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Under the guise of suppressing “fake news,” the elite media and their allies are creating a censorship regime to ban legitimate conservative news from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

In a November 19 editorial, The New York Times complained about “millions of people” having been taken in by “fake news stories,” such as that Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump for president. Think about this claim. For over a year Pope Frances has been denouncing capitalism and calling for open borders. Trump had been openly critical of the pope. If anyone believed the pope had suddenly endorsed Trump for president, they were living in a fantasy land. It’s extremely doubtful that millions believed such rubbish.

But the Times went further, citing a “BuzzFeed News analysis” finding that “during the last three months of the presidential campaign, the 20 top fake news stories on Facebook generated more engagement—shares, likes and comments—than the 20 top stories from real news websites.”

Forget for a moment about what constitutes “real news.” Does the Times really want to cite BuzzFeed as a respectable source of news and information? Didn’t President Obama once joke about the site in the context of noting that when he was growing up in Hawaii, a “buzz feed” was associated with smoking marijuana?

I visited the site on Thanksgiving Day and found such stories as, “The Naked Rowers Are Back And Their Butts Are Ready To Fight Homophobia.”

It’s nice to see that a left-wing journalist, Robert Parry of Consortium News, has written a piece noting that the Times, with its focus on “fake news,” is seeking nothing less than censorship of the Internet. He dismisses the notion that “fake news” was exclusively pro-Trump, saying, “I also know that Clinton supporters were privately pushing some salacious and unsubstantiated charges about Trump’s sex life, and Clinton personally charged that Trump was under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin although there was no evidence presented to support that McCarthyistic accusation.”

Parry then adds, “The simple reality is that lots of dubious accusations get flung around during the heat of a campaign—nothing new there—and it is always a challenge for professional journalists to swat them down the best we can. What’s different now is that the Times envisions some structure (or algorithm) for eliminating what it calls ‘fake news.’” That structure is being set in place by Facebook’s founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, in association with Google, whose parent company chairman, Eric Schmidt, worked hand-in-glove with the Clinton campaign. Google has already been caught altering search engine results to benefit Clinton during the campaign.

Parry cites examples of what he calls “fake news” carried by the Times and asks, “So, should Zuckerberg prevent Facebook users from circulating New York Times stories?”

Parry notes that “the Times and other mainstream news outlets—along with some favored Internet sites—now sit on a Google-financed entity called the First Draft Coalition, which presents itself as a kind of Ministry of Truth that will decide which stories are true and which are ‘fake.’” He says, “If the Times’ editorial recommendations are followed, the disfavored stories and the sites publishing them would no longer be accessible through popular search engines and platforms, essentially blocking the public’s access to them.”

He links to a Reuters article noting that “Facebook and Twitter have joined a network of over 30 news and technology companies to tackle fake news and improve the quality of information on social media…” Reuters said, “Members of the group include the New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, Agence France-Presse, and CNN.”

It’s much bigger than that. This group even includes a division of the Qatar-financed Al Jazeera, the pro-Jihadist “news” agency once known as the voice of al Qaeda.

The “First Draft” coalition says it wants to expose “Hoaxes and fake stories generated for financial or political gain.” But Washington Free Beacon writer Bill McMorris has written a very informative article, “All the News That’s Fit to Fake,” about the fake news The New York Times published during the 2016 presidential campaign. He cites Times stories about how the Hispanic vote was going to carry Hillary to victory, and how whites weren’t going to turn out for Trump. Other “fake news” stories in the Times concerned how Clinton hoped a mandate and coattails would give Democrats control of the House and Senate, and how the stock market would crash if Trump won. The latter ran under the headline, “Debate Night Message: The Markets Are Afraid of Donald Trump.”

The Dow has hit a new high of 19,000 in the wake of Trump’s victory.

The push to ban “fake news” by the elite media, in association with fringe sites like BuzzFeed and Al-Jazeera, is outrageous. But outrage won’t stop the First Draft Coalition from implementing a censorship regime in coordination with Facebook and Google.

In fact, the process is already underway. The misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is one of the richest components of the extreme left, is working with Twitter on the “content-policing” of its platform, in order to ban what it considers accounts that spread “hate speech.” USA Today reported that Heidi Beirich, a spokeswoman for the group, told the paper that “the center had asked Twitter to remove more than 100 accounts of white supremacists who violated Twitter’s terms of service.” The banning of these accounts has already begun.

Of course, “white supremacy” is a term that can be assigned to a variety of groups, some of them truly objectionable, but others which simply want to give a voice to the concerns of European-Americans and supporters of Judeo-Christian values.

Twitter might have a case to make if the advocacy of certain views could be directly linked to violence against minorities. Ironically, however, it’s the SPLC that once inspired violence at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group falsely accused of “hate.”

The SPLC itself spews fake news, in the form of false allegations picked up by the media which claim that people like me are radical extremists associated with bigoted members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and the New Black Panthers.

The fact that the elite media and outlets like Twitter use information provided by the SPLC is an ominous indication of where the new censorship regime is headed. It’s time for more honest journalists on the left to follow Robert Parry’s example and speak out against the 1984-style “Ministry of Truth” that is emerging right before our eyes.

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  • Ronnie B.

    Hating haters makes you a hater. So much for tolerance. Wise people listen to both, or more sides and then draw their own opinion. Nazi’s and communist censor speech.

  • MiDaSp

    Soviets named the state newspaper “truth” (Pravda) — classic Orwellian obfuscation. MSNBC is a Soviet-style disinformation initiative as are the lies printed on KBG-style Web sites.

