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Donald J. Trump’s admission that two of his adult kids didn’t even bother to register as Republicans, in order to vote for him in the New York primary, says all you need to know about his attempted takeover of the GOP. Trump isn’t a real Republican and his kids aren’t committed to the party. They work for their Daddy.

The evidence is clear: the candidate who had no knowledge of the nuclear triad, which protects America from a Russian nuclear first-strike, and who flip-flops on every major issue, is still a Democrat.

At this late stage in the campaign, it is simply amazing that conservative media personalities and websites (such as the Drudge Report) are ignoring the evidence of Trump’s involvement with the Democratic Party and close relationship with the Clintons, and treating the businessman as an authentic Republican.

Belatedly, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump’s main opponent, has referred to the Drudge Report as “the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.”

The truth about Trump hasn’t been hidden. The voter registration records for Trump, obtained by The Smoking Gun website, show that he switched political party affiliations at least five times.

When viewed objectively, without partisan bias, one has to conclude that the so-called Republican establishment has every right to deny Trump the Republican nomination for president because Trump is not—and never has been—a true Republican.

Trump’s personal voting history has convinced many Republicans that Trump is a Trojan horse candidate who got in the race to hand it to Hillary. They are rallying to the candidacy of Senator Cruz.

Hundreds of documents have just been released by the Clinton presidential library showing a very close relationship between Trump and the Clintons. The Clinton Library says the collection includes references to Trump’s invitations to White House events and “a photo-op Donald Trump shared with the President at the Trump Towers in New York.” One entry is a copy of Trump’s Art of the Deal book inscribed to Bill Clinton aide Mark Middleton.

The “Donald J. Trump Collection” at the Clinton Library stands as proof that the billionaire businessman is willing to say anything, or register as anything, to further his business interests.  Or perhaps his run for the GOP presidential nomination is designed to sabotage the party’s prospects in November and make Hillary Clinton look good by comparison.

Trump could have run as a Democrat in 2015/2016, but he obviously saw that Hillary Clinton had been picked by party elders and their superdelegates to be the 2016 nominee. Trump denies that Bill Clinton talked him into running, but the suspicion persists. The Washington Post reported that Clinton called Trump in late May, 2015, encouraging Trump “to play a larger role in the Republican Party.”

Senator Ted Cruz and his campaign organization understand the stakes, and have moved forcefully in Colorado and other states to tell the truth about Trump’s Trojan horse campaign for president. They have convinced many delegates, even though technically committed to Trump during the first round of voting at the convention, to cast their votes for a real conservative in subsequent rounds.

Some “conservative” commentators are crying that the “establishment” is trying to thwart “the will of the people” who vote for Trump. But the Republican Party has no obligation to destroy itself in order to accommodate a billionaire businessman who puts the party behind his own demands for personal loyalty from his followers.

Some might say that if a political party can’t protect itself from a hijacking by an outside billionaire businessman with close ties to Moscow, then it isn’t worthy of being considered part of the American two-party political system.

“Eric and Ivanka Trump won’t be eligible to vote for their father in the closed Republican Party primary after missing the deadline to register with a political party,” ABC News reported.

Trump told “Fox and Friends” that “They were unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time. So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

Unaware of the rules? Didn’t their Dad, an alleged Republican, tell them? Didn’t they give his race as a “Republican” enough consideration to think that, since Dad registered as a Republican, they should, too? Ivanka said during the CNN “Trump Family Town Hall” that she was registered as an independent.

This debacle provides all the evidence you need about the nature of the Trump organization and the Trump campaign.

The fiasco demonstrates that there is nothing “Republican” about Trump running for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump has been not been a Republican most of his life, and he has funneled political contributions to top Democratic elected officials.

A 2011 analysis, before Trump turned his attention to taking over the Republican Party, showed the majority of Trump’s donations going to Democrats.

Since then, of course, he’s been funding the Republican Party and its candidates, even conservative organizations like the American Conservative Union. This was part of the masquerade.

No wonder his kids “forgot” to register as Republicans. It’s not fashionable to be a Republican in New York. Being a Democrat, or a “progressive,” is second-nature to most people in New York. That’s why Senator Cruz refers to Trump’s “New York values.”

Perhaps Ivanka had other things on her mind rather than re-registering as a Republican, such as her Chinese-made scarves being recalled as a “burn risk.”

The revelation about Trump’s kids not showing up to vote for Dad in the New York primary is another indication that the Trump for President organization has nothing to do with making the Republican Party a viable part of the two-party system, capable of defeating the Democrats this fall. Trump could care less whether the Republican Party survives as a vehicle for Reagan-style conservatism.

Although the focus should be on Trump and his motives, he is running around moaning and groaning about the Cruz campaign out-hustling him in Colorado. The outcome in Colorado demonstrates that Cruz and his operatives understand how the Republican Party operates, and that Trump does not.

So why are President Obama and Hillary Clinton attacking Trump? It’s apparent that they view him as a punching bag around which they can gather the Democratic Party base. He generates the conflict that strengthens the Democratic Party and will guarantee a united party in November.

If Trump were to actually win the Republican nomination and become president, it’s questionable whether his policies would be in any sense Republican. Indeed, his foreign policy would be even more pro-Russian than that of Obama and Hillary.

In this regard, the media are slowly but surely telling the truth about The Donald’s love affair with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and exploring his business ties to the Kremlin. Consider some recent headlines:

  • From Russia with love: why the Kremlin backs Trump (Reuters)
  • Trump’s New Russia Adviser Has Deep Ties to Kremlin’s Gazprom (Bloomberg)
  • Russia Hearts Donald Trump (Daily Beast)
  • Trump: “I want to get along with Russia” (Russia Today)

It is also apparent that Trump’s business dealings with Communist China would continue, despite Ivanka’s scarves violating the federal flammability standard.

Harvard professor Robert Lawrence analyzed the entire Ivanka Trump fashion line of shoes, dresses, purses and scarves, and concluded that 628 of the 838 Ivanka products are said to be imported and 354 made specifically in China.

Donald Trump’s own clothing line of suits and ties are also made in China.

However, on his official website for the campaign, Trump says his “Make America Great Again” baseball cap is “proudly made” in the USA. It sells for $30.


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  • Jimmy Leggs

    There is no defending what the GOP establishment did in Colorado. Cruz is not a hero. He’s a dupe. At our local caucus, we were told we could not vote our preference for a presidential candidate. I was going to vote for Carson, so it wasn’t a Trump issue. What about all the people like me (and candidates like Carson) who were denied a vote at the grass-roots level? It may not have been illegal technically, but it was very morally wrong.

    Colorado is a mess; it has become like California, meaning bankrupt morally and financially. In the mid ’90s, half-a-million socialist activists invaded the state, saying they were tired of all the problems in California. (They did the same in Arizona.) So, now, 20 years later, the Colorado GOP elite are largely California-bred RINOs. Last election, for example, we had a queer from California forced on us as our Congressman.

  • RMThoughts

    Mr. Kincaid is giving us little picture stuff. The old Texas “stop peeing on my boots and telling me its raining”.

    The 2016 election with Trump’s insurgent grassroots campaigns literally given the political establishment a run to hold onto its power and money machine. But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and above all, the presidential race — is a big scam being perpetrated on the American people.

    Events from the last week have exposed the system as an illusion of choice and a farce. They have reinforced grassroot conviction the U.S. is an oligarchy rather than a democratic republic.

    For all the explanations, and even the seal of approval of Rush Limbaugh, in the Republican nomination process in Colorado the Republican Party of Colorado didn’t even bother letting people vote before using arcane rules to strip the democratic process of its democracy.

  • reggie

    Proof? You’ve got to be kidding. Mr. Kincaid, you obviously have no idea what it takes to run a business. The bigger the business, the more important it is to schmooze. Why was Trump invited to the White House? A multi-billionaire
    businessman? Do you refuse to do business with anyone who is not
    brainwashed the way you are, would you refuse an Obama invitation?
    Aren’t you stretching it a bit? How many years ago? Clinton and Trump travel in the same NYC society. Duh. Why did Romney buy stock in Soros’s vote counting company; a so called prominent rino buying into a company owned by a man who rules the dempcraps, who is determined to destroy us? Understood wny obama did. I’m not going to waste my time breaking down your points. Cruz is a kiss azz career politician. His wife’s career is to take down the US via the CFO, and the North American Community task force she was on for years. Nothing more than a rino NWO proponent. Cruz = Clinton. Be honest with yourself and the rest of us. You are not a journalist, you are another mainstream puppet for the status quo to flush the rest of us down the toilet. Trump is not perfect, his kids are not perfect. We don’t need perfection. We need someone who will treat the US government as a business, not as a personal pig trough for all the politicians to continue the status quo of me, me, me. Fuk you.

  • jug

    Very astute piece Cliff!

    I have been aware of most of this right from the start, and have been so posting, to the consternation of many obamabots, oops, meant Trumpbots there!

    There is actually not much difference between obutthole and Trump, the biggest being that Trump certainly isnt muslim! Otherwise you have to look very hard!
    They both are deviod of any real sense of duty as to foreign policy, both very dangerous there, for only slightly different reasons. Trump’s infatuation with Russia, Putin and his own heavy investments in the country. Trump should be barred from the presidency, simply because of his conflict of interest, in this case.
    Putin has him by the short hairs here!

    I knew instantly, when he and Bill had that little converstation, right before Donalds last party switch, what was going on. It was Bills idea basicaly, he didnt want Trump taking down his wife from out of their own party!
    But to put the third democrap in the running on the republican ticket, shear BRILLIANCE!

    Then to have the “actor”, Trump be so good at the job, to fool all the low info voters, just like with obutthole the last two times, its a WIN-WIN situation!

    They knew they had to do something to take out the only honest person in the actual running, Cruz, and sad to say, its working!

    Keep on trucking, IDIOTS!

  • Seedman

    Trump isn’t a real Republican and his kids aren’t committed to the party. They work for their Daddy. 628 of the 838 Ivanka products are said to be imported and 354 made specifically in China. Donald Trump’s own clothing line of suits and ties are also made in China. Trump says his “Make America Great Again” baseball cap is “proudly made” in the USA. It sells for $30. No thanks. The honorable, competent, constitutional minded Senator Ted Cruz is the best man for the party nomination and to become president.

  • GKBH

    Hmm…have to disagree with you.
    Crooz was not born on USA soil … he is either a naturalized US citizen or an illegal alien .. both of which makes Crooz ineligible for the presidency/employment. When Crooz “unseals” his birth, immigration, academic transcripts, and other evidentiary documents for “we the people” to examine, then, and only then, the argument of eligibility or criminality is put to rest. Otherwise, Crooz is a corporatist pursuing the overthrow of the Republic for the NWO.

  • GKBH


  • GKBH

    DITTO, again!!!

  • Douglas Mayfield

    I am not a Trump fan and would prefer to see Cruz win.

    But for Kincaid to lecture us on ‘Why Trump is bad’ is a serious error, because it ignores the question, ‘Why is Trump having any success at all?’

    First, let’s notice that Republican voters are not stupid. They’ve supplied the GOP with majorities in both houses of Congress. What been the result?

    Absolutely nothing. Not one damned thing. Thanks to Boehner, then Ryan, and McConnell, as well as other GOP honchos, nothing has been done to oppose Obama and the Democrats.

    Based on this pathetic lack of action by GOP members of Congress, Republican voters are legitimately furious. And in my view, their anger manifests itself as votes for the guy who properly bashes the Washington establishment, Donald Trump.

    So let’s give Trump our thanks, which he has earned, for shaking things up.

    But if Mr. Kincaid wants to see Donald Trump go away, I strongly suggest that he write articles which give those cowardly, semi-socialist, ‘me too’, GOP honchos a well placed and well deserved ‘kick’ in their intellectual and moral butts.

    I think Trump, his success, is a manifestation of GOP voters correctly identifying a serious problem with the Republican party and pushing for a big change.

    Take serious corrective action to get rid of the anger by being Republicans, by fiercely opposing Obama and the Democrats, rather than doing nothing while mumbling platitudes and clinging to a an elected position in Washington, I believe you’ll see Trump fade away.

  • Maggietish

    The GOP establishment is on the verge of a stroke over Donald Trump. They want status quo and want to maintain the corrupt politics as usual agenda They are refusing to listen to the will of the people and obviously think they can override, and in some states cases take away, our rights to vote which are guaranteed in the constitution of these United States. The fact the Cruz is supporting them is no surprise. He’ll do anything to get elected. Look what he did to Ben Carson with the Robocalls prior to the Iowa election saying that Carson had withdrawn. And too, look at all the dirty backstabbing things he’s done to the other candidates. All the while he claimed he knew nothing about it. If that’s true, he’s just plain stupid and way I’m too dumb to be the president. There’s not a doubt in anybody’s mine that he was very much involved in all these corrupt dirty politics. Cruz is obsessed with Donald Trump. He still claiming the Donald something had something to do with the National Enquirer story about him cheating. The National Enquirer has clearly stated that it didn’t come from Trump. There have been rumors flying that it actually came from Marco Rubio’s campaign. But that doesn’t phase Cruz because he still continues to blame Trump. It would be nice if even one time someone asked him a specific question that he answered it instead of going on some type of garage against Donald Trump. We get it, he hates Trump. One wonders if Cruz became president, God forbid, would he have the same adolescent juvenile mentality against other World Leaders. If the Republican Party really believes that the American people are just going to sit back and allow them to steal the election by naming their own candidate against the will of the people, they’d better buckle up. The Republicans are no different from the Democrats. We need to demand term limits and we need to end the era of career politicians and kick these political hacks to the curb. Wake up America!

