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John Avlon’s dishonest column on the cop-killers in Las Vegas should be studied by journalism students as an example of how to exploit a tragedy for political purposes. It is a shame he gets on CNN as an “analyst,” which gives him undeserved authority and prestige, when he deliberately confuses and misleads people.

In this case, he tried to blame conservatives for the murders of two policemen.

His Daily Beast column carried two titles, one of them being, “The Bonnie and Clyde of Ultra-Right Hate.”

He said Jerad and Amanda Miller killed two metro cops while shouting, “This is a revolution!,” and then they “flung the Tea Party’s favorite coiled snake Gadsden flag and a swastika on the still-warm corpses and then moved to a nearby Walmart to murder a shopper before turning the guns on themselves.”

The reference to the Gadsden flag being “the Tea Party’s favorite” was an obvious effort to link the Tea Party to the murders. The flag dates back to the American Revolution and is used by various groups and people to protest Big Government.

Miller’s notion of “Big Government” was a government that interfered with his marijuana smoking. A simple search of stories about his background revealed a series of confrontations with law enforcement over his drug habits.

Avlon wrote that Miller’s Facebook pages “detail a descent into a murderous rage, railing against a tyrannical government and parroting talking points from fright-wing radio hosts such as Alex Jones and militia movement groups such as the Three Percenters while ‘liking’ the pages of conservative activist groups ranging from the Heritage Foundation to FreedomWorks and the NRA. Miller’s profile picture was a skull wearing an American flag bandana against a backdrop of crossed knives over the word ‘Patriot.’”

Avlon somehow missed the numerous pro-marijuana groups on Miller’s Facebook page, including:

  • Marijuana Policy Project
  • Drug Policy Alliance
  • Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform
  • Marijuanna (sic) fans
  • Legalize weed, outlaw corporate greed
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Miller was a doper whose “anti-government” philosophy stemmed from his hatred of the police for arresting him for violating the drug laws. You don’t need to be a forensic scientist to figure this case out.

Is there any evidence that Miller was a conservative activist or followed the philosophy of the Heritage Foundation or other conservative groups? Absolutely not. In fact, the Heritage Foundation opposes the legalization of marijuana.

“Jerad Miller’s anti-government frenzy was whipped up by the extreme right-wing echo chamber,” Avlon claimed. Then why do the “likes” on his Facebook page include so many pro-marijuana groups? Legal dope has been accepted by some libertarians, most notably at the Cato Institute, but it has been a left-wing cause for decades, mostly funded for the last decade or so by hedge-fund operator George Soros.

Avlon stumbled into the truth, without understanding its significance, when he wrote, “Miller’s anti-government rants ramped up after he served seven days in jail for a pot-related conviction.” But he failed to grasp the significance of this fact, preferring instead to blame conservatives for his violence.

Avlon’s CNN performance was even worse. He said, “the rhetoric he [Miller] is parroting really did echo a lot of what we hear on far right-wing talk radio, things like ‘The Alex Jones Show’…”

Jones is not a right-wing talk-radio host. He is a marijuana enthusiast who promoted a movie called “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” We noted in the past that this combustible combination of drugs and firearms, as preached by Jones, is dangerous for our country.

The liberals would prefer to focus on the guns, not the drugs.

Miller is a classic case of a pothead, possibly with paranoid or psychotic tendencies. In a post on an Alex Jones website, Miller wrote, “I stand at a point in my life where I am on probation for selling marijuana. I take urine screens frequently and I am forced to take drug classes I do not need. Before I got arrested I had 2 jobs and was selling weed to my friends and family on the side. Now I cannot find a job.”

He had only himself to blame.

Miller wrote a post on May 13, 2013, after having to answer for a drug violation.

“Mark one up for freedom today,” he said. “I stood before a fascist judge today and implied that he was a Nazi. I told him I did not recognize his authority over me and reminded him that 2 states now have legalized weed for recreational use. I also informed him that now, since the fast and furious scandal, that continuing the war on drugs is treason. He said to me ‘I may not agree with the law, but it is my duty to enforce it.’ To which I replied ‘Nazis during the war criminal trials stated that they, were just following orders and enforcing the law, and we hung those people.’”

Hence, he was completely in favor of legalizing marijuana and perhaps other drugs. This puts him firmly on the “progressive” side of the political spectrum.

“In 2010 and 2007 he was convicted of drug dealing and possession charges related to marijuana,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal said.

The paper said that Garry Frick, the owner of a bookstore, got caught in a short but dramatic debate with Jerad Miller, in which the pothead “covered everything from Bundy to the Declaration of Independence to the morality of pornography, guns and drugs in a span of less than 15 minutes. He kept misquoting things and incorrectly using words, Frick said, all the while sounding very sure of himself.”

It sounds like marijuana took its psychological toll on him.

