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Using various writers, including its in-house faux conservative bloggers and columnists, The Washington Post is going over the edge with its assault on Donald J. Trump. Does the paper realize how ridiculous it looks?

Friday’s paper carried the following:

  • “Trump’s Words are nothing but sound and fury,” by Eugene Robinson
  • “Clinton calls out the racists,” by Jennifer Rubin
  • “What living through a coup taught me about defeating Trump,” by Geng Ngarmboonanant
  • “Australians are wary of Trump,” by David Ignatius
  • “The disasters Trump has hired,” by Michael Gerson

One of the big new issues they are using against Trump is his alleged support for what Gerson calls “white nationalism” and Rubin calls the “white supremacist movement.” Rubin refers to the hiring of Stephen K. Bannon as the campaign chief executive as a “wink-wink” to the white nationalists.

I frankly don’t know who or what she is talking about. Is it objectionable for white people to defend their interests and even be proud of their race? Is that “white nationalism?”

This overkill attack from the media was sparked by Hillary Clinton’s speech on Trump and the “alt-right,” whatever that is.

It would be nice if these columnists would let the pro-white groups speak for themselves. It would also be nice to have a few facts in place of their vitriol.

One good source of information on all of this is the website of American Renaissance, a self-described “white advocacy organization.”

American Renaissance declares, “The United States is not a territory that is up for grabs, and that belongs to whoever manages—legally or illegally—to get here. It was founded by Europeans, who gave it its culture and institutions, and America’s European core has every right to resist dispossession.”

Is there some doubt that European Americans founded this country?

American Renaissance goes on to say, “American Renaissance is a voice for all white people whose hopes for preserving their people and culture are being sacrificed under the delusion that diversity is a strength. Diversity of race, language or religion is a source of weakness and tension for a country. To ask whites—anywhere in the world—to ‘celebrate diversity’ is to ask them to celebrate their declining numbers and dwindling influence. It is to ask them to welcome oblivion.”

One can disagree with Trump on this or that issue. But the idea that it’s wrong to appeal to or attract white voters is simply ludicrous. Is it objectionable for whites to advocate policies advantageous to their race?

What the liberal media are afraid of is that Trump is appealing to white voters who are tired of politicians bending over backwards to appeal to minority voters at the expense of whites.

It is perfectly fine, from the liberal media’s point of view, to appeal to blacks and other minorities. But whites are off-limits. Hence, to even speak of a “white identity” makes one a racist or a nationalist. This is complete nonsense, especially from a media that doesn’t even use the accurate phrase “illegal aliens” anymore.

In 2012 the Obama campaign ran a 60-second ad entitled, “We’ve Got Your Back,” appealing to black voters’ nostalgia about the election of the nation’s first African-American president. It called on those voters to “have the President’s back” and stand with Obama again in November of 2012.

Obama’s mentor had taught him that black people have “reason to hate.”

Where was the outrage?

We commented four years ago that Jared Taylor, author of the book, White Identity, had been banned from most programs because he dared to talk about whites as people with special interests of their own, separate from various minority groups. Taylor runs American Renaissance.

He’s getting more attention today because he is a target of Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Donald J. Trump. Taylor has been lumped into the alt-right category and branded as a “white nationalist.”

Most of these labels originate with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which makes a good living (and has a $300 million endowment) demonizing anybody on the right who opposes Cultural Marxism.

In her speech attacking Breitbart, Hillary Clinton said, “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces ‘ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right. Racist ideas.’”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has zero credibility. Even honest liberals call it a fraudulent money-making machine that specializes in smears of effective conservatives and tries to shut down free speech.

The real story is that the white working class has been abandoned by liberals in the Democratic Party, making bad trade deals and using the climate change scam to close down energy industries such as coal. Trump appeals to those people hurt by liberal policies.

It has now become “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” to want jobs for white people and futures for white kids.

Trump talks about these communities losing jobs, but getting heroin in return.

“A heroin epidemic is ravaging white America,” wrote David Lapp in National Review, hardly an alt-right journal.

Where is the outrage?

Years ago, when the liberal media picked up false charges about the CIA shipping crack cocaine into black communities (recently made into a major motion picture called “Kill the Messenger”), congressional hearings were held and politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) cried racism.

In the case of the heroin epidemic, the Obama White House rolled out a “fact sheet” on the problem and held a summit.

Trump and others have been saying that heroin is coming to the United States primarily from Mexico. The liberal media admit this is true.

