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In a major development that will certainly be ignored by the mainstream media, longtime pro-Russian communist Angela Davis has announced that she will vote for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.

“I have serious problems with the other candidate, but I am not so narcissistic to say I cannot bring myself to vote for her,” Davis said.

The recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize, Davis was a Communist Party candidate for vice president of the United States when the CPUSA was funded by Moscow and provided cover for Soviet espionage activities.

Davis is a lesbian activist, in addition to being a communist and supporter of Democratic Party presidential candidates. A vegan, she has lately adopted animals as the latest victims of the white oppressors.

Regarding the November 8 election, she declared, “I am going to the polls next month and I am going to vote against Donald Trump.”

Her “Vote Hillary to Stop Trump” message isn’t the first time that Davis has voted for a Democrat. She voted for Barack Obama before, saying Obama “identifies with the Black radical tradition” and that there was “global euphoria” when he was elected in 2008. “What we accomplished four years ago was the impossible,” she said in 2012, arguing that “We cannot allow [Republican Mitt] Romney to become the next president.”

Davis was once on the FBI’s most wanted list for her alleged involvement in a murder. She beat the rap and went on to have a “successful career” as a college professor and never disavowed her communist beliefs. In fact, she says, “I have always been a communist.” Yet her speeches cost students as much as $20,000 per appearance.

Until Obama ran for president, Davis had not voted for a major party candidate for the highest office in the land. She said, “I’ve actually never voted for one of the…two major parties in a presidential election before Barack Obama. I believe in independent politics. I still think that we need a new party, a party that is grounded in labor, a party that can speak to all of the issues around racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, what is happening in the world. We don’t yet have that party.”

There remains some confusion about whether her comments at the University of Texas at Austin’s first international Black Studies Conference, “Black Matters: The Future of Black Scholarship and Activism,” amounted to a direct or indirect endorsement of Hillary.

What we can be sure about is that the liberal media will treat it as a non-story.

The liberal media published endless stories about David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan leader, endorsing Trump. But we won’t hold our breath waiting for stories about Davis endorsing Clinton.

For the media, extremists only exist on the right.

Despite her long service to the cause of communist oppression and various communist dictatorships, the official invitation for the Davis appearance at the University of Texas at Austin falsely said she “is known internationally for her ongoing work to combat all forms of oppression in the U.S. and abroad.”

Her votes for Obama and her promise to vote for Hillary Clinton represent a decision by top communists to continue working through the Democratic Party. The CPUSA endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012.

“America needs a landslide against Trump” is the headline over an article currently featured on the CPUSA website. The story by Joelle Fishman, chairman of the CPUSA Political Action Commission, says a “landslide unity vote” is necessary to “to repudiate sexism and elect the first woman president,” and that “big progressive gains” can be made nationwide if Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats win big.

The CPUSA political agenda includes more immigrants voting in U.S. elections without voter ID laws.

Fishman indicated that the CPUSA was originally working with the Bernie Sanders for president campaign but is now backing Hillary. “The Sanders campaign brought discussion of socialism into the mainstream,” she said. “In many parts of the country where the Party was involved we have experienced a growth in membership.” These members are now being told to work for the election of Mrs. Clinton.

During the Democratic national convention, she said, the Communist Party “had a staffed table for all three days of the Progressive Central” event organized by the group called Progressive Democrats of America. “Members of congress, delegates and grass roots people came for various presentations.”

She explained that “comrades” came from several states, but that “Having the convention in a city with an organized Communist Party made it possible to have a much larger presence and participation compared to the last three conventions…” Fishman said, “We were in contact with several delegates during the convention to discuss developments and learn what was happening behind the scenes.”

She added that the CPUSA presence in Philadelphia “showed that the Communist Party is a welcome part of the broad people’s movements, and that with preparation and organization we can make a significant contribution.”

The Progressive Democrats of America, the group that the CPUSA worked with and through, seems to be a classic “front” organization designed to push the Democratic Party further to the left. It has an advisory board that includes the following Democratic members of Congress:

  • John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan
  • Barbara Lee of California
  • Raul Grijalva of Arizona
  • Keith Ellison of Minnesota
  • Jim McGovern of Massachusetts

“To win a landslide in this election, to defeat Trump and the Republicans, is a giant task,” the CPUSA says. “We are setting the bar high. We can do it if we stick together.”