Miller was from Lafayette, Indiana. In the local paper, Ron Wilkins & Steven Porter noted that it “appears from Jerad Miller’s rants on Facebook and YouTube, he was angry at the government because of his repeated arrests and convictions for using drugs.” This is precisely the case, based on what we know about him.

They added, “He had a trail of marijuana arrests and convictions in Tippecanoe County [Indiana] stretching back to 2007.”

Miller’s landlord was quoted as saying, “Jerad was nothing but a drug-addict loser.”

KLAS-TV in Las Vegas said his marijuana convictions included:

  • Being charged in Anderson, Indiana city court in July 2003 with misdemeanor possession of marijuana/hashish, a charge for which he pleaded guilty that November.
  • Miller was charged in Tippecanoe County with misdemeanor criminal recklessness with risk of bodily injury by pointing a firearm, possession of marijuana, hash oil or hashish with a prior conviction, and possession of paraphernalia.
  • In December 2010 Miller was charged in Tippecanoe County with felony dealing in and possession of marijuana, hash oil or hashish, and felony possession of a controlled substance.

Avlon mentioned how the political left was once the source of much terrorism, even mentioning the Weather Underground. “In the late 1960s and early ‘70s, the anti-government violence in the United States was primarily on the left with groups like The Weathermen…” he told CNN.

But he failed to connect the dots to cases like that of Miller, falsely labeled a right-winger by Avlon.

It was communist Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn who declared, “We fight in many ways. Dope is one of our weapons. The laws against marijuana mean that millions of us are outlaws long before we actually split. Guns and grass are united in the youth underground.”

This puts Miller’s cry of “revolution” in the necessary context. It’s too bad Avlon doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

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  • Douglas Mayfield

    Thanks for the article. Avlon and the Left in general will do everything possible to avoid a clear discussion of what they believe.
    To smear the Tea Parties is their only chance, since in a real debate between the dealers in such socialist poison as Obamacare, etc., and those who believe in freedom, inviolate individual rights, and their crucial corollary, strictly limited government, the Left will get flattened like road kill.
    It’s clear from their actions that Jerad and Amanda Miller were nihilists with no values of any kind, who hated life itself. Hence their self-lobotomized resort to violence which is the refuge of the intellectually and morally incompetent.
    This absence of moral values is fully consistent with the subjectivism (‘There are no objective values. Everything is a matter of opinion.’) of the Left. The Millers were simply born too late. They would have fit right in in the hippie culture of the 1960s.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Why do some people lump together Conservatives with Libertarians.
    They hold major different views especially on National Security.
    Libertarians share many views with the Radical Left.
    Alex Jones is a Libertarian, Freedom Works is Libertarian, Pot Head, what Libertarians support.
    This is not Right Wing or Conservative but Libertarian who again, also support many Radical Left views.
    Do your home work Avlon

  • Leslie

    If this is accuracy, the definition of that word has been changed. Alex Jones is for decriminalization, he is not a “marijuana enthusiast” & he doesn’t support legalization, or recreational use. Please get your facts straight. The Liberty Movement (Libertarians) & the Tea Party are the only obstacles in the way of pure unadulterated authoritarianism & this is why both are being demonized.

  • iSpike

    Sandy Hook Part Two The Final Takedown.

  • Gregory G. Sierveld

    Was this nut bag & his girl a registered voter? What party?

  • Why Aren’t We fighting?

    The real question is why people who believe in big government and getting rid of the the constitution call themselves conservatives.
    Libertarians believe in following the constitution, that’s why they are the only true conservatives. Like your view on National Security is far different from the founding fathers; as is your view on the war on drugs; which made our country have more people in prison than any other country ever. And don’t even start on the “conservative” republicans creating the Patriot Acts and voting for the NDAA.

  • Lawrence

    What is the difference between “decriminalization” of pot, and making its use legal?

  • Leslie

    Decriminalization means no prison time for small amounts
    & limited medical use, but it stops short of the free public use, legalization, that we see in Colorado.

  • Find the Truth

    You want an argument, you’ve got one, The Affordable Care Act is NOT SOCIALIST, it utilizes PRIVATE SECTOR insurace companies, PRIVATE SECTOR hopitals, PRIVATE SECTOR physicians, private everything… You don’t believe in freedom, you’ve got Stockholm Syndrome, you sympathize with your oppressors in the Republican Party…

  • Find the Truth

    While this couple had marijuana legalization likes on their FB page, they ALSO had liked Hannity, O’Reilly, the NRA and many other RIGHT WING sites. So they are yours “conservative” movement, STOP trying to give them back to the left, we don’t want them…

  • inksie

    Wow, you’ll go to extraordinary lengths to shift blame away from the extreme conservative ideology they loudly and proudly espoused! It is just this kind of subjective yellow journalism that is part of the problem with dialogue in this country – you can’t even admit the truth because you hate the other “side” so much and you can’t bear to see the faults of your own. This is nothing but anti-liberal and anti-marijuana propaganda.

