillary Clinton, with whom he shared the stage on October 11. As usual, Breitbart captured the irony with a story headlined, “Media Silent as Hillary Speaks with Accused Sex Predator Al Gore.”

No formal charges were made against Gore, just as no formal charges were made against Trump. But one of the charges against Trump has now been disputed. It was about how Trump allegedly made advances on a woman over a 15-minute period during a plane ride. Another passenger on the plane says the woman came on to Trump, not vice versa.

Trump has been around hundreds of beautiful women for decades, but only now are these spurious charges against him surfacing. You have to be a Democrat partisan or completely ignorant of media bias techniques to think they are not coordinated for maximum political effect. The evidence shows that the NBC tape of Billy Bush talking with Trump about women was carefully timed to drop at a certain point in the race, right before the second presidential debate. This backfired, however, as Trump took the offensive in the debate and brought up the Clintons’ record of abusing women.

Going back into history, we can find more examples of faux outrage and double standards. Democratic President John F. Kennedy was a notorious womanizer who had prostitutes brought into the White House itself for his own sexual pleasure. As we noted back in 1998, “Ignoring this aspect of Kennedy’s life, which has been documented in Seymour Hersh’s new book, The Dark Side of Camelot, CNN portrayed him as a friend of women’s rights because he had appointed a Commission on the Status of Women.”

If Trump had remained a Democrat and had run for president as a Democrat, you can be sure these charges would never have seen the light of day.

Knowing that the charges against Trump are non-proven if not phony, the media are fishing for something new. Brian Stelter was on CNN on Saturday demanding to know if the outtakes from the Trump show “The Apprentice” will be released, and whether he made off-color remarks that were never aired. This is all politics.

Don’t think that Stelter and his ilk object to mixing sex and politics. I remember Stelter taking his wife (or girlfriend) to a National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) fundraiser in New York where a Chippendales stripper was present and VIP tickets were being sold to spend time with the stripper at a resort. As I reported at the time, “Chippendales usually perform for sex-starved women. This time the audience consisted of sex-starved gay men.” CNN had a big contingent that included its president, Jeff Zucker, and correspondents Brian Stelter, John Berman, Christine Romans, Richard Quest and Brooke Baldwin.

Many of these personalities are now leading the outrage over Trump’s relationships with women. No wonder Trump’s crowds have been chanting, “CNN Sucks.”

As I was recording this event, I was told by the NLGJA media police that I would have to stop. They didn’t want the embarrassing footage to get out. But it did.

CNN’s holier-than-thou journalists are outraged over Trump’s fascination with beautiful women, but here they are at a gay journalist event with a male stripper whose services are being sold in the form of VIP tickets.

Of course, CNN doesn’t report on this because it would put them in a bad light.

As far as women are concerned, we should know by now that they can make up stories of sexual assault. How soon we forget that the Hillary-supporting Rolling Stone magazine published a made-up story of a sexual assault at the University of Virginia that they later had to retract, and for which they are now being sued.

The “Shock and Awe” term we use to describe the assault on Trump suggests a campaign with military precision. We know enough from the disclosures by WikiLeaks to understand that none of this is happening by accident, and that it is carefully coordinated by John Podesta of the Clinton campaign and associated entities and personalities. These faux, or “Prodigal Son,” Catholics denounce their own “backwards” religion.

Gallup says public trust in the media is at an all-time low. But exposing that requires taking the offensive against the liars. Trump has shown that he is up for the job. “The establishment and their media neighbors wield control over this nation through means that are very well known—anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed,” says Trump. “They will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation. They will lie, lie, lie, and then again, they will do worse than that. They will do whatever’s necessary.”

But conservatives associated with publications like The Weekly Standard and National Review are AWOL in this battle, or else blaming the victim.

Writing at National Review, Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg says, “Yes, the Mainstream Media (MSM) is biased against Republicans. This has been true since, if not the Mesozoic Era, then at least 1960. Yes, the media is particularly biased against Donald Trump.” But he goes on to blame Trump for this. He writes, “Not only is Trump an exceptionally unworthy presidential candidate on the merits, but he does everything he possibly can to maximize the endemic problems of liberal-media bias.”

