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CNN’s Carol Costello on Thursday highlighted yet another report on the “chokehold death” of Eric Garner before noting, in passing, that the police officer in the case has confirmed to New York Police Department (NYPD) internal affairs investigators that it wasn’t a chokehold. All of the available evidence, including videos reviewed by the grand jury, says it wasn’t a chokehold. The takedown maneuver he used on Garner, who was resisting arrest, was taught at the police academy.

CNN keeps repeating a lie. The network has no regard for the facts. It has no regard for the truth.

One has to conclude that CNN is deliberately creating the impression that the officer lied. It may be the case that CNN went with the liberal narrative about the “chokehold” and decided it had to stick with it despite the evidence to the contrary. Whatever the reason for repeating the lie, it is still a lie.

But the lies have a purpose—to undermine respect for the police and increase the chances for anti-police violence.

This already has begun to happen. CNN is now showing film footage of a Ferguson protester punching a New York City police officer in the head. What was missing from the CNN discussion about the assault was the blame the media bears for spreading lies about alleged police brutality.

After repeating the lie about the “chokehold death,” Costello presented a clip of Jeralynn Blueford at an event in Washington, D.C. tearfully insisting that her son, Alan Blueford, was wrongly killed by the police and that he hadn’t done anything wrong. CNN knows, or should know, this claim is false.

A report released on the case by the Alameda County (California) District Attorney’s office more than two years ago found that Alan Blueford was a marijuana distributor who was carrying a gun, ran from the police, and then pointed his gun at Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso. That is when he was shot and killed. Blueford’s fingerprint was found on the gun, which was stolen.

The report makes the following points:

  • “…there was sufficient basis for the officers to detain Mr. Blueford.”
  • “Officer Masso had probable cause to believe that Mr. Blueford posed a threat of serious harm to him and to others present during the incident.”
  • “Officer Masso’s description of the material facts leading up to the shooting of Mr. Blueford and the shooting itself, is uncontroverted by the evidence. Moreover, his version of events is corroborated by numerous percipient witnesses and the physical evidence in the case.”
  • “The evidence is clear that Mr. Blueford was, in fact, in possession of a loaded handgun and had the handgun out when he was shot by Officer Masso.”

But CNN presented none of this evidence to its viewers.

CNN is being used by a special interest group, Mothers Who Have Lost Children to Police Brutality, which is in Washington, D.C. this week. The group’s publicity is being handled by Fitzgibbon Media, a left-wing firm. Fitzgibbon Media arranged for the coverage by CNN.

Fitzgibbon Media says Code Pink, the DC Hands Up Coalition, Mothers Against Police Brutality and the National Congress of Black Women are organizing several public and private events for this new front organization. Not surprisingly, Fitzgibbon Media also does public relations for several of these groups.

The services of Fitzgibbon Media don’t come cheap. Big money is being put into this anti-police movement. Other clients of the firm include the British Guardian, Islamic Relief, the Julian Assange Defense Fund, the AFL-CIO, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and the dead Communist Howard Zinn. The firm is named for its president, Trevor Fitzgibbon, who dropped out of Hampden Sydney College to become an environmental organizer.

The Hands Up Coalition is based on another lie—that Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson as he was trying to surrender. Brown was a pothead who robbed a convenience store and tried to steal Wilson’s gun.

According to the advance publicity for this week’s events, “Alan Blueford was shot and killed by a police officer in East Oakland.” It says nothing about the circumstances surrounding the shooting—that Blueford was shot and killed after running from, and then threatening, the police with his own gun.

Did CNN just run with the distorted information provided by the paid mouthpiece for this far-left coalition? It’s likely. But being manipulated is not an excuse for spreading lies.

The delegation of mothers is said to be “endorsed” by the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Popular Resistance, World Beyond War, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, DC Campaign Against Police Abuse, UltraViolet, Defending Dissent and the No Fear Coalition.

Much could be said about these groups, but the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) deserves special mention. It is an offshoot of the National Lawyers Guild, which was officially designated a Communist front. To show their solidarity with the Marxist terror networks that bombed police stations and killed police officers in the 1970s and 1980s, the CCR’s board and staff took out a full-page ad in a “commemorative solidarity booklet” distributed at a memorial service for the dead communist terrorist Marilyn Buck. It described her as a “fierce warrior, human rights defender and fighter for justice.”

