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In the face of President Obama’s veto threat, members of Congress may not be able to pass legislation suspending or upgrading the program permitting refugees from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa to settle in the U.S. But the Republican Congress certainly has the power to hold hearings into the millions of taxpayer dollars being funneled through Catholic and other church groups to bring them here. Many Catholics and non-Catholics alike would like to know how “religious compassion,” using federal money, is increasing the potential terrorist threat to America.

You may recall that Pope Francis promoted the Obama administration’s pro-immigration policies during his visit to the U.S. Left unsaid was the fact that the American branch of the Roman Catholic Church is getting millions of taxpayer dollars to settle refugees. According to their financial statement for 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops received over $79 million in government grants to provide benefits to refugees.

Simply stated, Congress can expose how the money is being spent and cut it off.

Some of the refugees being settled are Catholics from Latin America who join the church in the U.S. But others are from the Middle East. Ironically, the Catholic Bishops are bringing Muslims in, while closing down Catholic churches inside the U.S.

Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch website notes that Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Syracuse, New York, was closed down by the Catholic Church and has been leased to an Islamic society which renamed it Mosque Of Jesus The Son Of Mary.

“There are slim copper crescents where, for 100 years, there had been crosses,” reports Marnie Eisenstadt of the Syracuse Post-Standard and She adds, “The six crosses were removed and replaced at the end of June. Four of them were massive: 600 pounds of concrete each, and more than 4 feet tall. The step was the last, and most visible, in the building’s change from church to mosque.”

The situation is even worse in Europe, where Islam is replacing Christianity as the dominant religion.

The Catholic News Agency reports that only 2.9 percent of the French population actually practice the Catholic faith. That compares to 3.8 percent of the population that practice Islam.

It is reported that as many as 150 new mosques currently are under construction in France.

Nevertheless, in response to the recent wave of Muslims fleeing the Middle East, Pope Francis has appealed to Europe’s Catholics, calling on “every” parish, religious community, monastery and sanctuary to take in one refugee family.

The Catholic Church in America would clearly prefer to bring immigrants into the U.S. from Latin America, where Catholicism is still strong, and have them join Catholic churches in the U.S. The Catholic Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate reports that 40 percent of all growth in registered parishioners in Catholic parishes between 2005 and 2010 was from Hispanic or Latino Catholics.

But even with the massive immigration from Latin America, Catholic churches around the U.S. are still being closed down. A group called Future Church reports that hundreds of parishes have been merged or closed in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and many other urban and rural places.

“Recently,” the group reported, “the Archdiocese of New York merged or closed more than 70 parishes, often in the face of staunch opposition by committed parishioners. Pope Francis, during his U.S. visit, stopped at Our Lady Queen of Angels School in East Harlem, where the Archdiocese closed the parish in 2007.”

Corcoran has recorded a popular video, sponsored by the Center for Security Policy, explaining the history of resettlement refugee policies and their connections to Muslim groups and the United Nations.

James Simpson’s book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America, notes that the Catholic Church has been a major component of the open borders movement.

Many Catholic groups are proud of the federal dollars they receive, for purposes that go far beyond refugee resettlement.

Overall, reports Network, the self-described Catholic Social Justice Lobby, “…the Obama administration has actually increased funding for Catholic nonprofit organizations and programs. In fact, more than $1.5 billion went to Catholic organizations over the past two years.” These figures include an increase from just over $440 million (2008) to more than $554 million (2010) to Catholic Charities USA.

In addition to direct federal grants to help refugees, government at various levels provide subsidized housing, healthcare, food stamps, other cash assistance, and free education. There is also a cost to the criminal justice system of taking care of the criminals among them.

It’s the Catholic role, in collaboration with the federal government, in bringing refugees to the U.S. that caused Corcoran to leave the church. She told Accuracy in Media, “In 2002, having been raised in a protestant faith, I became a Catholic. For a few years I loved being a Catholic. All of that changed beginning in 2007 when I learned that another church group began resettling mostly Muslim refugees to my rural county in Western Maryland. I learned that the church group was largely funded and directed by the U.S. State Department to place the refugees in our county with no local input.”

She added, “But that is not everything I learned. My research led me to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ acceptance of over $70 million a year of taxpayer dollars to similarly resettle thousands of impoverished third-worlders, many from Muslim countries, in other unsuspecting towns and cities. Catholic Charities throughout the U.S. get many millions more to do the work as well.”

She says this kind of work by the Catholic and other churches is not Christian charity. “As harsh as it sounds,” she says, “I look on it as thievery when a supposedly non-profit ‘religious charity’ helps itself to the U.S. Treasury and then pats itself on the back for doing good works. And then lobbies Congress for more money for itself to boot!”