So Trump is causing the liberal bias and is to be blamed for fighting back against it? These are the sour grapes of a faction that saw their candidates lose the race for the Republican presidential nomination because they didn’t tap into the issues that are clearly striking a chord with Republican voters. They claim Trump is destroying the GOP when he is putting up a valiant effort to rectify the liberal bias that people like Goldberg claim to be concerned about.

It seems strange that some “conservatives” are more anxious to discredit Trump than expose the double-standards and media bias that is designed to elect his liberal Democratic opponent.

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  • Tim allen

    Each party has their fare share of deplorable’s but Trump and his supporters are just experiencing what they deserve. They want to cry about how unfair the media is but these are the same people who are gullible enough to get their news from a right wing propaganda organization like Fox news. His whole campaign has been fueled by accusations against Hillary and the Obama administration. Every night it’s Benghazi this or Benghazi that or deleted emails from a private server. There were many people involved in the tragedy at Benghazi but for some reason fox news always attached Hillary’s name to it. Is it possible that they knew she would be the likely Democratic nominee and they were trying to plant seeds in the minds of the American people who are gullible enough to get their news from such transparent irresponsible journalism? Now they wanna cry because the media isn’t fair. Give us all a break they have got their own private news station to spin their agendas. You know what they say about karma. Its a bitch!

  • bien meself

    fox news is the by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr #1 news media outlet in the country and there is a reason for that tim! Its because they have the most honest news storys and they are trusted. they have been #1 for 15 plus years tim so get over it!

  • newsel

    Stevens was her man and she failed to protect him. As S o S she owns Benghazi and the lies she told afterwards.

  • newsel

    You make the case for HRC as if so called accusations are not substantiated. They are and it is only because of a corrupt JD and FBI that she is not on charges and lets not forget “Cash for Play”. Just how does one go from zero to a personal net worth of $300Million (excludes the Clinton Foundation at $3 Billion) with nothing to sell other than access and favors? Karma is a bitch and this is not over yet…

  • Ron Long

    It absolutely amazes me that people with no morals feign outrage at Trumps comments. These same people that have no shame at slaughtering millions of babies each year. These same people that say what Bill Clinton DID (He did rape those women and he did perjure himself) was OK with them. These same people that think it is OK to physically attack normal people who hold differing opinions about politics than they do. America wake up before it is too late, GO TRUMP!!!!!!

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, no way it is possible for the public to grasp any so’s your old man kind of playground “moral comparison” games comparing Al Gore to Donald aka “Thunderlips” Trump, but Gore’s indiscretions are a matter of public record and more than a few raised eyebrows at some of his post government service activities which caused him to soon find himself living in the land of the post-married folks. Al’s got a long way to catch up to Thunderlips own bragged about reputation, not to mention expressed inner desires. Gore’s a piker, a rank piker and I suppose in Thunderlip’s mind, a real amateur at “the game” given the fact he made a sincere apology to God and (formerly) Mrs. Tipper Gore … an act that shouldn’t go unnoticed given the fact it wasn’t prompted by anything other than genuine remorse, not a recent political photo-op shared with several leading Evangelical ministers. After all, Thunderlips as of last year alone, admitted that for most of his seven decades the lifelong Presbyterian never got on his knees to beg for the Almighty’s forgiveness. (Oops, the Catholic/Anglican in me’ ol’ soul is speaking. After all, I’m one of those really old fashioned Christians who, unlike somebody who’s religious beliefs have only been shaped and honed for just five centuries, believes you can indeed lose God’s grace bestowed upon receiving Baptism either as an infant, or older child or adult. Any deliberate and willfully continuous act of committing any act you know is clearly taught to be sinful from the get-go (i.e. Bible, Ten Commandments, Tradition, Dogma, Canon Laws, e/a) requires some amount of contrition if you want to stay “in good graces,” especially with God.
    Small wonder Mr. Thunderlips has behaved all his life as if he never had to say he was sorry for a damn thing. Sin, like love, never came with a price tag. It might be true about writer Michael Kinsley’s quip about Al Gore being an old person’s idea of a young(er) man, yet unlike the wilder n’ supposedly more fun lovin’ ever big kid at heart and never matured 70-year old Trump, the former Vice President never lost sight of what he needed to get straight with his Maker if he wanted to really enjoy eternal life. I’d imagine that hell can get awfully old real fast.

