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Moscow is invading Ukraine, a sovereign nation, with troops and helicopters, and the Obama administration is doing nothing except talk. The outcome will send a message to freedom fighters and dissidents in such countries as Venezuela—and even Cuba—that the U.S. will not be with them when they put their lives on the line.

Isn’t it interesting that a Russian warship has just docked in Cuba? Reports suggest this is a show of support for the Castro brothers, and may also be intended as a listening post to conduct surveillance on U.S. communications.

This is another turning point in history, when anti-communist revolutions were gathering momentum and a U.S. administration looked the other way. But could we have expected anything more from a President schooled in foreign policy by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the pro-Soviet Communist Party?

Fortunately, there are some on Capitol Hill, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R), who are speaking out forcefully in support of Ukraine’s bid for freedom from Russian domination. But Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has actually taken Russia’s side in the conflict, arguing that the U.S. shouldn’t “tweak” Russian President Vladimir Putin by supporting Ukraine.

The tragedy is compounded by the spectacle of “conservatives” in the media, such as radio host Michael Savage, turning their backs on the freedom fighters. Savage defends the “duly elected” pro-Moscow president, overthrown by his people because of his power grabs, corruption, and repression. He then fled to Russia.

Does Savage defend Obama and spare him from criticism on the grounds that he was “duly elected?” In Ukraine, the government opened fire on peaceful protesters. But Savage calls the freedom fighters “thugs.”

Savage used to be solid on national defense issues, but on Thursday he praised the “Prison Planet” website of pro-Russian commentator Alex Jones for offering the best coverage of events in Ukraine. Then, Savage (not his real name) interviewed Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan economic official whose column was on the Jones website, and who has decided that Washington is the greatest threat to world peace, and Putin is a statesman.

In fact, some of his recent columns have carried these titles:

  • Amerikan Stasi Police State Staring Us In The Face
  • Global Capitalism Has Written Off The Human Race
  • Russia Under Attack

In the last column, “Russia Under Attack,” Roberts argued that “In a number of my articles I have explained that the Soviet Union served as a constraint on U.S. power. The Soviet collapse unleashed the neoconservative drive for U.S. world hegemony. Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neoconservative agenda.”

Needless to say, this is a major break not only with the Reagan Administration, which confronted the Soviet empire, but with common-sense Americans who recognize the threats posed by each of these nations.

Savage noted that Roberts, in a column describing some Ukrainian demonstrators as neo-Nazis, said the following about himself (in response to a charge that he was a Putin agent):

“Of course, having done Russian studies in graduate school, having been a member of the U.S.-USSR student exchange program in 1961, having traveled in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, having published in scholarly journals of Slavic and Russian studies, having twice addressed the Soviet Academy of Sciences, having been invited to explain to the CIA why the Soviet economic collapse occurred despite the CIA’s predictions to the contrary, I wouldn’t know anything about how people suffered under communism. The willingness of readers to display to me their utter ignorance and stupidity is astonishing. There is a large number of people who think reality consists of their delusions.”

Savage asked him, “Wouldn’t they accuse you of being a front man for world-wide communism?”

Roberts replied, “There’s not even any world-wide communism. Where is it?”

So despite his insistence that he understands communism, he seems to ignore the fact that it still openly exists in such places as Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China. Does he know the Communist Party of Russia is the second largest political party in Russia (next to Putin’s United Russia Party), and that the Communist Party of Ukraine backed the deposed president?

Incredibly, on the question of whether communism survived, Savage replied, “I don’t know whether there is [communism] or is not…”

To continue with this bizarre line of thought and the subject of “delusions,” consider another column on Roberts’ site, with the long title, “Pakistan TV Exposes bin Laden Killing Hoax and Documentary Exposes 9/11 Official Story.” It claims the “official” story—that 9/11 was a foreign plot carried out by Islamic terrorists—is “fictional.”

The column insists that Osama bin Laden was not killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan, a claim that even leftist journalist Seymour Hersh rejects.

Regarding Ukraine, “This is a coup, plotted by the United States,” Roberts told Savage. And Savage, who is apparently conducting his own interviews these days, ate it all up. (Savage used to have his producers conduct interviews with guests and then Savage’s voice would be spliced into the exchanges for broadcast.)

