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We read over and over again how Donald J. Trump is running a campaign against “the establishment” in the Republican Party. The term sounds horrible and dangerous. But when you seriously think about it, the Republican Party “establishment” has one purpose—to maintain the party as a viable opposition vehicle to the plans of the Democratic Party. This is what a two-party political system should be about. Without two major political parties, America’s democratic form of government collapses and the United States becomes a socialist one-party state. The Trump candidacy threatens to destroy the two-party system.

Trump and his allies have made the term “establishment” into a dirty word. But Trump, an outsider with a history of supporting the other party, is trying to stage a hostile takeover of the GOP. The apparent plan is to make the Republican Party into a carbon copy of the European far-right “populist” parties that serve Russian interests. Some of these, like the National Front of France, are Russian-funded.

Interestingly, Donald J. Trump has a cordial relationship with the Moscow establishment headed by Vladimir Putin, but despises the Republican establishment in the U.S.  For example, Trump has nothing but contempt for Mitt Romney, who ran against President Obama in 2012. For all his faults, Romney at least recognized the dangers posed by Russia. By contrast, Trump talks about a strategic alliance with Putin.

Putin’s network of shell companies and tax havens has recently been exposed in the so-called Panama Papers as a method by which he protects billions of dollars in personal wealth. One has to wonder whether Putin also maintains a global network of agents and sympathizers to make sure the Free World wilts in the face of Russian military aggression in Europe and the Middle East. One would have to be naïve to think no such network exists. Indeed, Trump is clearly a part of it, for he attacks NATO and various U.S. allies, including South Korea and Japan, and receives the open support of the Kremlin and its agents. Foreign intervention in an American presidential campaign has never been this blatant.

Supporters of Trump, who despise the Republican Party establishment, don’t like to talk about Trump’s ties to the Moscow establishment. This blindness has made it possible for Putin to strike gold, in the geopolitical sense, through Trump’s success in the Republican Party. It’s Trump’s foreign policy vision, such as it is, that could mean the demise of the Republican Party as a political vehicle for those who offer a realistic analysis of the military dangers posed by Russia and China. It’s true that Trump talks about China, in the sense that its economic power is a threat, but he is mute on the Russia-China military alliance in foreign affairs and the threat that it poses.

It is significant that Trump gets along better with Putin and his comrades than with “fellow” Republicans. That could be because he has mostly been a Democrat throughout his business career and has sought business deals in the former USSR and Russia. He calls Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others in the GOP the worst of names, including liar, and yet Putin is considered by Trump to be a strong leader doing a good job for Russia. Trump even apologizes for the regime’s murder of journalists and political dissidents.

Nobody likes an establishment that ignores the will of the people. But a political party establishment that is American in character, and is determined to maintain the Republican Party as a vehicle for Reagan-style conservatism, is far preferable to Moscow manipulating a U.S. presidential candidate.

The establishment has a lot to answer for, including a failure to impeach Obama for actions that would have forced the resignation of a Republican president. Equally serious, however, the so-called Republican establishment has not been able to stop Trump, in part because Democrats sick of bad trade deals and lax immigration policies are flooding into Republican primaries to vote for him. This can be interpreted as a sign of political strength by Trump, but it can also be seen as an indication that Trump is a sure loser in the general election campaign because he turns off so many Republican voters who prefer a thoughtful candidate with authentic conservative views across the board.

Trump’s loss in Wisconsin, the home of a conservative governor who backed Cruz and has a record of success in beating the Democrats, may be interpreted by some as a win by the “establishment.” But Scott Walker is a real conservative who has beaten the liberals and the leftists. If he represents the establishment, most Republicans would want more of it.

It also seems clear that the Democrats would love to run against Trump, since Trump activates the Democratic Party left-wing political base. The same left-wingers who elected Obama are mobilizing against Trump. They also mobilized against Walker in Wisconsin, but Walker beat them three times. The polls indicate that Trump could not beat them, and would likely trigger Republican losses in the House and Senate.

On the Democratic side, Sanders represents an attempted hostile takeover of the party. Sanders wasn’t a Democrat until he ran for the Democratic presidential nomination. He was a life-long independent who says he ran as a Democrat to get more media coverage.

