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CBS’s “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson asked one of the dumbest questions during the campaign on his November 6 show. He asked Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, “Let me ask you this, before people get lost in the numbers, on the question of [the] Latino vote, it used to be seen by a number of Republicans as something the party had to do to catch up with the future of the country. As the Latino vote grows, do you think Donald Trump has helped or hurt that effort?”

The loaded question was based on the assumption that Donald J. Trump was hurting Republican efforts to get Hispanic votes. It turns out that Trump performed better among Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012. As noted by NBC, “Trump claimed 29 percent of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012.”

Dickerson’s condescending and elitist approach assumed that Latinos would automatically take offense to Trump’s tough stand against illegal immigration and support for the rule of law.

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA said that working class men and women sent “a clear message” on election night “in favor of immigration policies that better serve the American people.” This position appealed to all kinds of voters.

It also turned out that the “future” referenced by Dickerson still remained with white voters.

The New York Times ran a story headlined, “Why Trump Won: Working-Class Whites.” VICE ran the story, “White People Elected Donald Trump.”

But in America, whites are not supposed to have a “white identity,” which also happens to be the title of a book by Jared Taylor. Commenting on the election results, Taylor wrote that whites “are beginning to vote like people of other races—in their own interests,” and he recorded a video commenting on the racial significance of the Trump victory.

The Democrats oppose “white identity,” but use racial identity politics for other groups.

Hillary’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, delivered a campaign speech in Arizona entirely in Spanish. His aides told The Washington Post that his remarks were “the first time a major-party presidential ticket candidate has delivered an entire speech in Spanish at an official campaign event.”

Kaine said to the Hispanics, “You are the future of America.” He explained, “By 2050, communities of color will represent the majority of our population. So, of course, Latinos will help shape the future of America because you are the future of America.”

The New York Times reported on November 3, in a story about the speech, “If all projections hold, Latinos will be the majority [in Arizona] by 2030. And this may well be the year when enough Latino voters turn out to deliver Arizona to a Democrat, which would be the first time since another Clinton, Bill, won the state in 1996.”

It didn’t work out that way. Trump beat Clinton in Arizona by 49.6 to 45.3 percent.

The British socialist publication the New Statesman declared that Trump’s victory represents a racist “whitelash” against “a changing country.” This claim had been originally made by CNN’s Van Jones, who asked, “How do I explain this to my children?” He added, “I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying, should I leave the country? I have families of immigrants that are terrified tonight.”

Jones is a black “former” communist who used to help run the group, Standing Together to Organize Revolutionary Movement (STORM). He was forced out of his post in the Obama administration because of his extremist views.

How will he explain that to his children? And what does Van Jones want to change America into? How did this “former” communist get his job at CNN anyway?

On Wednesday night, CNN spent most of its time on the air covering communist groups in the streets protesting the Trump victory. The communist signs were clearly visible and one CNN reporter actually did mention the presence of a “socialist” group.

Perhaps Van Jones can comment on the true “red” nature of the anti-Trump opposition forces. After all, he was a member of one such communist group and probably knows many of the comrades on the streets.

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  • Jack Parsons

    Americanism, not globalism, shall be our credo. The nationalists showed up on election day. Interesting stat – 48% of college grads, for what it’s worth, voted for Crooked Hillary. 45% of college grads voted for Trump.

  • Webuppp

    Solid post, from a great american. GOD bless jack

  • Webuppp

    Van jones is a know marxist, and is a clown shill. He is an elitist that couldnt survive a day in the hood, i doubt very seriously he’s ever been in the hood. He is also a militant racists. How he is allowed to spew his venom is a shame by his fellow marxists in the media that allow it. With the amount of hate you spew van, it will be interesting what defense you’ll employ @ the White Throne Judgement van.

  • Lisa Smith

    Put that race card back in the deck. The Democrats ran the most corrupt woman in America as their candidate, and all the slanted reporting favoring her couldn’t get her elected. Face it, you lost.

  • efred1

    Trump pulled more votes from blacks and hispanics than any President in over 50 years, so, no, he wasn’t elected by just white, (“racist”) people. He was elected by Americans. Period.

  • rivahmitch

    Jones is a communist… who cares what it thinks. As to its muzzie friends… extermination will work… Just ask any passing Carthaginian you happen to see. EIEI+O!!

  • Frank de Varona

    Perhaps the communist Van Jones should move to Cuba and live in Paradise. It was shameful for CNN to hire this communist. Frank de Varona