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The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) created by a nuclear weapon exploding high over the United States would destroy the nation’s electrical grid and electrical systems across the country, according to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

Dr. Pry explained this nightmare scenario during an interview on “The Alex Nitzberg Show:”

“The higher up you go, the bigger the field gets, and at an altitude of 300 kilometers with a single nuclear weapon you can cover the entire continental United States…most of Canada and a good chunk of Mexico with an EMP field. And this field is so powerful, in effect what it is, it’s a super energetic radio wave. It’s a radio wave that’s got so much energy in it that it will damage and destroy electronic systems—all electronic systems, including the electric grid, the personal computer on your desk, SCADA systems—that is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems which are little computers that run everything: The water supply, gas pipelines, gas coming out of electric engines, industrial processes and all kinds of things…”

If the EMP is sufficiently powerful, Dr. Pry noted that airplanes would crash because their electrical systems would be affected.

Because the weapon would be detonated high above the earth, people would not hear the blast and they may not even see anything if the sky is cloudy. As Dr. Pry explained, “The only thing that would result would be this EMP, but it is enough to basically destroy our electronic civilization…”

Naturally occurring geomagnetic storms ejected from the sun could also wreak havoc on electrical systems worldwide. While the EMP produced by these storms would not impact smaller systems (like vehicles and planes) a sufficiently powerful geomagnetic superstorm would harm electrical grids globally.

“Electric grids everywhere on earth would collapse and put billions of lives at risk,” according to Dr. Pry.

He explained that a solar storm in 1859 known as the “Carrington Event” destroyed the transatlantic cable. “Telegraph cables burst into flame all over the world and there were forest fires in various places…” He also said that “Fires broke out in telegraph stations.”

NASA predicts that over 10 years there is a 12% chance of a geomagnetic super-storm. According to Dr. Pry, this “…virtually guarantees that within our lifetimes, or that of our children or grandchildren, we will experience a natural EMP that will put electronic civilizations everywhere on the planet at risk.”

He says the ramifications of an EMP event would be “…the greatest environmental catastrophe ever experienced by man.”

Nuclear reactors are “…likely to go Fukushima,” according to Dr. Pry, “not just from the power grid going down, but from the regulatory control systems being damaged and causing accidents in the nuclear reactors.”

He explained that even if the systems regulating nuclear reactors remained operational, the lack of electricity would eventually cause problems when reserve power sources deplete:

“And the steam explosions will carry dangerous levels of radioactivity thousands of kilometers downwind from the nuclear reactors,” Dr. Pry said, noting that “it’s like having 100 dirty bombs going off and spreading radioactivity all over the country.”

Dr. Pry also stated that without electricity, “…the water purification plants will back up and overflow. We know this happens, even during normal blackouts. And so you have in lakes and rivers hospital wastes and industrial wastes and human wastes back-flowing into already polluted lakes and rivers.”

In addition to the dangers of a nuclear EMP and a naturally occurring EMP from a geomagnetic storm, Dr. Pry also explained that radio frequency weapons (RFWs) pose another threat.

RFWs are “non-nuclear EMP weapons.” He stated that “They don’t have the same radius of effect as a nuclear EMP weapon, only a few hundred yards in most cases. But our electric grid is so fragile that it wouldn’t take much damage to bring the whole thing down for a protracted period of time.”

He explained that while America contains 2,000 EHV transformer substations, “If you knew which ones to attack you could attack as few as nine of them according to a study by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If you took them out…that would put the country into a protracted blackout…”

Asked why he thinks the media are not more interested in alerting the public about the threat of nuclear EMP weapons, Dr. Pry said that the conservative media generally do show interest. “But the mainstream liberal media doesn’t talk about the nuclear EMP threat very much,” Dr. Pry explained, “or when they do they try to belittle it.”

He opined that “any rational person” who lived in America during the period of Obama’s tenure, “knows that the mainstream media are basically an echo chamber for the Obama administration and for the Democratic Party.”

He argued that if the mainstream media had drawn more attention to the dangers of a nuclear EMP blast, the information would have undermined President Obama’s promotion of the Iran deal and his desire for a “world without nuclear weapons.”

Dr. Pry noted that some academics who “belittle the EMP threat” and “say it isn’t real” support action to mitigate the impact of “the natural EMP threat.” President Obama actually issued “an executive order on a national space weather action plan so-called, to protect against EMP, although as a practical matter the plan is a bad plan…” according to Dr. Pry.

Solutions to protect the electrical grid against these ominous threats already exist, but they have not been widely implemented. Dr. Pry believes that the grid should be hardened against these threats, adding that people should take action to prepare themselves for the possibility of a catastrophic, EMP-related blackout.

You can listen to my entire interview with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on “The Alex Nitzberg Show:”

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  • Mark M.