  • Adam

    Rafael “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz is not even an American citizen or by any means a legal US Senator since neither he nor his mother have an American Birth Certificate. Cruz was born a Canadian citizen at a time in Canada when dual citizenship was not legal. Furthermore, his birth was NEVER registered at an American consulate anywhere so he is not even a “naturalized” citizen of the USA let alone a “native born one”.

    But don’t let that stop you voting for “Lyin’ Ted” because he is a good little Con Man and, like you Mr. Kincaid, a shill for the Socialist-Globalist-Islamist uni-party of the New World Order.

  • Webuppp

    I also supported Ted until about 5weeks ago when Rubio outed Ted on amnasty. The infomercial Rubio aired show Ted in front of a committee testifying he supports amnasty. Then Cruz denied he said it while I,m watching it come out of his piehole. His wife is a senior partner with Goldman saks, you don,t get into that position unless your a Marxist. Tell me what,s so honorable about that? Educate yourself seedman, by the way, Ted also represented monsanto. The company that is personally killing Americans, and is the number one cause of cancer increasing to the epidemic proportion we see, and increases every year

  • Webuppp

    It it jug head? Your the uninformed idiot here. Ted honest? If so, why does ted say trump will strip our 2nd amendment rites? Trump, his sons all belong to the NRA. Does an honorable man lie to get elected? Ben Carson didn,t leave the race in Iowa did he? Carson was way in front of Cruz and Rubio before the Cruz campaign committed voter fraud, what did Cruz do to fix his campaigns blatant &false lie? Absolutly nothing. Is that also honorable? Once I saw these things, I switched my vote. People can change, I believe trump was liberial@ one point. So was Reagan. I believe trump sees our country as I do, on the verge of economic collapse and wants to protect all the youngins in his family 10yr old son, grand babies Americans. His money has the same value as yours jugghead. Should the economy collapse even Donald trump will be effected. Maybe you should give the guy credit for changing his political stance. I for one don,t think it,s for expedience, but more for practicality, and survival. Either way, America has a chance to recover with trump in. Look, we control congress we control the senate, yet the Marxist in the Republican Party just passed another 2trillion dollars called onimbus. It funds Obama care, didn,t Ted say he,s stop it? Didn,t the republicans up for election in 2012 run on that commitment ? So why then was it passed? Where is the repeal? Why was Hillary not indicted after the hearing on Benghazi? Where was Ted Cruz while she was being questioned? He doesn,t have access to the house?

  • Webuppp

    How in the world can a state like Colorado disenfranchised it,s own citizens the right to vote? And Ted Cruz is fine with it. If he was honorable, he,d ask the state to have a fair election, if for nothing else, to strengthen America,s voting rites, rather than the world seeing us turn into a banana socialist nation in the likes of the clintons/sanders, and oh yeah, cruzes. Hedi is a Marxists as well, if I see Ted, I,ll tell him to his face as well


    Wow, they go to drastic chicken-shit means to steal any chance of Trump winning in the state and then blatantly celebrate stealing peoples right to take part in the election process. How out of touch with reality do you have to be to think that you won something there? How many people did they alienate that will vote for Trump just to spite them even if they hadn’t intended to do so before all the underhanded crap they have pulled?

  • jug

    Sorry Webump!
    Its you who are the dummy here!
    Politicians and salesmen lie!
    Trump is both!
    Along with being a progressive liberal democrat all his life!
    He is way to old to change his spots, and he is lying to you!
    Salesmen tell you exactly what you want to hear, and Trump is very good at that! He IS a Trojan Horse for Hillary, he and Bills plan has worked out even way beyond Bills wildest dreams!

    Trump brags about being able to change his persona at will, and he it proving it, big time!

    Hows it feel to be supporting another fake, just like all those obuttholebots did?

    Cruz did his best to defund obuttholecare, but the RINO cowards wouldnt stand with him! He even called “Bitch” McConnel a liar to his face!

    Both Carson and Cruz recieved right at the number of votes in Iowa as expected! The CNN and Trump smear didnt really affect anything!

    But Trump skipping that debate sure DID!
    Put him in second place, by his own fault!
    But of course, his obutthole type ego and narcisstic personal problems just couldnt accept that!

    So, he took it out on Cruz, smearing him by enlarging the little Carson thing, and whinning about it for weeks! (That old democrat/Communist/Saul Alinsky tactic still works!) Tell a big enough lie, often enough, and people believe that it must be true! (Welcome to the befuddled!) BTW, he also called the Iowa voters, “STUPID”! SHOULD show you just exactly what he thinks of the voters!
    And that means you and me included!

    Once in a while they slip up and accidentally speak the truth, even obutthole!
    Calling the Iowa voters stupid, was one of Trumps slip up!

    Trump even says he will change again “when he becomes president”!
    He most certainly will!

    Even Joni Ernest pulled the wool over peoples eyes, last senate election.8
    Even I was fooled, donated to her, she won, and turned hard left!

  • jug

    BTW, Trump HAS been anti-gun!
    But unlike his friend, Hillary, I think he has figured out that it dont work in public!
    One set of laws for him, another for the rest of us!

    Just a Trojan Horse, and you fell for it!

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Okay?? and Sen Cruz was for the TPP and Immigration before he was against it.

  • Webuppp

    Jugghead , you should come up to date with your information. Trump is an active member of the NRA, so are both his sons. He also released his views on The right to bare arms, he,s also taking about nation wide conceal carry permit. Don,t know what the hell your talking about jugg just running your piehole sounding like a zealot. The trogan horse is Obama fool. Are you sure your conservative? Or a Marxist trolling?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Are you insinuating Cruz’s mother isn’t an American citizen? Then please explain his mother’s BC that he released.

    Also, what US law, while recommending it, actually REQUIRES an American parent of a child born overseas to register his birth at a US consulate?

    Also, what does 8 USC Chapter 12, Subchapter III Nationality And Naturalization From Title 8—Aliens And Nationality Chapter 12 — Immigration And Nationality Part I, §1401 say about citizenship obtained at birth?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Like you I’m not a Trump fan, although I’ll vote for him rather than the traitor Clinton or the communist Sanders. The person I liked was Dr. Carson, but he’s out now.

    You rightly address the anger of conservative voters about the fickle GOP. But please keep in mind Mr. Kincaid has written MANY articles castigating them for their cowardice, their disloyalty to traditional Republican principles, and their lack of support for the rule of real Constitutional Law.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    If you were a Marxist I doubt you’d work for Goldman Sachs at a high level, if at all. Now it you were a liberal of progressive it’s different.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Cruz has revealed his birth certificate, a Canadian one. But his mother was an NBC US citizen. He’s even released her BC.

    Please check out US law 8 USC Chapter 12, Subchapter III Nationality And Naturalization From Title 8—Aliens And Nationality Chapter 12—Immigration And Nationality Part I, §1401 and what it says about children born overseas to an American parent.

    The real problem is whether that law is constitutional or not based on a possible misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. I contend we need an amendment explicitly defining the status of NBC AND doing away with the anchor baby status.

  • DaveMann

    Ted Cruz has won 9 cases before the US Supreme Court. Gun Rights, Religious Liberty, and Un-Born Babies……..How many attorney’s have done that? His mother is a natural born US citizen and that legally makes him a natural born US citizen. Case closed on that. He is also a Constitutional Attorney, meaning teaches law and practices law. Has a solid and extensive background and resume. He has strong core convictions, religious and Pro USA. Has a solid marriage. If you take time to investigate any allegation being thrown out there at him about marital infidelity, you will find absolutely nothing in the way of any evidence and only unfounded non factual here say. The GOP does not hate him, they dislike him because he’s not malleable or controlled by them as they do most other political party members. He also is brilliant mentally as can be witnessed on how he runs his political operation. He is a formidable political adversary and that is being seen by the expert managing of his election race, which happens to be better than any other candidate. He fights when its tough, fights to win, and fights super smart. He plays ball in the Big League. He will make the best US President since Ronald Reagan. America needs a leader with Ted Cruz type attributes more than anytime in our history. He is a Constitutionalist. If America does not elect leaders who are NOW, kiss good bye our liberty and freedom as we have know it, unlike any country on earth.
    Gambling your vote on someone gifted at being a hot head and mouthy, who happens to be a really rich guy and owns casinos, is a perfect thing to do if you like gambling on America. I would rather put coins in a slot machine for my gamble, and put my vote in for a staunch US Constitutionalist Attorney. That’s a sure decision and not a foolish bet.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Your acerbic language reminds me of that of the bully Trump. And yes, Trump would be better that Clinton or Sanders. But if you think he’s a true conservative constitutionalist Republican, you’re mistaken.

  • DaveMann

    I couldn’t take 4 years of Hillary’s croaking.

  • Jonathan Vere

    Ted Cruz lost me at that point during the campaign when he turned on Donald Trump. All the while calling him by his first name, which to most people would connote a friendly relationship, Cruz suddenly began sticking daggers into him with a surprising viciousness, given his passivity toward him at the beginning of the campaign.

    Then came the Trump Chicago rally, which was shut down by hard-left protesters. Cruz started by giving a PRO FORMA condemnation of the attack, but then followed up with much more time spent on why this was basically the fault of “Donald” and his rhetoric.

    And then came the Corey Lewandowski incident with Michelle Fields, where the contrast between Trump and Cruz could not have been greater. In response to a reporter’s question, Cruz said that “of course” he would have fired Lewandowski. Trump, on the other hand, felt a loyalty to his campaign manager and was not going to fire him on the basis of a very questionable charge (which has since been dropped).

    What it comes down to here is that the “saintly” Cruz is not at all above using political correctness in the service of attacking Donald Trump. It’s lowball politics and seriously calls into question just how principled a man he is. Never have I been more disappointed in someone I once had positive feelings for as in the case of Ted Cruz.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I feel the same way but I believe the GOP is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Rick Lynch

    Mr. Kincaid offers a few facts and a lot of opinions. I don’t think this qualifies as ‘investigative journalism’.

  • DaveMann

    You should do a fact checking investigation. Because your facts are based on your manipulated feelings and not historic facts. When you are done with a thorough investigation, you WILL find that it was actually the casino owner who started using his gift of acid mouth verbiage toward Mr. Cruz. A typical tactic used by liberals and other immoral groups like the mafia, is planting gossip, doubt and negative labels, hoping the sheeple will believe. The American people are easily guided and corralled into following the “”stars of the media. Sadly people who have been given a country with such freedoms as ours and a long history of great leaders, have become ignorant and follow anything that comes along that is new. Go ahead follow a guy that has changed political party 5 times, his wife and kids don’t vote, gives tons of money to liberals, and is a casino owner. Go ahead bet on him. Your vote is a bet. The ballot both is a slot machine. Don’t vote for a guy who has always been a conservative. I’ll tell you what. If the rules say don’t kick in the groin, and a bully kicks you in the groin, the good guy is suppose to smile and not play hard back, right? Your argument proves you are a sheeple…….Go ahead vote, I mean gamble with your vote. Your a smart American……ddaaaaaa

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Yes. I’ll vote for anyone against either of the Democrats who are both out to betray America in many, many ways.

    If I missed articles by Kincaid, I’ll just say that in what I see as a struggle for the ‘soul’ of the Republican party, I will keep hammering on the following issue.

    Many Republican voters are thoroughly, and completely justifiably, angry with GOP leadership and their complete, and cowardly, lack of any intellectual and moral opposition to the Democrats.

  • Webuppp

    Sir, your comment is speculation, I am giving you a fact. All liberials are progressives, and all progressive are Marxists. There is no fine line. All theses factions are under the umbrella of totalitarianisum.

  • Webuppp

    Mr Benitez, the truth can sometimes seem harsh, the deception of the truth is even worse. The time to sugar coat things has come and gone. This is why we find ourselves in the boat were in. Telling the truth is not being a bully, it,s Paul revere stuff. I,m telling you the British are coming, isn,t that what a patriot does sir? As far as trump is concerned. I,m under no illusion. I understand trump had a time when his views were liberal, so was reagans. I believe trump,s grandchildren, and his younger son baron age 10 along with our economy melting had him change his heart and mind. His money has the same worth as yours. If the dollar collapse, yours won,t be worth nothing and neither will his. This is what I believe changed his heart. He want his children and grandchildren to have a future, American needs to be solvent for this to be. Is this hard to comprehend? I believe this to be true, and I believe it is admirible. What is hitlery,s motivation? Rubio exposed Cruz, who up till Rubio,s political ad showing Cruz testifying before a committee and from his lips said he supported amnesty.( I supported Cruz wholeheartedly) then Cruz denied he ever said it. Are you also an open boarders guy mr Benitez ? Is there a conflict of interest with you being of Latin decent? I,d ask you this, what makes the Mexican national, or any other Latino above any other race in the world? Every other race in the world applys for citizenship to America and respects our laws. Not the Latino. They must feel they are far superior race then everyone else, and I for one am sick of it. 200 million and counting. When your children are starving sir, because their has been no assimilation on this outrageous inflex of illegals, and the food supply starts to dwendle what then? 30 million out of work sir, I could care less about Latinos coming to America looking for work. Let their home countries provide it. Right now, if you are indeed American, let’s worry about are own. Does that make me a racist in your eyes? Or an American patriot.

