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As the next phase in the Kardashian campaign for big bucks from reality TV gets underway, with former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner declaring himself “Caitlyn,” the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) went into action. The gay lobby quickly issued an “Open Letter to Our Colleagues” on how to “accurately” cover “Caitlyn Jenner.”

The verdict from this special interest lobby is that Bruce Jenner can call himself anything he/she wants to, and the media are obligated to go along with whatever or whoever he says he wants to be.

There is no evidence that Jenner has changed his male DNA or even that his name has been legally changed to Caitlyn. Nevertheless, the NLGJA declared that “Now that Jenner has publicly announced a gender identity, the best practice is to refer to Caitlyn Jenner by the name she announced.”

On this basis, journalists are supposed to disregard reality and accept whatever various sexual minorities or psychologically disturbed individuals claim to be the case.

This flies in the face of normal rules of objective reporting, which require that things be covered in the way they are, not as people wish them to be.

By this standard, Jenner can claim to be a man one day and a woman the next, and the media are supposed to adjust their coverage accordingly.

The major problem with the NLGJA’s instruction to the media is that “Caitlyn Jenner” is still a “he.” There is no evidence that “he” has actually become a “she” in any physical or biological sense.

What’s more, there’s no way a “he” can actually become a “she,” since DNA determines whether a person is male or female. One is born a male or female and this information is recorded on a birth certificate.

“Today,” the NLGJA said in its Monday “open letter” to the media, “the person we have previously known as Bruce Jenner revealed preferred pronouns, and her new name, Caitlyn.”

So that’s it. A man wants to be called a woman and the media are supposed to fall in line.

The NLGJA informs the media that “Transgender people should be referred to by the name and gender with which they identify. Some transgender people choose to take hormones or have medical procedures, but that’s not what determines the right name and pronoun to use. It is stating one’s gender identity that is what should guide word use. Jenner should be referred to as she and her.”

How does growing one’s hair long and wearing a dress make Bruce Jenner into a woman? Some might say it makes him appear to be crazy, a pervert or a lunatic.

The issue of Vanity Fair featuring the photos of “Caitlyn Jenner” has not yet hit newsstands, but the photos are appearing everywhere in the media, including on the Fox News Channel, where Megyn Kelly declared “Caitlyn Jenner” to be a “courageous” figure.

The rest of the media are also falling into line. “She has finally made her debut,” reported CNN. “Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce, Introduces Herself in Vanity Fair” was the headline in The New York Times. The paper now calls her “Ms. Jenner.”

But where is the evidence that this is anything but a hoax?

“To get special early access to the revealing story and stunning photographs now, before it hits newsstands on June 9, subscribe to Vanity Fair’s digital edition on the iPhone or iPad,” the magazine’s website declares.

Hence, Vanity Fair is financially exploiting the “transgender” figure in the same way that he/she is doing, in preparation for a new reality show about Jenner declaring himself as somehow becoming a new gender.

Jenner has been a character in the E! reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” along with wife Kris Jenner. A new show on the channel will feature Jenner in the “transition” to being a woman.

All the advance publicity guarantees curiosity seekers tuning in to see how strange the show is going to get. It means big bucks from advertisers.

The photos in Vanity Fair that have been released publicly seem to be heavily doctored or airbrushed, in order to make Jenner appear to be more feminine than he really is.

Rather than be skeptical of this publicity stunt, the major media are following the instructions of the NLGJA and taking the whole thing seriously.

The NLGJA, a group funded by all of the major media organizations, works to manipulate news coverage on behalf of various self-declared sexual minorities, the latest being so-called transgendered individuals. “We are not an advocacy group,” NLGJA claims. “Our mission is to ensure fair and accurate coverage of issues that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities.”

This is nonsense, of course. The NLGJA is a major component of the gay rights lobby.

As AIM reported earlier this year, the NLGJA held a New York City fundraiser featuring day-time talk show host Meredith Vieira, who described pushing acceptance of so-called transgenders as the next phase of the gay rights campaign. “The transgender community continues to make strides to gain greater acceptance with more portrayals in the mainstream media,” she said.

Vieira referred to Jenner’s April 24 interview with Diane Sawyer as an important phase in the campaign.

The Vanity Fair photos and a video are the next phase.

“In this exclusive video filmed at our Annie Leibovitz photo shoot,” Vanity Fair proclaims, “the Olympic champion discusses her inspirations and how she hopes to encourage others.”

But rather than “encourage” others, the effect of the coverage could very likely be to confuse young people into thinking that one’s gender can, or should, be changed.

