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The Black Lives Matter movement is a tool used by the left to maintain their “…90 percent plus hold on the black political electorate,” according to Colonel Allen West.

“I think that their whole existence is just a liberal progressive socialist movement to make sure that they keep the black community on the 21st century economic plantation that’s been created by the left.”

While the organization purports to protest societal discrimination and violence against black Americans, Colonel West exposed the movement’s hypocrisy by noting its profound silence on a multitude of issues wreaking havoc in black communities.

“If it really was about black lives mattering, then they would be in Chicago, they would be at many of the inner cities, they would be talking about better education opportunities, they would be talking about the fact that since Roe versus Wade there have been 13 to 15 million black children who have lost their lives, been killed.”

Colonel West also said that Black Lives Matter ignores other significant problems including the demise of the black family unit and the necessity of a strong economy to support business opportunities for black citizens.

In his estimation, Black Lives Matter’s politically motivated determination of which lives matter and its complete failure to discuss crucial issues delegitimize the organization.

Employing an expression popularized by Vladimir Lenin, Colonel West identifies Black Lives Matter protestors as “useful idiots,” describing an activist involved in a recent incident as “…nothing more than a progressive socialist political pawn in an insidious game of distracting the black community from the failures of progressive socialism and its horrific adverse effects.”

When asked what person or group is pulling the strings to manipulate these “useful idiots,” he advised, “…follow the money…it’s coming from the far left progressive movement.”

James Simpson did just that in AIM’s report, “Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter.” The report includes details about the complex web of organizations involved in funding Black Lives Matter.

Colonel West believes that while the left’s protest movements change their name and shift their focus over time, they remain fundamentally the same: He avers that Black Lives Matter is “…another iteration of what we saw with Occupy Wall Street and it’ll morph itself into something else in the next political cycle.”

Alex Nitzberg is an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • sox83cubs84

    Allen West is one of the greatest patriots in the ranks of conservatives. I wouldn’t argue with anything he said in the article. I hope that when Donald Trump takes office, he finds a solid place for West in his administration…the nation would be better for it.

  • mark

    I really like west, he would make an ideal president especialy as he knows what islam really is not the ignorance based on the muslims warfare lying that so many of what are supposed to be our leaders (western world in general), show ignorance or utter cowardice of.

    Shame he did not mention the muslim influence in black lives matter though and how they want to stir up race hatred.

  • Reddy Martin

    Col West does often express what needs to be said in the political arena…yes, he deserves a responsible slot for his influence to really be telegraphed!

  • J.J. Sefton

    Presidential material from top to bottom. A superb American.

  • Fred

    The world needs millions more like Colonel Allen West.

  • johnnywoods

    Hear, hear. Well said Col. West.

  • Obakeinu

    Yeah, a plantation founded by LBJ’s ‘Great Society’… and the re-enslavement of the blacks to the ‘rat party.

    What is old is new again.

  • Stephanie

    Mic drop. It’s no coincidence that black mega musicians, cultural and political players, sharpton-esque hustlers, and yes, the black elite politically-connected Americans seem to all agree what’s best for all other black Americans that are working-class, normal everyday folks, and young black people to THINK, is it? They agree just the same way as white American elite classes agree on what white people of other classes should think and believe. No different, it’s divisive, nasty, opportunistic, and Americans of all races that are decent and free people are sick of their shit!

  • Robert LaBelle

    Allen West is not even a Colonel anymore. He was removed from service because he cant handle the position. He has no clue about reality because he keeps himself within his Echo Chamber and refuses to look out into the real world. Anything he says is pretty much a waste of air. He surely is no patriot he is against the constitution and disregards the US flag. It baffles me at how adults can actually take anything he says serious.

  • Robert LaBelle

    No real accuracy in this media. :/

  • Hank_Scorpio


  • Hank_Scorpio

    Then go back to your safe zone, aka HuffPo so your progressive feelings won’t be hurt…..

  • Hank_Scorpio

    I’ll bet you have nothing but insults for any black person that wanders off your progressive plantation. And frankly I’m a little disappointed you didn’t call him an Uncle Tom, your progressive masters will deduct points from you…..

  • Hank_Scorpio

    Take a good look, this is what an American hero looks like…..

  • No one asks the Cancer Society to care about the problem of heroin addiction. Why should an organization dedicated to police actions have to worry about crime in Chicago? What he said doesn’t make sense to thinking folks.

  • Smokey

    Absolutely agree. Served with him at Camp Lejeune when he was a liaison officer to the Marines from the Army. Top shelf officer and patriot. Semper fi.

  • Smokey

    He retired from the Army. He wasn’t “removed” as you allege with your hateful uninformed rhetoric.

  • sox83cubs84

    Thanks for your service.

  • Dustoff

    Sec of Defense

  • Dustoff

    Poor Snow-flake, someone hurt that little feelings of yours by telling the truth.

  • Dustoff

    WRONG… (liar) Col West is retired with rank and full pay.
    Nice try loser.