When I began taking a look at another one of the groups, Popular Resistance, one name popped out at me—Dennis Trainor, a former media consultant to the Dennis Kucinich-for-president campaign now involved with Acronym TV, an outlet for such titles as “Just Say Yes” to the use of psychedelic drugs.

He gave me an interview in 2011 and spoke about “homicidal capitalism,” among other things. He was involved in the Marxist takeover of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. when the “Occupy” movement was in full swing.

When you sign up for the group’s newsletter, the image “Capitalism isn’t working” appears.

You can count on Trainor and his comrades to be present at this Saturday’s National March Against Police Violence, sponsored by Al Sharpton.

And you can be sure that CNN will also be there, giving Sharpton more unwarranted publicity.

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  • John Cunningham

    Why can’t Americans see the Communist Conspiracy in America? Actually Liberal which is the birthing Cow of all horrible ideologies. Liberals lie cheat and steal their way to any and everything to get their way. Remember Sarah Palin and, Mitt Romney? All the lies and innuendo’s ruined their lives. Sarah Palin would have made an excellent president and Mitt Romney would have America straightened out by now.

    Liberals are able to do as they please because America is under the thumb of the horrible Mainstream Media. Not since William Randolf Hurst has America been so controlled by the Yellow Press. Hurst was single handily responsible for America’s war with Spain in 1998.

    Of course it isn’t just the Media. Also the Learning Centers, Big Business and Politics that has destroyed America. Yes, I said destroyed. Does anyone really think America can come back from the last fifty years of Liberal Disease. It would take a miracle and Miracles have been extinct for quite sometime now.

    Ronald Reagan was really on to something some years back and if given half a chance I believe Sarah Palin could have finished what Reagan started. It wasn’t meant to happen. It’s going to take someone with Grit like the two I just named and I don’t see anyone in the near future. Maybe someone will stand but, I don’t think so.

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    The police have become the enemy.

  • Ted

    You sound like one of the staff writers (long retired, no doubt) from the “Twilight Zone”! Geezus! You gotta’ just be raggin’ here, right?

  • Ted

    Today … everybody has their own agenda … and everyone promotes it in their own way. There’s no more “objectivity”, in journalism nor in any other field of endeavor. Is AIM objective? Hell, no! Is Fox News objective? Hell, no! Are CNN and MSNBC objective? Definitely not. Why not? Because this uber partisanship shit initiated by Newt Gingrich in the 90’s with his “Politics of personal Destruction”, refined and expanded by Karl Rove and the likes of Limbaugh and Beck, has, over the last 25 years, INFECTED EVERYONE to one degree or another, rightwingnut and leftwingnut and plenty of those in the middle … so … what Gingrich, Fox News and Limbaugh have sown … the rest of us shall reap … media included!

    It used to be “party time”. Now, it’s become “partisan time”. What’s next?

  • John Cunningham


  • American Kulak

    Kincaid might be right about one particular case, but he still promotes an authoritarian surveillance and police state:

    Kincaid defended cops beating people for silently dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

    Kincaid not only defends perjurers like Gen. James Clapper, or CIA directors who defended sadistic rectal torture like Gen. Michael Hayden, he also through his Benghazi spinning seeks to deflect attention from CIA gunrunning to jihadist terrorists in Syria and treason by DCI and known Saudi asset John Brennan. Kincaid is a shill for traitors, oathbreakers and thugs hiding in our three letter agencies and militarized police forces.

    Kincaid also insists the NSA should spy even more aggressively on Americans than it already does!

    Kincaid insists everyone at NSA is a super patriot who would never obey illegal orders of the alleged Commie Marxist Manchurian candidate sitting in the Oval Office — an argument his friend Rick Wiles of TruNews apparently doesn’t buy it:

    Wake up people Cliff Kincaid is a fascist shill for the worst, most authoritarian globalists on the fake Right in America today.

    The American expat right wing author Vox Day says it correctly:

    I am astonished by the fact that those who are capable of grasping that government control of guns in the name of crime will inevitably be used against the people do not recognize that the government use of torture in the name of fighting terrorism will also be used against the people.

  • emag

    I feel sorry for the police. They put their life on the like every day for these idiots. Its like damn if you do and damn if you don’t.
    I don’t see how anyone would want to be a cop these days, but maybe that’s the plan of the left: Chaos with no police force.
    White cops should refuse to go into black areas alone, there should be a black cop with them at all times.

