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As noted by Peter LaBarbera of, LGBT activists were bitter and outraged that a conservative Christian with a public policy record of opposing the LGBTQ agenda was chosen to succeed a homosexual for the job of secretary of the Army. That is why a dishonest attack on Dr. Mark Green, a West Point grad and decorated U.S. Army flight surgeon, was launched by the Huffington Post, as well as other media and gay rights organizations.

“Green engendered significant opposition to his nomination after HuffPost first reported on comments he had made about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community,” said the far-left, openly anti-Trump publication.

One of Dr. Mark Green’s so-called objectionable comments was the science-based and common-sense belief, made in his capacity as a Tennessee state senator, that most psychiatrists believe transgenderism is “a disease.” He referred to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as having listed transgenderism as a disorder to be treated.

The George Soros-funded National Center for Transgender Equality immediately denounced Green as “hateful.”

Retired colonel and columnist Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., noted that opposition to Green was “joined by pro-Sharia groups such as Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a spinoff of the Muslim Brotherhood and an unindicted co-conspirator in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for providing support to the terrorist group Hamas.”

Other “controversial” comments made by Green, as explained by Peter LaBarbera in another article, were completely twisted by the far-left. His attackers claimed, for example, that he had referred to homosexuals and transgendered people as “evil,” when in fact he had used that term to refer to the Islamic terrorist threat.

In response, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said he found Green’s distorted comments “very concerning.” Senate Democrats attacked Green.

Incredibly, the attacks forced Green to withdraw his name from consideration for the post. “Tragically, my life of public service and my Christian beliefs have been mischaracterized and attacked by a few on the other side of the aisle for political gain,” Green said in a Facebook post announcing his withdrawal.

A new book, Diversity and Inclusion: What You Don’t Know and Why You Don’t Know It, explains how the forces of “diversity and inclusion” are used to marginalize and destroy the influence of conservative Christians in U.S. society, along with the traditional values they uphold.

What’s more, author George W. Draper told Accuracy in Media in an interview, “The harsh reality is that literally none of President Trump’s objectives can be accomplished on an enduring basis until the policy of diversity and inclusion (DI) is rescinded as an unlawful attempt to usurp the ‘rule of law’ and the Constitution.”

As an example, he said, “To stop terrorist immigration is certainly a necessary goal.  However, this and all other threats pale in comparison to the lethality of diversity and inclusion.” It is this policy that is truly “the enemy from within,” and which threatens not only unlimited immigration but “Third-World style” bondage for the United States, he says.

Furthermore, he argues, “Diversity and Inclusion serve as the basis and platform from which all other vicious political agendas and anti-American actions are expertly and expeditiously carried out against this nation.”

One of those political agendas is the popular (in the media) mental disorder known as transgenderism, in which biological men and boys with male DNA try to pass themselves off as women, and vice versa. Liberals believe in this alien ideology to such an extent that their hero, former President Obama, tried to force it on elementary school children.

In the media, the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association now includes “transgendered” in its name, calling itself the Association of LGBTQ Journalists. It is funded by all of the big media organizations and instructs reporters on how to portray conservatives and Republicans as obstructing necessary social change.

Green was a victim of this biased reporting that continues on an ongoing basis.

When Obama Defense Secretary Ash Carter opened up the military to transgendered, or sexually confused, people, he did so without congressional approval, in violation of the Constitution. Obama’s Army Secretary, Eric Fanning, was the first open homosexual to lead the Army, and he helped implement this new policy.

Even more shocking, former U.S. Army analyst and convicted traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning is now undergoing various treatments at taxpayer expense in order to become a woman. His 35-year espionage sentence was commuted by President Obama before leaving office. Manning’s sentence will end on May 17 of this year and he/she will then walk free from prison.

The Draper book demonstrates how the forces of “diversity and inclusion” have literally infected the nation’s religious, corporate, government, academic, news media, advertising, and entertainment bodies.

Draper knows a lot about the subject, as the manager of a major defense contractor who lost his job when he protested the politically correct policies in the work force.

Most people don’t recognize the insidious nature of these forces because they are “cleverly depicted as a benevolent community movement focused upon social justice, corporate harmony, and civil unity.” In reality, this constitutes a program of “preferential treatment” for members of certain groups, now including the transgendered.

“It’s a case of quotas over qualifications,” Draper said. LGBT employees in particular “are a security risk, not only due to possible mental confusion and instability and incompatible allegiance, but also as a result of these employees being targets for blackmail,” he maintains.

In looking at the damage being done in the government sector, he notes that President Obama’s Executive Order 13583, “Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce,” has made the problem worse, especially in the national security field.

On October 5, 2016, Obama issued a follow-up presidential memorandum “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the National Security Workforce,” specifically targeting the Intelligence Community; the Department of the Treasury: Office of International Affairs and Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection; the Department of Justice: National Security Division and Federal Bureau of Investigation; and the Department of Homeland Security.

These policies, Draper argues, have “sanctioned and legitimized the hiring of thousands of employees, both in the federal as well as government contractor areas, who have questionable loyalties to the United States.” He says these “holdover” employees represent a significant internal national security threat and will take every opportunity to thwart the actions of President Trump and all allied organizations.

However, he notes that Trump has the power to rescind these controversial executive actions by Obama and restore equal opportunity, the rule of law and common sense to federal workforce practices.