Corcoran said she has found reporters reluctant to investigate the federal dollars going to the Catholic Church. “When talking with a reporter recently I was told by the reporter that he would never even have dreamed to look into where the U.S. Bishops were getting their millions of dollars for their ‘migration fund,’ presuming it was from the personal charitable donations of good and generous Catholics in hundreds of parishes across the country,” she said. “I suspect all those good Catholics never think to ask the question either—where are the millions coming from?”

“Why aren’t more reporters exposing the U.S. Bishops deep pockets?” she asks. “And, why are our ‘leaders,’ even our budget hawks, in Washington not speaking up?”

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  • guest

    And then they (Catholic Relief Services) scold us?:
    From CRS website:
    “Syrian refugees coming to the United States are carefully vetted.
    They are vetted more rigorously than any other group arriving here, such as students, business people or tourists. The immigration process for Syrian refugees entering the United States can take between 18 to 24 months. Each step in that process involves heavy vetting by numerous federal agencies, including the U.S. State Department and the Dept. of Homeland Security. It is a much more rigorous process than what we see during the current influx in Europe. Even there, those fleeing unimaginable violence in Syria have already spent months, if not years, as refugees in other host countries. They have been fingerprinted and photographed and checked at various borders. To then make it to the U.S. as a refugee would be extremely difficult and certainly not the route chosen by anyone wishing us harm.” [how can they be so sure?]

    Then they lobby for more!: (and of course, then more $ for them)
    “We should step up efforts to assist those still in the Middle East and Europe and accept more Syrian refugees.
    Countries bordering Syria have accepted and sheltered millions of refugees for years, stretching their resources to the limit. One of the best ways to counter extremist rhetoric is to continue and expand humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and the countries hosting them, while also accepting significantly more refugees for resettlement in the U.S., especially the most vulnerable who under no circumstances will be able to return home.”

    All this while regular, pewsitting Americans cannot find work, nor much help from their Church!!!!!

  • Texas gringa Catholic

    The American bishops sound like they’re saying they have no control over who comes into this nation…

    ‘The church’s response is focused on people in need of food, shelter and
    safety and not their particular faith, Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of
    Louisville, Kentucky, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic
    Bishops,told reporters Nov. 16 during a midday break at the bishops’
    annual fall general assembly.

    “We at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic
    Charities, we are always open to helping families who come into the
    United States in need of help,” he said at a news conference. “We have
    that tradition of doing it and we’re going to contribute.”

    Archbishop Kurtz explained that any assistance provided to refugees and
    immigrants is carried out under government contracts and that the
    vetting of newcomers will have been completed by government agencies
    long before church agencies become involved.’

  • Vigilant2

    Several years ago, I asked a Catholic nun who was a vocal defender of Islam when it was that she was going to stop apologizing for being Catholic. Crickets … The Church leaders, like so many multi-term US Congressmen, need to be run out of town and replaced by young seminarians who have not as yet been contaminated with the Progressive disease that afflicts the US Catholic Church. Maybe even import a few African bishops who still cling to the Truth.

  • Vigilant2

    By the way, thanks, Cliff Kincaid for exposing in the media what has been evident to casual observers.

  • john

    The government money the bishops are gobbling up for this crap so they can continue to live decadent lives will soon end. These “immigrants” will soon be on their (bishops) doorsteps with guns to their heads if they keep letting them in. I guess they’ll call that reform by immigration.

  • john

    CRS is nothing more than a Freemason U.N. tool. 95% of the hierarchy (maybe more) don’t care about anything but taking government money so they can live extravagant lifestyles. They should change their name to RFC (Relief From Catholicism).

  • john

    They’ll still be tainted with poison unless they go to SSPX seminary

  • PoliticalBrew

    Article 1 Section 8 Clause 4 gives Congress power to set naturalization standards. The president has no deligated authority over immigration. Once naturalization standards are set if anyone comes here outside those standards it is the responsibility of state governors to stop it.

  • William Fisher

    I am sure that the pope will know this quote “Sic semper tyrannis…”

  • Mara319

    An illegal alien has to become legal first before he could be naturalized. The path from legal to naturalization is not the problem. Legal immigrants and naturalized citizens both pay taxes and obey the laws, although only the naturalized can vote. Illegal aliens are the problem.

    There are thousands of people in the bottle-neck legal immigration line. Applications are routinely lost, so they refile. They have to go through a series of hard-hitting interviews, health tests, and demands to produce legal documents of identification, civil status, educational attainment, police clearances, etc. Some have to wait upwards of 15 years before approval, yet they wait.

    It is terribly unfair that those waiting in line for legal immigration are overlooked while the illegals [and ‘refugees”] are given priority. Of those running for president, only Trump has mentioned this problem.

  • Ted

    This is just another example of the extremist anti-Catholic Kincaid being anti-Catholic … and AIM gives him the soapbox from which he spews his anti-Catholic propaganda and rhetoric with both impunity and regularity.