  • AndRebecca

    When are you ever going to figure out what the word Kulak means?

  • AndRebecca

    What a crock.

  • AndRebecca

    Sounds like you read the Marxists. Keep reading them and maybe you will figure out why they attack the American police all the time.

  • American Kulak

    Hi Cliff. When are you going to stop using sock puppets and female ones at that?

    Kulak means ‘fist’ as in ‘clenched fist’. As in the middle class Russians that resisted Soviet collectivization. Kincaid of course, would’ve been a Soviet or Nazi propagandist in another life, because all you have to do is slap on a badge or say you’re with a three letter Agency, even if you trafficked massive quantities of cocaine back in the 1980s into the Mena Arkansas Airport, and suddenly the ‘limited government conservative’ Cliff will bow down and worship you. Did we mention all the kickbacks the CIA paid to the Clintons which Whitewater was a cover for on those cocaine deals?

  • American Kulak

    Hey Cliff, learn to use proper spelling and grammar. You really do have an IQ of about 85, don’t you?

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    Aren’t you aware that the Marxists have militarized the police to be used against the American public during martial law which Oblahblah will probably enact at any time?

  • AndRebecca

    I am sure they are infiltrating the police and they have infiltrated the military. But, I don’t believe they have every officer turned, or even turned enough of them to do us harm. They are doing some funky police training, though. “They” are everywhere, so we need to protect ourselves. “They” want the police and us unarmed for a reason. So, do what a good citizen would do, be a good guy and support the good guys. If they had the police, Sharpton wouldn’t be having his march mentioned in the above article. The original Hawaii 5-0 TV shows, which I was able to check out from the library, have many episodes where they are pursuing the druggies and hippy Marxists with connections to all sorts of international bad dudes, just like in real life then and now… Nothing changes.

  • AndRebecca

    Is that what you got out of the above article? Who has the I.Q. of 85? You know, Kulak, when the Bolsheviks brought people from Russia and Poland to work in the garment industries in New York, in order to unionize them, they picked those particular Russians and Pols because they couldn’t even figure out they had better working conditions in America than where they came from. Is that when your relatives came here?

  • AndRebecca

    You do know what the word means. You just use it in the wrong context. Get on the CPUSA site and us it, or one of the many communist front sites. Lenin’s dad was a Kulak, and I am sure when Lenin started murdering all the Kulaks he could get his hands on, he was thinking of his dad. Cliff is showing you along with everyone else where the communists are, and you still can’t figure it out. So, the CIA is a communist spy organization here in the US? Is that why they got info out of the terrorists?

  • Mary Jo Lomele Davies

    Don’t know if you are still checking here, but look at this – it really is sad what our cops have to deal with on a daily basis that never makes:


  • Mary Jo Lomele Davies
  • Mary Jo Lomele Davies

    I’m attaching the following link for everyone’s edification.

  • Mary Jo Lomele Davies

    And this one as well – these are the heroes we SHOULD be remembering:


  • emag

    Thank you. That should be sent to all newspapers, TV stations, maybe they would get a clue.
    Also to government offices, especially Deblasio in N.Y. , but others too.
    Just heard on the radio that 0bama will pass another Executive Action where police officers will not be allowed to go through a Grand Jury in case of a shooting, but go right away through trial. I guess its Mob Rule from now on.
    Its outrageous. I hope the newly elected Congress will stand in his way on this.

  • emag

    Well, because basically Gruber was right. Many Americans are stupid.

  • John Cunningham

    Yes he is just don’t like it when he says it. he is one of those types that once you spent a minute with you would want to punch him in the nose.

  • John Cunningham

    Me too! Go in to homes where a Child has just been beaten or a Wife. Then you have to put up with the insults and try your damnedest not to kick the perps teeth out. I couldn’t do it. It takes a special individual to be a Cop.

  • obama

    our cops and gov workers at all levels needs to stop lying to the people
    they want to know everything about us but hides all from us or puts up so much red tape its impossible to find out where all our taxes are going make them accountable there all crooks at all levels free cars free gas free cell phones free charge cards waste waste waste oh what a country this has become is this what our grandfathers, fathers, son, have gone to war and died for
    wake up sheep

  • DelRay_666

    CNN has an agenda against anything that has any moral values, but they are going to cause a lot deaths with this one. The ACLU and the communist party could not have any better advocates than CNN.