  • Webuppp

    The Marxist in control of the media will try their best to thwart the will of the electorate, we are already seeing this, and leading the charge are the Marxist in control of the GOP. How can so many people be blind to the truth, other than the heart of people have been corrupted by the enemy of us all

  • Webuppp

    The beauty about any conspiracy is their is a small amount of truth that comes with it. Bitch McConnell is a Marxist, so Is John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsay graham, Colin Powell, Connie rice, shall I keep going? Notice the theme? They are all “conservatives”. Cruz calling McConnell a lair to his face was an easy target. This doesn,t make Cruz a conservative, just an opportunist

  • Webuppp

    Barack Hussein Obama is a constitutional lawyer as well, he is also a militant Marxist bastard. By your analogy these to things can,t exist. Obama proves they can. Hedi Cruz is a member of the counsel on foriegn relations dude. Wake up. The (CFR) is a Marxist think tank that formed in 1908. Electing the first Marxist president in Woodrow Wilson in 1912. They have been @ it for over 100 years bro. How do you think the public schools have decayed along with American values? In the 20,s the CFR recruited the top 20 doctorates graduation from college, and formed the American historical society. When it was contact time for the printing of history books for the school, or American consumption, the book were printed under the guise of the AHS. This was a way to “alter” American history Thur the course of generations. This is how the Marxist work. They play the game like a chess player, their moves are always 4or5 steps ahead, or in this case generational. Example…. The civil war was never fought initially due to slavery. You won,t find that in any history book in the last 100years. It ws a progressive tax being levied on the south which had them to succeed from the union. It was only after the tremendous amount of body beads heading back north, and the will of the north to quit, did the Christian community in the north started the movement of “freeing the slaves” became the battle cry to encourage the north to continue. Now, before any libtart Marxist drone accuses me of being a racist( black lives matter anarchist) slavery, is as old as time, it was wrong then, it,s wrong now, it,s the opposite of freedom, which is a gift from the God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob. The Hebrew was held captive 3times longer than the African, 400 years the Israelites were held captive by the babylonians. I,ve never heard once from any isreali a claim for reparations. Only the evil of the progressive Marxist could think that one up, and have racist drones repeat it

  • Webuppp

    It,s more than chickshit NWorld, it,s subverting the election process my man, it undercuts the very foundation of what the country was built upon. Even worse, it thwarts the will of the American citizenry. How can any right minded person not see the absolute attack, and attempt to destroy America completely. No boarder, no military, the ruining of hope( psychological warfare) the purposeful devaluing over the last 100year of the American dollar. Crazy how stupid/ gullible/uneducated we have become. The good news, is Jesus will set all thing right. And to our satisfaction and joy, we get to witness all forms of evil, conspirators and anyone else that thwarts the will of the Almighty stand trial in a court that won,t be swayed. It will be their own words that will convict them. Seeing justice served from righteousness, will be a glorious thing to behold, can,t wait!

  • Webuppp

    It states, barrack Hussian Obama,s father was never a united state citizen, he never became naturalized. Meaning, obamas father was a foriegn nation. The framers wrote into the constitution those subtexts your alluding to for the very reasons were witnessing as I write. What disqualifies osshole, is the fact his father was a foriegn nation, and never became a us citizen. The framers realized a foreign national could rear a son to subvert the American people& it,s constitution. “The ememy from within”. And now we see it don,t we? Barrack, is a militant Marxist period, he,s a constitutional lawyer that subverts the constitution @every turn. He knows exactly what he,s doing. And so does the Marxist in both parties that are allowing it

  • Webuppp

    Bobby, I like the suit and tie, you look like a very distinguished man, I have no doubt. Your naivety sir, is shocking. Goldman saks is not a reputable organization. When companies loose their assets, they go under. It,s called capitalism. What reputable company accepts stolen money from thee citizens of the republic to keep itself afloat? Where are the ethics you seem to think Goldman sacks processes ?

  • Richard Hidalgo

    Did trump go to Colorado to campaign? Why is he complaining about the election there AFTER the fact instead of at least a month ago when it might have made a difference? By the way, Colorado DID vote –

  • jug

    All those people marxist?
    You just showed your true political knowledge!
    You dont have any!
    Powell may qualify as marxist, but none of the others!
    And NONE of them are conservative, execpt Cruz!

    Most are just gold diggers, at the public trough.

  • Webuppp

    Jug your a coward progressive, you make blanket statement with no references. I gave the reference and where to find the printed names. Please stop trying to debate me, you are intellectual inferior. Cruz may have started as a conservative, like Linsay graham, caved in for political gain, as I started up till 6weeks ago I was a Cruz supporter. Once Rubio exposed Cruz admitting on tape he supported amnasty, he also said trump was gonna take our 2nd amendment rights. Meanwhile trump is a card carrying member as are his boys. Cruz staged his responds to trumps rally where anarchist stored the pot, within 5 minutes after the disturbance lying Ted just happen to have a podium with a mike and reporter waiting for him to give a responds. He did the same thing to Ben. It,s called voter fraud. Lastly, any American patriot should feel everyone has the chance to vote there conscience. Ted,s action of stealing the delegates without the vote of it,s citizens make a mockery of the entire under pinning of American society and it,s constitution. All for the sake of winning. Ted,s zeal has clouded his judgement, or he has given himself like graham over to the Marxist wing of our government. Either way, Cruz is out in my book. Hedi Cruz work for Goldman, enough said. A loan from Goldman for 1 million? No conflict of interest there right? Not disclosed either, that,s ok. Wonder what the payment a month is on 1million a month? Senators make that kind of coin? I don,t think so, but if they did, why would he need to barrow? Sounds like he can,t manage his finances, he,s gonna manage ours? Come up with budgets? Yeah ok,

  • DaveMann

    Hi Webupppy, You throw the term Marxist out there very liberally. Everyone is a Marxist according to you. Do you actually know what a Marxist is? Maybe take some time to bone up on facts. There are books. Do you ever read books. Or, is all your information coming from kooky internet sources? I would suggest being careful on your salt intake and maybe read some actual historically accurate books, and lay off the clownish websites. Alex Jones needs you but your sanity may also be an important issue you’ll need to foster. Maybe try calling everyone Hitler or Satin instead of Marxist, that may help get your point of view across a little bit better for everyone.

  • DaveMann

    Webuppp ….. I’ll bet you are fun to drive with on long trips.

  • DaveMann

    I want webuppp to win…….we need a cool even head at the helm……WEBUPPP for webuppp

  • DaveMann

    Ted and Heidi Webuppp

  • DaveMann

    Don Webuppp for VP

  • Webuppp

    Listen asshole, everything I said is backed by research I studied back in 1992. I have given specifics in detail. As far as the CFR, you must be sponsored to get in that club, sorry idiot liar, they don,t allow conservative groups in as a way to sway their Marxist point of views. Never heard of anything so silly. Also why are you injecting Alex jones into this? Is that your pathetic way of deflecting away my comments? Nothing you have stated has any facts behind them. Just your uneducated opinion. Grow some intellectual integrity, instead of challaging my facts, post your own, not your speculation. Name the 5forms of government. Show us all your intellect, I await your responds

  • Webuppp

    Not everyone, just the ones I mentioned.

  • Webuppp

    You must be a progressive retard, Saul alinski your hero? You like trolling website yu don,t agree with? Is that your shtick? What have you stated on any of your post except for your own speculation? Your rite, there are books, since you have nothing worthwhile to combat anything I,ve said perhaps you ought to take your own advise and educate yourself as your nowhere on the same intellectual level after reading your opinionated dripple. But thanks 4checkin in

  • Webuppp

    Again you have stated nothing, and didn,t answer my question on the 5forms of government man has invented Thur time. I,ll assume you have no clue, and your challaging me? Go play with someone on your level Davy, before you look sillier than you already do

  • Webuppp

    Again nothing of value, just like all progessive spin, no substance, just bullshit

  • jug

    Wepupp, you are nothing but wrong, all the way around!
    Comparing Cruz and Graham?
    Laughable, but not funny!
    It just shows how much concern to give your total drivel!
    Absolutely none, you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground!

    Put it this way, you know about as much about politics as Trump does about foreign policy, less than nothing!
    Trump is Putin’s new bitch!

  • DaveMann

    back up your statements with some real data with the original source. So I can know where your information is coming from. Thanks

  • DaveMann

    if you could ask me your question concisely, I will answer it. As I am not sure the question…….as for the webuppp sillies, kinda funny are they? I thought so.

  • DaveMann

    Graham has been good for his state, but not so good for the country……at least for about the last 8-10 years

  • DaveMann

    your all over the map……try staying on topic without ranting and raving on non related issues. There appears to be no logic in your argument only emotionalism.

  • DaveMann

    nor Bill’s

  • Webuppp

    You need to run along little boy, it,s your mother that,s up with Putin, or if he calls you over, you,ll be bending. Whoever reads this, jugghead here, is your classic progressive drone, I have given specifics, names to back everything I,ve shared. Both Cruz, and graham started out as constitutional sound& principled men. Is there any doubt Lindsay graham is an establishment insider? From the eloquence of the Clinton impeachment. Graham sounded like a modern day framer, what happened? Took awhile but he flipped. And so has Cruz, I supported Cruz, but no longer he has flipped as well, only in a shorter period. Lots of nuances are now appearing about Ted Cruz. He worked for Monsanto, that,s a fact, that alone loses my vote. How about hedi,s affiliation with the CFR? No red flag there, no wonder why your jugghead. Listen, Rubio talks a great game as well, when you look @ his voting record, a totally different story. Cruz swears he,s for amnasty, yet Rubio runs the political ad showing Cruz supporting it with his own piehole. I for one, am tied of the lying. Trump has got a lot of things right. Including the lying Ted part. Ted fooled me for a long time. I don,t want a canadate that says one lie, then does something else when elected. Remember hope and change? Everything I’ve stated is reasoned, rather than deflect like a progressive, be specific should you chose to answer. Any of your rules for radicle bs, I will no longer answer. I,m not gonna waste my time with anyone who claims the moral high ground, when they themselfs are a progressive liberial drone

  • Webuppp

    That,s the first intelligent comment that I have read of yours, if you mean bringing in the pork is that really a good thing? That pork, is stole from the American people. The 8 to 10 you speak of is spot on. How about John kasich taking 750 thousand from George soros? Does anyone on this blog know who George soros really is?

  • Webuppp

    Being lied to, deceiving another is not only and easier road, but it shows the people on it are gulible. Everything the progressive stands for, is the exact opposite of our constitution. In my book, people opposed to the constitution, should be bought out, and exiled, forget deport. How many people have forgot about 911? The answer, every liberal progressive. They are the open boarders crew, they preach it they own it. So does The higher ranking members in the GOP, they won,t get things done either. We are gonna pay a dear price, for the stench that comes from the progressive movement. You would think the myriad of times the progressive repackages, rebrands there objectives, people would understand the enslavement it brings and the freedoms lost. Was it globel warming? Yeah, now climate change. Same Money grab, different name. War on woman, race card has stood the test of time. Pitting one group against another, then add many groups. What do you get? The group quibble amongst themselves, while the progressive Marxist pillage Americans wealth, and enslave the masses.

  • Webuppp

    Really ? Concisely ? I asked what are the 5 governments man has implemented thru the course of time. Couldn,t make the question any more simple. You,ve had 24hrs. To gather the information. While you chasten me on this blog. Do you have an answer?

  • Webuppp

    Thanks for the commentary, Jonathan speaks from his heart & what his conscience tells him. And you? Total hyperbole , seriously, which man actually sounds sincere? The one who formed the words, or the one who throws conjecture @it?

  • Webuppp

    Richard, are you serious dude? Not sure of the population in Colorado a few million? 1person being disenfranchised ( not given a chance to vote) is the real question, not your talking points. Do you not see the bigger picture friend? If the Marxist can take the vote away in Colorado, they can do it in your state next. Trump has drawl attention to it, that,s why the Marxist are trying to get good folks like you, to quibble within the party. The GOP cares little about America. The open boarder is on them as well, although in all fairness, it is the progressives that drum the beat

  • Webuppp

    I have given example after example, if you call that all over the map, perhaps your own mind is on overload. Seems I give a solid argument, then i defend my position from your irrelevant snide remarks. That may also add to your confusion .