  • dbrown8

    Ted I’m Catholic and Mr. Kincaid is spot on. Everything in the article is true. Have a nice day.

  • RMThoughts

    Daesh/ISIS is trained, funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the United States. no one seems to want to declare war against ISIL’s real backers. Putin did tell the UN that some of ISIL supporters were in the room with him at the G-20, but out of diplomatic courtesy did not name them. He did not need to. We all know who they are.

    We live in a world that shows sympathy for the refugees, victims of our actions, but refuse to call for the ending of immunity for these state level crimes

  • dbrown8

    How any patriotic American can remain Catholic is beyond me. The USCCB is an anti American institution. I love my country before the church. Don’t think I can remain a member.

  • squire98

    Seriously doubt you ever were a Catholic of serious persuasion.

  • squire98

    Your bigotry almost exceeds your ignorance.

  • dbrown8

    Wrong. But again, no comments about the facts that Mr. Kincaid laid out, only that you cannot handle the truth. Have fun in your glass house.

  • john

    Read it, you’ll learn something from who even the liberals in the Church consider the greatest Catholic theologian. You have obviously been, through no fault of your own, tainted by all the leftist/Marxist b.s. of Francis, Wuerl, Cupich, and their like. This anti Catholic theology has been being taught by the Freemasons clergy the past 50 years.

  • Lori

    This is not the time to tear down the Catholic Faith or any Christian faith when we already have so much division – its time to unite and work together. For all the good that Christian charities have done are you really going to try and make us believe that it is all bad, really. I am ashamed to hear the comments of the people of Catholic and other Christian faiths, making it sound like these charities do no good and that their intentions are all wrong. I believe that there is a lot of good things going on, this is a big complicated world, it is not an easy task to help millions of people. I do believe we have made mistakes along the way, we are human. Its time to unite and protect our religious freedom not tear it to pieces, that will only make more people turn to radical religions.

  • maxsnafu

    Join an SSPX Catholic Church. They are NOTHING like the USCCB.

  • maxsnafu

    Catholic (and Lutheran) charities are the ones endangering our religious freedom by bringing in a bunch of people who don’t believe in it. No Christian religion is above criticism when they are doing something destructive.

  • dbrown8

    Thank you. I live in the south where there are none. I’ll try to keep the faith.

  • maxsnafu

    Or, seek out a conservative, Traditionalist parish (or a Latin Mass parish). They have no truck with Liberalism. I know; I go to one.

  • maxsnafu

    re CRS website, I have never in my life read so much unadulterated BS.

  • AndRebecca

    You really have a nut ball theory going here. The Freemasons were started by Protestants. They were active in the American Revolution. They fought the Catholics during the Inquisition. Catholics on one side, Masons on the other.

  • AndRebecca

    When did the church or the government get permission from the taxpayers to spend their money on all of these refugees? The Christian thing to do would be to keep them where they are, but in safety.

  • john

    Their goal has alwsys been to infiltrate the Church, and they obviously have. They made serious inroads during the French Revolution. Read “The Permanent Instruction of The Alta Vendita” by John Vennari. Many Popes prior to and including Pope Pius XII vigorously fought Freemasonry, knowing it was making inroads. St. Padre Pio fought it. VII clergy barely mention of it, as many are part of the demonic sect. Unfortunately, many only seem to believe the past 50 years of the VII fog.

  • William Murphy

    This illustrates a problem which is very obvious in the United Kingdom. Numerous British “charities” receive a large chunk of their income, directly or indirectly, from Government sources. Obviously they immediately cease to be “charities”. The whole point of charitable giving is that it is given voluntarily, not extorted from the giver under threat of prosecution. And they become simply branches of government. The well paid bureaucrats/politicians heading these phoney “charities” will obey any Government edict if even a small percentage of their organisation’s income comes from taxation. Any genuine donations to such “charities” from the gullible public become voluntary tax payments.

  • dan luster

    Amen to that!

  • dan luster

    Freemasons began as a Catholic lay order in the Middle Ages.

  • Lorilu

    What is SSPX?

  • Joe Fitzgerald

    Bishop Elizondo Chair. USCCB Comm. on Migration 11/17 Statement on Syrian Refugees supports President Obama’s plan to bring Syrian refugees to the US. Bishop Elizondo condemns those who oppose the plan as “using the tragedy to scapegoat all refugees”. The Bishop’s rhetoric is right out of Obama’s playbook, but is even more outrageous because he is the official spokesman for the USCCB. Of course 80 million dollars is on the line. Take Caesar’s dollars, do Caesar’s bidding.
    We need to lead, along w/our allies in the establishment of safe zones in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East for Middle Eastern refugees so they can return to their homelands and homes after the ISLAMIST terrorists are defeated. Reaching such goals of course would take real military, diplomatic & political leadership (not possible) on the part of Obama, but there are others & election 2016 is on the near horizon and perhaps the USCCB could join in such an endeavor.