But despite Mrs. Clinton’s losses, the party establishment is still in control. The bosses rigged a system of “superdelegates” to make sure the establishment’s favorite candidate ultimately prevails. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will fall in line and back Clinton as the nominee. The Democratic Party will come out of the convention united against Republicans.

There are no “superdelegates” in the Republican Party that have the kind of power we see in the Democratic Party. So the “party bosses” in the GOP have to treat fairly any candidate who claims to be a Republican and seeks the nomination.

Trump claims to be a Republican, but his campaign of personal destruction against his opponents strongly suggests he’s doing the work of those in the Democratic Party who would like to see the GOP hopelessly divided in November. Ironically, Trump’s new book is about a “crippled America,” when he has almost single-handedly crippled the Republican Party with his attacks and threats.

The conduct is continuing. After his loss to Senator Cruz in the Wisconsin presidential primary, Trump’s campaign issued a statement saying that Cruz is “worse than a puppet” and a “Trojan horse” for “party bosses.” He would never say such nasty things about Putin. Indeed, the evidence suggests that the Trump campaign has deep links to the Moscow establishment, headed by Putin.

The latest evidence of the Trump campaign’s links to Moscow came in the disclosure that a little-known foreign policy adviser by the name of Carter Page is advising Trump. Analyst Trevor Loudon describes him as “a globe-trotting 44-year-old American investment banker” who has built a career on deals with Russia and its state-run gas company.

Another analyst, Robert Zubrin, describes Carter Page as a “Putinite.” Zubrin adds, “Other noteworthy Putinite Trump supporters include Alexander Dugin, the chief composer of the Kremlin’s new ideological synthesis of Communism and fascism, and its leading organizer of pro-Moscow fifth-column movements in the West.”

Zubrin’s devastating piece concludes, “Trump has earned the enthusiastic endorsement of the Putin chorus because he promises to gut NATO, thereby enabling Russian domination of Europe. The crafty Vladimir Lenin once termed Western dupes who helped the Kremlin achieve its strategic goals ‘useful idiots.’ Whatever one might say of Vladimir Putin, he also is undoubtedly a skilled assessor of men. So there should be no doubt about it. Trump is indeed an outstanding and talented personality—for a useful idiot.”

Over on the political left, The Huffington Post has published an interesting piece, “A Trump Endorsement From Russia With Love,” which marks a striking departure from previous efforts by the publication to mock and ridicule Trump. The author, a writer named Dustin DeMoss, emphasizes Dugin’s support for Trump and how the Russian thinker has outlined plans for a Eurasian empire led by Russia that will come to dominate the world and triumph over the “dark forces” of the United States and Europe. DeMoss wonders whether the Russians support Trump because they want to see political conflict in the United States.

It’s too late to avoid the conflict we see taking place. Either Trump gets the nomination and divides the party, or he loses the nomination and divides the party. It seems like a lose-lose situation for the GOP. The likely winners in November are the Democratic Party headed by Hillary Clinton, and the Moscow establishment headed by Putin.

If this is the case, then conservatives should be wondering not if the Republican establishment has been too heavy-handed with Trump, but whether party leaders should have acted against him sooner.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    “The establishment has a lot to answer for, including a failure to
    impeach Obama for actions that would have forced the resignation of a
    Republican president.”

    Kincaid was actually making some interesting points until this whopper. LOLOLOL You mean like selling arms to our enemies to fund an illegal war? You mean like lying us into a war which took our forces from the country where our real war was being waged, killing thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis needlessly? Like that? Yeah, Three of the last five Republican presidents not only SHOULD have been impeached, two of them should have gone to prison. But sure. Make believe that Obama is the one that should resign. This, once again, shows why no one really takes Kincaid seriously.

  • Rufus Cornpone

    The Republican establishment does have a lot to answer for. Thwarting with will of the Party membership by not taking on Obama’s policies with a vigorous prosecution. But instead, using the charade of meaningless votes against Obmamacare to placate the Party faithful, the people. The people are fed up with those whose sole intent in the Republican Party is to consolidate and maintain their power and the money and perks that come with it. The Republican Party cannot in good faith say to the people of it’s Party that they did everything they could to oppose Democrat party policies. Now look at us, the people of the Republican Party, we now have a vector to rid ourselves of Party elites and that is Trump!