    Yet Marxists still get away with accusing opponents of their ideology of spreading the Big Lies, which is exactly what Marxists do with impunity. But no worries there, it’s just those damn conservatives, Christians and, in general, folks with common sense who just want a fair shake in life.

    Also, Sen. Joe McCarthy was right about the covert onslaught of anti-U.S. operatives infiltrating government institutions (and now beyond). The despicable tactics employed by Marxists, as noted above, are what brought McCarthy down, not the truth.

  • tkrepel

    How ironic that an organization named Accuracy in Media is suddenly uninterested in accuracy in media — as long as fake news benefits right-wingers.

  • Kathy

    Is there a difference between “fake news” and flat out lies? Seems like the MSM cannot differentiate and we’re suppose to just accept their opinions!! Sounds like propaganda to me!

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, c’mon Cliff; you’ve been trashing the Pope ever since he was elected for buying into all sorts of stuff you consider lefltist baloney. Now, just now, you’re saying we shouldn’t buy into any nonsense written about the Pope just because you’ve passed along your imprimatur on the man’s writings?

  • kuhnkat

    ““I also know that Clinton supporters were privately pushing some salacious and unsubstantiated charges about Trump’s sex life, and Clinton personally charged that Trump was under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin although there was no evidence presented to support that McCarthyistic accusation.””

    McCarthyistic accusation?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!? Someone not read the real history of McCarthy and not know that he had evidence for ALL his accusations?!?!?!?!

  • Lee Ryan

    Still sore about the election?

  • tkrepel

    Not at all. Just pointing out AIM’s highly ironic stance. Inaccuracy in media is apparently OK with AIM as long as that inaccuracy benefits AIM’s preferred candidates.

  • Gz7

    Anyone getting their news from Facebook deserves to remain stupid.

  • Fcsandy

    I really do not need to be on Facebook and their are other search engines besides Google. Think I might checkout a few others. I have nothing to lose if they are going to hand feed “their ideas” to me rather then letting me make up my mind what I want to believe.

  • jug

    Where the hell did you get that stupid idea?

    Or are you just the “new” troll here?

  • tkrepel

    AIM does not care about Russian-pushed “fake news” because it helped get Trump elected. Betcha Cliff Kincaid won’t write a column about that.

    That’s how AIM’s name is becoming more ironic every day.

  • Ted

    Kincaid is clearly an anti-Catholic bigot and has been all along.

  • Ted

    Only the leftists peddle bullshit. The reactionaries peddle only “fair and balanced”! (Just ask Kincaid!)

  • John Cunningham

    In a way, the mainstream Media should be investigated by Congress. It seems as though they colluded in the election of Barack Obama and Hillary Clintons. Doesn’t have anything to do with a persons right to choose. It does when a news agency lies and steals an election or, the chance their of.

  • Steven Barrett

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s bigoted against Catholicism. Hardly. It’s just the kind of very antiquated “catholicism” he’s constantly hankering for the Church to return to; i.e. something in-between the faith of the Inquisition and the final days of Pio Nono. He’s got company. There’s lots of ultra conservative Catholics whose faith has been shaped more by the very unofficial and very cliquey, and self-appointed knowitall EWTN crowd. They even included one very influential priest, Fr. C. John McCloskey III (uh uh, how very suspiciously crypto WASP or establishmentarian that name rings) who was responsible for bringing into the Church, the late Bob Novak, Robert M. Bork, Lawrence Kudlow, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham and maybe former British PM Tony Blair.
    Quite a catch, or was it quite a concidence?

  • mioahu

    Catholicism and socialism go hand in hand. A very simple mind exercise would show that the world maps of catholicism and socialism superimpose almost perfectly.Catholics stupidly overwhelmingly vote democrat in the United States, against their own interests. The pope is a SJW and in the same ridiculous leftist manner as all the other stupid leftists fights global warming and poverty instead of fighting islam.. hahahhahahha professor Barett, seems you don’t know much about the inquisition and the fact that it was established for exposing people who falsely converted to christianity….

  • mioahu

    The CRAPOL is kinda old troll, he hid under a stone when they got their arse kicked by trump and now he’s back, he’s an idiot like the SANDWICH BOY, staunch leftist. It’s HILARIOUS the beating they took, senate, house, presidency, governorships, state houses, and the stupid morons blame it on fake news HAHAHHAHAHHA, i have been laughung since the elections hearing them bitching and moaning and blaming eachother, and the russians, and fake news AHAHHAHHAHAHHA,
    they have the audacity when all the stupid media only promoted fake anti trump news for 2 years,
    enjoy president TRUMP , a majoprity the republicans didn’t have since 1920’s, the conservative supreme court and much more to come CRAPOL !

  • tkrepel

    AIM used to care about Russian propaganda too. I guess as long as it got Trump elected that’s no longer a problem either.

  • Tbear
  • ThraceThrice

    When seeking to restrict the flow of information, it is best to disguise it as a benefit. If one can set oneself as the arbiter of truth, then you have the power to silence dissent in any form. (In this country, it might be remembered that “Dissent is Patriotic” was very quickly renamed “Dissent is Treason” by the democrats in 2009 – by Nancy Pelosi, for instance.)

    So if you can brand *any* dissent as “fake news”, you shortly wind up with a populous willing to believe anything you say. “You can keep your doctor. You can keep your policy.” For instance.

  • AmendmentOne


  • John Cunningham

    Sounds like a plan!