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A top communist defector is warning of an unprecedented “alliance” between the Democratic Party and the Communist Party, reflected in the CPUSA’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president in 2008 and the party’s continued support for Democratic Party policies. But is this warning going to be too hot to handle for the media? And the Republicans?

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking official ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, says in an article for PJMedia that any doubt that the Democratic and the Communist parties had secretly joined forces was erased in 2009, “when Van Jones, part of a left fringe of declared communists, became the White House’s green jobs czar.”

Obama aide Valerie Jarrett had disclosed at a left-wing bloggers convention that “we,” apparently referring to herself and President Obama, had hired Jones for the job. However, Jones was fired when an outcry developed over his communist background, and the media quickly dropped any probes into Jones’ White House contacts.

Pacepa, who served as a top aide in the Romanian communist regime, tells Accuracy in Media, “The Democratic Party has become dangerously infected with the Marxism virus. I recognize the symptoms because I once lived through them, and I believe it is my obligation as an American citizen to help the conservative movement to prevent any further spread of Marxism in my adopted country.”

He adds that he is personally convinced that Obama is a Marxist.

His 1987 book, Red Horizons, exposed the nature of the Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu regime as well as “communist influence operations” directed against the U.S. and other Western nations. The contents of his book were broadcast into Romania on Radio Free Europe and credited with inspiring the counterrevolution that brought down the regime and the execution of Ceausescu.

Although he has written over the years for such publications as The Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator and National Review, his column in PJMedia represents the first time he has warned publicly that international Marxism has assumed a major influence over the Democratic Party. His second column for PJMedia examines appeasement policies by various Democratic administrations.

The issue of communist influence in the Democratic Party has already been on display this year, as blogger Jeremy Segal filmed Democratic Rep. Danny K. Davis, an old ally of Barack Obama in the socialist New Party, accepting an award in Chicago from the CPUSA. I brought this to the attention of Steve Chapman, a “conservative” columnist for the Chicago Tribune, who had attacked Rep. Allen West as crazy for discussing communist infiltration of the Democratic Party. I provided Segal’s video of the awards ceremony to him directly and yet Chapman remains silent.

Columnist Wes Vernon commented, “Since Chicago is the neighborhood of Chapman’s newspaper, one would think he could easily access (right under his nose) the goings-on of a local congressman’s award possibly just a stroll down the street from the Tribune Building.”

Instead, Chapman has now written a column for the conservative website Townhall mocking conservatives who resist the encroachment of Islamic law, also known as Sharia, in the U.S. legal system.  Chapman’s column ran under the headline, “The Bogus Threat from Shariah Law.”

When alleged “conservatives” like Chapman refuse to take the problems of communism and radical Islam seriously, you know the liberal media will resist covering these matters. And that is why Ion Mihai Pacepa’s warning, based on decades of experience in analyzing communist influence operations and infiltration of the West, will be deliberately ignored.

Some conservatives are so desperate for any coverage critical of Obama that they jumped on his gaffe that the private sector is “doing fine,” as if this will enlighten the American people about the real agenda of the President. Mitt Romney’s campaign was quick to produce a TV ad based on the gaffe, generating some media attention, but don’t count on the Republicans to exploit the comments of Ion Mihai Pacepa. The cries of “McCarthyism” would fill the air. All of this means that the GOP presidential campaign will avoid addressing his key charge that the U.S. has a Marxist president and that he is pursuing a socialist agenda.

The Republicans, some of whom were also behind John McCain’s lackluster 2008 campaign, recoil even when they are handed a campaign issue on a silver platter—such as Obama’s lying about his past association with and membership in the Marxist-led New Party in Chicago. They want to stay above the fray, even as the Obama campaign demonizes the word “capitalist” and insists nonsensically that creating government jobs is the proper way to help the private economy.

But Pacepa speaks out, saying that, in addition to the White House hiring Van Jones, he saw the Marxist agenda at work in the agenda of the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress during Obama’s first two years, when they “began dutifully following in Marx’s footsteps by redistributing our country’s wealth and putting under government control a part of its health care, banking system, and automobile industry.” His observation is this regard is not unique, but Pacepa goes further, citing evidence of how planks in the Communist Manifesto parallel the Obama legislative agenda. Yet, Romney doesn’t want to call Obama a socialist because of what the liberal media will say about the charge.

“Marxism is a malignant tumor on the body of any country,” Pacepa writes, highlighting the stakes involved in the presidential campaign. “This is another thing I learned during my years at the top of Marxist Romania. Marxism, like any cancer, works silently—you can feel it only after it has spread throughout the whole body, and then it is usually too late.”