  • RMThoughts

    While Russia and the United States can easily be cast as eternal enemies in the manner of Rome and Carthage, or Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa for modern audiences, we should recall that the two states were originally allies. From the time of 1776, Russo-American friendship was a contributor to the peace and security of both nations for nearly a century and a half.

    Russia under President Putin it represents the way states normally act within the state system, based on their interests. The ideology of the Washington establishment says that is not how the world is going to work anymore.

    It is instead going to be essentially a one world sytem based in Washington. This ideology includes such concepts as the feminist definition of women’s rights, devaluation of all religions, eco-radicalism, so called gay rights, and the belief that these post Christian “western” values must be universal. Russia is saying no to this. It is saying that it still believes in the state system, pre-Soviet social values, and is going to pursue its own national interests on the world stage.

    Russia should do what it is doing right now – showing people in the West that you can resist cultural Marxism, that you do not have to think that it is the inevitable way of the future, and that a country can decide to retain, or return to, its traditional way of living and believing.

    Trump has this one right.

  • Brendan Bonner

    Mr. Kincaid, How much weed did you smoke before writing this article?

  • miguel i prado

    Two comments: One is that since President Roosevelt the Republican Establishment has done nothing or has been and is incapable of stopping the Democratic Party from turning this country into a socialist state. Two if Trump is the nominee, it would better to help him than oppose him. He has demonstrated a capability of recognizing, apologizing and learning from his mistakes, something politicians do not like to do.

  • Carney3

    So – if the Republicans in Congress weren’t supposed to vote against ObamaCare, what should they have done? Not vote, and just talk? Not talk? The logical end point of “never ever tough enough” is an armed uprising. Are you calling for that?

    If your grievance is insufficiently pure conservatism on heath care, you should be a fanatical opponent of Trump, who for years praised Canadian style “single payer” health care, which is far to the Left of ObamaCare.

  • Carney3

    It’s ridiculous that some on the Right are being bamboozled by the Putin regime. It’s a KGB-mafia state, no more respectable or ideologically compatible than a Mexican drug cartel. Its use of cultural conservatism to win friends in the West is as sincere as the Soviet propaganda apparatus’s supposed interest in feminism, black power, etc., in the Cold War. Mere weapons to divide and undermine the West in order to ensure its own grip on power and privilege, at the direct expense of the liberty and prosperity of its people. Often it’s the exact same Russian personnel who pushed Cultural Marxism on us in the 60s and are claiming to be highly motivated opponents of it today.

    In the same way that so many liberals in the Cold War were turned into useful tools of the Kremlin, so too are too many conservatives today.

  • RMThoughts

    Let us shout at them from our PC dung heap.

    You say Putin is using Orthodox Christianity, as Russian rulers typically have across centuries, as the spiritual remedy to the cavernous spiritual vacuum left by over 70 disastrous, often murderous years of Bolshevism.. I’m sure Putin would agree that resurgent Christian belief and conservatism is a good thing for Russia just as it would be for the United States.

    For the neocons and the Left, the emergence of a nationalist, Christian, and non-liberal Russia is not acceptable. At the same time, we use faux liberal democracy, political correctness, , regime change to enforce a global, materialistic anti-Christian NWO hegemony and chaos imbued with Culture Marxism and death.

    Who is it has inherited the legacy of the Soviets?

  • reggie

    Russia is the anthesis of the NWO. Putin hates soros, and has put out an international warrant for his arrest. You can see what soros has done to this country. He is the grand puppeteer with his fingers world wide. The list of countries he has destroyed or nearly destroyed is long. The USA is his ultimate target. He has ties with democrats and republicraps. A liaison with Putin will save us from the NWO. soros has voting machine companies, fellow stockholders include obama and romney. romney family has control of another voting machine company soros is the front man for the rothchilds. If you do not know these names, please read up on them. Also look up the Carlyle group and see who is in it, and what they have done. TRUMP 2016.