  • evianalmighty

    Forcing people do act in ways they do not wish to is socialism and communism. It is also the way of dictators. The ACA does force people to act against their own will.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    A couple of thoughts.
    I not only have no sympathy for the Republican party. I have absolutely no interest in most Republicans because they are cowardly, ‘me too’, semi-socialist RINOs, who are not all that different intellectually and morally from the out right dealers in socialist poison, the Democrats.
    RINOs not only don’t oppose big government. They actively embrace it. They want to take it over and run it ‘efficiently’. Witness their pathetic ‘hissy fits’ over ‘Democratic mismanagement’ in contrast to actively opposing the Democrats’ socialism on a moral basis.
    That Obamacare uses the private sector briefly means nothing. The purpose of O-care is to convert American medical care to outright socialized medicine. And unless O-care is stopped, that is exactly what will happen. The private sector in American medical care will die and be replaced by the moral-ethical equivalent of the VA.

  • EnuffBull

    Forcing people do act in ways they do not wish is PART OF OUR REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. You vote, you get a representative, they vote on issues on your behalf. It may or may not be to your liking, but you have a say in your government. You ARE the government. Stop trying to BS your way around paying taxes and crying to mommy.

  • Braddock

    “Cop-killer was a gun nut” appears to be a better description of the title than your erroneous association. Or better yet, “Cop-killer was a Batman fan” given the photo you chose? How about “Cop-killer was a Sean Hannity listener?” That title is probably more accurate but doesn’t quite fit your agenda.

    The errors in your misleading articles are noticed by people and your spin is less and less effective. How does it feel to be a relic of a dying system? You are getting dizzy from this much spin.

  • Michael

    Yet another member of the so-called “party of personal responsibility” who refuses to accept personal responsibility. RWNJ

  • Dan Lee Uhl

    Another Accuracy in Media hit-piece, that goes far-afield of the facts? Say it isn’t so!

  • ei-g1

    Lie out your ass much, Kincaid? He was a Teabagger and Gun-nut in the mold of Cliven Bundy, period.

  • ei-g1

    “to convert American medical care to outright socialized medicine.” Please provide an excerpt from the ACA that supports your argument.

  • Andrew Nelson

    Go finish blowing your dad, drink your purple koolaid and take a well deserved dirt nap libtard.

  • janinec

    That doesn’t make them part of the conservative movement. You are really silly

  • janinec

    Sandy Hook was another INDIVIDUAL nut.

  • janinec

    The personal responsibility lies completely and solely upon Miller, the idiot pothead.

  • janinec

    You are an idiot with your Dem talking points. the Un-Affordable Care Act IS socialist in many ways. It doesn’t matter if it UTILIZES private sector companies….that doesn’t make it free market capitalism. It still is socialist in nature. You don’t understand anything about economics and the various degrees of each ideology. You are the one with Stockholm Syndrome because the real oppressors are and always have been the Democrats and the Left who will do anything to control every aspect of people’s lives.

  • janinec

    It isn’t written in the actual document, fool. If you understand anything about economics and human behavior, you will see it is the inevitable outcome.

  • janinec

    WRONG Bill…that is what our country has become, but it wasn’t always that way. No, a Representative Republic has NOTHING to do with forcing people to do things or buy things they don’t want. That is tyranny. The left loves tyranny.

  • janinec

    Bite me

  • janinec

    They don’t. You just believe everything you are told by the media. Conservatives do NOT believe in big government at all…that is YOUR side. Conservatives support the Constitution. The left wants to get rid of that “old outdated piece of parchment” according to all the lefty professors and even our own “President”.

  • Braddock

    Ok, so you are arguing the ACA is socialist in many ways, but it is also capitalistic in many ways by the same token. 1. Private insurance companies compete for consumers through plan offerings. 2. Consumers must select from the Private insurance company offering them multiple insurance choices. 3. Private insurance companies advertise their services to consumers. 4. Private insurance companies can still profit from offering their products/services. I’d say while the plan has elements of both, it leans capitalist more than it is socialist.

    A truly socialist plan would be a single payor system which eliminated private companies in favor of a government based system.

  • Braddock

    Your premise is wrong. You don’t *have* to purchase insurance under the ACA. Thus, you aren’t being forced to do anything. The people chose to do something that you disagreed with. Bummer for you. If you are arguing that paying taxes is forcing people to act in a manner no different from tyranny, then you have bigger problems to consider.

  • Braddock

    Let’s list things out (different groups about the same issue don’t count) and let’s see where he stands.

    Left wing (and libertarian) overlapping issues supported:
    MJ decriminalization

    Right wing things supported:
    Gun Rights
    Sean Hannity
    Clive Bundy
    Ron Paul/Rand Paul
    The Heritage Foundation
    American Crossroads
    Allen West
    Further investigation of the Benghazi event

    President Obama
    Eric Holder
    The Federal Government

    I don’t see any support of gay rights, environmentalism, women’s rights, or addressing economic inequality. He sounds a lot more like a libertarian leaning to the right than a progressive activist.