Internationally, the warning signs also get ignored. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes Russia and China, just completed a major conference in Beijing and issued a statement denouncing plans for a U.S. missile defense and proposed military action against the regimes in Damascus and Tehran. Obama seems prepared to accommodate our adversaries on all fronts, although he has told the Russians that he can’t go all-out on their behalf until after he is re-elected.

The final statement from the SCO conference honors the United Nations Charter “as well as the basic norms governing international relations”—remarks that could have come from Obama’s State Department or Obama himself.

The SCO campaign to block Western attempts to undermine the Iranian and Syrian regimes represents what the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin calls a “world geopolitical swing,” as the United States fades in influence under Obama. Yet, the media talk about an Obama “gaffe” and conservatives wonder if Romney can reduce the gender gap.

The issues are big and stark, and Pacepa knows it. He cites evidence for his charges about an alliance between the Democratic Party and the Communist Party USA in the statements of Joelle Fishman, a political operative in the CPUSA based in Connecticut. This writer interviewed Fishman, who runs the CPUSA Political Action Commission, at last year’s Take Back the American Dream Conference in Washington D.C., featuring Van Jones. She is a strong supporter of Barack Obama and personally campaigned for him.

On Monday, June 18, in Washington, D.C., Van Jones will be speaking at the next Campaign for America’s Future conference on a panel that includes MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. The topic: “Winning in November—So We Can Win in December and Beyond.” No surprise here. MSNBC is at the service of the Obama Administration and doesn’t hold back at all, even making its TV stars available for partisan conferences.

What is interesting about Fishman, the communist daughter-in-law of Soviet spy Victor Perlo, is that she works with “progressive” Democrats and has a very close personal relationship with high ranking Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who serves in the Democratic leadership as co-chair of the Steering and Policy Committee. A photo dubbed “The Kiss” shows DeLauro embracing Fishman.

Fishman and DeLauro appeared together on the host committee letterhead for a birthday celebration in honor of long-time CPUSA official Alfred L. Marder. DeLauro used the Congressional Record on March 20, 2012, to praise Marder, whose “New Haven Peoples Center” recently tried to obtain $300,000 in state money. Zachary Janowski, an investigative reporter for the Yankee Institute, covered this controversy in detail on his “Raising Hale” blog and was instrumental in creating public pressure against the grant.

DeLauro described Marder as “an institution in our community” and “perhaps best known for his work to promote peace, social justice, worker’s rights and equality.” DeLauro added, “His commitment to these issues is unwavering—regardless of controversy, he always stands firm in his fight to protect human rights.”

“During the McCarthy era,” DeLauro went on to say, “Al was one of those singled out for proudly sharing his thoughts and ideas. Standing firm in his support of civil liberties and the right of every American to freely express themselves, Al discovered his passion for civil and workers rights—two issues to which he has dedicated a lifetime of advocacy.”

In addition to being active for decades in the CPUSA, Marder was president of the U.S. Peace Council and a member and official of the World Peace Council, both of them international communist front organizations. DeLauro, of course, didn’t mention that.

The good news is that citizens of Connecticut are waking up. Veterans and local political leaders protested against the proposed state grant money for the communist headquarters. They got the money withdrawn. But the communists will be back. They never give up.

But while the state money has been withdrawn, at least temporarily, Zachary Janowski reports that the Board of Aldermen of New Haven, Connecticut, voted to allocate $25,000 in federal funds to the facility. The $25,000 in federal funds is from a Community Development Block Grant, a program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is apparently part of the Obama “jobs” program.


  • I remember when we saw the Wall fall back in the 1990’s and we thought Communism had been defeated. It just hibernated and now the threat is here and it’s real.

  • I am convinced that Obama is a Communist. 

  • TaskForce16

    The propaganda message of Marxism (wealth re-distribution) appeals greatly to the underachievers and low income wage earners. That will not likely ever change. Sometimes I think it would be best to let these people starve out, rather than allow them to drag all of us down to poverty and doom.

  • Bdcairns

    I always have lamented: Which way did the wall fall?

  • Lucy

    Great article.  Thank you!  The truth is getting out because of you and others and your faithful presevanance.

    lucy in TN

  • John

    Lol this is hilarious

  • Dex

    you are so right and it is exactly because the mediocre masses will always be in the majority and the extraordinary achievers will always be in the minority that our Founders designed our nation to be a republic and NOT a democracy (as “leftist-progressives” want us to be)… they want an underachiever majority so the government controlled by them will steal from the overachiever minority to redistribute to their constituents thereby assuring their power in perpetuity… they, the leftist-progressives, need to be defeated, period!

  • Idagney

     Sorry, those who present themselves as “conservative” shouldn’t be taken at their word, any more than professed “Christians” should go unchallenged when they act in an un-Christian manner. Steve Chapman is no conservative and Townhall is acting the role of pimp for socialism by promoting his raving lunacy as conservatism.