  • Seedman

    Loose cannon Donald “boom boom” Trump as Mona Charen has so aptly written is unfit for the party nomination.

  • votedemout

    Show votes are one thing, but using the power of the purse to thwart the communists in Washington seems to be off limits to the majority party in both the House and the Senate. The Dims will fight to the their last breath to win for their cause. On the other hand the “kinder, gentler” Republicans are like a bunch of villagers hiding in the haystacks while the Vikings ravish the country. Many of us are fed up with the Washington elites and will support anyone who shows a spine and a pair of gonads, something sorely lacking among the current Republican party. I find either Trump or Cruz to be acceptable and a Trump/Cruz ticket would probably gain a large support base. With a “huge” megaphone, which Trump obviously has, the President could wield the power of the people to force the Congress critters to actually do what they said they would do when running for office. This is not the case today, as is evidenced by the many broken promises and inaction on their part. As near as I can tell the entire focus of the leadership is being sure that enough of their members are elected to keep them in power, so that they can continue to line their personal pockets.

  • biilyjoe

    We’re supposed to be afraid of ties to Russia when the current diabolical administration and its mullah has ties to Muslim Brotherhood, defends islamic terrorism after Paris, brussels, San Bernardino, etc etc ; and ties to blackLIES racism with sharpton/lynch/holder and gave support , via its “doj”/AG to the riots in Florida, ferguson, baltimore, New York City, etc etc — cop-killing; the sedition it plans as it brings millions of unvettable ‘refugees” embedded with extreme islam terrorism, and tens of millions of illegals across our southern borders for us to support and likely beware of–Oh, yeah, right — we really should be scared — “the russians are coming” !!??!! What a lie.

  • biilyjoe

    You’re concerned about the russians????– when you have the culmination of 1960’s Cultural Marxism sitting in the White House doing its destructive bidding against our nation exactly via blackpowerLIES, feminazism, and now placating islamic extremism/illegal immigration to boot ?? Ayers, sharpton and mullah obama are several steps ahead of you.

  • biilyjoe

    I think Kincaid drinks obama/trayvon skittles koolaid prior to reclining on his prayer mat.

  • biilyjoe


  • RMThoughts

    Obama and the neocons have placed America to the forefront of the world revolutionary movement. Russia has become the Reactionary force to be defeated.

  • Tyg Lucas

    Mr. Kincaid, you are obviously and idiot. I have no doubt that you came from a long line of idiots. I can only pray your wife swallows because we really don’t need any more idiots in this world. I do laud you though that you have found away to make a living while getting either drunk or high. I can only imagine what you may have been on when you wrote this garbage. Editor of Getoffthebs.

  • biilyjoe


  • Steven Barrett

    I wonder if Vlad has a Boom Boom room like his Italian pal, the former PM Berlusconi, had for their parties? If Trump gets in, trashes NATO by reducing our necessary power as the last biggest deterrent to Russian expansionism, he’ll prove Hillary Clinton right the other day when she said it’d be Christmas every day in the Kremlin. Hmm, “boom boom room” might take on a different connotation if we’re not careful. I’m backing Bernie Sanders, who also does not operate under any false delusions about the Russians, notwithstanding his far more liberal outlook of the mid 80s when he represented Burlington to its sister city in the old evil empire. (Yaroslavl.) Putin can be a valued friend, or he could be our worst nightmare depending on how deep his Panslavic views have taken root. He was a Soviet imperialist before he took on the trappings of a neo-royalist with a not so-secret desire to put the Romanovs back on the throne (as unifiers serving in the same role as the Windsors. Ironic since it was the House of Windsor under George V who left the last Romanovs at the mercy of Putin’s former employer.
    Yeah, I can see where Trump would have a four to eight year bash with Vlad, and perhaps also the newly reincarnated Romanov dynasty. And with a diminished Nato, yep, Christmas in the Kremlin and old palaces along the Gulf of Finland, too.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You know Cliff, if the Republican Establishment wasn’t implying that Trump can’t beat Hillary — because he is not politically correct enough — you might have an argument. The Trump candidacy does not threaten to destroy the two-party system. The parties are already moving in that direction. If the people have been so conditioned that a majority will vote in favor of the politically correct candidate, then it is already over.