  • AndRebecca

    Between 900 and 1600 everyone had to claim they were Catholic or else. The Masons (stoneworkers)formed associations called guilds during that time of cathedral building. They have a long history, and I can’t give it all here. At the time there were other fraternal organizations and secret societies which looked a lot like Masons, and were Catholic. In 1717 four fraternal lodges in England, which may or may not have been originally stoneworker guilds, formed under The Grand Lodge of England, England was a Protestant country by that time… Puritans joined the Masons… This English group spread through the world. Catholics are allowed to join, but the Catholic Church tells them not to…

  • AndRebecca

    The radicals in the French Revolution-the Jacobins- were not Masons! They were atheists who were associated with the Dominican friars. The Dominican friars had a hand in the Inquisition, and the Inquisition was directed against Protestants as well as Jews and Muslims. Pope Pius is smeared by the Left because of this “Private property is a natural fruit of labor, the product of intense activity of man…” He was pro-capitalism! The Socialists and Communists in Europe at the time of Pope Pius XII were slime balls of the worst sort and WWII was to them about overthrowing capitalism and Christianity. Man, read your history! Unitarianism is what has infected the Catholic Church today. On his trip to America, the Pope praised the Communists Merton and Day. Social Justice is Marxism, not Masonry! Look up Chiara Lubich if you really want to know who is in the church and influencing it.

  • maxsnafu
  • john

    If you read about Marx and Lenin, they frequently refer to the French Revolution as a starting point. It (communism) has its roots in the French Revolution. Unfortunately, history today is dumbed down, laced with lies, which most if the VII Hiearchy spreads. That’s why most of VII Catholicism is mostly a dead, or at least zombie faith.

  • AndRebecca This explains part of the problem. Thomas Paine took part in the French Revolution and wrote what the American founders called the “atheists Bible.” Paine’s bible is the foundation of the U.N. “rights,” pushed by the Unitarians and Quakers. You can look up Thomas Paine on The founders rejected both Paine and his bible even though some of them were Unitarians. Unitarians at that time had not embraced communism and socialism. U.’s embraced Marxism in the late 1800s, the other mainline protestants followed suit. Unitarianism is the “religion” of the Left including the Leftists in the Catholic Church. The pope appears to be one of them.

  • JRobb

    Catholicism is Idolatry. You cannot pray to and worship/adore super natural beings, except God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Christianity of our Founders was/is based on the Bible not encyclicals/bulls from the Pope. Idolatry is described in Commandments 1 & 2 and demonstrated throughout the Bible as gods of the Pagans whom many times the Israelis worshiped and every time God brought Judgment.

    Catholicism controlled a large part of the World at one time. In the 1870’s the Papal States defeated the Pope’s Army and since that time the Hierarchy has been confined to 100 acre Vatican City that is controlled by the Jesuits, but receives an Ambassador from every Nation in the World.

    America is more and more being controlled by the Jesuits. Revision of America’s History, education, destruction of the Bible of our Founders, control of government, wall street, media and large portion of Hollywood has been their goal and methods. Immigration of Catholics has been a successful method since the Revolution. It is now moved to a point that the take over is very close. Speaker Boehner (Jesuit) was ordered to resign. Speaker Ryan most likely had to take the Jesuit Oath or parts of it.

    American Catholics, you do not know what you are getting into. Jesuits and Popes rule with an Iron Hand once they gain Control. The Bill of Rights will be out the window. The Middle Class will be controlled by the Elites.

    The Bible and Creation must be put back into our Schools. The true history of the Bible Christianity of our Founders must be taught again. Many Founders were accused of being “Deists” which means they believed that God Created and then left. Go to and learn how our Fathers constantly called on our Saviour Jesus Christ to lead, protect and help them.

  • dan luster

    So you did some research and found out that it’s impossible that the “Freemasons were started by Protestants”. Please admit that you were wrong.

  • AndRebecca

    What are you talking about? Many of the workers on the cathedrals in Europe were Catholic in name only and the Masons and Freemasons were guild members. And the Masons as we know today, came out of Protestant England and possibly separate from the Masons who worked on the Cathedrals…Why do you want to believe your weird theory? I don’t think he was Catholic! Note the reference to Freemasons. They were Protestants.

  • Mesa Mike

    The Jesuits are Communists. So it’s no surprise that Pope Francis is a Jesuit and that Jesuits, among other things, infiltrated and now control “America” magazine — once known as the National Catholic Review. The magazine is proud of Bernie Sanders.