LaBarbera commented that Green’s withdrawal came a day after President Trump signed an executive order to defend religious freedom, and that “some are wondering why more wasn’t done to support the Tennessee doctor’s nomination.”

“It was Washington D.C. and the media that rejected Mark Green, not the American people,” commented columnist Lawrence Sellin.

In addition to his decorated military service, Green’s biography includes the following highlights:

  • President/CEO of Align MD, an emergency department staffing company, which provides leadership and staffing to emergency departments and hospitalist services in fifty hospitals throughout ten states.
  • Founded Two Rivers Medical Foundation, which provides healthcare to underserved populations throughout the world.
  • Operates a free medical clinic in his hometown, and in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  • Augen Hund

    “. . .case for quotas over qualifications.” Precisely. A matter of propaganda over common sense.

  • Deert

    I have met several “transgendered” (not a word) people. They were all miserable and looked horrible.

  • It is amazing 1/2% of the country controls 99-1/2% of the country! It is the 1/2% and the media that are the hateful ones.

  • mioahu

    hey, the left is pro science, and the right is antiscience, right ? Yet every time science doesn’t fit their twisted goals, they use pseudoscience and lies. The baby is not a person, but is the female body ? HUH ? science says it’s a different person with a different DNA, is alive, can feel pain, but for the left that doesn’t matter… Sexes are fluid .. HUH ? That’s not what science says, anything else than 2 sexes is an error in the DNA…and if there is no error in the DNA, it’s a mental disease, that’s what science says, yet they use the psychobabble of pseudosciences, like psychology to justify their crap….Global Warming.. HUH ? No evidence for it in the past 15 years, all reports get falsified to prove their narrative, we’ve seen lowest temperatures on record, highest south pole ice, so then they use lies and psudoscience, call it “Climate Change”and blame ISIS on it.. communism, all history and facts show it’s and abject ideological failure, yet they keep praising the leaders and pushing towards the left……. the left is a despicable disease that has to be eradicated

  • Bruce

    Amen, Lt. Col. Green. When scum like Huffington/Washington Post, LGBTQ community, Soros’ operatives, and Islamic groups oppose you, that means you’re an honerable, moral, and upstanding man. Will those entities be there to fight along-side you in a heated battle? No. They’re all headed for perdition, and have no moral high-ground to speak Truth.

  • Mike Tragesser

    What kind of person is obsessed with other people having sex with each other? ISIS and Westborough Baptists and peeping toms! Please fellow Americans, stop worrying about gays. Focus on national security and the economy, like serious people and not gawking adolescents. You have a religion. That’s nice. So do others. You aren’t special or automatically on God’s side. Keep working on that, because you are doing it wrong.

  • Mike Tragesser

    Well there you go, an exhaustive research study!. Write a scientific paper there Perfesser. PS – Please don’t post stupidity with the Magen David attached. You embarrass our tribe.

  • AndRebecca

    You are wrong.

  • AndRebecca

    What tribe are you from?

  • BG

    Even though we wrestle not “against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” , history repeats itself. Every time I see anything by Huffington Post et all, I steer clear knowing their allegiance generally lies with the perverse, dysfunctional and/or mentally disturbed. This is not the first time insanity became “normal”. We must pray that all will not be “de-moralized”. Isaiah 5:20

  • Mike Tragesser

    I am from the Tribe of Reason. You probably never heard of it. We meet face to face in universities, libraries, bookstores, churches, and synagogues, civilly discussing the stuff you foam at the mouth over then post rants. See the difference?

  • Mike Tragesser

    Actually, there is absolutely no difference in the quality of a fighter based on sexual preference, religion, or politics, and why would there be? Perdition is a man’s own business, so mind yours. Nobody asked for your approval, so why not just remove yourself from another’s very private personal adult decisions that do not involve you. THAT is the American way. Freedom, remember?

  • AndRebecca

    So you’re a Marxist atheist. And, you are aware of the Unitarian Universalists. And you work like the devil himself to get rid of Christianity. Who knew? I suppose you have many confused bumper stickers on you car.

  • Mike Tragesser

    I’m a conservative, dear lady, and deeply religious, and I strive not to be an idolatrous self-worshipper. We do not just read our Bibles, or listen to preachers, but study diligently in groups, questioning everything. It isn’t the easy way, but the only way to avoid cult group think, no offense. If you think you are better than anyone else, think again.

  • AndRebecca

    Right. Christians don’t read the Bible in order to question it. You’ve got problems. You’re the one with the weird interpretation of the Bible and you are in a little cult group, per your own admission. And you lie.

  • Mike Tragesser

    How did you sort out the 2 completely different versions of Genesis, 2 different Adam and Eves, and 2 blended floods stories in Noah? Are you still using the coloring book version? Don’t speak for Chtistians please.

  • AndRebecca

    Didn’t you learn anything in your cult group?

  • Mike Tragesser

    My cult is 3,500 years old now, so it is considered a major religion, but you go ahead there with your wild accusations without doing any homework. We could expect no better from you.

  • AndRebecca

    You certainly are all over the place in your statements, so you can’t be believed. I’d say you are just a liar and that goes back even more than 3,500 years. And you can’t seem to keep on topic. I think your mind is gone. Too much weed in the 1960s?