  • Clay


  • jug

    In other words, Trump is Putin’s bitch!
    Of course, it helps that with Trumps heavy investments in Russia, Putin has him by the short hairs!

    And no one but me sees a conflict of interest here?

    Sort of like no one saw obuttholes muslim tendencies 8 years ago either!

  • Ragnar

    Thank you Cliff. I have great faith in you.

  • sharpy

    Outstanding article!

  • terry1956

    Mr.Kincaid while it may be so that the self serving tyrant Putin gives money to some populist parties on the right it is also true that his want to be one world tyrant competitors give money to leftist and moderate parties.
    Here in the US of the 5 top Political Parties the GOP, the Democrats, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party and the Constitution Party going by their 2012 platform it is clear that the LP and the Constitution Party are the only two real American Party with the very glaring exception of the legalized murder of some ( more than a million a year) American babies plank of the LP which thus would make the Constitution Party the only real American party of the top 5 although at least one of the LP hopefuls is pro life .
    Another problem with the LP is their support of the free trade BS but the GOP is worse on that being that the deals it and Obama supports have nothing at all to do with free trade anyway so its total BS.
    I’m finding out so much stuff about Trump and Cruz plus their silence on some things that the Constitution Party is bringing out ( neither of the two is saying with force to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US) that come November I’m really thinking about voting for the Constitution Party nominee unless the polls for Tennessee shows the Democrat a head or even close by less than 20 points and I am going to encourage others here in South East Tennessee to do the same.
    Thus even if the Constitution Party in TN got 10% of the vote and the LP got 5% of the vote that still would give the GOP nominee a solid lead against the democrat with 5% or more.
    If Trump runs independent or the GOP establishment runs independent if Trump gets the GOP nomination then the choice will go to the US House anyway for the first time since 1824 and likely the House will pick the establishment runner.

  • terry1956

    I don’t think the founders intent was for nation wide political parties picking the president giving the way the picking was set up in article 2.
    The state legislator would pick the electors and the state legislator was made up of one chamber with popular representation and another chamber with area similar to the US Senate ( PA. may have been an exception I’m not sure now).
    Elections for state legislators happen every year or 2 with one chamber in CT every 6 months.
    The figuring was naturally the state legislator would select electors who would select a person from their state and another who would not be from the state with the preference being the out of state person be VP and the in state person being president.
    Since no person nationwide would get a majority of the electoral votes then the picking would go to the US House selecting from the top 5 and each state having an equal vote with a requirement of a majority of the states in picking the president and after chosen the president the VP would be picked from the highest electoral votes and if two or more of those were equal then the US Senate would pick the VP.
    Again it was the state legislator who picked the two members of the US Senate.
    Some of the above was changed by the 12th amendment but most of the original intent still works out with the 12th if congress would do the right thing and overturn Baker V Carr etc but It would be best to repeal the 12th through the amendment process as well as the 17th plus require US House districts of 1 for every 30,000 people plus require federal judges to inform juries of their veto authority.
    Amended not via a con con either but through a two thirds or more vote of congress and 75% vote or more of the state legislatures.

  • terry1956

    NATO is neither necessary to the defense of the US but is in fact counterproductive and US involvement is illegal.
    Yes Western Europe( except the UK) and non Russia Eastern Europe would benefit greatly from a federated defense much more so than a economic federation ( which actually is counter productive) but it is best for Europe and the US that Europe funds their own defense.
    It is better that the UK also not be a part of the EU federation but have a federation of as many common wealth nations and former of mutual agreement as viable with especially Canada, Australia, New Zealand but maybe also India and South Africa.
    Japan, South Korea,Tawian and some other Asian nations could have a federated defense.
    The US already has a federation and needs no other entanglements nor is it legal to have any plus it is counter productive for the US to have any for any reason not just defense.
    Israel being a nuclear power could get by without federating with another nation but work with the US through congressional Letters of Marque or they could ask congress to become the 51st US state and it would be good for the US if Israel did become a state in the USA if the occupied Moslem majority territories are not included.