  • Jergler


  • NotPropagandized

    Not trying to be a Monday morning quarterback thinking I know or knew everything, but when the Wall fell, I thought to myself, “now the United States of America is the leader of the socialist world”.

  • My parents escaped from the former USSR and have been telling me this all along. Never discount the stories, experiences, and words of those who escaped communism. 

  • Darnellecheri

    “…but don’t count on the Republicans to exploit the comments of Ion Mihai Pacepa. The cries of “McCarthyism” would fill the air. All of this means that the GOP presidential campaign will avoid addressing his key charge that the U.S. has a Marxist president and that he is pursuing a socialist agenda.”Unfortunately, I have to agree with this statement.  I suspect that the labels of “Marxist” and “Socialist” may be deemed as too polarizing by the Republican Presidential Campaign (RPC).  We can only hope that the RPC has shrewd strategists/tacticians that has the “boldness of a lion” and the “cunning of a fox” to blend all of Obama’s neo-Marxist/Socialist agenda pursuits in a simple and resolute package that we all understand.  Mr. Pacepa’s eloquent voice of experience, and his consistent boldness in saying it, has opened our eyes to the insipid demise already in play in this country.  Let’s not waste this opportunity to help steer our country back into its unique place of free market enterprise and unapologetic strength!  
    An excellent article to read on – “The Worst Economic Recovery since the Great Depression.”  It says in economic terms what we all know in our gut, in our homes and in our broken hearts!

  • Mitch Lingerfelt

    The message of Marxism obviously appeals to the high achievers and the rich.  It is precisely this group of people who are pushing this philosophy and guiding us into the depths of poverty, doom, and thoughtlessness.  There are two classes of people in the classless philosopy of Marxism, the have and the have-nots; the leaders and the followers; the managers and the proletariat.  In any system here on earth there will always be at least these two types of people.  Therefore, Marxism is a lie, of an imagining, demented, workless, person. So let’s vote the bastards out, all 535 of them, minus a few; get rid of the half of the Supremes and the occupants of the Executive department.  Let’s vote in true Americans who respect the rule of law and capitalism mixed with volunteerism and civility.  This is the American Way.

  • Ted

    But you’re OK with the extreme rightwing Fascists like Mussolini and Hitler and a whole host of others?

  • Ted

    Geez!  Don’t do that!  These people are already paranoid enough!

  • don’t give up

  • JenniZ

    The Russian peasantry accepted communism because they were used to being taken care of by their lords, although very poorly. Communism would take care of them, but in equality with all. When the communists failed in their attempt to take out Yeltsin, a lady in the street asked “Who’s in charge of my life now?” Wasn’t it Hayed who called it the “Road to Serfdom?”
    Those who left the middle class since Reagan entered the upper class, not the lower; that is until Obama. “Trickly down” was not Reaganomics, but a slur from his opponent. His was “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as seen in the results.
    We’ve had a governing oligarchy for a long time, not just since Reagan. The GOP establishment just wants their turn at power, not to ensure our freedoms, as conservatives do. Please don’t confuse the establishment with the rest of us. The establishment is leaving the people, but we are fighting to gain back the party.

  • Ron04

     I “feel” like the Koch brothers have done more to advance the middle class and prospects for prosperity than any wealth grabbing leftists ever could – THAT’S how I feel….

  • “A single spark can start a prairie fire” – Mao Tse Tung

    Enjoy your revolution of hate, righties.  Revolution from the left or right?  Either way, the Chinese win. 

  • Don

    Study history before ytou shoot your mouth off.

  • Don

    You sound exactly like someone who hates America and what we stand for.  You should just go try out Castro’s “Paradise.” Who knows you may even like it.

  • Don

    You don’t have a clue as to who put us in this financial mess. Just another liberal that doesn’t have the intelligence to do his homework before shooting his mouth off.

  • Dgs_1953

    Just having those guns is not going to be enough. You better be ready to use them.

  • Dgs_1953

    You are not very bright nor educated. The ‘current’ platform of the GOP, and its Presidential candidate, are fairly ‘progressive’ [in the definition ascribed to the word since the early 1900s]. You should be celebrating, fool, that Barry Goldwater did not win the Presidency. But, then, we wouldn’t be financially where we are today if he had won, nor would our cultural values have declined to the state that exists today.

  • Dgs_1953

    Hope you have a lot of ammo…you can bet the conservatives have it!

  • JimG

    Strange but the leaders of the revolution in the Soviet Union and other nations were not “underachievers” but “overachievers who his their roots…..just ask Michele Obama…she came from money despite her protests otherwise.”

  • Henrytyler

    We are so screwed ……………….