  • jug

    Again, Wepup, you is DEAD wrong!
    Little boy?
    Progressive drone?
    Somehow, I think you be describing yourself!
    I will be 80 this year and have supported exactly one liberal in my life, that being Joni Earnst, who campagined on “Lets make them squeal” and turned hard left when elected!

    Only politician to fool me in more than sixty years!

    And you dont fool me a bit!
    In comparrison, you are but a snot nosed young, know it all punk!

  • Erudite Mavin

    I have commented months ago here and other sites that Trump is a Democrat period.

    2004.Donald Trump: “I Identify More as a
    Democrat”. Emphatically Praises Hillary…

    Trump said : “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

    “Hillary Clinton. I think is a terrific woman. I am biased because I have known her for years. I live in New York. She lives in New York. I really like her and her husband both a lot. I think she really works hard. And I think, again, she’s given an agenda, it is not all of her, but I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job. I like her.”

    Donald Trump said, “Hillary’s always surrounded herself with very good people. I think Hillary would do a good job,” as he praised her ability to negotiate and ultimately handle a deal with Iran. 2007.

    Trump praised Obama in his 2009 book, Think Like a Champion

    Trump said he believed Obama had “the mark of a strong leader” with an understanding of the economy.

    Trump also gave his assessment of Barack Obama the man, stating, “Well, I think he’s sort of a guy that just has a wonderful personality, a good speaker, somebody that people trust. And I also think that the comparison with his predecessor is so different — it’s so huge that it really has made a great impact on people.”

    Overall, “I think he’s doing a really good job… He’s totally a champion,” Trump told King.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Interesting that tea people have fallen inline with Democrat Trump.
    Many of the Radio talking heads, many sites such as Drudge, Breitbart and a long list of others.

    Many of the Fundamentalists such as Jeffers, Falwell and others.
    This crowd make every excuse for him.
    They use the dog whistle term “establishment”
    code for Republican Party.

    They use the term RINO for many good Conservative Republicans and in their belief system, Democrat Trump with his love for Democrats, Putin, socialized medicine, etc.
    is a good Conservative Republican.

    The sites, radio talking heads and more I listed
    earlier are making millions off of this along with
    attempting to destroy the Republican Party thinking they can start their own little group.
    They are all delusional and dangerous.

  • DaveMann

    Hi. There was Old Testament self rule under Gods Law with judges as mediators (pre-kings). Then we have kings and kingdoms. Then we have dictators and totalitarian regimes under various denominations and labels. We also have tribal and warlords. There is modern socialism. We have democratic countries like here in a America (which is based on old testament, pre kings self rule). We also have multi-specie hybrids conglomerated from all of the above. The various government forms granting their prospective peoples specific rights, duties, obligations and making and regulating the laws of the lands, controlled or occupied. Will this pass your test question?
    By the way. After rereading your posts, I am starting to understand why you are so upset about things in this election process. Its fairly simple to see that you don’t understand the historic and constitutional voting laws and procedures under our legal system. You apparently believe that our voting process is based on the popular vote, which it is not. The people in Colorado did vote. The leaders the people voted for, placed into Colorado’s nominating process the delegate designation procedures. The people voted for it by voting for the representatives who enacted these laws. That is part of the process. It is all part of a democratic process. If you check out the history of America you will find presidents and senators were chosen is various similar ways throughout our history.
    Especially now, with such an ignorant, uninformed, uneducated, malleable, lazy, emotionally immature, immoral and mentally manipulated population, the elections, if changed to be “popular vote” would be disastrous to our country and make it highly unstable. Could you imagine if the entire country became webuppp’s and we had the elections based on the popular vote? Everyone would wind up riding cheap Chinese scooters, working “full time” 20 hours a week at Walmart, living at someone else’s pad, insisting on a freebie, chatting and blogging excitedly, and badly needing to bathe.
    If the casino owner would have been the beneficiary in Colorado, I dare to say webuppp wouldn’t be having a blogging tantrum.
    Can you admit that?

  • DaveMann

    No problem little fuzzy webuppp, I will go play with someone at my level, as I do look silly playing with you. I now am walking away from the baboon cage. But, before I do, I am tossing you a little peanut that you will be able to play with. You can hold it up next to your fuzzy little head and physically see the size of your empty skull cavity. Do you know the 5 types of primates? I mean, 5 types of webuppps?

  • Webuppp

    80? then @your age you outta know better mister. Your a naive man, that,s where the little boy comes in. Tell me what I said is wrong, by all mean help me correct myself. How did I fool you? These question you never explain, just turn and deflect. This is what had me to think you a progressive drone, your using their methods. If you are a “conservative”, you been getting fooled plenty. And if you, and others keep being naive, it gonna happen again. The GOP’s Marxist wing is stacking the deck yet again. 17 canidates, now 3. 2of the 3 are insiders from said wing. Jeb Rubio, Graham, Christy, were the wings canidates and your boy Cruz is playing the role of earnest. Says one thing does another. Earnest revield herself for the seat in government. Cruz held his cards for the presidency. The question is how Ted would govern? Like Rubio& according to you earnest. Will they sound conservative the speach”sounds wonderful”, then vote with the democratic Marxist party? Speaking of the devil, they have 2 insiders on their side, with sanders proving we have a serious problem with government when you have a seated senator claiming socialistic tennets, and the 3of the 4 remaining canidates being Marxists. Mr. Trump is truly the wild card. That is why the Marxist in the GOP, are eating their own as I speak. Trump has the ability to really clean house, this is what is feared, and represents the thwarting in every way trumps canidancy by the people whom suppose to support him. As far as the snot nose know it all kid. I asked God along time ago for wisdom, it,s a free gift, one can ask for. And I did. I,m Middle Aged,and been around the block. Ted says he,s getting rid of the IRS, you really think the Marxist bankers are gonna allow Cruz to destroy over 100years of their pillaging against Americans?

  • Webuppp

    Euradite, I am under no allusions about trumps pasts, Ronald Reagan was a democrat, what,s your point mister? Trump is a businessman. He understands money, job creation. He also understand like anyone else with half brain, this economy cannot sustain it self much longer. I believe his heart has softened with new found fatherhood, and grand babies about. Seeing the light always gives a better perspective on things don,t you think? This is where I find Donald trump, and why I switched my vote 6weeks ago from Cruz (being outed by Rubio,s campaign ad showing Cruz with his own mouth stating he was for amnasty) to now Donald trump.

  • Webuppp

    Level headed, and I agree.

  • Richard Hidalgo

    The real Marxists here are the ones who want to change these things after the fact! Liberals want to live in a pure democracy; they HATE a democratic-republic system.

    Pure democracy is akin to anarchy, it makes up “rules” on a whim. A pure democratic system makes it SO much easier to quickly infiltrate and corrupt a more conservative Party for any carpetbagging liberal democrat because they know conservatives play by rules and they don’t.

    Of course, when liberals have control, they introduce “Superdelegates”.

  • Webuppp

    Beautiful Richard. That eloquent answer right there has you to be a patriot in my book. Jefferson cowrote the constitution with James Madison. When Jefferson was asked about democracy said, and I quote from the federalist papers, “democracy,s ever spectical of spoil are tyrannical in their uprisings as they are tragic in their deaths. Jefferson said” when you hear the word breathed(democracy ) your living in tyranny.

  • Webuppp

    Don,t mistake my tantrum as you say for patriotic passion sir. You seems to get more philosophical the later in the evening. I appreciate your over indulged attempt. Let me simplify and educate anyone reading. Their are 5 forms of government, the framers lived thru 4of the 5. Counting backwards from the worst to the best. #5 anarchy( our next step) #4 totalitarianin(what we are right now) #3 monarchy’s # 2 democracy( this leads to the chaos were in right now) American was duped into believing this lie for some time. The number one best form of government thru the history of mankind is a REPUBLIC. This was the gift God Almighty Gave theses shores, and inspired the framers to aspire towards. I,ve answered my own question, will you answer mine? But before, once again you assume a lot, you talk about arrogance, ignorance, uneducated, then make the mistake of being that very thing by assuming I,m for only the popular vote, if that was the case, Al asshole gore would be president wouldn,t he? Trump had delegates in Colorado, there,s a delegate on YouTube burning his Republican Party delegates card. He was stripped from being a delegate cause he wouldn,t vote for Cruz, and was replaced with someone who will. Don,t take my word for it, look it up for yourself, I did. That,s what makes me informed. Now, if what I just said proves true, wouldn,t you agree somethings wrong in Colorado, and the Republican Party? Do you know the difference between a republic& a democracy? Don,t know yet if it,s true, I just saw a post Cruz accepted 350 thousand from George soros. Cruz also lists Goldman saks as contributors to his campaign. John kasich accepted 750 k from soros as well, why are conservatives taking large amounts of money from a known global Marxist? I,m sure theirs no conflict of interest

  • Webuppp

    Backs to insults are we? Baboon cage? Are you referring to me, or making a racist comment? Let me give you a peanut, my brain is a bit fuzzy as I may have cancer in it. Since it,s been ringing coming on a year now I,m assuming that to be the case. And still, I,m thinking much clearer than you. You are right in that you look silly, your responds above this with baboons, peanuts brain cavities nonsense proves that. I love your moral high ground, good luck with that. The blind leading the blind, good luck with that too

  • Erudite Mavin

    Try ma’am not mister.

    Reagan for years toiled in the real world giving conservative speeches, was a major force behind Goldwater, and his famous speech “A time for Choosing”

    Reagan was my Governor for 8 years (I worked at his headquarters when he first ran for Gov.)

    Reagan had a first rate knowledge about National Security and foreign Affairs.
    Trump is still a Democrat.
    Trump has absolutely no knowledge on National Security and Foreign Affairs.
    Trump doesn’t even know how the three branches of gov. work.

  • terry1956

    Well yesterday the Constitution Party nominated Darrel Castle from Tennessee for President and he would make a far better president than either of the 3 running in the GOP or anyone running to get the Dem, LP or Green Party nomination or anyone who has been president since Grover Cleveland.
    Of Course Castle will not win in the general, neither will Trump or Sanders since neither Trump or Sanders will be nominated.
    The Next president of the USA will be either Cruz, Clinton or Kasich.
    If Kasich is nominated then likely he will be president going by the polls and odds so far.
    If Cruz is nominated then likely Billary will be president ( at least until she is run out of office by congress within 2 years) going by the polls and odds so far although less likely than her losing to Kasich .
    Of the two main parties Cruz will be the best president although Trump is more right on trade but going by where he has his goods made its doubtful he can be trusted on trade and of course non of them other than Castle understands that trade authority belongs to congress not the president.
    If the GOP nominee is behind by less than 20 points here in Tennessee in the polls then I will vote for him but if he is ahead by 20 points or more then I am voting for Castle.
    Likely many of the Sanders’s supporters will vote for the Green Party nominee in Tennessee.

  • Webuppp

    You must be a plant( political decoy/token hack). you have added absolutly nothing going back and forth on this blog, yet I must prove, and your not a progressive? Assbackward. The Word, speaks about a time when what,s Good will be considered evil, and what,s evil will be considered Good, and it,s all around us. I see you don,t use the name David, shame really, David is a Nobel name. I don,t know you dave, I do know @the very least, your a naive man. The very fact you,d added nothing, and know nothing (other than speculation). Proves point. You should already know these things har, yet your asking me for references? I sourced this stuff in 1992, davey boy. Old news for me, I do still remember an incredible article, of a known media source I could give. But I won,t and not out of spite either. People, eggheads, like you will always learn the hard way or you can research as I did an educate yourselfs. This I can tell, you,ll hear about it And soon.

  • terry1956

    Darrel Castle the Constitution Party nominee would make a better president than Cruz but the two top parties has the system rigged to favor the two largest parties just as the system is rigged to favor incumbents in congress and state legislatures with no term limits so of course Castle is not going to win.

  • terry1956

    I think she quit the CFR.
    Goldman Saks is not Marxist but still likely in favor of and working for a one world central government via top/ down control by a roundtable consensus of top international corporations.
    In other words in competition with the Marxist to rule the world.
    The first top NGO advisor to the UN was the International Chamber of Commerce and the second was a Soviet Union friendly International Union group.
    Later a NGO of non Marxist unions joined.
    Then a International Council of Churches mostly a NGO of liberal churches.
    Later Catholic Charities NGO and what is really strange.
    A NGO of Seventh Day Adventist Charities ( being that the SDA church is strongly against world government.
    The UN has a list of these advisors on their website and there are several others and the SDA charities did not join until the 1970s which is close to the time of ROE V Wade and some of the SDA hospitals started to make a lot of money doing elective abortions.

  • Webuppp

    He will when I,m done with him, no disputing Reagan’s sterling Legacy , not even the progressive Marxist Democratic Party will do that. I say again, I,m under no allusions about trumps former alliances. The question becomes has he had a change of heart & Philosophy? Or is he like Ted Cruz, still taking money from Goldman saks( declared on his website) and newer reports (unconfirmed) 350 k from George soros, who already donated 750 k to John kasich. Reagans was a democrat, you must think people can change their spot right ma’am?