Watch carefully as the media seek to avoid even mentioning that the communists are mobilizing for Hillary.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    LOL Oh, Cliff. Anti-Communist paranoia is SO 1960’s. The vast majority of us have evolved. We’ve learned that the US is in no danger of turning into a Communist country. We’ve learned that Communism is a nice enough theory, but doesn’t work in practice. We’ve learned that Communism isn’t the Boogeyman under the bed that you idiots still think it is.

    On the other hand, racism and fascism are alive and well in our country today. And guess who keeps getting ringing endorsements from racists and fascists…that’s right…YOUR guy. So the media talks about David Duke but not Angela Davis? Well, dummy, that’s because one of them represents an ideology that still exists and still poses a threat to large chunks of our electorate. The other is an academic who poses no threat to anyone. But not to Cliff and the other right wing fools. No. In your twisted, paranoid world, Davis is the threat. You’re pathetic.

  • John

    ?? ??????? ?? ??? ????????????, ??????? ?? ????????????

  • Bennie Bennett

    She should still be on the FBI’s most wanted list. The woman is nuts. And she and Hillary make a good pair.

  • jug

    Cliff Kincaid is exactly right here!
    Hillary has been a communist since her college days, and her mentoring under Saul Alinsky himself!

    People that call her Hitlery, are oh, so wrong!
    She is much more fitting of “Stalinry”!

    And for years, the CPUSA has not even fielded national candidates, they just instruct their membership to “vote democrat”, their platform is so similar.

    Dont let anti Americans, such as ICS, sway you with his Sorros paid bullshijt!

  • Read it and weep. Have you ever read any Marx? If you have, then you will find some striking similarities withing this Marxist Fascist Party pawning themselves off as “Democrats.” A new book coming out a the first of the year, if we get there in one piece, called “Liberty Defined” and edited by The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company, (that would be me) will prove to any 8th grader that we have been a Socialist country for decades now and this is only an evolution into Marxist Fascism for all. Houston author Neil Grant sets the record straight about the differing kinds of governments from Theocracy to Monarchy, and I have learned a lot. It is so basic that anyone can understand it, but at the same time, we have to understand that it is anarchy that is moving us faster into this instead of the slower evolution of it by the indoctrination of the kids in all of our “Institutions of higher learning.” As a degreed historian, you must understand why once a tyrant gets its power solidified, he/she strikes out at the very thing that propelled said despot into his/her position in the first place…Academia and Academics who helped get them exactly where they are and now will silence all who realize what they have wrought upon themselves; they always go after their own, and it also astonishing to see how many are willing to fall on their swords so to speak when they do get that person in power.

  • magic1114

    I was hoping that the “Gorilla Bitch” was finally dead. I guess the world hasn’t been done that favor yet… The only good communist is a dead communist.

  • RMThoughts

    And final question, who really won the Cold War when America’s highest offices are run by people whose essential ideas and politics are far closer to Lenin than Eisenhower.”

  • bookworm

    Marxism is alive and well, and the seat of it is the Democratic Party. Class warfare, the assault on any traditional moral standard, the insistence on seeing a racist under every bed … Don’t you recognize it?

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  • LaTisha Jackson

    See, Davis, like many Americans is a child of lust…which means inferior…not a child of love, which means superior. It’s a lose-lose situation: the red – faced destroyed a prosperous Indian civilization, and ran after the American Dream, which means comfort. What does comfort do? It KILLS. It destroyed the little remnance of spirit that was brought here very fast. Spiritless people can not love. America is a hospital filled with the sick people and the nurses are in constant talks on how to cure them. Where are the doctors? Socrates anyone? Confucius? Perhaps Mozart? Tolstoy? Without spiritual guides the idiotic masses always self destruct.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Friends of Yours?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Commie Boot Licker

  • Steven Barrett

    Leave it to Cliff to find Angela Davis out there, ever so conveniently awaiting his discovery of her so he could trot her out and say, “See, see, the Reds are still among us, plotting and conniving to pull down our government at any moment.” Hell, all Cliff needs to do is look around DC and find the real subversives: Lobbyists for corporations who put their companies and clients’ over the best interests of their country.