  • terry1956

    Its not if we should be afraid of Putin or the Muslim Brotherhood because of course we should be afraid of both since both are serious dangers to the US but of course those two competitors are not the only dangers, to the US because there are a lot more.
    The top 22 other dangers to the US are the1. Leadership of Congress in both main parties .2. The current US president,3. Seven of the Eight current Supreme Court Justices with Thomas being the only American Patriot. 4. Most of the other federal judges, 5. Most of the state governors, 6. Most of the state legislators, 7. Most of the state judges,8. Most of the County Sheriffs, 9. The US Chamber of Commerce, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable,
    10. The federal reserve, other central banks, the IMF, the world bank, the bank of International Settlement,
    11. The UN, 12.The WTO, 13.NAFTA, 14.TPP,15. Red China, 16. Iran
    17.The EU, 18.NATO. 19, International Socialist, 20. Mexico, 21Venesula, 22. Cuba.
    Of the above top 24 dangers to the USA and the American people the list is not necessarily in order.

  • terry1956

    Good points but of course the competitors of putin to dominate the world are no friends of the US either and that would include Red China, the EU, the UN, the Moselm Brotherhood, Iran, The US Chamber of Commerce, International Socialist, the Current leadership of congress in both parties, the current US president and the past 3 US presidents and 7 of the 8 federal supreme court judges with Thomas being the only friend of the USA on that bench.

  • terry1956

    And putin should be defeated along with the other foreign and domestic enemies of the US including Obama and the neocons using of course non violent means against the domestic enemies but never never turning in our guns.

  • terry1956

    Trump likely will not be president, it likely will be Cruz, Kasich or Clinton.
    Of course going by the 2012 platform of the top 5 political parties only the Constitution Party is a real American Party with the Libertarian Party a close second but the LP plank in favor of legal murder of millions of American babies makes the LP worse than the GOP but sometimes the LP nominates a pro life person.
    Clinton would be the worse of any of the top 4 will nominate with likely only the Green Party nominating a worse person but the vast majority of Green Party votes will take votes from Hillary not the GOP nominee.
    Votes for either the LP nominee or the Constitution Party nominee will take votes from the GOP nominee but if the polls show the GOP nominee with a very solid lead of say 20 points are more then a vote or for that matter many votes for the LP nominee or the Constitution Party nominee will not throw the election to the democrat but if combined the two third parties get 10% or even 15% of the vote in your state then your state will still pick the GOP nominee with a safe margin.
    IF the GOP nominee is ahead by 30 points then a combined 25 points of the two third parties will not throw the race in your state to Hillary especially if many of the Sander supporters vote for the Green Party nominee.
    So I encourage you to look at your state and look at the Constitution Party nominee and if the Libertarian Party nominee is pro life like Ron Paul is but would make a good commander in chief which Ron Paul would not have then vote for the nominee and likely that will be the Constitution Party nominee.
    For now I think JR. Myers would be the best although he did come off as a bit weird in his video running for governor of Alaska with the Indian drum beat and chant but he is a member of an Indian tribe but he also is Christian.
    The Baptist Preacher seeking the Constitution Party nomination I think is the second best although I agree with the Tennessee state constitution that preachers have better things to do than to hold political office.
    Our state constitution forbids both preachers and atheist from holding state, county or local office but it can not do that on federal office.
    By second best I mean from the entire field of possible nominees of the 5 top parties with Myers being the best.
    The one pro life libertarian I saw briefly in the FOX Business debate might be the third best although the PA libertarian party had another debate with other people except Gary Johnson who was in both but I did not catch if either of those where pro life.
    There is also a recent entry seeking the Constitution party nomination but there seems to be a grudge match between him and the California Tax Payers party.

  • biilyjoe

    There are such things as priorities. With that list you gave, it would’ve been easier, and shorter by a mile, to list who we don’t have to be afraid of/ concerned about.