  • Joe Toland

    Clinton has proved she is the enemy os the US. She has traded in arms that led to deaths. She has gotten rich while serving as a public servant. That’s not how it’s suppose to work. I won’t vote for a proven enemy, I will give Trump his chance to do good or bad.

  • Joe Toland

    You know what they say about karma. Its a bitch!
    That’s right, and if you vote for Her you will get what you deserve.

  • Drifter12

    It doesn’t seem strange, at all. It is what faux conservatives do…

  • M.

    From the tone of your previous comments I took you to be a socialist. If you are a Catholic you have a duty to vote against the murderous beast Hillary Clinton. No one claims that Mr. Trump is an exemplar of rectitude, but he is thousands of times better than a vicious beast who promises to do her utmost to cause more innocent blood to be shed. The Almighty has used sinful men to fulfil His will more than once. The Emperor Constantine was a pagan, when Our Lord showed him the sign with which he would conquer at the Milvian Bridge. If Gore were truly contrite he would have renounced his support of pre-natal infanticide and done public penance for it. The fact that he has not shows that he is a worthless sack dung.

  • M.

    Spot on. These reprobates are members of satan. They hate everything good and decent. Deep within their black rotting hearts they would like nothing more than to exterminate everyone who is not a filthy disgusting subhuman beast like themselves. The next time one of them attacks an innocent person, I hope they get beaten badly enough that they never dare try it again. They like dishing it out, let them be made to take it as well.

  • M.

    You stooge. You might as well ask why someone in the 1950’s would always single out Sam Giancana when talking about the Chicago Outfit. It is because he was indeed its boss, he was indeed culpable for its nefarious activities. How much do they pay you liar? You certainly can’t be stupid enough to actually believe such risible poppycock, not unless you’ve got a pat of cow manure for a brain. Do they pay you by the word or by the hour? Tell us you louse. Decent people know what your game is, so you might as well scurry off somewhere else.

  • Steven Barrett

    You left out the Borgias. You’ll have to take Church History 101 all over again. And how much do Catholic colleges charge per credit these days? Ouch.

  • Good work Cliff for joining Trump train,a little late but better than never.

  • M.

    Do you intend to vote for the murderous beast Hillary Clinton? It is very simple to answer, yes or no will do.

  • Steven Barrett

    I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, NOT “murderous beast Hillary Clinton.”

  • RMThoughts

    The reams of released emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and other figures in HRC’s employ, depict a record of tactical mendacity, a gleeful eagerness to lie to the public, and a disregard for the world’s opinion that are plenty bad enough on their own. The US political system is blowing itself to pieces.

    It’s natural for a polity to fight for its own survival. But the fact that the US polity now so desperately has to fight for survival shows how frail its legitimacy is. It wouldn’t take much to shove it off a precipice into a new kind of civil war much more confusing and irresolvable than the one we went through in the 1860s.

    Events and circumstances are driving the US insane literally. We can’t construct a coherent consensus about what is happening to us and therefore we can’t form a set of coherent plans for doing anything about it.

  • M.

    So you are indeed one of them. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver while you can. One day Our Lord Jesus Christ will call you out of this world and make you account for your malice. All of the mendacity and hypocrisy in the world won’t help you then. The blood of innocents will be on your hands if she is installed as president.

  • Ron

    Nothing more than FEAR from the dimwitted D.N.C.. They should have fear. People aren’t stupid as the media wants them to be. A real surprise awaits you fearful progressive morons. Your false polls and lies are not palatable to the masses of real Americans.