    I found a link at “Crisis,” a Catholic publication of orthodox thought (to label it in general). The article is “Cultural Marxism is at the Heart of Our Moral Disintegration” by Austin Ruse.

  • Butler

    They Prots, just like Methodists or Baptists
    They are their own authority! Just like any other non-Catholic Protestants!

  • Mike S.

    Thanks for a very insightful article. Not only does the Catholic church seem to be acting in a counterproductive manner, politically and religiously, but it is frightening to learn of the extent to which they are involved with Islam, even selling a church to be used as a mosque and allowing the removal of crosses. I think women in this country in particular need to wake up or, when the Muslims come for the women, there is going to be no one left to speak up.

  • Jim in Pittsburgh

    SSPX is the Society of Saint Pius X (That’s Latin for ten). I think it’s a breakaway, but the Sacraments are valid. Basically, they believe that the Papacy has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII (12th), or at least since the close of Vatican II (2) Council. I think I got that right. Anyway, the Liturgy is in Latin. Find a 1962 missal that is in Latin and English and you’re in business. If you don’t know what a missal is or what Vatican II was, then you are probably not a vary informed Catholic.

    If I confused the SSPX with another group, someone please please correct me.

  • Jim in Pittsburgh


  • Jim in Pittsburgh

    More wrong.

  • Jim in Pittsburgh

    No informed, faithful Catholic would join.

  • Lorilu

    Thanks. I know about the Latin Mass, missals and Vatican II. I just didn’t realize what the initials referred to. I’ll do some research on it.

  • AndRebecca

    Catholics don’t join. George Washington, on the other hand, was a Mason. The anti-Mason rhetoric comes from the Left. The same people who have a problem with WASPs and dead white guys.

  • AndRebecca

    What do you mean wrong? Were you able to access the websites I provided? Are you arguing with history?

  • maxsnafu

    They do NOT believe “the papacy has been vacant…” You are describing sedevacantists who are a completely different kettle of fish. The SSPX swear allegiance to Rome. The rest of your post is spot on.

  • maxsnafu
  • AndRebecca


  • terry1956

    I counted 47 countries where the majority is Moslem and we are basically talking about refuges from 3 of those 47 or Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan so the other 44 can take all but the most liberal Moslem which the US, Europe and Latin America should consider taking.
    By Liberal I’m mean like The Unitarians in Christianity and the Liberal Jews who eats pork and goes to their meetings on Sunday instead of the Sabbath.
    At the very least those that do not reject Sharia law enforcement should not be allowed, those who want a theocracy should not be allowed.
    By the same token the US should no accept as new immigrants theocrats of any faith, or those who are for a mandated secularism, or socialist or marxist or fascist or globalist or those who would agree with the platform of either the US Democrat Party or the Republican Party.
    We should accept those who want to be Americans, those who accept that the US is exceptionally the best when it practices proper Anglo- American law.
    Also for new immigrants ( legal and illegal) until that individual adult is Naturalized they should not be under the law jurisdiction of the US so that not only any child born of them in the US before the adult is Naturalized will not be a native born American but also any violation of US law( yes even murder) while in the US will not result in prison with one exception but will result in deportation.
    The one exception will be prisoner of war status.
    For example if a foreign government such as Mexico encourages illegal immigration into the US that is an act of war against the US and Congress should declare war on Mexico giving the reasons why in the declaration and the stages of prosecution based on the response from the government of Mexico.
    Then illegal immigrants from Mexico should be put in prisoner of war camps in the US until the Mexican government pays for the return of the illegal back to Mexico plus any expenses to US federal, state, county and local taxpayers who are US citizens or legal immigrants.
    Also Congress should do away with the individual federal income tax on US citizens and replace part of the revenue with an American price plus 20% tax on imported goods, imported services and foreigners working in the US.
    The American price tax on the import would be based on the average price of a similar good or service produced in the US using US citizen labor.
    The American price charged to the Foreign worker would be the average price paid in total compensation to a local US citizen worker.
    If the imported good, imported service price is the same or more than the American price then the import tax will be 20% of the American price only.
    If the import price is less than the American price before the import tax then the import tax will make up the difference plus charge the 20% of the American price.
    The foreign worker tax would work something like this.
    Say for example the average total compensation to a US citizen dishwasher in Knoxville, Tennessee is 9 dollars an hour or 18,000 for 2000 hours a year.
    If the total compensation to a individual foreign dishwasher in Knoxville is 10 dollars or 20,000 a year for 2000 hours then the foreign worker will send the US customs 3,600 a year or 20% of the American price.
    Even if the foreign worker is paid 30 dollars an hour or 60,000 a year they still will just owe 3,600 in custom duties.
    If on the other hand the foreigner is paid 8 dollars an hour or 16,000 a year for 2000 hours then they will owe 5,600 dollars in custom duties.

