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It is becoming increasingly clear that the often oppositional mainstream media will only promote stories which contain an angle designed to make President Donald Trump look bad. That this is the opposite of how President Barack Obama was treated by the media only exposes reporters’ ongoing double standard.

One press narrative is that Trump intends to weaken NATO and will, therefore, place American security and interests—as well as those of our allies—in jeopardy by undermining our international alliances. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, in his February 20 show “Wolf,” repeatedly attempted to bait the secretary general of NATO into criticizing Trump for his promise to insist that NATO allies must pay their fair share of the “common defense.”

“You were with the vice president when he said that the U.S. commitment to NATO is firm,” said Blitzer, referring to Vice President Mike Pence’s speech in Munich last weekend. “Were you reassured by those words?” Refusing to follow Blitzer’s narrative, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that he was reassured.

“Absolutely, because it is a very consistent message,” Stoltenberg said.

In other words, the secretary general was saying that there is no contradiction between Trump’s campaign promises and his actions now. The Trump administration seeks to strengthen NATO, not undermine it.

Stoltenberg continued, “I have heard from President Trump in two phone calls, from the vice president today in Brussels, but also in Munich on Saturday and in meetings with Secretary Mattis, Secretary Kelly, and phone calls with Secretary Tillerson. And the message from all of them is that the United States is strongly committed to the trans-Atlantic alliance, to NATO, and will continue to support us not only in words but also in deeds. Because we see that the United States is now increasing their military presence in Europe in new forces and more equipment.”

Wedded to his media narrative, Blitzer then aired a segment featuring Trump saying, “The countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defense. And if not, the U.S. must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves.”

“As a candidate for office, President Trump actually called attention repeatedly to the fact that for too long, many of our NATO allies have not been sharing the financial burden,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer at a February 21 press briefing. “The President looks forward to working closely with NATO to advance our shared objectives. A strong NATO means a safer world.”

In other words, the Trump administration understands the value of NATO, but wants the countries involved to pay their fair share.

But journalists like Blitzer prefer to fearmonger about this administration, and air segments that emphasize the risks of Trump’s actions, rather than the potential rewards of holding other countries accountable. In a related story, The New York Times wrote that “It is a time of great anxiety in Europe, in no small part because of the rise of Mr. Trump, who has brushed aside long-held tenets of American foreign policy.”

It is ironic that the media continually air Trump’s past statements in order to pressure him to either break those promises or recommit to them. Yet Obama was allowed to break his Obamacare promises, most notably his lie that Americans could keep their doctor if they wanted to, and that their costs would decrease for an average family by $2,500 per year.

“But what happens—what happens if they don’t [increase expenditures]?” Blitzer asked Stoltenberg. “You heard the vice president, Mike Pence, say the patience of the American people will not endure forever. What happens, for example, if rich countries, like France, Germany, Italy, Canada, if those countries don’t step up and meet that two percent threshold?”

Stoltenberg replied that his focus “is on ‘what can we do to make sure that we succeed,’” not prepare for the worst. “And we are—it is quite encouraging to see that defense spending has started to increase,” he said. “The picture is still mixed but it’s much better than it was just a year ago.”

After Stoltenberg’s strong performance, Blitzer admitted that NATO countries committing less than two percent of their gross domestic product is “a problem.”

Blitzer appeared stunned and forlorn at these answers. They were clearly not the answers he was expecting to hear. What Blitzer didn’t mention—but Stoltenberg did—is that the 28 member states of NATO committed to spend two percent of their GDP on this alliance back in 2014. So Trump’s policy is to merely hold these countries to the promises that they have already made.

Stoltenberg told CNBC that there had been a four percent increase in European and Canadian spending in 2016. “Meeting the target will take longer for some countries than others, he admitted,” reports CNBC, “and said he was confident all allies will meet the benchmark within a decade, as promised.”

The Cato Institute’s Christopher Preble argues that Trump’s campaign statements may have rattled the NATO members and caused them to “hedge their bets.” In other words, Trump’s tough stance may actually motivate allies to allocate more of their defense budgets to funding NATO—an improvement that would ultimately enhance world security.

Blitzer’s interview with Secretary General Stoltenberg was just another attempt to elicit a soundbite which could be used to embarrass the administration. Members of the media, as they attempt to tarnish Trump’s reputation, fail to consider the ramifications of their bias, and how it might—just as much as Trump’s own potential missteps—harm America’s standing in the world.