  • Colorado Conservative

    I agree with your post. Had stopped reading AIM columns by Cliff for months when he was not on the Trump train. Glad to see he has gotten on board.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Just read GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte is dropping in the polls after her “outrage” over Trump and the leaked audio. Same here in Colorado with the GOP US Senate candidate black conservative Darryl Glenn who went on the holier than thou tirade against Trump daring to use that word. Glenn was busy actually grabbing that word in his extra-marital affairs (wife divorced him in 3/16 for marital infidelity). These two establishment GOP pawns will find that dumping on Trump will cost them dearly.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Hahaha, Fox News is no right wing propaganda organization. But you just parrot what Obungo tells you to say about it.

  • I guess you didn’t get the word: “Clinton mail scandals are pure fiction”! “FBI Director revises stance, says none of Hillary Clinton’s emails were classified at the time”! “Comey: Clinton did not lie to the FBI”!


    “Clinton mail scandals are pure fiction” at

    Also see “FBI Director revises stance, says none of Hillary Clinton’s emails were classified at the time” at

    Also see “Comey: Clinton did not lie to the FBI” at

  • newsel

    I’ll take Neopolitano judgement on this one……

  • Fortunately, conservatives with more integrity, such as Jennifer Rubin, George Will and The National Review, disagree! See

  • Fox News may not be a “right wing propaganda organization” like Breitbart, Townhall, and WND, because it has bit more integrity.

  • Please present verifiable evidence that SHE “traded in arms”!

  • Do you sincerely believe that outrage against Trumps “Grab ’em by the pussy” remark is “feigned”?

    FYI: Everyone has “morals” whether or not you agree with their moral code.

  • “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts” – Daniel Moynihan

  • newsel

    You obviously did not listen – he quotes chapter and verse. Take the time and listen then tell me where he is wrong… and then let’s get into the head of the JD and Bill’s “accidental” meeting in Phoenix … fact or fiction?

  • Ron Long

    Mark, I was not defending what he SAID, I was pointing out the disparity of moral outrage to what was SAID by him as opposed to what Bill Clinton DID. Where was all that moral outrage back then? And yes, you are right, everyone has morals, even an alley cat. Perhaps you can go vote for Hillary and then go see Madonna for that oral sex act she offered, boy, now there is a strong moral compass.

  • There was quite a bit of moral outrage against Clinton from what I recall. The outrage against Trump comes from what he said ALONG WITH confirmatory accusations from numerous women.

  • I couldn’t care less about his opinion because Clinton was exonerated from any crime. See “Why Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be indicted over her private email server” from March (before Comey statements) at

    Sure they met in Phoenix. So what? Speculation is irrelevant.

  • newsel

    Mark, you are taking the “opinion” of the Boston Globe and the Daily News Bin as gospel … not one of them is qualified to make a legal opinion. Where as Judge Napolitano is… yep, for some facts (or even legal opinions) can be tough to swallow.

  • I believe the FBI gave a legal opinion, didn’t they?

  • Colorado Conservative

    Hahaha yet again. Integrity? No. Liberals who masquerade as “fair and balanced” news readers is what differentiates Fox News.

  • newsel

    That is the subject of Napolitano’s interview …. Comey couldn’t handle the heat.

  • Liberals “is what differentiates Fox News”??

  • Fox News has become a SHILL for Trump according to Conservative Review. See

    Any questions?

  • Colorado Conservative

    Hahaha.. You mean Conservative Review run by the NeverTrump lunatic Mark Levin? Enough. And now we are done communicating.

  • Do you believe that all anti-Trump conservatives are “lunatics,” or just some of them? How about George Will, Jennifer Rubin, and these fifty: ?

  • newsel

    You must just love the FBI reopening the case….

  • I couldn’t care less. If they are State Department business, then they are boring and were probably already turned over. But they will keep wingnuts distracted while adults get to work.

    I find it rather amusing, however, to watch Trump supporters tap-dance around his rejection by principled conservatives such as George Will and the staff of The National Review. What remains of their integrity dissolves in the stench of Trump’s sexual misconduct, including the alleged rape of a 13-year-old, and Trump confessing to “grabbing them by the pussy”!

    ANOTHER nail in their coffin is their obviously biased focus on those irrelevant emails, which are barely a molehill compared to the mountain of Trump’s corruption. From “Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?”