  • DaveMann

    Reps vs. Mob rule……….Nothing concrete on soros-cruz $$ as of yet, only lots of bloggy heresy. Have to find facts from credible sources before determining a verdict……..nothing racial meant, don’t know nor care what race. Just doing the peanut routine. Just joking around, nothing serious meant. Why? are you white? Don’t answer that. I did not mean to sound racist. I’m black and like all people, except maybe illegal aliens…….okay, will take it you are a patriot, with the heat turned up…..I think the republican delegate in CO experienced what happens in a republic and did not like it, but that’s how the mop flops in a republic. Its not always nice.

  • Webuppp

    Appricate the insight, the idea hedi gained membership, and Cruz shows Goldman campaign contribution on his site, make Ted disqualified in my book, he like nearly all politicians don,t walk the walk. Sounds fabulous to the ear, end result is the way was to be build in 1986, 30 years later. Keep informing terry, your a great American patriot. Cheers

  • terry1956

    Marxist, liberals and progressives are not necessary the same including the leaders but the leaders for the most part do seek a one world government but they are in competition with each other to rule and they are in competition with others to rule the world such as Fascist, NAZIS,Muslim Brotherhood, Putin, The Chinese Communist Party, The EU and the US Congress.
    The CCP is not Marxist although it still may claim to be, its not even Maoist anymore.
    The real Marxist are the International Trots and other similar International Communist and Socialist.

  • DaveMann

    Hyperbole is basically someone talking from their heart. One mans hyperbole is another mans speaking sincerely from the heart. It can go on forever… in larger and larger circles. That’s why they have this blogging thing set up. So, men in all their wisdom can pontificate grandly before all.

  • Webuppp

    Firstly, I did say ( unconfirmed reports) on Cruz & soros, with kachish it,s fact, with cuz his website show the sacks payoff. Check it out Dave. Also your answer about reps vs mob is also short of the mark. A republic form of government see the rights of an individual, where as in a democracy it is the majority that rule. So you are exactly wrong about Colorado. The individual weren,t considered, and a mob rule mentality level did take over, that part you got right.

  • Webuppp

    Well stated, Iv,e been encouraging you to show some wisdom, pontificate grandly moving foward

  • Erudite Mavin

    Trump is still an ignorant Democrat and Cruz is a libertarian who can be what the people want for the moment.
    Both are dangerous on National Security and Foreign Affairs.

  • Webuppp

    There is no such a thing as a pure canadate ma,ma not even Reagan escaped it. Conservatives like yourself keeping shooting the American in the foot and the progressives count on it every presidential cycle. Your alternative is Hillary and a socialist state

  • Erudite Mavin

    Con. Party is another one of the Against National Security and just look the other way on Foreign Affairs.
    Baldwin, Castle, Ron Paul all almost make Trump look normal.
    The con party are 9/11 Truthers, taking U.S. out of NATO, because they believe there is no threat from Radical Islam or Putin.
    The whole crowd share the views on National Security and Foreign Affairs
    as the far Left.

  • DaveMann

    well, was trying to be brief. But you have it right on the ??… for unconfirmed reports, this is pretty much what all the non truthful claims made against Cruz are. Casino owner spouts something publically and the sheeple believe. When someone spouts off unconfirmed reports, that person is propagating unconfirmed stories, which could be legally defined as slander. In a church setting its called gossip. In the military they like to say “loose lips sinks ship”………Remember when casino owner with wispy toupee head mentioned unconfirmed comments about Ben Carson possibly being a psychopath or child molester? Nothing but unconfirmed words that cause nothing but “lie propagation”……If you being the blogging genius you are, and want to have continued real credibility, vetting the unconfirmed hyperbole before repeating it would be necessary. The internet is completely full to capacity, of bloggers and chatters that spout unconfirmed stories. When this being done to the level that takes place, a huge dark doubt appears over every bloggers credibility. Thus making suspect anything spouted or reported, because the bloggers own informational sources are polluted. That is why credible sources are so important. If one only gathers his information from the internet, the high probability of polluted intel becomes probable…………Therefore when you repeat unconfirmed “anything’s” you pollute your entire “everthings” and I don’t think you want that. Do we? Now, if one can’t stop himself from doing so, then that person needs to know inside of himself and repeat this—> I repeat gossip, I repeat stories I don’t know if they are true I open my face hole and out pops the weasel<—-
    Many a newsman has been fired for doing so in official reporting…..not so in the blogging world…….truth is not all that important……hyperbole is the rule

  • Erudite Mavin

    I am the one who has posted for years there is no pure candidate and the real danger are the all or nothing crowd which are mainly populated by tea people.. the same type who sat at home in 08 and 12 because the Republican was 95% conservative not 100% so that crowd settled for 100% left wing Obama.
    I hope for an open convention.
    My candidate in he primaries from the start was Rubio.

  • revrnjim


  • Webuppp

    Dave, neither one of us have been brief let we can agree on, for the 2nd time, I noted unconfirmed reports when I posted, let me now substantiate what comes off Cruz,s declared donations… Goldman saks is on their and international oil company? And warren buffet has also donate under his companies name Berkshire Hathaway 4 lobbiest with that group alone have made campaign contributions. No known lobbiest with thump. These didbits are building blocks Dave, information availible. The word meek, the meek shall inherit. The work meek does not have the meaning most assciciate with it. The word meek means the wise, people with wisdom inherit the earth. Since it,s not the sabbath day, I won,t worry about any libtart pulling out their offended cause I,m not Christian values card.

  • Webuppp

    That,s gotta be tuff admitting to Rubio. He is unquestionably a progressive. The way he conducted himself may & should end his political career. Ted Cruz and Rubio are from the same cloth in my opinion. They both say they have conservative values, but come time to vote, another story. They are both amnasty supporter. We have had that thinking since 1986 and here we are 30 years later. An open convention allows delegate to make the choice, should that not be the will of the American people? How can that thought process of short changing the voter stand with your conservative stance? Good luck with that ma,ma

  • Erudite Mavin

    Gotta be tough for those who are supporting Trump or Cruz .

    Trump the Democrat, Cruz the Libertarian weak on national security and will say anything to get a vote.

    Rubio was the only Conservative Republican in he race who had the numbers to defeat Hillary.

    Marco Rubio Is Plenty Conservative

    by Jim Geraghty December 29, 2015

    It is now axiomatic that Marco Rubio is the “establishment” favorite in the 2016 Republican primaries, due for a collision with a conservative alternative
    such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson. But if Rubio really represents the new GOP “establishment,” then the fight is over and the conservatives won. …..

    Rubio has an indisputably conservative record as a Senator.

    This is a man who has a lifetime ACU rating of 98 out of 100.

    A man who has a perfect rating from the NRA in the U.S. Senate.

    A man who earned scores of 100 in 2014, 100 in 2013, 71 in 2012, and 100 in 2011 from the Family Research Council.

    A “Taxpayer Super Hero” with a lifetime rating of 95 from Citizens Against Government Waste.

    A man Club for Growth president David McIntosh
    called “a complete pro-growth, free-market, limited-government conservative.”
    Across the board, Rubio’s stances, policy proposals, and rhetoric fall squarely within the bounds of traditional conservatism.

    Rubio’s the guy who earned a 100 from National Right to Life in two straight cycles,
    and a zero rating from NARAL.

    He supports an abortion ban after 20 weeks, opposes exceptions for rape and incest (although he’s voted for legislation that includes those exceptions), and opposes embryonic stem-cell research.

    In the first Republican debate he declared, “Future generations will look back at
    this history of our country and call us barbarians for murdering millions of
    babies who we never gave them a chance to live.

    Rubio opposes gay marriage and has said that “we are at the water’s edge of the
    argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech.
    Today we’ve reached
    the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage you are labeled a homophobe and a hater.” He recorded robo-calls for the National Organization for Marriage.

    Since 2010, Rubio has proposed freezing government spending for everything but
    defense and veterans’ care at 2008 levels. He supports a balanced-budget
    amendment to the Constitution and the line-item veto.

    He voted against funding for the Export-Import Bank, even though Florida receives
    the second-largest amount of money from the bank.

    His initial tax-reform plan, co-authored with Utah senator Mike Lee, cuts the
    corporate tax rate to 25 percent and would reduce the current seven brackets to two: a 15 percent rate for individuals and a 35 percent rate for families.

    (Rubio later adjusted it to create a 25 percent tax bracket for couples making between $150,000 and $300,000.) It creates a new $2,500-per-child tax credit.

    Conservatives disagree about the best way to simplify the tax code and reduce
    the tax burden on Americans, but it’s hard to dispute that changes such as these would move the system in the right direction.

    Across the board, Rubio’s stances, policy proposals, and rhetoric fall squarely within the bounds of traditional
    conservatism. He wants to create a tax credit for companies that donate to
    nonprofits that give K–12 tuition scholarships to poor students.
    In 2013, he declared that Common Core “is increasingly being used by the Obama
    Administration to turn the Department of Education into what is effectively a
    national school board.” He thinks children should be taught both theistic
    creation and evolution.

    On Obamacare, Rubio was the one who made the risk-corridor insurer bailout an issue, starting in 2013, which led to
    Congress’s enacting limits on how much taxpayer money insurers could be given
    to cover losses related to the newly insured. Insurance companies that spent
    small fortunes lobbying for the bill and fighting its opponents are now griping that they’re getting a bad deal and the law may eventually become unworkable for them.

    If Obamacare is eventually replaced, Rubio will have played a big role in making it happen. He’s got the guts for
    entitlement reform, too. He wants to raise the retirement age for those under
    55, change the benefit calculation for wealthy seniors who do not rely on Social Security, and eliminate the Social Security payroll tax after retirement age to encourage older Americans to stay in the workforce.

    He wants to open federal workers’ Thrift Savings Program to all Americans. Rubio opposes raising the minimum wage, contending it would only encourage employers to search for new technological solutions to replace American workers;

    he contends the legislative efforts to fight climate change are economically self-destructive and expresses skepticism that human behavior is driving climate change. In the Florida senate, he won bipartisan support for a law restricting the state’s authority to seize private
    property after the Kelo v. New London decision.

    While conservatives disagree on how much military interventionism is needed in a
    dangerous world, Rubio’s foreign-policy stances are of a piece with the party’s recent history.
    In May, Rush Limbaugh said Rubio “shows up on the Council on
    Foreign Relations and literally ran rings around everybody, including Jeb Bush.” The Wall Street Journal editorial board called him “one of his party’s
    most visible and best-informed critics of President Obama’s foreign policy in Ukraine, Iran, and a Middle East beset by Islamic State.” He’s called for a $1 trillion expansion of the defense budget……

    Representative Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) contends Rubio “led the effort to open the floodgates.”
    But the Florida senator has always agreed with calls for greater border security. While the Gang of Eight bill was still making its way through
    Congress, Rubio argued that it should be amended to include specific enforcement procedures preventing another influx of illegal immigrants. He helped negotiate an adopted amendment that would have roughly doubled the
    border-patrol force to 40,000 agents while completing 700 miles of fence on the
    nation’s southern border.

    The Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee rejected numerous amendments
    that would have improved the bill and assured skeptics that the border-security
    provisions were more than just window-dressing.

    Rubio applauded the amendments that passed, which aimed to make border-fencing requirements more specific, allow DHS to more vigorously track, pursue, and
    remove persons who overstay their visas, and require updates on the implementation of E-Verify.
    Conservatives can argue whether the enforcement
    provisions were enough, but that doesn’t make Rubio an open-borders advocate.

    Why do so many people see Rubio as some sort of squishy moderate if his voting
    record and proposals are so thoroughly conservative?

    Peter Beinart argues that the Florida senator uses a warm, empathetic tone to promote
    conservative policies: “Rubio has mastered the same technique Barack Obama used
    so effectively when he was seeking the presidency,” Beinart writes. “When faced
    with a controversial issue, he doffs his cap to the other side, pleads for civility and respect, insists that it’s a hard call — and then comes out
    exactly where you’d expect him to come out.”

    Judging from the number of people calling Rubio a RINO, squish, establishment, etc., perhaps Rubio is a victim of his own golden tongue. If the perception that Rubio is too moderate costs him the GOP
    nomination, it will reveal a great deal about what defines a conservative in 2016.
    Sadly, the label no longer has much to do with actual policy positions, ideas, or governing philosophies. If Rubio is no longer conservative, then
    conservatism is now primarily a matter of aesthetics.

    Jim Geraghty is the senior political correspondent of National Review.

  • DaveMann

    building blocks, yes that can be true…..they may or may not lead to a corrupt source………(Cruz) Innocent until proven guilty in the USA……..and one can only make a final and accurate judgement call when a winning candidate commits a criminal act or legislates where there is a conflict of interest… until that time, unconfirmed remains unconfirmed. Take and keep records in case of corruption and keep mouth closed on accusations, because all is still unconfirmed…….if one gives a candidate money, and the candidate (Cruz) uses it to win, and then does good, and keeps true to his convictions, then no harm-no foul. Possible building blocks to corruption, but no corruption yet, and maybe never………………………………….by the way did you mean Trump? or were you nicknaming him Thump? I like that, Thump……or Thumper

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Remember the 1994 Contract With America? As soon as the GOP gained power they took out a contract ON America.