  • Jim in Pittsburgh

    Thank you . That’s why I asked for the correction. God bless you.

  • terry1956

    Of course even the money to help the refugees on foreign soil should not come from the US government but from private volunteer donations.
    Total Foreign and UN aid by the federal government is over 50 billion dollars a year that money instead should be used to increase the wages of US troops which can either increase the annual wage of over 30,000 dollars a year for each or maybe to doubling the wage of each if they want to encourage those to stay in if they have been in for several years and made rank.
    We also should get out of the UN, turn the UN buildings in NYC over to injured US war vets, get out of the IMF, the world bank, the WTO,NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and NATO.

  • MacQ

    I wouldn’t believe much that Kincaid writes about catholic church. He is notably biased against it for some reason.

  • Steven Barrett

    C’mon, you’re going to put a human-created body, the United States, over an institution founded directly by God in the person of His Son Jesus while He was among us from 4 BC to 29 AD? Don’t you think you’re putting the cart before the horse? Country over God? Whoa … what next, another golden fatted calf? At least if you’re going to bolt, do so over whether or not the Pope’s Curia has the right, (notwithstanding its gall to challenge the Pope on his decision to give a qualified OK to a Lutheran who wanted to accept our Communion) and whether or not a powerful clique of cardinals have the right to deny what the Church’s Founder Jesus instituted the Eucharist for in the first place: Certainly not to serve as an instrument to cudgel a cowed membership into demonstrating more loyalty to professional clericalists than healers of souls and hearts.
    Yes, even some big shots within the Church put their particular clericalist carts before their horses … sort of like putting The Vatican over God. Now that’s something worth leaving over; not putting country before God; any country, ours included.

  • Steven Barrett

    Ayuh, SSPX is a home for cranky rebels who want to take the Church back at least a century.

  • Steven Barrett

    If they’re in bed with the SSPXers, they’re in bed with rebels. Some “traditionalists.” I love the Latin Mass, too. We could all use more of it. But who needs to join the Church’s version of the John Birch Society? And what’s so damn “trraditional” about the way some conservative, er self-styled conservative Catholics have taken to slamming the Pope of all people.

  • Steven Barrett

    Butler’s right Lorilu … and these are the folks, esp. if they’re converts or reverts, who become the ultimate “more Catholic than the Pope” crowd. Insufferable triumphalists. Spiritual snobs in their own way just like the Kumbayaers are on the opposite side.

  • Steven Barrett

    You’d be surprised at how many Catholic men join the Shriners, and not out of spite at the Church but so many of them have looked upon the Shriners as a harmless “Mason-Lite” socially acceptable charitable organization. And let’s not overlook the wonderful things the Shriners have done for burn victims and young children suffering from debilitating birth defects and other cruel setbacks in their lives that would otherwise leave them completely crippled without much hope to count on.

  • AndRebecca

    I suppose I would be surprised at how many Catholics join the Masons. The Catholics have men’s clubs through their churches, the Protestants have them, and there are organizations for people regardless of their faith, like the Masons. And, they have had a positive influence on America throughout their history. It would be nice if people in America went after their real enemies, instead of scapegoating certain groups.

  • Steven Barrett

    It depends on where you live and how active the local Masonic lodges are, not to mention their ability to recruit new members. And if the Knights of Columbus, the premier Catholic mens’ organization by far and for so many good practical and solid substantial reasons, are weak in terms of memberships for one reason or another, that too, might explain why some men look into the Masons. I really don’t know, but I’m a Third Degree Knight, (albeit inactive for reasons I’d prefer not to divulge, but nothing against the Order) and it’s best to evaluate issues like this on a more localized perspective to really get the gist of the overall situation. Don’t know about yourself, but that’d consume a lot more time than I could justify burning up when there are so many more important matters at hand.
    I’m not exactly sure if your generalization of the origins of the “anti-Mason rhetoric” arising from the Left. I’ve know some pretty solid conservatives who’ve had their fill of Masonic influence within their families, workplaces, even churches in their respective communities and they’re about as WASP “ethnically” and denominationally speaking as they get. And if you look back in history, remember John Quincy Adams and his struggles with the Masons. You’d have to travel the world far n’ wide to find anybody more WASP and conservative than the Adams presidents. What really hurts the Masons is the lingering suspicions about their secrecy and how they used to manipulate their ranks and infiltrate the local town economic structures and during the 19th century, they used their well-developed ties to keep Catholics out. Regardless of how I feel one way or another about Freemasonry, I it behooves me to acknowledge that some of the kindest friends I’ve ever had were Freemasons or had parents or other relatives involved in Freemasonry and by and large, they are excellent citizens who’ve gone out of their way to extend many generosities to untold numbers of people without asking or expecting anything in return.