  • My mother-in-law did a lot of work for an interesting guy named Max Eastman back in the early 60’s.. in fact she typed the third edition of “Reflections on the Failure of Socialism” for him in 1962.. Max was a prominent political activist and for many years, supported the cause of socialism and was an activist for a number of liberal and radical causes. In later life his views changed significantly, and he became a staunch advocate of free market economics and was ardently anti-Communist.

    A point my mother in-law made to me one day, almost in passing, was that Max said that ‘with all the anti-communist feelings after the Second World War, the plan of the socialists/communists was to “go-to-ground” and simply melt into the Democratic party.. that they would form a “progressive” wing of the party and push on until the class consciousness of the proletariat was realized..’ It’s happening now, except it’s not the masses, it’s the political class who is pushing the Marxist agenda. Don’t doubt it for a minute.

  • Radu M Oleniuc

    I don’t understand why they used the image of George Blake, former spy and traitor, whose betrayal of British agents to the KGB is said to have cost many lives, and it is now claiming that the ‘happiest years’ of his life are being spent Russia.

    Lt Gen Pacepa is anything but that. Exactly the opposite.

  • Pamela Jones

    (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

    But what do your parents know about the nightmare of communism? They’ve only experienced it first hand. No, you must seek out a well educated College (leftist) Professor who has spent a few years studying it. They “Always” know way more then the people who actually experience………………….well anything.

    Heck! He/She might have even spent TWO WHOLE MONTHS in Russia once. Now THAT should automatically qualify them as being way more informed then your parents.

    Just look at that Georgia College Professor who (without having set foot in Cuba or having talked to any Cubans who escaped from Cuba) he proudly declares that all who claim they came to the U.S for “Freedom” are lying. They only came here for the economic possibilities.

    Now aren’t we lucky to have these “Educated” College Professors to set the record straight. You should have your parents seek out such a professor so he can tell them they that they were NOT unhappy there and that living there was like living in paradise. 😉

  • Ted

    There are no explanations needed! When the workers get fed-up with the fatcats running the show and treating the workers like serfs or peasants … the workers WILL revolt … as they have done in the past. And, I’d be happy to be first in line to get blood on my hands in the process of helping to rectify the situation.

    The economy and working middle class of this country were strong ONLY when the unions were strong … and that day WILL come again.

    Like a lot of your fellow extremists … you appear to be terminally warped.

  • Ted

    What’s North Korea got to do with it?

    Germany is a suitable current example of how treating the workers well … instead of letting all the fruits of captalism accrue only to the fatcats … results in a far better economy and a far better social order than currently exists in this country.

    (Today, ONLY the fatcats get $200 for passing “Go”. The working class gets BU**SH** on a stick!)

  • Ted

    Who’s talking about “equality”? My belief is that the workers should rule … and I don’t give a damn what happens to the 1% fatcat minority!

  • Ted

    What a ******* pig you are!

    The pox on you and yours!

    (You’re the perfect example of why the French peasants revolted!)

  • Ted

    Right. And, have you stopped beating your wife yet?

  • Ted

    Do you really think there’s a big difference between how Communism might affect the masses and how Feudalism affected the masses?

  • Ted

    And I’m convinced you’re an unmitigated racist … and I have the same proof of my claim that you have of yours.

  • Michael Moore

    I am an educated, former college professor, who also happens to be a veteran who served 2 years in Berlin while the Wall was up. I am much more anti-communist than you are because I am educated and cannot be lead by the nose by the fascist Republican Party and its mufti-millionaire/billionaire owners and thus can see our biggest enemy is ignorant people such as you..

  • Sassy3000

    Your not as well-educated as you might think. Why don’t you try removing your childish rose-colored glasses and start seeing the world as it really is and not the stupid way you want it to be?
    The Republican Party is NOT the problem! It’s Obama and his fellow pukes who are running this country into the ground!
    Obviously you’re one of those Far-Left crackpots who probably indoctrinated more then your fair share of gullible students who didn’t bother to question the validity of your ignorant statements.

  • Sassy3000

    Well said! what a loser. you are not a fascist. What kind of BS is that?
    The guy is a nut. Best to ignore otherwise he’ll just keep trolling you over and over to “Prove his intellectual superiority”.

  • Bob

    Hard leaning Marxists have had more than a considerable presence in the democrat party for years. It appears to have started in the late 1940’s, even though it in part in the Progressive movement in the early 1900’s. When details of the movement were made very public, it was completely rejected. The movement, like all subversive movements, they realized that they were going to have to control the communications and the flow of information to the people, which they have now accomplished, went hiding for a time and rebranded themselves as liberals, casting themselves as champions of the poor and disadvantaged. Through economic and social policies they have managed to keep and add to a great number of government dependent citizens. It amounts to a considerable block of voters.