  • terry1956

    In addition to the three men seeking the Constitution Party nomination I ran across two more from the Constitution Party website either which would make a far better president than any of those seeking the nomination of the other 4 top parties in the US.
    A debate held 3/19/2016 and up loaded to You Tube 3/20 at and by the US Taxpayer Party of Michigan is far more interesting than what the GOP and Democrat Party did this year.
    John Diamond of PA runs a ministry with his wife talks sound American principles in the debate in the two thirds I watched.
    Same with Tom Hoefling of Iowa.
    Yes even they get some things wrong as does Mr. Myers but no one is perfect.
    It is worth checking out Mr. Hoeflings claim of being declared the best candidate in either party by one of the major pro life groups.

  • terry1956

    Yep, that was a partial list of our current domestic and foreign dangers to the USA and I would add to that list of course Sanders, and Hillary Clinton but also Kasich, Trump and Cruz including Cruz because of his wife previous association with the CFR and his not being willing to come out strongly against US involvement with the UN and other foreign entanglements and trade deals, Trump being a danger for the same reason but Cruz is a Constitutional Scholar and knows better so he has no excuse at all.
    Same reason I distrusted Rand Paul so early back when he was running for US Senator and backed away from his freedom of association comments made earlier on MSNBC.
    Rand Paul growing up in a libertarian household knew for a fact that Goldwater was right in 1964 voting against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because the two parts dealing with private affairs was totally illegal making the act unconstitutional.
    Goldwater had voted for two earlier civil rights act, he was a member of the AZ NAACP and he did not discriminate against people of color in his business.

  • terry1956

    Ranking that list I would agree with what Romney said back in 2012 that Russia is our largest enemy thus our largest danger with Red China being the second largest but not on that list is actually the most dangerous and that is Pakistan with North Korea coming in second also not on the list.
    Going by nuclear ability Russia has the most to cause harm to the US even wipe the US off the face of the earth as far as living humans and Red China the second most but MAD will work against Russia and Red China so far but Pakistan is so close to MAD not working and North Korea likely fears a direct hit on the US or even South Korea with nukes I think they would use EMTS and likely so would Red China and Russia.
    Likely with the last two if the US grows further in a weak state of defense.
    Likely Red China is encouraging North Korea via back channels and Russia is likely encouraging Iran.

  • 2011RedSox

    While disagreeing with much of Kinkaid’s defense of the established “two-party system” (When have they ever in the last 20 plus years varied much from one another other than the surreptitious difference in promises in return for monetary support?), I am amazed at the amount of tin-foil being worn on the heads of supporters of Donigula Minimus and their blanket conspiratorial fears.
    Yes, this nation is in danger of falling from within, AND if much is not done, it is inevitable. Yet there appears very little in the minds and souls of a large body of trumpites and similar dissatisfied that understand we cannot correct the problem by supplanting the Freedoms that have blessed this nation by taking on the nature of the dark tyrannical progressive forces that have undone the Constitution these last 50 years. Such actions ARE tantamount to those of the disintegration of the Weimar Republic of 1930 Germany. NAZISM was a SOCIALIST movement that similarly offered swift thoughtless answers and we must be careful to determine what evil outcome we are willing to accept so as not to become what we claim to hate.
    GOD… i pray You show us that we make the right choices You would want for the History of Man….

  • Carney3

    Of course I’m concerned about Obama and the Left here at home, but lionizing and truckling to Putin is no solution.

  • Carney3

    Russia is not Christian in any meaningful sense. Its Orthodox Church is and always has been a mere puppet of the regime, whether czarist, Soviet, or the current secret police/mafia monster.

    You posit a false choice between the crackpot cultural Marxist Left here at home and the sinister gang in the Kremlin. The true alternative is a Reagan / Churchill style Western Civilization, one of liberty via restrained government and order from a population restrained by traditional values.

  • biilyjoe

    In 1964, myself group of students and I (all members of my Catholic High School’s Republican Club) stood on an extremely busy corner, after school, twice a week, by our City Hall in a very large northern city . We handed out literature for Goldwater. We were verbally attacked by the numerous know-it-all liberal , anti-Catholic brats in who were in transit from several local colleges castigating us for being Catholic and Goldwater supporters. The left-loonie tunes and their bigoted big mouths had already begun their attacks (in their lying democrat/marxist infested classrooms) against conservatism, Catholics , the Catholic School system and the catholic church — doing what they do best even today against Trump/republicans — bringing up and blowing up flat out LIES , intimidation, and even riots to deprive the rest of us of our Constitutional , First Amendment rights and our freedom of speech.
    These were the “abbey hoffmans” that would come out of the woodwork in the next 2 years, and start all of their marxist lies /destruction with the sds/bill ayers’ terrorists — still committing violence to this day.