Savage, now selling skin cream products over the air to alleviate the problem of itching, should be scratching his own head before getting someone from “Prison Planet” back on the air and embarrassing himself even more. But Savage called Roberts “brilliant.”

For calling attention to Jones’ service to America’s enemies and adversaries, I am now being called a CIA agent and a neoconservative by Kurt Nimmo, the same writer I identified as basing his anti-freedom rants on the work of an international socialist. Such paranoid and lunatic claims about CIA conspiracies, which are fairly typical on Russia Today (RT), may stem from Jones’ enthusiasm for the marijuana movement. One of his favorite films is “Guns and Weed,” the same combination of lethal ingredients Bernardine Dohrn was pushing when she tried to enlist young people in the communist revolution of the Soviet- and Cuban-backed Weather Underground.

By the way, the term “neoconservative” is used these days to refer to anyone who favors the U.S. standing for freedom in the world. It is supposed to refer to liberals who came over to the conservative side. I was never a liberal.

Jones would be worth ignoring were it not for the fact that he comes across as a libertarian, seems to have a national audience, and features interviews with political figures such as Rand Paul. Senators like Paul give him credibility he does not deserve. Not surprisingly, Jones has also been a favorite of Russia Today, especially when he defended the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008.

One of the big lies we are hearing about Ukraine, which has suffered at the hands of the Russians for decades, is that it is in Russia’s “back yard” and therefore Russia has a vested interest in intervening there.

If one takes a simple look at the map of the world, one can see Russia is already the largest country in the world and its “back yard” is a term that can only serve to justify its interference all over the region and into many countries in Europe. Indeed, the term justifies Putin’s vision of a new empire modeled after the Soviet one.

Isn’t the U.S. sovereign state of Alaska in Russia’s “back yard?”

It may sound crazy, but the Voice of Russia actually ran a story, “Will Russia ever have Alaska back?,” reporting, “In the 20th century large oil and gas fields worth hundreds of millions of dollars were discovered in Alaska. Since then, the region has turned into an actively developing U.S. state with the highest per-capita GDP in the nation. Probably, this is why Alaska remains a thorny issue for many Russians, with some people even suggesting taking the territory back. But one can hardly imagine Russia launching a war against the U.S. over Alaska.”

Under Obama, who knows? If he is prepared to let Russia invade and occupy Ukraine, as is currently happening, why should we be content to think he would defend American sovereignty?

In the case of Savage, this isn’t the first time he has gone over to the other side on a critical national security issue. He took the side of Edward Snowden after the former NSA contractor stole U.S. classified documents and leaked them to China and Russia.

I privately warned Savage at the time that he was making a big mistake and that Snowden’s real motive was evident in his decision to leak material to pro-communist journalist Glenn Greenwald, who spoke to the Islamist Council on American-Islamic Relations and excites such hard-left organizations as the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

I sent an email message to him, asking: “Why are you in bed with CAIR, IPS, and the ACLU against the NSA? Greenwald is a Marxist media mouthpiece and handler for Snowden. YOU should have understood this from the get-go. The patriots in the NSA need our support. Snowden is an enemy agent.” I told him, “It’s not too late to realize you’ve been had.”

But Savage is still in the pro-Snowden camp. Now he’s in bed with Putin.

This is worth paying attention to because his radio show is said to be heard by 10 million listeners a week and syndicated across the U.S. in more than 300 markets.

At a time when the U.S. should be supporting human rights in Ukraine, Venezuela, Cuba, and even Russia, a popular “conservative” radio-show host is sleeping with the enemy and letting Obama off the hook for his deliberate failure to have a strategy to confront Russian imperialism.

Savage, a recluse who devotes a web page to his dog, is doing far more damage to the conservative movement than CPAC’s invitation, later withdrawn, to an American atheist group.

It’s time for responsible conservatives to stay clear of Savage and Jones and expose their descent into lunacy.