    But the truth is that you’d have to work incredibly hard to find a politician who has the kind of history of corruption, double-dealing, and fraud that Donald Trump has. The number of stories which could potentially deserve hundreds and hundreds of articles is absolutely staggering. Here’s a partial list:

    Trump’s casino bankruptcies, which left investors holding the bag while he skedaddled with their money

    Trump’s habit of refusing to pay contractors who had done work for him, many of whom are struggling small businesses

    Trump University, which includes not only the people who got scammed and the Florida investigation, but also a similar story from Texas where the investigation into Trump U was quashed.

    The Trump Institute, another get-rich-quick scheme in which Trump allowed a couple of grifters to use his name to bilk people out of their money

    The Trump Network, a multi-level marketing venture (a.k.a. pyramid scheme) that involved customers mailing in a urine sample which would be analyzed to produce for them a specially formulated package of multivitamins

    Trump Model Management, which reportedly had foreign models lie to customs officials and work in the U.S. illegally, and kept them in squalid conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did

    Trump’s employment of foreign guest workers at his resorts, which involves a claim that he can’t find Americans to do the work

    Trump’s use of hundreds of undocumented workers from Poland in the 1980s, who were paid a pittance for their illegal work

    Trump’s history of being charged with housing discrimination

    Trump’s connections to mafia figures involved in New York construction

    The time Trump paid the Federal Trade Commission $750,000 over charges that he violated anti-trust laws when trying to take over a rival casino company

    The fact that Trump is now being advised by Roger Ailes, who was forced out as Fox News chief when dozens of women came forward to charge him with sexual harassment. According to the allegations, Ailes’s behavior was positively monstrous; as just one indicator, his abusive and predatory actions toward women were so well-known and so loathsome that in 1968 the morally upstanding folks in the Nixon administration refused to allow him to work there despite his key role in getting Nixon elected.

    And that last one is happening right now. To repeat, the point is not that these stories have never been covered, because they have. The point is that they get covered briefly, then everyone in the media moves on. If any of these kinds of stories involved Clinton, news organizations would rush to assign multiple reporters to them, those reporters would start asking questions, and we’d learn more about all of them.
    [END QUOTE ]

  • Portent401

    How did Madonna get her finger on the nuclear launch button? I must be having a senior moment!

  • Portent401

    Yeah, pretty rich and ironic — given the millions of lives ended, injured and otherwise immiserated by Bush’s immoral and inhumane invasion of Iraq, an action that also birthed ISIS! Education is not your strong suit, Ron Long.

  • Ron Long

    ???? Who said that? And yes, you are having a senior moment.

  • Ron Long

    Confirmatory accusations from numerous women? So far these have been nothing but unfounded claims, and when held up to the light of day do not hold up. The lady on the plane, proven false, the Miralago incident, proven false, and let us not forget the Miss Universe claims that he demeaned her when actually he was helping her, she admitted that.

  • Portent401

    First you made an inapt and scurrilously jaundiced moral contrast between Trump’s endorsement of mistreating women and Bill Clinton’s sexual depredations in practice. As we know, not only has Donald Trump implicitly admitted to sexually groping women against their will — in practice rather than just in theory, but Bill Clinton, who is not running for the presidency, has never been found legally guilty of sexually abusing women. Second, you then bring into your already weak analogical argument a singer/performer’s sexually suggestive or explicit acts on stage, which pushes you off the deep end. But such twisted moral scrofulousness is part and parcel of the contard’s quiver of irrational and aberrational argumentation. Tant pis!

  • See “AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong that women’s claims ‘debunked'”