    PS… Hey loser, how did he break the Constitution.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Last Week – The girl on Jeopardy from Black Lives Matters said that they were mainly an advocacy for homosexual behavior and it was being over looked as one of the main focus points of black lives matter’s creation ! I guess that black thing got in the way – lol

  • Takiwa

    What part of ‘Black Lives Matter’ do you not grasp?
    Clearly you’re not thinking…

  • Takiwa

    I can make you disappear troll.
    You’re now blocked.

    ‘KillFile’ extension.
    No restart necessary. Just refresh page.

    For Google Chrome:

    For Firefox:

  • Robert LaBelle

    ROFL…. You are just to cute sweety.. 😉 the only thing you can make disappear is a woman. You are really are simple along with the rest of Allens cult worshipers.

  • Robert LaBelle

    He was forced to retire because he over reacted. He could no longer perform his duties.

  • Robert LaBelle

    I only call it how history shows it. I also realize how pathetic he is to continually put down his Commander-in-chief President Obama, who has been elected twice now by a majority vote according to our constitution which apparently Allen also doesnt care about. Allen West stays barely out from being arrested from is idiotic ideas which only makes our country look bad. Allen Wests followers are pretty much the same as Charles Manson’s followers.

  • Robert LaBelle
  • yo-mon



    The black lives matter and talking trashing about the whites is going away. No one cares. Even the blacks don’t care. Their too busy killing each other. Just another Obama club that will go away in about 8 months. Black lives matter?……you got to be kidding.

  • Spychiatrist

    Col West is a wise man. He deserves a broad audience.

  • Vincent Reyes Collado

    No. He is not a great conservative

  • Vincent Reyes Collado

    Conservatives are not patriots. They are selfish and greedy people

  • sox83cubs84

    Vincent: To each their own. I respect your thoughts and your balanced way of posting them, but I disagree. I’d love to see Allan West in the Trump administration…I’d even be good with him as VP, although I admit those chances are slim.

  • Jack Parsons

    Black Lives Matter (only when there’s a white cop involved) is funded by Nazi George Soros. This discredits it to everyone but the statist.

  • King Kwanza

    The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb — courtesy of Planned Parenthood, the Democrat establishment and feminist idol Margaret Sanger to name just a few of the real racist hatemongers.

  • Gen11American

    The Black Lives Matter org was started and is funded by George Soros, the financier of Obama’s presidential campaigns. As a premier globalist, Soros knows that if enough civil disobedience can be created, his puppet in the White House will have the justification Obama needs to declare martial law, cancel the election, disarm the American people, and install the corporatist tyranny which the globalists want. In short, both the blacks and Obama are nothing but evil tools being used to bring down this nation, and if the blacks think their lives will be better once it is, they better realize they’re on the hit list of those they fully intend to eliminate, using Muslims to do it.

  • Gen11American

    I suspect the Islamic terrorists would quake in their boots if West was appointed Secretary of Defense. What we’ve got now is pathetic, but since the top spot is held by someone even worse, it probably doesn’t matter much.

  • Gen11American

    And Hillary Clinton, who despises the blacks, wants as many of them eliminated via abortion as possible, but she’s perfectly willing to pander to them for their votes!

  • J. Glenn Hanson

    Democrats call people “Nazis” to unfairly characterize them; but, regarding Soros, it’s actually true!* But, because he is a Marxist-crat, we’re not supposed to remind people of his sordid background and current activities.

    *He conspired with Nazis in his youth and stated as much in a 1997 interview on “60 Minutes,” which is, of course, the most unimpeachable source of all that is true.


    West is a N I G G E R RINO that endorsed big government spending.


    You are retarded if you think that.


    Sec of N I G G E R S


    Correct. He’s a RINO


    You are retarded.


    Another retard


    West deserves to hold a lantern on my front lawn.


    He should be a slave or hold a lantern on my front lawn.



  • Gen11American

    Instead of just writing personal slurs, how about expounding upon your opposing views. You may know something we don’t, and if you’re good at expounding, you might even sway someone on these sites. You aren’t swaying anyone just spouting slurs and calling people morons!

  • warriorgal

    The concern is how low will these “useful idiots” go? I believe they will kill to see their ideology advance for their “greater good”. We are in desperate need of divine intervention. July 2nd has been called National Day of Prayer. Even sat this late hour I believe if Chrustian Americans would bow & pray, God will hear from heaven and He will rend the heavens & come down. God is absolutely good & he has always been our “So Great Friend”. May Almighty God have mercy on us, forgive our sins and heal our land.

  • Sure homie just like you murdered the ppl in the gulf war? Pleaassee! We see you lost your job here in DC and I for one am happy@

  • Scradje

    Lt Col West ought to be in any GOP administration at top level. However he won’t get a look in under Trump, because the latter is an admirer of Russia’s predatory fascist regime. West is far too sensible to buy into that; as a military man he knows only too well that you can’t appease criminals like Putin.

  • Watercolors

    That was helpful.

  • Watercolors

    Couldnt agree with you more.

  • Watercolors

    What is wrong with you ?????

  • Amy Neill Estes

    When I reference this article I get the typical rebuttle that BLM IS in the inner cities and IS in Detroit and IS in Chicago. But no proof to back it up. What is your guidance on how to respond to this or is there research that states that BLM is indeed trying to make a conservative effort to improve the area(s)?