  • Steven Barrett

    I can see where this thread is starting to disintegrate to the level of some pretty nasty “commentaries” found at the bottom of some controversial topics covered in the National Catholic Register. Let’s keep it at whether or not the CC “facilitates foreign invasion.” It’s a topic title I find insulting as a Catholic from a historical perspective. But that’s my take. Enjoy your weekend and Advent and Christmas/Chanukha to follow. ‘Tis the season(s) to be merrier than the rest of the year, right? And try asking ourselves when the boogieman rhetoric gets ginned up by the Trumps n’ Rushbos of the political world . . . after all the payments the Church has had to make for the actions of a relatively minute number of its priests who dishonored their Lord and Holy Orders in the pedophile cases, does anybody think for a moment that the Church will allow any of its refugee programs to be anything but extra diligent when it comes to checking people inside out to ensure that nobody intent upon harming any lives here? Think of all the schools and parishes that had to close down due to lawsuits, diminished enrollments and parish memberships … just due to the pedophile payouts, demographics like people moving to other areas, etc. notwithstanding. Why would the Bishops allow the possibility of enabling terrorists to enter our nation, main and kill somebody and the enormity of what kind of legal liabilities that’d ensure if carelesness resulted in carnage. True, nobody ever considered what happened with the pedophile priests would’ve been so colossally tragic and wasteful as it turned out; but on top of that, you be damn sure everybody’s going to be on board with all eyes n’ ears and heads engaged this time.

  • AndRebecca

    You seem to be all over the place in your choices of groups to join, and even your problems with them. I like to find a side I agree with and stick to it. As far as the pope, he takes a Leftist stance. The Social Justice movement is Marxist, and it is preached in Catholic churches today… This conservative site is only pointing out the obvious… I’ve been to mass and have heard them preaching Social Justice. I find it strange that so many supposed “Catholics” have less of an idea of what is going on in their churches than I have. And then to put some of the blame on the Masons is ridiculous. Marxists, like the one in the W.H., along with his friends are the real problem for Christians. They are getting rid of Christianity. The whole bunch of them are anti-Christian, and anti-capitalist, and the pope is as well.

  • Steven Barrett

    Methinks your biases against the Catholic Church, the Marxists, Obama, social justice (as you see it) … are all jumbled and here you are complaining that I’m all over the place. Interesting. I was only trying to be as fair as possible for a movement ( Freemasonry) which I’m leery about. Recognizing the good things people do inspite of other things we may not agree upon isn’t the same thing as what you described. Lighten up. You’re behaving like a Stalinist-Brezhnevite-Marxist yourself, or just as bad, an DDR-Red of the Honecker stripe. The whole world isn’t a black/white set up. The Manicheans went out of business long ago. Wonder why?

  • AndRebecca

    Wow, now I’m a Stalinist because I disagree with you. Can’t stay on topic can you?

  • Steven Barrett

    Sure I can. Watch: Saying you’re coming across like a Stalinist isn’t the same thing as saying you are and that you’re the one who’s wandering. What the hell do freemasons, reds and all the rest have to do with the Catholic Church working hard to live up to the Church’s ancient and scriputural responsibilities to provide safe refuge for those seeking shelter from religious oppression and other violent acts. Sigh, the caveman, er caveperson caucus never rests.

  • AndRebecca

    Have you read the comments here? I was responding to a couple of them. You butted in and started saying you know all about the Masons. Then you attacked me for some unknown reason. What a dumb jerk you are. And a lying leftist to boot. Maybe you’re a woman hating eunuch. Can you quote me the Bible verses regarding safe refuge for those seeking shelter using U.S. tax dollars and putting populations of Christians in harm’s way?

  • bubba2001

    I wonder what would happen if people all over the country started shooting them for a week or so? What would the fed gov’t do then?

  • mzliberty2013

    I was raised as a devout traditional Roman Catholic before the Vatican decided that the Church needed to implement “new” changes (switched from Latin to English speaking mass) trying to recruit new members into the Church (for what?). In my opinion, more for financial reasons than anything else. I saw the Church changing before my very eyes and deciding ‘punishment’ in the form of excommunication for anyone who broke ‘their’ laws! I had to ask myself “is the God I believe in an angry god”? I was brought up to believe God was a merciful god and that he based His judgment on the individual, not on the so-called wrongful act. It was at this point I then began doubting just how the Church was dealing out it’s ‘forgiveness’. At that time, it appeared to me that if I were to give financially to the Church, I would be pardoned and welcomed back into the ‘Fold’. Otherwise, not. (Do you think that Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, who I hear attends Mass every Sunday, excommunicated for her promotion of ‘abortion’- NO! Could it be she donates a lot of $$$ to the Church?). Anyway,since that time back in 1978, I will no longer attend the Catholic Church but worship God in my own way and try to obey the laws I know he has laid down before us. I am always asking for His guidance, love, and forgiveness and I don’t feel like a hypocrite about not attending Church. I have my doubts about Pope Francis as Christ’s appointed one to lead His Church. I believe that he is ‘blind’ to the evil that comes out of the Middle East! He should be fighting the evil and the devils who are persecuting and killing Christians and Jews, but it seems to me that he is not saying enough about this horrendous situation nor confronting Obama about what he is doing to facilitate this evil that now comes to our land and, I’m sure already established in Italy. This is just my ‘point of view’ !