    So sadly, the GOP is going the way of the Do Do bird. Because of the leaderships utter failure to support traditional Republican principles it’s going to be taken down by a candidate who has never supported such principles.

    Maybe this is what the country deserves. Only by heeding 2 Chronicles 7:14 will the republic survive.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    All I mentioned was that your type language reminded me of Trumps bulling tactics, which I felt wouldn’t help him win the nomination nor the presidency. If you recall, I also said he’d be a far better choice than the TRAITOR Hillary or the COMMUNIST Sanders.

    But rather than engage in a civil cogent discussion you’re casting aspersions on me because I’m Hispanic. It only shows you ARE an ethnic bigot, NOT a patriot you think you are. By the way, what race is Hispanic, Muslim, or Jewish? Or is it that they’re not Anglo-Saxon that bothers you?

    So tell me, isn’t it you who believes white Ango-Saxon Aryans should be above other groups? Is that not what you’re alluding to? I’m quite familiar with the saying from Mexican supporters of Aztlan, “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de LA Raza nada.” Do you know what it means? I suggest you learn quickly. I for one vehemently oppose it and am even willing to take up arms to prevent it.

    However, why do you lie so blatantly? There aren’t 200 million Hispanics in America, legal or otherwise. Perhaps about a quarter of that. But to answer your slurs, I’m an NBC who defended this country for 20 years and am disabled for doing so so that bigots like you have freedom of speech. Did you serve?

    As for my positions, I believe the FIRST duty of the federal government is to secure the borders, with armed troops with permission to shoot if shot at if necessary. The SECOND duty of the government is to protect the rights and benefits of CITIZENS.

    THEREFORE, ALL illegal should be deported whenever and wherever found. Those coming back and raping or killing should be deported in a pine box. As a SOVERIEGN nation we have the right AND duty to say who comes in, when, where, for how long, why, and what do they have to offer this country in the way to talents, education, skill, and stability. Along that line we MUST be able to vet those coming in, especially from regions hostile to us. If we can’t do so adequately then we must put a moratorium on their coming in.

    If I recall, these are the same COMMONSENSE ideas Trump has made. Unlike you, Trump is neither an ethnic nor racial bigot.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Are you aliterate? Of course Goldman Sachs is a HORRIBLY dishonest disreputable organization with quite a few of its officers who belong behind bars. But that doesn’t make it a Marxist organization.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    It seems you don’t understand the differences between liberalism, progressivism, fascism (it belongs in there), socialism, communism, and Marxism. You need to go back for some basic education in political science and quit passing off your imaginations as facts..

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Are you now insinuating that Barak Obama is Cruz’s mother? Wow.

    I asked you about Cruz’s mother, but you changed the subject as it seems you can’t answer the question or don’t like the truth. Why?

    By the way, how is a person a foreign nation? Do you even have a clue as to what you’re rambling on about?

    But back to my question. Is Cruz’s mother an NBC or not? If so, what is the relevance of 8 USC Chapter 12, Subchapter III Nationality And
    Naturalization From Title 8—Aliens And Nationality Chapter 12 —
    Immigration And Nationality Part I, §1401?

  • Webuppp

    Ma,ma I don,t need Jim gerahty, or anyone else’s opinion to settle my own conscience. I ask the Lord for that and he always guides my footsteps. For years I supported Cruz once he filibustered. Then I heard his wife was CFR, which planted doubt, but was still willing to listen as nothing was substantiated. That was until your boy Rubio posted that video of Cruz testifying he was for amnasty. If you have the courage, go to type in Rubio,s name. It will show all lobbiest, donors, he claims he doesn,t have. I,m sure you,ll feel like you been slapped in the face with truth. Maybe then you,ll wake from your slumber.

  • jug

    Trump is NO “wild card”, or even “outsider”!
    He has been buying and selling political favors and even the politicians for years!

    He is the Trojan Horse, set up by Bill and Donald to benefit Hilarry, right before his last of many party switches. While he stayed a true liberal democrat, no matter which party he was registered with at the time.

    Supporting the NRA makes him a true Second Amendment supporter?
    You have a lot to learn, sonny boy!

    You supported Cruz for up to 5 weeks ago, and THEN fell for Trump and others, smears of Cruz?

    Boy, you are really the informed type of voter we need, NOT!

  • Webuppp

    Please be intellectually honest should you address me sir. I don,t know what the hell your talking about. Barack Obama is Cruz,s mother what? You must be trippin bro, I never asked you anything about Ted Cruz,s mother. You looked like a decent respectable man, then you insinuated& inject Ted,s mother in an make believe scenario. That action has you to be a fraud. You give me mumbo jumbo legalistic plagiarized Legal codes, yet you don,t know what a foreign national is? Also mr fraud, 4 days ago was our last correspondence . I see your latest dishonorable post was 15 hrs ago, is that your Sctick dude, you enter into a conversation and interject lies days later to have you win the debate in your mind and have me look like a fool? Where is the honor in that, didn,t your father Benitez the 1st teach you military ethics? Shame on you. For the record…. A foreign national is anyone in America, who is not an American citizen. For example, the 200 million Latin nationals in America rite now, the Latin nation must believe their race to be far superior to any other race on earth. Every other race comes to American thru the proper channels, but not the Latin foreign national, and in particular the Mexican national. The laws are set so foreigners can be assimilated into society. Not just to learn American history, or speech, or blend into American culture. The main reason for assimilation is to ensure food supply. So when the open boarder Marxist in America have their children staving to death, maybe then a pompous idiot like you who acts ignorant when it comes to foriegn nations, and the havoc being created for all American @ the risk of foriegners. People with legitimate debate ok, unethical liars, I don,t converse with. Your are dissmissed.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Adam and I were discussing Cruz’s mother when you interjected information on Obama’s father. Sure, it was correct, but it wasn’t relevant about Cruz’s mother. So I satirically asked if you were inferring Obama was Cruz’s mother. I guess you’re too much the demagogue to have sensed that.

    You wrote, ‘Rafael “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz is not even an American citizen or by any means a legal US Senator since neither he nor his mother have an American Birth Certificate.’ As I mentioned, Cruz HAS put his mother’s BC online. So just how did I “insinuate and inject” Cruz’s mother in a make believe scenario when you outright lied about her? Tell me, since her BC is readily found online, are you indolent, benighted, or perfidious?

    You also wrote, “Meaning, obamas father was a foriegn nation.” Again, my response was satirical because you’re seemingly semi-illiterate in addition to being aliterate. But should I assume you knew the truth and were deliberately prevaricating? I hope not.

    Also you wrote, “You give me mumbo jumbo legalistic plagiarized Legal codes, yet you don,t know what a foreign national is?” So now you’re claiming referencing ACTUAL US law is plagiarizing? Do you even understand the word “plagiarize”? Or do you have a problem with people who’re able to back up their contentions with facts?

    I also wrote, there aren’t 200 MILLION Latinos in the US, unless you’re counting Mexico as one of Mr. (intentional) Obama’s 57 States. There’s about 50 to 63 million Latinos in the US, of which 12 to 18% are here illegally (far too many). So how dogmatically inane can one be?

    In addition, MOST Latinos are American CITIZENS. But maybe you’re one of those Dominionists who believes only white Anglo-Saxon Aryan Christians should be considered citizens. Is that the case? Are you a racial and ethnic bigot? I say racial because Latino IS NOT a racial designation. Don’t you understand that? Do you think Muslim and Jewish are racial designations? Do you know the difference between race and ethnicity?

    As I’ve written elsewhere, it’s my belief the FIRST duty of the federal government is to secure our borders, and the SECOND is to protect the rights and benefits of CITIZENS. Therefore, I believe we should deport ALL illegal immigrants. For naturalized citizens who show disloyalty, revoke their citizenship and deport them. I’ve also written we desperately need a Constitutional Amendment to EXPLICITLY define what an NBC is and to eliminate the citizenship status of anchor babies as ALL other industrialized nations have. CAPISCE?

    As to where was my honor, well, this disabled retired veteran wound up in a VA hospital after my first comment. But I guess you believe any delay is dishonorable. Taken along with your comment about my father can I assume you don’t like veterans?

    So just who is the bigoted dishonorable fraud? Prove me wrong. Admit you misunderstood and got it wrong. Be a mensch.

  • Webuppp

    Bla, bla, bla, your a progressive asshole, no one said anything about you being Hispanic, asshole hispanic maybe, I said Latino national. Also I could care less what you say, or the disburstions your trying to cast on me. Your not a liberal? Sure sound like one. Your not even close to the number of illegals, but let,s use your number one quarter of 200,00 million is 50 million. A far cry from the liars saying 11mil. your so smart how many people enter Ellis island @the turn of the century from Europe ? Course you don,t know, you only knew how to cast disburstions. The answer is 3.5million, and that was over the course of 20years. Your a math guy, 1992 the new American magazine did an article on boarder. 86 was reagans amnasty& wall building. 7years later and the problem was worse. The article stated that between 10to13million illegals were entering every year, use the low number 30x 10, a conservative number is 200 mil. Joe appio the sheriff in az has apprehended 480 thousand just in his county. You don,t know what the f your talking about, just a lot of hot air. Stop the race baiting idiot, my concern is for my fellow Americans who can,t find jobs, due to this massive number of opportunist, sucking the life out of our country by the burden of pure volumn.

  • Webuppp

    More insults, nothing in my words has me to sound aliterate. Do you like beans rice& tacos? You like being insulted? Your as naive as a child, only with corney facial hair

  • Webuppp

    Did you say pass off my imagination? Here,s what my brian thought, talk about passing off, your forehead with that receding hairline is so massive, you could pass it off/ rent it as a billboard advertiment sign.

  • Webuppp

    Jug head, your the same guy who voted for Reagan wright? Reagan said the Democratic Party left him. Reagan was a dem, but they kept going further and further left that Reagan had a change of heart. I believe trump has done the same, have you ever been a general contractor, and in new tork with it,s massive bureaucracy? Someone’s hand got greased, so what, I don,t like corruption, unfortunately an entity named Satan jumped into our garden a long time ago, and bought man down. I believe trump realizes should the dollar collapse, or the Marxist take over, no one wins, including his 10year old and all 5of his young grandchildren. I can easily see trump having a change of heart with the fore mentioned. I,m tired of Rubio lying, kasich playing spoiler and his campaign continuing due to the 750 thousand dollars from George soros( unconfirmed source). I don,t believe Cruz anymore. Have another liar to thank for that Marco, and his political ad on Cruz,s amnasty approval

  • Webuppp

    Your just a flat out liar, how about we meet so I can punch you in the mouth, how about that. I never made any criticay about cruz,s status as an American, another fing lie. All lairs shall take their place in the lake of fire. Cruz is an American, and I don,t agree with trump on that either, I stopped reading you novel.

  • Webuppp

    My grandfather flew 75 mission as a tail gunner that,s 50 more than the Memphis belle, my uncle I watched as a 5yr old leave philly in the middle of the night for nam. Don,t you even breath a word to me about military. My uncle came back with his legs broke in 14 places and 1500 sit inches to put them back together and the heel of his foot was blown off. My family has endured a tremendous amount of pain serving this country, you not the only one that has sacraficed mister. White Anglo, Arian what? Your the one sounding like a racist dude, what had you to think I,m white? Capise? What has you to think I,m Italian? Your jumpin to a lot of conclusion my beaner friend. Are you goin for the sympathy thing? Cause I can one better on that too. dude, just go away, I have no respect for a jerk like you

  • Canopus

    So we need to get the Federal Government involved in how a state conducts it’s elections ? Let each state run it’s own business as it determines fit. Intent was for each state to be an experimentation unto itself. This keeps one failed system from causing the collapse of the whole country. Obama Care is the poster child for forcing a bad idea on the whole country.

  • Richard Hidalgo

    And another TRUMPERtantrum having a temper tantrum…

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    It’s sad to see someone so thoroughly show himself to be a dishonest, puerile, name calling, bigoted, semi-illiterate, demagogue who aggressively champions aliteracy.

    Perhaps you’ll deny you wrote, “Are you also an open boarders guy mr Benitez ? Is there a conflict of interest with you being of Latin decent?” That’s casting aspersions. I suggest you get a good dictionary. NO, please go back to school and learn how to write cogently and correctly.

    You claim I don’t know the number of people who came through Ellis Island right after the 1890’s depression and the start of WW I. Why, are you afraid I do know? It was between 12 and 14 million, not the 3.5 million you imagine.

    Now to address some of your misinformation, or should I say ethnic propaganda. If your description of the new American magazine is accurate, and I believe you’re so aliterate that’s doubtful, then you’re claiming almost 2 of every 3 in the US is Hispanic. For your information, the US population is about 323 million. Yet you claim 200 million are Hispanics, and most of them illegal to boot. What an utter display of aggressive ignorance.