  • Michael

    Like blaming Clinton for Bu$h’s invasion of Iraq? No wonder why the GOP can’t win the White House. You’re all certifiably insane.

  • EnuffBull

    The right loves to be the victim. Boo hoo. You lost. Live with it or come up with better answers, solutions and candidates than the opposition.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Why? Whether the excerpt is there or it isn’t does not matter one damn bit.
    The bill itself is more than 2000 pages long to discourage any reasonable person from even considering reading it.
    What’s in the bill does not even matter to one of its chief architects, Obama, since he changes the ‘law’ and its implementation by fiat whenever he feels like doing so.
    The bill is in many places intentionally vague to allow the bureaucrats who will enforce it to make up rules as they go along.
    The ACA is an legally obscene piece of socialist tripe, the results of which are inevitable unless we put a stop to it.

  • chedd

    Yeah, nice try, Cliff. But wrong.

    A 30-second scan of Jerad Miller’s FB page (which is still up, by the way) attests that he was a garden variety Libertarian-Conservative – a Tea Partier, if you will. The bugaboos cited by the killer clown on his FB page include the usual:
    “liberal whack jobs,”
    pro-Open Carry and, of course,
    decidedly pro-2ndAmendment.

    Aside from the pro-legalization bit (which many libertarians espouse), the dude is 100% conservative.

  • Ergo

    you must buy this product or you have to pay a penalty. Yep that sounds like freedom to me

  • Diogenes1949

    Any honest analysis of this dope head would lead to the conclusion that Cliff Kincaid is absolutely correct.

    The brushes with the law, the rage toward police and judges, and the hatred that certainly motivated the killing all stem from the doper’s fanatic devotion to his drugs.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, most conservatives favor keeping illegal drugs illegal while most lefties do not.

    Your implication that this guy has to fit into some neat political label also misses the most obvious point of all: he was a drug-addled doper.

  • Ian

    Sounds like all that very dangerous alcohol has gone to your head lush…

  • Eric Toth

    Conservatism breeds hate.

    Your stupid assholes scream for R3VOLUTION and bloody civil war everytime you don’t get your way, but when someone acts on it, you blame liberals.

    Conservatives are cowardly and spineless pussies! ZERO exceptions!

  • Why Aren’t We fighting?

    I’m a libertarian, so I believe in the smallest possible government. Those that call themselves “conservatives” tend to want a giant police state. Militarized cops, endless prisons, massive 3 letter agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc that can blatantly defy the constitution. They want massive government spending on weapons and war. Oh, and the “conservatives” are totally cool with corporate welfare. Don’t want to give some poor person government assistance, but are totally cool with with warren buffet getting $45 billion in TARP bailouts.
    Establishment republicans, RINOs and neocons all call themselves conservatives; but they’re all just giant government loving statists.

  • Jessica Strunk Cannon

    Ok. So. By your logic… Conservative youth are too weak minded for marijuana, or any forms of media and politics. Well. If you say so.

  • Find the Truth

    I’m an idiot??? You don’t even understand the basics, when a private company manages the program it is NOT SOCIALIST, that’s not a Democratic talking point, that’s a freaking fact. Perhaps you should LOOK UP the definitions of different political/economic systems because it’s obvious that you have NO clue as to the differences. Are you another right wing economics expert? I haven’t met one of you who actually knows ANYTHING about economics. The Democrats rebuilt this country and made it the most prosperous and strongest nation on earth during the middle portions of the 20th century. Of course we had a big job as Republicans had near destroyed it with their policies which created the Great Depression. America was on top in everything UNTIL the worst President in American history, Ronald Reagan, was elected in 1980. Things have been going downhill since then, but I have faith that once again Americans will LOCK Republicans OUT OF POWER for another 50 year period and they’ll do it soon as Republicans are useless…

  • Find the Truth

    We can’t move forward in this country UNTIL people like you STOP believing that Democrats are socialists…JUST as many Democrats own businesses and participate in the economic system as Republicans…Just because you and those like you say it, doesn’t make it true. You say the ACA is a step towards “socialized” medicine, well your side has been saying that since the 1930’s yet we still don’t have such a system…The ACA was patterned after a program created by the arch-conservative Heritage Foundation, they didn’t create a program with the idea that it would eliminate private sector medical care. You’ve been programmed to look at Democrats as an enemy, that’s dangerous and WRONG…

  • Find the Truth

    You have to buy car insurance if you drive, yet I’m sure you’ve NEVER complained about that right??? Did you call your Republican representatives in your state legislature communists and tyrants when they passed those laws 30 years ago??? If you don’t buy car insurance you can face CRIMINAL penalties in addition to MASSIVE fines, lose your right to drive for a very long time, if you get in an accident of your making without insurance you have to pay off the other driver BEFORE you get the right to drive again EVEN if it takes years. Do you think the little penalty for not buying health insurace is a big deal compared to what I just listed???
    GIVE ME A BREAK, you can’t whine about one without whining about the other!