  • empty pockets

    Perhaps Obama thinks he is NOT a communist. Maybe he thinks he’s a Marxist or just a socialist or whatever. The takeaway is that his policies are statist–grow government and give it control of every aspect of people’s lives.
    Whatever you want to call that…that’s what he is based on what he’s done and what he says he intends to do.

  • empty pockets

    I remember when the wall “fell”. I din’t think communism was dead and gone. What I thought was that we were witnessing the collapse of an empire…not necessarily its ideology. History has shown I was correct.

  • empty pockets

    My father also served in Berlin while the wall was up. In fact he was there when the wall was GOING up. He isn’t a “former” (one must wonder why “former”) college professor and likely has less formal education than you. But he is worlds smarter. The old line GOP progressives are nearly as statist as the Dem progressives. But take off the blinders and answer this: how many multibillionaire donors are on your side? They favor progressives on BOTH sides because they hope to be favored in return.
    WAKE UP. You have a brain. What are you saving it for?

  • Ted

    So, instead of having the government control our lives … you would prefer that the fatcat corporatists control our lives? What the hell’s the difference?

    At least with the government, we’re still able to have some input via elected representatives. With the fatcats … zilch! Total feudal servitude!

  • empty pockets

    Gee, Ted, you mean the elected representatives in BED with the fatcat corporatists? Good luck with the whole flea ridden bunch. I want control of my own life. I don’t trust any of them. The ones who don’t want control are the only ones I’d trust at all. But even with them I apply Reagan’s advice: “Trust but verify.”
    Read up on it, Ted. The Leftists are cronies of the big corporations and the unions and the old boy GOP are still cozying up to some of the big corporations. If you want someone to tell you how to live your life, best advice? Join a monestary. The long term benefits are the BEST.

  • empty pockets

    My brother-in-law escaped Castro’s Cuba. Ditto the stories. He still has family there, including a cousin who owns two pair of pants, one shirt and one pair of shoes–for special occasions. They can’t even get aspirin usually. It isn’t quite equal, though. The fatcats still do very well and everyone els is equal–equally destitute. And equally fearful.

  • Ted

    OK, have it your way.

    But there’s really NO DIFFERENCE between being under the thumb of a Marxist or under the thumb of a run amok Corporatist. One is communism … the other is the new feudalism.

    And … your choice … anarchy … is no better.

  • Michael Moore

    Yes, I have a brain, how about you? You asked whey “former”, well as anyone with a brain knows, former means I no longer teach college.

  • Michael Moore

    The fact that you bring up Soros shows how truly ignorant and let FoxNews (founded and run by a fascist foreigner) and Limbaugh do all your thinking. Checkout the number of executive orders GW Bush and Reagan did …. many more than Obama at this same time in their terms. But, oh wait, they are white. Pretty simple isn’t it?

  • Michael Moore

    Wah, wah, wah! The 1% are so oppressed. There is class warfare in this country, and the 1% have clearly won. So keep begging for the scraps off their tables – but it wont work.

  • Michael Moore

    Well, then if you really believe in what you just wrote, then you should refuse to accept time-and-a-half for overtime, agree to work off-the clock, get no vacation time, no sick time,etc. – because those all came from union actions which often included death and injury. But I know you wont do any of that because you are a typical conservadumb (you started it) and believe in others sacrifice but not your own.

  • Michael Moore

    You show your overt, and immense, ignorance by claiming the Democrats supported slavery and segregation – because after Johnson go the Civil Rights Laws passed, all those so called “Democrats” miraculously became Republicans. And you said you were a “young and dumb Democrat” who eventually saw the light and obviously became a Republican – I would explain it differently. When you were young, you were optimistic and wanted the world to be a good place so you could have a chance to reach your potential – a Democrat.. But once you got older, you became afraid and worried only about yourself – a Republican.

  • Michael Moore

    Name one law that Obama proposed or that Congress passed that would seize guns? And if guns guaranteed freedom from tyranny, then Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, etc would all be great and free countries. How’s that working out?

  • Michael Moore

    God you are ignorant. Name me all the bills Obama signed that were originated while he was in office that are bankrupting us. Come on, humor me! Show me your great intellect and knowledge of our budget and deficits.

  • Michael Moore

    There you idiots go again mentioning Hitler. You know what Hitler did? He declared black people to be bad and stupid and working to destroy Germany. Oops, are you a Nazi?