While we expect the liberal media to trumpet this new progression in the never-ending campaign for new rights for sexual minorities, it is troubling that conservative media personalities have jumped on the bandwagon, contributing to the idea that one’s sexual identity can be decided on a whim, from day to day, depending on the circumstances or how someone feels.

During a period when America desperately needs strong families grounded in the traditional male-female relationship, this message of sexual confusion can have an extremely damaging impact on young people who may be going through challenging periods in their lives.

But for reporters to even consider this possibility runs the risk of being declared “homophobic,” or somehow biased against sexual minorities.

It is way past time for the major media, including such outlets as CNN, NBC and Fox News, to stop pouring money into the NLGJA. This funding represents a major conflict of interest for the media. Why not start covering this issue of “sexual identity” in a manner that begins to approach objectivity by letting the viewers and readers know that there is at least a controversy over people choosing their sexual identities and disregarding science?

The truth is that the media have already bought into this hoax and are too far gone, and the United States may be on the inevitable decline as well.

The “courage” we really need is that which stands up to this decline and affirms the traditional relationships based on America’s founding values. But it appears it is just too much to ask for this kind of courage from the media.

America’s families will pay the price. The nation may not survive, as it becomes a laughingstock before self-destructing or becoming easy pickings for a determined foreign adversary.

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  • NonaYabiz

    Journalists aren’t the only ones who are now going to report, record, based upon wishes rather than reality… look at the state of hawaii “May 6, 2015 … Today, the HRC praised the passage by the Hawaii state legislature last … ensure transgender people are able to change their birth certificates …”

  • Steven Barrett

    Although I’m not willing to share the entireity of Cliff Kincaide’s pessimism contained in his concluding paragraph, I’m very skeptical about what Bruce Jenner’s reportedly successful operation which has converted him from Bruce to Caitlyn. I wish the man no ill-feelings, or emotional harm and I hope to God nobody goes even further. But I do have some legitimate questions surrounding this issue in general.

    I’ve come to know some people who’ve been diagnosed as transgender after seeking a definitive professional evaluation . . . and my heart goes out to them because the results they sought didn’t always come without a serious price tag that society in general doesn’t know how to express without sorrow, or regret for these people, some of whom may have been emotionally railroaded into undertaking this personal kind of biological seachange.

    Let’s face it, no matter how “progressive” we’d like to think we are in expressing our tolerance for so many things unimaginable in decades past, we still live in many communities where bullies and bigots abound, ever seeking out those folks they just “don’t want around” for some reason or another. And it’s only a matter of time before the ugliness resting inside some unsettled minds and souls begins to percolate up and reaches the danger stage where it’s unleashed against those “different” ones.

    I’m going to leave aiside my personal/theological or philosophical reasons for my skepticism and simply question this rush to embrace a whole new world of gender-related subjects (as if just the act of men and women trying to figure each other out since the Creation hasn’t been enough for us to scratch our heads over and over.)