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  • American Kulak

    I would’ve liked to have seen Savage’s reply to you, Cliff. I bet he tore you a new one for being an NSA shill. By the way, shouldn’t you be getting on your knees and thanking the Surveillance State Orwellian empire god you serve that Putin chose this weekend to invade Crimea so you and your Hatch Act violating, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Justin Amash taxpayer-funded trolling pal John Schindler at the U.S. Naval Twitter War College don’t have to discuss GCHQ’s penis photos? Including their web cam sex chat photos of British MPs and members of Congress? You don’t think NSA has such pics of Lindsey Graham or that all the metadata NSA’s been collecting on Congress doesn’t include their calls to D.C. madams and male escort services?

    Stuff it NSA shill scumbag, we don’t listen to idiots like you anymore. I hope you get a camera shoved in YOUR FACE at the next CPAC if anybody still bothers to go to those things anymore and asked on camera about your NSA shilling and which NSA/CIA contractors (plus that old CIA cut out Scaife) are funding your operation.

  • American Kulak
  • American Kulak

    ““Why are you in bed with CAIR, IPS, and the ACLU against the NSA? ” Why is Clifford Kincaid in bed with NSA blackmail of Congress, Justice Roberts (illegal adoption of an Irish child) to ramrod through Obamacare, and other uses by this Communist Administration of the NSA and Booz Allen Hamilton as their cutout against Obama’s enemies?

    I hope someday Cliff Larry Klayman tears you a new one in front of everyone with cameras rolling at CPAC or any other conservative gathering you dare show your fat ugly face. He can ask you why you defend the scumbags at NSA who electronically harassed the family of a true American patriot, Michael Strange, and who also tapped a true Christian conservative, Doug Hagmann.

  • terry1956

    one can be against the un American unconstitutional actions of the NSA as a organization of the federal government but also see clearly that Mitt Romney was right in saying that Russia is still America’s largest enemy and that it is Russia’s fault in its bid for world domination.
    Red China is America’s second largest enemy which the political class majority have been selling us out to since favorite nation status was granted to that nation ran by the evil CCP.


    Well…I guess Russia is just following our lead. At far ONE MILLION Ukraine citizens have not died as a result to the Russian invasion…unlike the number of Iraqis who died as a result of the Bush phony WMD approved invasion of Iraq. Then there was Grenada, Panama, Libya…..

    Do Kerry and Obama think we all have short memories or are just stupid?

  • stevor

    Not all Ukrainian “dissidents” are the same. There’s the ones PAID to want to join the CRUMBLING EU and the real ones for sovereignty who want neither the EU or Russia. Of course, OUR “news” wants to lump them together since most Americans are “too simple minded” to be able to handle anything complicated and we need o’bama to be Big Daddy to sort it all out correctly.

  • dave3200

    According to the following excerpt from Mr. Kincaid’s version of the Ukraine situation is far from reality. Here’s the excerpt that suggests the entire affair has been a product of U.S. State Dept. meddling in things with which they have no business:

    Victoria Nuland – the US Assistant Secretary of State – was caught using obscene language in a phone call about the European Union and the political affairs of Ukraine.

    In her new role of covertly rallying anti-government protesters in Ukraine, Nuland has emerged to sound like a bubblegum-chewing Mafia doll. In her leaked private conversation with the US ambassador to Kiev, the American female diplomat is heard laying down in imperious tones how a new government in Ukraine should be constituted. Nuland talks about “gluing together” a sovereign country as if it is a mere plaything, and she stipulates which members of the US-backed street rabble in Kiev should or should not be included in any Washington-approved new government in the former Soviet republic.

    We don’t know who actually tapped and leaked Nuland’s private call to the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt. It could have been the Ukrainian or Russian secret services, but, regardless, it was an inspired move to reveal it. The disclosure lays bare the subversive meddling agenda of Washington in Ukrainian internal affairs.

    Up to now, the Americans have been piously pretending that their involvement is one of a bystander supporting democracy from afar. But, thanks to Nuland’s foul-mouthed indiscretion, the truth is out. Washington, from her own admission, is acting like an agent provocateur in Ukraine’s political turmoil. That is an illegal breach of international rules of sovereignty. Nuland finishes her phone call like a gangster ordering a hit on a rival, referring to incompetent European interference in Ukraine with disdain – “F…k the EU.”