  • Michael Moore

    Legalheadaches, the Dems did not have a super majority in the Senate but for less than 3 months and thus were not able to overcome the filibuster-crazy Republicans. Tell me about Medicare Part D; about the tax breaks passed in 2001 and 2003 that significantly lowered taxes paid by the top 1% and were not paid for by reductions in spending – oh wait, that we before 2006 so can’t be blamed on the Dems, and the first of the bailouts to the financial industry in 2008? So the Republicans were the architects of the huge spending increases as well as reductions in tax revenue and thus we went from a budget surplus (under Clinton) to soaring deficits (under Bush.)

  • Ted

    Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

    That’s good one!

    And true as hell!

  • empty pockets

    OOOH! Insults delivered with arrogant rudeness. Perhaps I was incorrect in saying, “You have a brain”. The “former” was a side note. No need to elaborate. I frankly could not care less why you are a “former” anything.
    So, “fascist Republican Party and its mufti-millionaire/billionaire owners” … What of The fascist Democrat Party heavily funded by Soros (a former Nazi collaborator–fascists, if you’ll recall)? What of your president’s love of lobbyists in his administration? And Buffett…I guess he’s not a corporatist but a poor boy just donating his pennies. And all the others, MM, lots and lots of others…on both sides, often contributing TO both sides.
    MY point is that BOTH sides have become crony-ists. The biggest enemy is people like yourself who refuse to see the truth–gov’t is the problem, specifically, too much gov’t. Some is necessary. Certainly more than was necessary at our founding but as with most other things, we have gone too far by miles and miles and miles.

  • empty pockets

    Where did I advocate anarchy? Wanting control of my own life is not anarchy. Some government is necessary. We have a Constitution that established the limits for gov’t to allow for national security and protect individual liberty. The two don’t need to be mutually exclusive though they are under the gov’t behemoth we now have.
    We actually agree, Ted. Whether the tyrant is a zombie of corporations or political ideology, it’s stiill tyranny.

  • Michael Moore

    And you are a fascist. Read up on the movement.

  • Michael Moore

    empty pockets; you are not even close to Ted’s beliefs. You believe that you as an individual should be able to do whatever you wish and not be constrained by government – that is clearly anarchy. And how in the hell can we have individual liberty if each person as an island can decide what liberty means to them without any regard to what it means as a whole to the rest of us Americans? I believe as a whole we can come up with better rules and procedures than as individuals; especially if we develop them in a spirit of trying to get the best for all.

  • empty pockets

    Attempting to put YOUR words in my mouth seems almost obscene. Still having a problem with reading comprehension…or are you simply here to be an agitator? Controlling my own life means personal responsibility, MM. That means there are laws–of God and man–to be obeyed. But do we truly need members of gov’t to tell us what sized sodas we may have or what kind of light bulbs we may use or that my health insurance must cover pregnancy though that is patently impossible for me? Do we need piles of new laws, rules and regulations passed every year at the federal, state and local levels…so much so that every single one of us is breaking laws every day without being aware of it? Laws/rules/regs written mostly by unknown bureaucrats often in collusion with the very industries and corporations they seek to “regulate”. The laws are seldom read by our so-called representatives before they vote on them. I want representative government. But that is not what we currently have except in small fits and starts…nearly by accident.
    As for you speaking for Ted, unless you are him, too, he seems capable of speaking for himself. And now, and I are done. Go agitate someone else or somewhere else…or work on your reading comprehension.

  • Ted

    In any society, some element of government is necessary to create and maintain collective order out of individualized chaos. If 300 million people in this country are all out there wholly “controlling their own lives” … undoubtedly with some extremist Libertarian or Randian bent … the ultimate result is anarchy.

    And using the cop-out of “personal responsibility” is just crapola … because all you have to do today is take a ride on the nearest urban interstate … and you’ll see exactly how much “personal responsibility” is out there!

  • Ted

    You know, in a country with 300+ million people, all “doing their own thing”, the reality of “small” government being able to maintain some semblance of order has just about the same likelihood of somebody being “just a little bit pregnant”.

    Your “personal liberty” and “personal responsibility” refrains are just hot air. Your utopia is no less pie-in-the-sky than was that of the Flower Power Hippies.

  • empty pockets

    Do you think we got to this mess all at once? It’s been 100 years or so coming. It’s the progressive agenda. As for “utopia” on earth…yeah, good luck with that. “Small” as in small government is relative. For a start I’d be thrilled if we could cut it by even 10%. You know, just eliminate a FEW of the overlapping and duplicating programs. But hey, Ted, you keep exaggerating and just give up, ya hear? Personal responsibility has to be taught and it hasn’t been. Dependency has been taught. Victimhood has been endorsed and praised. You want to start turning this 300+ million ship of state in a less destructive direction, it begins in your local area with the people in local office–like school boards. You oppose “feudalism? So do I. Working together from the local up…it takes time but it took time to slide this far down.