    By the way, my degree from college is in mathematics and my graduate work is in political science. So to help a poor benighted aliterate like yourself, here’re some figures.

    About 80% of Americans are white, including Caucasian Hispanics. About 15% of the population is Hispanic, or about 50 million. About 13% are black and about 5% are Asian.

    There’re about 11 million illegal immigrants, maybe a little low, in the US, about 3.5% of the population, not the 62% your claim alludes to. Of those illegals, about 49% are Mexicans. That’s about 10% of the Hispanic population, not the near 100% your numbers would insinuate..

    Furthermore, Sheriff Arpaio, a man whom I admire, has said he’s caught around 30,000 illegals since 2005, not nearly the half million you claim. However, I suspect that since you can’t even spell the Sheriff’s name correctly, you made up the supposed article in the supposed new American Magazine. But prove me wrong and cite your source, if you have the cojones to do so.

    However, how do you come up with the conclusion that I’m a liberal progressive race baiting idiot when I explicitly told you my views on handling illegal immigration, which by the way is much the same as Trump’s? Is it that I’m not an extreme far right neo-Nazi white supremacist who believes all illegals, and Hispanics, be rounded up, put in gulags, and then sent to the killing fields? That’s the only logical conclusion from your screed. Or is it that you’re the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking and prevaricating about?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Do you even know what a Marxist is? Please have the courage to define it.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    So like a bigoted demagogue all you can do is resort to ethnic insults and comments about hair? It’s too bad you’re so aliterate and semi-illiterate that you haven’t a clue as to what I wrote or it’s meaning.

    By the way, I do like beans, rice, and tacos. I also like sushi, New England Clam Bake, and Beef Wellington. Does that bother you?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You’ve just proven my comments about you. You’re unable due to a lack of cognitive skill to defend you comments.

    So all you can do is resort to ad hominem attacks. How juvenile of you.

    And yes, I’m partially bald. It started with getting a sun burned scalp in the military. It’s also partly hereditary. However, do bald men intimidate you?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    So now you’re so desperate that you want to fight? At 70 I’m not about to duke it out. I’d let my friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson do the talking. Capisce?

    You’re right. I meant to say that Adam made the comment about Cruz not being a US citizen. But you tied that to Obama, which under law is a completely different case. But then you reject the law.

    Much of the problem in understanding or responding to you is that you’re semi-illiterate and unable to write a cogent comment. In addition, your unreasoning anger causes you to loose control of your reasoning abilities.

    By the way, I am flagging your comment as a threat.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You think you’re a great patriot because of your honorable grandfather’s sacrifice for this country? Tell me, did you serve. I doubt it.

    My father served over 20 years and my great uncle 30 years in the Navy. But that doesn’t make me a patriot who served his country.

    What did was my 20 years in the military. By the way, I’ve flown hundreds of reconnaissance combat missions, although they weren’t as dangerous as being a tail gunner in a B-17 during WWII. I’d have enjoyed meeting your grandfather. So, when I want to I’ll SHOUT words about the military to you.

    You say you watched a 5 year old child leave to go to Vietnam. No child that age of 18 would be allowed in the military. So I believe you’re just making it up. Maybe a child ran away hoping to be with his father, but that’s about it.

    As to thinking you’re Italian, where did you get that idea. I guess like a lot of other things you don’t understand the use of the word capisce. I also believe you’re white due to your animus towards Hispanics. But do you have the cojones to say what you are? I’m Heinz 57 Hispanic with a lot of Spanish, French, and English heritage, some Tiano Indian, Jewish, Moorish, and likely African heritage.

    But I see you’re not a mensch; no cojones, just full of ethnic bigotry.

    You need to find Jesus Christ my friend.

  • Webuppp

    Do you know how to read English? I was the 5 years old fool, I watched my uncle leave for nam. I didn,t serve, my uncle, the one I watched leave, told me all the details he went though including the agent orange dropped on him, that effected his children being born due to the fact the agent never leaves the body, and is passed on to his children.@ that time I wanted to join the marines like he did, He talked me out of it, due to what I shared. the word capisce means understand. It,s Italian, you suggest I find Jesus, then tell me I,m an ethnic bigot. That makes your u a hypocrete. You don,t know me, and your barring false witness against my person. Why? Because I don,t like illegal immagration? Because I,m standing on principle? Flying sorties with no one shooting back isn,t dangerous. Volunteering for 2 more dangerous missions, getting the following mission off, and the regular crew goes out and never comes back and you loose your buddies in the crew twice, that,s dangerous. I know Jesus personally, not Just by praying, he appeared to me on a Christmas Eve. I got plenty Jesus. And your an ignorant Hypocrete to suggest different, even though your assbackward, I would never challange your faith. I have no animus towards anyone other than Marxists, who are doing their best to strip American sovereignty for United Nations control, and Latin foriegn nationals that don,t respect America, it,s laws, or it,s people. You said you don,t like it either, what you get a pass because your last name is Benitez? that,s 2times now you have falsely accused me just on this reply. how does it feel siting on your high perch? You are clueless. And you have a phobia about your person. With all your moving parts how can you claim anything other than being an American? Your boring me, you can,t even read properly, your too busy trying to one up me, this is the 3rd time you have misquoted, and misrepresented my words, that makes you a fraud. I don,t have anything more to say to your ignorance. I will not respond anymore, you are intellectually dishonest, there,s no debating someone from that elk

  • Webuppp

    No just your stupidity.

  • Webuppp

    Baldness doesn,t intimidate me, it intimidates the woman that don,t want to accept your bald headed advances.

  • Webuppp

    All are under the umbrella of totalitarianisum. But thanks 4checkin in

  • Webuppp

    And I guess your friend smith and Wesson is not a threat right mr hypocrite. Also, I’ve never called Cruz Rafael either, another lie by you. You are an unhonorible lying man

  • Webuppp

    No douche bag, I,m claiming the 323 million + the 200million illegals, that,s what I,m claiming. Also, Reagan amnested 11million in 1986. Which is the same number the Marxist are still claiming.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I know how to read English, but it’s you who doesn’t know how to write English correctly. You call me a fool yet due to your semi-illiteracy it makes your comments difficult to follow. Maybe if you went back to high school and learned proper English composition, spelling, and grammar you’d be easier to understand. Due to your semi-illiteracy you don’t even understand the use of the Italian word capisce in the English vernacular but instead think I was referring to your lineage. So don’t complain about being misquoted when you can’t construct a comment cogently.

    I haven’t criticized you once for opposing illegal immigration, or even wanting to limit legal immigration. I’ve criticized you for your demonstrated ethnic bigotry against Hispanics. I’ve never gotten a pass for my Hispanic name, just the opposite. But it’s that demonstrated animus that makes me say you need to find Jesus. I’m sorry you reject that.

    As for not getting shot at, what would you know of the reconnaissance business? Besides, did I challenge the courage of your grandfather? He sounds like a courageous man. I just challenge yours, along with your ability to write a cogent comment.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Then why the ethnic insult and the ad hominem attack?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Ah, another ad hominem attack from the bigot since you aren’t capable of a cogent reply.

    I hope you realize just how immature your comment makes you look. Oh, and also how unChristian it makes you look. Please, don’t claim you’ve got Jesus. You need to find Him.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You’re the one who made a threat. At my age I I said just how I’d handle it. But I imagine bullies like you wouldn’t understand that.

    Also, I never said or implied you called Cruz. How dishonest can you get?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Don’t you know that we don’t have 523 million people in the US? You keep on showing just how utterly benighted you are.

    But go ahead, cite reliable figures that say there’re 200 million illegals, 2 out of every 5 people, in the US today. I’m willing to bet you $100 that you can’t.

  • Vicky O’Dell Now it is the democrats pushing for Global Socialism I believe Some in the GOP may also.
    I ran across an e-mail from George Soros that somehow disappeared. In reading it it had stated that he was funding Ted Cruz and John to stay in the race for president to take away delegates from Trump. The plan laid out Trump would not get the delegates needed leading to an open convention, naming Cruz as the nominee, leaving Trump out of the race.. During the time from July through September the illegals immigrants will have their voting rights established and Cruz would be disqualified due to his citizenship, not having been born in America, leaving John and Hillary John not being all that popular, all of the immigrant will vote Democratic for being promised Federal Assistance in Housing, medical care , college, food stamps and job training. Assuring Clintons victory. Now before it goes to far where their is no turning back from a very dim future. We need to make sure Trump gets to be President keeping our Constitution and our Christianity 100% protected. This 2016 President Election will either make America great again or break America.. WE THE
    PEOPLE of all races to ensure America’s freedom need to unite as one voting for Trump, And OUR CONSTITUTION.
    it is either / it is o r. As for me am voting for Our Constitution, there for am voting for TRUMP.

  • DaveMann

    webuppp is so wise. Rubios tv advertisement was all it took to become so wise……..I wish that a tv advertisement could make me see the light……..those great political advertisements really shed light onto things……and maybe some currently written history books with the proper analysis of events, because the original writers could not accurately describe the events they were living thru properly……..yes we need to feed on todays outlook to become truly wise…..I think I am going to change my name to something like webuppp…….or, dewclaw…..or, dipweed………or ??…….dadunce

  • DaveMann

    Amen……Amen……..Amen, Amen, Amen…………………….Ronald.Reagan has an incredible life story and was truly a GREAT patriot, a great governor and Phenomenal US President!!……..Casino Owner knows the business of mafia related industries, and leading his gullible millions to the voting booths to use his slot machines.

  • DaveMann

    I read this little blip on the internet that said Trump has false teeth and pics his butt a lot, and watches judge judy…….that’s really creepy………………….I also read on the internet or on some email somewhere that Cruz worships satan in his garage and has drank bat blood at a secret conservative group ritual…….That’s so cool……He also was alien abducted…………I read this on the internet, and now I’m really informed and ready to vote. You all should listen to me, as I have really studied this stuff.

  • Erudite Mavin

    The Cult of Trump are not Republicans, not Conservatives.

    The Cult of Trump is lead by a man child with no intellect and surrounded by sycophants.

    The people Trump picked for his yes people starting with Paul Manafort and others have deep ties to Putin, Trump’s hero and what Trump would turn this country into to.

    Just a bit about Trump’s hero, Putin and Putin’s hero Joseph Stalin who killed 10s of millions of innocent people including 1932-33 starving to death 7 Million Ukrainians.

    KGB Putin also played a major role in East Germany under the Soviets.

    Having been in East Germany in the 1980s, this was the Communism and control Putin is again working for.

    Putin has already brought back the Soviet national anthem and Soviet-style military parades, and critics accuse him of using Soviet tactics to stifle dissent, although he denies this.

    “Stalinism is linked to the cult of personality, massive legal violations, repressions and labour camps,” he told his annual question-and-answer session, broadcast live last week across the country of about 142 million.

    Putin dusted off another communist relic by restoring a labor medal introduced under Josef Stalin.

    Vladimir Putin said there ws nothing wrong with Soviet Union’s pack with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany
    in article from The Telegraph UK world news.
    6 Nov 2014

    Vladimir Putin Dedicates Sochi Winter Olympics to Stalin

    Jan 21, 2014

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has dedicated the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi to brutal Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

    During an interview on the state-owned Russia One channel, Putin said bringing the Winter Olympics to Russia confirmed its status as a world power, comparable to the Soviet Union in the Stalin era “Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, I have tried to rebuild Russia into a world superpower, much like Stalin rebuilt this country after the czars,” Putin said.

    “The Sochi Olympics are an important project for me, but I could not have done it without Stalin laying the groundwork through his vision, leadership and wisdom.

    “In honor of Stalin, I dedicate the Olympics to him.”

    From 1924 to 1953, Stalin’s brutal regime was responsible for the imprisonment and deaths of millions of people, as well as the spread of totalitarian communism over Eastern Europe.

    However, Stalin’s reputation in modern Russia has undergone a revival, with many Russians seeing him as a strong leader who turned the country into a world superpower. More than half of Russians say they have positive memories of the Soviet Union. Putin has also made efforts to pay tribute to Stalin.

    “Koba would be delighted to have millions of international visitors view the glory, the strength and the military might of our country,” Putin added, using a popular nickname for Stalin. “During the opening ceremonies, when the athletes come marching into the stadium, we’ll have a giant statue of Koba there to greet them. I think it’s what he would have wanted.”

    Putin said he consulted Stalin’s diaries for inspiration, focusing on his major construction projects throughout the Soviet Union.

    “Unfortunately, we have to pay our construction workers instead of just arresting them and forcing them to work,” Putin said when asked if the construction projects in Sochi were similar. “The Olympics committee insisted on this for some reason.”

    Since President Vladimir Putin took power in 2000, there has been a growing chorus of Russians who take a positive view of the Soviet tyrant’s role in history.

    Those attitudes have changed so dramatically on the back of patriotic fervour whipped up by state-controlled media that some analysts speak of a creeping ‘rehabilitation of Stalin’

    Putin admitted that he still keeps his party card and sympathetic to communism.