  • Dennis .Brown

    I completely understand. Btw, Pope Francis is not interested in objective truth, only in promoting the new world order.

  • Anna Cross

    Hello MaxSnafu, Yep my husband and I are SSPXers. Since 2008. Their priests are humble and holy. No politics, no “social justice.”

    Suggestions: To increase your faith so you don’t lose it, do what we did. Subscribe to the Latin Mass Magazine. It’s beautiful and orthodox. No polemics. Quarterly. Plus, get an mp3 player or a kindle and download orthodox speeches and talks at the mag’s other site, Keep The Faith. keepthefaith-dot-org (The mag. is not SSPX but sympathetic.) We were concerned at first that SSPX was anti-Semitic and Sedevacantists. They are neither.

  • Anna Cross

    Have you a copy of “Iota Unum” by Romano Amerio? He is (was?) not an SSPXer.

    Page 562: Mgr. Rossano, the head of the Secretariat for Non-Christians, said that the Catholic Church is lacking in some way and that She needs to be complemented by non-Christian religions (read: Islamic).

    “Mgr. Capucci, the vicar of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, said in an interview on Italian Swiss television on 11 September 1982, that all men are sons of the Church and that the Pope draws no distinction between Mohammedans and Christians.”

    Communists and Masons infiltrated the Holy Catholic Church many decades ago. Learn all you can.

  • mzliberty2013

    How well I know that! In my opinion, Pope Francis, is quite a disappointment! He needs to speaking out against this Muslim invasion and Islamic ‘takeover’! Islam is nothing but an evil cult who stands for ‘submission’ to their god and prophet! BTW, sorry for the delay in response.

  • mzliberty2013

    **Sorry for the delay in response. No. I don’t have a copy of “Iota Unum”. However I will look into this. What you say sounds logical about the Pope drawing no distinction between….”and I guess, very true today! However, as God’s representative on Earth, does he not know the history of Islam, its paganism, its violence, and, it’s true evil? Even the word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’! I pray to God and ask His help always to help me find the answers.

  • AMEN — :

    Anti-Islamic Movement Europe/an National

    ( Europe National Anti-islamic Movement . )

    I´AM — [ for other ones West country ] :

    ( International Anti-islamic Movement / anti-muslim . )

    i´am — :

    I, anti-muslim man or : I, american ( by the beg. country christian culture . )

  • Yagru

    Thank you. I am sure this country will destroy itself while the One Holy Catholic Church will go on regardless of the many here that put country before God.

  • Lodrone

    We were warned by the UN 40 years ago.
    One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the
    Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go
    there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our
    women will give us victory.” (Houari Boumedienne, President of Algeria at the
    United Nations in 1974)

  • Lodrone

    St. Thomas Aquinas on Islam:

    “He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.

    He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the Contrary, Mohammed said that he was sent in the power of his arms – which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning (1). Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Mohammed forced others to become his follower’s by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimony of the Old and the New Testaments by making them into a fabrication of his own, as can be seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place faith in his words believe foolishly.”- Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 1, Chapter 16, Art. 4. Footnote: 1. Sura 21:5, Sura 44:14; Sura 16:103, Sura 37:36

  • Mary

    Read your Bible prayerfully, the Holy Spirit will not steer you wrong.
    All the best.

  • Natalie

    The Catholic Church created Islam as well as other stories. So Lame!

  • Adrian Johnson

    Look for an Ordinariate Parish. They are reverent, holy, intellectual, and have their heads on straight.

  • Adrian Johnson

    Look up “Bella Dodd” She was a Communist who helped mastermind the planting of thousands of “sleepers” in American seminaries in the 1950’s. The Freemasons and the Communists cooperated when their aims coincided; both hate and want to destroy the Catholic Church, but from inside so that they can use the vast bureaucratic for their own ends. The Freemasons have a few powerful Cardinals in the Vatican who have been geopolitically planning for years for a liberal (modernist / progressive) pope to be elected so that they can ally the Catholic Church with the UN / EU / NWO’s move towards a United Religions (in the United Religions Initiative URI, sponsored by the UN).
    The Muslim migration into Europe was planned according to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (look it up) and if you think this is some kind of nut conspiracy theory, ponder the fact that Angela Merkel was the 2015 recipient of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Award.