  • Michael Moore

    You said “I want control of my own life.” and did not in the post say
    anything about the rights of others and the restrictions that are
    necessary for people to be able to live together, especially in close
    proximity. And since when does “Controlling my own life means personal
    responsibility”? Controlling your own life means “controlling” all
    aspects of your life based upon your own individual perception of what
    is right and wrong; again no mention of living among others. And I will
    not go anywhere by your request because, well, “i want control of my own
    life” and will not let you decide. And my; comprehension is quite good
    and you are just unhappy that your words adequately explain your
    beliefs. I also firmly object to your obvious bias in saying “The
    Leftists are cronies of the big corporations and the unions and the old
    boy GOP are still cozying up to some of the big corporations.” So one
    can cozy up to unions and to big corporations at the same time? And the
    old, as well as the new, GOP are totally owned by the 1% and big

  • Ted

    I agree that “personal responsibility has to be taught but it hasn’t been” … BUT … rather than fomenting “dependency” … that particular shortcoming seems to have resulted much more in rampant “INdependence” … with all the young lunkheads out there doing their own thing with absolutely no consideration whatsoever of the other guy or the greater needs of the society. Me-ism run amok. The Randian way.

  • Liberty_Clinger

    Marxism and Fascisism are simply different flavors of modern collectivist socialism. The American Revolution was anti-collectivist since the Feudal system of King George III was also based on collectivization. Thus American patriots to this day are pro-individual anti-collectivist, and it makes no difference if the collectivist system is Marxist, Fascist or Feudal.

    “Contrary to the Marxists, the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of the means of production. They did demand that the government oversee and run the nation’s economy. The issue of legal ownership, they explained, is secondary; what counts is the issue of control. Private citizens, therefore, may continue to hold titles to property – so long as the state reserves to its self the unqualified right to regulate the use of their property. If “ownership” means the right to determine the use and disposal of material goods, then Nazism endowed the state with every real prerogative of ownership. What the individual retained was merely a formal deed… which conferred no rights on its holder. Under Communism, there is collective ownership of property de jure. Under Nazism, there is the same collective ownership de facto.” Leonard Peikoff

  • Ted

    O.K. If you want to call today’s Democrats Marxists and today’s Republicans Fascists … it may well fit … although … there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a L-O-T more true fascists around than true marxists.

    But the only appelations that will really count is that if things keep going as they have been with regard to the economy … we’ll all be back to “slaves” and “masters” fairly soon!

  • LtfoL

    Michael Moore: Claims to be exceptionally resistant to suggestion while standing as a shining example of tribalism & absolute belief practices.


  • d00med

    Let me sum up the leftist position (enter Mr Moore):

    Character smearing straw-men and self fabricated false dichotomy declarations of ill intent, presented as fact

    You’re either a :

    > racist

    > sexist / misogynist

    > homophobe/transphobe

    > “gun nut”

    > mentally ill / societally dangerous / extremist

    …or a cocktail of some or all of the above

    They think name calling and character slander via discrediting false constructs are argument positions, debate points or represent a logic rooted stance. With the silencing of opposition via censorship as proof of their righteousness.

    +Sprinkle in generous doses of hypocrisy attached to all of the besmirching labels represented prior

  • Michael Moore

    And you are a perfect example of ignorance and attempting to hide such with a bunch of words that mean nothing – you must be a big fan of Sarah Palin.

  • leehardy

    I always knew this snake tongued freak grabbed by Marxist Terrorist Bomber/killer of Security Guards during their filthy raids.He and wife Dohrn, spoiled wealthy freaks grabbed Obama and created their loathsome Frankenstein puppet on Marxist Strings and away he went..Obama is a Narcissistic nut and very dangerous for the freedom of America..Like the Loathsome Castro and his partner, Gooney Guevera smashed the Cuban citizens flat into a poor society, no more middle class thousands fled to American shores….Obama will go down as the most dangerous person ever elected President in America and we have had some lousy ones…He is Chicago Democratic Parties, boy wonder but a filthy Marxist pig in disguise!

  • leehardy

    No Republicans are more like sheep and Marxists and little Obama, a filthy puppet leading the dummies over the cliffs of doom and these insane narcissists all need contained in camps as they all want to be Kings and enslave the masses….Americans get smart!

  • Ted

    A shrink, some serious medication, and a long rest might help! Good luck!

  • Ted

    Sit down, breathe slowly and deeply, and try to calm down. Maybe you should learn to meditate. (?)