    The rehabilitation of Stalin: Putin rewrites history to convince almost half of all Russians that megalomaniac dictator was just a man with ‘good intentions’

    Change is ‘engineered by leaders who want USSR to be superpower again’

    Filters down to everyday people who increasingly see him as a ‘tough leader’

    Stalin’s reign caused the deaths of millions of Russians, historians claim

    And they warn that history could repeat itself if ‘lessons are not learned’

    By Jay Akbar For Mailonline

    Published: 14:40 EST, 5 May 2015


    the trolls for Trump and Bashers of Republicans come from this:

    Read both and you will see this is far more deeper than most can understand

  • Webuppp

    back to the insults are we ? You could use some wisdom. The ad had the amnasty approval coming from Ted,s own lips. That,s why he,s lying Ted, that and his voting record. You want to be duped yet again, have @it. The world is full of gulible idiots Dave, including all who voted for the Marxist known as Obama. Lastly, Ted can,t win Cali, ny, or Florida. which means he can,t win the general. He,s behind as it is, and is gonna stay there no matter who he wants to disenfranchise. I became wise cause I asked God for it, it,s a free gift he gives. Perhaps you should try asking, I also already explained hedi,s CFR connection also sending up a red flag. Care to explain what trumps is?

  • Webuppp

    The only thing creepy is you reading it, then repeating it, and worse posting it. It,s jerkoffs like you Dave that are the ruination of America. The sad part is although you write like a 15yr old, your probably middle age. Another fine representative of the dumbed down progressive public school system producing drones like you davyboy

  • DaveMann

    Hi Mr. Webuppp. Hope you find yourself plump, well and happy. My point was being made in satire. But, I will spell it out for you in very easy language. Anyone who obtains all there information, in which they allow to completely influence and direct there thoughts, minds, and opinions, from modern day “internet” sources has been lead to a trough of half truths, scudo- science, and revisionist history. Most people including yourself appear to be in that category. Not that I don’t think you’re trying to be thoughtful, patriotic, or good meaning. I actually find you quite a hopeful prospect for full truth and enlightenment. But, if you really want to find the truth on all areas of your concerns you will need to look deeper. Books and manuscripts written at the period of history will help. Commentaries by historic experts other than modern day revisionists. Authors not steeped in opinionated prejudices or political sway from a modern day slant. If you really want the truth, lay aside any freebies, checks, or benefits given by either side of the points. Free yourself of all men’s sway. You will then be able to find the truth. Try for instance the “founding fathers” of America and their writings.
    AS for your attempt to insult me of being a 15 year old jerk off. That is what you wrote. That’s a fairly impressive work up you did. I would do some self analysis about yourself. Many accuse others of what they are themselves. You seem to be a angry guy that doesn’t work, gets entitlements or welfare, can’t spell too well and has more free time than an otherwise working productive male normally has on his hands. Maybe in all your free time try studying stuff from ‘before’ the 1960’s, maybe at the library from a book. It might be good to get a job. I know you said you might have cancer and aren’t well, but working will help you. Working is what life is about and is good for health, physically and mentally as well.
    Good Luck webuppp. Really, I mean it. From your buddy, who talks to you straight, like donny trump does, without the fluffy hair. Oh, and just a reminder, don’t be so angry. Life is good, and life is short. Davey
    P.S. I assume you did not go to public school? Where did you go? It must of been a private school? You seem to be bitter about public schools. Did even go to school? Did you know that many adults can go to night school at local Jr. college to get a GED or an equivalent? You may want to check into that in the future. Of course that’s public and may be objectionable to you.

  • DaveMann

    Hi. You are gonna go into the voting booth and cha-ching, will be gambling on Trump. “GAMBLING” You need to understand that…………He might do okay………but you are still Gambling…….CHA-CHING!!!

  • DaveMann

    TRUMP is a gamble……….cha-ching…………A lie creating man…….he pays out 10%………he can only win by leading people who have allowed themselves to be lemmings………he’s in the casino business………..what in the hell do you think makes him so good at leading the lemmings?……………………casinos……………get that?……….he knows how to lead the masses to his casino candidacy……..put your money in…………….put in a hundred and get paid ten…………great gamble webuppp

  • Webuppp

    Are you gay Dave? Not sure why else you keep trolling me.

  • Vicky O’Dell I trust my Lords choice

  • Vicky O’Dell I trust God’s choice.

  • Vicky O’Dell Trump is God’s choice that I do trust in!

  • Vicky O’Dell

    I also like Ben Carson but bless him I feel Washington D.C would have beat him down, I love him too much to see a good man beaten, I could not except that to happen to him.

  • Vicky O’Dell
  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You’re so right.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Don’t forget the socialist Democrat Party.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Yes, you’re right, they’re all under the umbrella of totalitarianism. Sadly, so is our current regime in the USSA (no typo).

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Sadly, Trump has contributed far more to Democrat politicians, organizations, and leftists than has Cruz.

  • Webuppp

    Old news my taco eating friend. Reagan was a dem, when they decided to become so left they became totalitarian. Reagan said the party left him, trump was liberal, I once again am under no illusions of trump past. With age comes maturity. I,ve been dipped before, Paul Ryan rolled me, thought he was conservative. Yet omnibus passed. Trey gowdy, another man I thought was a patriot, he supports the insider Marco Rubio. I hope I,m right with trump

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    As an ethnic bigot of course you support Trump. I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that Trump is neither a racial nor ethnic bigot like you.

    I also understand you’re willing to overlook Trump’s sordid past because he’s not Hispanic or black.

  • Webuppp

    The taco comment was satire, i,m not bigoted, I just don,t like you, your a pompous ass, that has insecurity issues due to your own multinationalism, you understand I,m willing to look over trump,s sordid past because he,s not black or Hispanic., and you call me bigoted? What you just said is racist. Your a handicapped hypocrete. Please stop trolling me & move on.

  • DaveMann

    sure, I’m gay…..that is a good argument for you. Trolling sure. You’re a fish. When I see your responses to every post made, I thought of catfishing. Trolling for catfish. Actually, I was trying to help you. Yes, I understand you believe God himself anointed you with his supreme knowledge. But, if you take what you say, it all amounts to a know it all fellow that can’t really learn facts and truth. Everything……meaning virtually everything you say comes out of your catfish brain…….Catfish are bottom feeders, feeding on waste. As much as you may really believe you know and understand things, you sadly are only fooling yourself……..Fooling yourself…… you get that?……..fooling only yourself……..Poor lazy webuppp. Angry webuppp. Know it all webuppp…….webuppps lifes matters……..bla bla bla, Latin for whebuppp……..I think maybe webuppp is religious but only in public……..Good bye little catfish, I shall let you swim away now……..lost in your little aquarium……swimmmmmmm little catfish…….tiny webuppp…..tiny headed catfish that knows very very little……Waiting each month for his US government check……sweat less webuppp.

  • DaveMann

    tiny headed webuppp

  • DaveMann

    hey!!! I like tiny headed creatures.

  • DaveMann

    well, that’s all fine and good. But god gave man freedom to choose. He never forces his will on the adams and eves here on earth. If good people sit, then when important things need to take place, god allows the fruits of sitting to take place. People need to make decisions not from their sitting passive butts, but from faith, activity and action…….many Christians are very passive. Passive Christians loose their rights and freedoms. Loss of freedoms evolves into persecution. Persecution finally leads to ashes covering the countryside like snow, with little evil men with square mustaches yelling at everyone, and soldiers high stepping it. If god wanted man to act like potato’s, it sure seems like he’s getting his wishes granted.

  • Webuppp

    Silly man, I live in a gated community on the coast. Their,s a difference between being religious and a believer. But thanks for your judgement. Argue your silliness somewhere else. Looks like your boy won,t get the 2nd ballet. Trump has nearly 2/3rds more votes than lying Ted. Bye bye teddy, perhaps if he moved his upper lip people might believe more of what he says

  • Webuppp

    Actually my helmet is rather large

  • DaveMann

    you keep biting the bait. your large mouth keeps opening for the bait…….bait……you feed on bait…………little morsels………not real food….sad but true…………………………………………bait…………………..that’s what you go for…….hot, angry and hungry for more bait…………….not real food

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    My comment that you’re an ethnic bigot wasn’t satire. What you need to do is find Jesus Christ.

    By the way, if you don’t want people replying to your comments, don’t post my semi-illiterate friend.

  • Webuppp

    Your comments are always days later, and a dollar short. Their always backed with insults, you question my intellect, yet you support a Washington insider. I post to inform, not to get into a tit for tat with an arrogant bald headed son of a bitch like you. Jesus knows who I am, and I know him. That is enough in my book, not once have I challanged your faith, get ye behind me satan, for you are doing his will with questioning other people’s faith. Only the Lord knows a man,s heart, if you knew just a little bit, you,d have found a way to save your hair, let alone my soul. Worry about your own soul, as for the hair, check out the Bosley institute. Ot try some coconut oil, you should be familiar with that

  • Sam

    How much is Kincaid being bribed by the Bush/Cruz/Clinton oligarchy to write this drivel? Trump is a populist, and his America First message is the best there is in this campaign. Canadian Cruz should go back to Canada with the other weaklings. Hillary Clinton should be in prison with the other crooks. No intelligent voters give a rats patoote about whether Trumps kids voted or not. We care about America being overrun with border-jumping rapists and perverts. We care about islamofascist terrorists, and every mohammedan is a terrorist rat. So, Kincaid, how much are you paid to be a hatchet man, or tranny, whatever?

  • Sam

    Democrats are traitors and have proved that ever since that twerp FDR set up Pearl Harbor for the Jap’s bombing run, as proven by released records.

  • Sam

    cruz and his wife bragged about being the first “Bush wedding”, when Cruz was a conman for the Bush political machine. Say, what was the old man, cry baby Bush doing in Dallas on the day JFK was murdered ?

  • Sam

    “aliterate”? What, are you illiterate ?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Not only are you an ethnic bigot as proven time after time, you’re a puerile prevaricator who can’t post a cogent comment, but needs to resort to ad hominem attacks, swearing, and ethnic bigotry.

    You know Jesus very little. if at all, or you wouldn’t hate people because of their ethnic background. So I do challenge the faith of those who call themselves Christians but who are ethnic and racial bigots. I call them to repent and find Jesus. So I recommend 1 Cor 5:12-13, 1 Cor 6:2-3, John 7:24, Matt 18:15-17, and James 2:12-13. I never condemn people to hell. something not permitted for us to do.

    By the way, I’ve said I supported Dr. Carson. So once again you bear false witness. Is he a Washington insider or is a bully, blackmailer, extortionist, adulterer, narcissist who claims he never needed to ask for forgiveness like your candidate, Trump?

    Like I said, you need the Jesus of the Gospel, not of the Klan or the Christian identity Movement.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    So now you’re insinuating Bush Sr. was behind the JFK assassination? Is he running for president? I’ll even bet you blame Bush Jr. for it. Or will you blame Cruz because he knows Bush? Great demagoguery. It’s so Trump like.

    But what about the Clinton’s literally being at Trump’s wedding? By the way, I take it you believe all Bush staffers were con men and women.

    Oh, lest you prevaricate about it like Webuppp, I favored Dr. Carson.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Why do those who think themselves so literate show themselves to be semi-illiterate when they imply those who use aliterate are illiterate, and I’m being, with some poetic license, alliterate. CAPISCE?

  • Webuppp

    Judge not, lest ye be judge. good luck with that

  • Vicky O’Dell

    The biggest liar in Texas History. he said ” And we are going to build a wall”! What a hypocrite.

  • Vicky O’Dell

    No it was having to be political correct if not you are discriminated against and your views are then thrown by the way side like a piece of trash, no one would listen like now, America has been sold and no one wants to here the truth, My husband and others died for your freedom and so did others, and here is the words being said and no one understands, or if they do they don’t give a hoot they must not had family member to fight and die for America’s freedom.

  • Vicky O’Dell

    He also gave people a brains so to think, most people have book smarts with no common since.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Did you read ANY of the Scriptures I referenced? So please complete the passage you partially quote if you the courage and integrity to do so.

    The New Testament calls upon Christians to judge. What’s vital of course is how one judges and for what purpose.

    As I clearly wrote, I call on ethnic and racial bigots to repent and turn to Jesus. Why do you ignore that?

  • DaveMann

    We shall see. ……….Trump is a gamble for the US constitution as far as I am concerned………….As for your gated community. No problem, that’s good. You’ll need it if stuff goes south in this country. I live in a barrack on the coast and the community is fenced and gated complete with uniformed armed guards. Me a silly man? Don’t think you’d ever say that to my face. But, okay, and same to you. Take care webuppp.

  • Webuppp

    Dave, I,m not a hide behind the computer guy, my silly man comment comes from reading your posts, should you take the time to reread some of your nonsensical comments unbiasly you might find them silly as well. I fear only the Lord who is most high Dave, so standing in front of him would have me shaking. Hoping this finds you and yours well, happy, and Blessed.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    How’d that whole Cruz thing work out for you, Kincaid? LOLOLOLOL

  • Adam

    KIncaid and Cruz are both globalist sellouts!
    No wonder there is a natural affinity between them.