  • lo

    think the world has just become a backwards universe where up is down and left is right. No matter what logic and reasoning one has about why Trump is wrong, why he is unfit, or why he is an awful person, a Trumpist will retort with the most ridiculous irrational defense, justification, distraction or outright lie that it is so off-putting and absurd one doesnt even have the words to begin to try and formulate a thought in reply. Trump supporters are basically, successfully, gaslighting the world. It is like calling a rose a rose then someone else dropping a bucketful of cold water on you as a reasoning as to why it is NOT in fact a rose. You just dont know where to even begin, youre so shocked that you cant think, and in spelling out the most basic of reasoning, one ends up sounding like an adult trying to tell a kid why crayons arent really food (met with disdain and “you’re lying!”). Anyone that didnt support Trump is “biased”. Really!. Hm. People that do not want a mentally unstable man suffering from, as one psychologist said, the most extreme example of textbook narcissistic personality disorder he has ever seen, who brags, BRAGS, about sexual assault and sees nothing wrong with it (didnt even occur to him – no – he apologized for the words he used in describing it, not the action), who makes fun of handicapped, has a history of racism and sexism, abusing people especially women on their appearance, who has a history of fraud and unethical business practices, whose biggest selling point is his business saavy that makes no sense in the first place as he started with a million dollar loan, (the equivalent of 14 million dollars today) and has declared bankruptcy 6 times, and whose wealth is arguably the equivalent of what would have accumulated untouched while sitting in the bank, who has been PROVEN to be the biggest liar of all of the candidates from both parties in the 2016 election by independent fact checkers, who literally sit down and verify the truhtfulness of every statement they say, who takes the time to cut a picture out of a woman and mail it to her with a circle around it that he has written “DOG!!” next to, who criticizes his opponents charity but donates an embarrassingly low amount to charity himself, (and his own chrity consists of outside donors, money of which he once used to buy a 6 foot painting of himself with,) that hires a white supremacist as his right hand man, who has no experience in office at all, whose life has been motivated by obsessions with unending wealth and perfect beauty, who literally oozes greed, who denies science, who has cheated on at least 2 of his wives, who makes comments about how people should murder his opponents, who looks up to a murderous Russian “president”, who uses Twitter as a way to shame and abuse his critics and get his army of brownshirts to retaliate, who wants to restrict free speech to silence his critics, who cannot take the slightest hint of criticism, who got into a Twitter war with the pope because EVEN THE POPE SAID HE WAS NOT A GOOD PERSON, along with thousands of respected republicans, Both Bushes, Mitt Romney, of whom 50 former national security experts (all republican) warned that he was a threat to national security with his instability and anti Islam movement he began, who upended 70 years worth of US work to reduce nuclear weapons in the world by encouraging South Korea and Japan to get them (they listened), who advocates the use of torture (“far, far worse than waterboarding!” he said,) who called 11 million Mexicans murderers and rapists, who refused to denounce David Duke on air and claims ingorance to the alt right movement his right hand man steve bannon is a champion of, of whom thousands of pyschological professionals have said is an unstable man who is having a profoundly negative effect on the mental health of Americans, who has normalized things like sexism, racism, greed, aggressiveness, verbal abuse, and narcissistic behavior, I cant go on. I can write pages more. I just. Cant even. Trump and his brownshirt following have successfully gaslighted America, and no amount of reasoning or logic at this point makes any difference, and what is scariest to me, is that Trump can basically get awasy with anything at this point, short of murder, but even he himself said that he could get away with that (“I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldnt lose voters!”). But you know, Hillary’s mishandled emails and her infamous comment about avoiding sniper fire, which she uttered 12 years after it happened, and was mostly true, as she was instructed to run inside to AVOID sniper fire, wearing a bullet proof vest, but insised on stopping to greet a little girl).

  • Ann Chastain

    Yes we no longer have a free press Huffington changed all that with what I call Kenda news it’s the same on every station except if you even fox has some very liberal commentators on there that are so biased it practically foaming at the mouth it reminds me of what happened when Hitler took over they could only right good things about Hitler just like they wrote good things about Clinton the clintons made their millions billions of dollars on the backs of the poor by stealing from Social Security and giving to whoever they thought would vote for them now we can’t even pray in our schools and look what’s happened to them teachers in California have been beaten up the Immigrant children and gang affiliated teenagers check this out these are the facts of what’s Happening to our country thank God Trump was brave enough to take this thankless job of being president he doesn’t even take a salary would you ever hear CNN report that not on your life and we no longer have journalist all we have are celebrities and have you check this out the women are wearing the briefest clothes cross their legs facing the camera and where the latest long curls like they’re Goldilocks I’d like to see one just one even older female reporter that’s a good reporter that doesn’t wear short skirts but tells the news exactly like it is where have they gone?