  • Douglas Mayfield

    “But Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has actually taken Russia’s side in the conflict, arguing that the U.S. shouldn’t “tweak” Russian President Vladimir Putin by supporting Ukraine.”
    If this is true, any respect I have for gadfly Paul, who seems to pay lip service to freedom while supporting not upsetting a fascist thug like Putin, has evaporated.
    Anyone who values freedom and individual rights should support whoever is involved in trying to form a new government in the Ukraine. Whatever their approach to government, it cannot be remotely as bad as that of Russia which has been a vicious slave state of one form or another for hundreds of years beginning with the Czars and continuing straight through to the present day under Putin.

  • Rebecca

    I am positive we should base all our stands on what Nuland and the information clearing house has to say!! Actually, I would imagine the U.S. has sent as much money to Russia as to the Ukraine, since America props up countries around the world–now even our enemies. How can supporting the people of the country under attack instead of the invaders be a breach of international rules of sovereignty? Russia is sovereign over the Ukraine? Just because the leftists in the White House don’t know what they are doing, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support the Ukrainians in the Ukraine. One minority group in the Ukraine is Russian.

  • Rebecca

    You must be who stevor is talking about. Where did ONE MILLION what die? Iraq?

  • Rebecca

    Nothing but hate in you….

  • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

    Another false flag…..

  • dave3200

    No, you’re right… we should listen to the White House and John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Mike Rogers and John Kerry and ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. They’ll keep us well-informed.
    We seem to do a pretty good job of supporting the al Qaeda invaders of Syria. We supported the invaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya with no problem. However, when the majority of the people of the Crimean Peninsula welcome the Russians, we should oppose that. You are confusing the heck out of me. Why shouldn’t we oppose the real invaders, the people who spawned the protests in Kiev?

  • steven

    Conservatives need to get matters taken care of at home, like getting rid of Obama and his progressive liberal minions, then worry about the rest of the world.

  • Rebecca

    No, you are right…you are confusing the heck out of me. Did you actually read the above article, and is that what your comment is on? If we invaded Canada and the majority of the Canadians supported it, would it be right? How you would know if people in the Crimea support a Russian invasion?

  • Rebecca

    Hey Kulak, Weren’t the Kulaks wiped out by the Bolsheviks?

  • RWNJ

    I hear that Obama is doing something behind the scenes that very few people know about and what he has done will stun Putin as well as the rest of the world…He is unfriending Putin on Facebook.

  • AmericanKulak76

    Cliff Kincaid caught LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH AGAIN

  • AmericanKulak76

    Savage continues to ignore Cliff Kincaid and Debbie Schlussel’s desperate attempts to get him to shut up about all the neo-Nazis backed by Victoria Nuland and Obama’s State Department

  • AmericanKulak76

    Not quite, many survived. But what’s your point? Hitler also claimed he was fighting Bolshevism. I think Cliff would support Adolf if he were around in 1941.

  • AmericanKulak76

    Nothing but apologetics for Cliff. Are you his kid that he uses as a prop for his ambush ‘journalism’, so he can claim he was bullied if someone shoves a camera back in his face?

    If Cliff is at CPAC this weekend, I’ll make damn sure my friends there shove a camera in his face and ask him about his NSA bootlicking.

  • Rebecca

    Many kulaks survived? How could you call yourself a kulak and be pro-Putin? Deception.

  • Rebecca

    Actually I have never met Cliff. I have been reading AIM for a while now, and the articles usually match up with what I know of the world.

  • American Kulak

    With ‘logic’ like that, I must be arguing with big fat Ciff himself. Or maybe his teenage kid doing ‘intern work’.

  • American Kulak

    Can’t wait to see if Cliff dared show his fat face at CPAC to take questions on camera that he demands others answer. He must be p*ssed that Rand Paul’s condemnation of NSA spying on Americans drew a standing ovation.

  • Rebecca

    I am not for NSA spying on Americans… I am not much for some of Rand Paul’s ideas either. I think we have a real problem with government spying, and also the government allowing some lowlife types into this country who need spying on. The government needs to keep the criminals, mad bombers and other types out in the first place, and be on the side of Americans. Close the borders and guard the doors. I am not sure Rand Paul is for that. And, I certainly think if an American becomes a traitor and goes overseas and something happens to him in a war zone, good.

  • Rebecca

    Sounds like Cliff and his kid have a great relationship.