    But how many people in the media have ever operated a paratransit van, transporting people who’ve underwent these operations that didn’t come out as hoped, only to witness the sorrow of having to deal with the lingering pain, partial paralysis that might’ve stemmed from this procedure not to mention the curious looks, pity and other acts of handwringing that keeps us from recognizing that underneath whatever they’ve been told by a doctor or pro-transgender organization what to think of and for themselves, and all the other tumult that’s happened to themselves not to mention their loved ones, even spouses and kids, especially. Have we forgotten what stakes they have in the lives of these people? As if I have to repeat myself; not every procedure comes out “well” or as “best as could be expected.” Sometimes terrible things can happen in these procedures as well as they can in open heart, renal, stomach and other internal operations. The big difference here is that there’s going to be a major difference in a person’s facial configuration, and if things go awry, the results can be very difficult to look at, esp. for loved ones and the people who have undergone these operations are the first ones to sense this horribly off-putting moment of rejection, however unintended. Will the same adulatory press that’s motivating folks on to have their gender identification marks (DNA, whatever) thus leading them on to have these sex changes if they “prove positive” to any degree possible . . . be there when the results don’t come out as well as Jenner’s.
    Or have they forgotten that this man was already enormously wealthy, could afford the best doctors and therapists, follow up treatment for both external and far more crucially speaking, his internal functions, thus better able to withstand the rigors of this massive change? And I haven’t even gotten to all the huge support he’s received from his past sports fans and those he picked up along the way via his Kardashian relatives and their reality show. This is not your average Joe or Jane who received this treatment. And by the way, how are they coping, i.e., Average Joe n’ Jane. And if Joe n’ Jane had their operation(s) paid for by the gov’t through Obamacare, have we given much thought to how much this puts the Federal government on the hot-seat for any liabilities if the transformations went badly because the doctors goofed up?
    I’ll admit to being deliberately coy with my references to Jenner’s present gender stance for a simple reason: Bigoted overreactions from either side that’d be itching to attack my views for being too accommodationist to Jenner or those ready to subject the person to unending misery because of the sex change. Ask anybody who’s written about homosexuality in his home town, especially if it’s a college town in the northeast. If the writer’s a conservative and questioned some of the more untouchable talkng points of the pro-gay rights movement, that person automatically takes on the role of a social pariah, even if the public hasn’t caught on yet. Eventually word gets out and before you know it, that person has to re-explain a thousand times over to demonstrate that he or she is not homophobic in any way. This is truly one of those “don’t bother” issues to get into if you’re not wealthy, tenured or protected in some major way to have some fall back or the peace of mind that comes from knowing somebody has your back.
    It shouldn’t have to come to this, especially if you don’t mean any ill-feelings or contempt for what the individual has or hasn’t done. Reality tells us that those who even dare to even question any part of this whole drama, risk far more than a short spate of ridicule in the local fishwraps for a week or two. They could “get run out of town.” So much for some progressives respect for the First Amendment.
    These caveats won’t be so fully or readily admitted in our mainstream media but they’re real and they’re genuinely stated for all parties whose loved ones and friends have decided to take Jenner’s path. After all, Jenner isn’t your average Joe. I hope Jenner finds some peace that seems to have bypassed him, fame notwithstanding. Fame, as most rational people understand is a poor substitute for what’s lacking in the lives of so many outwardly “successful” people. And of course, rational people fully understand that there’s legions of parasites and thugs all too ready to exploit situations like this. Careful out there folks: this gender-change stuff is fraught with physical and emotional landmines. Is it worth it? Let’s ask whomever is inside Jenner’s body and mind five years from now, Bruce or Caitlyn. That person will tell us a lot more than a crowd of folks now being ever so subtly manipulated into thinking they are not what they’ve always been or thought to be before they picked up publications and turne on shows presenting only the side it wanted the public to see, hear and watch.
    He was a great athlete and did our country proud in Montreal. That should never be taken away from him. But we, who remain somewhat or wholly skeptical about all these sea changes and the rush of some people to have them given full blessings, shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear that just for publicly calling into question some of the salient points about this very contentious and complicated issue, should be held in lower esteem as well. After all, our Constitution hasn’t changed.

  • emag
    Its a mental illness or confusion.
    In Jenner’s case it may be a combination of that and the extreme desire for fame and fortune in a new reality show.

  • Gen11American

    Our society has become obsessed with the concept of “Pushing the envelope.” In other words, someone can always be inspired to go one step further, risking all to achieve a slightly higher level of attention or fame. That’s what has gotten countless sports athletes killed or maimed for life. In Bruce Jenner’s case, his sexual conversion, whether strictly for purposes of increased publicity, or because he made the choice to give in to a perverted personal urge, has destroyed his reputation and made a laughingstock of the “male” Olympian image.

  • emag

    Well said!

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Yeah, go ahead and pretend that the psychiatric community doesn’t recognize gender dysphoria as a real thing. Pretend that YOU know what’s in other people’s minds. Pretend that anyone cares what you think.

  • David Quick

    Unless Bruce can change that pesky Y chromosome into another X, HE will forever be a HE, no matter what name he chooses.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I blame the Krazy Kardashian Kult. #WorseThanScientology

  • joshuasweet

    timing is amazing the gay lesbian transgendered issue is coming to the fore politically what better way to cash in than a new version of the Kardashians and Caitlyn

  • Robert Grim

    Very though provoking. Wish the rest of the Country was a little more analytical. Imagine what a place this would be.

  • Robert Grim

    That damn DNA…

  • Steven Barrett

    Thank you Robert. LOL … Where I come from, if you’re just a tad big “socially conservative,” you have to be a card-carrying member of another kind of “One Percenter Crowd,” the very, very, very, very … Circumspecters United. Or else you’ll be looking for new real estate far and away from the pre-conditioned maddenin’ crowd.

  • Rev Michael

    Best reply on this blog, thanks.

  • HocusPocus

    No matter how hard you try, you’re never going to stop me.