  • LindaCarlson

    This is what Christians need to know, or be fooled! I have some cousins and good friends that may have been brainwashed because of Hillarys’ lies and deceitfulness in the first meeting w/Trump. She is purely evil!

  • Phleb

    There are many people in the world who really don’t understand-or say they don’t-what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world. Let them come to Berlin!
    -John F. Kennedy

    Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”
    – Joseph Stalin

  • IronChefSandwiches

    When your candidate is a blithering trainwreck, you keep fighting the Cold War, I guess.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Who is fighting Class Warfare? I would say it’s the people that keep making the rich-poor divide ever bigger. You know…the GOP. Numbnuts.

  • Steven Barrett

    Let’s not let ’em both in on the secret: Former Lt. Col. Putin was a very trusted officer in the KGB of the old order, the Soviet Order that ran an empire from East Germany to Sarah Palin’s patio. Maybe the Trumper and his Trumpeters, will finally get the message when they’ve been told to play the old and original White Russian version of Slavianka Farewell at the next Trumperized “Republican Party” convention instead of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.”

    How do today’s Republican Rip van Winkles explain what they’ve finally awakened to? They’ve turned everything upside down. I’ll be a a lot of people in that totally compromised and sold out party are wondering what did the Trump gang put into Bush’s drinks to make him so “low energy”?

    C’mon Cliff, I think you need something added to your coffee if you’re going to use the Progressive Democrats who also happen to be very proficient members of Congress. Look at what Cliff pulled out of his pocket, a list of modern day Congressional Commies, one of whom is my Congressman, Jim McGovern, D (MA 2nd District.) Jim McGovern, a Red, or even Pinko? LOL.


    The FBI at this point in time is worthless —-

  • Bennie Bennett

    Sadly, you are right.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Serious stuff, Kathy! Wonderful. Have you read Jeff Nyquist? I know him personally. Now I spotted one more Pro Truth Hunter, without which societies of deranged lunatics always collapse. Where can I read more of your writings?

  • Lee Ryan

    I love hearing people knocking the big bad corporations and Lobbyists. I guess it’s there way of rationalizing why they can’t hold a decent job. Or they just make sanwiches because they don’t have the guts to sign their real name.

  • Steven Barrett

    Lee, lots of us who object to the way corporations get special treatment from lobbyists in DC and our fifty state houses do hold down good jobs and are not afraid to sign their name publicly to anything for fear of being hounded by government agencies. But wouldn’t you think they might have some very strong apprehensions of what their higher ups within the private sector might have to say and take action upon for being perceived as “boat rockers” and other kinds of potential trouble makers. Good heavens, man, we can’t have people questioning company policies that put the interests of management and the stockholders second to public safety and the common good. I wouldn’t make it a habit of mocking the good intentions of people who want to see companies like Monsanto, or pharmaceuticals, etc. who regularly put profits over the rights of individual citizens to live free of fear from being poisoned by companies that receive tax benefits no thanks to lobbyists and pols who kiss their asses. You need not fear any legal retribution, but you sure won’t look too sharp in the public’s eye.

  • Lee Ryan

    It’s amusing to hear your paranoid rumblings about how horrible the Corporate Demons are and yet you worship at the feet of Madame Hillary and all the other pontificating Lefty Libs who would not hesitate a second to accept huge payments from big business, all while robbing you blind with their lies and lack of morality to get elected while they couldn’t keep an election promise even if their mother was held for ransom. And all the while you blame those nasty can use all the 10 dollar words you want but be assured we see right through you. Oh and give my regards to your race baiting pal Chief Sandwhich Pants.

  • Steven Barrett


  • Lee Ryan

    Ah yes, when in doubt use insults and retreat. Good luck Stevey.

  • Steven Barrett

    It seems as if Trump doesn’t mind getting in bed with KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin, (Ret) now President of Russia and Putin’s pal Assad when it comes to “solving” the mess in Syria. Won’t you agree it’s getting harder to tell who’s playing what and for whom without their real uniforms revealed?

  • Z.M.

    Shut your mouth you filthy trash. Decent people know good and well what your worthless kind have planned for them. Your lies deceive no one. In a just society your kind would imprisoned with hard labour.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Wow. The crazy just drips off of you. Enjoy your delusions.