So Mexico is supplying the heroin that is killing white Americans. Trump wants to build a fence to keep the stuff out.

Hillary has a $10 billion plan to fight drug addiction with “multi-faceted federal policy leadership.” Her plan says nothing about how to stop the heroin, which kills white people, from coming across the border.

Is she anti-white?

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  • Rick48

    In spite of being pro-Trump, I found Mr. Kincaid’s viewpoint in the above article objectionable. It would be better if society were less race conscious, so the viewpoints Kincaid espouses and documents from American Renaissance and from Jared Taylor sound just as wrong headed to me as the ideas from Black Lives Matter, in that they both lead to more race consciousness and race based policies rather than less.

  • Bertharina Rina

    I understand that Jews are not an ethnic race nor nation. It is clear that these people, as a whole, in ancient times were merely nomads and vagabonds. Look at the counterfeit and confederated humanity that is the Israel of 1948.
    Classically, they are world wanderers. Why do Christians continually harp upon a false ideological perception that is based upon ignorance, I am not speaking of those who were mongols coming out of Asia and settling around the Black Sea and Caspian seas. It seems that Satan and his gang is pulling a fast one on the origin of invaders who nestled down with the overthrow of Russia in 1917.This gang are not the ones that Christ dealt with, for them or their descendants have never originally sat foot within the Holy land.

  • rebeccadewhirst

    I think Hillary hates everyone but herself and possibly her daughter and granddaughter…she uses people for her own selfish interests

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Every time I think Kincaid can’t sink any lower, he comes through. Well played, dummy.

  • Steven Barrett

    Whose Bible or books on religious history, anthropology, etc. are you reading from, the same trash Hitler read and instructed his minions to read as well? Goebbels must be proud of you.

  • Steven Barrett

    Once upon a time, there was the “paranoid right” that responsible conservatives such as Buckley, Kirk, Viereck and Evans did their best to avoid being tainted with by any whiff of association. Then along comes Trump’s “Alt Right” (despite his piss poor attempts to disavow any association with, or worse, benefit from) and now it seems like Cliff Kincaid is trying to invent his own “right.” Wrong move.

    “Is she anti-white,” asks Cliff. LOL, ab-so-lute-ly prime grade, no make it super prime grade LOL material.

  • Bertharina Rina

    There are counterfeit Jews within this globe. King Solomon and King David were genuine Jews. The original Jews were taken into captivity through the diaspora. All of this comes . from the King Jame’s translation.

  • Steven Barrett

    Oh, I get it. You’re going to take your research from a politically commissioned bible ordered by an English King, James I? Nice try if you’re trying to base your views on good ol’ Biblical “authority.” At least the Vulgate, written and compiled by St. Jerome was commissioned by the direct heirs of the first pope and apostles. Not so with James’ johnny come lately version. True, anti-Semitism was quite popular throughout Europe for millennia, and in England it had its on nasty local flavor. But I thought we Americans have moved on or at least started to move past a lot of old political fables that led to so much misery for Jews in general. What you seem to be doing is picking one fable to define for the sake of defending your own prejudices against Jews and this fable seems to be telling you “pssssst, there’s good Jews and not so good Jews.” Uh huh. Is that it?

  • Bertharina Rina

    Mr. Netenyahu is inviting non Jews into the state of Israel. Like I said, many non Jewish people are flooding your country. A leopard cannot change its spots. My sister was married to Friedman. Could not meet a finer person. I was a pall bearer for George Cohen. Why are you so upset? Let all men warship as to they please. In Egypt a horse and a cow were Gods. You are playing politics.I will never kiss a politicians’s ass. I weave my own hangman’s knot—-come down to earth and think for your self.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Mr. Netenyahu is inviting non Jews into the state of Israel. Like I said, many non Jewish people are flooding your country. A leopard cannot change its spots. My sister was married to Friedman. Could not meet a finer person. I was a pall bearer for George Cohen. Why are you so upset? Let all men warship as to they please. In Egypt a horse and a cow were Gods. You are playing politics.I will never kiss a politicians’s ass. I weave my own hangman’s knot—-come down to earth and think for your self.

  • Steven Barrett

    Have a nice day, Bertha.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Thank you !

  • Bertharina Rina

    Paul Warburg backed Hitler. Too, wrote as to how the federal reserve was to be set up in 1913. He was Berlins largest banker.