  • Find the Truth

    Nonsense, you’ve been FORCED to buy auto insurance for decades and most of those laws were passed by “conservatives”, did you call them dictators or tyrants?

  • Wow, takes a special kind of liar to peddle this horsecrap. This isn’t even worthy of the Onion.

  • Find the Truth

    and his rage came from listening to right wing whiners on a daily basis…

  • Find the Truth

    He was at the Bundy Ranch with the “patriots”, the “patriots” are ALL right wingers, he believed in all the things the “patriots” believe in, therefore he is a right winger and part of the “conservative” movement…

  • Find the Truth

    Incest is a right wing problem, that’s why none of you can think properly…

  • Step away from the bathsalts clown. First off, the very notion of so called conservative crying about big gubermint yet cheerleading a facist police state that imprisons 25% of all convicts is beyond hypocrisy. Second no progressive in his or her right mind is going to a fan Sean Hannity, Fox News, or the NRA. You just proved what studies have shown time after time, the more ignorant the more conservative.

  • Guest

    Acts 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

  • JustaCoincidence

    Articles like this are very useful to the pro-legalization cause. When people who think that the marijuana issue is some kind of debate read pieces like this, it enables them to properly assess the situation: there are a lot of people who have grown out of their rabid traditionalism and there are a small but vocal number of people who have not.

  • indy214

    Laughable thesis. Nice try.

  • concreteblue

    You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you?

  • Nick

    This is a joke, right? But please proceed, Cliffo. The more you lay out the crazy, the smaller your ridiculous ‘party’ becomes.

  • Ack_Ack

    Yes, a drug-addled doper, driven insane from his insatiable lust for the demon-weed marijuana!!

    Here’s a hint, pops – Reefer Madness wasn’t a documentary.

  • Ack_Ack

    Oooh. Clever retort. You really tore apart his arguments with your grade-school level insults.

  • milomilosovich

    But, but, but BENGHAZI or BERGDAHL or whatever…

  • Truce

    This article is LAUGHABLE. Really, to try to posit anti-government, Cliven Bundy-supporting extremists as LIBERAL??? You cite this as “typical” pothead? That’s asinine. Although I’m sure you realize this.

  • VirginiaJeff

    Rightwingers don’t smoke pot?? Bwaahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • DankoRamone

    Are you fucking nuts? Trying to twist him into a leftist? It does the conservative movement no help at all to outright lie. This guy was “one of us,” in the sense he for the most part was conservative. He was certainly an extremist, and nuts. But it only makes conservatives look terrible to claim he was leftist – and makes us look like liars – if we don’t admit how he was wrong, and that people like him are not the face of today’s conservative movement.

  • HI Cliff,
    Are you a paid liar, or just another of the many ignorant conservatives out there?

  • Gene Smolko

    Here we have a fan of the murderers

  • Gene Smolko

    Ha Ha, you got nothing expect grade school insults

  • Gene Smolko

    Oh yeah, lots of liberals down at the Bundy ranch LOL

    Personally I wonder if a real liberal would get out of there alive, they have almost shot up each other.

  • Raz Lemons

    I just found this site, Is this the same Cliff Kincaid who used to give blowjobs after school back in the 80’s ? I read your bio so I know it is Ole make ya stiff Cliff, How ya been you old cocksucker………….

  • Gunter Brus

    A lot of conservatives and libertarians especially are against prohibition. It’s consistent with the conservative notion of smaller government. These were right wingers through and through. The guy was at the Bundy ranch for fuck’s sake, are you people really this adverse to reality? What’s more, almost every act of terrorism in the U.S. has been committed by right wingers with only a few exceptions. Abortion clinic bombings, Oklahoma City, even 911 was committed by the right wing religious fundamentalists of a different society, religious fundamentalists who were the result of the Reagan policy to arm and train wackos to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Get real. The guy who wrote this should be fired. It’s like you idiots just think you can invent reality, whatever you want it to be, that’s what it is, and you can count on an army of simpletons to vigorously nod their head and convince each other of what they want to be true. People are sick of this garbage. STFU.

  • Gunter Brus

    Are you serious? You can’t be for real.

  • Gunter Brus

    Right, drugs made him do it. Oh, and you know why all red states have lower literacy, higher obesity, higher crime, and general 3rd world misery? Because of black people. Right? What do you think, personal responsibility guy? Do you people EVER take responsibility for the failure of your ideas?

  • Gunter Brus

    Give it up. Your argument is absurd and you know it. If you don’t, you’re an imbecile. In any case, stop posting stupid shit. Go away.