  • biilyjoe

    There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO EVIDENCE that Russia is behind the Soros funded sharpton, blackLIES,, obama’s anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-Constitution, anti-America ,
    anti-Scalia/Thomas, diabolical San Bernardino-style islamic terrorist/muslim brotherhood sponsored behaviors.

  • biilyjoe


  • Steven Barrett

    Terry 1956, how many people belong to this Constitution Party of yours? You’re living in a fantasy world guided by the same old isolationist BS that would make the likes of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. quite proud. (Even his sons turned against the old man on appeasement, and your retreat from Europe is just that, appeasement.) If we pull out, we’ll be lucky if the Russians fill in the gap because at least Russia is a capitalist country, albeit bordering on pure oligarchy. Count our stars if it’s only Putin. On the other hand, the Moslems since the days of Crusades, and before, have long had their eyes feasted on Europe. Who’d you rather have over there, NATO and American troops, or more radical jihadis? You can’t stick your head in the sand and expect the kind of clarity you need to make a better judgement.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    World government is being created by Regional Unions which suck the sovereignty out of individual nations. EU, South American Union, African Union, etc. 80% of the laws in the UK are made in Brussels. The Soviet Union was a regional union, like all of the rest. In 1984, KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn said the the Soviet Union would fake a fall as part of a long term strategy, aka the Perestrioka Deception. Putin is not the anti-thesis of the NWO, he is the thesis. Moscow was the center for world communism. When the Soviet Union supposedly fell, countries like Cuba and Vietnam continued to be communist. Since the fall of communism, there are now more communist party members today. The goal of the NWO is collectivism under World Government.

    In 1936, Communist International stated that “Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries or groups of countries,” after which there would be federal unions of the various groupings of these socialist countries, and the third stage would be an amalgamation of these regional unions into a world government. ”

    The U.S. signed an agreement under Bill Clinton in the mid 1990s, 1996 I believe, that makes us partners with Russia.

    More information on the Perestroika Deception can be found at:
    Once Upon a Time in the West

  • RMThoughts

    So, Orthodox Christians, aren’t really Christian and Reagan / Churchill but US fundamentalist dispensationalist are? …and the apex of Western Civilization….great program.

  • Mad Marx

    Conspicuous by his absence in many reports on these papers is global financier and felon George Soros, who manipulated Russian currency and markets, and who worked with President Bill Clinton to ensure the former Soviet Union would never stand a chance of establishing a free enterprise system.

  • Francis Flandro

    I Concur. The Russians have Overthrown the Rothschild Oligarchs. Lets Get Together! Humanity is Freed To Soar!

  • amanda sanchez

    What is a Christian? A
    true Christian?

    A true Christian is someone that became disillusioned with the religion God
    created for the Land of Israel. After the true Christian saw the corruption of
    mankind in the holy land a man came along that seamed to make sense on one
    hand, but rebelled against God and the religion God created for the holy land.
    What choice did the true Christian have? The religion God created for the holy
    land was in disarray and the man Haysus offered insight, hope and good will for
    mankind? So they chose to follow the man, the easy choice, instead of fixing
    the corruption of the religion God chose.

    But now, 2000 years later, the true Christian is too seeing corruption and
    perversion in his new religion. Now there is no person to turn to offering a
    ‘better’ solution. So what does a true Christian do today?

    A true Christian today acknowledges the past mistakes and realizes that even
    tho the man had good ideas at the time, fixin the religion God created for the
    holy land, is the only solution.

    A true Christian looks at their stolen Torah and says to himself “This is
    what I can do today to fulfill the word of God, our Creator, for the betterment
    of myself and all mankind”

    move onto better things for the sake of all life on earth