    I’ll bet the Communist/Marxist cabal is prepared to keep Planned Parenthood up and aborting if such an event occurs. As for the rest of us? Let them eat cake.

  • Peter

    America’s military hardware capacity, obviously not for defence of America, is protected, has been for some time. Why? Because that is all that is wanted from America – its military capacity and capability. Americans down there in civvy street? Well, they can go go to buggery and who cares? America is just the NWO fly swat.
    The ‘New World’ became the New World Order ‘cradle’ on around May 1st, 1776, exactly, and is still just that.
    Ultimately they will die by the sword because they lived by the sword.
    The warhorse – protected from EMP pulse, or not – prepares for battle, but win or lose the victory belongs to God. It is God who decides the outcome of which side shall be victorious, as with Vietnam, a war carried out for Cardinal Spellman’s reasons alone – no matter how the cake was iced by his sleight of hand. Proverbs 22:31 / Hosea 14:3.

  • honestynow

    Congress has been warned for years. They’ve done nada about it!

  • Mike brady

    no prov 22:31

  • Peter

    Mike Brady. Thank you for pointing out the error. The correct verse is Proverbs 21:31 RSV. The last line before Chapter 22 commences. The full quote says: ‘The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.’
    I have now edited the error to correct it.

  • Mike brady


  • AARGH63

    Buy an old microwave oven and put your handheld electronics inside when not in use. They’ll be protected in an EMP event. They won’t be “fried” by the EMP but it really won’t matter anyway.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Forstchen’s Novel: “1 second after”

    A primer of survival in a town after EMP wipes out all digital electronics.

  • Janet

    This is one of the most urgent threats to America idiot-savant Dems need to address. Cyber hacking our grid, launching an overhead EMP misses. Where is their outrage, hysteria to protect the American public from this?

  • Janice


  • Bobd06

    A 90% casualty rate is forecast for such an event.

  • greg

    I’m a liberal and I’m concerned about EMP. Corporate america and Republicans who believe the solution to any problem is a tax cut don’t want to spend the money to properly protect the grid. It interfers with profits and represents government interference in the commercial sector. Stop with the ideodic ideology. Look at Sessions. He wants to launch a new war on drugs while ignoring cyber threats and identity theft. My identity has been stolen twice but I’ve never been hurt by a marijuana smoker. Trump wants to ban muslims but only from the countries who we’ve never been attacked by, and yet muslims from countries that have attacked us can come in. Its actually worse, as most terrorists in the US are home grown. Trump’s ban does nothing to increase my safety. Mixed up priorities on Sessions part too.

  • Sammie

    This is an excellent interview. Thank you again Alex for another well done story. All we need now is for people to take this threat seriously. This includes our governing body. Our grids need to be protected.

  • Nancy Herter

    Maybe another thing to worry about.

  • Cele

    I am unconvinced that there is sufficient evidence to back all this up anyways. I have worked in nuclear for almost 40 years and still the Internet is loaded with incorrect physics, data, assumptions, values etc. It is not easy to understand but know that an EMP device would require a super energy source. Nuclear is the most compact source of energy on the planet. Nuclear blast causes a secondary EMP. Now make EMP the primary weapon as they all seem to try. HOW? How can you make a weapon called an EMP weapon that is not a nuclear weapon. It is a matter of physics which never lies about what is possible and what is not. The idea is that the nuclear blast is less of a problem if detonated in the sky 20-40 Km up than a nuclear blast. The EMP burst is proportional to the nuclear bomb. Small bomb, small EMP area impact. Big bomb and that is the greater issue. What would survive to worry about an EMP? People need to educate themselves on what happens when a nuclear device detonates then see if you really want to worry about the EMP so much.

    The power grid is one of the least sensitive to EMP though no one says this. Anything under power will receive a surge that can destroy it. It happens in microseconds. Are you going to shut off power to communications when you are warned of an impending attack? No? Then you can never do it in time after a detonation.

    Maybe we all need bedside EMP safes and auto shutoffs. But you need to unplug the devices. Do this while you are running for the basement? or panicking looking for cover? Who is prepared?

    Talking is getting boring really. This guy lost his advisory seat and his strategy is to keep shouting the end of all things.
    In one hour after a nuclear attack anywhere in the world, the world will change. The Bible has foretold all that is happening and will happen. Be prudent and pack away at least a year of food supply. Figure out water supply and get supplies you will need. Then sit an fret about EMP scares.

    I do care about what happens a great deal. Which is why I hope to show a perspective most will not see. I also love the Lord and know He returns not as a lamb but as a King and this is His Kingdom. Jesus will destroy His enemies. All of them. And to not believe Him for who He said He is is the same as being His enemy, so He said. And I believe Him.