  • JustaCoincidence

    I think the ignorant and unscientific stigmatization of marijuana – the kind promoted in this article – is partly to blame for this massacre. It caused the unfair destabilization of an already unstable man’s previously semi-stable life. The youth have largely left your camp and as time goes on, the number of people in agreement with the downright idiotic view of cannabis espoused here will increasingly shrink.

    The simple fact that marijuana has never caused a single death and research shows that moderate use has no effect on the IQ isn’t enough for people like Kincaid. The venomous, nose-in-the-air language in this piece is nauseating.

    And the suggestion that being supportive of marijuana legalization automatically makes one a liberal is just hilarious. I’m surprised that Kincaid’s employers have allowed such an outrageous article to stay up for so long. I’ve met people who were radically to the left and radically to the right who supported legalization. I’ve also met people who were radically to the left that owned guns and felt that the ruling class would eventually remove them from the general populace as part of a fascist agenda. Kincaid may be surprised to learn that people are not robots and rarely adopt a group’s every belief. You may have heard it said that if two people agree with one another completely on every issue, one of them isn’t thinking.

  • JustaCoincidence

    I always thought that not “fit[ting] into some neat political label” indicated critical thinking, not drug use. Silly me.

    Anyone who is informed in the slightest will find this post hilarious until they become horrified to learn that he was apparently a prosecutor. The world we live in..

  • nice_marmot

    “Is there any evidence that Miller was a conservative activist or followed the philosophy of the Heritage Foundation or other conservative groups? Absolutely not.”

    Just this, describing Eric Holder as “the thought police:”

    And this one, supporting Wayne LaPierre:

    And this, making a case for Clive Bundy:

    And this dig at Obama, socialism, etc.:

    And this, calling for a Benghazi investigation: this list of conservative groups and causes he supported:

    Investigative journalism isn’t easy. It took a while, but in five minutes or so, I was able find all this plus quite a bit more with this thing called “Google.” You should try it.

  • chicano2nd

    ICP! And they are nutcake, right-wing street thugs too!

  • Mr X

    Oh Cliff, you alcoholic you.

  • Rebecca

    They really come out when it is about their addiction. This gives me a chance to quote my American Heritage dictionary on the word assassin. assassin: 1. A murderer, esp. one who carries a plot to kill a public official or other prominent person. 2. Assassin. A member of a secret order of Moslem fanatics who terrorized and killed Christian Crusaders and others. [Fr. Med Lat. assassinus Ar. hashshashin, user of hashish] This word first came into use in English in 1603. They knew then what it meant. Long before any movie. Long before the dope smoking and ” fun” Hippies. Nearly all of the mass murders here in America have a link to weed. The Oklahoma City bombing was plotted under the influence of pot, according to testimony at the trial.

  • Martel

    Well, Cliffie, you’re right. The Millers weren’t part of the ‘conservative movement’. There is no such thing. So-called ‘conservatives’ in America eliminated actual conservatives from the ‘movement’ about 25 years ago when they decided to redefine the word ‘conservative’ to mean extreme radical. What’s next, terrorism as ‘conservative’? You and everyone in your ‘movement’ long ago lost any possible credibility and fully embraced simpleminded propaganda as your reason for existence while rejecting common sense, rational thought or any semblance of human decency or social responsibility. All the modern ‘conservative’ (radical) wants is an enshrined ‘right’ to destroy government in favor of ‘freedom’ to do whatever you please, no matter the cost to family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else in America. You and your movement constitute the self-justifying sociopathic class of this nation. Congratulations on that I suppose, but your ‘movement’ has nothing that any sane individual would want or need in his life…ever.

    FYI, people like the murdering Millers are people for whom you and your fellow droppings from the ‘movement’ must accept responsibility. You brainwash ’em, you fix ’em…or pay the consequences.

  • Martel

    ‘Weed’ has no intrinsic link to the politics of either the left or right. I’ve known plenty of righties whose weed use (or obsession – righties are typically obsessed with all kinds of lunatic nonsense) didn’t prevent them from being good little right-wing sociopaths who consider themselves part of some kind of ‘movement’; and I’ve known plenty of lefties whose weed use was not obsessive and who were very sensible, reasonable and cooperative human beings.

    BTW, not only do most multiple murders in the U.S. have no connection to weed whatsoever, but a remarkable number of multiple murders in the U.S. do have a connection to sociopathic right-wingnuttery. If it were ever possible for you to pull your head out of the sand, and empty all that sand out of your skull, a brain might then develop which would enable you to evaluate on the basis of factual evidence from which you could derive causes. Assuming the propaganda you worship to be the first cause, last cause and every cause in between is delusional in the extreme. Get over it.

  • terry1956

    What you just wrote is mostly not true.

