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The political correctness propagated by the government and the liberal media has hamstrung America’s war efforts even as ISIS imperils Americans domestically, Dr. Sebastian Gorka explained during an interview.

Dr. Gorka, author of the book, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, said that “… we have to get political correctness out of the threat assessment. The federal government, the White House, and the media that enables it is spinning a narrative that isn’t true, they’re censoring what the jihadis are doing.”

He rebuked the media for aiding the Obama administration in obscuring the link between fundamentalist Islamic doctrine and domestic terror attacks.

“By themselves the administration could not have gotten away with this. This was made possible—this absurdity, this Monty-Pythonesque absurdity—was only made possible by the willful connivance of the left-wing media.”

Warning about the consequence of failing to recognize the link between Islam and terrorism, Dr. Gorka said, “When your enemy is a totalitarian organization, which is jihadism… if you deny that reality for your own political reasons, then you are endangering our war fighters, you are endangering American citizens and you will prolong the war.”

He also challenged the media’s initial coverage of Colin Powell’s leaked emails.

“What is the left-wing press quoting? His [Powell’s] derogatory comments about Donald Trump. I mean the real story is right there in his emails, but the left-wing media is not interested because they have to protect the establishment, they have to protect Hillary, they have to protect President Obama. This is how absolutely banana republic-esque we have become in terms of the culpability of the media.”

“The world is on fire thanks to the lack of leadership over the last seven and a half years, we have emboldened our enemies, whether it’s Russia, China, North Korea, whether it’s Iran or whether it’s ISIS. So, the world is a very dangerous place, much more dangerous than it was when President Obama took office. But none of those threats is an existential one in the way that ISIS is.”

Dr. Gorka explained that “… since ISIS declared the Islamic State two years ago…we have killed or arrested 110 ISIS jihadis on U.S. territory, the most recent one being just three weeks ago in Roanoke, Virginia.” He added, “the worst part of all is that…37 percent of everybody we’ve captured or killed here in America is an individual who has sworn allegiance to Abu Bakr, the head of ISIS, but has decided that the best way to serve the new emperor of Islam, the best way to serve the Caliphate is…to kill Americans here in the United States.”

While he identified “the global jihadi movement” as the primary threat currently facing America, he also said, “…I think if the nation looks at itself in the mirror, the other truly horrific enemy we face is ourselves. If you look at the debt that both politicians of left and right have accumulated for this nation and for generations to come…Capitol Hill is acting like a bunch of drunken sailors that will create a bankrupt nation if we don’t get a grip.”

Questioned about the potential ramifications of a Hillary Clinton presidency, Dr. Gorka said that “…a Hillary Clinton administration would be catastrophic for this nation.” Describing Clinton as “…a person who’s completely beholden to the highest bidder and has no regard for the interests of the republic,” he asserted that “…she would be bad for America, her allies, and the interests of the nation in the long run.” While not a member of the Trump campaign, Dr. Gorka has previously advised the Republican candidate on national security.

You can listen to the entire interview with Dr. Gorka here:


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  • IronChefSandwiches

    A right wing idiot says nonsense that is easily refuted and shown to be ridiculous. Yawn.

  • Kathy

    Keep wearing those rose colored glasses, my dear!!

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    He is a very smart man and clearly recognizes the threat to America and the World…Jihad.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Conservatives whine about “political correctness” without understanding the term. This nonsense article is a perfect example.

  • RMThoughts

    A Neocon….the most politically correct of all. They NEVER deviate from their tired old narrative. Whats with the freaky close up of the 1960 spy who never came in.

  • Jack Parsons

    Easily refuted? But you never do. You “easily refuted” Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer. You claimed that it was a book that no book store would carry, despite the fact that it is a bestseller carried by every store in America. Have your say. I’ll be waiting.

  • Jack Parsons

    Political correctness means lying. Have your say. I’ll be waiting.

  • Lee Ryan

    Iron chief samich you’ve got to go outside and get some fresh air

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Just did. Had a beer on the front porch. Gorka is still a lying hypocrite.

  • MairinT

    Thanks to Dr. Sebastian Gorka for exposing and expressing the truth about the charade in the WH and damage done under Obama’s reign. God bless Dr. Gorka and long may he expose the shenanigans.

  • Bruce

    Thank God for AIM, Patriots, truthers, and Vets. The crooked MSM, Clintons, Obamas, and entitled SJWs, are a parasitic cancer on our nation, much more threat than jihadis. Jihadis can be “dealt with”–with something they’ll understand– like a bullet. But how do you defeat parasites at the highest levels of government, a lying Media, and flag burners, spitters, and America haters who are entitled to their free speech? Those MF’s never have enough balls to just LEAVE our great country.

  • Deert

    To the Left (that means Democrats, Social Democrats, Socialists, and Communists,) the only real enemies are Conservatives and Constitutionalists. Everyone else, like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Russia, China, North Korea and others, are just misunderstood and unjustly demonized by The Right.

  • D. G. Williams

    I’m thinking you stay on your porch too much and drink too much. Get out in the world and get real.

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