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  • Cliff

    Question?? Will Insurance Boards and Stock Holders demand higher rates by subscribers that live in Sacantuary towns and cities due to the high risk of undocs with no vetting or understanding of our way of life and where in other Countries the Gov allowed them in and life and safety was destroyed and major law suits are cropping up??ETC!!!

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  • Maggietish

    Blitzer and all on CNN just don’t have the common sense of a snail and ate totally clueless that the American people have had enough of their hatemongering, race baiting, fake news in lies. When the Secretary General of NATO has to repeatedly correct Blitzer about the false accusations that he’s making against President Trump one would think Blitzer would eventually get it that his hatemongering against President Trump is not going to work. CNN and other corrupt biased progressive liberal news media better buckle up because their day of reckoning is here.

  • alex

    blitzer would be more HONESTLY employed by the dnc. he already works for them, but it is under the guise of objective journalism. he is clearly working against anyone who isnt in line with obamaworldpower.

  • alex

    dont hold back…lol.

  • ItsJo

    The “CNN, Communist News Network, with Blitzer, is just Another ARM of the Democrat Party, and they have kissed Obama’s asp for Over 8 yrs. and expected to be doing the Same with their CHOICE, Hillary.” This is the FAKE NEWS, that WE KNOW IT TO BE, and it is SO obvious, they are ALL mistrusted, so having the POTUS, Trump come out to tell us directly what is going on, and Sean Spicer almost DAILY, is what Americans need…NOT LIARS/CNN and the REST of the Media outlets who LOST, but their anger hasn’t subsided yet about their “criminal candidate, Hillary”….as Obama said: “WE WON, and elections have consequences”

  • QuinsigamondMan

    We need a campaign to clear all CNN channels from all airports because it seems no matter where you move they are spewing dribble on you, which is the commie diversity. They are totally annoying and seriously flawed in their thinking they are neutral, Not so!

    Notice to airports, do yourself a favor get DIVERSITY into your airports (as it is preached all day long by the clinton news network) cause right now CNN demands we kowtow to their dribble and there is no other option but to view real competent opinions / sides. The sooner the better as we are flying shortly going through 3 major hubs shortly and it would be nice to enjoy some DIVERSITY not controlled by babblers like wolfman, et al.

  • sox83cubs84

    Wolf Schitzer is a POS. The only saving grace is that it was on CNN, so only 83 viewers saw it.

  • Can you see old Wolfie cornering the mayor of one of the :sanctuary cities” and really putting their feet to the fire about the murders of Kate Steinle and other people? Don’t hold your breath!

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  • Avast! ye swabs

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    If you read something in the New York Times, you may rest assured that the opposite is probably true.

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    Trump said what he said because he’s a master negotiator. Wolf Blitzer’s a piece of shit that I can’t stand the sight of since I saw him dancing around with a martini or champagne at the DNC, when Clinton was announced as their candidate. Of course it was not CNN’s cameras which showed that, it was Infowars’ zoomed in at the press box in Philly 76ers arena. ‘The Truth Hurts’ CNN, when you’re a sold-out shill that’s working for the globalists, to bring down our country.

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    TED– You’re exactly what’s wrong with our culture, when what a man drives is more important than rather or not he’s a goddamn Liar. I would rather cut meat at the local butcher shop, or swing a hammer at a construction site and walk to work than driven by a chauffered Bentley and Lie all day for a living.

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  • None

    Why is this creature not in jail for his call to assassinate the President? And he doesn’t mention that one of the biggest dunners in the NATO reimbursements to the USA is Germany, heads of globalism.

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    Agreed! If airports changed the channel, CNN would have a viewership of about 500 people.

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  • DG41

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  • Austinniceguy

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    I hold the media responsible for many of the problems in the world as well as our country. They stir the pot expecting that they will have no recompense. Not only is Wolf a wolf in sheeps clothing but most of the media. The day they admit the truth will be the day our country will get on a straight path.

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  • If I didn’t already have a job (several, really. I’m a freelance journalist) I would love to dedicate myself to writing about the oh-so-obvious bias I see on main stream television channels and read in MSM newspapers. My husband (also a veteran journalist) and I marvel at the lack of objectivity displayed in today’s media every single day. It pains us to see what has happened to our chosen profession. And I fear for the future of unfettered and trustworthy information. These days I, and many other consumers of news, don’t know who or what trust – so we trust nothing. Very sad state of affairs.

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    Yep!! Agreed!

  • suzeeqbl

    Good point.

  • I am surprised and confused that U would devote any efforts to expose Blitzer. He is nothing more than a clown with a beard. He is a great example of how pathetic the U S of A is becoming a laughingstock.