  • terry1956

    Thomas Szasz was I suspect not right about every thing but was right about many things.
    The claim of mental illness is so often used by the state to concentrate and increase the power of the state while at the same time giving excuses to many adults for violent actions and other victimizations.
    It was not the pot, it was not the guns,, its was not Mr. Kincaid’s fault, it was not the Tea Party, it was not the Bundy family, it was not the Oath Keepers, it was not the County Sheriff Project it was not the Militias’, it was not the three percenters fault.
    It clearly was Miller’s fault and his woman friend.

  • terry1956

    Na it was not the fault of the war on drugs no matter how strongly unconstitutional that is as a federal action in the states on drugs made domestically by US citizens.
    It appears to many conservatives don’t understand that the federal DEA, FDA and ATF are totally illegal but many of them also promote the illegal FCC as does the liberals.
    Of Course the political class majority in DC in both parties loves the illegal power they gain from such a huge lack of understanding about the US Constitution and proper Anglo/American fully informed jury due process.
    The Shooting of the officers and the civilian in Vegas was not the fault of the illegal war on drugs, it was not the fault of guns or drugs or the illegal war on guns, it was not the fault of the Bundy family or the illegal actions of the BLM against the Bundy family, its not the fault of Mr. Kincaid, or the MSM, or the federal government or the state of Nevada, Clark County or the city of Las Vegas.
    It was not even the fault of the political process in Nevada where the nominee for governor in the democrat primary won with less than one half of one percent of the vote of the population of the state and coming in second place to first place non of the above vote.
    The fault was not with the people who voted or did not vote or those in the past who voted or did not vote.
    The fault clearly was the Millers.
    Its doubtful that the Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz was right about everything in his book ” The Myth of Mental Illness” and his work on the Therapeutic State and other works but he was so right about the abuse of the claim of mental illness by the state and other power seekers and how such claims and often other claims so greatly reduces the responsibility of the actions of adults doing violence.

  • terry1956

    Except for a small percentage of points what you just wrote is not the truth.
    Then you top it of by showing your power hungry a hole control freak side by telling Mr. Kincaid to STFU.
    I assume you are better than that and you usually control the political class power mongering consolidating a hole control freak side that a majority of both parties in congress gives in to ( as well as their counterparts in the EU, the UN, Russia, Red China, the WTO, the IMF etc etc etc)
    Clearly Mr. Kincaid is wrong about pot being the fault but he was right about it not being fault of conservatives,
    Its not even your fault.
    It clearly was the Miller’s fault.

  • terry1956

    Would you be willing to give your real name for the record, so Mr. Kincaid can inform the jury?

  • terry1956

    Pretty much everything you wrote is wrong, while Mr. Kincaid made some serious errors in claims at least he got a few points right.

  • terry1956

    See you made a serious error by saying Miller was a garden variety libertarian- conservative- tea partier, as in typical which of course is total BS.
    Although he likely did have many of the views of the above in no way, shape or form was he and the women garden variety.
    They were not even akin to a garden variety 3%er even discounting the pot use.
    Their actions specifically in Vegas was clearly not American Conservative, not American Libertarian, Not American Tea Party.
    In fact their actions were Un American.

  • terry1956

    No he was not in the mold of the Tea Party or Cliven Bundy, your the one that is not telling the truth wither you know it or not.
    Now Kincaid was wrong in part in this article because pot did not make Miller do it either.
    Miller knew what he was doing and that it was wrong.

  • terry1956

    Well Mr. Kincaid was wrong to blame it on pot but if you are a ” progressive” its likely you are wrong on most issue and if that is your picture it appears you are adult enough to take responsibility for your actions just as Miller was without blaming pot, guns, media etc etc etc.

  • blowingoffgodot

    “No true Scotsman” is one of the right’s favorite logical fallacies. Whenever one of your disciples doesn’t perfectly adhere to the party line, you claim he’s not from your side.

    Guess what? It is possible for the Millers’ ideology to have been both shaped by right wing propaganda and supportive of pot legalization.

  • terry1956

    prohibition is not anyway, shape or form American traditionalism nor is American traditionalism rabid.
    in fact with federal liquor prohibition at least the US Constitution was amended to give the federal government that power although that amendment the 18th was null and void from the beginning because it violated the 9th and 10th amendments in the Bill of Rights.
    The stated purpose of the Bill of Rights in its preamble is to put further restrictive clauses on the power of the federal government thus nullifying any clauses in the US Constitution before ratification of the Bill of Rights which would also include nullifying the amendment process to reduce the Bill of Rights.
    If the states and people want to reduce the bill of rights and give the federal government more power legally they will have to form a new federation although that its so dangerous, so stupid, so Un American to reduce the Bill of Rights.

  • Gunter Brus

    So Bin Laden was just mentally ill? It was totally unconnected to political ideology. The reality is that conservatives have been pushing an apocalyptic and militarized conspiracy theory rhetoric for decades. Then to turn around and with a straight face claim that this is totally unconnected to a nutter who believes that garbage and kills people is absurd. How about the guy who shot up a seikh temple recently. Do you think he identified as right wing or left wing? This isn’t even an isolated incident.