  • hora

    I was know that before Nobuma was elect, but sorry I am American too, see how idiot are most can see a true, and sure Dems are communist plus criminals. When I was said under educate I know why I was said, many mock, because I don’t writing well, but that are not under educate, smart know and investigate before vote and be carefully for who vote. I was warming too,I was leave a socialism before come here, also my two grand fathers was die in a hand of communist. Smart better who mock, are thing and ask how much I know over communist. Why not read history and see was happening around word time before, like in 1950 in Argentina one soldier, like in Venezuela became socialist like Nobuma and his name was Peron, and was doing exact how Nobuma doing today, I was two in that time, but over a time all politician was a kind of corrupt, and where are today? what bad economy and big inflation had. Smart learn from history and idiot ignore. I was charge liberals like criminals communist, not like politic, but also I was said communist will NOT working in USA. One communist doing are unarm all citizen with excuse and use Police against and control Citizen, and is what start happening now, why are to much shooting around and most black shoot? be smart and thing< Dem s also are KKK against blacks, don't believe one word liberals said, before was hand and now shoot, plus use black against white. If are real Justice all Dem now in power need prosecute and jail, close a Dems Party and by law ban liberals or better name are communist. Why thing give welfare to any one? is for two reason, control and buy a vote. Dems are not honest in nothing, pure lie.

  • piss off

    the internet needs to crash and never rise again

  • this site not updated

    wow – that might be the stupidest thing ever written – “commies” did not exist until after Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital; Democrats were called Democratic Republicans until Andrew Jackson shortened the name; the Republican party formed in the 1850’s to support abolishing slavery.

  • DatBus

    People keep screaming about Obama being a Muslim don’t see the big pictures. The socialists in the UN are flooding Western countries with aggressive Muslim immigration – in spite of the massive problems its created all over Europe, now the US is taking them on. Between that and Agenda 21 the Marxists who have for a hundred years been trying to take down the West have found their final solution – and it’s working beautifully. Almost NO ONE is fighting back because they have bought the Brave New World rhetoric.

  • DatBus

    The strategy behind Cultural Marxism was to invade our institutions with socialist rhetoric and make it seem completely harmless. Indeed most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in. So naturally those who point out it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread.

  • DatBus

    The strategy behind Cultural Marxism was to invade our institutions with socialist rhetoric and make it seem completely harmless. Indeed most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in. So naturally those
    who point out it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread.

  • DatBus

    The strategy of Cultural Marxism is to invade the institutions of the West with utopian rhetoric and make it seem completely harmless. Indeed most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in. So naturally those who point out it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread. And it is past time to stop it in its tracks.

  • DatBus

    The strategy of Cultural Marxism is to invade the institutions of the
    West with utopian rhetoric and make it seem completely harmless. Indeed most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in. So naturally those who point out it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread. And it is past time to stop it in its tracks.

  • DatBus

    The goal of Cultural Marxism is to invade Western institutions with utopian rhetoric and make it appear completely harmless. Indeed
    most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in, and it has happened over a long period of time. At this point those who point out it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread. And it is past time to stop it in its tracks.

  • DatBus

    Michael Moore you are beyond clueless.

  • DatBus

    The goal of Cultural Marxism is to invade Western institutions with
    utopian rhetoric and make it appear completely harmless. Indeed
    most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in, and it has
    happened over a long period of time. At this point those who point out
    it’s insidious nature get mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far
    the termites have spread. And it is past time to stop it in its tracks.

  • DatBus

    The goal of Cultural Marxism is to invade Western institutions with rhetoric and make it seem completely harmless. Indeed most Liberals have no idea what they are participating in, and it has happened over a long period of time. Those who point out it’s insidious nature get aggressively mischaracterized and attacked. This is how far the termites have spread. And it is past time to stop it in its tracks.

  • empty pockets

    True. The sales pitch was that it promoted the “greater common good” and who could be against that? Just as any time anyone objects to throwing good money after bad into the pit of failing public schools, whines and shrieks of “but, but…it’s for the kids!” drown out substantive discussion. We aren’t allowed to mention that it’s actually for the unions or that it’s to expand bureaucracy (since most goes to adding administrators, not “in the classroom” with more teachers or…gasp!…better teachers). We are demonized if we oppose common core or federal involvement in education though the case has been made repeatedly how fed intrusion has increased costs and reduced efficiency across the board–just like Every. Single. Other. Federal. Program/Intrusion.

    So taxpayers fund the Ministry of Indoctrination (aka-Dept of Ed) which has maneuvered us into believing they should get control of our kids earlier and earlier so the indoctrination can begin at 3-4 yrs. Our kids are ‘taught’ to dismiss us and anything we say or worse, to demonize us if we disagree with their indoctrination.

    We see how all that has expanded into every nook and cranny of our society. Socialism of any stripe or spot is totalitarian and advances incrementally until dissent is prohibited, not merely discussed, refuted, ignored, demonized, denigrated or ridiculed.

    Like any parasitic and/or infestation, it will not stop on its own but continue until it destroys the host.