    There were no left wingers in the 1990s militia movement. There are no left wingers bombing abortion clinics. You managed to type a lot without actually responding to a single thing I said. Try again.

  • Rebecca

    Been smoking too much of that stuff, haven’t you. OMG. I think if you want to get over your addiction to pot, it takes a couple years for the brain to clear out. So, stop smoking it, retrain your brain for two years, and you will be on your way to freedom. Have you ever seen the Cheech and Chong movies? Do you really think the way they acted in those movies is something to emulate?

  • terry1956

    Bin Laden could never be excused for his actions, what he did was so wrong.
    As far as the poltical ideas of mass violent actors according to current popular pegs of left and right, yes there has been plenty of both with the Left aka Mao having the highest count, Stalin the second highest count, Lenn and other Soviet leaders having the third highest count and moving to the popular ( though false) peg of the right- Hitler had the fourth highest count in the past 130 years and the King of Belgium killing over a million in the Congo in the late 1800s.
    The current leader of the three percenters says he used to be a commust party security man doing actual physical battles in the US against Fascist party members, Nazi party members and skinheads but he came to the understanding that the top leaders of both sides, as well as many of those in office in DC were at the same time working against each other but also to consolidate power and working against the vast majority of the American people.
    I don’t agree with every thing he says, he agrees that Alex Jones is many times out to lunch as well as the 9-11 truthers but he makes good sense on some things.
    Although clearly we have not used the first two boxes that Fredrick Douglas said all free people must be able to use- The ballot box and the jury box
    before having to use that third box in strictly defense mode in this country like Alexander Hamiltion said in federalist 28 is our first right- defense, the use of the ammo box that the great abolitionist Douglas said we had a right to use if really necessary.
    This site as well as others has the federalist papers
    Its run by the long time Texas libertarian John Roland

  • Mike Dominick

    Ron Paul, the one time most conservative member of congress, has been advocating drug legalization for decades. It’s also a common libertarian position. Your article is a load of lying crap.

  • Braddock

    Wow, a simple answer but one that needs some additional context. You are right that conservatives favor criminalizing drug use over liberal minded people. However, conservatives are more likely to hide their drug use and keep it in the closet while howling about keeping drugs illegal, while liberal people are more forthright about drug use and favor a more tolerant approach to drug addiction than imprisonment.

    My implication is not that a guy has to fit into some neat political label. My point is that the other items overshadow drug use (I know plenty of declared conservatives who use and have used drugs) as a determining factor as to their political affiliation.

    No liberal people I know appreciate Sean Hannity or the Heritage Foundation, except to laugh at and mock.

  • Green_Nuke

    A passion for drug legalization isn’t just a progressive staple — it’s also a Libertarian one. And anybody who denies a link between the Tea Party and Libertarianism hasn’t been paying attention: It’s practically the group’s founding philosophy.

    But congrats on figuring out a way to introduce that sliver of doubt that uber-conservatives across the country desperately need in order to continue denying the very real harm caused by all the hate they foment. I’m quite confident that your self-delusion about these two will quickly be picked up by everybody else who wants to be deluded about their own participation in helping turn the merely crazy into crazy murderers.

  • joe707

    Ever been to an evangelical “worship” service? You really think mindless chanting and giving all your money to snake oil salesmen/women, while rolling on the floor uncontrollably, speaking nonsensical gibberish is something to emulate? So, who is really the addict? Puff Puff pass Rebecca.

  • Rebecca

    You are getting your religious groups mixed up. And no, I haven’t been to such a service. You don’t know what an addict is. But, continue to puff away, Obummer loves you.

  • Vanessa Ray

    In regards to the 9/11 attacks, did the personal responsibility lie solely upon the highjackers? I’m pretty sure that the entire Islamic faith, Muslims, etc were {and still are} blamed for what happened…I don’t see how this is any different?

  • WeedSlashingTeen

    Whatever you say, professor

  • RudeTeenGuy

    I guess this is proof that marijuana not only drops your I.Q. levels below 0, but causes extreme paranoia and a few other screws to fall out.

  • RudeTeenGuy

    Taking the spotlight off of their severe drug devotion lifestyle eh? Swift move you did there.

  • RudeTeenGuy

    Drug devotion never ends well.

  • RudeTeenGuy

    Best comment ever.

  • Find the Truth

    So are you trying to tell me that drugs made them like Hannity, BillO, the NRA and all the other right wing sites? Perhaps their behavior explains the entire conservative movements behavior, you’re all drug addicts…

  • Find the Truth

    The guy was a right wing nut job, deal with it and STOP trying to hand him off to the left…he’s yours.

  • Find the Truth

    Of course it does…

  • Troll Guardian

    Crazy druggies!

  • Troll Guardian

    When will you drug addicts ever learn?